Top 10 performance That made coaches Fall Off chairs in The voice Audition 2018


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  • The Voice Legendary
    The Voice Legendary  Hace 4 días +16

    *A voice that made Shakira dance on stage in The voice*ídeo.html

    • Mariana Wilson
      Mariana Wilson Hace 3 días

      The Voice Legendary

    • Baek Byeol
      Baek Byeol Hace 3 días

      Thanks d videos made my day❤

    • mikey 0292
      mikey 0292 Hace 3 días +1

      The Voice Legendary you pinned and liked your own comment? Wow, never seen that.

  • Jeje Bigtas
    Jeje Bigtas Hace 4 horas

    That last lady!! She's the best!!

  • Paul Robinson
    Paul Robinson Hace 5 horas

    The dude that sang INXS just put his foot in that shit. Also, the dude that sang Best of You had the best stage presence of anyone I've seen on those shows.

  • paramore rules
    paramore rules Hace 8 horas

    Adam loves the floor!!!!
    N i love Danny 😍😍 and the script ofc

  • Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams Hace 16 horas

    Stevie ❤️

  • vlog on a buget
    vlog on a buget Hace 17 horas

    the second one omg love his voice

  • Chebet Kipingor
    Chebet Kipingor Hace un día

    Judith Hill

  • Vqn 4Dream
    Vqn 4Dream Hace un día


  • Giorgi Kelbakiani
    Giorgi Kelbakiani Hace un día

    14:42 whats that note? O_O
    Does that type of voice even have a name?

  • sheila cherotich
    sheila cherotich Hace un día

    These performances are so me so emotional omg.

  • Luser_ Simon
    Luser_ Simon Hace un día

    The first song make me cry 🤩 so god

  • My Odd Personality Combination

    Foo Fighters 😍😍

  • Meitei Gamer
    Meitei Gamer Hace un día

    holy the last one

  • Justin Rock
    Justin Rock Hace un día

    i am also aa good singer

  • Arman Boy
    Arman Boy Hace un día


  • Jackie Primus
    Jackie Primus Hace un día +1

    Imagine if the judges were
    epic shit🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • A Rottie
    A Rottie Hace 2 días +1

    Te 2nd to last G. Judith Hill. Absolutely got robbed of first place!! She should have won that season!!! ;) Grrrrr.

  • Duke the meister
    Duke the meister Hace 2 días

    That version of Cry Baby was one of the best covers I've ever heard. She killed that!!!

  • Kobing Tailyang
    Kobing Tailyang Hace 2 días

    let her cry was sooo good.

  • john blazz
    john blazz Hace 2 días

    wow! wow!

  • Simply Shannon
    Simply Shannon Hace 2 días

    What couch would you choose? 🤔

  • Yohan Pramuditha
    Yohan Pramuditha Hace 2 días

    Mitchel is best

  • robber band
    robber band Hace 2 días

    4:41 Parang nasa inuman lang hahha

  • Everardo Gallardo
    Everardo Gallardo Hace 2 días +2

    Ash Morgan!!! The Best!!! What a Voice

  • Eileen Müller
    Eileen Müller Hace 2 días

    9:10 I love this song ❤😍

  • m2dieu
    m2dieu Hace 2 días

    Judith Hill all the way baby...she was robbed.

  • Brianna Davis
    Brianna Davis Hace 2 días +1

    I love how it's always Adam that gets down on the floor 😂😂😂 love him lol 👌❤️

  • Ren Shade
    Ren Shade Hace 2 días


  • Eva Čechová
    Eva Čechová Hace 3 días

    ADAm. ADAm. ADam. Adam. adam! :D :D 11:26 :D

  • Samrat Neupane
    Samrat Neupane Hace 3 días

    That cry bitch voice is really nerve recking..

  • _Dayzer_
    _Dayzer_ Hace 3 días


  • 강서현
    강서현 Hace 3 días +1

    Christina... I love you the real queen

  • babyonce b
    babyonce b Hace 3 días

    love you adam

  • Fátima Santos
    Fátima Santos Hace 3 días

    Assisti isso hoje no Top 10 performance The voice Audition

  • Lady Jotun
    Lady Jotun Hace 3 días

    Oh gosh.. The 2nd one.... GREAT!!!!!



  • crystalclear
    crystalclear Hace 4 días

    Didn't like Bailamos. Like the others though.

  • American Citizen
    American Citizen Hace 4 días

    Ok that very last one... Idk wtf was with that shreaking scream shit but that was not music. That was just a horror film getting put into a song.

    • Jakov Brižić
      Jakov Brižić Hace 2 días

      American Citizen lol, dude... I guess you think that Janis Joplin was not a singer. The last chick feeeeeeels music, more than your pretentious self ever would... And that is the reason she is better than the ones before her. Especially the bailamos guy and the country dude who was imitating, not singing....

  • Nancy Ruben
    Nancy Ruben Hace 4 días


  • Sebastian Umek
    Sebastian Umek Hace 4 días

    6.05 i love his voice. Damn super awesome man! ❤

  • Kolz J6
    Kolz J6 Hace 4 días


  • Jika Bizzare
    Jika Bizzare Hace 4 días

    Loved Ash Morgan

  • Natedog365
    Natedog365 Hace 4 días +8

    That first note the last woman hit was horrific

    • Ilovetheplatypus
      Ilovetheplatypus Hace un día

      she was so loud and high that she overpowered the microphone. It basically couldn't pick up what she sang.

  • Rubber Lemonade8432
    Rubber Lemonade8432 Hace 4 días

    What are the first ones names?

  • Priscila Silva
    Priscila Silva Hace 5 días

    Mt bom.

  • Neddy Makonza
    Neddy Makonza Hace 5 días

    3rd guy sounds like Blake....

  • Maureen Millar
    Maureen Millar Hace 5 días

    Mitchel Emms should have a stage of his own. He deserves it. Fantastic!!!xxx

  • Jaynard Abian
    Jaynard Abian Hace 5 días

    I can't stop liking Jessie j 😘

  • Tony Pontes
    Tony Pontes Hace 5 días

    Who else looked Ash Morgan and thought it was Jordan Smith disguised?

  • geovani pinto
    geovani pinto Hace 5 días


  • Luzz The ultimate
    Luzz The ultimate Hace 5 días +6

    *"i have to see this"*

    • paramore rules
      paramore rules Hace 8 horas +1

      Luzz The ultimate danny😂😂😂😂

  • Leon Hard
    Leon Hard Hace 5 días

    just one tone from Donna Allen and I remembered her from the good old 80´s ...she is incredibleídeo.html

  • sabrina ponnet
    sabrina ponnet Hace 5 días

    super good whaayyyyyyyy

  • lilly sollins
    lilly sollins Hace 5 días

    Poland 😍

  • Michelle Grant
    Michelle Grant Hace 5 días

    Watching and listening to this video has acc cheered me up , set my day off in a good mood 🙌🏼.. The PowEr of MusIc !!!

  • Sarah Martoncik
    Sarah Martoncik Hace 5 días

    @10:00 would of learned so many great things from Blake smh. This new blocking stuff is okay and sometimes very much so entertaining. But like. Think about the contestant sometimes and how it's gonna affect them also.

    RAJESH KANNA Hace 5 días

    Wowww there r so many incredible talented people in the world.

  • prabin gurung
    prabin gurung Hace 5 días

    Why judges put legs on their chair 🤔 i feel disrespectfull😴

  • Troxnar Alban
    Troxnar Alban Hace 5 días

    14:40 ... speechless

  • Zoye Cordoza
    Zoye Cordoza Hace 5 días

    Stevie 😍😍😍

  • Daffa Alfarid
    Daffa Alfarid Hace 5 días

    Anyone can tell me all of that 10 song in this video?

  • Athan Susanto
    Athan Susanto Hace 5 días


  • robert bakker
    robert bakker Hace 6 días


  • M Shafay Amjad
    M Shafay Amjad Hace 6 días

    4. Stevie McCrorie: "All I Want 4:54 , is the best ever !

  • Jazz Michael Michaels
    Jazz Michael Michaels Hace 6 días +2

    As they say Save the best for the last and oh girl you did it.

  • Afri Setya Darmawan
    Afri Setya Darmawan Hace 6 días

    I've just seen a face,
    I can't forget the time or place
    Where we just met.
    She's just the girl for me
    And I want all the world to see
    We've met,

  • pat yankouski
    pat yankouski Hace 6 días +1

    These people, never heard from much talent virtually hidden from the world

  • Brianna Hatcher
    Brianna Hatcher Hace 6 días

    3:20 XD XD XD LMAO They all hit it before Blake just killed me XD

  • Steven Lach
    Steven Lach Hace 6 días

    That blocked thing maybe ruined a freaking career...

  • Hasan Fawad
    Hasan Fawad Hace 6 días

    What is the name of first song?

  • Deranged MTG
    Deranged MTG Hace 6 días +3

    adam really likes falling 🤔

  • Brittany mcdaniel
    Brittany mcdaniel Hace 6 días

    The couple in the first vid she looks like the girl on bones series

  • Dianne Robert
    Dianne Robert Hace 6 días +1

    Super good contestants !

  • Atheist in Alabama
    Atheist in Alabama Hace 6 días +2


  • Ben M
    Ben M Hace 6 días

    When Dawn, the woman in the duo in the first act, smiled in a closeup, I nearly spilled my coffee. Stunning beyond words.

  • mujahid abdu
    mujahid abdu Hace 7 días

    Ash morgan wooooow

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump Hace 7 días

    14:43 wtf was that

    • Donald J. Trump
      Donald J. Trump Hace 6 días

      It just sounds horrific in my ears lmao

    • Alinaa 11
      Alinaa 11 Hace 6 días

      It's Janis Joplin's song, she was doing it in the same way

  • Big Barry
    Big Barry Hace 7 días

    alicia keys @10:45 xD shes so cute

  • Cody Manley
    Cody Manley Hace 7 días

    Last person that sang was horrific

  • TheConcentrationmoon
    TheConcentrationmoon Hace 7 días

    15:20 rofl

  • Directioner Forever
    Directioner Forever Hace 7 días +2


  • TheConcentrationmoon
    TheConcentrationmoon Hace 7 días

    I think they assumed the first one was sung by one person :)

  • The Scotts
    The Scotts Hace 7 días

    Didn't Donna Allan bring out a couple of singles in the 80s ????

  • yesennia rodriguez
    yesennia rodriguez Hace 7 días

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  • yesennia rodriguez
    yesennia rodriguez Hace 7 días +1

    beautiful, kisses from Mexico!

  • Jems Agasor
    Jems Agasor Hace 7 días


  • Trippin Balls
    Trippin Balls Hace 7 días

    Damn James Dupre

  • Mahdi Hasan Barfy
    Mahdi Hasan Barfy Hace 7 días

    awesome voice

  • carmen ortiz
    carmen ortiz Hace 7 días +2

    It’s-I’m speechless it’s fantastic

  • Manmei konyak
    Manmei konyak Hace 7 días


  • Aker Salgado
    Aker Salgado Hace 7 días +6

    Can we recognize Stevie Mcorie!!!

  • selena huerta
    selena huerta Hace 7 días

    thats very good

  • Cheyenne Powell
    Cheyenne Powell Hace 7 días

    I ship Shakira and Adam Levine

  • JAL
    JAL Hace 7 días

    It would be hard to hide my boner with her begging like dat

  • Adam Staszak
    Adam Staszak Hace 8 días

    Are You kidding ... where is Sam Perry?!

  • IoSono
    IoSono Hace 8 días

    4:03 the moment he became gay

  • Weri Khutso
    Weri Khutso Hace 8 días

    3rd one sounds like blake

  • Super Punch
    Super Punch Hace 8 días

    The last one is the best

  • Kameron Bodrie
    Kameron Bodrie Hace 8 días

    maybe 1 or 2 decent auditions, the rest are garbage.

  • maja Kansy
    maja Kansy Hace 8 días +2

    Yess... Poland/ takk... Polska