100 Pork Ribs vs Matt Stonie (15,000+ Calories)

  • Publicado el 31 ago 2017
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    First I was thinking Barbecue, then craving Ribs, then a few Racks of Ribs, then 100 Ribs!!
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Comentarios • 12 335

  • Benjamin Plessala
    Benjamin Plessala Hace 12 horas

    That’s 15 days worth of calories

  • Ike Muas
    Ike Muas Hace 15 horas

    After Eating so many calories are u even ok right now?

  • Georgepool
    Georgepool Hace un día


  • Astar Sheran
    Astar Sheran Hace un día +1


  • PulveriserZ Casaul
    PulveriserZ Casaul Hace un día

    Hey I have a challenge eat 100 jalapeños

  • Rangga Angga
    Rangga Angga Hace un día

    Haram lol

  • Thomas F
    Thomas F Hace un día

    dollar shave club lol thats a scam

  • JikookieAndVminiee❤️
    JikookieAndVminiee❤️ Hace 2 días +1


  • Jae FinityGt
    Jae FinityGt Hace 2 días

    ummm... why is it 100 but its 102

  • Invalid Akku
    Invalid Akku Hace 2 días

    RIP toilet

  • Invalid Akku
    Invalid Akku Hace 2 días +1

    Professional stacker

  • I have ADHD
    I have ADHD Hace 2 días

    "It's a good day for the camera man"
    *classic Morgan*

  • Miqueias Villete ribeiro

    rha rha rha rha rha

  • Giancarlo Villarta
    Giancarlo Villarta Hace 3 días


  • Kike Rami
    Kike Rami Hace 4 días

    En cualquier momento palmara esta man con esa manera de.maltratar su organismo eso no es saludable para nad....

  • yoimczerandimallin
    yoimczerandimallin Hace 5 días

    Refrain yourself from talking when doing food challenge come on! You are wasting time!

  • Cheesy Wonderz
    Cheesy Wonderz Hace 5 días

    When u saved that rib it was like NO FOOD WASTE

  • Victoria Vidovic
    Victoria Vidovic Hace 5 días

    I wouldn’t invent you for dinner haha

  • Efe Bağdatlı
    Efe Bağdatlı Hace 5 días

    Domuz eti yiyor

  • Manali Yelve
    Manali Yelve Hace 6 días

    How was this humanely possible?

  • Gabriel Baciu
    Gabriel Baciu Hace 6 días


  • Gabriel Baciu
    Gabriel Baciu Hace 6 días

    20 000 calories

  • Mohamed Fifa67
    Mohamed Fifa67 Hace 7 días

    you eat pig meat
    this animal eat rats and some swords of that things and you still wanna eat it

  • AlternateMods
    AlternateMods Hace 7 días

    Some nice ribs I would eat that all if I was really hungry

  • noname
    noname Hace 8 días

    pork? I think i'm gonna throw up

  • Jacob S
    Jacob S Hace 8 días

    $255 For food that is very temporary

  • basicallyirage 69
    basicallyirage 69 Hace 8 días

    When the music stops asmr meat chewing

  • Alaa Alaaa
    Alaa Alaaa Hace 8 días


  • Karen Pineda
    Karen Pineda Hace 9 días

    Im craving ribs now

  • More Pokedex
    More Pokedex Hace 9 días

    I got a stomach ache just looking at this

  • Moises Santos
    Moises Santos Hace 9 días

    Corbucci eats é melhor

  • What’sgucci
    What’sgucci Hace 9 días

    Who are u not fat

  • What’sgucci
    What’sgucci Hace 9 días

    Who are u not fat

  • dirman azad
    dirman azad Hace 9 días

    Small rib

  • coolhook87
    coolhook87 Hace 10 días

    watching this while eating pasta and like peeking abit to my pasta and like "im broke af"

    RHEYLON REYES Hace 10 días +1

    I love ribs ... awesome. & yummy ...

  • Kyle Nelson
    Kyle Nelson Hace 10 días

    Watching you stack those ribs gave me anxiety lol

  • SNOOpi DoOPs!
    SNOOpi DoOPs! Hace 10 días

    This will be the death of you and I'm here to watch

  • hahaha hahaha
    hahaha hahaha Hace 10 días +1

    For each like i will kiss and pet my dog and call him a goodboy

  • werdle92
    werdle92 Hace 10 días

    Did you tip them? I didnt see a tip on reciept

  • Drake Jacobi
    Drake Jacobi Hace 10 días

    a minute to eat 2 ribs and i thought you were a fast eater

  • pete shea
    pete shea Hace 11 días

    *****no pigs were harmed in the making of this video*****

  • Selime Akyıldız
    Selime Akyıldız Hace 11 días


  • Jamal Robison
    Jamal Robison Hace 12 días

    Butt wipes

  • michale varela
    michale varela Hace 12 días

    stop talking so much

  • Destanlı Genç
    Destanlı Genç Hace 12 días

    Türkler burdamı

    • xxx
      xxx Hace 12 días


  • Jitter Click
    Jitter Click Hace 12 días

    DUDE !!! I'M HUNGRY !!!

  • Burak Özkan
    Burak Özkan Hace 13 días

    Fuck ging ad

  • :da djabe
    :da djabe Hace 14 días

    Everytime he ate pork ribs, theres a massacre in the barn

    CRAZY SQUAD NATION Hace 15 días

    Dude I could've killed them ribs in 5 minutes u be playing lol I'mma challenge u one day

  • رضى الطباخ
    رضى الطباخ Hace 15 días


  • AshmeGT
    AshmeGT Hace 15 días

    Lesson learned (kids): Don't talk while your mouth is full😂

  • AshmeGT
    AshmeGT Hace 15 días +2

    With that food u ate, your still fking slim??

    Im fking jealous, I wish I could eat that many.

    • Zero dB
      Zero dB Hace 13 días

      It's because his stomach has expanded vertically rather than horizontally. Matt probably has to stand up to straddle the fecal log out his ass though. I bet he looks good doin' it too.

  • Alex Michalak
    Alex Michalak Hace 15 días

    He missed half the meat on the ribs

  • MrClipps -
    MrClipps - Hace 15 días

    Matt has the best metabolism in the universe

  • Edward Devite
    Edward Devite Hace 15 días

    Where did u get the ribs from?

  • Thebest4life
    Thebest4life Hace 15 días

    I wonder how many percentage is matt sttonie cholesterol 😂😂 wtf

    FAHAD RUDYX Hace 15 días


  • Miguel Jimenez
    Miguel Jimenez Hace 15 días

    I've always wondered if you threw up after making this type of videos, bro, 100 ribs it's a lot for your heart, and you are one of the few people i like on youtube

  • Umer Malik
    Umer Malik Hace 15 días

    Pork🐖🐷🐽 is not good😬😬

  • Jerry
    Jerry Hace 15 días

    Eat 100 pork ribs = die :)

  • Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards Hace 16 días


  • Dreamer 29
    Dreamer 29 Hace 16 días

    "Its A Good Day For The Camera Man"

  • MindfulBobcat
    MindfulBobcat Hace 16 días

    Kharjo will give you the time he started to eat
    Kharjo saved 5 mins for you
    Have a good day

  • 26DeislerFCB
    26DeislerFCB Hace 16 días

    what a mess i bet his fingers still smell of this

  • Roblox Couro
    Roblox Couro Hace 16 días

    Bet the buffet beats you

  • Valorie Vir
    Valorie Vir Hace 16 días


  • Mr. Joker
    Mr. Joker Hace 17 días

    I think you ate a hole pig

  • Romario Kostic
    Romario Kostic Hace 17 días


  • Kaushik Malakar
    Kaushik Malakar Hace 17 días

    how don't you get fat??

  • legend man
    legend man Hace 17 días

    Faithful Muslims shouldnt be watching.

  • RetroPixels
    RetroPixels Hace 17 días

    Reality series: Matt just tackles wild animals and eats them in under an hour

  • ok buddy
    ok buddy Hace 17 días

    Ok. budsdy

  • ONE lick Rick
    ONE lick Rick Hace 17 días

    Please I hope a dog got to eat those bones.

  • Trashmaster 47
    Trashmaster 47 Hace 17 días

    Im hungry

  • Kiyoshi
    Kiyoshi Hace 17 días

    this was recorded before mankind knew that you could use two plates

  • Janis Lintmanis
    Janis Lintmanis Hace 17 días

    Just humble down and use two plates please!

  • Dylan’s custom LEGO and Reviews! etc.

    I crave these ribs!🤤

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez Hace 18 días

    Fuck vegans

  • Mayanglambam Neeranjan
    Mayanglambam Neeranjan Hace 18 días

    Wow u always eat alone

  • Mayanglambam Neeranjan
    Mayanglambam Neeranjan Hace 18 días


  • Mike B.
    Mike B. Hace 18 días

    I love watching his videos because he's a beast but why does he have to pile every bit of what he's eating on one plate in every video just get another plate dude

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple Hace 18 días

    I can eat 3 ribs and die

  • Star Cherry
    Star Cherry Hace 18 días +1

    Oh yeah we all know good and well that those butt wipes come in handy after these big ass meals

  • Logan Faith
    Logan Faith Hace 18 días


  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta Hace 18 días

    Still skinny

  • Anastasia Jolie
    Anastasia Jolie Hace 18 días

    0:07 😂 cuuuute

    ELLA'S VLOGS Hace 18 días

    you eat and eat but you dont get fat😑😑😑😑😜😜🙅

  • Oui monsieur yo soy de rancho

    Shit looks dry af

  • Eddie L
    Eddie L Hace 18 días


  • Jack Hodges
    Jack Hodges Hace 18 días


  • Jumpman Ben
    Jumpman Ben Hace 18 días

    No pigs were harmed in the making of this video

  • Raymond Lee
    Raymond Lee Hace 18 días

    Do a 10 instant noodle pack challenge

  • Brian Freeman
    Brian Freeman Hace 19 días

    My brain
    Matt's stomach

  • Miray Öz
    Miray Öz Hace 19 días

    Türkler beğensin 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Kate William
    Kate William Hace 19 días

    Those look hella good. Goddamn

  • Fantasia ,
    Fantasia , Hace 19 días

    Your doodoo hurt . I will not argue

  • jel
    jel Hace 19 días

    my jaw hurt just from watching this

  • GamerFusion Overwatch
    GamerFusion Overwatch Hace 19 días

    Poor pigs

  • jeje martinez
    jeje martinez Hace 19 días