100 Pork Ribs vs Matt Stonie (15,000+ Calories)

  • Publicado el 31 ago 2017
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    First I was thinking Barbecue, then craving Ribs, then a few Racks of Ribs, then 100 Ribs!!
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Comentarios • 12 944

  • HackerZodiac
    HackerZodiac Hace 9 horas +1

    9 ribs for 4 min kinda dissapponted

  • potato salad
    potato salad Hace 10 horas

    Rip toilet

  • Soledad Solari
    Soledad Solari Hace 11 horas

    Famous Dave’s off Curtner in San Jose :’)

  • 021unknown120 /anims/movies

    this is matt
    he will die 2030

    because of diabities

  • SadDraGon EU
    SadDraGon EU Hace un día +2

    Lol I will never invite you to my restaurant , the ribs are at will xD

  • albion kurti
    albion kurti Hace 2 días

    I have a question, how many hours do u stay before starting to eat ?

  • Minguk is my bias
    Minguk is my bias Hace 2 días

    How do you even stay fit
    *X - files theme starts playing*

    XIN MAIN Hace 2 días

    Bro how are you not fat ????

  • RUSH
    RUSH Hace 2 días

    If matt stonie will be vegan he will have to eat 24/7

  • fire storm
    fire storm Hace 4 días

    definitely need that shit wipe now

  • Colin McAuliffe
    Colin McAuliffe Hace 4 días

    RIP this mans toilet

  • Jarydz Malaran
    Jarydz Malaran Hace 4 días

    Muslims have left the chat.

  • Nicolai Vinther
    Nicolai Vinther Hace 4 días

    Respect 🙂

  • Hermione jean granger weasley :D

    Çarpılcan leyn domuz yeme :D

  • al zolez
    al zolez Hace 5 días

    Those look delicious.

  • BlueGamerBoi
    BlueGamerBoi Hace 6 días +5

    No pigs were harmed in making of this video...

  • Iamadvait p
    Iamadvait p Hace 6 días

    Let's eat SOME ribs...

  • Kpop Kookie Life
    Kpop Kookie Life Hace 7 días

    Has anyone ate a Meat that you just chew and cant swallow? Even if you add rice?

  • DragonBone Fiasco
    DragonBone Fiasco Hace 7 días

    One pork rib will then cost 2.5555 ( u don’t need a calculator for this lol)

  • stickmanitions animations

    Me 1 rib=10 pound
    Matt stonie 100 ribs=1 pound

  • Mr. Storm Trooper
    Mr. Storm Trooper Hace 7 días

    For some reason watching him shove food in his mouth and moan makes me really hungry and just wanna eat 10 things of in-n-out animal style fries.

    BOLTY_STUDIOS Hace 7 días

    If there is 108 there's only 54 in each so it costs like 150 dollars for each order

  • blackfir 3
    blackfir 3 Hace 8 días

    Toiled waiting u bb u need some help for doing Your toiled

  • Asiater Dreng
    Asiater Dreng Hace 8 días

    Jeg kan godt lide spareribs :)

  • Digbijoy Seal
    Digbijoy Seal Hace 9 días

    Your ribs make me hungry to much!

  • 김나단
    김나단 Hace 9 días

    Dear muslims,
    When this pork is haram,why you watch and coment?

  • Marcus Haouliy
    Marcus Haouliy Hace 9 días

    Pffffffffft... I CAN EAT MORE

  • zion coriolan
    zion coriolan Hace 10 días +1

    Don't like

    Now you have to like

  • lilboy
    lilboy Hace 10 días

    боже как он срёт потом

  • BC13
    BC13 Hace 10 días

    What hurt more, your heart, or your budget?

  • Gavinn Young
    Gavinn Young Hace 10 días

    Thos look so good

  • Mr.Pancake 1000
    Mr.Pancake 1000 Hace 10 días

    If I’m not that hungry I just watch this to get hungry or get hungrier before a eat

  • soincliller oof
    soincliller oof Hace 11 días

    Rip to all those 🐷

  • Dhenver Mack
    Dhenver Mack Hace 11 días

    100 pork rib vs stonie smitth but is 103

  • der gamee zuchini
    der gamee zuchini Hace 11 días

    Iam hungry now

  • Doge the The dog
    Doge the The dog Hace 11 días +1

    Finish him

  • AMRIT s
    AMRIT s Hace 11 días


  • mustafa eymen
    mustafa eymen Hace 12 días +1

    Şuna uyuz oluyom yiyo yiyo kilo almıyo

  • Nils Rigen
    Nils Rigen Hace 12 días

    Asians dont have body hair. Money well spend🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Paula Gilmore
    Paula Gilmore Hace 12 días

    That's crazy

  • Peyton lily Swales
    Peyton lily Swales Hace 13 días

    The sound were so cringy

  • Creeper21107 #
    Creeper21107 # Hace 13 días

    How I challenge myself at eating
    One big pizza
    Two cups of coke
    Two tacos

  • Girlie Girado
    Girlie Girado Hace 13 días

    Sana mabulunan ka at tuluyan ka ng mamatay

  • Not Tfue
    Not Tfue Hace 13 días

    Don’t his teeth get tired like

  • iNerdFactory
    iNerdFactory Hace 14 días

    Dude, you only eat once a week?
    Or how can you still be that skinny

  • Crab Gal
    Crab Gal Hace 14 días

    Call me a yankee but I don't think ribs are all that great

  • Krusty0782
    Krusty0782 Hace 14 días

    What a bad meat quality.

  • Harshit Gupta
    Harshit Gupta Hace 15 días

    Felt ashamed as a human. Seeing him play with food in the initial part of the video made me sad. Instead of waisting so much food on himself, he should distribute it to the homeless or poor people

  • Robert Carter
    Robert Carter Hace 15 días

    St. Louis style is trash tho..... who the fuck eats dry food like that? Too much salt, too much spice, no moisture. Just smoke that shit till youre teeth fall out.

  • Robert Carter
    Robert Carter Hace 15 días


  • tracer overwatch hero
    tracer overwatch hero Hace 15 días

    Well a lot of people asking about how did he stay fit

    Well...he has a blackhole in his stomach...his butt is a nova laser and his toilet is darth vader

  • Bob Sebring
    Bob Sebring Hace 15 días

    So that's 50 ribs+for over $100? What a rip off!

  • Lita Palafox
    Lita Palafox Hace 15 días

    Eating is only half the challenge

  • Shadefern
    Shadefern Hace 16 días

    I can’t even eat 4

  • Josh Dunn
    Josh Dunn Hace 16 días

    It took him a minute to eat 3 ribs lol

  • Salvador Ramirez
    Salvador Ramirez Hace 17 días

    Your channel makes me hungry

  • Ameen Escheik
    Ameen Escheik Hace 17 días

    Those ribs look so freakin good

  • NatsuGneel - Osu!
    NatsuGneel - Osu! Hace 17 días

    It’s 1am, and I’m hungry...


  • Fouad Jaf
    Fouad Jaf Hace 17 días

    Get a bigger plate

  • ProDylan Savagebro
    ProDylan Savagebro Hace 17 días +1

    This guy is disgusting

  • Besnik Laci
    Besnik Laci Hace 17 días


  • Lyan Albert
    Lyan Albert Hace 18 días

    men no food

  • A B
    A B Hace 18 días


  • Dabbing Panda
    Dabbing Panda Hace 19 días

    He drinks from a sink...

  • Jaya Ranikrishna
    Jaya Ranikrishna Hace 19 días

    Can u eat pussy like that?

  • konstantinos Rodis
    konstantinos Rodis Hace 19 días

    Rip Peppa the pig

  • MasterMike117 MasterMike117

    it needs more BBQ and you will eat faster

  • Top 10`s
    Top 10`s Hace 20 días +8

    In the loving memory of the toilet who could not take all those shits and passed away😩😩😩😩😩

  • Valentina Hoti
    Valentina Hoti Hace 21 un día

    Dont see that video when you are a veggi

  • Marius Charles
    Marius Charles Hace 22 días


  • D Sen
    D Sen Hace 22 días

    *The believers in Haram theory are triggered, Pork is banned in Islam* 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Shiloh Doggo
    Shiloh Doggo Hace 22 días

    U gunna eat dat gRiZzLy BoNe DuDe?!

  • OmarAlhandoud
    OmarAlhandoud Hace 23 días +1


  • Chandy Pierre
    Chandy Pierre Hace 23 días

    Imagine dating him omg you would get so thick

  • How you doin
    How you doin Hace 24 días

    I would do that easy

  • angel fR
    angel fR Hace 24 días

    Ey tu si el que esta leyendo este comentario deja de tragar

  • Ömer Oruç
    Ömer Oruç Hace 25 días


  • Kristian Playz
    Kristian Playz Hace 25 días

    At least you finish your food unlike furious pete

  • Le Trinh Tran
    Le Trinh Tran Hace 25 días +3

    2:11 close your eyes and think of happy things and this will ruin it c:


  • Jewlie Beans
    Jewlie Beans Hace 25 días +1

    I bet it felt amazing after you flossed

  • JAK38
    JAK38 Hace 25 días

    You mean that 10 of this have 1500 caloriea? I don't think so...

    • Zhong Chen
      Zhong Chen Hace 25 días

      Seems about right, I expected it to be a little higher to be honest :D

  • Mohammed elzanaty
    Mohammed elzanaty Hace 26 días

    how this guy is not getting fat

  • Rory Price Phillips
    Rory Price Phillips Hace 26 días

    don't you get fat

  • shakti singh
    shakti singh Hace 26 días

    U become what you eat

  • Amir Hafiy
    Amir Hafiy Hace 26 días

    Where is da *LAMBSAUCE* ??!!

  • Carcamo Dorian
    Carcamo Dorian Hace 26 días

    What youtubers will do for views, omg these 100 ribs that a probably wont finish was 255 dollars

  • Aditya Shroff
    Aditya Shroff Hace 26 días

    Dirty pork

  • alessandro livi
    alessandro livi Hace 26 días

    I like watching people eat, but not with the timer, Just enjoy the meal

  • Śãñdôł X
    Śãñdôł X Hace 26 días

    الله يقرفكم

  • kierskie Salvo
    kierskie Salvo Hace 26 días

    some of them is raw

  • Bounty Playz
    Bounty Playz Hace 26 días

    1 cake challenge

  • Mecha Tiger X
    Mecha Tiger X Hace 26 días

    We care about pi-

  • Salma Bakkali
    Salma Bakkali Hace 27 días

    god luck

  • AlexTheGamer
    AlexTheGamer Hace 27 días

    if u speed it up to 2.0 when its already speeded up its like he are a chinese

  • Kiwi Kweeper
    Kiwi Kweeper Hace 27 días

    All dislikes are from pigs

  • Nikolai 935Vodka
    Nikolai 935Vodka Hace 27 días

    I’ve never been one for ribs. But I’ve eaten ribs twice, and so far, they’ve been extraordinary.

  • منوعات بنات قيمر

    Leave me on my channel, please.

  • David Strope
    David Strope Hace 27 días

    Matt tryin’ to flex how much money he has at the start!?!?!?...

  • Alyssa M
    Alyssa M Hace 27 días

    Damn, some people are mean on here! Lmao 😂