Max Zeng Hard Carry For Imperial College - University Challenge S51EP24 Breakdown

  • Publicado el 24 feb 2022
  • Score break down of Imperial College in University Challenge S51EP24.
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Comentarios • 696

  • Mian Ando
    Mian Ando Hace 9 meses +6066

    Zeng is definitely the type of person who finishes side quests first then go to the main story quests 😂.

    • Erin Jäger
      Erin Jäger Hace 5 meses

      Ok but that's me

    • Ryan B
      Ryan B Hace 5 meses

      Got to

    • lopkjofck wreht
      lopkjofck wreht Hace 6 meses +2

      @STONE it took me like 2 hours with the good old claymore

    • Random Stuff
      Random Stuff Hace 6 meses +1

      Yea he literally killed the wither and set up a 3rd tier Beacon in the end right before killing the ender dragon.

    • Feer Free
      Feer Free Hace 6 meses +2

      Or a spy ~

  • TheOfficialoddity
    TheOfficialoddity Hace 9 meses +4245

    The whole team is really well rounded. they’ll go far this year

  • DarshUK
    DarshUK Hace 9 meses +3014

    he studies biochemistry but knows literally everything about everything

    • Zeno
      Zeno Hace 17 días

      Average Asain man

    • Madhu Dharam
      Madhu Dharam Hace 25 días

      Except one thing childhood

    • gungle gym
      gungle gym Hace un mes

      he only chose to study biochemistry to cure cancer

    • Water Sports by James Fitzroy
      Water Sports by James Fitzroy Hace un mes

      I studied Medicine and I do too, except about entertainment

    • Huỳnh Quang Quân
      Huỳnh Quang Quân Hace 6 meses +1

      he's good in both biochesmistry and geography, and that fact that he also knows some of the history which relevant is impressive.

  • Esha Kumari
    Esha Kumari Hace 9 meses +2599

    This got recommended to me and I go to Imperial and do biochem. Im pretty sure I sat next to Zeng in my last module, always wondered why he was doing map quizzes in class but now I see why, wow! Well done

    • jimin fell off his chair again
      jimin fell off his chair again Hace 5 meses +3

      @Leia Jiang Nah, he looks cute the way he is.

    • Erin Jäger
      Erin Jäger Hace 5 meses +1

      @Leia Jiang he already is

      ATOMSAM Hace 6 meses +6

      Sounds like pretty fake.

    • A F
      A F Hace 6 meses +12

      Wonder how Zeng will do on geoguessr lol

    • Leia Jiang
      Leia Jiang Hace 6 meses +8

      all he needs is to get a good hair cut and hes a dreamboat

  • Doughnatsu
    Doughnatsu Hace 7 meses +1443

    As an Asian, I can't imagine being his neighbor and being compared to by my parents

    • YTY
      YTY Hace 25 días

      @Simonio8 Nah, you could always make sure he's always under your shadow 💀

    • Simonio8
      Simonio8 Hace 25 días

      Yeah, glad he's not my cousin or else I'd be living in his shadow.

    • Alex
      Alex Hace un mes

      Just said its ur goddamn genetic

    • YTY
      YTY Hace un mes

      At least your family get to save money hiring all kinds of tutors

    • Is NOoB
      Is NOoB Hace 4 meses +1

      @Free Bird nobody would wish that shit😟

  • Samia
    Samia Hace 8 meses +4952

    Mays: healer
    Zeng: DPS
    Sheriff: spell-caster
    Jackson: tank

    • JuxT
      JuxT Hace 5 días +1

      Love this comment lol

    • perkin email
      perkin email Hace 23 días

      @Value ___? amongus

    • dragonbane44
      dragonbane44 Hace 26 días

      @John Yoo I have hundreds of hours in CS1.6, L4D2 and many rpgs too. I have probably played more than you lmao

    • GPE-LEE OP
      GPE-LEE OP Hace 26 días

      @aj abacan wat the fk..wat racism..

    • John Yoo
      John Yoo Hace 26 días

      @dragonbane44 play more then bozo

  • Adrian Gonzales
    Adrian Gonzales Hace 9 meses +2627

    I love how jackson usually starts his run with -5 points 🤣

    • aj abacan
      aj abacan Hace 28 días

      all those questions are fairly easy. even a grade school can answer that

    • JasonStarRising
      JasonStarRising Hace un mes

      @negronis nigress well syenpie makes teenage girls look bad blame her

    • MiniB
      MiniB Hace un mes

      @negronis nigress their equally as bad or good depending on how you see it but he wasnt refering to any stigmas. He was just calling them a teenage girl because their username and pfp suggested that.

    • Noah Kettunen
      Noah Kettunen Hace un mes

      @negronis nigress I don’t get stigmas

    • negronis nigress
      negronis nigress Hace un mes

      @Daniel I don't get the negative stigma on teenage girls cause either actuality teenage boys are far worse

  • Alex Wood
    Alex Wood Hace 9 meses +1959

    Mays did really well though- obvs Zeng is MVP, hardly up for debate but I loved that the last question was geography based but Mays knew it because it's in Scotland. I also note as soon as it's geography they just look at Zeng, they work really well as a team and all respect each other.

    • Joe A.
      Joe A. Hace un mes +7

      @Muxin牧心 Wang The girl knows most about literature

    • Muxin牧心 Wang
      Muxin牧心 Wang Hace 5 meses +5

      Seems like Jackson ks their physics/science guy. Mays is more like a leader role in the team. Don't really know what the girl's role is Since there ain't many highlights of her answering questions

    • Puppy
      Puppy Hace 5 meses

      @GooseGoesQuack A white guy lol, we be stealing their women

    • GooseGoesQuack
      GooseGoesQuack Hace 6 meses +24

      ​@ImtheONE Hero who hurt you

    • ImtheONE Hero
      ImtheONE Hero Hace 6 meses

      @Rich Joestar and why are you trying to steal Zeng's spotlight?

  • Cure Aging
    Cure Aging Hace 9 meses +3371

    "I have an army"

  • Rain Gitomo
    Rain Gitomo Hace 6 meses +300

    It must have been very hard for Zeng, a single child to raise his 2 parents. Respect 🙌

  • k r
    k r Hace 8 meses +520

    i remember he was asked a biochemistry question and he was like "i dunno" and his team mates were like "dude, you study biochemistry"

    • Fan
      Fan Hace 6 meses +8

      @True Facts
      True Facts

    • True Facts
      True Facts Hace 6 meses +37

      lol, alot of people keep assuming a bio questions are all biochemistry

  • Jahd
    Jahd Hace 9 meses +797

    I get it but Mays opens many opportunities for them to get bonus questions, letting zeng to gain points

    • sim ming hua
      sim ming hua Hace 8 meses +11

      if u are main dps. u are not expected to open the trap to the boss. jus sayin..

    • Yannick Ha'ra
      Yannick Ha'ra Hace 8 meses +39

      This absolutely. The whole team is well rounded and they open up pathways for others

    • So So
      So So Hace 9 meses +89

      good obersvtion, its not just about being a human encyclopaedia, you have to be quick, the beautiful thing about UC is roger tilling, he gives viewers that 1 second window to shout out what they have.

  • David 777
    David 777 Hace 8 meses +546

    The fact that he got Bloemfontein correct was incredible.
    I’m South African and that one was tough

    • MikeyBRaps
      MikeyBRaps Hace un mes

      @IamJacksColon4 I mean i didnt know half of them and knew that one, its considered one of the capitals

    • IamJacksColon4
      IamJacksColon4 Hace 7 meses +2

      yea i reacted to that one as well, infact i think its rigged no way he would know that.

    • Unknown Unknown
      Unknown Unknown Hace 7 meses +3

      @Rodrigo MarinhoYes.
      German | Flower = Blume

    • Rodrigo Marinho
      Rodrigo Marinho Hace 8 meses +18

      I got it just because it was about flowers...bloem is a radical that relates to flower in German and Dutch.

  • AJ OV
    AJ OV Hace 9 meses +554

    Zeng just simply a god with Geography.

    • Hidden Agenda
      Hidden Agenda  Hace 6 meses +5

      fyi Zheng He was the 1st to discover America!

  • what ever
    what ever Hace 7 meses +288

    In Asia it's every parents dream to have a child like Zeng

  • elhombreloco
    elhombreloco Hace 6 meses +165

    What's crazy is that they would have won this one even without Zeng's points

    • Random Account
      Random Account Hace 13 días +3

      @Acalan HK Frank “She only won because I lost. That’s not a winner”

    • Paresh
      Paresh Hace un mes

      @Pat dude he was obviously joking to rage dumb people like you

    • Acalan
      Acalan Hace un mes

      @Gladius Yeah he does, the other team would get there soon enough

    • Gladius
      Gladius Hace un mes +28

      @Acalan It's part of the game. The other team could've interrupted as well, but he just arrives at the answers faster, and hence deserves the points.

    • Acalan
      Acalan Hace un mes +5

      Because he interrupted every question if he didn't, other team would have answered

  • Dayz
    Dayz Hace 9 meses +268

    i like that whenever there’s a question mentioning geography they all turn to look at zeng

  • OH NO
    OH NO Hace 8 meses +514

    Imperial Zung! Sounds like one of the Chinese movies where the whole court is present and Imperial Zung suddenly walks in 🤣

    • Is NOoB
      Is NOoB Hace 4 meses +1

      lmao yea

    • jimin fell off his chair again
      jimin fell off his chair again Hace 5 meses +2

      Dude, now that image had me chuckling in the middle of the night

    • Tan…
      Tan… Hace 6 meses


    • Chrono
      Chrono Hace 7 meses +5

      @OH NO someone doesn’t know what a pun means.

    • Gwen Tan
      Gwen Tan Hace 7 meses +2

      Hahaha you're absolutely correct 🤣

  • Baker
    Baker Hace un mes +35

    I like how because of the way it is edited, it looks like the other team answers 0 questions, and simply sits there in disbelief

  • E N
    E N Hace 9 meses +248

    The whole team is balanced and strong in fact.

  • Olivia Xoxa
    Olivia Xoxa Hace 6 meses +96

    We all know Zeng is crazy but I absolutely love the way Mays leads the team, very strong and stable.

  • Jimmy Tan
    Jimmy Tan Hace 9 meses +733

    Zeng's parents will be mad since he got 1 wrong answer

    • GViT
      GViT Hace 5 meses +1

      Relatable 🥲

    • Cat Review
      Cat Review Hace 6 meses +1

      Disgraceful to an Asian family

    • Jules Tremblay
      Jules Tremblay Hace 6 meses +6

      Actually, he was right and the question was wrong, his answer was correct but the name latter changed because the geologist was accused of sexual harassment or something.

    • EK X
      EK X Hace 6 meses +2


    • Zalfany Urfianto
      Zalfany Urfianto Hace 7 meses +4

      Lmao this is probably a joke but *logically* Zeng's parents would be proud

  • Hieu Nguyen Dinh
    Hieu Nguyen Dinh Hace 6 meses +34

    Lol, anyone notice that the Imperial team without Max still outscored their opponents. This team is freaking damn strong

  • TuckingFypo
    TuckingFypo Hace 8 meses +92

    his team's face when he says Bloemfontein 😂

  • oNeHanDGuN
    oNeHanDGuN Hace 9 meses +331

    2:40 even his teammates are amaze with him.......
    i think he ate google maps for his lunch......

    • The Bird
      The Bird Hace 7 meses +6

      Imperial Zung has conquered the world.

    • Godwin
      Godwin Hace 8 meses +34

      Zeng made Google Maps

  • krowdhc
    krowdhc Hace 9 meses +811

    zeng is by far the mvp but don't sleep on sheriff. she's read a book or two.

    • ا
      ا Hace 6 meses +1

      Well she got the same points as Jackson

    • Daniel Eskildsen
      Daniel Eskildsen Hace 6 meses +13

      Yes but those books were the koran and Zeng's autobiography 😉

    • GDP
      GDP Hace 8 meses +3

      @Chiba Learns but its definitely was a joke

    • Chiba Learns
      Chiba Learns Hace 9 meses +60

      @NEOLIVZ i think that was a joke on the host comment that they suffered when it came to literature.
      Or I could be wrong.

      NEOLIVZ Hace 9 meses +166

      or a few thousand

  • Homer Burns
    Homer Burns Hace 8 meses +85

    Mays is so happy when he gets it right. Zheng is just like anotha one!

  • Skuukz
    Skuukz Hace 5 meses +7

    I love the way zeng's team laugh cuz they know he can win even without them😂

  • Antidote
    Antidote Hace 7 meses +21

    2:39 that reaction says it all. At that point, they knew they got the dub in their pockets.

  • Mingi
    Mingi Hace 6 meses +20

    This man is a god in geography like damn I thought being able to name all 197 countries was impressive but he just remembers literally everything of the countries

  • Name
    Name Hace 8 meses +58

    Zeng could have beaten the other team by himself, his teammates were great too and complemented him well.

  • Jayakrishnan Nair
    Jayakrishnan Nair Hace 7 meses +239

    7:25 This is incredible. The only question he gets wrong is a wrong question. The glacier in question WAS the Marchant Glacier, but that glacier was renamed to Matatua Glacier due to allegations of sexual harassment against Mr. David Marchant, the geologist in question. That is why the content uploaded edited out the part where the host supposedly gives the "answer".

    • username username
      username username Hace 12 días

      It's definitely Thwaites, not Marchant at all.

    • Alex
      Alex Hace 6 meses +27

      The answer Zeng gave was 'Ellsworth', the name of a mountain range in Western Antarctica, so along the right lines but no chance of being the right answer. I thought the correct answer was the Thwaites Glacier, not the Marchant or Matuata?

  • Mushfiqur Rahman
    Mushfiqur Rahman Hace un mes +2

    I can feel Mays. He was probably confused by the term "radiation", as the first comes to mind are particle scattering, gravitational wave is entirely different thing.
    But Ligo in US gave it away for me.

  • Syauqi Maulana
    Syauqi Maulana Hace 9 meses +327

    “Remember one thing, no matter who you are, no matter how hard you work, or how good you think you are and what you do there will always be an Asian who takes it to the next level.”

    • Keanooo
      Keanooo Hace 6 meses

      @Bald Merlin absolutely 180° lol, not similar.

    • Bald Merlin
      Bald Merlin Hace 6 meses +1

      @Keanooo not same but similar lol

    • Keanooo
      Keanooo Hace 7 meses +2

      @As A man thinketh 1. Im not cause thats so irrelevant and makes no sense. 2. No its not the same.

    • As A man thinketh
      As A man thinketh Hace 7 meses

      @Keanooo why do you think so though? Just curious

    • Enkh_Kkkk
      Enkh_Kkkk Hace 7 meses +1

      @Rita Multani there are differences but I believe it’s mostly similar

  • GrimmS
    GrimmS Hace 8 meses +15

    He isn't just in the imperial team, he is the team.

  • Rajarshi Roy
    Rajarshi Roy Hace 7 meses +16

    All I can say is Ting on the other team was under tremendous pressure!

  • Typical Cookhouse
    Typical Cookhouse Hace 7 meses +17

    His teammates literally laughed so hard cuz Zeng carried so hard

  • Everything’s fine TT
    Everything’s fine TT Hace 6 meses +12

    I like how expect for Geography he gets those obscure questions right, for example that one about a disease

  • Jinbo Chen
    Jinbo Chen Hace un mes +2

    The way Zeng answered geography combo was just impressive

  • MJ
    MJ Hace 8 meses +56

    Imperial Zhang!! Also Mays is pretty impressive, I think he is the strongest all rounded leader!

    • Josh Abrillo
      Josh Abrillo Hace 7 meses +2

      You forgot Hutchinson almost solo carrying his team Reading

  • Thoyal
    Thoyal Hace un mes +3

    I just love the way the judge says, "Imperial Zeng!" in such a tight voice

  • Marvin Poon
    Marvin Poon Hace 7 meses +8

    As you can see, Zeng got nearly half of the team's total score all by himself

    • Cameron Bruce
      Cameron Bruce Hace 5 meses

      Nearly half? He got most of the fucking points

  • D98ic
    D98ic Hace 6 meses +18

    Zeng the type of guy to talk about the political and economical state of the world.

  • Jordon Yang
    Jordon Yang Hace 8 meses +55

    Some random person" So Max how much do you know about geography?"

  • Matthew Reynolds
    Matthew Reynolds Hace un mes +1

    Zeng is amazing at geography (obviously) but I feel the title "hard carry" is a bit overstated. Between Zeng and Mays, they dominated, and all four contributed.

  • Implode
    Implode  Hace 7 meses +10

    this man completed every side and main quest on earth

  • Nazaman
    Nazaman Hace 8 meses +10

    Watched it yesterday, Zeng was awesome. He's a walking talking map of the world.

  • Anonymous !
    Anonymous ! Hace 6 meses +5

    Their faces when bonus round of malnutrition questions came knowing that there is one person who studies biochemistry in their group and that too zeng😂.

  • Kim Wu
    Kim Wu Hace 28 días +1

    He knew a lot about different topics but I feel like Zeng was strongest in geology, geography and medicine

  • huttd
    huttd Hace 9 meses +64

    Well is would be stupid to make up a team that all had the same general knowledge. Part of a great quiz team is to have many different strengths. Geography is probably why he’s in the team in the first place

  • Kathras Tnahdis
    Kathras Tnahdis Hace 4 días

    Zeng is definitely the kid from "why you no doctor yet?"
    he was busy studying everything so he became way more than a doctor.

  • Zen
    Zen Hace 9 meses +124

    Long live Imperial Zeng

  • Sai Hein
    Sai Hein Hace 9 meses +63

    Zheng’s point alone beat the other team lol

    • A H
      A H Hace 8 meses +9

      I feel sorry for the other team .
      It suxs when the other team not only wins , but it wins by dragging your team through the finish line 😓

  • Matthew Helm
    Matthew Helm Hace 6 meses +3

    I wanna hang out with these guys, they all seem sincerely intelligent, like if you get drunk with them they'd say something that's actually interesting.

  • Brandon Xu
    Brandon Xu Hace 7 meses +15

    For like half the questions, Zengs whole team is just looking at him like, “Give me the answers!”

  • Liam Cox
    Liam Cox Hace 5 meses +1

    Very interesting video, but I don't think the tally was kept correctly. An early answer by jackson was not credited to him, and when Zeng lost the team points near the end it was not subtracted from his total

  • DaKrawnik420
    DaKrawnik420 Hace 6 meses +3

    Mays doesn't hide how much he loves getting the right answer.

  • Wacow
    Wacow Hace 6 meses +18

    I love how he says “Imperial Zeng!”

  • Ace
    Ace Hace 5 meses +2

    The fact that he didn't even push his glasses back 💀. He's holding back

  • Phu Vo
    Phu Vo Hace 9 meses +31

    As an Asian Max Zheng is the type of kid I can channel my inner self and relates perfectly well. Mad Respect

  • TheOriginalCows
    TheOriginalCows Hace 9 meses +66

    Zeng is not always the main man though, really depends on the questions. Overall he has more points than everyone though

    • CJ Lee
      CJ Lee Hace 7 meses

      It was a 2 vs 4. Zeng is a student though while Hutchinson is a teacher.

    • Moda56
      Moda56 Hace 7 meses

      @TheOriginalCows It was essentially a 2v4

    • TheOriginalCows
      TheOriginalCows Hace 8 meses

      Reading may only lose to Imperial because white Imperial is generally very strong and teamwork oriented, two of Reading's members are terrible while the other two may be the best in the season.

    • TheOriginalCows
      TheOriginalCows Hace 8 meses

      @xastric He did AMAZING at this round. But I want to direct you to Reading College. The captain is god teir, probably a higher scorer than zeng.

    • Taznem
      Taznem Hace 9 meses

      Come to brazil

  • violette
    violette Hace 6 meses +3

    bro legit even without zeng they would've won, zeng is the best, but obviously they are all so good

  • Akshay Renjith
    Akshay Renjith Hace 8 meses +7

    Zeng is the kind of kid who raises his parents

  • Faysal Buyuksahin
    Faysal Buyuksahin Hace 6 meses +4

    Would like to see these four thrown 200 years into the past, just to see what the world would be like nowadays.

  • Skyman Codebreaker
    Skyman Codebreaker Hace 8 meses +14

    2:38 love their reactions lol

  • Nila SMP
    Nila SMP Hace 8 meses +26

    My man is the god of geography. He has swallowed every map in the whole world.

  • Yamato Wolfgang
    Yamato Wolfgang Hace 6 meses +5

    i always believe people studying biochemistry are the real bosses; this proves me right

  • nétako
    nétako Hace 6 meses +4

    I love the announcer, he sounds so enthusiastic.

  • SSS
    SSS Hace 9 meses +22

    While everybody answers like they are asking a question rather than answering Master Zeng answers like answering.

    • TP Ng
      TP Ng Hace 8 meses +6

      Great observation! The rest often sounded tentative while Zeng sounded certain.

  • Lord
    Lord Hace 6 meses +6

    To be honest, asian students also dominate MIT and harvard as well....they really carry all these western self proclaimed best universities in the world

  • Shawn
    Shawn Hace 7 meses +7

    Mays is good too as his general knowledge is broader while Zeng is specialize in certain topics.

  • CateDoge
    CateDoge Hace 7 meses +2

    gravitational waves was the only one i got. these guys are amazing.

  • Kat리나-ᜃᜆ᜔ᜇᜒᜈ

    I love their team! They are all knowledgeable! I wouldn't be able to aquire that wide topic ever. I watch majority of UC, and I barely gotten the question just yet and they (i mean all contestants) are already on the next question, 5 blocks away from me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jamorfati
    jamorfati Hace 7 meses +5

    the way they nod their head after getting an answer right is so cute

  • Charlie Kane
    Charlie Kane Hace un mes +6

    Ting is dying to Ping but Zeng is a machine

  • Ariffin HR
    Ariffin HR Hace 9 meses +34

    The twist is Max Zeng was just using 10% of his brain power.

  • legueu
    legueu Hace 7 meses +6

    They destroyed the other team so hard that even without Zeng, they would've won. He's just here to add more salt.

  • ShortTube226
    ShortTube226 Hace 8 meses +10

    That west Africa question
    I thought he won’t get but he did
    Hands up zeng
    From 🇳🇬

  • Iron 451
    Iron 451 Hace 7 meses +3

    these guys are very smart and gifted I hope they have a very successful life in the future

  • ambered
    ambered Hace 7 meses +8

    2:43 Ting's surprised face when he got it right:

  • Morfeal Esteban
    Morfeal Esteban Hace 5 meses

    Zeng can literally solo the other team

  • Jayakrishnan Nair
    Jayakrishnan Nair Hace 7 meses +3

    6:50 The question is incorrect. A radiation is something that propagates THROUGH spacetime. A gravitational wave is one where spacetime itself is the fluctuating medium. It is not a radiation through spacetime, it is a waving OF spacetime.

    • Koolaid Wannabe
      Koolaid Wannabe Hace 5 meses

      I (and I think mays aswell) was confused by it asking "radiation" when I've never heard gravitational waves be called that

  • uwuben
    uwuben Hace 6 meses +3

    Imagine getting paid to say "Imperial Zeng" 20 times

    • uwuben
      uwuben Hace 6 meses +1

      Or was it pre-recorded?

  • Darker
    Darker Hace 8 meses +16

    Mays never seemed confident in his answers even tho he was right everytime.

  • Miss Umme
    Miss Umme Hace 6 meses +2

    Zeng is impossible dream child of every parent😂😂
    Bcz of such students, other Asian children suffer🤭

  • Jonathan Lalthankima
    Jonathan Lalthankima Hace 6 meses +3

    Zeng is so good at geography, do they teach that in biology

  • Kernviter
    Kernviter Hace 6 meses +1

    This guy's brain functions on a higher order than most modern computers

  • josh chen
    josh chen Hace 6 meses +1

    This guy a legend.

  • Hafidz Widjaya
    Hafidz Widjaya Hace 8 meses +5

    Let say 1 score equal to 1 kill.
    Basicly Zeng KDA are 100/0/105.

  • IUnvierSouLz
    IUnvierSouLz Hace 6 meses +4

    As an Asian I seriously do not wanna be connected to that guy by any means cause I can already see my parents comparing myself to him

  • Panzer Jaeger
    Panzer Jaeger Hace 16 días +1

    Imperial Zheng has such a nice ring to it

  • Chee Kiat Teo
    Chee Kiat Teo Hace 8 meses +14

    Zeng: Solo Mid or feed
    Everyone: OKOK

  • nigelCL
    nigelCL Hace 9 meses +9

    zeng could solo and still win

  • Ledoug
    Ledoug Hace 5 meses +1

    Bruh everytime i see a quiz show like this and i see zeng we all know who's winning

  • Alex Xu
    Alex Xu Hace 7 meses +1

    Did any of you guys see ting’s face on the other team😂😂😂

  • Kaburaki
    Kaburaki Hace 8 meses +10

    Zeng is like the wilt Chamberlain of quiz

  • Saba Anjum
    Saba Anjum Hace 9 meses +32

    Everyone literally saw towards max when he spoke rivers he must be on high pressure at that time

  • Matt Bridges
    Matt Bridges Hace 7 meses +2

    Mr Zeng made the club go crazy

  • IGSP
    IGSP Hace un día

    I will never mess with a guy who studies Biochemistry and wears casual T-shirt with a map on it.

  • stormyandcold
    stormyandcold Hace 9 meses +11

    We have Son and Kane and now we also have Zeng and Mays.