Two years ago, I posted this thing and it went to the moon. Try it again for old times sake.


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  • Joe Begley
    Joe Begley  Hace un mes +551

    I’m going on tour, and I want to come to you. Fill this out and I’ll try to make it out to your city.

    • Joe Begley
      Joe Begley  Hace 17 días

      @♡𝓓𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶 𝓒𝓪𝓽𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓻♡ Yo, thank you.

    • Joe Begley
      Joe Begley  Hace 17 días

      @CHIME I would love to.

    • ♡𝓓𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶 𝓒𝓪𝓽𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓻♡
      ♡𝓓𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶 𝓒𝓪𝓽𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓻♡ Hace un mes +2

      Hihi as a chinese I just wanna say your chinese is really good maybe even better than mine...yes I know shocking my chinese is my second language haha

    • CHIME
      CHIME Hace un mes

      Are you travelling abroad?

  • Quit Ruining My Recommendations
    Quit Ruining My Recommendations Hace 2 meses +183623

    His Chinese is actually understandable. The inflections are all wrong, but you can tell by context what he was saying.

    • Stephen Curry
      Stephen Curry Hace un mes

      Eww Chinese

    • King Pop
      King Pop Hace un mes

      @Danny. why are you arguing with me when I speak Chinese? who said I used Google? jesus christ. like learn how to research, you could use a wide variety of sources to see that guy is wrong including searching on baidu and looking at image results. how do you even automatically assume I'm not a native Chinese speaker when I am??? like use some critical thinking

    • Danny.
      Danny. Hace un mes

      ​@King Pop why would you argue with someone that speaking chinese? Google aint always true

    • Book BL
      Book BL Hace un mes

      as a native mandarin speaker, I can tell the pronunciation was not bad.

    • King Pop
      King Pop Hace un mes +1

      @Jennifer Byers not sure if you were questioning what he said or correcting him, but he types out in chinese 一笼饺子 in the video itself and he's correct in the usage. if he was ordering boiled dumplings it would be 一盘水饺 or 一盘饺子

  • Jack Gigachad
    Jack Gigachad Hace un mes +1216

    As a Vietnamese I can confirm this is true and completely relatable 🗿

    • Jatin Pathak
      Jatin Pathak Hace 7 días

      Pls explain

    • Auditoe 💫
      Auditoe 💫 Hace 9 días

      as another vietnamese i laughed my ass so hard when reading this 💀

    • StarlingKnight
      StarlingKnight Hace 14 días

      Thanks. Some of the accented letters I've never before seen anywhere ☺️

    • IsAppearanceThatMatterTho
      IsAppearanceThatMatterTho Hace 14 días +1

      @StarlingKnight It's Vietnamese

    • StarlingKnight
      StarlingKnight Hace 14 días

      Is this vietnamese?
      My ESclips app gives auto-translate to english but doesn't tell what the source language is

  • Asher Soo
    Asher Soo Hace un mes +1300

    As a Chinese from a Chinese household that uses Chinese as a main form in communication, his pronunciations and the way he said is was near perfect.

    • StarlingKnight
      StarlingKnight Hace 14 días +2

      He (the comedian) commented later that his pronouncication is off because he doesn't speak chinese anymore regularly and he spoke it much more precisely when he lived in China.
      Your native language is one of the most difficult to learn (because of various reasons like single-syllable words which can mean up to 7 different things based on the tone, several tone patterns for same combination of syllables and very complicated character/writing system) and you native chinese speakers are all over here in comments telling how worse "the westerner" is pronouncing chinese. (Mandarin, I assume? I know there are like 12 different languages in China sharing the same hanzi character system)
      My native language (Finnish) is difficult for example germanic languages speakers to learn for other reasons, but I'm happy every time a foreigner even TRIES to learn and speak it....

    • J L
      J L Hace 26 días

      also chinese. he has an extremely heavy american accent

    • Lillie_Plays_Genshin
      Lillie_Plays_Genshin Hace un mes

      What’s the joke is that it was Vietnamese

    • Rachel
      Rachel Hace un mes +1

      @Ero that’s what was implied with my comment…

    • Ero
      Ero Hace un mes +3

      ​@Rachel that's because. . . He isn't a native speaker. Crazy I know

  • Nacole In Seoul
    Nacole In Seoul Hace un mes +204

    Lololol I speak Korean and I remember a group of Chinese people came in our restaurant and my coworkers were like “speak to them in Korean!!!!” And I was like “????? They clearly stated they’re visiting from Beijing” my coworkers thought the languages were similar enough for them to understand 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Hollo0o
      Hollo0o Hace 9 días

      If it was japanese and Korean I’d get it! It took me years to differentiate them (I speak neither) but Chinese sounds SO DIFFERENT!!! How could you! It’s like saying italian and french sound the same.

    • Fabio Fadakar
      Fabio Fadakar Hace 10 días

      ​@tutkallia ugh the ignorance🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ i hope you don't stop correcting them

    • JustKim
      JustKim Hace 26 días

      ​@Loserexactly, like there's this word in my native language which is "mangkok" and it means "bowl" but in japanese "mangkok" means....the girls secret untouchable part

    • Yusinu
      Yusinu Hace un mes

      @tutkallia yeah I’m learning it right now and my parents always refer to it as Chinese

    • tutkallia
      tutkallia Hace un mes

      it's amazing how many people think Korean and Chinese are exactly the same. I am learning Korean now and my mom and friends refer to it as Chinese all the time... I have corrected them so many times.... it's tiring lol

  • N O
    N O Hace un mes +30

    Happend to me too. I lived in Korea for 1 1/2 years and back home i was out with a few friends in a sushi restaurant. When i could not read the Japanese parts on the menu and the decorations they said i lied lol.

    • JustKim
      JustKim Hace 26 días +1

      and they must've knew you actually went to KOREA and not JAPAN, which are two different countries

  • Joseph Yen
    Joseph Yen Hace un mes +25131

    Vietnamese waitress be like: We’ve beaten the Chinese and we’ve beaten the American, what makes you think we can’t beat up a hybrid?
    Edit: For all American, Chinese, and Vietnamese keyboard historians: The person you’re debating with will not give a crap about your opinion, y’all believe in what you want to believe and that’s OK.
    Take a deep breath, relax, don’t let someone you’ll never meet in your life ruin your day.

    • IsAppearanceThatMatterTho
      IsAppearanceThatMatterTho Hace un mes

      @FluFFyPenGuin 60 seconds writing that comment and about 30 more writing this, not much of an effort. I got nothing to do anyway

    • FluFFyPenGuin
      FluFFyPenGuin Hace un mes

      @IsAppearanceThatMatterTho it's not worth your effort to try and explain anything to this comment section.

    • IsAppearanceThatMatterTho
      IsAppearanceThatMatterTho Hace un mes +1

      Wow you just give a 2000 years historical debate, mate! And for the records to some of you in the comment section, Vietnamese and Chinese are totally different people! Han people originally from the north of Viet people and invaded Viet land from long ago

    • WizardSC
      WizardSC Hace un mes

      @Dennis Chi bro china literally invade the border first and kill innocent people 🤦

    • FluFFyPenGuin
      FluFFyPenGuin Hace un mes

      @Elias 🍌 imagine being the one asking where i learned my history lessons after I have commented nothing but FACTS!!! So bro where did you learn how to read?!!?

  • S H A Y L A.
    S H A Y L A. Hace un mes +4608

    THIS HAPPENED TO ME OH MY GOD. I speak Japanese and me and my mom went to a nail salon and as the nailists started speaking Vietnamese my mom goes “you better watch out my daughter can speak Japanese” …that was the last time I got my nails done with my mom

    • JustKim
      JustKim Hace 26 días

      Parents always do this, especially americans parents

    • JustKim
      JustKim Hace 26 días

      ​@Ila Winterburnthats why i always go out by myself, like just me having the time of myself, not with friends nor anyone

    • JustKim
      JustKim Hace 26 días

      ​@EnhypenIsAestheticpeople are judgy, so yeah

    • Jabuticaba
      Jabuticaba Hace 26 días

      You better watch out my father was in the war

    • _clover_clover
      _clover_clover Hace 26 días

      id cry

  • Gabby
    Gabby Hace un mes

    Similarish story. I used to be able to speak pretty good Japanese. When we went to Japanese restaurants as a family my dad would also try and get me to order in Japanese. But the staff were never Japanese 😂 usually Korean or Chinese. Lucky I never took his advice and listened to them speak in their own language first haha

  • Andii.e
    Andii.e Hace un mes +29940

    This hit me hard cuz I can speak Spanish and my grandma will always be like "order are food in Spanish" like grandma this is a taco bell and the girl taking are order is named Braxtlee-ann

    • Ian Luk
      Ian Luk Hace 22 días

      At one point, while I was starting to learn Spanish (I still am), I had to order food for my family because we were in a Cuban restaurant and the waitress barely spoke English (we were in Miami). Later, I apologize to the waitress for my Spanish, and she told me it was very good lol.

    • riana h.
      riana h. Hace 25 días

      braxtlee-ann LMFAO

    • Commander Deviss, K Company, 327th Star Corps
      Commander Deviss, K Company, 327th Star Corps Hace 29 días +1

      Now how the hell do two parents come up with a name like Braxtlee-Ann? Are people really so bored with their lives these days that have to come up with names that'd normally only appear in fiction at best? Lmfao

    • ghoulBoy667
      ghoulBoy667 Hace 29 días


    • Bonnie Jo Savland
      Bonnie Jo Savland Hace un mes

      @S F 🙄

  • Maeve
    Maeve Hace un mes

    ROFL, shit. That reminds me of time my friend James wanted his girlfriend to flex her language skills & order in Japanese.. when we were in a Korean restaurant. Her and I spent about 30min giving James a history lesson & why if she'd done that, it flat out would have ended very poorly for us. for multiple reasons.

  • just a dude
    just a dude Hace un mes

    As a Vietnamese I agree that you totally deserve this result

  • Aaron Salenga
    Aaron Salenga Hace un mes

    That was such a good setup and punchline. That took me out for a good minute 😂

  • Emmeline Rollins
    Emmeline Rollins Hace un mes

    I've been doing Chinese since first grade but I always worry that I'm messing something up.

  • Nazgul
    Nazgul Hace un mes

    Im holding my laugh cuz my wife is asleep. That was one of the best twist ever.

    • Joe Begley
      Joe Begley  Hace un mes

      Yo, thank you so much. If you want to see me on the road, filling this out helps me out massively:

  • Greyskarr V
    Greyskarr V Hace un mes

    Hold on what? Usually people know what kind of food they go to eat so Vietnamese cuisine was known. And he could have asked if they spoke Chinese before actually ordering. I know it’s jokes, but they have to have some level of realism to be funny.

  • REMUST - Relaxing Music Station

    The part that impressed me was that he really researched and knew that Vietnamese people really hate China

    • Lê Hoàng Tông
      Lê Hoàng Tông Hace un mes

      Yep that right Vietnam really hate China in some point

  • ndknight
    ndknight Hace un mes

    I had thought maybe you mis-pronounced something and the waitress understood it as something wildly explicit and offensive, but it just turns out, the vietnamese really hate chinese, or perhaps just being mistaken for them.

  • Nightly_ reverse9
    Nightly_ reverse9 Hace un mes

    I’m gonna be happy when I go to seeing you in crowds like this to a whole crowd of people.

  • Jona Joestar
    Jona Joestar Hace un mes +25623

    "you realize we're banned from that Vietnamese place right?" LMAOOOOOO
    Yes I understand you saw the video jeez excuse me for finding the punchline funny af.

    • Someone from Somewhere
      Someone from Somewhere Hace un mes

      @Clogged Toilet Gaming I’m Azerbaijani thx for commenting that lol ik it’s something small but it made me happy for some reason

    • UnicornH 14
      UnicornH 14 Hace un mes

      @De Jere they found it funny. Its a normal thing to do. I do it in real life all the time

    • RobloxGamer18
      RobloxGamer18 Hace un mes

      @Jeppe Lærkesen no its an independent country

    • Shuu Ouma
      Shuu Ouma Hace un mes +2

      @Dinh Mai I don’t think so tho, most of us don’t even hate American anymore. on the contrary, Vietnam is one of the most pro US nations in the world. Maybe, we are “brainwashed” to hate the Chinese but history stand true that we were invaded the most by the Chinese. And the most recent invasion into Vietnam is not from the US. It’s from China. It would be weird if there’s no friction between two nations.

    • Shuu Ouma
      Shuu Ouma Hace un mes +1

      @Kampfingenieur it’s extra funny for me cause us Vietnamese are quite anti-china

  • BeefAndPumpkinSoup
    BeefAndPumpkinSoup Hace un mes +2

    The first 4 words are pretty accurate. Very Mainland Chinese style of pronunciation (I’m speaking on behalf Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese point of view.)The last part, most Native speakers might be “ huh? 😟” but knowing the context, some of us might probably get it.

  • EnhypenIsAesthetic
    EnhypenIsAesthetic Hace un mes

    Random fun fact: I’m Vietnamese (and speak it fluently, I just can’t say some words but I can speak most of it) and I also speak a little Chinese

  • Shuu Ouma
    Shuu Ouma Hace un mes

    Me as a Vietnamese will definitely kick him out of my restaurant 😂

  • Littlest Kitty
    Littlest Kitty Hace un mes

    It’s actually accurate as a person that knows Chinese

  • • 金縛り鬼 •
    • 金縛り鬼 • Hace un mes

    Tbh, he got everything except the dumplings right, which is already pretty impressive
    Even the dumplings are correct but just with the wrong tone
    (it's supposed to be Jiăo zi for anyone who's wondering, he mixed up the two tones)

  • Sergio Bocanegra
    Sergio Bocanegra Hace un mes

    Sadly only a few of my friends would understand this joke LMFAO very intelligent joke and so many levels

  • shadow bunny
    shadow bunny Hace un mes

    I don't even speak Chinese yet i understood what he said 💀

  • Midway
    Midway Hace un mes

    as a Vietnamese person, I can confirm this happens all the time.

  • Kaneidare Yue
    Kaneidare Yue Hace un mes +3841

    As a Chinese, I can confirm his Chinese was actually legit.

    • mintz97
      mintz97 Hace 9 días

      @69 hunter 😘 can you speak any other language besides sensitive snowflake liberal? I’m assuming not

    • 69 hunter 😘
      69 hunter 😘 Hace 22 días

      @flybid learn to type properly first, kiddo. 🙄

    • LunaSquib
      LunaSquib Hace un mes

      @Scummy Mummy something with dumplings

    • lithuaniaball
      lithuaniaball Hace un mes

      ​@Delti Becker it's kind of like if you went into a Popeyes and tried ordering a sandwich with Zulu tongue clicks except even worse because the Vietnamese and Chinese really, REALLY do not like each other

    • wxlfie
      wxlfie Hace un mes +1

      @Delti Becker probably because they're vietnamese not chinese hahah i think someone else mentioned about a war as well

  • clairdelune
    clairdelune Hace un mes

    I am learning Mandarin Chinese at school and I can understand what he is saying but his tones are slightly off in my opinion :) but very good 👍

  • LayyyfayuYT
    LayyyfayuYT Hace un mes +3465

    The fact that he used "笼" is pretty impressive.

    • juggalo.87
      juggalo.87 Hace 3 días

      How is that impressive? That’s like the least impressive thing ever no shit it has that feature

    • Kai
      Kai Hace 14 días

      I would use 屉 instead.

    • Nathaniel Rhodes
      Nathaniel Rhodes Hace 15 días

      Which one is that 💀

    • Saga Nitro
      Saga Nitro Hace un mes +1

      Actually, native Chinese speakers usually use "盤" (dish) or "份" (serving) for dumplings. Also, at some restaurants , dumplings are calculated by "兩" (50 grams) so sometimes "兩" is used.

    • Hell Let Loose Gameplay
      Hell Let Loose Gameplay Hace un mes +1

      what's the english equivalent?

  • Addie • 花怜 •
    Addie • 花怜 • Hace un mes

    honestly im chinese and i struggle with learning chinese like i can speak it but its hard to write essays with it 🥲 and like chinese ppl dont rlly say stuff formally so like idk which one to use

  • </Angled>
    </Angled> Hace un mes +103

    "you realize we're banned from that Vietnamese place right?" LMAOOOOOO

  • Maidenstear
    Maidenstear Hace un mes +12568

    I feel this. I speak some Japanese, and the last couple times we went to a Japanese restaurant, My parents were like "you should talk to the waiter in Japanese!" It always makes me uncomfortable, because there's no guarantee the waiter will also speak Japanese....

    • ai chan
      ai chan Hace un mes

      idrk why, but I just remembered a pretty recent thing:
      so I was walking to the bathroom, and one of us bumped into each other, so I instictively say "sorry" in English
      idk if I had a particularly strong English accent, but for some reason the lady seemed to be staring at me like I said sth weird, so it made pretty me conscious...
      (I'm Chinese and currently in Hong Kong but grew up in the UK)
      [I'd say British, but no one's told me I have a strong British accent,, although I've also recently been told I speak 'proper' English - whatever that's supposed to mean - I don't rly know why everyone's been asking me to read English...]

    • Kemporn Tansamai
      Kemporn Tansamai Hace un mes


    • Arnold P. H.
      Arnold P. H. Hace un mes


    • snickerswo1f
      snickerswo1f Hace un mes

      Exactly! but mandarin for me

    • The Red Knight
      The Red Knight Hace un mes +1

      @xe dunno. Stranger things have happened.

  • Red Ericson
    Red Ericson Hace un mes

    Damn man, he just wanted his son to flex his skills man...

  • Keep .It. Savage
    Keep .It. Savage Hace un mes

    That’s to funny your dad had no clue that two different cultures and languages 🤣🤣

  • Esteban G
    Esteban G Hace un mes +9878

    It translated to:
    “Hello waiter can I have a cage of dumplings.”

    • Engineer gaming
      Engineer gaming Hace 2 días

      No, “long” means the bamboo thing that people keep their dumplings/baozi inside

    • Ronni Walker
      Ronni Walker Hace 16 días

      @Charlotte Montel Yes I get it, my point still stands. I want a cage full of dumplings.

    • Charlotte Montel
      Charlotte Montel Hace 16 días

      Not a cage a plate

    • Ronni Walker
      Ronni Walker Hace 16 días

      Not gonna lie I would inhale a cage of dumplings

    • PageNotFound 404
      PageNotFound 404 Hace 17 días

      @Sai Sai Oh. Oh god- 👀😖

  • External EXT
    External EXT Hace un mes

    i get mistaked for a chinese person and when my friends hear they say "bro hes vietnamese" and then i say im both.

  • Your_averagegamer
    Your_averagegamer Hace un mes

    As a vietnamese this happened to my mom 😂😂😂😂

  • Faze Rhombus
    Faze Rhombus Hace un mes

    Wow champ your stand up is absolutely hilarious 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • Asma Ahmadi
    Asma Ahmadi Hace un mes +1

    That means: hello waiter we want a basket of dumplings😅

  • Khanh Ha
    Khanh Ha Hace un mes

    LMAOAOAOO this happened in the place i worked at for a few months (im vietnamese) and there was this college student I assumed and tried to speak what little Japanese they knew, then Chinese, then AMERICAN

  • Puppet Demon
    Puppet Demon Hace un mes

    As a veitnamese person.... I can relate with the waitress

  • Tales of Mere Theology

    How I feel when my dad asks me to order macarons from the Fr*nch bakery, in German.

  • Ian Castro
    Ian Castro Hace un mes

    These stand up Comedy shorts rarely make me laugh. This is the 1st time a stand up short made me laugh 😆😆😆. This is very good

  • Rosey_Samantha
    Rosey_Samantha Hace un mes +1

    I’m Chinese myself but I barely know the language (like 1%) 😭. I do have a question though, do you speak Cantonese or Mandarin? Just curious 👀

  • D C
    D C Hace un mes +29785

    I believed you when you said you spoke Chinese the minute you told your dad is was a bad idea I was like “Pops thinks all Asians look alike and they’re probably at KBBQ 😂😭”

    • Generalgarchomp
      Generalgarchomp Hace un mes

      I assumed it was something like a panda express where if anyone spoke Chinese it was just the cooks or something.

    • Sam Grace
      Sam Grace Hace un mes

      @Jordan Cambridge This is one of the stupidest things I've ever read. None of the Asians, blacks or natives I've known look anything alike, not even the ones who are related to each other. You either need glasses or an ass-kicking. I'm betting on the latter.

    • under_ground_mime
      under_ground_mime Hace un mes

      ​@Jordan Cambridge yup, a lot of us "white" people are mixed af. Maybe that's why we're called "white people" I'm Irish, Brit, French and Cherokee Indian, so I find being called a color aggravating 🙃 20yrs ago we were called mutts 😂 lol

    • K. P.
      K. P. Hace un mes

      ​@Jason Blanton Same with literally every race. Except that south east Asians are pretty different from east Asians

    • Thomas Gaines
      Thomas Gaines Hace un mes

      Lefabrication is spreading

  • xxxpandaxxx
    xxxpandaxxx Hace un mes

    A lot of people hear the word " cage" as the unit when he is trying to order dumpling, which isn't wrong. That unit is used when you are ordering dimsum because the container that holds dimsum is called "cage".

    • Joe Begley
      Joe Begley  Hace un mes

      Those measure words are mad tricky

  • Vinemaple
    Vinemaple Hace un mes +1

    Wow, that many American viewers actually got this joke? Gives me hope...

  • YouTube Mods Are Snowflake Lefties

    I knew what the punch line was before he ever ordered the dumplings.

  • Gerard Sanders
    Gerard Sanders Hace un mes

    This crowd laughed and had no idea why 🤣

  • chas in lakewood
    chas in lakewood Hace un mes

    That is a compliment to an audience when a comedian believes they will be smart enough to get the primary AND secondary joke.
    The secondary? The Vietnamese have historically been treated horribly by the Chinese.

  • J O
    J O Hace un mes

    As a white guy who is a panda express veteran he is speaking perfect Chinese. 😂🤣

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro Hace un mes

    "Hey Joe"
    The damn flashbacks💀😭

  • 小苹狗
    小苹狗 Hace un mes

    His chinese is actually really impressive

  • Corynn. L
    Corynn. L Hace 2 meses +4169

    I love this. Understanding the culture enough to make actual good jokes out of ethnics. You earned a sub bro

    • Angel R
      Angel R Hace un mes +1

      My stomach told me that you meant he earned something from Subway

    • Xenhiru
      Xenhiru Hace un mes +3

      @SER JAIME LANNISTERthis phrase haunts me wherever I go on the internet I always see this shit 💀💀💀

    • ꤼꥉꤳꥈꥀꥋ ꤰꥉꤹꥇꤰ꥓
      ꤼꥉꤳꥈꥀꥋ ꤰꥉꤹꥇꤰ꥓ Hace un mes

      ​@SER JAIME LANNISTER makes you wondering if Google can do the same.

      SER JAIME LANNISTER Hace un mes +20

      Bing chilling 🥶

    • Joe Begley
      Joe Begley  Hace un mes +46

      Just dropped a new channel if you want to check that out:ídeo.html

  • psyduckseggs
    psyduckseggs Hace un mes

    Why would your father believe you can speak fluent Chinese if you didn't grow up speaking it? Isn't that kinda obvious

  • Jay
    Jay Hace un mes

    Basically, this guy learned to speak Chinese and then realized he has no reason to be able to speak Chinese, so he made a dumb joke about it in his stand up

  • Yeyan Zhu
    Yeyan Zhu Hace un mes +1

    As a Chinese, I confirm his Chinese is quite good

  • ANG_A1
    ANG_A1 Hace un mes

    in fact he really can speak Chinese, at least for the show, I can understand what he said, cool

  • raddish
    raddish Hace un mes +3647

    that poor waitress was probably so upset LMFAOOOO

    • Anh Phan
      Anh Phan Hace un mes

      ​@Icemen i swear I'm a Vietnamese living here for more than 20 years. And your comment somehow made me question my entire identity. Great job!

    • Lê Hoàng Tông
      Lê Hoàng Tông Hace un mes

      For who not know China and Vietnam are 2 different countries and they hate each other in some point!
      _ I born in Vietnam and China language are not well known in Vietnam at all !

    • Lê Hoàng Tông
      Lê Hoàng Tông Hace un mes +1

      ​@Icemen AAAAaasa as a Vietnam , Chinese not common like you thing 🙃 The real second language of us it English!!!

    • asuru
      asuru Hace un mes +2

      @Icemen as a vietnamese person, only some elders speak it, and they’re usually immigrants from china

    • Aracia Earth
      Aracia Earth Hace un mes

      @Icemen wait really?

  • Vũ Thanh Tú
    Vũ Thanh Tú Hace un mes

    Me As a vietnamese... this is too funny cause we might actually will do that 😂

  • Skz Hyunjin Hyunlix 4 life 💗

    Im chinese myself and i think yea his chinese is understandable but not the most accurate

  • أسماء حميدي
    أسماء حميدي Hace un mes

    When people know I am Arab, then speak to me with Egyptian, Levantine, or Khalejee and I am like, bro, I am Maghrebi I can only speak Darija Arabic. That really upsets me. Or when they proceed to say I love Shawarma or Baklava, and I am like, for fk sake. I am ARAB MAGHREBI, North African, not Arab from Asia!!!! We don't have similar cultures, not languages. I can totally understand how that Vietnamese woman felt. Totally relatable.

  • Joshua Ruiz
    Joshua Ruiz Hace un mes

    Rob you are wrong, to build a universe the right way you need to have a solid foundation from the start which the DC never had!!!!

  • Benny
    Benny Hace un mes

    One time my Vietnamese friend thought I said she was from China and she was so hurt, I had to explain that that I wasn’t saying that at all!

  • V4L’..
    V4L’.. Hace un mes +1

    “Vietnamese place”
    also him : speaks Chinese
    if you dont understand then here : vietnamese people maybe close to china and a few million years ago it was a part of china but Vietnamese people speaks Vietnamese not Chinese😂i know it because im from VietNam

  • wooflauv BS
    wooflauv BS Hace un mes

    his voice and intonations reminds me of pete davidson lmao

  • manbolo2
    manbolo2 Hace un mes

    so the joke is if you speak chinese to a vietnamese waiter you get kick out of the restaurant? okay.......

  • No
    No Hace un mes

    This is me speaking Spanish but instead my friends get shocked, they forgot that u can be white and look hella white and still be Hispanic and speak Spanish 😅 so they always go “oh really, than say something in Spanish” like what do u want me to tell u

  • Daily Happens
    Daily Happens Hace un mes

    What the waitress heard was:
    Waitress how are you? Can I order both of your dumplings.

  • Nina Trudeau
    Nina Trudeau Hace un mes

    The thing is, there's no such thing as a "Chinese" language it's either called Cantonese or Mandarin

  • Icosahedron simp
    Icosahedron simp Hace un mes

    Finally someone that knows how to pronounce beijing!

  • hi
    hi Hace un mes

    “a bag of jeao zi”
    “a plate (or whatever it’s served on at the restaurant, my mom would serve hers on a little boat when she had a restaurant before she sold it) of “jao ze”

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer Hace un mes

    That was one funny joke😂

  • Michael Cochran
    Michael Cochran Hace un mes

    Last time I ordered something from a waitress I asked her for a fur burger

  • fanime1
    fanime1 Hace un mes +19

    I can relate. I studied Japanese for a couple of years and have started to finally continue my studies again. The amount of times people ask to translate Chinese and Korean things annoys me.

    • Alyrael
      Alyrael Hace 10 días

      I mean, if it's Chinese, you should be able to get a vague understanding, at least when trying to read it.

  • Urfavasian
    Urfavasian Hace un mes +2994

    Vietnamese waitress was like in her head “naw bruh this bish”

    • Bảo Trần 水饺
      Bảo Trần 水饺 Hace un mes

      As a Vietnamese-born citizen I died of dying 💀

    • Tony C
      Tony C Hace un mes +1

      @The Heist he knew that’s why he was hesitant to order.

    • Peter Lee
      Peter Lee Hace un mes

      ​@uncle piccafro more like they don't speak tree language bro :))))
      We welcomed many uninvited invaders to a "pleasant" journey in the jungles after all :)))

    • uncle piccafro
      uncle piccafro Hace un mes +2

      ​@The Heist probably because they don't speak it goofball

    • The Heist
      The Heist Hace un mes +6

      Bro how could they not over hear any vietnamese from people in kitchen or anything like that

  • Cristy Vannessa
    Cristy Vannessa Hace un mes

    Weird because most of the Vietnamese restaurants here (Malaysia) speak Chinese to communicate for some reason 😂 and they are native Vietnamese based on their accent.

    LEE JAYVINE Moe Hace un mes

    Same thing as saying konnichiwa in a taco shack

  • Sarah Mayer
    Sarah Mayer Hace un mes

    when talking more than a language becomes a personality

  • Mariketi S.
    Mariketi S. Hace un mes +1

    Joke credits to Jimmy O Yang as he originally told this at his "Good deal" special. You can search it up.

  • bIoxtube22
    bIoxtube22 Hace un mes

    vietnamese is one of the hardest language to learn as an english speaker

  • Hi Yeet
    Hi Yeet Hace un mes +8

    Wow your Chinease is actually really accurate and nice

  • KimberlyComedian
    KimberlyComedian Hace un mes

    It’s a Vietnamese restaurant! I love this story!

  • LeoV4X
    LeoV4X Hace un mes

    As a Chinese, I'm impressed.

  • Ajesh Saviour
    Ajesh Saviour Hace un mes +36249

    "Uhh....Dad we're at panda express"

    • Shkai
      Shkai Hace un mes

      Underrated comment

    • Erick Mejia
      Erick Mejia Hace un mes

      @My puppy and me smh, you're one of them

    • UltraNova HD
      UltraNova HD Hace un mes

      @LJLlol same I thought of that joke and remember

    • My puppy and me
      My puppy and me Hace un mes

      @Erick Mejia no their not 💀

    • Erick Mejia
      Erick Mejia Hace un mes

      @My puppy and me they don't exist, they're people in costumes sent by the Chinese government to spy on others

  • Cameron F
    Cameron F Hace un mes +2

    I just realized the one thing that separates "pro" comedians from amateurs is their ability to lie. I could tell you were lying, while the greats make everything seem like it actually happened. Just some advice.

  • Ms Mars
    Ms Mars Hace un mes

    Doubtful. No Vietnamese waitress would utter the words WTF, especially to a customer. Plus, why would you speak Chinese to a Vietnamese woman?

  • Jeff
    Jeff Hace un mes

    That's awesome 👌

  • roman
    roman Hace un mes

    damn am crying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Where the Hoochies at
    Where the Hoochies at Hace un mes +11755

    “Dude I’m from Detroit”-guy on karate kid

  • Abby McGrew
    Abby McGrew Hace 26 días +5

    My dad is white, but he lived in china for about a year teaching English, and he’s a linguist. His pronunciation is actually amazing and at one point he eavesdropped some server referring to him to their friends as “ghost demon” and he responded “table for 4 please” 😅

  • M Kozell
    M Kozell Hace un mes

    I knew a Vietnamese in 1980 when I worked at a college his family were supported the American forces the north Vietnamese were coming to kill his family so they had a last dinner the had the kid all draw straw he got the short one and all the family’s money he came to America the rest of his family committed suicide so they wouldn’t be tortured and killed

  • W4cky
    W4cky Hace un mes

    Some tones were wrong but it came out better than I thought.

  • Bryan
    Bryan Hace un mes

    Me literally understanding what he said bc I'm in Chinese class

  • FundamentalFishkeeping
    FundamentalFishkeeping Hace 2 meses +5713

    🤣my wife is Vietnamese and she would definitely laugh at this

    • WizardSC
      WizardSC Hace un mes

      @Morrn Manderson bro the us set up a puppet government, send troops and weapons to attack the north

    • Lê Hoàng Tông
      Lê Hoàng Tông Hace un mes

      For who not know China and Vietnam are 2 different countries and they hate each other in some point!
      _ I born in Vietnam and China language are not well known in Vietnam at all !

    • TGT
      TGT Hace un mes

      @Jimsbrandnew22 russia has never evaded us, we're good allies, unlike china

    • bao000
      bao000 Hace un mes +1

      @Jimsbrandnew22 its mainly the thousand years of colonization by china that some viets have a bad relation to china. but that's not the case for all, I'm not sure abt russia tho.

    • aion name
      aion name Hace un mes


  • Idk Bc idk
    Idk Bc idk Hace un mes

    Biggest plot twist ever, but yeah that made sense.

  • •*_𝙼𝚊𝚌𝚑𝚒_𝚔𝚞𝚛𝚘𝚌𝚑𝚒_*•

    Hehe Chinese isn’t that bad after all I’ll stay in china (where I was born) for now-

  • José Andrés Díaz Ramos

    When I'm in a portugues restaurant and my friends tell me to order in spanish: