The Time Terror Birds Invaded

  • Publicado el 22 ene 2018
  • About 5 million years ago, a new predator made its way from the south and onto the coastal plains of North America. It was a giant, flightless, carnivorous bird and came to be known by one of the coolest and most richly earned nicknames in all of paleontology: the terror bird.
    Correction! Thanks to Ben Creisler for pointing out that at 4:10, we mixed up the Paleogene Period with the Neogene Period. We regret the error and hope you still find these birds as terrifying as we do.
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  • Ben Creisler
    Ben Creisler Hace 7 meses +655

    Please note a correction at 4:10... 5 million years ago would not be the "late Paleogene Period"--it's the end of the Miocene Epoch/beginning of the Pliocene Epoch during the Neogene Period. Titanis is usually dated from the Pliocene to Pleistocene. Interesting video, though.

    • Anson Hu
      Anson Hu Hace 19 días

      I feel inferior in term of smarts cos of that comment

    • AM D
      AM D Hace 26 días

      If someone refers to *the* America *s* , they are referring to both Northern and Southern continents. They're separate continents, scientifically, and, in English, colloquially.

    • Great Stalin
      Great Stalin Hace un mes


      PIPERON Hace 3 meses

      Why can't you people just enjoy the presentation and not picking the small trivial matters.
      You guys are so good at picking the bones in the egg when there is none.
      Why make other people life's difficult when you can make it lovely and enjoyable?

    • Lukas Sketmen0101
      Lukas Sketmen0101 Hace 4 meses

      Ben Creisler g

  • Sarah James
    Sarah James Hace 3 horas

    so what u r telling me
    is that chocobos were real once upon a time??

  • Jonathan Berrios
    Jonathan Berrios Hace 22 horas

    Wait how did it get across the Panama Canal

  • Renzo Kollauzz
    Renzo Kollauzz Hace 4 días

    I hate those damn birds in ark

  • luca heines
    luca heines Hace 5 días

    Worse than chicken ticklers

  • My Pillow
    My Pillow Hace 5 días +1

    I've dreamed about the Terror Bird before I ever heard of it, It was my dream extinct flightless bird and it still is, Although it was alive at some time I stil love them, They are one of my favorite extinct birds. When I heard of Terror Birds I wanted to cry of happiness and no it's not weird or overreacting I just literally made a "made up" bird my favorite flightless extinct bird but, It's real and extinct. I am not lying ._. (Just to let you know.)

  • Ana Rosero
    Ana Rosero Hace 6 días


  • Ana Rosero
    Ana Rosero Hace 6 días

    _t e r r o r b i r d_

  • Klaus Rasch
    Klaus Rasch Hace 9 días

    Noe that dodos became peaceful it became extinct

  • chieftech714
    chieftech714 Hace 10 días +1

    love the channel

  • cs292
    cs292 Hace 12 días


  • Elliott Bock
    Elliott Bock Hace 12 días

    Was walking with beast accurate when terror birds lived along with Smilodon?

  • Vhailor Mithras
    Vhailor Mithras Hace 16 días

    Here's hoping you see this. Could you do an episode about Orcas? They're the only whale-like animal in the ocean with teeth, and I heard they evolved from a wolf-like animal. It a big leap going from hunting on land to hunting at sea.

  • I'am a Redguard!
    I'am a Redguard! Hace 17 días

    So basically these are the ancestors of the cassowary?

  • I'am a Redguard!
    I'am a Redguard! Hace 17 días

    Why do your video titles sound like the beginnings of a Sci-Fi book!

  • Evernewb
    Evernewb Hace 18 días

    huh, no mention of the one thing I've seen said about them in every single other spot I've seen terror birds mentioned: most species of them that functioned as predators functioned as rushdown predators and had one critical weakness in that regard: they couldn't turn all that well while running at speed, this put them at a big disadvantage anywhere that wasn't an open plane with enough cover for them to get close.
    ironically enough every piece of fiction I've read/watched portrays them as hyper-agile forest predators with a thing for climbing trees.

  • Eyre Death Borne
    Eyre Death Borne Hace 18 días

    Terrorists, invading America since Ancient times.

  • TheClasher202
    TheClasher202 Hace 18 días

    Terror bird is number one, but imagine if the thing could fly

  • Crazywaffle5150
    Crazywaffle5150 Hace 19 días

    Humans would have taken the out anyways lol.

  • Observations from the Bunker

    Terror birds went extinct before their true opponent could have arrived. That would be bands of Clovis Man wondering if terror birds tasted like chicken or turkey.

  • Melissa Fletcher
    Melissa Fletcher Hace 21 un día

    Cover the evolution of mammalian predators? Canine feline ect.

  • juan martin
    juan martin Hace 22 días

    And that explains how chihuahuas love to eat chicken and turkey nowadays..

  • Dirt Apple
    Dirt Apple Hace 23 días

    Just need a terror bird saddle.

  • Stephen Langrio
    Stephen Langrio Hace 23 días

    What if small dinos that survive the meteor evolved into terror birds?

  • Bestcool5
    Bestcool5 Hace 25 días

    Bird T. rex I’m so right

  • AM D
    AM D Hace 26 días

    Glaciers never made it close to where Titanis lived, but it did start getting colder and drier. There would have been significant floral turnover which may have lead to the extinction of Titanis prey species.

  • HiopX
    HiopX Hace 29 días

    And people say feathered Dinosaur are not intimidating...

  • Andria Marie
    Andria Marie Hace 29 días

    more birds

  • Lumpy Lemon Lumpy Lemon Lumpy Lemon Lumpy Lemon

    Man I thought terror birds were made up in runescape

  • ToraToraTiger
    ToraToraTiger Hace un mes

    I say the Terror Bird could float. Like chickens. They just... bobbed their way over to North America.

  • pinkgalah
    pinkgalah Hace un mes

    Now i got a question. I thought south america got their camels because it was conected to africa. But u just said that in north america there where camels. So here is my question where did the camels originate? And just to clarify that means the llamas and alpacas ancesters came from the north?

  • Andrew Armstrong
    Andrew Armstrong Hace un mes

    Which is just a dinosaur with a beak

  • Ariel Yurach
    Ariel Yurach Hace un mes

    Is it safe to assume more info on the American biotic interchange is available

  • Tsuzuru Fujiya
    Tsuzuru Fujiya Hace un mes

    The background music sounded like a emergency-car!

  • HyperJack
    HyperJack Hace un mes

    This is cool and all, but do we have any proof that these were real. I mean fossils can try to “prove” it and all but you could just be putting the wrong bones in the wrong order. Does anyone have like DNA or something to prove it?

  • Terry Koster
    Terry Koster Hace un mes

    Kelenken? YA

  • Steve Matthew
    Steve Matthew Hace un mes

    Easily float like chickens

  • sparkee666
    sparkee666 Hace un mes

    That would make a pretty cool PIXAR cartoon.

  • RRW
    RRW Hace un mes

    And they say Dinosaurs went extinct 65.5 MYA.

  • J M
    J M Hace un mes

    The first documented bird up

  • TBalpha22
    TBalpha22 Hace un mes

    What’s neat though is that in the thumbnail that would be a very dead saber tooth as it’s stomach is exposed to what is basically a meat cleaver

  • Bryan Mena
    Bryan Mena Hace un mes

    Do a video on Titanoboa, if there isn’t already one!

  • Jaime Febus
    Jaime Febus Hace un mes

    How long did the terror bird continue to exist in South America?

  • OssoryOverSeas
    OssoryOverSeas Hace un mes

    So how did they go extinct in South America? Simply the arrival of North American rivals?

  • Sentient Diarrhea
    Sentient Diarrhea Hace un mes

    How do they have relatives today if they all died?

  • George Kobty
    George Kobty Hace un mes

    We probably killed anything big... knowing our future would be better without them

  • RingWood
    RingWood Hace un mes

    Thumbnail: RKO OUTTA NOWHERE

  • Jerald Grande
    Jerald Grande Hace un mes

    Mm doesn’t sound right they died out came back years later. Honestly I think it’s just Europeans bringing them years later. Because the South American empires and northern tribes have seen a horse before until the various Europeans came over. Cause would think it would be recorded some how that there were these animals by the people living and that knowledge pass down other people down the line

  • Self-replicating whatnot

    Death March of Terror Birds!

  • AvalancheYT Darwin Project, and other Xbox Games.

    *Scorched Earth memories intensifies*

  • nIckEls & pEnNyS
    nIckEls & pEnNyS Hace un mes

    the great emu war

  • All Might
    All Might Hace un mes

    Isn't it also called "Dodo"?

  • altosax1st
    altosax1st Hace un mes

    Video on what happened to the American tapirs!

  • Autistic Foamer
    Autistic Foamer Hace un mes

    South America releases Non Avian Dinosaurs 2: Now with Battle Royale Mode

  • Jerald Grande
    Jerald Grande Hace un mes

    I thought horses were brought over from Europe to North American. Some one has this wrong in the history books

    • Hunter Smith
      Hunter Smith Hace un mes

      Jerald Grande Horses evolved in North America, spread to Europe and Asia, died out in North America, and then where re introduce by European settlers.

  • Ishbart Gonzalez
    Ishbart Gonzalez Hace un mes

    Another great video!

  • chamboyette853
    chamboyette853 Hace un mes

    Wait, there's a problem. If the birds were from south America, how come the only fossils are in North America?

    • chamboyette853
      chamboyette853 Hace un mes

      I don't think so. I understood that there were species which developed in North America. But it is still strange that there would be no species found in South America even though originally these birds were from there and continued to live there, on top of that in more favorable conditions.

    • Hunter Smith
      Hunter Smith Hace un mes

      chamboyette853 Did you miss the part about different species?

  • راشد السويلم

    So the Terror bird is the dodo ?????!!!

  • Shrimp Zoo
    Shrimp Zoo Hace un mes

    I hate terror birds.

  • Aaron Unite
    Aaron Unite Hace un mes

    Yummmm giant chikunnn. Cavemans KFC 😉

  • Fouad Joe Mikati
    Fouad Joe Mikati Hace un mes

    But usually animals should be more used to their original homes so why should they migrate for good

  • Rancord123
    Rancord123 Hace un mes

    Nice video PBS

  • stoutheart
    stoutheart Hace 2 meses

    i can beat this 1vs1.

  • Desi Sings Travels
    Desi Sings Travels Hace 2 meses

    So did all Terror Birds migrated to North America? And none stayed in South? What forced them to migrate to North America? Also why did they disappear from south as well?

  • JarzzTR
    JarzzTR Hace 2 meses

    Dinosaurs are not reptiles

  • Chris P.
    Chris P. Hace 2 meses

    So the climate changed after the Ice Age becasue early humans were making fires to stay warm probably.

  • jenny r
    jenny r Hace 2 meses

    you should do creature profiles

  • Usheer
    Usheer Hace 2 meses

    The Dodo is still a mystery to me

  • Trung Nguyen
    Trung Nguyen Hace 2 meses

    base on times serious they have gone, adapts or disappear.

  • the1tigglet
    the1tigglet Hace 2 meses +1

    This guy is so built I could watch him for days! Sexy!

  • Hannah Ziad
    Hannah Ziad Hace 2 meses

    Could you even think about this? Our ancestors must of been killed by a *bird* 🤣

  • The Piesorna arts
    The Piesorna arts Hace 2 meses

    hush little baby dont say a word im gonna feed you to terror bird.....LOL

  • Titan Slayer
    Titan Slayer Hace 2 meses

    We need more oxygen to get larger.

  • ojideagu
    ojideagu Hace 2 meses

    Birds ARE Reptiles. The Terror Bird was just a feathered Dinosaur.

  • ojideagu
    ojideagu Hace 2 meses

    The Terror birds were just Dinosaurs, I'm not even sure the phrase "Terror Birds" should exist. There were plenty of other feathered dinosaurs which would be almost identical looking.

  • 0123mandatory
    0123mandatory Hace 2 meses

    Can you teach the presenter from spacetime to be more energetic with his delivery? Love your work Eons

  • András Agócs
    András Agócs Hace 2 meses

    So basically terror birds were the dinosaurs' last ditch effort to be large-bodied apex predators again?

  • cancer stick
    cancer stick Hace 2 meses +1

    You can hear a dog bark at 4:30

  • Deven Vyas
    Deven Vyas Hace 2 meses

    Please remember, birds are dinosaurs. The terror birds were indeed ravenous reptiles.

  • Kurtis Gallop
    Kurtis Gallop Hace 2 meses

    Evolution of bats!!!

  • Ben Quinney
    Ben Quinney Hace 2 meses

    Terror birds are tight

  • Jon Rucker
    Jon Rucker Hace 2 meses

    Just came back from the National Museum of Natural History, and here's what i got...
    There is a pretty good chance that Titanus walleri, the species he focused on, was a fruit eater or scavanger. Think about it. If you compare the skeletons of a modern Ostritch or Emu, and that of Titanis, the bodies don't match up. The leg bones of Titanis, though they supported a much larger animal, are far thicker and broader than what you would find on the modern bird. It would be much more difficult for the bird to reach speeds capable of hunting the deer and horses native to North America at the time. As boring as it may seem, Titanis just doesn't seem to have the body for an "apex preditor" in a land covered by quicker and lighter prey. I think it would be much more suited to the life of a slow plodding omnivore... or in the least an opportunistic preditor like modern flightless birds.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Hace 2 meses

    Terror birds should have built a border wall and made the saber tooth tigers pay for it.

  • Khyrid
    Khyrid Hace 2 meses

    They should have built a wall.

  • Wesley Dunphy
    Wesley Dunphy Hace 2 meses

    show me the proof of these claims.

  • dirty brother killer
    dirty brother killer Hace 2 meses

    I can imagine a world where these things survived the titanus hunted the rest were scavengers so only the titanus would be a threat.

  • Dashy films Animation, funny videos and more

    What is happening to that sabertooth cat in the thumbnail?

    • NathanRomml
      NathanRomml Hace 25 días

      he looks like he made a 150 degree turn with his torso which

  • Matthew Ludivico
    Matthew Ludivico Hace 2 meses

    Insects of the Cenozoic?

  • hahagotcha!!!!
    hahagotcha!!!! Hace 2 meses

    A giant luscious chicken would be truly terrifying.

  • Ladyhawk Misses Gabby
    Ladyhawk Misses Gabby Hace 2 meses

    I thought the latest research shows terror birds weren't carnivorous after all. This info was released in 2014. I'm not sure if new evidence has come to light, but perhaps this should be addressed.

  • Tamás Dickerhof
    Tamás Dickerhof Hace 2 meses

    Did an American just say Meters and Kilogramms instead of Feet and Pounds?

  • BalmungMP5
    BalmungMP5 Hace 2 meses

    I thought this was going to be about emus

  • SeniorMeow
    SeniorMeow Hace 2 meses

    Short time, 3 million years...

  • Bk Jeong
    Bk Jeong Hace 2 meses

    The idea terror birds are limited in prey size due to weak bites is laughable. Sabretoothed cats had the same problem, and it turns out that weak bite was actually NECESSARY to allow for multiple big-game hunting adaptations.

  • Rob Wisdom
    Rob Wisdom Hace 2 meses

    This is why I eat poultry. Don't be vegans, you guys.. Eat what will eat you. That's the sustainable way.

  • Ardolon
    Ardolon Hace 3 meses

    Do you actually mean the Emu war of 1932?

  • Anarchy Antz
    Anarchy Antz Hace 3 meses

    Now these are what Alfred Hitchcock "The Birds" should be rebooted using.

  • Blossoming Reason
    Blossoming Reason Hace 3 meses

    Thank you so much for using European measurements like kilometres

  • Borky Boi
    Borky Boi Hace 3 meses


  • Hesston Smith
    Hesston Smith Hace 3 meses

    Prehistoric Emu war, anyone?