The Time Terror Birds Invaded

  • Publicado el 22 ene 2018
  • About 5 million years ago, a new predator made its way from the south and onto the coastal plains of North America. It was a giant, flightless, carnivorous bird and came to be known by one of the coolest and most richly earned nicknames in all of paleontology: the terror bird.
    Correction! Thanks to Ben Creisler for pointing out that at 4:10, we mixed up the Paleogene Period with the Neogene Period. We regret the error and hope you still find these birds as terrifying as we do.
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Comentarios • 886

  • Ben Creisler
    Ben Creisler Hace 5 meses +486

    Please note a correction at 4:10... 5 million years ago would not be the "late Paleogene Period"--it's the end of the Miocene Epoch/beginning of the Pliocene Epoch during the Neogene Period. Titanis is usually dated from the Pliocene to Pleistocene. Interesting video, though.

      PIPERON Hace 7 días

      Why can't you people just enjoy the presentation and not picking the small trivial matters.
      You guys are so good at picking the bones in the egg when there is none.
      Why make other people life's difficult when you can make it lovely and enjoyable?

    • Lukas Sketmen0101
      Lukas Sketmen0101 Hace un mes

      Ben Creisler g

    • Kempic
      Kempic Hace un mes +1

      What is happening

    • Lochlan’s Channel
      Lochlan’s Channel Hace un mes

      Bunch’s downers

    • hadrian k.
      hadrian k. Hace 2 meses +1

      Oh ok👀

  • LiuGondor
    LiuGondor Hace un día

    They took our jobs!

  • SeniorMeow
    SeniorMeow Hace un día

    Short time, 3 million years...

  • Bk Jeong
    Bk Jeong Hace 2 días

    The idea terror birds are limited in prey size due to weak bites is laughable. Sabretoothed cats had the same problem, and it turns out that weak bite was actually NECESSARY to allow for multiple big-game hunting adaptations.

  • Rob Wisdom
    Rob Wisdom Hace 2 días

    This is why I eat poultry. Don't be vegans, you guys.. Eat what will eat you. That's the sustainable way.

  • Ardolon
    Ardolon Hace 5 días

    Do you actually mean the Emu war of 1932?

  • Anarchy Antz
    Anarchy Antz Hace 6 días

    Now these are what Alfred Hitchcock "The Birds" should be rebooted using.

  • Blossoming Reason
    Blossoming Reason Hace 8 días

    Thank you so much for using European measurements like kilometres

  • Borky Boi
    Borky Boi Hace 8 días


  • Hesston Smith
    Hesston Smith Hace 9 días

    Prehistoric Emu war, anyone?

  • Bea Stephenson
    Bea Stephenson Hace 11 días

    ooh can we have an episode on the smaller versions of dinosaurs on islands?

  • Wolf Ancap
    Wolf Ancap Hace 12 días

    A random bufallo is chewing grass and chillin in the plains, when suddenly a giant bird, of all things, runs in and pecks it to death.
    Now that, i would have paid to see!

  • sedumjoy
    sedumjoy Hace 14 días

    I didn't understand 99% of the comments ....accept the first comment ...... and PBS must have made sense to them too. oh yes and ..someone else said thank you ...and the rest were a mystery

  • All Right Pingüino Rodrigez

    Murder birb, the real life chocobo. Imagine if we still had these today.

  • hettyscetty 97
    hettyscetty 97 Hace 16 días

    Terror Bird Invasion sounds like the name of a bad college band.

  • NorthernStar
    NorthernStar Hace 16 días

    Basically a bird reverting back to it's dinosaur shape.

  • Isaac Bakan
    Isaac Bakan Hace 18 días

    I bet the North American animals were like " man. All these migrants coming from the South. Causing trouble. Eating us."

  • Red Bee
    Red Bee Hace 18 días

    Demon Duck of Doom!

  • Kodinary
    Kodinary Hace 18 días

    Slowly but surely this gives inspiration for how we can create Chocobo's in the future.

    Hopefully they won't be super murderous

  • that fit Asian
    that fit Asian Hace 19 días

    This time on prehistoric park Nigel travels to the plains of Northern Africa to see if he can save the infamous sabertooth cat

  • Deno Valenti
    Deno Valenti Hace 20 días

    Terror Bird: HOLY CRAP!!!
    Smilodon: RAWRR!!

  • Mipeal
    Mipeal Hace 23 días

    what about the ones who stayed in south america? why did they got extint? just because of the competition of the new predators?

  • Aden hui
    Aden hui Hace 23 días

    Are dodo birds terror birds?

  • 22steve5150
    22steve5150 Hace 25 días

    Big Cats > Big Birds

  • Erik Lerström
    Erik Lerström Hace 25 días

    so terror birds are going from the south to the US? and mexico does nothing to stop them? TYPICAL

  • Manoj ji
    Manoj ji Hace 25 días

    Terror birds also flourished in Papa ganeua, and small islands around there, often preyed on hobitt homo people(Plieostene era). their modern relatives are the ostrich, emus. the carnivorous birds mostly evolved from dinosaur eagle tree, according to David attenborough.

  • Terncote
    Terncote Hace 26 días

    In Cenozoic Russia, KFC eats you.

  • JumPInfectioN
    JumPInfectioN Hace 26 días

    The terror birds were probably some of the last descendants of dinosaurs

  • Kris Wesselmann
    Kris Wesselmann Hace 26 días

    "After" the extinction of the dinosaurs? But they were dinosaurs.

  • Bairen Siwang
    Bairen Siwang Hace 27 días

    I laughed waaaay too much at this 😂😂

  • Miss She
    Miss She Hace 28 días

    Since the terror birds didn't leave much evidence behind even though they existed, imagine all the animals we havent found evidence of or will never find evidence of. So many animals we'll never get to know about 😢

  • Noeraldin Kabam
    Noeraldin Kabam Hace 29 días

    Where three million years is a brief period...

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Hace 29 días

    WTB terror bird drumstick.

  • James Harris
    James Harris Hace un mes

    Was the New Zealand Moa a Terror Bird?

  • PRdeSO
    PRdeSO Hace un mes +1

    Blake's just so cool to listen to

  • Okaro X
    Okaro X Hace un mes

    Why did the sloths move?

  • Conrado Javier
    Conrado Javier Hace un mes

    The Terror Bird is like a Cooler Chocobo.

  • festive destroyer
    festive destroyer Hace un mes

    Anybody tell you you look like the Cobra kai guy

  • Doppelminds
    Doppelminds Hace un mes

    Terror Birds are so badass

  • Fernoveon Elest
    Fernoveon Elest Hace un mes


  • paxwallacejazz
    paxwallacejazz Hace un mes


  • juanrodriguezt
    juanrodriguezt Hace un mes

    i like the mamel

  • Crazygamer 88
    Crazygamer 88 Hace un mes

    Next the emus

  • Mark Baculna
    Mark Baculna Hace un mes

    1:12 "the terror birds - largest predators after extinction of dinasaurs..

    Uhmmm. Birds are dinasaurs!! Some dinasaurs survived.. Theyre called birds..

    So terror birds are also dinosaurs.
    So theyre the largest avian dinasaurs to walk the earth after ___million years.

  • Yal Rathol
    Yal Rathol Hace un mes

    but most importantly...
    they befriended a neolithic woodelf clan and fought pokemon-using romans and the zerg sporting their prettiest rot green.

  • mago lago
    mago lago Hace un mes +1

    i LOVE these!

  • elysium76
    elysium76 Hace un mes

    We had a chocobo at one time

  • busybillyb33
    busybillyb33 Hace un mes +1

    Terror birds look like theropods trying to stage a comeback.

  • King Kagle
    King Kagle Hace un mes

    That's not how cat hind legs work...

  • Ed
    Ed Hace un mes

    As a raging ornithophobe, this terrifies and fascinates me immensely

  • Chris Shorten
    Chris Shorten Hace un mes

    I have always wondered about the vast diversity of ceratopsians. Any idea what circumstances may have led to such intense differences between species?

  • Robin V
    Robin V Hace un mes

    dodo birds?

  • SoZ Onyx
    SoZ Onyx Hace un mes

    I'd fight a terror bird

  • Adam Mielke
    Adam Mielke Hace un mes +1

    So the birds invaded north successfully, but were beaten by the ice? That sounds like every invasion of Russia in history. :P

  • Golden Ideas & DIY
    Golden Ideas & DIY Hace un mes

    All this information from just 4 bone fragments: leg, neck, and femur from just four different locations across 2 large continents, it sometimes feels ridiculous to believe some of this stuff.

  • Republiken
    Republiken Hace un mes

    What about Moa and Elephant birds?

  • Davidson Harly
    Davidson Harly Hace un mes

    amazing these monster creatures existed longer than the human race.

  • Tamaki742
    Tamaki742 Hace un mes

    Basically ancient cassowary.

  • Lucas Fresz BFDI2
    Lucas Fresz BFDI2 Hace un mes

    My favret terobird is kalenken

  • Nancy Cousintine
    Nancy Cousintine Hace un mes

    Not "America", please use proper terminology given this a science oriented channel. These birds were found on North American, (probably central America as well) and South American continents. There is no such places as " Americas" You can talk about The Americas, which include many countries and a variety of geographies. Canada, The United States of America, etc...Talking about "America" is like thinking that The United Kingdom is the same as England. Sort yourselves out, so that you aren't enabling ignorance. Thanks, and Peace ;)

  • Clara Burns
    Clara Burns Hace un mes

    They look like Kevin from Up. Nice 👌

  • Ichi Matsu
    Ichi Matsu Hace un mes

    The Titanis is my favourite "Terror Bird"

  • HippieSkippy100
    HippieSkippy100 Hace un mes

    I don’t understand how these things became extinct and ostriches are still around

  • Mind Smack
    Mind Smack Hace un mes

    That thumbnail is gold, and now my screen saver

  • I_Delicious_Fucking_Pancake

    Dinosaurs never went extinct. A few species survived and evolved into birds. So in a sense, dino's still exist.

  • Dogian Mcpuppy
    Dogian Mcpuppy Hace un mes

    What is that orchestra music in the background. It sounds really nice

  • Hainero2001
    Hainero2001 Hace un mes +1

    "Giant, flightless, carnivorous bird"? So, it was a dinosaur.

  • PRAME Storytime
    PRAME Storytime Hace un mes

    Bavarian birds of the prehistoric

  • kaito kid
    kaito kid Hace un mes

    The terror bird tried to make house dinosaur great again! ..but failed!

  • Rottiesrule4ever
    Rottiesrule4ever Hace un mes

    Terror Birds: The Original Angry Birds

  • Non Nom
    Non Nom Hace 2 meses

    What can y'all tell us about the evolution of flight in insects??

  • aListers
    aListers Hace 2 meses

    I wish we still had terror birds. I want more gigantic bird species. I'd also like a chocobo like bird that we can ride for longer than an ostrich

  • DysnomiaFilms
    DysnomiaFilms Hace 2 meses


  • DysnomiaFilms
    DysnomiaFilms Hace 2 meses +1

    Terror birds ARE dinosaurs.

  • AnimalsAndReports
    AnimalsAndReports Hace 2 meses

    Ben, you're their new editor!

  • mo s
    mo s Hace 2 meses +1

    When paleontology is mentioned the first thing coms in my mind is Ross

    ADEBISI ADEBISI Hace 2 meses +1

    *BIRDS* !

  • shawn s
    shawn s Hace 2 meses

    terror birds dodo birds?????

  • Roberts Silins
    Roberts Silins Hace 2 meses

    Life finds a way.

  • Arianna Silva
    Arianna Silva Hace 2 meses

    These things look like whatever, TILL YOU REALIZE IT'S ALMOST 10 FEET TALL!

  • Charlie Gordon
    Charlie Gordon Hace 2 meses

    Can we have a video on early humans?/our path of ancestry

  • BritonDev
    BritonDev Hace 2 meses +1


  • Justin Sharber
    Justin Sharber Hace 2 meses

    I would be very interested to learn about the origin of dinosaurs!

  • Bennett Fender
    Bennett Fender Hace 2 meses

    Titanis was actually so big that smilodon gracillas the species at the time could never hope to attack one much less the coyote sized Edwards wolves.

  • Valentin Daria
    Valentin Daria Hace 2 meses

    wtff with the 4:34 image

  • zaxex21
    zaxex21 Hace 2 meses

    terror bird? naw those are chocobos

  • Finter4
    Finter4 Hace 2 meses

    But didn't terror birds have a fair amount of mammalian competition before the interchange? As in the marsupial borhyaenids, which I believe went extinct a long while before the interchange - outcompeted by the Terror birds maybe? (shock! horror! a bird being better than a mammal? The very thought!)

  • Not Just Dinosaurs, but MORE!!!!

    I said terror bird in school but one kid said I said "Terrorist Birds"

  • Durahan82
    Durahan82 Hace 2 meses

    Real life Chocobos ?

  • Jeff O
    Jeff O Hace 2 meses +1

    Damn imagine having chicken wings from that birdie yummy

  • Syes Krikikik
    Syes Krikikik Hace 2 meses


  • Nicholas Labowitz
    Nicholas Labowitz Hace 2 meses

    Humans would have killed them if they didn’t die off. They don’t look well suited to fight off a pack of homo errectus.

  • The Great Cannoli
    The Great Cannoli Hace 2 meses

    Well since they lived in south america. Considering the size of the amazon and how few predators live there, i feel it's somewhat slightly possible that a small population could still be roaming

    • Melon Lord
      Melon Lord Hace 2 meses

      They'd realistically be very small, and descendants of these birds still live today...just that they are small. Ostriches and Cassowaries are omnivores rather than carnivores, which the terror birds were, and can compete with other large predators by subsisting on plants.

  • Jojo Bobo
    Jojo Bobo Hace 2 meses

    How where there horses in North America?

  • The Last European
    The Last European Hace 2 meses

    And why did they die out in the south?

  • TreyMusah
    TreyMusah Hace 2 meses

    I had a pet terror bird I had to bola it and me and my friends clubbed it. We fed it narcotics and stuffed raw prime meat in its mouth and he became our friend

  • Madcircle Throughell
    Madcircle Throughell Hace 2 meses

    So they were ground and flying type Pokemon

  • A Chameleo
    A Chameleo Hace 2 meses

    1:11 I like the yellow one has the same pattern as my pet bird, must be a relative, it is carnivores (can't remember species of bird I have, complicated name)

  • Justin Cuffaro
    Justin Cuffaro Hace 2 meses

    Haha I just wrote a paper on this, this basically summarized a lot of what I had to say on the subject. Wish I found it sooner...

  • Grym Gungus
    Grym Gungus Hace 2 meses

    I would love to hear about the evolution and spread of marsupials