Box of Lies with John Cena

  • Publicado el 10 oct 2018
  • John Cena and Jimmy take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.
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    Box of Lies with John Cena
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Comentarios • 522

  • orchdorch925
    orchdorch925 Hace 18 horas

    I feel like half the time in this game the things in the boxes are so weird you wouldn't know how to describe them.... Oooh, that's the point!

  • your opinion is wrong ok
    your opinion is wrong ok Hace 19 horas +1

    I was gonna comment and make a John Cena joke but it seems half of earth's population has beat me to it

  • escarsegat
    escarsegat Hace 20 horas

    dosent john knowthat jimmy is a peewee fan

  • Suvux
    Suvux Hace 21 un hora

    Why’s he playing a game by himself

  • Champurrado Productions
    Champurrado Productions Hace 22 horas

    I’m sorry, I read the title and all but I can’t seem to find John cena

  • Ben Joseph
    Ben Joseph Hace un día

    All i needed was someone to yell "The box is floating" and my life wouldve been complete

  • Victor Nielsen
    Victor Nielsen Hace un día

    How can you get hired as a box thing artist?

  • Celicia Cordes
    Celicia Cordes Hace un día

    "doesn't seem that heavy, but then again, you're john cena"

  • VegasLowBlower
    VegasLowBlower Hace un día

    has anyone picked 9 yet

  • Natalie Long
    Natalie Long Hace un día

    I don’t get it... isn’t he supposed to be playing with someone else?

  • DeniseN
    DeniseN Hace un día

    John hates for somebody to tell him what to do. He deliberately chose a number the audience didn't call out.

  • Neil Blasingame
    Neil Blasingame Hace un día

    Why is there a floating blue suit and I’m just hearing voices and who’s jimmy looking at

  • sarah wassinger
    sarah wassinger Hace un día

    John sucks at this game

  • Giancarlos Gallego
    Giancarlos Gallego Hace un día

    You guys aren’t looking closely! It’s a GOAT & Jimmy Fallon

  • Impala Papi
    Impala Papi Hace un día

    John cena out here looking like your local congressman lol

  • Solo Legend
    Solo Legend Hace un día

    Damn the other person didn’t even show up, feels bad

  • Brandon Watts
    Brandon Watts Hace un día

    Jim .. Jim .. JIM you know whats in those boxes.. how did u know to open that lipstick?

  • William Moore
    William Moore Hace un día

    why does john cena look like he is getting ready for his first communion

  • Ciaran Gold
    Ciaran Gold Hace un día

    Why is jimmy talking to himself???

  • zTRealmTz
    zTRealmTz Hace un día

    Holy hell!!!!! A flying suit

  • HurriShane00
    HurriShane00 Hace un día

    I HATE looking through the comments when John Cena is in a video...because every smart ass has to do the SAME Stupid Comment. JUST STOP! It's Not funny....never was....NEVER will be

  • JC Green IV
    JC Green IV Hace un día

    I dont get this game

  • BEYOND Comfort
    BEYOND Comfort Hace un día


  • Nebiyu Salah
    Nebiyu Salah Hace un día

    Cuddi who is Jimmy playin wit?

  • Tianaz Bryant
    Tianaz Bryant Hace un día

    These playing by himself comments funny even if its gets worn out

  • Varth Dader
    Varth Dader Hace un día

    I have the same birthday as John Cena

  • The Cloaked Star Ninja
    The Cloaked Star Ninja Hace un día +1

    Poor jimmy, he dident have a guest

  • Nathalie Vogel
    Nathalie Vogel Hace un día

    Where do they find these objects 😂

  • Mateo Jackson
    Mateo Jackson Hace un día +1

    John Cena is A Comedian Outside The Ring

  • Stylhus
    Stylhus Hace 2 días

    Does Cena have any other suit?

  • Don Ona
    Don Ona Hace 2 días

    Please try to do this with poker players hahahahahahah

  • mclarenight
    mclarenight Hace 2 días

    (Insert invisible john cena joke here)

  • currypower007
    currypower007 Hace 2 días

    4:45 the camera pans out and its Drake in disguise AKA 6-god in disguise i.e.'re welcome

  • Alli Spenceley
    Alli Spenceley Hace 2 días

    This was the worst person he's ever played this game with

  • Galaxy Unicorn
    Galaxy Unicorn Hace 2 días

    If Jimmy doesn’t pretend the box is heavy, is it REALLY a box of lies game? Lol

  • Deenah Vlogs
    Deenah Vlogs Hace 2 días

    Why was he playing by himself

  • grupo venezuela
    grupo venezuela Hace 2 días

    🔥 🔥 🔥 This. will blow your mind for sure! 🔥🔥🔥
    🔥🔥🔥▶ ◀🔥🔥🔥
    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Thank me later.

  • deny mind
    deny mind Hace 2 días

    I know, it's quite unnecessary question below that video but who loves praying mantises?
    I adore 'em! :D

  • Harry Schmidt
    Harry Schmidt Hace 2 días


  • Gattai
    Gattai Hace 2 días

    woah jimmy completely lost it talking to himself now? someone help him

  • Ashutosh Joshi
    Ashutosh Joshi Hace 2 días

    why are there boxes floating to the opposite side of jimmy??

  • Linky Okumura
    Linky Okumura Hace 3 días

    I love John Cena lmaoo

  • Joshua Goldberg
    Joshua Goldberg Hace 3 días

    4:32 I would have made the same face. A mix of confusion and "alright, you got me" is perfectly appropriate there.

  • Abdi Tube
    Abdi Tube Hace 3 días

    |_| |_|

  • HadesObsidian
    HadesObsidian Hace 3 días

    0:03 Jesus, John looks like a henchman from a 1970's James Bond movie..

  • berta boyle
    berta boyle Hace 3 días

    Bold rock novel each drop twist suffering original virtue.

  • NF7 Studios
    NF7 Studios Hace 3 días

    who's Jimmy playing against? he's acting like there's someone there but I can't see anyone!

  • bekahme95
    bekahme95 Hace 3 días

    Ohhhhhh, he’s playing by himself...... because you can’t see John cena. Haha jokes. Got it.

    IITZKR Hace 3 días

    Jimmy is playing alone..
    How sad

  • Agent 8
    Agent 8 Hace 3 días


  • marra terry
    marra terry Hace 3 días

    I didn’t know John Cena had dimples.. weird

  • Intenseowl125
    Intenseowl125 Hace 3 días

    John cena is one the nicest and funniest dude.

  • Sheila Gueta
    Sheila Gueta Hace 3 días

    Creepy some boxes are floating and Jimmy is talking to himself? Where the hell is John Cena?

  • Krabby patty
    Krabby patty Hace 3 días

    Jimmy can't keep doing the same jokes every time they play the same game, gets sooo old

  • Alena Gallagher
    Alena Gallagher Hace 3 días +1

    I just scrolled through the comments to see what people wrote lol 😂😂

  • AbbyPenguin333
    AbbyPenguin333 Hace 3 días

    why... why is he so shiny

  • Jams & Spriteu
    Jams & Spriteu Hace 3 días

    Why did I think of BTS, I’m so like-----

  • Jimin BangPark
    Jimin BangPark Hace 3 días

    💜💜 J-Hope Stan vs Jimin Stan 💜💜

  • Daniel Mulkey
    Daniel Mulkey Hace 3 días

    Jimmy: “I love your new hair!”
    Everyone else: “you lie”

  • Emily Edwards
    Emily Edwards Hace 3 días

    Why is everybody saying jimmy is playing alone??
    Edit: OHHH I GET IT

  • Emily Edwards
    Emily Edwards Hace 3 días

    He is scaring me

  • Cooper Wilkinson
    Cooper Wilkinson Hace 3 días

    This is a great game, and props to Jimmy for playing against an invisible Man 👏👏👏

  • Earnisha Awesome
    Earnisha Awesome Hace 3 días

    Johns dimples like omg 😍

  • Diamond Knight
    Diamond Knight Hace 3 días +1

    Dang did Jimmy Fallon run out of guest,just played alone so sad.

  • Docta Cos
    Docta Cos Hace 3 días

    Special appearance by Conan O’ Brien!

  • itsnotgood
    itsnotgood Hace 3 días

    Does anybody else realize Jimmy is talking to himself?

  • earthian11
    earthian11 Hace 3 días

    One of the funniest Box of Lies games ever, loved it. Jimmy really stepped up his game when he decided to play with an empty chair.

  • HazelReys
    HazelReys Hace 3 días

    You should start doing giveaways of the things in the boxes. I swear I'd install that faucet to my sink lmao. Or keep the double dutch.

  • Kenny Harris
    Kenny Harris Hace 3 días

    Jonn Cena wears the same suits on every late night show

  • HazelReys
    HazelReys Hace 3 días

    Am I the only one who doesn't watch the show, but watch all the game segments on YT?

  • Kirk Renden
    Kirk Renden Hace 3 días

    Why Is jimmy talking to himself? Is he ok

  • RockyPunk
    RockyPunk Hace 3 días

    Now you finally know what if feels like to be buried John😂

  • Eric Lathouse
    Eric Lathouse Hace 3 días

    Wow! I didn't know how short John Cena was until now...well he's still taller than Jimmy Fallon😁😎

  • Joze Reo
    Joze Reo Hace 3 días

    John looks so weird with long hair 😲

  • Tnguy
    Tnguy Hace 3 días

    Why does cena look like dexter in the thumbnail?

  • Tayla
    Tayla Hace 3 días +1

    John Cena... THE John Cena wrote a book for CHILDREN?!?

  • Toxic Rick
    Toxic Rick Hace 3 días

    Why does John cena look different ? Oh the hair ! Got it .

  • Movie Talk!!
    Movie Talk!! Hace 3 días

    turns out Jimmy is smarter than Cena!!

  • 10,000 subs with no content :/

    6 guy has left the chat

  • Israel L.
    Israel L. Hace 3 días

    Never thought John Cena could grow hair. He always had a buzzcut or very short hair.

  • John Cena
    John Cena Hace 3 días +1

    Damn, I looked handsome, as always.

  • Harold Garnsey
    Harold Garnsey Hace 3 días

    cena is over rated

  • Thommy Turtle
    Thommy Turtle Hace 3 días

    I looooooooooove this game.

  • James Ren
    James Ren Hace 3 días

    Is it me or does the editing seem shoddy?

  • - Xplixity -
    - Xplixity - Hace 3 días

    6ix guy 6ix 9nine

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Wait a minute...

    John Cena has hair now???

  • Becky5477
    Becky5477 Hace 3 días


  • Alison Jones
    Alison Jones Hace 3 días

    I honestly think every time they do this episode, they should open all the other boxes just so we can see what's inside them.

  • VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII

    God jimmy is such an intolerable ass wipe.

  • Zainab Kriel
    Zainab Kriel Hace 3 días

    John cena looks like the guy you say is your dad... But isn't your dad

  • Eric
    Eric Hace 3 días

    Box 3 is the peak of art.

  • Thiago Xavier
    Thiago Xavier Hace 3 días .

  • Storm Fan
    Storm Fan Hace 3 días

    You Shanghai me

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston Hace 3 días

    Cena looks like if an 8-year old boy turned into the Hulk

  • Tictacker 123
    Tictacker 123 Hace 3 días +1

    It’s jhoooon ceeenaaaaa do do do dooo do do do doooo

  • Sevn Liht
    Sevn Liht Hace 3 días

    Cena is a playa

  • Eddy Sanchez
    Eddy Sanchez Hace 3 días

    It’s so weird to see a floating hair ...

  • Not A Good Name
    Not A Good Name Hace 3 días

    I came here to see John Cena. Clickbait once again!

  • Jessica Y
    Jessica Y Hace 3 días

    Box of lies with who?

  • Turbo9987
    Turbo9987 Hace 3 días

    Skinny John Cena with longer hair. DOES. NOT. COMPUTE.