Netta - TOY - Israel - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2018


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  • Gregory Spears
    Gregory Spears Hace 30 minutos

    Winner alert

  • Troxcis
    Troxcis Hace 37 minutos

    Hey I recognise the girl with the blue/blond hairs from the Music Video from Orgonite - Xamca

  • YpsilonMuusika
    YpsilonMuusika Hace 40 minutos

    I really really like this, actually I've never liked Israeli one before, even golden boy. But this one is just slays any other songs :D Wish you best luck from South Korea

  • Troxcis
    Troxcis Hace 48 minutos

    God damn it, I thought Israel was finnally out of ESC..

  • connormunism
    connormunism Hace 53 minutos

    this is the definition of a song growing on u

  • Yorman Rondon
    Yorman Rondon Hace un hora

    Pa mala yo...

  • Liz bay
    Liz bay Hace un hora +1

    beginning is so cringy

  • Đan Giang Hoàng
    Đan Giang Hoàng Hace un hora

    she radiated a lot of energy

  • Noa Arazi
    Noa Arazi Hace un hora +1

    Netta has the right to freedom of expression, including to imitate a chicken, a frog and a cricket
    And anyone who does not feel comfortable with it ,is invited to look for a good ballad that will make him feel a professor of music

  • Sasha S
    Sasha S Hace un hora +1

    Greetings🇬🇷 GREECEEEEEE HERE

  • Kostas M.
    Kostas M. Hace un hora +1

    #10 in 🇬🇷... 👍🏻🇮🇱

  • marc roval
    marc roval Hace un hora +1

    not your toy
    not your toy

  • Serbian Phoenix
    Serbian Phoenix Hace un hora +3

    40 on trending in serbia!

  • Bruņinieks1629
    Bruņinieks1629 Hace un hora +3

    This is s**t, coated in recycled pop music layering and hidden under "modern" tags like empowerment/ acceptance etc. You get through your life by hard work and friends shoulder, not by calling others names and encouriging people to glorify their weaknesses. Before you critisise me with immature comments, think about it for a moment. Society and ideas are not built on empty space, there is somebody who benefits from the fact that others blindly and without even thinking follow everything that is thrown at them. I think that at this day and age we do deserve more than that.

    • Bruņinieks1629
      Bruņinieks1629 Hace 55 minutos

      I am not the one insulting you. You do not know me yet you claim that I am not paying attention to the other songs while in fact I am, this is not how it works, you must back up your claim with something. I actually enjoyed the conversation and I wish you would back it up with facts not something driven by emotion.

    • Bruņinieks1629
      Bruņinieks1629 Hace un hora

      Disregarding your idea, the choice of words on the last sentence was brilliant(I mean it) btw.

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace un hora

      No. I asked myself why each of you took it personally? After all, none of you pays much attention to the other 40 songs. Just this song.

    • Bruņinieks1629
      Bruņinieks1629 Hace un hora

      Her freedom of expression is social media including youtube and the big stage of Eurovision among others. Have you asked yourself why are you taking this so personally?

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace un hora

      When you speak condescendingly, contemptuously, and disdain her work - you deny her freedom of expression

  • Leena Vitikainen
    Leena Vitikainen Hace un hora

    Video hyvä, mutta miten ilman, isolla lavalla?

  • Riikka Pauliina
    Riikka Pauliina Hace 2 horas +2

    This is just horrible 😂

    • OMAR
      OMAR Hace un hora +1

      Riikka Pauliina Disagree!!!!! This is a masterpiece

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace un hora +1

      Why horrible? It's a disaster. It's not a ballad. Oh God how can you live with it?

  • Scriptwritning
    Scriptwritning Hace 2 horas +5

    Winner 100%

    • aric bol
      aric bol Hace un hora

      yeah, like italy 2017

  • Benjamin Rothenberg
    Benjamin Rothenberg Hace 2 horas +6

    12 points from America. Completely addicting song.

    • Nikos Pds
      Nikos Pds Hace un hora

      Benjamin Rothenberg addictive is the right word.

  • Yan ja
    Yan ja Hace 2 horas +7

    Great songgg! Greetings from Albania ;) ;)

  • Virgílio Agrela
    Virgílio Agrela Hace 2 horas

    Why would we use our native song?

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace un hora

      The traditional songs of the Eurovision including the old ballads are the native music. Toy is the beginning of a revolution

  • Xiao Ou Qi
    Xiao Ou Qi Hace 2 horas +3

    5 Million!!

  • marc roval
    marc roval Hace 2 horas +1

    if the people who vote at the ESC Contest are nearly all between 6 and 14 years old, it can of course win! It's nice and quite catchy but very generic at the same time, at the exception of the mouth mimics and sounds (I like the "chicken" sounds)

    • marc roval
      marc roval Hace un hora

      All people can say what they think here, without the need to have a professor of freedom defense ; strangely you say nothing when comments are good...

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace un hora +1

      I wish. But right now I am defending the right to freedom of expression

    • marc roval
      marc roval Hace un hora

      Noa Arazi = Netta's socialmedia assistant

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace un hora

      The world belongs to the young.

  • Candido
    Candido Hace 2 horas +1

    She sounds like a chiken and look like onde aswell

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace un hora

      And so she will win. Because it's better than a frog

  • Ohanes Bator
    Ohanes Bator Hace 2 horas +2

    Imagine Salvador's expression if she wins and he has to hand her the trophy xD

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace un hora

      He will bow and tell her: our Queen the trophy is yours

  • Shiri Vinditsky
    Shiri Vinditsky Hace 2 horas +2

    More than 5M!!! this girl is on fireeeee 🔥⚡️🔥⚡️🔥⚡️🔥⚡️🔥

  • Gonçl
    Gonçl Hace 2 horas +7

    i'm still shocked how addictive this song is. A fire track, will bomb Lisbon and will be one of the bests moments of eurovision 2018. Go Netta!

  • 1993 All I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM

    20k cowards

  • Zé Pedro Martins
    Zé Pedro Martins Hace 2 horas

    "music is not fireworks"

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 2 horas

      Why not? Is music an exact science? Music is spiritual and it can be anything including fireworks

  • JosephHenry
    JosephHenry Hace 2 horas +3

    I Love it

  • Чарлик
    Чарлик Hace 2 horas +1

    1 просмотр: Что это?
    2 просмотр: Ну вроде ниче так
    100500: * Кудахтаю

  • TheDylansWorld
    TheDylansWorld Hace 2 horas +4


    ADAM CARE Hace 2 horas +5

    she got 5 millions views even tho someone took 500k-700k views from her . congratulations israel see ya next yr in tel aviv

    • aric bol
      aric bol Hace un hora

      yeah, in the same way that rome is hosting this years eurovision :P

  • Irina Puja
    Irina Puja Hace 2 horas +3


  • Gevorg Maloyan
    Gevorg Maloyan Hace 2 horas +3

    so cool from Armenia 💲💲

    ADAM CARE Hace 3 horas +2

    wowwww!!! my winneer this yr, well done
    from USA

  • Ronen Bar
    Ronen Bar Hace 3 horas +3

    hallerious but it is so amamzing

  • Danijel Butkovic
    Danijel Butkovic Hace 3 horas

    she remands me of Rhino...

  • Lin Golanski
    Lin Golanski Hace 3 horas +3


    NØ NAME Hace 3 horas +4

    La mejor de todas, diferente y innovadora, i love with it❤

  • Japaneezi
    Japaneezi Hace 3 horas +18

    The real question is who wouldn't vote for her. It is everything Eurovision is- quirky, powerful, friendly, different. There's elements of rap, and she can sing in Spanish, english, Hebrew and Korean. Netta is the best choice honestly.

  • Max Sereduke
    Max Sereduke Hace 3 horas +5

    ez win ! perfect job !

  • Ice and Fire
    Ice and Fire Hace 3 horas +2

    It is awful and super generic. Call it the chicken song,

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 2 horas

      Ice and Fire This song is just fire

  • redawn4ever
    redawn4ever Hace 3 horas +2

    Its a chicken ? O.o

  • Micro Ondas
    Micro Ondas Hace 3 horas +2

    #1 trending in the ZOO

    • bestking99
      bestking99 Hace 56 minutos


    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 2 horas

      Sometimes Dr. Dolittle is better than a music professor. He will cure the ballad's disease.

  • Ev Mas
    Ev Mas Hace 3 horas +2

    Cululoo cululoo hey!!!

  • Rafi Broer
    Rafi Broer Hace 3 horas

    For the record, I have actually slept with this woman and she's fucking off her rocker.

  • Ba Ra
    Ba Ra Hace 3 horas +7

    Very good song, so fresh! Great artist! To more and more inspiration for next hits!

  • Galaxy Queen
    Galaxy Queen Hace 3 horas +5

    Greece the winner, or this.

  • guy tamari
    guy tamari Hace 3 horas +3

    Good luck Israel!!!!

  • AgehaLady
    AgehaLady Hace 3 horas +5

    Way to go Israel ❤

  • SimonEvo
    SimonEvo Hace 4 horas +5

    Tel Aviv 2019 confirmed 149%

    • aric bol
      aric bol Hace un hora

      yes. hope she wins in rome, cause italy won 2017?

  • Mingailė Beinorytė
    Mingailė Beinorytė Hace 4 horas +5

    Definitely overrated

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 3 horas +2

      A professor of music, if you say so, who are we to break your word.

  • Ivo Perić
    Ivo Perić Hace 4 horas +3

    What is this?

  • Sophia Τ.
    Sophia Τ. Hace 4 horas

    Ρε θα τρελαθούμε. Το ρεφρέν καλό για κανένα ρεμιξ στην παραλία το καλοκαίρι, φαβορί για να κερδίσει την Eurovision, ε όχι δεν το δέχομαι. 😂

  • panos 77
    panos 77 Hace 4 horas

    Wtf η τύπισσα πάω στοίχημα θα έχει και 20 πόντους πουτσα έτσι όπως είναι

  • panos 77
    panos 77 Hace 4 horas +1


  • Mihajlo Dimitrijevic
    Mihajlo Dimitrijevic Hace 4 horas +3

    Worst song ever

    • Robin Robin
      Robin Robin Hace 3 horas +2

      You are 1 of 5,000,000 that think so....rethink

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 3 horas

      So it is still very special and unique

  • Dimitrios M.
    Dimitrios M. Hace 4 horas +2

    This chicken song has a 14% dislike ratio and the Glorious Greek Song only 7% dislike ratio

    • Kostas M.
      Kostas M. Hace un hora +1

      Dimitrios M. Ποιος σου είπε ρε παπαράκο ότι μπορείς να χρησιμοποιείς το ελληνικό τραγούδι για να προσβάλεις τραγούδια άλλων χωρών??

    • Japaneezi
      Japaneezi Hace 3 horas +1

      And look at the views lmao

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 3 horas

      And if only one person would respond and do "like", then would you say there is 100% support and 0 dislikes?

    • Daniel Bar-Shlomo
      Daniel Bar-Shlomo Hace 3 horas

      I think it’s because you don’t have enough views for the statistics to be reliable ;-)
      I’m kidding, you actually have a nice song (and beautiful language)…
      Having said that - our song is way superior!

    • po loka
      po loka Hace 3 horas +1

      oh god u are dumb

  • Юлія Мисак
    Юлія Мисак Hace 4 horas +8

    Wait what.
    It had like 2 million views on Friday.

  • rui ferreira
    rui ferreira Hace 4 horas +1

    What the hell is this?Awfull,a song to play in clubs,for those puppets who don't understand a bit about music...

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 2 horas

      And if you were from Israel, wouldn't you defend this song? (True, she has charisma and she will surprise on stage)

    • rui ferreira
      rui ferreira Hace 2 horas

      I understand you're defending it,by your name you must be from Israel...but i admit she has charisma...

    • rui ferreira
      rui ferreira Hace 3 horas

      Ahah even though the others are very a contest like this it's impossible that all songs are very good,a few maybe...

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 3 horas +1

      You are wrong. If this song wins, it means that the best song won even though the others are also very good. Just this song is great.

    • rui ferreira
      rui ferreira Hace 3 horas

      If this song wins,means either the other songs are even worse,or most likely,because who votes has a poor taste of music...there are a lot of songs with millions of views,it doesn't mean they are good...Gangnam Style is a good exemple

  • Sanne Berends
    Sanne Berends Hace 4 horas +8

    I love this song, she will get my vote in May.

  • Amit Arie
    Amit Arie Hace 4 horas +8

    5M ,excuse me? Netta its you?😍

  • Sanity Box
    Sanity Box Hace 4 horas +8

    Goodluck to Netta & her only-want-to-dance crew
    I wish you a landslide victory like Waterloo
    For me it's a Fairytale and a dream to come true
    If you will bring the Eurovision home with you

  • izyogurl Mary
    izyogurl Mary Hace 4 horas +3


    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 3 horas

      No, it's a spirit of folly that will win first place

  • laia idols
    laia idols Hace 4 horas +2

    Tu cancion va a ganar...

    • eden shamay
      eden shamay Hace 3 horas +1

      Espero que España va a estar en top 3

    • laia idols
      laia idols Hace 3 horas +1

      eden shamay claro😂💐🌻

    • eden shamay
      eden shamay Hace 4 horas +2

      laia idols espero que asi sea

  • Andrew Walmsley
    Andrew Walmsley Hace 4 horas +2

    what a pile of wank piss

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 3 horas

      Keep peeing the 20 liter beer you drank

  • Rost Burov
    Rost Burov Hace 4 horas +3

    All odds are rubbish until she sings that chicken cackle LIVE!

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 3 horas +1

      She'd be better. We know her

    • Dimitrios M.
      Dimitrios M. Hace 4 horas

      You remember the odds last year had Italy to the top and they did not even get close to the top

    • Recommendations
      Recommendations Hace 4 horas +2

      stop crying

    KFIR DAVID Hace 4 horas +5


  • Gareth Rees
    Gareth Rees Hace 4 horas +6

    Please don't let this win

    • Robin Robin
      Robin Robin Hace 3 horas +1

      Please forgive us...but we can't help you this time.

    • Idan Cohen
      Idan Cohen Hace 3 horas

      OK... We will try, but I can't promise you

    • אלעד אורמן
      אלעד אורמן Hace 4 horas +4

      Best song ever in esc!!!!

    • Alex Zander
      Alex Zander Hace 4 horas +10

      This the best song ever 12 points from Australia

  • Fede Tarantino
    Fede Tarantino Hace 4 horas +5


  • eden rep
    eden rep Hace 4 horas +5

    נטע שלנו מהרגע הראשון שראיתי אותך בכוכב הבא ידעתי שאת זו שתזכה אוהבת אותך מאוד ובטוחה שתביאי לנו גאווה גדולה מאוד ובעזרת ה האורוויזיון פה אצלנו אין עלייך ! וממש ממש מחכה כבר להופעות שלך
    אוהבת עד אין סוף ומעבר עדן.ראפ ♡♡

  • Miguel Gómez
    Miguel Gómez Hace 4 horas +3

    How can this song be this year's favorite?

  • Pane Perunovski
    Pane Perunovski Hace 4 horas

    A great song ruined by misandry... EBU should intervene here

  • Jack 2120
    Jack 2120 Hace 4 horas +11

    israel rocks big time

  • Gabriel Alejandro Flores González

    Love this song!!!!! Chicken, chicken, winner, dinner!!!🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓

  • Dimon 9314
    Dimon 9314 Hace 4 horas +1

    это реально круто) Надеюсь она победит)

  • Pablo Ojer
    Pablo Ojer Hace 4 horas +2

    Sorry, i don't get it... a good singer, but the song is just annoying

  • Antimo D'Antonio
    Antimo D'Antonio Hace 4 horas +2

    2017 with a monkey song
    2018 with chicken song yesss

  • Hani
    Hani Hace 4 horas

    well we will see how will do this live

  • Yaşar Şahan KANBEROĞLU
    Yaşar Şahan KANBEROĞLU Hace 4 horas +12

    OMG, she has the capacity to win the contest. Meanwhile, the video clip has already been watched 5 million times.

  • Thomas Conway
    Thomas Conway Hace 4 horas

    Look this is ok, but I don’t think it deserves to win tbh

  • Øystein Jørgensen
    Øystein Jørgensen Hace 4 horas +1

    She's a feminist!!!!

    • Dvir Fight
      Dvir Fight Hace 4 horas

      The one who helped write a song is a feminist

    • Dvir Fight
      Dvir Fight Hace 4 horas

      she not

  • Loe Milan
    Loe Milan Hace 4 horas +18

    12 points - Israel
    10 Points - Czech Republic
    8 points - Greece
    7 points - France
    6 points - Belarus
    5 points - Spain
    4 points - UK
    3 points - Azerbaijan
    2 points - Italy
    1 point - Norway

  • Renata Nutautiene
    Renata Nutautiene Hace 4 horas +15

    Amazing 😇😇 something different

  • Antimo D'Antonio
    Antimo D'Antonio Hace 4 horas


  • Pero Cigla
    Pero Cigla Hace 5 horas +2

    awful song, sounds and looks like a parody.

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 2 horas

      You say what is not good and what is awful but you don't say what is good and what is better.

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 2 horas

      No. But you can tell whether you like the song or not but do not degrade it.

    • Pero Cigla
      Pero Cigla Hace 2 horas

      Noa Arazi I have to do something to like or dislike a song?

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 2 horas

      Because there are those who do something and there are others who do nothing and only know how to criticize

    • Pero Cigla
      Pero Cigla Hace 2 horas

      Noa Arazi Why would i have anything to offer?

  • Insert Emoticon
    Insert Emoticon Hace 5 horas +13

    This is the winner for me.
    It's awesome!

  • lolathelilbeast
    lolathelilbeast Hace 5 horas +18

    I want this to win!!! :D

  • Filipland
    Filipland Hace 5 horas +23

    I think this is the best song in israel on eurovision! Congrats good luck from greece!!💯💯

  • Natanel Davidoff
    Natanel Davidoff Hace 5 horas +1

    When you're a virgin 40 year old faminists whale who lost any surviving bits of sanity, so you become a chicken.

    • Daniel Bar-Shlomo
      Daniel Bar-Shlomo Hace 4 horas +2

      Either that… or you could simply hide behind a keyboard while dissing and insulting people who actually do something with their lives.

    IMI PERANDOR Hace 5 horas +19

    This is so weird in the beginning, then you get used to it. At the end you just *L♡VE IT!!!* Well done Israel! 12 pts, Support from Albania♡ 🇮🇱 🇦🇱

  • Andrew
    Andrew Hace 5 horas +1


  • slijptol
    slijptol Hace 5 horas +4

    This is embarrassing lol

    • Noa Arazi
      Noa Arazi Hace 4 horas +3

      slijptol--Why are you embarrassed? You're not Israeli. This song does not represent you. Why are not you happy with the song of your country? Leave us the embarrassment and the ... victory

  • Eliz
    Eliz Hace 5 horas +13


  • Yogev Karadi
    Yogev Karadi Hace 5 horas +10

    5m !!! Crazy!👏👏👏👏👏

  • letsplay sims
    letsplay sims Hace 5 horas +6

    if she plays her cards right she could turn her carer much bigger than Cyprus and Israel

  • iIvan
    iIvan Hace 5 horas +10

    I'm actually super nervous. Hopefully his will go in to the finals.

  • Yanyo Montijano García
    Yanyo Montijano García Hace 5 horas +2


  • E_S _K
    E_S _K Hace 5 horas +12

    Wow 5,200,000 views!

  • Moshe Zahrovich
    Moshe Zahrovich Hace 5 horas +17

    israel broke the views record of this eurovision song contest channel before the competition even started..simply amazing! :)

    • Moshe Zahrovich
      Moshe Zahrovich Hace un hora +1

      i know..This song is really a good insanely addictive!

    • SnowFX
      SnowFX Hace un hora +1

      Moshe Zahrovich this song is just os good xd

    • Moshe Zahrovich
      Moshe Zahrovich Hace 4 horas +4

      simply unbelievable!

    • Recommendations
      Recommendations Hace 5 horas +4