The Voice Blind Auditions of Michael Jackson Songs (Battles Included) Performance Compilation


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  • Robbie Hoang
    Robbie Hoang Hace 3 d铆as

    Favorite MJ song is at #14:05

  • Robbie Hoang
    Robbie Hoang Hace 3 d铆as

    Billie Jean was so slow but good

  • B茅 Em
    B茅 Em Hace 8 d铆as

    Jeffrey Perez is the best at doing MJ vocals ever!

  • Yousef Alrabeah
    Yousef Alrabeah Hace 14 d铆as

    The first Duo was 馃槏馃敟馃敟馃敟

  • Jonathan Rojas
    Jonathan Rojas Hace 14 d铆as


  • Michael Jackson3
    Michael Jackson3 Hace 15 d铆as


  • ORANG33
    ORANG33 Hace 15 d铆as

    Is dat da cover of David Cook? Billie Jean

  • Victor Opondo
    Victor Opondo Hace 15 d铆as


  • Victor Opondo
    Victor Opondo Hace 15 d铆as


  • SmartJudoGirl
    SmartJudoGirl Hace 16 d铆as

    Famous or not, everyone loves singing MJ tunes.

  • Cheikh'art-tist! GUEYE
    Cheikh'art-tist! GUEYE Hace 17 d铆as

    Stranger In Moscow 鉂も潳鉂

  • Jazmin CAsanova
    Jazmin CAsanova Hace 17 d铆as

    Billie Jean en la version de piano and Shes out of my life fueron las mejores

  • Pearl Jr Documentary Filmmaker

    Watch the documentaries that prove Michael Jackson pulled off the GREATEST hoax in world history here: and and

  • moustapha stive
    moustapha stive Hace 18 d铆as


  • France Richard
    France Richard Hace 18 d铆as

    Holy cow!!!!!!
    He鈥檚 awesome!!!!!!

  • lalrinsangi chawngthu
    lalrinsangi chawngthu Hace 18 d铆as

    Here's 8k dislikes for the 8k dislikers

  • Kal茅o Athayde
    Kal茅o Athayde Hace 18 d铆as

    3:29 馃槩馃槩馃槩馃憦馃憦馃憦

  • Narciso Wilsson Maculane
    Narciso Wilsson Maculane Hace 18 d铆as

    Missing michael jackson

  • Bob Viper
    Bob Viper Hace 19 d铆as

    Simpli simple nice
    Oraitsss u

  • kira Light
    kira Light Hace 19 d铆as

    There all trash none of them sound even close to Michael Jackson not even one percent

  • Carrie Jackson
    Carrie Jackson Hace 19 d铆as

    Guess this post is for the tone def

  • Carrie Jackson
    Carrie Jackson Hace 19 d铆as

    This the off pitch reel ! Just terrible

  • Strong Lyon
    Strong Lyon Hace 19 d铆as

    Casi lo alcanza , le falta para llegar a los zapatos Vocales de Michael Jackson 馃憥Para el primer cantante el 2do es otro Stylo Pearl jam bien cuidado

  • Mamta Agrwal
    Mamta Agrwal Hace 19 d铆as

    miss him 馃槩馃槩馃槩馃槩馃槩

  • Priscilla Lopez
    Priscilla Lopez Hace 20 d铆as

    I hate all of them the only thing I liked was the songs

  • E&J Productions
    E&J Productions Hace 20 d铆as

    Second one=shit

  • Mary Rocha
    Mary Rocha Hace 21 un d铆a


  • New star
    New star Hace 21 un d铆a

    Michael Jackson is a very cool performer. I love, I love and I will love him. The greatest singer, dancer and just a man

  • Cyril Bigot
    Cyril Bigot Hace 22 d铆as


  • 亘賳鬲 賱賷亘賷丕
    亘賳鬲 賱賷亘賷丕 Hace 22 d铆as


    XISDE -XD Hace 22 d铆as

    Cade os BR dessa porra ajak

  • ZariaJames James
    ZariaJames James Hace 23 d铆as

    Michael Jackson please come back

  • Alaa Elashrey
    Alaa Elashrey Hace 24 d铆as

    They are really very good and I am very happy that they are people still love him and I swear he is the best singer ever and no one will be like him I love you so much KING OF POP 馃槝馃槏馃槝馃槏馃槝馃槏馃槝馃槏馃槝

  • Autistic Hope
    Autistic Hope Hace 24 d铆as

    18:22 I'm sorry but all I heard was someone butchering Billie Jean.
    They were all cringey as fuck, I'm sure they can see but not many people can pull of MJ and tbh I didn't like most of them.

  • LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    so Luther and sade with human nature but I love it

  • LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    the billie jean Soundgarden type amazed my.movement into deep loaded sweat.thanks to all of you.

  • Silvia s
    Silvia s Hace 24 d铆as

    Earth song gives me goosebumps everytime i listen to it and the Billie Jean cover was awesome... This is all making me miss MJ more 馃挃 rip Michael

  • Blc cf
    Blc cf Hace 24 d铆as

    4:00 what song is this???

  • Joe Days
    Joe Days Hace 25 d铆as

    43 year old man. With grown children. And the Billie Jean cover brought tears to my eyes so much I had to actually comment on here to get myself off topic to stop crying. That voice is amazing. And the Michael Jackson songs are timeless. RIP KING. no one will ever replace you.

  • Mercya Rodrigues
    Mercya Rodrigues Hace 25 d铆as

    I Love You Forever Michael Jackson馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃槆馃専馃挒馃挐馃挐鉂ゐ煉燄煉栶煉栶煉栶煉栶煒嶐煒嶐煒嶐煒嶐煒嶐煒嶐煒嶐煒嶐煒嶐煒嶐煒嶐煒嶐煒

  • Stephanie Salazar Uribe
    Stephanie Salazar Uribe Hace 26 d铆as

    17:17 jajaja la hizo linda, sin desentonar :D

  • Wendy W
    Wendy W Hace 26 d铆as铆deo.html Kimberly, earth Song JUST LISTEN

  • Bobby Forsee
    Bobby Forsee Hace 26 d铆as

    OK but there鈥檚 no MJ like MJ

  • Pablo Cruz
    Pablo Cruz Hace 27 d铆as

    Ches cover bn lentos :v le quitan lo shido a las canciones :v

  • Janette Siobal
    Janette Siobal Hace 27 d铆as

    I miss you Michael Jackson youre my favorite

  • Matheus Modz 銉
    Matheus Modz 銉 Hace 28 d铆as

    Brazil loves Michael Jackson

  • Bacon
    Bacon Hace 28 d铆as

    God.. Michael just made music that forced you to clutch your chest and cheer up. Period. The emotion you can put into his masterful music. gahhh-

  • Bikash Singh
    Bikash Singh Hace 28 d铆as

    only humen nature is good

  • shellie browning
    shellie browning Hace 28 d铆as

    It is amazing how much Michael Jackson touched sooooooo many hearts and lives. If he only knew how many people actually LOVED his music and him as a person. It is nice to see the affect that his music has on people. These people are great, no doubt, it is nice to see people have fun being themselves singing his songs. Not attempting to be a imposter because after all there is only "ONE" Michael Jackson. And he will live in our hearts forever !!!! WE LOVE YOU MJ !

  • Elliot Galsim
    Elliot Galsim Hace 29 d铆as

    I'm so in love with his songs馃槏


    terrible insult to MJ

    JAMILLAH HOWARD Hace 29 d铆as +1

    the Moscow guy singing by Michael Jackson...beautful sing btw..and he can sing

  • Claudia Soto
    Claudia Soto Hace 29 d铆as

    4:49 name song ?

  • Claudia Soto
    Claudia Soto Hace 29 d铆as

    16:46 name song ?

    WORLD OF NB Hace 29 d铆as


    WORLD OF NB Hace 29 d铆as


  • Mustafa Jackson
    Mustafa Jackson Hace 29 d铆as

    This was painful to watch and listen to; THE VOICE show is a bad joke.

  • Gabriel Salazar
    Gabriel Salazar Hace un mes

    He sounds good but not not like Michael Jackson

  • Mr. Joshua
    Mr. Joshua Hace un mes

    No... just, no to all of them. Eastern European judges are so easy to please.

  • Hope MacDonald Moonwlker

    I love mj im a white girl from New Orleans and i can dance like him

  • KC
    KC Hace un mes


  • Medic On the move
    Medic On the move Hace un mes

    Love never felt so good ... what a great song and sung dare I say maybe as good as ...

  • enrique perez
    enrique perez Hace un mes

    Billy jean best

  • Miss Chloe Jenkins
    Miss Chloe Jenkins Hace un mes

    nothing will ever beat Michael's legacy.

  • Yelena Pomazan
    Yelena Pomazan Hace un mes


  • TJ Costa
    TJ Costa Hace un mes

    3:55 ....Nossa t么 emocionada!

  • jennifer cavalcante
    jennifer cavalcante Hace un mes

    o terceiro foi muito bom

  • S W Y
    S W Y Hace un mes

    Good enough

  • Nip arri
    Nip arri Hace un mes

    Billie Jean Rock..holy fu**馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏

  • Rafael Unltd
    Rafael Unltd Hace un mes

    The king ? Stay's king ... MJ

  • XAlexGamerTraxX 2.0
    XAlexGamerTraxX 2.0 Hace un mes

    El numero 1 WOOOOOOOOW

  • Sumit Debbarma
    Sumit Debbarma Hace un mes

    mj is the best!!!!

  • Berenice Jimen茅z
    Berenice Jimen茅z Hace un mes

    D贸nde chingaoos sale Miley llorando 馃懣馃懣馃懣

  • Touko
    Touko Hace un mes

    too bad, im bad, and bad

  • Maybel Andreassen
    Maybel Andreassen Hace un mes

    I hate i when They twist the notes or whatever

  • Merri Ann Groves
    Merri Ann Groves Hace un mes

    All did very good with Michael's songs. Blame it on the Boogie.

  • EnterNameHere
    EnterNameHere Hace un mes

    That second dude was ill!

  • kiwes87
    kiwes87 Hace un mes

    pretty much like original, who the fck wants to perform pedophile gay who ruined so many lives o.O ?

  • Moko Patene
    Moko Patene Hace un mes

    The first 3 gets Michael's Blessing their voices sharing the love. 60+ fan

  • Doris Ramos
    Doris Ramos Hace un mes

    All beautiful but my favorite was the second one. Wow. Stranger in Moscow is one of my favorite songs and that was great.

  • J J
    J J Hace un mes +1

    18:06 very dope, nice good job, just wow

  • amy love
    amy love Hace un mes


  • Samina Rai
    Samina Rai Hace un mes

    D 1 playn d song Billy Jean....amazing..

  • Glenn glenninho
    Glenn glenninho Hace un mes

    jesus christ that dude singing human nature from Holland is amazing MJ would be proud..

  • Bhargob Borthakur
    Bhargob Borthakur Hace un mes

    wow...Billie jean suddenly became a different song

  • blanca mary
    blanca mary Hace un mes

    Ni ligeramente es la voz de MJ

  • umair
    umair Hace un mes

    Who's the last singer?

  • Sieren Tokiio
    Sieren Tokiio Hace un mes

    Not sure what i think of the second one...the first one and the third guy is great song gsve me the chills, omg...i love that song..although i love all of Michael Jackson's songs...except little susie {i cant listen to that without crying)

  • Sling Shot
    Sling Shot Hace un mes

    Would love to see usher perform a song of his!!

  • arron
    arron Hace un mes

    One does not simply sing MJ without bringing tears to our eyes ! We Miss You MJ

  • Lisa Santa
    Lisa Santa Hace un mes

    To bad. .these dumb ass performers need to be just themselves. One mold, one MICHEAL, JACKSON. DEAD,GONE,MOUTH SEALED. FOREVER.

  • alejandra gonzalez
    alejandra gonzalez Hace un mes

    l siesta vivo quiero queseatestigo dejehova

  • Justin Zhang
    Justin Zhang Hace un mes

    the 2nd is the best

  • Gloria E.S
    Gloria E.S Hace un mes

    Michael hubiera amado esto ...

  • CrewRangerAndroidGaming

    2:12 "scene", it is "scene"

    WILL IAM Hace un mes

    We saw Michael during his BAD tour in Malaga, Spain. The Greatest performer. Awesome show. Miss him.

  • godwin white
    godwin white Hace un mes

    OK you're good

    MELLOWPURPLE Hace un mes

    Is that a gay that who sings Love Never felt so good

  • Clerens Rabothata
    Clerens Rabothata Hace un mes

    I miss Michael Jackson

  • victor abraham91
    victor abraham91 Hace un mes

    No one really realize there is a picture of a devil here top left