The Voice Blind Auditions of Michael Jackson Songs (Battles Included) Performance Compilation


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  • Max-F1-16
    Max-F1-16 Hace 6 horas

    You forgot the best, Kimberly

  • Braeden Johns
    Braeden Johns Hace 16 horas

    And that is how you butcher the greatest songs ever written and produced

  • Zeryu Games
    Zeryu Games Hace un día

    Anyone that miss MJ should be a good person. God bless you all

  • Filmon Tesfay
    Filmon Tesfay Hace un día +1

    ❤️ MJ! I love the king of pop Michael Jackson so much !

  • Αlin B
    Αlin B Hace 3 días +1ídeo.html this romanian is the best! trust me!

    MJ_DARK Hace 4 días

    That guy singing Billie Jean was awesome

  • Francesco Scaramuzzi
    Francesco Scaramuzzi Hace 4 días

    Human nature....beautiful

  • m3c43
    m3c43 Hace 4 días

    Sorry all bad singers. Rip

  • Robert Popovici
    Robert Popovici Hace 4 días

    It's new but u must see this.ídeo.html

  • Mr. Wizard
    Mr. Wizard Hace 4 días

    They all tried really really hard to be like mike but the best ones were the ones that didn’t and used the words in a new way. Like contestant two.

  • chad sy
    chad sy Hace 5 días

    damn second singer rocks

  • Kaireh Ismail
    Kaireh Ismail Hace 7 días

    Even professional singers all destroy Michael's songs

  • Rogerio Rodrigues
    Rogerio Rodrigues Hace 7 días

    Alguém me fala oh nome da 4 música ???

  • Rmj mcn
    Rmj mcn Hace 8 días

    18:03 Whats your name

  • Charlie Villar
    Charlie Villar Hace 9 días

    Love to hear MJ hits... bringing me back to younger times....

  • Charly Mackey
    Charly Mackey Hace 10 días

    Cantan del huevo, esperaba ver alguien llegace a igualar un poco la voz de Rey del pop en las versiones originales, pero no mis chavos 👎

  • Proudly Tamilan
    Proudly Tamilan Hace 10 días

    I enjoyed every single singer...i am sure MichaelJackson would have enjoyed all of your rendering of his songs.well done

  • صادق المغربي
    صادق المغربي Hace 10 días

    😍👌Michael start

  • Gökhan Kelemer
    Gökhan Kelemer Hace 11 días


  • Fabiola Gonzales
    Fabiola Gonzales Hace 11 días

    Nudo en la garganta...homenaje al rey❤️King of pop for ever

  • Manoel Oliveira
    Manoel Oliveira Hace 13 días

    Hm Lionel Richie lol

  • Hildegar Ismael Medina Astudillo

    ¡Maldita publicidad!

  • By kelly Morena
    By kelly Morena Hace 15 días

    Bela interpretação

  • Abida Rahaman
    Abida Rahaman Hace 15 días

    I am the big fan of Michael Jackson and I love him very much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤and I also miss him 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Manuel Méndez
    Manuel Méndez Hace 15 días

    Joe Cocker

  • Yasi Soufi
    Yasi Soufi Hace 16 días

    Stranger in Moscow ... that was something

  • mercy magnusson
    mercy magnusson Hace 16 días

    its like going into a real michael jackson concert, RIP MJ he is in a better place ToT

  • Joel Amougou
    Joel Amougou Hace 18 días

    Michael tu etais la perfection absolue!personne t arrive a la semelle!

  • Mykol Jackson
    Mykol Jackson Hace 20 días

    Happy Birthday Michael!!!!!!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎀🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎈🎆🎆🎆🎇🎉🎊🎉🎉🎉🎇🎉🎊

  • Ivonei José
    Ivonei José Hace 20 días

    Michael Jackson o nosso eterno rei do pop

  • Steven Winston
    Steven Winston Hace 21 un día

    Honestly had to rewatch the guy who sang human nature. You could literally feel his soul in that song

  • Anderson González
    Anderson González Hace 22 días


  • Mkgn Nmd
    Mkgn Nmd Hace 22 días

    It's pretty good, even though we miss MJ, he is unique.

  • Tra Trick PES 18
    Tra Trick PES 18 Hace 22 días

    I miss him very much and i want to see him again😊😓❤

  • Dj Ola 11:11
    Dj Ola 11:11 Hace 22 días

    who is the guy at 19:32? & what country was it?

  • flor de loto del campo
    flor de loto del campo Hace 22 días

    Ni uno se parse

  • Alberto fernandez
    Alberto fernandez Hace 23 días

    please stop trying.. mike and prince hate people inpersonating them.

  • ale alejos viera
    ale alejos viera Hace 23 días

    sólo es una payasada más dBruno mars solo bruno mars

  • Reaction to Reaction
    Reaction to Reaction Hace 24 días

    MICHAEL 😢😢😢😢😢

  • Sam Kab
    Sam Kab Hace 24 días

    No one can beat the KING OF POP

  • Mars Sighs
    Mars Sighs Hace 24 días

    Favs: the firts Billy Jean and stranger in moscow. Both lit and perfect ❤

  • Giulian Ballado
    Giulian Ballado Hace 24 días

    I hate slow versons of billie jean its so anoying a hate that

  • Joey Aaron
    Joey Aaron Hace 24 días

    The earth song was murdered. How can someone destroy such a song. Very bad

  • Greggy Dag-uman
    Greggy Dag-uman Hace 25 días

    MJ songs so amazing at all ..we will miss you MJ the king of POP music .

  • Baraka Thomas
    Baraka Thomas Hace 26 días +1

    The second guy tried

  • ChArLiE BeAtZ
    ChArLiE BeAtZ Hace 26 días

    3:54 is the best...

  • Sarvoday JackMan
    Sarvoday JackMan Hace 28 días

    They didn't got Michael !
    No one can touch Michael
    Love u Michael

  • Rubi Hernandez
    Rubi Hernandez Hace 28 días

    Michael Jackson estaría orgulloso de que tanta gente siguiera escuchando y cantando su música. ❤

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez Hace 29 días

    The old man judge. face stretch so tight he can't show expression like or dislike. it's hilarious and painful to watch.

  • Sharissa Van Dalen
    Sharissa Van Dalen Hace 29 días

    Y’all are mad over the fact they sing a michael jackson song, but like forreal take a look at yourself and think who’s really the bad guy here, Michael would’ve loved it, he will truly loved people who sang his songs.

  • Brooklyn Lopez
    Brooklyn Lopez Hace un mes

    The second guy did well

  • davidmlaso
    davidmlaso Hace un mes

    Imitating Michael is like beeing always under his shadow. Nothing better than listen to the original and only Michael Jackson. Please, stop trying beeing him, you ALL never will be that. Do your own stuff, be yourself, don't try to be or imitate someone who will allways be above you all. DISLIKE.

  • Zaid Barrishi
    Zaid Barrishi Hace un mes +1

    Lord have mercy

  • Paicfic Rim 2
    Paicfic Rim 2 Hace un mes

    Earth Song, the french version of Billie Jean and Man In The Mirror were the best! Stranger In Moscow and She's Out Of My Life were the worstest moments.

  • Soph Bernardis
    Soph Bernardis Hace un mes

    You’ll never moonwalk alone 🧡

  • Cheikh'art-tist! GUEYE

    Stranger in moscow.... love it!

  • Imnotcleverenough Forthisnameshit

    Wow that Human Nature one was phenomenal! Made me just want to listen to the actual track

    ALFREDO Hace un mes

    Dude at 18:00 is horrible, cant believe they liked that crap, how dare he take MJ's song and make it sound like that.

  • c jones
    c jones Hace un mes

    Its hard to imitate a Legend, but kudos for trying!

  • Sofıa Coracın
    Sofıa Coracın Hace un mes

    man in the mirror makes me cry everytime

  • Rii Kean
    Rii Kean Hace un mes

    You put Michael Jackson's name for good?? I'll watch your video for sure

  • Donell Jones
    Donell Jones Hace un mes

    I wish the second one Billie jeans had a full recorded song in that version .

  • Donell Jones
    Donell Jones Hace un mes

    Billie jeans .... Bruhhh I love it .

  • Raquel Crespo
    Raquel Crespo Hace un mes

    No se parece NADA , solo el montaje puesta en escena

  • Emma Richards
    Emma Richards Hace un mes

    Rest In Peace Michael Jackson. 😔

  • Rosângela Nascimento
    Rosângela Nascimento Hace un mes

    22:29 Oh, meu Deus! Maravilhoso....

  • Junior Oliveira
    Junior Oliveira Hace un mes

    Stranger in moscow 😢❤

  • Erica Patricia
    Erica Patricia Hace un mes +2

    Man in the mirror 😍🎶

  • mango man
    mango man Hace un mes +1

    Why couldn't any of them actually sing billie Jean?

  • Liam McGee
    Liam McGee Hace un mes

    I have goosebumps 😭😭

  • Spiffy l Musician/Content Creator

    Personally didn’t like the second audition. Billy Jean shouldn’t be sung like that, ruins the vibe.

  • Becker boy
    Becker boy Hace un mes

    What is the name of the song 23:40? Michael Jackson the best, no doubt

    • Rii Kean
      Rii Kean Hace un mes

      Becker boy it's called *Stranger In Moscow*

  • giovanna f.
    giovanna f. Hace un mes


  • Ivan Иванов
    Ivan Иванов Hace un mes


  • Lena Jackson
    Lena Jackson Hace un mes

    The guy who sings Billie Jean is singing it the way Chris Cornell did

  • silva silva
    silva silva Hace un mes


  • Rodrigo Luna
    Rodrigo Luna Hace un mes

    Adorei... MJ the King Of Pop

    NEIDE ALMEIDA Hace un mes

    17:52 Fantástico

  • Angel Reyes
    Angel Reyes Hace un mes

    Como se llama la tercera canción de la presentación

  • pariane33
    pariane33 Hace un mes

    Nobody can sing like mj his voice was so incredible but great imitation Guy,happy to see poeple who sing his songs;-) eeee

  • Sam Shin
    Sam Shin Hace un mes


  • Brianna Alcaraz
    Brianna Alcaraz Hace un mes

    I hated this bc it wasn't him😭💔

  • stefan dekker
    stefan dekker Hace un mes

    Trigger isolate stick cope wound after hour.

  • Ahmer C.
    Ahmer C. Hace un mes

    Wow mjs songs are eternal

    FBI OPEN UP! Hace un mes

    2:09 its “from a movie SCENE” not screen

  • Ferrari Viper
    Ferrari Viper Hace un mes

    I did not see no one singing like Michael jackson nobody can sing good like MJ. Best of the Best

  • Melissa Gamer
    Melissa Gamer Hace un mes +1


  • Gabriel A.S
    Gabriel A.S Hace un mes

    03:55 this and the Last are the Bests

  • Hugo N
    Hugo N Hace un mes

    qual é o título da 3 música ?

  • EJBlast762
    EJBlast762 Hace un mes

    The second guy was awesome

  • Messias Farias
    Messias Farias Hace un mes

    Muito foda o legado que o nosso rei do pop deixou

  • Lucas Biebs
    Lucas Biebs Hace un mes

    The King of Pop and The King of Music.. Michael ❤

  • patshika sghir
    patshika sghir Hace un mes


  • Aurelia Céline
    Aurelia Céline Hace un mes

    Michael Jackson i miss u😭😭

  • Danielle Animations
    Danielle Animations Hace un mes +2

    I'm crying all these ppl love MJ it's amazing

  • Алёна Орлова

    Billy Jean liked the version, but the other singers were not able to perform the songs properly. Michael sings with a soul that cannot be surpassed. But sing! Perform his songs as you can! Michael Jackson's songs must live-it's the soul of music!!!!

  • Dieuno M
    Dieuno M Hace un mes

    I just wanted Smooth Criminal😢