Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair


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  • Swag Nonstop
    Swag Nonstop Hace 15 horas +1

    Anyone watching 2019

  • Swag Nonstop
    Swag Nonstop Hace 15 horas +1

    I miss the old her

  • Aaliyah Hernandez
    Aaliyah Hernandez Hace 15 horas

    Who else ships her with lil xan

  • Kayla.Alexia22
    Kayla.Alexia22 Hace 15 horas


  • BTA - بيتا
    BTA - بيتا Hace 15 horas

    i think you under illuminati control....

  • Celia Camila Alvarez
    Celia Camila Alvarez Hace 15 horas

    She is an angel ! 🖤

  • CrunchyBubbles
    CrunchyBubbles Hace 15 horas

    2017: Bright Green
    2018: black..

  • Craze Gaming
    Craze Gaming Hace 15 horas

    Why sad music

  • Shamiieee Xo
    Shamiieee Xo Hace 15 horas +1

    This video is so depressing I literally want to give her a hug and cry at the same time ahh it breaks me 😭😭😭

  • samin baniasad
    samin baniasad Hace 15 horas

    *its just been pretty dark lately so I wanted to be dark with it*

    My heart😔💔

  • samin baniasad
    samin baniasad Hace 15 horas

    The music tho😩😔

  • Taylor Nicole
    Taylor Nicole Hace 16 horas

    This is so cool how much she grew she probably did things she probably never thought she would do

  • Katerin Lopez
    Katerin Lopez Hace 16 horas

    2017: I like bright green
    2018: I like black

  • The Devil of the Rhine
    The Devil of the Rhine Hace 16 horas

    ❤ im crying ❤

  • piratetink527Gamer09
    piratetink527Gamer09 Hace 17 horas

    Her songs seem so dark and if you're new to her you'd think that her distinctive voice is the only reason she sings those because they're the best songs for her but now you see that she really is dark and broken which isn't what normal singers are like which is why she's special 💜💜

  • Erika Brabble
    Erika Brabble Hace 17 horas

    People need to keep in mind that she is still a teen and is most likely just going though that Emo phase. So I would stop feeling so bad for her.

  • Manha Kaiser
    Manha Kaiser Hace 17 horas

    I hope she’s okay, she looks so broken 😭💖

  • Koray Sert
    Koray Sert Hace 17 horas +1

    i keep watching this, i have been depressed and her music just makes me so relaxed,
    billie we love u

  • Ellie Gottlieb
    Ellie Gottlieb Hace 17 horas

    actually have tears streaming down my face i'm not ok rn

  • Eszter Abos
    Eszter Abos Hace 17 horas

    What she`s name on Istagram?😂💛💛😭

  • Malena Fernandez
    Malena Fernandez Hace 18 horas


  • Falc
    Falc Hace 18 horas

    Wat de neuk is this one of my exs

  • Elysse Corinne
    Elysse Corinne Hace 18 horas watching this again and im crying already...i wanna give her a hug

  • Lizi’s life
    Lizi’s life Hace 18 horas

    now she has 11.3MILLION followers on instagram (2019)

  • sim u
    sim u Hace 18 horas

    Plz change 😭💓🙄💓❤️❤️

  • Annaurelia Mottola
    Annaurelia Mottola Hace 18 horas

    she’s sixteen? ma God😮

  • megumin mahou
    megumin mahou Hace 18 horas


  • Anne V andrek
    Anne V andrek Hace 19 horas

    See looks so broken...
    She is keeping it to herself en she is so broken
    It’s not good to keep it to yourself if it doesn’t make sense....

  • Freaky Falls
    Freaky Falls Hace 19 horas

    “Don’t be so sad it’s a waist of time”

  • Ginny Lovegood
    Ginny Lovegood Hace 19 horas

    She looks so broken😭❤

  • peptis games08
    peptis games08 Hace 19 horas

    This is really sad

  • SparkleQuake 5603
    SparkleQuake 5603 Hace 19 horas

    Pause at 1:00

  • Юлька Демчик
    Юлька Демчик Hace 19 horas +1

    She looks like Scarlett Johansson

  • Peter McFly
    Peter McFly Hace 20 horas

    2010's Amy Winehouse.

  • Cassidy Ayford
    Cassidy Ayford Hace 20 horas

    Whose watching this again?

  • Chloe Higgs
    Chloe Higgs Hace 20 horas

    I feel like she smells good.

  • sophie unerkannt
    sophie unerkannt Hace 20 horas

    She is so sad oh my goood😣

  • Victória Rehfeld
    Victória Rehfeld Hace 21 un hora


  • JalinaClips
    JalinaClips Hace 21 un hora

    Omg I LOVE HER 😭♥

  • sash91
    sash91 Hace 22 horas

    She's so interesting and awesome. How have I only just discovered her now??

  • Seo Sweet Potatoes
    Seo Sweet Potatoes Hace 22 horas


  • Friday Rain
    Friday Rain Hace 22 horas

    Anyone here actually above the age of 16. And know her ? I mean i'm 23 and have no idea who this emo is.

  • Melike E
    Melike E Hace 23 horas

    Why is she always like sad

  • Melike E
    Melike E Hace 23 horas

    Old billie is happier

  • Bethy Boo
    Bethy Boo Hace 23 horas

    Wait she's that young???? I though she was like 20

  • Richard Dawson
    Richard Dawson Hace 23 horas

    A lot of weight on such young shoulders

  • What to do tutorials
    What to do tutorials Hace 23 horas

    this is so adorable

  • Celine Mooncat
    Celine Mooncat Hace 23 horas

    Why looks she so sad?😕

  • Sanjelline Newton
    Sanjelline Newton Hace un día


  • Emma Kjærulf
    Emma Kjærulf Hace un día

    She is such a beauty 😍

  • XxAesthetic FlamingoxX
    XxAesthetic FlamingoxX Hace un día

    Please do this in 2019, Please? 🙏

  • psychoticanne
    psychoticanne Hace un día

    i'd be sad if she died bcs of drugs

  • Monica Meza
    Monica Meza Hace un día

    Awww Billie 😭 my heart 😓

  • Niki Clarke
    Niki Clarke Hace un día

    this is amazing

  • Maddy
    Maddy Hace un día

    When Billie 2018 is mood

  • D
    D Hace un día

    I always thought she’s like 25 or smth but never 16 omggg

  • Dania Salman
    Dania Salman Hace un día

    I don’t know but I feel she is acting to be popular

  • eeyore
    eeyore Hace un día

    She didn’t want the fame which saddens me, she seems so stressed

  • Gacha_Milly Playz Sarcia
    Gacha_Milly Playz Sarcia Hace un día +1

    2019 anyone?

  • cutelove lily
    cutelove lily Hace un día

    i cried 😭😭i wanna hug u!!!!

  • Jasminatjuuh
    Jasminatjuuh Hace un día

    I have watched this video so many times and everytime I am crying😭

  • az az
    az az Hace un día

    Really 16 years old????

  • Dylan Grimm
    Dylan Grimm Hace un día

    Never heard of this girl

  • Cassie David
    Cassie David Hace un día

    Hurt me a little not gonna lie

  • MoZ
    MoZ Hace un día

    that was beautiful, if only we would all have that done to us... maybe we would learn to take it a bit easier on ourselves

  • Crazy Coconurs
    Crazy Coconurs Hace un día

    Wow omg I love her

  • Shamxii
    Shamxii Hace un día


  • India Oudomvilay
    India Oudomvilay Hace un día

    Holy there is 1m like OMG 😮

  • steffen floch
    steffen floch Hace un día

    I don't know this person xD but still in my recommendation

  • nori bnckh
    nori bnckh Hace un día +1

    Her look is so sad and broken ♥️
    I’ m crying 😭

  • South Side
    South Side Hace un día

    This makes me so sad...

  • Talisha Santiago
    Talisha Santiago Hace un día

    She look sad and now im sad 😥
    Billie, i love you you still being cute! ❤️😥

  • Ropello Productions
    Ropello Productions Hace un día

    She’s so popular now, she has many famous friends, and she is recognised as a true artist.

    But do you think she’s truly happy?

  • QuantumWolf18
    QuantumWolf18 Hace un día

    9:02 Gorgeous, talented, stylish, depressed, broken, sad, and dark.

  • QuantumWolf18
    QuantumWolf18 Hace un día

    She's broken, she's depressed. She's said over and over. I would know.

  • Oona Johannah Rios
    Oona Johannah Rios Hace un día

    I felt sad :((((

  • K T
    K T Hace un día

    Protect her. She’s one of the good ones.

  • -_-
    -_- Hace un día

    5:51 shake your phone slowly and watch 15 year old Billies head move

  • Irfan Naqiuddin
    Irfan Naqiuddin Hace un día

    Im turning 16 this year and Billie is like 2 years older than meh

  • Vaneela Donot
    Vaneela Donot Hace un día

    A lot can change in a year 😟 I hope she’s okay !

  • Kameko
    Kameko Hace un día

    why do i relate to this so much..💛✨
    im sorry billie.

  • flaming anus
    flaming anus Hace un día


  • hey evie
    hey evie Hace un día

    I wanna give her a big hug..

  • Enrique Torres
    Enrique Torres Hace un día

    Wonder why she looks like that?

  • PurpleSwils
    PurpleSwils Hace un día

    Aww, I honestly have no idea who this girl is but she is super cute!!
    Edit: I now know she’s the singer of that “you should see me in a crown” song, it’s nice!

  • HonestlyMarvis
    HonestlyMarvis Hace un día

    Who else thinks they should do a 2019 version?

  • 이연화
    이연화 Hace un día

    한국인이 있다면..해석 좀 해주세여.,

  • Алиса Босконович

    for those who wonder why are all musicians so sad - it's because you need to feel to create music. You need to open yourself up to more emotions in order to create somthing with a soul, not just an empty song. And you can't choose to experience a specific emotion - you can only open yourself up to all of them. And... as we all know, in our world there are lots of reasons to be sad and upset about. And even without that - being sad is good for an artist, just like any person in general. It's something you have to go through in order to be happy. It's much better to stay true to what's happening in the world, to your feelings, rather than try to ignore all of that.
    if you realy worry about her, just look at her bright smile at the beginning of the video, her laugh at the other parts. It's not that bad, really. I think she'd be really glad if her fans understood that

  • charlotte mellon
    charlotte mellon Hace un día

    I’m feel so bad for Billie, she seems like she is hurting. She sounds like she is about to cry and I want to help so bad. I just hope she can feel better soon.

  • Dan Lee
    Dan Lee Hace un día +1

    *Before and After... She still looks like she reeks of funky fish in both of them.*

  • ESE Smith
    ESE Smith Hace un día +1

    She looks way more depressed

  • cAn'T rELaTe
    cAn'T rELaTe Hace un día


  • aberxs 2019
    aberxs 2019 Hace un día

    2017 billie: I like bright green a lot! >.<
    2018 billie: **i like black**

  • Saul Mena
    Saul Mena Hace un día

    Bruh the wise are the broken ones. She's such a role model jeez.

  • bryer06
    bryer06 Hace un día

    I feel so bad is this what the internet does to you...

  • abby :/
    abby :/ Hace un día

    she gets a part of me no other artist does

  • Little Kalaiv Girl
    Little Kalaiv Girl Hace un día

    She looks so dead inside
    *sends her hugs

  • Kindrah Borgmann
    Kindrah Borgmann Hace un día

    Oml she is my idol. She makes me cry happy and sad tears. You are amazing Billie and you help me through rough times❤😊

  • Tiffani Kilmer
    Tiffani Kilmer Hace un día

    She is an old soul.

  • Schrecklicher Inhalt
    Schrecklicher Inhalt Hace un día

    Billie Eilish is a Junior
    If you were wondering what age she is now. (: (17)