Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair

  • Publicado el 6 nov 2018
  • On October 18th, 2017, after a busy day of promotional interviews in New York City, Billie Eilish met with Vanity Fair to discuss the 15-year-old’s breakthrough success. On October 18th, 2018, after a long day of pre-tour rehearsals, Billie spoke with VF again to answer the exact same questions and look back at a time capsule of her answers from last year. Her Instagram follower count grew from 257K to 6.3 million. She went from playing crowds of 500 fans to playing arenas for more than 40,000. See how Billie’s life changed over the last year.
    Listen to a recomposition of Billie's "Ocean Eyes" here:

    Directed and Interviewed by Joe Sabia
    Produced by Jeff Kornberg
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    Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair
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Comentarios • 65 087

  • Shea Cooper
    Shea Cooper Hace 8 minutos

    She’s so drained she looks just out of it but she looked like she hasn’t gotten sleep and looks so depressed that’s the sad thing about being famous u think it’s great then ur just getting noticed everywhere u probably won’t even be able to have a meal without people getting in ur face! I hope I feel better Billie we love ❤️ 😭

    • Shea Cooper
      Shea Cooper Hace 7 minutos

      Whoops I meant * hope u feel better

  • Xitlalli Antunez
    Xitlalli Antunez Hace 34 minutos

    Poor Baby 😢

  • Naltoid
    Naltoid Hace 35 minutos

    Now she’s all ghetto smh

  • Cece Davison loves ASMR
    Cece Davison loves ASMR Hace 36 minutos

    Did anyone notice that the background music is Billie's music

  • obiartz
    obiartz Hace 47 minutos

    this hit me like a fuckjng truck

  • Jesus Aguilar
    Jesus Aguilar Hace un hora

    Look at her teeth

  • Dirt bike Boy
    Dirt bike Boy Hace un hora

    You’ve changed

  • :v v:
    :v v: Hace un hora

    I dont know why im here

  • Kev Lewis
    Kev Lewis Hace un hora

    I have no idea who this is

  • Test Channel
    Test Channel Hace un hora

    So much life drained, she truly needs a break. She looks... lonely

  • Sorry NotSorry
    Sorry NotSorry Hace un hora

    Older Billie is still adorable.

  • Dex 93
    Dex 93 Hace un hora

    First i thought she is 25 . Then i realise that she is 16 and takes drug. Make sense.

  • Tutorial Youtuber
    Tutorial Youtuber Hace 2 horas

    She looks like she’s 23 lol and she is 16

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones Hace 2 horas

    Before the d vs after the d

  • Locked_Solo
    Locked_Solo Hace 2 horas +1

    3:24 she kinda looks like lil xan lol

  • sock monkey ali Constancio

    Notice the sad music in the back ground

  • Syco_ Flores
    Syco_ Flores Hace 2 horas

    I like it how 99% of the ppl subscribed liked

  • Justin P
    Justin P Hace 2 horas

    Looking back at this just makes me feel sad...

  • dιffε rεητ
    dιffε rεητ Hace 2 horas

    Billie eilish interview in 10/8/2020 : *billie are dead*

  • hari20001
    hari20001 Hace 2 horas

    Brilliant Interview edit by Vanity Fair. Luv'd the self-reflection and intimacy it brought. Such a simple idea really beautifully done. Props to the artist and VF as well.

  • london baffield
    london baffield Hace 2 horas

    I want her mom because then I can swear in front of her

  • Mindful Producer
    Mindful Producer Hace 2 horas

    Why tf am I crying

  • Madison Gibson
    Madison Gibson Hace 2 horas

    Love u I'm a big fan I want to be uuuu

  • Cory Gorman
    Cory Gorman Hace 2 horas

    Do lala again

  • tiara
    tiara Hace 2 horas

    8:35 My name is Tiara. O.o

  • Sup Bruh
    Sup Bruh Hace 2 horas +1

    So much has changed......but we still love her but still wish her eyes showed the same happy expression. They should do the same interview for the next few years and hopefully her emotions go back to how it was before

  • Zeolein
    Zeolein Hace 2 horas

    Why does somebody likes her? I can't understand the hype.

  • Jalen Clark
    Jalen Clark Hace 3 horas

    Who else doesn't know who this is

  • Tiana Morgan
    Tiana Morgan Hace 3 horas

    Please do this with her every year

  • Erin Murphy
    Erin Murphy Hace 3 horas +1

    She seems more dark lately. 😭 💔

  • NiftyAdam Msp
    NiftyAdam Msp Hace 3 horas +1

    10:03 That's my philosofy 😂

  • Young Fizz
    Young Fizz Hace 3 horas +1

    Okay yeah

  • Young Fizz
    Young Fizz Hace 3 horas +1

    Like nice

  • Young Fizz
    Young Fizz Hace 3 horas +1

    Good video

  • daddy shrek
    daddy shrek Hace 3 horas

    “This is my mom and she’s sick as a booty” 💀❤️

  • Osha Almn9ori
    Osha Almn9ori Hace 4 horas

    I was shocked when i knew her age!

  • Claudia Lobner
    Claudia Lobner Hace 4 horas

    she looks like shes feeling not well now she changed a lot and i liked the old billie eilish more

  • Chole Brightly
    Chole Brightly Hace 4 horas

    She just needs a break we all love her but she just wants a break l can see in her eyes l love her so much

  • Maba _2005
    Maba _2005 Hace 4 horas +1

    What’s your favorite color?
    *“’s been pretty dark lately...”*
    Omg...the emotion in her voice...😭😭😭

  • Emily Louise
    Emily Louise Hace 4 horas +1

    prefer old billie...

  • Skylar
    Skylar Hace 4 horas +1

    I hope she realizes how great she is.

  • Kodiac & Zodiac
    Kodiac & Zodiac Hace 4 horas +2


  • Ginger-chan -potatao
    Ginger-chan -potatao Hace 4 horas +1

    Awww,she’s so broken now...

  • Katie PlaysRoblox
    Katie PlaysRoblox Hace 4 horas +1

    We need to remind her to do it again this year if she doesn't have I planned already

  • 3zk1I_
    3zk1I_ Hace 5 horas

    Who is this person?

  • KLN Games
    KLN Games Hace 5 horas +1

    Billie Eilish = Female Lil Xan

  • Giovanna Amatsahip
    Giovanna Amatsahip Hace 5 horas

    Brazill yess

  • Make the world a better place kill feminists

    Wheres her dad?

  • Kris Watson
    Kris Watson Hace 5 horas

    2019 anyone??

  • Make the world a better place kill feminists

    I'm 40 and I really like this kid! She's absolutely amazing! Love her music and videos! I have a daughter the same age. she seems drained :( to young to take in so much. I hope she improves.

  • Stacy Bishop
    Stacy Bishop Hace 5 horas +1

    That was one of the most captivating and interesting interviews I've seen. The difference a year made in the life of an incredibly talented much life experience for someone that is so young. I couldn't shake the heavy and somber feeling though...It kind of made me sad

  • Dark Blaze
    Dark Blaze Hace 5 horas

    They should have done one of these on March 18 2019

  • Dilek Cinar
    Dilek Cinar Hace 5 horas

    Is it weird i cryed

  • Nicholas Malcor
    Nicholas Malcor Hace 5 horas

    The music mackes everything worse

  • J Antonio’s videos
    J Antonio’s videos Hace 6 horas

    They’re is a huge difference the way she changed over the year

  • Lara Snow
    Lara Snow Hace 6 horas

    She doesn’t look happy now 😕

  • TheJasperHouse
    TheJasperHouse Hace 6 horas

    *cringe detected*
    People in comments are like people who tell you "WHY DO YOU LOOK SO SAD? ARE YOU SAD MMM??" when you are just fine.
    Please stop reading DEEP ENDLESS PAIN in the eyes of other people, okay?

  • Estephanie Deleon-Chavez
    Estephanie Deleon-Chavez Hace 6 horas +1

    Y’all did a 2017 and a 2018. Now do a 2019 ❤️ ⭐️

  • Sophia Cornacchioli
    Sophia Cornacchioli Hace 6 horas

    her laugh is so innocent😊❤️

  • Kim Chaeyoung
    Kim Chaeyoung Hace 7 horas

    look at her eyes she is so tired.
    i cried in this

  • EddyGraphic
    EddyGraphic Hace 7 horas

    She looked so much better in 2017.

  • Layla xx
    Layla xx Hace 7 horas +1

    *we need one of these every year*

  • Nico
    Nico Hace 7 horas

    Is it just about followers?

  • Khairina Mohammad Diah
    Khairina Mohammad Diah Hace 8 horas

    i hope shes okay :(

  • Liliana Castillo
    Liliana Castillo Hace 8 horas +1

    Do a 2019 please

  • TheLegendGaming 7
    TheLegendGaming 7 Hace 8 horas

    Bruh how many phycologists in these comments jheez

  • Darkirium 1
    Darkirium 1 Hace 8 horas

    I like you

  • Loren Wood
    Loren Wood Hace 8 horas

    When it’s all about Instagram followers

  • Gala Serrano
    Gala Serrano Hace 8 horas +1

    She was so happy, we see she was happy, now is like, depressive? Don't know, maybe she's too young

  • Lexi Xx
    Lexi Xx Hace 8 horas

    That fake laugh at 8:55 broke me 🥺🥺❤️

  • zan1k
    zan1k Hace 8 horas

    she seems way less happy

  • Nana Liana
    Nana Liana Hace 8 horas

    I love the old billie tbh

  • Tigerlily82
    Tigerlily82 Hace 9 horas

    billie sounds more black now .... last year she was white

  • Kogarashi beats
    Kogarashi beats Hace 9 horas

    *Serious comment about her being drained and looking into her eyes*

  • urvi khale
    urvi khale Hace 10 horas +1

    I want to make her laugh whole heartedly. And I could give anything to do it

  • Karla Panameno
    Karla Panameno Hace 10 horas

    “everyone in the music industry is sad.” this is sad :(

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez Hace 10 horas

    She grew up way faster than anyone ever should

  • mina superwoman
    mina superwoman Hace 10 horas

    While I was watching this her song started playing on my phone . 😂

  • oo psie
    oo psie Hace 10 horas +2

    This is Vanitys most watched video, and it should be

  • Txumblr
    Txumblr Hace 12 horas


  • Charles Gaming
    Charles Gaming Hace 12 horas

    I like the 2017 billie cuz shes so cute and looks full of happiness

  • Acxzc
    Acxzc Hace 12 horas

    She was so cute ,I watched this 100 times .Promise me you will do it this year

  • Bcuz Why Not
    Bcuz Why Not Hace 12 horas

    Don’t care

  • שון
    שון Hace 12 horas +1

    This really demonstrates how much wealth and success can actually make you more miserable..billie a year ago seemed so much more chill and happy

    MARYAM WAYLI Hace 12 horas

    That broken smile... She lost her happiness 💔like me...

  • badderp - PUBG!
    badderp - PUBG! Hace 13 horas

    she will be the youngest most talented single artist that will ever exist

  • Nikki
    Nikki Hace 14 horas

    You can tell something horrible happened to her.... Don’t give up Billie.

  • mr22turner
    mr22turner Hace 16 horas

    So you have millions of Insta followers. And? What does that mean? Is that the game? What is the end result? If it crashes then what?

  • Enid O'Brien
    Enid O'Brien Hace 16 horas +1

    She looks so broken I'm crying!

  • purple lila
    purple lila Hace 17 horas

    The old her looks so sweet and innocent but still you can see that strong personality
    Love those eyebrows😍

  • Essa Essa
    Essa Essa Hace 17 horas

    i never felt this way towards a celeb but i just want to meet her and talk and make her feel better .. shes so beautiful ...

  • waldos magic
    waldos magic Hace 17 horas

    Wow followers really change a person.

  • Niki Deha
    Niki Deha Hace 17 horas

    This really breaks my heart

  • вєllα //
    вєllα // Hace 18 horas

    2017, light hair , makeup smiles, shook abt slight fame
    2018 stress acne, black and chains, depressed

  • Slashug .R6
    Slashug .R6 Hace 18 horas

    Kinda sad seeing that 1 year diffrence. She's just tired but in music there's no break😭

  • Kookie Sprout
    Kookie Sprout Hace 19 horas

    i wanna see billie same interview in 2019!!

  • Dee Lowery
    Dee Lowery Hace 19 horas

    And I die for my brother's and my

  • Dee Lowery
    Dee Lowery Hace 19 horas

    I'll die for my mom dad and Billiy

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia Hace 19 horas

    You should make another interview for 2019 With Billie

  • Maria Shawanda
    Maria Shawanda Hace 19 horas

    Do this again this year please😩❤️😭