One Word Songs with Meghan Trainor


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  • NaJi Alsubaie
    NaJi Alsubaie Hace 8 minutos

    i love her so much

  • ÀMÀL Šh
    ÀMÀL Šh Hace 5 horas +1

    1:34 למה למה למהה 💃💃😅😍

  • Vladi !
    Vladi ! Hace 6 horas

    Who agrees on that the instruments should stay out in order to make it harder ??

  • Whats poppin
    Whats poppin Hace un día +1

    Well who watched this video like over 10ts times and still loves it

  • Sophia Ruschhaupt
    Sophia Ruschhaupt Hace un día


  • Francesca Bordignon
    Francesca Bordignon Hace un día

    Please do it with Little Mix!!!

  • Rosalee Wright
    Rosalee Wright Hace un día

    She's the best at this game .

  • Demmy Ziana
    Demmy Ziana Hace 2 días

    She was super amazing 👏🏻

  • Camille O
    Camille O Hace 2 días

    i need the itunes version of loofa

  • susana rylander
    susana rylander Hace 2 días

    You guys were amazing!!!

  • Joannis Sheehan
    Joannis Sheehan Hace 2 días

    Loofah was my fave

  • Bionikal
    Bionikal Hace 2 días

    What's wrong with her mouth?

  • Chi
    Chi Hace 2 días

    Jimmy needs to play this with Miley and Ariana

  • HerRoyalPugness
    HerRoyalPugness Hace 2 días

    I'm going to sing that loofah song in the shower

  • Leticia L
    Leticia L Hace 3 días

    So.....No one’s going to mention the Roots being amazing and jumping in and playing in any key that Meghan and Jimmy started in?

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou Hace 4 días


  • Naomi van der Waa
    Naomi van der Waa Hace 4 días

    god i hate how she talks.....i like her songs though NO HATE IDC ANYWAY

  • Eric Kaschinske
    Eric Kaschinske Hace 5 días

    How did she not get “Better now”?????????

  • Aisa Fahimi
    Aisa Fahimi Hace 5 días +1

    That hair is not good tbh

  • Laura
    Laura Hace 6 días

    Ah she’s so cute

  • Bernice Garcia
    Bernice Garcia Hace 7 días

    4:05 her little hand choreography ❤️

  • Sharon Meeks
    Sharon Meeks Hace 7 días +1

    she has a great voice

  • DannyTV
    DannyTV Hace 8 días

    now I want a Shape of you cover by meghan

  • Lisa Lollipop
    Lisa Lollipop Hace 8 días

    She has a great personality and her voice is amazing

  • Emily Rubalcava
    Emily Rubalcava Hace 9 días

    I love her

  • Davina Saing
    Davina Saing Hace 10 días

    Omg Meghan was great at this game!

  • Fanart_14 Fanart_14
    Fanart_14 Fanart_14 Hace 13 días

    3:23 I thought jimmy was going to faint

  • Liza Zackry
    Liza Zackry Hace 13 días +1

    I love how jimmy hums along before answering

  • Henry Chuailou
    Henry Chuailou Hace 14 días +1

    Love you Meghan

  • bmoremike
    bmoremike Hace 15 días

    I don't know why, but Shape of You as Loofah sounds like some kind of middle eastern pop you might hear in a taxicab.

  • Erica Mullens
    Erica Mullens Hace 15 días

    this made me smile

  • Tiffany S
    Tiffany S Hace 15 días

    This was great! More please

  • LEyLa NeLsON
    LEyLa NeLsON Hace 16 días +1

    Is it just me or is saying llama to party I the USA better than the actual lyrics

  • Agustina Aguirre
    Agustina Aguirre Hace 16 días

    i loved this. so funny

  • Hamna
    Hamna Hace 16 días

    Meghan smashed it!

  • Karis Kroeker
    Karis Kroeker Hace 17 días +1

    If you were in Jimmy Fallon's show, what two games would you want to do? Is want to do box of lies and one word songs.

  • Karis Kroeker
    Karis Kroeker Hace 17 días +1

    Her personality is the best.... And she's one of the only singers who can actually sing good without autotune.... 😀😃😄😇😘😋😄😛

  • Ailee Vivar
    Ailee Vivar Hace 18 días

    Can you have Megan on your show more

  • Ben Nunumalau
    Ben Nunumalau Hace 19 días

    I like when she said loofah

  • Zahwa Andi
    Zahwa Andi Hace 19 días

    LOL the word "Lupa" dan "palu" became song hahahhaa lama lama juga hahahhaa

  • n y
    n y Hace 20 días

    Meghan Trainorアカペラでこんな歌上手いのか

  • m m
    m m Hace 20 días

    You come up with the weirdest games. lol I love it.

  • Crystal
    Crystal Hace 21 un día

    Is it just me or when it got to "Shape of You" it kinda sounded like a Sims song xD

  • Taylor Reign
    Taylor Reign Hace 21 un día

    I love this videos

  • Emily Meek
    Emily Meek Hace 21 un día

    She is so competitive 💛💜💖

  • Millie Wood
    Millie Wood Hace 23 días

    Best vid ever

  • Teal Chastain
    Teal Chastain Hace 24 días

    Her sweater/sweatshirt is the cutest! I want one.

  • Mary McNabb
    Mary McNabb Hace 24 días

    I would have just started sing the Jimmy Eat world version...

  • Amelia Karchut
    Amelia Karchut Hace 25 días

    I don’t enjoy her

  • Indraja Salunkhe
    Indraja Salunkhe Hace 25 días

    Super cute.

  • Azza Shaik
    Azza Shaik Hace 25 días

    I was trying to singing the pancake better now and Jimmy Fallon started singing like that

  • Andre Carreon
    Andre Carreon Hace 25 días

    4:03 when shes trying to guess the song and then she hadmonized with it❤️

  • Patti Stroud
    Patti Stroud Hace 26 días +1

    Hello Meghan. Can we be best friends. Okay cool

  • Estefania García
    Estefania García Hace 26 días +1

    This was amazing hahahah

  • rodney adams
    rodney adams Hace 26 días +1

    kind want see game with will smith tv show rapping some really young actor might not seen that show but word be?

  • rodney adams
    rodney adams Hace 27 días

    lama song milos law favored lama song think got new lams song witch weird say.

  • Kiki Van Soest
    Kiki Van Soest Hace 27 días

    shoutout to the band

  • Anas Cester
    Anas Cester Hace 27 días

    This is so fun hahahaaa

  • shaiful naim
    shaiful naim Hace 27 días

    What is Loofah btw?

  • Mya Brewer
    Mya Brewer Hace 27 días

    Jimmy Fallon is like the cute nerd that everyone likes who's in with the popular kids but is also really nerdy

  • Daily Shoey
    Daily Shoey Hace 27 días

    When "The Middle" came up , I thought it was Jimmy Eat World

  • Cassie J
    Cassie J Hace 27 días

    Why am I walking around my house going "Loofah loofah loofah loofahhhh" to the tune of Shape of a you like it's an actual hit??? 😂😂😂😂

  • quaking catfish
    quaking catfish Hace 27 días

    well “the middle” will now be stuck in my head for the next 80 years yay.

  • Phoenix plays523
    Phoenix plays523 Hace 27 días

    The Middle has been ruined. All I thought of Was The Middle by Jimmie Eat World

  • meier leander
    meier leander Hace 27 días

  • Morgan Nelson
    Morgan Nelson Hace 27 días

    I thought the last one was jimmy eat world smh

  • Bhavya Kumar
    Bhavya Kumar Hace 28 días

    Shape of you. The way meghan sings it

  • Perfect Queen
    Perfect Queen Hace 28 días

    Better now! Post Malone
    Party in the USA! Miley Cyrus
    Waterfalls! Don’t know who it’s by!😂
    Shape of you! Ed Sherran
    The Middle! Something Morris

  • Pavel Vladevski
    Pavel Vladevski Hace un mes

    When they strated singing waterfalls it remainded me of The Millers

  • Haniya Ali
    Haniya Ali Hace un mes

    I ❤ the Meghan Trainor part!

  • mincraft gamer
    mincraft gamer Hace un mes

    Omg even whe she is singing a random word it sounds soo gd

  • just precious
    just precious Hace un mes

    For some reason
    *Loofah* and *Llama* are my favrouite words!

  • Arkayla Valysha
    Arkayla Valysha Hace un mes

    I love her outfits

  • Jamie Spencer
    Jamie Spencer Hace un mes +1

    Meghan can make one word sound like really good song

  • Booga
    Booga Hace un mes

    loofah loofah loofah loo
    loofah loofah loofah loofah loo
    loofah loofah loofah loo
    loofah loo loofa loo loo
    i'm in love with your body

  • Hafsa Noor
    Hafsa Noor Hace un mes

    I haven’t heard the song waterfalls. Please don’t hate me.

  • Slay Cyrus
    Slay Cyrus Hace un mes

    LLAMA LLAMA LLAMAAAAA SKSKSK i love pitusa omg

  • Slay Cyrus
    Slay Cyrus Hace un mes

    Liked for Party In The USA lmaoo it was so fun Miley is a true legend

  • Fransella Blasco
    Fransella Blasco Hace un mes

    I got shape of you in like 1 second 😅😅🤣 how did he take so loong !!! Waw ! I love how she can sing so good even with one word 🤣

  • Nehru Parmeshwar
    Nehru Parmeshwar Hace un mes

    The easiest game on The Fallon Show.

  • Claudia Garza
    Claudia Garza Hace un mes

    Meghan is so funny

  • Camila Ayala
    Camila Ayala Hace un mes

    I wanna see Meghan and Jimmy play box of lies 😂

  • missshelleysuzanne
    missshelleysuzanne Hace un mes

    Am I the only one who thought of Jimmy eat world’s “the middle” and got confused when he starting singing the other one? Lol

  • Katelyn Rodriguez
    Katelyn Rodriguez Hace un mes

    Meghan Trainor is so Beautiful

  • Axel
    Axel Hace un mes +2

    Meghan Trainor has a true musical talent
    You can see her talent shine out of literally nothing here

  • Uhearit2
    Uhearit2 Hace un mes

    Another groundbreaking bit. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Hitomi M
    Hitomi M Hace un mes

    Meghan is soooo talented 💕

  • Jane Foster
    Jane Foster Hace un mes +1


  • Leah Gainer
    Leah Gainer Hace un mes

    Who is waterfalls by

  • Leah Gainer
    Leah Gainer Hace un mes

    He needs to do this with everyone

  • Dimas Pramudya
    Dimas Pramudya Hace un mes

    Why is she so cutr

  • Beauty Slime
    Beauty Slime Hace un mes

    Megan trying to act cool

  • YoursTruly #Devine
    YoursTruly #Devine Hace un mes

    All you got to do is get the melody right

  • Aj Ramos
    Aj Ramos Hace un mes

    Am i too old for thinking of The middle by jimmy eats world instead of the one jimmy actually sung?

  • Demon Duck of Doom
    Demon Duck of Doom Hace un mes

    Smash some sparkly fringe on a sweater...
    This is so my defintion of formal wear...

  • Lilly Mae
    Lilly Mae Hace un mes

    Damn I thought it was the middle by Jimmy eats world..

  • Brianna Rene
    Brianna Rene Hace un mes

    I didn't used to like her, but once i saw her personality, she's chill af

  • Meghan Trainor_fan
    Meghan Trainor_fan Hace un mes

    Lol Jimmy is so funny. I love u Meghan!!!!!! I want to meet u someday!!

  • Johan Sunnberg
    Johan Sunnberg Hace un mes +1

    Jimmy is so adorable and sweet personality ❤️ his singing 🎤 ability

  • Ariess s
    Ariess s Hace un mes

    Can we get this on spotify??