One Word Songs with Meghan Trainor

  • Publicado el 13 oct 2018
  • Meghan Trainor and Jimmy take turns selecting popular songs, like Post Malone's "Better Now," and try to get each other to guess the tune by singing just one random word, like pancake, instead of the actual lyrics.
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    One Word Songs with Meghan Trainor
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Comentarios • 1 125

  • Nyx.Raexx
    Nyx.Raexx Hace 5 horas

    WTF this was uploaded on my birthday!!! October 13!!!! 😨😐😐

  • Bálint F.D.
    Bálint F.D. Hace 17 horas

    2:41 any hungarian? Megan trainor és a falu😂😂😂.

  • penny lane
    penny lane Hace un día

    This game is amazing, so fun!

  • Big Paws10-Coco
    Big Paws10-Coco Hace un día


  • Kennedy Tobias
    Kennedy Tobias Hace 2 días

    She is way too good at that

  • Megan Brock
    Megan Brock Hace 2 días

    My name is Megan

  • Beast Guy
    Beast Guy Hace 3 días

    Meghan do another collab with Charlie please

  • Alejandrina Vasquez
    Alejandrina Vasquez Hace 3 días

    She called them quest, there the roots.....

  • Maddy Barnes
    Maddy Barnes Hace 4 días

    That was halairious

  • f glety
    f glety Hace 7 días +1

    This thing with "pancake" words are the weirdest songz i've ever heard!! 😅🤣🤣

  • Sabela Chelba
    Sabela Chelba Hace 7 días

    l o o f a

  • Adelina R.
    Adelina R. Hace 7 días

    The first is my favorite song by post

  • Cartman Beats
    Cartman Beats Hace 8 días

    motherfuckers out here act like they can host a show better than Jimmy while they can't even get their fat crack out of their couch and get a fucking life. Jimmy can do whatever he likes, laugh at whatever the fuck he wants to and whenever the fuck he wants to, it's his show. Learn to show some respect, if not, some appreciation for reaching this far. If y'all were better, or even as close to Jimmy, you'd have your own fucking show, and here I wouldn't be complaining. Know where you stand cunts and shut the fuck up, period

  • Kaisa Houter
    Kaisa Houter Hace 9 días

    The first song jimmy sang made me hungry hahaha😂

  • Ania devi
    Ania devi Hace 10 días


  • Summer Evens
    Summer Evens Hace 10 días

    Omg she’s so cute

  • Panda Chan
    Panda Chan Hace 10 días

    What the he'll is a loofah?

  • Geni G
    Geni G Hace 10 días

    at 4:02 I died (I LOVE HER VOICE😭❤)

  • Dalal Saleh
    Dalal Saleh Hace 10 días

    I ❤️ the loofah part

  • Максим Федоров

    Amerikashky help me please! Explain me please, I'm Russian. What is loofah? Just Google doesn't translate!!!!!😶😶😶

  • Angeline Serapio
    Angeline Serapio Hace 12 días

    i love you meghan!!

  • Emily Fothergill
    Emily Fothergill Hace 12 días

    It's probably hard to know what song as she has her own music and she has other people's songs

  • aleyna 124
    aleyna 124 Hace 13 días

    Best thing in the world: When perfect seeming celebreties emberasse theirselves😂

  • Aliyaa is my name
    Aliyaa is my name Hace 13 días


  • XxGalaxy GamerxX
    XxGalaxy GamerxX Hace 14 días +2


    I would listen to the Llama version of Party In The USA.

  • Julia Klein
    Julia Klein Hace 14 días

    1:51 leave it to cardi tho

  • ROBLOX.jess.xx
    ROBLOX.jess.xx Hace 14 días

    Who else played along??

  • Chloe Bloomfield
    Chloe Bloomfield Hace 15 días

    Is it just me or do Meghan Trainor and Anne-Marie dress similar have a similar way in which they move around?

  • LakeLucy 77
    LakeLucy 77 Hace 15 días


  • panda _gurl2K19
    panda _gurl2K19 Hace 16 días

    I'm crying from pancake 😂😭

  • Adam Prowse
    Adam Prowse Hace 16 días

    I’d love to loofah Meghan Trainor.

  • Katherine Phaye
    Katherine Phaye Hace 17 días

    0:20 - *K E L I S*

  • Ibraheem Ghafoor
    Ibraheem Ghafoor Hace 17 días

    Damn puberty hit Jimmy hard this episode

  • dxxu
    dxxu Hace 18 días +1

    Nyari ini gara2 story fitrop dah 😂😂😂

  • Dema Joster
    Dema Joster Hace 18 días

    Gegara fitrop saya kesini :(

  • Stevano Kakisina
    Stevano Kakisina Hace 18 días

    Kesini gara2 @fitrop

  • Ardi Ansyah
    Ardi Ansyah Hace 19 días

    1:31 : When you wait for an hour's order
    2:40 : When you are billed by debt
    *only Indonesian people know

    SAPHIRA Hace 21 un día

    the llama part was funny :D

  • Devi Dang
    Devi Dang Hace 23 días

    Play this with Demi plzzzz

  • Sakk Sarkis Sarkis
    Sakk Sarkis Sarkis Hace 23 días

    both of em are annoying as fuck just saying!

  • Jeida Martin
    Jeida Martin Hace 23 días

    The llama one is stuck in my head

  • Neko Del Rey
    Neko Del Rey Hace 24 días

    Llama and Loofah songs sound so simlish. 😂

  • Avah Worthington
    Avah Worthington Hace 24 días

    Is it just me or does anyone not like current megan

  • Space Queen
    Space Queen Hace 24 días +2


  • Mysterious Person
    Mysterious Person Hace 25 días

    Meghan trying to tell jimmy with sign language is adorable

  • cxtoriumbuilds !!!!
    cxtoriumbuilds !!!! Hace 25 días

    Ok I have to admit this was HILARIOUS 😂😂😂

  • Dianna fink
    Dianna fink Hace 25 días

    Magan tranor made all them sound soooo good

  • llama lover
    llama lover Hace 26 días

    Llama are my thang I'm so happy :) :D>:3

  • Shelby Rainwater
    Shelby Rainwater Hace 26 días

    God how could she rock that so good

  • lily shakspear
    lily shakspear Hace 26 días

    I know

  • Zoe Salcido
    Zoe Salcido Hace 28 días +1

    Pancake pancake pancake
    Deaf people: wow thanks that helps

  • Aisha Choudhary
    Aisha Choudhary Hace 28 días +1

    Just found about Meghan Trainor
    Felt like I was living under a rock 😡

  • misbanam channel
    misbanam channel Hace un mes

    Lama is sloww

  • misbanam channel
    misbanam channel Hace un mes +1

    "Lupa" in bahasa is "forget"

  • mirza r
    mirza r Hace un mes

    Gara gara dagelan nyampe kemari

  • Bintang prayoga
    Bintang prayoga Hace un mes

    Lama bayar utangnya😁😂

  • Nabil Khoiri
    Nabil Khoiri Hace un mes +1


  • S_____K_____Y
    S_____K_____Y Hace un mes +1

    I know someone who’s dad is Megan Trainor’s guitarist

  • Vs Occhi
    Vs Occhi Hace un mes

    I love her haha

  • eca awe
    eca awe Hace un mes

    Ini toh video aslinya

  • D E
    D E Hace un mes +53

    99% of people won’t read this but

    Have a fantastic day, the 1% who read this ❤️

  • Ananta Daeng
    Ananta Daeng Hace un mes

    Who more else than me that the llama and loofah part stuck in the head?

  • emilythxr
    emilythxr Hace un mes


  • Isabella Teran
    Isabella Teran Hace un mes +1

    finally someone other than ariana grande that doesn’t need auto tune!!

  • •Nashua •
    •Nashua • Hace un mes +2

    I would like to play that !! But in sing like an ass sooooo neverm

  • Sidney Hoyt
    Sidney Hoyt Hace un mes


  • Deep Luvin’
    Deep Luvin’ Hace un mes

    Love the band!!!!

  • Tori the Dancer
    Tori the Dancer Hace un mes +2

    I thought waterfalls was no tears left to cry 😂 the beginning sounded the exact same lol

  • julie johnson
    julie johnson Hace un mes

    She looks soo different

  • ItzGenesis
    ItzGenesis Hace un mes

    1:57 u ok...?

  • I need A better life
    I need A better life Hace un mes

    They kind of stole from an Irish radio station called today fm they do the half min how ya where you sing a sing a song one saying how ya so ye that’s tea ☕️

  • Amanda Pans
    Amanda Pans Hace un mes +1

    This is cool, I’m gonna play it with my friends lol

  • Teha Bakes
    Teha Bakes Hace un mes

    She’s the cutest! Love her

  • Emerson Myers
    Emerson Myers Hace un mes

    Megan got the song party in the USA and I went silent and my radio was playing that song🥳🥰🥵AHHHHHH

  • Autumn Song
    Autumn Song Hace un mes

    Meghan and Jimmy man, I love the both is them ❤️❤️❤️

  • Honeyybee3
    Honeyybee3 Hace un mes +1

    Please do this Shawn Mendes !!!!

  • 라사
    라사 Hace un mes +2

    Okay after this video I think I LOVE her

  • CoversGrande CB
    CoversGrande CB Hace un mes +1

    When he gets exited and thinks he can sing

  • ellie roldan
    ellie roldan Hace un mes +2

    tell me why i thought it was “the middle” by jimmy eat world and i was like “HOW?”

  • Donny Jae
    Donny Jae Hace un mes +1

    I swear I would buy loofah on iTunes

  • Katie Tikao
    Katie Tikao Hace un mes +1

    It’s fun not looking at the song name and actually trying to guess it based off their singing hahaha

  • salma aulia rachman
    salma aulia rachman Hace un mes +1

    i came here because of seeing isyiqi's story on instagram 🙌😂😂😂

  • usup bedarah
    usup bedarah Hace un mes +1

    Apa cuma gue yg ksni gara2 dagelan 😂

  • Shali C
    Shali C Hace un mes

    3:05 Meghan, I'm pretty sure using ASL is cheating. ;)

  • Tracey Glass
    Tracey Glass Hace un mes +1

    Why does party in the USA not sound bad with llama haha 😂

  • gabrielle jutras
    gabrielle jutras Hace un mes +1

    Love her

  • Shannon Fanelli
    Shannon Fanelli Hace un mes

    I rather say pickle than the actual song

  • Clarice
    Clarice Hace un mes

    omg i love this series 😂 plz do more!!!

  • Shilpy Putul
    Shilpy Putul Hace un mes

    Pancake started to sound like bacon

  • Asha Singh
    Asha Singh Hace un mes +1

    Post Malone has left the chat

  • Ariola Granede
    Ariola Granede Hace un mes +1

    so what if the singer don't know the tune to the song??

  • Kierrarayne
    Kierrarayne Hace un mes

    Does she know asl?!?!?!

  • Nylah Marie
    Nylah Marie Hace un mes

    Loved the Loofah part!!!!!!

  • Karena Short
    Karena Short Hace un mes +1

    Brendon Urie should come on here and play this lol

  • LBB
    LBB Hace un mes

    she reminded me of dolly parton for some reason in this video

  • Buc Wild
    Buc Wild Hace un mes +1

    I laughed so hard when Meghan sang Shape of you by saying Loofah!

  • Glory Be To God Amen
    Glory Be To God Amen Hace un mes


  • Glory Be To God Amen
    Glory Be To God Amen Hace un mes


  • Jessica Jimenez
    Jessica Jimenez Hace un mes

    He technically didn’t play that last round correctly, even after he pointed out the fact that it would be hard because you had to use the word (her name) as a whole word instead of two separate names.