Vent Repipe

  • Publicado el 14 feb 2015
  • Repiped PVC boiler vent to manufacturers specifications

Comentarios • 4

  • polishtheturd mickelson

    Nice work on correcting the venting.

  • Rob Dippold
    Rob Dippold Hace 7 años +5

    Made your job easy. They didn't even caulk the gap around the pipe. Hacks!

    • ļáļà ŕíìšãğêř
      ļáļà ŕíìšãğêř Hace 4 años

      PHC Apprentice, why didnt you fixed the exhaust, your supposed to if you dont want carbon monoxide in your house

    • PHC Apprentice
      PHC Apprentice  Hace 7 años

      And this was one of the better jobs I jave seen as far as pipe work.... home owner though the installer was a+.... I mentioned that the installer had the "right idea".