10 min. Other Father Song - Coraline


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  • Hayley Johnson
    Hayley Johnson Hace 7 años +7749

    I can't be the only one that's completely obsessed with this song

  • Taeterz
    Taeterz Hace 6 años +8341

    But seriously the other father is actually just a genuinely good person. In this song, he was kind of secretly warning her about the other mother's plans. He didn't wanna stop her from getting the ghost's eyes, he only tried because the other mother was making him. Most of the stuff he did was because the other mother was forcing him to do it. Then once he was defeated, he quickly gave Coraline the ghost eye. And that is amazing and so goodhearted of him omg

    • KayRai
      KayRai Hace 2 meses

      I’ll explain the lyrics:
      -Making up a son about CORALINE
      (Trying to warn her)
      -She’s a peach
      (The other mother wants to eat her)
      -She’s a doll
      (How the other mother spies on her)
      -She’s a pal of mine
      (Trying to tell her he’s not on the other mother’s side)
      -She’s as cute as a button
      (How the other mother will make her stay)
      -In the eyes of everyone who ever layed their eyes on Coraline
      (Everyone in their world has button eyes. The other mother wants to sew buttons on Coraline’s eyes)
      -When she ever comes exploring
      (Indicates that the other mother is spying on her)
      -Mom and I will never ever make it boring
      (How the other mother tricks her)
      -Our eyes will be on Coraline
      (They have button eyes. He meant physically not metaphorically)
      Hope u understand lol

    • Bambi Bambi
      Bambi Bambi Hace 2 meses

      @Janaye the first part of the song hid hands move the exact way the praying mantisś do before he is defeated

    • Alexis McLaurin
      Alexis McLaurin Hace 3 meses

      I quite like that character

    • Cherry Blossom
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    • G&M
      G&M Hace 4 meses

      no need to this piano plays me

  • no
    no Hace 7 años +8584

    Am I the only one obsessed with this mans voice and wants him to be my actual father so he can sing to me forever ?

  • kbrouhib
    kbrouhib Hace 5 años +1961

    Does anyone else feel satisfied about the way he sings Coraline for the 2nd time?

    • T.J.C. Cool
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    • ivyillicit
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    • House Soap
      House Soap Hace 2 años +6

      His slight vibrato is nice

    • OrichalChromeE
      OrichalChromeE Hace 2 años +1

      For me it's the 6th time

    • XloisX
      XloisX Hace 2 años +6

      I like it too. Just his voice dropping down into a low note is just so UUUUUGH IN A GOOD WAY- 👌

  • 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐚
    𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐚 Hace 6 años +5482

    His voice. The hidden messages. The melody. Everything is perfect and I could listen to this for more than 10 minutes!

  • Zoe Murtagh
    Zoe Murtagh Hace 5 años +2805

    Who else wants to name their future child Coraline just so they can sing this to her?

    • Jack Adams
      Jack Adams Hace 5 días


    • ~Simply Billie~
      ~Simply Billie~ Hace 7 meses +1

      I'm going to name my kids Aziraphale, Crowley and Coraline :P

    • Michael Boydston
      Michael Boydston Hace 8 meses

      @Me the song for shadow how the other father genuinely loves Coraline as a daughter, how the other mother will stitch buttons on her eyes, and how the doll is being used to spy on her

    • ben  drowned fan girl
      ben drowned fan girl Hace 9 meses

      I'm so gonna do that!😂

    • Shan
      Shan Hace 10 meses

      Yeah but the song actually has a dark message

  • Crimson
    Crimson  Hace 6 años +3482

    this song never get boring

    • TwistedBerdly
      TwistedBerdly Hace 8 meses

      Never ever

    • TheWhiteRoom
      TheWhiteRoom Hace 9 meses

      You've already been encaptivated by the other mother

    • Ascertivus
      Ascertivus Hace un año

      Agreed! 😄

    • TheMouse02
      TheMouse02 Hace un año

      @Seal Of the Chomk ist

    • reaper shadow
      reaper shadow Hace 2 años

      I wish I could sing this to my girlfriend if only she was still alive

  • Ayla
    Ayla Hace 6 años +1740

    I can't belive I listened to it for 10 minutes with no issue

    • くうる
      くうる Hace un año

      I listening this for 2 (or 3) hours 🙃 (sorry for bad english....)

    • Paola Núñez
      Paola Núñez Hace un año +1

      every day for 10 minutes in my classes

    • Sean Pride
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    • ًSomething with Bungalows ?!
      ًSomething with Bungalows ?! Hace 2 años +1

      I’ve prolly listened to it this for like 2-3 hours over time lmao

    • Nadia George
      Nadia George Hace 2 años +1

      It just loops so perfectly

  • Bo_exist
    Bo_exist Hace 2 años +702

    Making up a song about coraline
    (Warning her)
    She's a peach
    (The garden)
    She's a doll
    (The doll that looks like coraline was used to spy on her)
    She's a pal of mine
    (Letting her know that he's on her side)
    She's as cute as a button in the eyes of everyone who ever laid their eyes on coraline
    (Letting her know that the other mother is going to put buttons on her eyes)
    When she comes around exploring mom and I will never, ever make it boring
    Our eyes will be on coraline
    (The beldam is watching her)

  • Vosik, The Archpriest
    Vosik, The Archpriest Hace 6 años +583

    I wish it had so much more lyrics.

  • Bug
    Bug Hace 6 años +2010

    His voice, damn.

    • Nicole Ayala
      Nicole Ayala Hace 2 años +1

      @Who doesn't like gacha games? 56 good one

    • Nicole Ayala
      Nicole Ayala Hace 2 años +1

      @Eric BucknerIT'S CORALINE!

    • Nicole Ayala
      Nicole Ayala Hace 2 años +1


    • SpiralsArt _121
      SpiralsArt _121 Hace 2 años +5

      John Linnel

    • Eric Buckner
      Eric Buckner Hace 3 años +9

      No never mind I thought you meant me like why I was born like never mind I get it I get it bro I got you I got you

  • Bobby Lambert
    Bobby Lambert Hace 6 años +1928

    Wait, the lyrics...
    "She's a peach, she's a doll, she's a pal of mine."
    "She's as cute as a button in the eyes..."
    "Our eyes will be on Coraline!"

  • ***Beans***
    ***Beans*** Hace 6 años +450

    I Need A Two Hour Loop Please. This Song Is Just… Idek. I Just Love It.

    • Tae Bae
      Tae Bae Hace 9 meses +1

      @Una Musakii and that's on mobile too now :))

    • sarah marie
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    • Una Musakii
      Una Musakii Hace 3 años +9

      if you are using a computer, right click on the video. In a small grey box, you will read "Loop" Click Loop and it will automatically loop.

  • María Isabella
    María Isabella Hace 7 años +626

    I can't believe I listened to this song for 10 mins straight I think the voice is comforting honestly I mean my father wasn't even there when I was born and never came into contact with me maybe that's why I like this song so much

    • María Isabella
      María Isabella Hace 2 años +2

      What’s crazy I made this comment 4 years ago but I no longer feel the same, I just know me and everyone who like/comment are so much better then our “fathers” and we have become such amazing people without their help, they missed out on such amazing people

    • Yamaguchi’s_left _toe
      Yamaguchi’s_left _toe Hace 2 años +1

      My dad name is Michael and he had a family with kids before I was born-👀

      ODYWILSON04 Hace 2 años +1

      I never met mine so I feel you.

    • Hetavoid
      Hetavoid Hace 2 años +1

      Honestly I have the same experience as you and all I know about my dad is that his name is Michael

    • Art Style Inc
      Art Style Inc Hace 3 años +4

      Same about not having a father 😥. But I would love to have the Other Father as my father 🙂.

  • R.I.P Rick May
    R.I.P Rick May Hace 3 años +34

    As a kid I thought he was trying to manipulate coraline but now I see that all this time his was trying to warn her this guy made the song so he can worn her and it's so catchy that the beldam didnt even notice it pure genius

  • Um Ya
    Um Ya Hace 4 años +27

    The other father was actually a good guy
    Everything he did bad was because of the other mother
    Like i literally want him as a father because of how good hearted he is

    • Zai007
      Zai007 Hace un mes

      "Sorry,so sorry mother making me. Don't wanna hurt you..."

  • franky
    franky Hace 6 años +488

    I want to name my child Coraline, learn this song, sing it to them and then tell her she got named after a tormented little girl in a movie. That's if they're a girl. Also I'd buy a piano just to play this song.

    • Ade lol
      Ade lol Hace un año

      @Sonny ShuffleBottom it’s been a year but they’ve changed their name by now and I was so confused for a second omfg

    • XloisX
      XloisX Hace un año

      @Sonny ShuffleBottom LMFAOOO

    • OldWorldBlues
      OldWorldBlues Hace 2 años +3

      Did it happen?

    • Selena Hope Official
      Selena Hope Official Hace 2 años +6

      @dog 😂 love your name

    • Rat_Prince _07
      Rat_Prince _07 Hace 2 años +13

      @dog your name gives me life

  • Fox Fables
    Fox Fables Hace 6 años +555

    I'll say the song has foreshadowing but I wouldn't really call it a warning.

    • jameer
      jameer Hace un año

      “Cute as a button in the eyes “

    • Xx Midnight xX
      Xx Midnight xX Hace 2 años

      @Sodapop Exactly! It is sad he tried warn her

    • House Heisenberg
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    • Idiots incorporated
      Idiots incorporated Hace 2 años +5

      @War Chaserz he became too sentient, he didn't want to hurt her. he tried warning her because other mother was watching and he couldn't say it out loud.

    • War Chaserz
      War Chaserz Hace 2 años +1

      How is it foreshadowing when the other father when attacking her in the garden apologizes and then gives here the ghosts eye without hesitation lol

  • xxcringecorexx
    xxcringecorexx Hace 6 años +154

    For some reason this song makes me really happy. I love it.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Hace 2 años +94

    Coraline: "My father can't play piano."
    Other Father: "No need to. This piano plays.. Me."

  • izzy
    izzy Hace 6 años +503

    Why am I so obsessed with this?😍👌🏻

  • Rico Savvy
    Rico Savvy Hace 6 años +895

    if I have a daughter this is gonna be her name and every birthday she has I will sing the song to her.

    • Jordan
      Jordan Hace un año +1

      She’s gonna love it as a kid, hate it when she’s a teenager, think it’s funny when she’s an adult, and miss it when your gone 😩🥺

    • Zuvaina Faisal
      Zuvaina Faisal Hace un año

      Oh wow cute💝

    • Paola Núñez
      Paola Núñez Hace un año

      same as well as the ghoast eyes song in italian so she dosent know the song till she sees the lyrics then ill show the movie :]

    • ItsNoahScott
      ItsNoahScott Hace 2 años +1

      So you’re gonna warn her about becoming a doll?

    • Maximum Force
      Maximum Force Hace 2 años +2

      It's all fun and games till she picks up on the lyrics and tries to kill her mother.

  • Romanian Noodle
    Romanian Noodle Hace 6 años +138

    I'm fucking obsessed with this song rn, I've never felt like this for a song

  • Gothams Gamer 2.0
    Gothams Gamer 2.0 Hace 5 años +455

    I love this song.

    • Kizan
      Kizan Hace 10 meses

      @Mars does podcasts smells like bitch

    • Mars does podcasts
      Mars does podcasts Hace 10 meses

      @Kizan k so

    • Isa
      Isa Hace 2 años +1

      It’s by they might be giants, they have other good music!

    • Brittney Hollows
      Brittney Hollows Hace 2 años +2

      me to love ya profile pic btw :)

    • Kizan
      Kizan Hace 2 años +1

      Legit only 1 like? Sad

  • SimpleLettuce
    SimpleLettuce Hace 6 años +592

    Omg, I really love his voice. Like wow.

    • Cynthia C
      Cynthia C Hace 2 años +2

      Imagine if the person who voiced that father watched this and read the comments, he would be so happy to get all this love ❤️

    • cosmic sins
      cosmic sins Hace 5 años +8

      same,, i got the biggest crush on john linnell

    • TheLegoCat
      TheLegoCat Hace 5 años +6

      I love his voice too

    • ***Beans***
      ***Beans*** Hace 6 años +4

      +P.A.M.A Computer omg me

    • DSE
      DSE Hace 6 años +20

      You should check out They Might be Giants than

  • sune
    sune Hace 6 años +157

    I don't care if it has some subliminal messages. I find the song cute actually!!

  • KraftyKitty
    KraftyKitty Hace 7 años +1159

    why am i so obsessed with this song like is it just me? i hope not XP

    • Flaccid baby teeth
      Flaccid baby teeth Hace 2 años


    • sarah marie
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    • Jesus Zamora
      Jesus Zamora Hace 4 años +1

      I love this song too lol

    • Sister Grimm
      Sister Grimm Hace 4 años +1

      Nope not just you this song has been stuck in my head

    • Sydney Treagus
      Sydney Treagus Hace 4 años +2

      I don’t know me too it’s kinda scary it’s like a trance

  • Tropical Island
    Tropical Island Hace 6 años +342

    I kept quietly singing this at school today, my friends thought I was possessed 😢

  • LeftLPSTube
    LeftLPSTube Hace 6 años +237

    The other father was always my favorite character ❤️

  • Annemarie
    Annemarie Hace 5 años +417

    John Linell does the voice for this song, in case anyone was wondering.

  • Pherris Wheel
    Pherris Wheel Hace 5 años +37

    Been on repeat for the past five hours 😍😍😍

  • Sophie
    Sophie Hace 4 años +11

    Ok but John Linell (the vocalist of this song) also looks like the Other Father. Loooove it

  • yumi
    yumi Hace 2 años +7

    Coraline has been a huge comfort to me for a long time, I remember thinking it was so cool aside from the movie that I was born in the year it was released. I watched it over and over and I never got bored I actually watched it a few days ago, I feel sorry for the other father though because he's not really real, for example the other wybie could rebel but the other father couldn't because the other mother was controlling him. Its so interesting and has had me hooked on all the details, I actually found out not long ago that the two old ladies downstairs aren't even sisters they're together! It came as such a shock to me but it also made me really happy because I mean normally everyone in cartoons would be straight and like homophobic for some reason there are very few I've seen that actually have different sexualitys in it. Its so cutee

  • Des
    Des Hace 7 años +98

    Achievement unlocked: Memories of the past.

    • Des
      Des Hace 2 años +2

      @Reynie Studies! and you have Coraline as you profile picture!
      But yes this is easily within my top 5 movies ever!

    • Des
      Des Hace 7 años +7

      Watch a "old" catchy song on ESclips of your favorite movie.

  • Fionien+
    Fionien+ Hace 6 años +19

    I really love this song. Today it stucked in my head and I needed 5 minutes to figure out what this song is.
    But look at the lyrics. Look at this lyrics! He´s saying the truth... I´m sure it´s another warning from our other father.

  • Seeraphine
    Seeraphine Hace 6 años +85

    I listened to the whole thing..... that's how much I love this song XD

    • Tiky
      Tiky Hace 2 años +1

      Me too!

    • Katia Azizi
      Katia Azizi Hace 6 años +2

      Lex Seeraphine I did too.

    [REDACTED] Hace 3 años +8

    This man is an ACTUAL good singer.

  • Ghost
    Ghost Hace 4 años +63

    The lyrics meaning
    “Making up a song about Coralline
    “She’s a peach “soon to be feed be the beldam “she’s a
    doll” made by the other mother to get her Into the
    other world “she’s a pall of mine” he actually loves her and the other mother aka the beldam wants him to kill Coraline “she’s as cute as a button in the eyes of everyone who ever laid their eyes on coralline “ the other mother
    wants her to have button eyes “ when she comes around exploring mom and I will never Ever make it boring” the other mother will make what Coraline wants to see making Coraline happy “our eyes will be on Coraline” making sure she stays in the other world forever

  • FrostGD
    FrostGD Hace 3 años +22

    He was secretly warning her omg
    This piano plays me (mom controls dad)
    Makin' up a song about Coraline
    She's a peach (the mom wants to eat her)
    She's a doll (He is telling Coraline that she will end up like her doll but with buttons)
    She's a pal of mine (He doesn't want to hurt her)
    She's as cute as a button
    In the eyes of everyone who ever laid their eyes on Coraline (They are watching her)
    When she comes around exploring
    Mom and I will never, ever make it boring
    Our eyes will be on Coraline (They will sew the buttons on coraline's eyes)

  • Terra Guth
    Terra Guth Hace 6 años +46

    This song is so catchy I can't stop listening to it.

  • Not Trustworthy
    Not Trustworthy Hace 6 años +50

    I'll never get tired of this song.

    • iamrandim
      iamrandim Hace 2 años +2

      No WE will never get tired of this

    • _itsmeTrAsH_ 52
      _itsmeTrAsH_ 52 Hace 6 años +4

      Not Trustworthy I sang the whole thing that's how much I luv it!!!! 😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤

  • •Izuku Midoriya•
    •Izuku Midoriya• Hace un año +9

    She's a peach "other mother's food"
    She's a doll "the doll that was a spy"
    She's a pal of mine "he doesn't want to hurt her"
    She's as cute as a button in the eyes of everyone who ever laid their eyes on Coraline "buttons for eyes"
    When she comes around exploring, mom and I will never, ever make a boring... Our eyes will be on Coraline "watching Coraline"

  • Master Cat 2311
    Master Cat 2311 Hace 6 años +380

    Favorite part: 0:00 - 10:10

    • くうる
      くうる Hace un año

      Same :) that part was really good

    • Lindy Beierle
      Lindy Beierle Hace 2 años

      y e s 😂

    • Beep Sparks
      Beep Sparks Hace 2 años

      Hehe 1010 (if you’re not in the No Straight Roads fandom you won’t get the joke)

    • Sean Pride
      Sean Pride Hace 2 años

      Hahaha same cuz its all

    • MaxiMan
      MaxiMan Hace 2 años

      A sos re trol

  • i dont now what to call my chanel

    I just remembered this song from when I was younger... I love it, can't be boring

  • Four Handed Fan
    Four Handed Fan Hace un año +10

    The other father is actually one of my fave characters in coraline because he’s kind and when coraline was looking for the lost eyes and when he was like “Don’t wanna hurt you” I almost cried because he wasn’t real but he still cared about coraline 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • dingus dongus
    dingus dongus Hace 2 años +18

    This is a stretch but the piano resembles the computer the actual dad has to work on "this piano plays me" a line that could be a metaphor in working a long nine to five job on a computer no sort of creativity and you just have to do the job in question, but through the other world it obviously becomes the opposite and its more joyus than just being on a computer, the way you play a piano seems to be like using a computer also the scene where they first reveal other father is the exact way they do to the original father

    • raine
      raine Hace un año

      I've always felt that way about this scene too, I believe it's how they intended it. I haven't seen it in years but it seems like there were a lot of subtle metaphors hidden in plain sight like that, makes it extremely rewatchable. The amount of thought and artistic vision that led to the movie really makes it a masterpiece, I wish there were more like it

    • GamingSeed
      GamingSeed Hace un año

      Damn I didn’t think about that

  • A Strawberry
    A Strawberry Hace 2 años +6

    This is what we call "foreshadowing" it can be seen in almost every story ever.

  • Madds Ellis
    Madds Ellis Hace 11 meses +2

    Can't get over how wonderful John Linnel's voice and piano chops are. So complementary to the character.

  • Our Dreams
    Our Dreams Hace 5 años +63

    Making up a song about Caroline
    She's a peach , She's a doll, She's a pal of mine
    She's as cute as a button
    In the eyes of everyone whoever laid their eyes on Caroline
    When she comes around exploring Mom and I will never, ever make it boring
    Our Eyes will Be on Caroline
    Find the Secrets

    • Zerk Eva 1
      Zerk Eva 1 Hace 2 años

      @Cynthia C yeeep, poor girl

    • Cynthia C
      Cynthia C Hace 2 años +1

      She’s a peach, ( the mother eats children) she’s a doll, (the mother spy’s on her throughout the doll) she’s as cute as a button in the eyes of anyone whoever laid their eyes on coraline (she’s appealing to people with button eyes) when she comes around exploring we will never ever make it boring (they want her to stay there) our eyes will be on coraline (they want they’re buttons on her eyes) he is warning her what the other mother is going to do, but unfortunately she didn’t get the message

    • Me
      Me Hace 3 años +6

      It’s Coraline Not Caroline

  • Hailey Baez
    Hailey Baez Hace 8 años +3488

    He tried to warn her...

    • Queen Jada
      Queen Jada Hace un año

      When I was younger I never paid it any mind til I got older and listened closely

    • DomoMcBeasty
      DomoMcBeasty Hace un año

      @The Batman Every line has something but I don’t wanna explain that rn...

    • Soft Garbage
      Soft Garbage Hace un año

      She listen to the damn song and still stayed with the button eyed bitch

    • amani72
      amani72 Hace un año


    • Hi
      Hi Hace un año

      @The Batman he warn her for the other mother

  • glkittyz
    glkittyz Hace 4 años +4

    Hey guys! Have you ever thought of this? So when coraline was in the cell with the ghost kids, they told her about how she tricked them into thinking she loved them, and 3 different kids. So, I was wondering- what if she had different forms? That of the Kids’s mothers and same with their fathers. This theory is also supported by in the end when she shapeshifts into a different, slender image. This is her true form. The one we saw throughout the movie was a ‘copy’ of coralines mom. Idk, just something I’ve been thinking of for a while.

  • Enthusiastic Envelope the movie

    This song sounds so comforting butt yet a bit disturbing imo. I love how literally every word of this song has a secret meaning to earn her. If there was a longer version of this (more lyrics not just looping it) I would absolutely adore it!

  • Ethan Torrie
    Ethan Torrie Hace 3 años +1

    I am absolutely in love with They Might Be Giants. I can't believe I hadn't heard this song before. This song is absolutely amazing. Not a suprise considering how incredibly talented John Linnel is. Everything about this song is just fantasic. Wish it 6x longer though.

  • 𝙱𝙾𝚁𝙶
    𝙱𝙾𝚁𝙶 Hace 4 años +8

    Other Mother (OM) & Other Father (OF): Welcome, Coraline
    OM: This will be divine
    OF: So glad you came!
    OM & OF: Now no worries, my dear we promise you that this won’t be lame
    Caroline (CL): Ah okay, I see.. I will wait and I’m guessing this is all about me
    OM & OF: *Chuckle* Oh my sweet, you are so - (OF) Naive! (OM: *Nudges stomach*) OF: Oww?
    OM: We can reassure you that you might consider staying here forever too!
    Caroline: Ooh, forever how wonderful that may be!
    OM: *Mind* Haha this is easy “Oh I mean seriously?” She’s just another child.. No way how will I ever let her be.. free
    OF: Caroline, stay far from the line, for this is not all there is.
    OF: Sure you’re a cute button, where many can you see?
    OM: “Oh ignore that dear, your Other Father’s just joking.” Soon the time will arrive, where you can dive into -
    OF: Little time left here, little time left there for you can only hope.. That what you see here isn’t truly on it’s true.. *show.*
    OM: So what do you say? Perhaps consider this for a day? If you’d like, you can stay _
    OF: But remember there is something you have to *pay..*
    OM: A little buttons to be sewn, you know.. kind of an “owe”.
    OF: Cause of course it won’t sting, but remember what I say.. may it hint a ring, into your head.
    (Just a little song I thought would match for the movie)

  • *𝙽 𝚊 𝚞 𝚛*
    *𝙽 𝚊 𝚞 𝚛* Hace 2 años +2

    The nostalgia, the comforting tune
    It’s making me teary-eyed ❤️

  • Schuylkill
    Schuylkill Hace 2 años +3

    Why is it that this song is so nostalgic? I never even watched Coraline as a kid, but this is so comforting?? It probably has something to do with the fact the TMBG was a big part of my childhood, but I could listen to this song for hours..

  • EchoLynn
    EchoLynn Hace 8 meses +1

    The first time I ever watched this movie was when I was really young (probably like 6 or 7) and I distinctly remember a strong feeling of nostalgia, like I'd seen it before, even though I knew for sure I hadn't. It wasn't really deja vu because it wasn't that specific to events, but just a feeling. I'm listening to this song again and i feel like a lot of it was something about the Other Father and his voice, there's just something about it that seems like it's been around for a lot longer than it really has. This is probably just a weird thing unique to me, but I thought it was a fitting story

  • Tropical Island
    Tropical Island Hace 6 años +131

    I always thought he said
    She's a peach she's a doll she's a "bal of wine

    • Myiah M
      Myiah M Hace un año

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      She's a peach She's a doll She's a ball of twine

    • N o o d l e s
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  • Dyana
    Dyana Hace 2 años +2

    Everyone who is complimenting the guys voice just read the credits. The dad is voiced by John Hodgman (speaking voice) and the singing part is voiced and written by John Linell of They Might be Giants. They have been around since the 80s and their entire discography is free on youtube, on Spotify, etc. They Might Be Giants also wrote and sang Malcom In The Middle's theme song. They are really, really good and talented in their versatile style. They have more than 10 albums and 100 songs. Get to listening!

  • Terra Guth
    Terra Guth Hace 5 años +3

    It's kind of creepy when one thinks of what this song really means. Really creepy.
    There are hidden messages to this song to Coraline about what the Other Mother is doing and is going to eventually do, or try to do, to her. Watching her through the doll, planning to take her eyes. And the Other Father pretty much tells Coraline he's an ally by saying, "she's a pal of mine." (Though Coraline realizes *none* of this)
    And frankly a woman stealing a child's eyes and therefor their souls is just downright terrifying.

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    Si hablas español ahí va una traducción más apegada a lo que dice en realidad y el mensaje que esconde en realidad la canción.
    🎶🎶Haciendo una canción sobre Coraline, es un durazno, una muñeca, una amiga mía.
    Es tan linda como un botón en los ojos de todos quienes ponen sus ojos en Coraline.
    Cuando explora alrededor mamá y yo nunca lo haremos aburrido, nuestros ojos estarán en Coraline. 🎶

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    *Someone was playing the piano while I was singing this, I asked him if he was able to play this song.*
    *He said yes, The whole entire Discord Voice Chat just wear silent.*
    *When we stopped, they all said stuff like, "Wow! That was amazing!"*
    So yea.
    *This song is obsession worthy.*

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    I know I do.

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    Me who read the book: 👁️👄👁️

    • Cocobeef
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    • Icarusgotback
      Icarusgotback Hace 2 años

      Cocobeef you can read it online from like a library

    • Cocobeef
      Cocobeef Hace 2 años

      @Icarusgotback No I don't really have a lot of money in covid :( I will buy it when I can more comfortably afford it. For now I am reading the murderbot diaries :)

    • Icarusgotback
      Icarusgotback Hace 2 años

      Cocobeef did you get the book?

    • Cocobeef
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      @Icarusgotback Alright thanks i'll give it a read sometime soon :))))

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  • GamingChaRoblox
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    Making up a song about coraline
    (Warning her)
    She's a peach
    (The Beldam wants to eat her)
    She's a doll
    (The doll that looks like coraline was used to spy on her)
    She's a pal of mine
    (Letting her know that he's on her side)
    She's as cute as a button in the eyes of everyone who ever laid their eyes on coraline
    (Letting her know that the other mother is going to put buttons on her eyes)
    When she comes around exploring mom and I will never, ever make it boring
    Our eyes will be on coraline
    (The beldam is watching her)

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    • Blender Bach
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    • King Magnus
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    • Splendid Snivy STUDIOS!
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    • Jedi master Optimus prime
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      @Isabelle Skog definitely in the top 20 for me, I remember the first time I watched it I thought it was gonna be stupid but when I watched it I saw how good it was and watched it a few more times, wrote two garbage sequels, threw them out rewrote them, I’m now improving those scripts and will include the other father and wybie returning somehow.

    • Isabelle Skog
      Isabelle Skog Hace 6 años +2

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    "She's A Peach, She's A Doll, She's a pal of mine."
    "She's as cute as a button"
    "Our Eyes will be On Coraline."

    • Cynthia C
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      The lyrics “she’s a doll” means the other mother spy’s on her through her doll and can tell that she’s not happy

    • Sax
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      Actually, everyone understands. Literally, everyone comments about this.

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  • Inkwell Valentine
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  • Η Έλενα Της Χρονιάς

    Lemme explain the lyrics:
    Making up a song about CORALINE
    (trying to warn her)
    She's a peach
    (other mother wants to eat her)
    She's a doll
    (how the other mother is spying on her)
    She's a pal of mine
    (Other father trying to say he's not with the other mother's side)
    She's as cute as a button
    (how the other mother will make her stay)
    In the eyes of everyone who ever laid their eyes on Coraline
    (everyone in the other world has button eyes. The other mother wants to sew buttons on Coraline's eyes)
    When she comes around exploring
    (Indicates that the other mother is spying on her)
    Mom and I will never make it boring
    (how the other mother tricks her)
    Our eyes will always be on Coraline
    (The other parents have button eyes. He meant physically not metaphorically)
    Hope it helped you :)

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    The way he says coraline tho..

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