Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

  • Publicado el 17 sep 2019
  • We switched lives with Jeffree Star.... We live complete opposite lifestyles
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Comentarios • 25 063

  • Syko275
    Syko275 Hace un hora


  • xjsem
    xjsem Hace un hora

    “If it’s not a cookie in the morning then what is it?”

    OOF, 💀😂

  • Brielle Grey
    Brielle Grey Hace un hora +1

    that wig is probably worth my house

  • Morgan Rouse
    Morgan Rouse Hace un hora

    *not trying to be negative, so dont come for me*
    But did anyone else get kind of annoyed vibes from jeffree in both videos? It might just be me, but I feel like he was extra sassy.

  • Andromeda Flower
    Andromeda Flower Hace un hora

    "if it's not a cookie in the morning then what is it?"
    ME AF

  • Tamar Yellowhead
    Tamar Yellowhead Hace un hora

    Y’all make some sexy friggen ladiesss🤤🤤 love ya both. Did you know my sister has 2 set of twins 2 years apart and born on the same day🤣🤣 I love twins and live for it!

  • Brielle Grey
    Brielle Grey Hace un hora +1

    the wig snatched my whole bank account

  • Myrick Crampton
    Myrick Crampton Hace un hora

    so did they go throw up after they drank some Greek yogurt or what 😂

  • Kelly DiTullio
    Kelly DiTullio Hace un hora

    Just came home from work and decided to watch this video and this honestly is the best video I've seen in the past week. It made my night

  • ToTheMax
    ToTheMax Hace un hora

    Who the fuck is that thing talking to the camera

  • Carlos Jimenez
    Carlos Jimenez Hace un hora

    🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ stupid asf

  • bbbenhhher
    bbbenhhher Hace un hora

    white chicks 2

    TERRI JOHNSON Hace un hora


  • Diana Munoz
    Diana Munoz Hace un hora

    You should pay for my college tuition idk just a thought

  • Brielle Grey
    Brielle Grey Hace un hora +2

    it's so amazing when they can finally hang out with a gay person without getting hit on, if u know what i'm talking about then u kno

  • Maggie Hill
    Maggie Hill Hace un hora

    throughout the whole video I was questioning which twin is who

  • cerys jones
    cerys jones Hace un hora

    lowkey getting miss vanjie vibes

  • Creative Minds
    Creative Minds Hace un hora

    28:36 umm what about sister squad Halloween???

  • MegaAeroforce1
    MegaAeroforce1 Hace un hora +1

    Who else is still watching this on the 18th?

  • Thando Shantel Nzuza
    Thando Shantel Nzuza Hace un hora

    I love Jeffrey

  • Uniquely Unique
    Uniquely Unique Hace un hora

    Ayee I see the Webb Brothers merch☺️

  • Aleisha Hibbitt
    Aleisha Hibbitt Hace un hora

    anyone else have white chicks vibes?

  • Lera Hill
    Lera Hill Hace un hora

    Aye,,, When are you guys going to make that diss track for when you guys hit 10mil???

  • Katelyn Ashenfelter
    Katelyn Ashenfelter Hace un hora +1

    they stop hanging out with james and start making videos with jeffree. this is sad

  • GothiccDayziez ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    The best part is how I couldn’t tell the difference in the thumbnail-

  • Barefoot Awesome
    Barefoot Awesome Hace un hora

    Why did Ricky Dillon run by with a camera lol

  • Sydney Smith
    Sydney Smith Hace un hora

    Am I the only one that saw Ricky Dillon at 26:53? lol

  • N V
    N V Hace un hora

    this was literally the cringiest video ever. weeee

  • morgan
    morgan Hace un hora

    why does Grayson glammed as Jeffrey look like Antonio Garza

  • Alina
    Alina Hace un hora

    how does jeffree eat so much shit and look like a barbie- but like when he said if he doesn't get a cookie he gets depression thats the biggest mood oml

  • Jarrington Luv
    Jarrington Luv Hace un hora

    36:21 Ethan: oh there it is it’s coming!
    Grayson: uh don’t say that..I’m getting out the bathroom

  • Leah van der Velde
    Leah van der Velde Hace un hora

    the biggest thing i got from this video is that i’m legitimately concerned for jeffrees health YOU CANT EAT 7 COOKIES A DAY AND A BURGER FOR BREAKFAST

  • Savannah Roberts
    Savannah Roberts Hace un hora

    “If it’s not a cookie in the morning what is it?”- Ethan “Depression”-Jeffree

  • IR B
    IR B Hace un hora

    Those gowns!!! Yaaassssss

  • Mounira Mounira
    Mounira Mounira Hace un hora

    #1Tendances in France

  • ItzJustJessDuh
    ItzJustJessDuh Hace un hora

    Why do they remind me of pink lemonade in the thumbnail?💀

  • Lorcan Drury
    Lorcan Drury Hace un hora

    Rare unseen footage of White Chicks

  • Aniyah B
    Aniyah B Hace un hora

    2000 for a wig install 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

  • Mother Goddess
    Mother Goddess Hace un hora

    Okay but why are the Dolan twins hotter than me lol

  • Keani Go
    Keani Go Hace un hora +1

    These hair and makeup artists are insanely talented!

  • Colleen Costello
    Colleen Costello Hace un hora +1

    “if you didn’t have cookies what would you have” “depression”
    I DIED

  • gabrielladressedinyella
    gabrielladressedinyella Hace un hora +1

    Loved this ❤

  • Trell West
    Trell West Hace un hora +1

    I’m shook

  • AA
    AA Hace un hora

    Okay now I couldn't tell Ethan and Grayson apart

  • Brynn Drickey
    Brynn Drickey Hace un hora

    am i the only one who got white chick vibes?

  • Jake Zinkand
    Jake Zinkand Hace un hora +1

    It takes a real man to dress up like that

  • Heather Mitchell
    Heather Mitchell Hace un hora +1

    I literally laughed out loud a few times. This video is great!

  • JustZazzy
    JustZazzy Hace un hora +3

    I can't believe Jeffree looked so sexy as Jeff Dolan.

  • raechiegirl808
    raechiegirl808 Hace un hora +1

    Omg when he said freeing in a different way, that made me so happy. I love these guys. You're all suuuuper funny together too. Please do another video together.

  • Jaila Mitchell
    Jaila Mitchell Hace un hora +1

    I'm getting white chicks vibes from the twins

  • Bee Elle
    Bee Elle Hace un hora +1

    This was seriously amazing! Bravo and you guys are awesome for being for such good sports!

  • Natalie V
    Natalie V Hace un hora

    Does Grayson Dolan have one of those diamond things on his tooth??

  • anahi reynaga
    anahi reynaga Hace un hora +1

    I love how gray just added “also he has no eyebrows 😶” 😭😂

  • Abigail Bouchard
    Abigail Bouchard Hace un hora +1

    “Cold by the way, not the warm urine you guys gave me yesterday” 😂

  • Allison -
    Allison - Hace un hora +1

    i can’t tell the twins apart in this and now i’m

  • William Bonney
    William Bonney Hace un hora +1

    gàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy as aiiiiiiiiiiids get of my feed

  • Gloria Burger
    Gloria Burger Hace un hora +2

    When he said “catch” and threw the purse I lost it😂

  • Jordan Randell-Tredgett
    Jordan Randell-Tredgett Hace un hora +1

    26:54 lmao why is Ricky Dillon filming them like wat?

  • Hailey is a ye ye er
    Hailey is a ye ye er Hace un hora +1

    38:42 of jeffree making dolan twins feel poor asf 🤭

  • Litzy Gonzalez
    Litzy Gonzalez Hace un hora +1

    These comments have me weak asf 😂😂😂😂😂😂