My ONE PROBLEM With Love, Simon Explained


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  • Olivia
    Olivia Hace 22 horas

    I feel like it's pretty normal for closeted guys to make out with girls at parties. Plus they all go to school together, he could have known her or even hooked up with her before. In the books, Blue knows who Simon is already because 'Jacques a dit' is 'Simon Says' in French. lol. But I think here he didn't, so while he was flirting with Simon he wasn't going to out himself to a guy he didn't know was also gay.

    (Also drake's definitely not the only blewish (black/jewish) person. There's Tiffany Haddish, Jussie Smollet, Eric Andre, Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet, Maya Rudolph, Rashida Jones, Tracey Ellis Ross...and mizrahi jews...the list goes on)

  • just Marya
    just Marya Hace un día

    The ending kills me 😂😂 love lme 😂😂

  • Jessie Dowlah
    Jessie Dowlah Hace un día

    The one thing i hated about the movie was that his friends didnt allow him to explain himself

  • Madison Hunnicutt
    Madison Hunnicutt Hace 2 días

    the book was better than the movie. it didn't end like the movie.

  • Shootmethroughmyhead
    Shootmethroughmyhead Hace 3 días

    _"Pets"_ i choked

  • meolidas 007
    meolidas 007 Hace 3 días

    Wait did he say he has gay pets?

  • Riona Garner
    Riona Garner Hace 6 días +1

    Actually, it’s very common for people who don’t want to come out or are too scared to come out to actually do what they think that society would accept.

  • Audrey Ellis
    Audrey Ellis Hace 6 días

    I haven't seen the movie or read the book so I don't really know but.. why does the college have lockers and a cafetira?

  • AbiCat123
    AbiCat123 Hace 8 días

    The movie ended like that Cuz it was based on a book called "Simon vs. The homosapiens agenda" and that's how the book ended (that's also probably why people are calling it an agenda movie)

  • Chelbi Renouf
    Chelbi Renouf Hace 9 días


  • Abby Lee
    Abby Lee Hace 10 días

    The one thing that bothers me is Blue doesn’t show up for NINETY percent of the movie and then the ending is just like “hey I’m here”

  • Jesse Cowan
    Jesse Cowan Hace 10 días

    it says that he was drunk when he was having sex with the girl

  • Holy Maccaroni
    Holy Maccaroni Hace 11 días

    GOD the book was soo much better. It was so much more genuine.

  • alexis santiago
    alexis santiago Hace 12 días +2

    He kissed the girl because he said he was drunk lmao and confused

  • Death_ninja_g
    Death_ninja_g Hace 14 días


  • Elsa Cisneros
    Elsa Cisneros Hace 14 días

    One problem....

    *-It gay-*

  • TP
    TP Hace 16 días

    In the end Blue said that he was 1. Off his tits
    2. It stopped immediately

  • okay
    okay Hace 16 días

    Brown Sugar 😂

  • Abbie S
    Abbie S Hace 18 días

    The book is better and the ending is different and there are loads of other things different about it but I loved both the movie and the book

  • Rukmani Sindhu Thangam
    Rukmani Sindhu Thangam Hace 22 días

    The book was better (Obviously). Blue wasn’t even at the party. And I agree, the Ferris wheel was manipulative. It’s the kind of thing guys think as a ‘grand gesture’ when it really is putting pressure on someone. That’s what Martin or whatever his name is, does. But Simon actually just sends a private email to blue and even then to just meet at the carnival. And he meets Bram after he gets off the Ferris wheel. And in the book it’s more of ‘at xx time Simon was no longer ‘single’ on Facebook and by xxx Bram was no longer single either.’ Which fits an already mostly epistolary story. (Also Simon gets So Grounded unlike in the movie)
    My problem was with how they portrayed Leah. They made her seem like she is in love with Simon but really she was only upset because her best friends were ignoring her and doing things without her. She had so many things going on in her life that Simon being the oblivious ass he is, doesn’t notice. Also in the second book ‘Leah off the beat’ she is bi.
    And and maybe you ARE living in the future because I’m still in the closet.

  • The sound of Jimmy McGee
    The sound of Jimmy McGee Hace 23 días


  • Natalie
    Natalie Hace 23 días

    *senior year of high school @ 0:16

  • crafter 3
    crafter 3 Hace 23 días


  • Side Flower
    Side Flower Hace 24 días

    Woop, woop! Yeah! Illinois!!

  • Lachydachy786 Or Memes are gods

    Just asking your gay

  • SanctimoniousSoup
    SanctimoniousSoup Hace 26 días

    The story IS solid, it's just how they did the movie.

  • Queenny Charles
    Queenny Charles Hace 26 días +1

    Senior year of high school

  • Lilacintrovert -Alex-
    Lilacintrovert -Alex- Hace 26 días

    it was all explained in the book jdjdjdjjd

  • Fatou The Slytherin
    Fatou The Slytherin Hace 26 días

    I didn't see the movie but I've read the book

  • mashreka mahmood
    mashreka mahmood Hace 26 días


  • blush luma
    blush luma Hace 27 días

    actually, the thing that happened at the end of the movie was talked about by someone on tumblr. they compared martin asking out abby vs simon asking out blue. they said how martin publicly putting abby on the spot was super manipulative, and also made her seem like a bad person for telling him no. but, if blue had never shown up, simon is the one who would’ve been embarrassed. no repercussions would have come to blue if he chose not to reveal himself. it was a cute little dramatic romantic ending for a film, and i loved it.

  • Burrito Gurl
    Burrito Gurl Hace 27 días

    Haha, Hannah Backer

  • Evan A.
    Evan A. Hace 27 días

    What you live in Illinois. I live here as well 👌

  • Drew Whitcomb
    Drew Whitcomb Hace 28 días +1

    "Senior year of College" Wat

  • Mazie Kate
    Mazie Kate Hace 28 días

    In the book it's a tilt-a-whirl and not a ferris wheel, the fair is about to close, and there's nobody there watching them. I don't know why they did it like that in the movie, it's so awkward just to have dozens of people there watching him.

  • Daniel Svendsen
    Daniel Svendsen Hace 28 días +1

    I read the title as Simon explaining what’s wrong with love.

  • corinna bevier
    corinna bevier Hace 29 días

    they were flirting so hard during the party

  • Ellie Fink
    Ellie Fink Hace 29 días

    You said college Simon is in Highschool

  • Hila Badescu
    Hila Badescu Hace un mes


  • Anchy
    Anchy Hace un mes

    It did not seem forced to me. Simon poured his heart and let him *choose* whether or not he wants to come out at the ferris wheel or not. Blue came out to his father because Simon was there for him and vise versa. They fell in love with each other through emails alone and shared the same struggle. He could've just been stood up, but at the last second Blue came out. And why? Because Simon's courage inspired him.

  • SED779
    SED779 Hace un mes

    Ok so for me as a lesbian of color I totally get your concerns about it, and bobs toy I agree to a point but like...I dunno maybe I just don’t have high expectations and am happy w scraps but it’s a cool movie. Way too white but good. Also like, internalized homophobia is a bitch do that could be why Blue kissed the girl? But yeah um maybe someday we’ll get a lgbtq+ romcom that’s not so white and not about a middle class white boy cause it was hard to relate to tbh. I appreciate it for what it represents but it was hard to relate to.

  • AmazinglyToxic 13
    AmazinglyToxic 13 Hace un mes

    0:17 he’s in high school

  • Shy Vlogger
    Shy Vlogger Hace un mes

    The ending of the book is much better. They still meet at the fair, but not so publicly and blue never kisses a girl. I do love this movie though, but the book is sooooooooo much better.

  • Brody Sinko
    Brody Sinko Hace un mes

    Book is better tbh
    And the ending in the book was similar except he just said "Meet me at the fair" and they meet near the end of the night on a random ride and it is just amazing tbh

  • A. Black
    A. Black Hace un mes

    That's the only part I didn't like about the movie aswell

  • Jacob Edling
    Jacob Edling Hace un mes

    Coming out can still be scary, even if you live in a progressive time.

  • Danielle Seymour
    Danielle Seymour Hace un mes

    I don’t think the ending was manipulative because blue already ended the “relationship” and Simon was just giving blue the chance to reconsider. If blue didn’t show up, the only person who would’ve been embarrassed is Simon.

  • LittleAnime KpopDevil
    LittleAnime KpopDevil Hace un mes

    LOL 😂 "senior year of college"

  • Memily23
    Memily23 Hace un mes

    I didn't like this movie because it was so cliché even when they were trying not to be cliché. I love the effort of trying to make a movie representing the lgbtq+ community but the majority of the movie was so cringy that i had a hard time watching it. (The only parts i actually like were the conversations between Simon and his parents after he comes out and the parts when they show the theater teacher personality just because it was funny)
    I mean i can't say to much because in the end of the day is a teen Hollywood movie, but the writing could have been so much better. It's a beautiful story but the narrative make it look so cliche that is sad. I didn't read the book but I can bet is a hundred times better.

  • Tejon Douglas
    Tejon Douglas Hace un mes

    U said college u mean high school

  • Shania Adams
    Shania Adams Hace un mes

    Did he say Simon is in college

  • Quinn Reverance
    Quinn Reverance Hace un mes

    It felt like a cheesy netflix original on par with “to all the boys i’ve loved before”

  • Next Fall
    Next Fall Hace un mes

    I agree with you 100% the book handled the first meeting so much better

  • Guardian Of The Duat
    Guardian Of The Duat Hace un mes

    U know what i hate? How fucking bull shit the whole movie is it portrayed everything so unrealistic i mean they clap at the end when they kiss for god sakes

  • Grant Pearson
    Grant Pearson Hace un mes

    We’re u not paying attention bram was drunk

  • Emily Topete
    Emily Topete Hace un mes +1

    at 0:17 you say "... a dude in his senior year at college..." but he is in his senior year at high school.

  • Jack Fee
    Jack Fee Hace un mes

    Pretty sure love Simon represents no gay on earth and is therefore shit as it used the homosexuality of the main character to claim their shit movie is good

  • Kai Amachi
    Kai Amachi Hace un mes

    your youtuber name is taken my dude.

  • Oro Elvis
    Oro Elvis Hace un mes

    Wth this isnt how the book went!!! I love the book!!!

  • Paulabunga Productions

    There is a thing called BISEXUALITY!

  • Loki is a god
    Loki is a god Hace un mes

    I loved the book and the movie, but the movie ending bothered me sooo much, it was nothing like the book ending. Also in the movie he did say he was drunk when making out with that girl

  • Afonso Oliveira
    Afonso Oliveira Hace un mes

    This fucking movie gave me a gay midlife crisis.
    I mean, most straight people won't feel the same as a gay person watching this.
    Basically, the coming out scene made me actually experience anxiety, and I almost screamed "come on!!!!" At the screen when I thought simon was going to chicken out (I'm 24 and I'm in my 367th attempt at coming out. My best attempt was getting myself up from my bed after a whole day of gathering courage and giving up the moment I opened my bedroom door ".
    The bully scene is just bad. Either american bullies are really bad at it or this movie didn't want to bring back memories.
    They did really capture the feeling of knowing that someone around you is gay but not knowing who.
    All around a good film but the ending kind of made me cringe

  • E-Ma
    E-Ma Hace un mes

    honestly, I didn't like the movie. I felt like the entire movie was really badly moved along, the actions that the characters took to make conflict were simply stupid and felt out of place. I mean like the entire conflict is just centred around Simon being an idiot and leaving his library computer open. Like wtf dude

  • Neha Schomaker
    Neha Schomaker Hace un mes +1

    1 people call it an agenda movie because the book is called Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.
    2 He is in his in high school not collage.
    3 They made bram blue bacause it made sence.
    4 Bram made out with a girl because he was drunk.
    5 Read the books before you expell bullshit.

  • X-men Bioforce
    X-men Bioforce Hace un mes +1

    He’s not in college

  • Alpha Killer
    Alpha Killer Hace un mes

    Read the comments.
    You'll probably find something funny

  • Emma Brunet
    Emma Brunet Hace un mes +1

    Mate but he was drunk Blue was drunk making out with a girl

  • Madie Nitschke
    Madie Nitschke Hace un mes +1

    *highschool not college

  • Southern Ice Tea
    Southern Ice Tea Hace un mes

    The book was kinda better cause we literally had no clue Bram was important and (correct me if I’m wrong) but I don’t think Simon even suspected Bram of being blue

  • Anna Meisner
    Anna Meisner Hace un mes

    He litereally said he was with the girl Becuase he was drunk

  • xd kelly
    xd kelly Hace un mes

    His friends were too mean on him, it was upsetting.

  • Kenzie Horton
    Kenzie Horton Hace un mes

    He's a junior in high school, not a senior in college

  • Holicopter x
    Holicopter x Hace un mes

    I agree with allllll this video lol

  • Jade Anderson
    Jade Anderson Hace un mes

    The ending makes me mad too! The book ends differently, and is honestly way better! It's a must read! 🤩

  • Scooby-Doo 18
    Scooby-Doo 18 Hace un mes

    i thought hannah baker killed herself...

  • Hannah Jaffe
    Hannah Jaffe Hace un mes

    ... “i have so many friends that are gay, i’m the nervous one to come out” ... wtf 😂 i get ur trying to make a joke and a point... but ur still in the privileged majority big boy... just bc u live in a nice progressive place doesnt mean everyone does - also i understand this has nothing to do with the point of the video, i just thot it was problematic

  • Eyebrow
    Eyebrow Hace un mes

    Btw, Simon lives in Georgia

  • SkullEuphoria jinx
    SkullEuphoria jinx Hace un mes

    The book was better

  • WierdGlitteryCats
    WierdGlitteryCats Hace un mes

    I agree. I think the ending of this movie was actually way to perfect. I feel like the story was all about Simon and his journey in being a homosexual teen, and that Blu was more of a plot device. The fact that we learned who he was bugged me bc I thought it didn’t match up with his character, or the story, and, like I said, it’s way to perfect. I also honk we should’ve seen more of Bram, so that the ending wouldn’t seem as random. It’s just weird and I think it could’ve been better.

  • Michael McCullough
    Michael McCullough Hace un mes

    I didn't think Bram making out with the girl at the party, and later saying they stopped after Simon walked in was a cop out. As a gay man myself, I can understand that Bram was probably confused about his feelings and by the end of the school year worked out his isses.

  • Name Change.
    Name Change. Hace un mes

    I've read the book and it's much better than the film but that's usually the case. The movie was pretty solid like you said. Worth a watch .

  • Lucien Cole
    Lucien Cole Hace un mes

    It’s a Hollywood Ending, deal with it.

  • Majja 179
    Majja 179 Hace un mes

    Something funny

  • Dizzl Pop
    Dizzl Pop Hace un mes

    I love this movie

  • stone bakala
    stone bakala Hace un mes

    This movies about a dude in his senior year of college

  • Nick_Gresock
    Nick_Gresock Hace un mes

    his friends were right to be made, but should've had a lot more compassion but ya know straight people they don't exactly get it

  • Olivia Schroeder
    Olivia Schroeder Hace un mes

    Ugh I hated the ending of this movie too! They made so much reference to small specific traits the other boy had. The whole time I was trying to figure out who it was and it didn’t seem like anything added up in the end! The ending felt so forced to just finally tell the audience who it was. The only hint that I remember being a connection that ended up being true was the Ferris wheel and the Oreos.

  • Bukky Emmanuel
    Bukky Emmanuel Hace un mes

    Ive been binging this dudes vids, I love this guys voice and commentary

  • Hannah Ashley
    Hannah Ashley Hace un mes

    lol this was filmed at my school

  • itzmac
    itzmac Hace un mes

    Annoyingly they weren’t all watching him in a crowd in the books. The book ending was so much better

  • Arno Dorian
    Arno Dorian Hace un mes

    Ok now I have a problem. Let me explain 0:17 he's not in his senior year of college. He's in his senior year of high school.

  • Maddie Cooper
    Maddie Cooper Hace un mes

    In the book Blue was not at all like what Simon thought

  • limit less
    limit less Hace un mes

    I only had two problems with the movie the ending felt like it was rushed and the Ferris wheel scene was just kinda cringe, overall really cute though

  • Joao Da Costa
    Joao Da Costa Hace un mes

    It's based on a book

  • Jacob Nilsson
    Jacob Nilsson Hace un mes

    COLLEGE?! I thought he was in high school??

  • Katrina Katrina
    Katrina Katrina Hace un mes

    Louis Steven😂😂😂 love the Even Steven reference. ❣️

  • The Sassy Whale
    The Sassy Whale Hace un mes +1

    You live in Illinois and it's okay to be gay? You must be in Chicago because that's the only reason IL is a blue state lmao

  • Hayley Jacinthia
    Hayley Jacinthia Hace un mes

    the book was different u should read it

  • Aya-Mei Duncan
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  • Tori Terlaje
    Tori Terlaje Hace un mes