My ONE PROBLEM With Love, Simon Explained


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  • Heidi Sawyer
    Heidi Sawyer Hace un día


  • aliya talebi
    aliya talebi Hace un día

    wy would you disagree with the fact that Bram was Jewish..? It makes sense poc Jews exist lmao

  • Gloria Mumbi
    Gloria Mumbi Hace un día

    He's going round and round like flo Rida😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Black Rainbows
    Black Rainbows Hace un día

    I wish everyone was as cool as let me explain

  • Black Rainbows
    Black Rainbows Hace un día

    I honestly loved "Love,Simon"

  • Cerise Min
    Cerise Min Hace 2 días

    I can confirm that it's awkward to just hit on people assuming they are homosexual, aka Gram wouldn't have made a move and Simon wanted to be sure it was him so he didn't either. But I also find it amazing how assuming heterosexuality is normal, why do we just not assume people's sexual preference at all

  • Heartless Forever
    Heartless Forever Hace 2 días +1

    Trust me the book made alot more sense.

    KATIE WATIE Hace 3 días

    You mightve not noticed but in the scene when Simon asked why he has made out with a girl if he was gay he said he was drunk and said it ended very soon after he had left the room. Bram explained a lot of the stuff that you pointed out in this video when they were on the ferris wheel. No hate against you though- i can understand why you mightve not gone over that or you migtve just forgotten about it or maybe you missed the scene. But i do agree that it was pretty weird to have him go to the ferris wheel while Simon knows Blue doesnt want people to know that he’s the “mystery gay kid at school” but still goes onto the ferris wheel to wait for him, when there would be a huge crowd to reveal who he is to instead of just Simon and maybe a few other people like Leah, Abby, or the rest of the main crew. “Blue” even blocked him so their would be a bigger chance of him jot showing up, and what would the chances be of Bram even being at the carnival at the time he was on the ferris wheel unless he saw it on creak secrets or a friend told him. Anyway, keep up the great work, youre an amazing youtuber.
    Love, Simon
    Sorry i had to :)

  • Bleach co.
    Bleach co. Hace 4 días

    I think they added Bram kissing a female at the party and casting a black actor as a Jewish character (based on stereotypes, most Jewish people aren’t black) to add to the “shock factor”. It has nothing to do with Bram’s character and more to do with making the viewers having to guess only in the end, to be shocked. I’m not implying that people who are homosexual etc. don’t kiss the opposite gender for particular reasons such as wanting to feel “normal”, conceal the fact they’re gay (etc.), not wanting to accept being gay (etc.) or maybe even just wanting to try it. Just my thoughts :)

  • Peter Dang
    Peter Dang Hace 5 días

    I've been trippin

    JARED BANCROFT Hace 5 días

    How do you know that guy ain't Jewish ?

  • Dola Mitra
    Dola Mitra Hace 5 días

    The kid was drunk and not in his senses. The book mentions it.

  • TeaQueen IsHERE
    TeaQueen IsHERE Hace 5 días

    I also hated the ending wtf

  • t gay
    t gay Hace 6 días

    I’m gey 2 😍

  • Jak Attacc
    Jak Attacc Hace 7 días

    The books ending worked a lot better so I understand where you are coming from, so ya. But Bram was also Black and (half) Jewish in the book so you cant attack it for that

  • coraline grace
    coraline grace Hace 8 días

    i’m satisfied with the ending of this movie *especially* because it shows the two ends of publicly asking someone out. martin, who is blackmailing simon, publicly asks out abby and it leaves both of them at an awkward position and she’s almost forced to say yes to him, but when she says no they both get humiliated by it, martian rightfully gets more crap for it.
    when simon asks blue to reveal himself, he does it in a way so that if blue didn’t reveal himself, only he would be humiliated and blue wouldn’t have to come out publicly.
    the different ways it shows the two main “relationships” is pretty amazing actually. one is a manipulative way, and one is a healthy way (if riding a ferris wheel that many times is healthy).

  • LightningFlare1
    LightningFlare1 Hace 8 días +1

    College? Dude, Simon is in high school

  • MélissaEnvy
    MélissaEnvy Hace 9 días

    lol lol lol lol "this dude ain't Drake, he ain't jewish" lol lol lol

  • Oren Staniorski
    Oren Staniorski Hace 10 días

    Read the book

  • Bowl of Stainlesssoup
    Bowl of Stainlesssoup Hace 11 días

    I hate everything about LGBT group

  • Ndrew Benavides
    Ndrew Benavides Hace 11 días

    I loved the whole movie except the ending. It felt force and not organic like the other scenes.

  • Zadet 6075
    Zadet 6075 Hace 12 días

    This movie is irritating to me. They act like it’s a crazy thing to be gay these days. It used to be edgy to be gay. Now it’s edgy to be straight.

    Ps, I have nothing wrong with people who are, I just hate sjws.

  • Domathin1503
    Domathin1503 Hace 12 días +1

    0:17 senior year of college???

  • warjikin
    warjikin Hace 12 días

    There are Jews of color and closeted gay boys kiss girls all the time.

  • Cool Dol
    Cool Dol Hace 13 días

    I'm reading the book

  • Joselyn D
    Joselyn D Hace 13 días

    I loved the movie but i kind of agree with the video. I didn’t like how he manipulated his friends either but I can’t really blame him to much

  • steven franklin
    steven franklin Hace 13 días

    Senior year of high school, not college.

  • kay vgeee
    kay vgeee Hace 14 días

    Let’s also not forget how easy they made it for him to come out. Both progressive ass parents that both accepted him. Like yay he’s accepted but it’s too easy. Plus he’s coming from a middle class family with no struggles. It’s soooo easy. Too easy. And he ended up with the guy who he thought it would be with. Let’s not forget the fat shaming scenes too where he thought the fat guys could be gay and got scared. Lol. Awesome representation...

  • Entity 303 Enomus
    Entity 303 Enomus Hace 14 días

    My nigga I live in Chicago Illinois

  • Deadshot12
    Deadshot12 Hace 14 días

    You made a mistake you said senoir year at college

  • batnat
    batnat Hace 15 días

    he could be bi...or pan?

  • Alexander Eliassen09122002

    wait your gay

  • Meg-Cashton-129
    Meg-Cashton-129 Hace 18 días

    In the movie, Martin says to Abby, "What do you get when you mix black and jewish?...[BLUE]-ish." So...yeah idk if it was thrown in, sir.

  • The Absolutely Guy
    The Absolutely Guy Hace 18 días +1

    I loved this movie

  • Legend of Pikachu
    Legend of Pikachu Hace 18 días

    Hello ^^ I haven't seen the movie yet(I was debating it) but when the trailer came out, I had already read the book.And let me say, the book is amazing. I say if anything, please read the book ^^ It definitely has a more satisfying ending then the movie. That's all

  • Roger Teske
    Roger Teske Hace 19 días

    It depends where u live. My friend lives in a very unaccepting area so he’s been forced in the closet and still is

  • Jonathan Snyder
    Jonathan Snyder Hace 19 días

    He’s in his senior year high school...not college...

  • Joe N.
    Joe N. Hace 20 días

    I agree. I loved the movie because of how well it described what Simon was dealing with, and I related to it so much because of how much I identify with it, but I was not a fan of the ending because it was way too wishy washy and felt super unrealistic and didn’t keep with film continuity. I also felt like his friends’ reactions were unrealistic when they found out what he did. In real life I feel like friends like that would have been significantly more compassionate and understanding, whereas in the film it felt like they were artificially cold toward him for the sake of stirring up a climax for the plot. Even then I still felt able to relate, so I think it’s definitely worth watching.

  • Magosity
    Magosity Hace 20 días

    He was drunk

  • Muffins With Rasins
    Muffins With Rasins Hace 20 días

    I'm sure there are 80 billion other comments making this same point but I just want to say, IN THE BOOK a lot of similar things happen but nearly everything about this that you're complaining about was done properly

  • QueenBee 101
    QueenBee 101 Hace 20 días

    Is that Hannah Baker in the thumbnail?!?!?!

  • Nicole Curto
    Nicole Curto Hace 21 un día

    Serior year of HS* not college!

  • Creative Bobbles
    Creative Bobbles Hace 21 un día

    Ending was a cope out but it was def for the teens because I walked out that theater in Tears mah man. TEARS. And then I reread the book because nothing is better than the homosapien agenda and some oreos

  • Sophie Moore
    Sophie Moore Hace 22 días

    really the thing is that the movie super rushed the ending. the book ending was incredible. also the crowd in the movie was... no.

  • Opal Wolf
    Opal Wolf Hace 22 días +1

    Ok so I just freaked out bc I recognised the guy in the blue shirt, right. And then I looked him up. This guy went from Dance Academy to the Flash to Love, Simon. This guy was part of my childhood, is in one of my favourite shows and now he’s here. And he doesn’t look like he’s aged one bit. Am I just freaking out over nothing?

  • Yair Reyes
    Yair Reyes Hace 22 días

    He was drinking

  • Aqua 29
    Aqua 29 Hace 23 días

    In the book it was way better, I knew from the second I saw the guy that he was blue

  • The Zesty Italian
    The Zesty Italian Hace 24 días

    I being a gay male (obviously with my picture) disagree with you, I had a horrible time after coming out, I had trouble with family and literally lost all my friends, also had the church in my town attack me, in fact my one problem with it was I felt he got off to easy and nothing happened to him... Also closeted guys flerting is different and I thought they did a good job of showing that at the party, expectly with him kissing a girl ( I have done) however I do realize the disagreement with the movie we had is because where we're from, you're from Illanois and I'm from middle of nowhere Texas.

  • Sugar Slimes
    Sugar Slimes Hace 25 días

    He’s not in college he’s in high school

  • Chris Berger
    Chris Berger Hace 25 días

    The movie is pretty good. But there is a MAJOR fail. Coming out is SO terrifying. You've been obsessively hiding your sexual orientation for years. You know that when some folks come out their parents kick them out and tell them they never want to see them again. Ditto your friends. You know that you are putting yourself at risk of physical harm. You know once it's out there you can never take it back. At the very least, you know everyone you love and count on will look at you differently, even tho you haven't changed - at all. This is DRAMA GOLD for the screenwriters and 20th Century Fox. They ignore this almost entirely, making the film unrealistic, dull, and a big let down. I want people to know the truth of what gay kids are going thru. Anyone seeing this Disneyesque version of reality will have the impression it's a cake walk and life turns out perfectly.

  • Holly Twyman
    Holly Twyman Hace 26 días


  • Holly Twyman
    Holly Twyman Hace 26 días


  • Laura Cooper
    Laura Cooper Hace 26 días

    I did like the film, but the book was so much better. Blues character was so much better in the book and the ending was a lot better, I would recommend

  • Gabby Bruno
    Gabby Bruno Hace 26 días

    Read the book.

    AYDEN GARCIA Hace 26 días

    You forgot to say meh

  • maddylime
    maddylime Hace 26 días

    Nah bro

  • Zoe Harrison
    Zoe Harrison Hace 26 días

    "Senior of college" He's a senior, but not college

  • photoshopknight
    photoshopknight Hace 27 días

    I really thought it was going to be one of the bullies.

  • Rory Madden
    Rory Madden Hace 29 días

    The ending makes way more sense if you read the book.

  • McKenzie Hope
    McKenzie Hope Hace 29 días +1

    I feel like that “Blue” was just bisexual.

  • Rachel Mendes
    Rachel Mendes Hace un mes

    So in the book blue like tells simon when they are alone. It is a better ending

  • Evan Lazarus
    Evan Lazarus Hace un mes

    He is high school not college

  • A Red Fox
    A Red Fox Hace un mes

    Bisexuality does exist. Remember that... It exists my man.

  • Hannah Hannah
    Hannah Hannah Hace un mes

    I don't mind the ending because Blue has the choice to show up. He could have just left Simon to embarrass himself. Blue was the one in control

  • QuietSpace
    QuietSpace Hace un mes

    For those of you upset about the ending, read the book. It's so beautiful.

  • hiitoast242
    hiitoast242 Hace un mes

    When does this movie take place? Like what year? His friends are complete assholes. I do like how the father reacted.

    Xx_MEGAMATE _xX Hace un mes

    All I have to say is

    That's gay

  • Eli Cahill
    Eli Cahill Hace un mes

    Wait I thought the guy explained why the girl was trying to get it with him?

  • O Webb
    O Webb Hace un mes

    For anyone who didn’t see it, he meant high school not college

  • TweekPark
    TweekPark Hace un mes

    I did really love the book

  • suria richman
    suria richman Hace un mes

    I like the book ending much more

  • Mr Temporal
    Mr Temporal Hace un mes

    "Dad, I'm gay"
    "Nice to meet you gay, I'm dad"

  • Katherine Hall
    Katherine Hall Hace un mes

    high school not college

  • Count Leopold Von Dinkenstein

    This dude in 3rd year of college.
    3rd year of college!?!!?!

  • Doris E
    Doris E Hace un mes

    This movie was so boring and a waste of time

  • Dora Balog
    Dora Balog Hace un mes

    man the reactions to him coming out seem selfish not good

  • Selane Tairea
    Selane Tairea Hace un mes


  • בר פייזר
    בר פייזר Hace un mes

    Read the book that this movie is based on. It's a whole lot better experience....
    The love story is actually realistic

  • Opal Henri
    Opal Henri Hace un mes

    Not college high school

  • the good side
    the good side Hace un mes

    The ending in the book is MUCH BETTER

  • Ty B.
    Ty B. Hace un mes

    Thank youu, someone agrees! This movie feels wasted because the ending , it was so forced and I didn’t even feel a connection between the two of them which made it even more disappointing

  • Ben McKay
    Ben McKay Hace un mes

    Honestly being gay is the trendiest thing in high school right now. Being gay is what gets you street credit in high school.

  • angela
    angela Hace un mes

    i was just didnt like the ending bc honestly wHO WAITS AT A FERRIS WHEEL FOR SOMEONE WHOS AFRAID TO COME OUT

  • Annoying  Proper
    Annoying Proper Hace un mes

    4 out of 100

  • NatashaNicole
    NatashaNicole Hace un mes

    My bestfriend since 1st grade is gay.... he had alot of girlfriends growing up.

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole Hace un mes

    Senior year of college? For some reason the previews made me think high school cuz college is so free

  • Shinobu Morita
    Shinobu Morita Hace un mes

    All I could think about was, "Damn, Bisexuals. Why u gotta be so confusing?"
    -coming from a pansexual

  • randomisawesome
    randomisawesome Hace un mes

    The book does it way better than the movie tbh

  • christian blanchard
    christian blanchard Hace un mes

    wish the ending could have been more like the book... still a 10/10 movie

    • christian blanchard
      christian blanchard Hace un mes

      ALSO i wish they had kept the tilt-a-whirl ending because bram was scared of them but he went because he wanted to be with simon. this movie and the book fucked with me so much 😭😭

  • Leendow Dlamz
    Leendow Dlamz Hace un mes

    I liked the ending... My best part

  • Justsomedude 52
    Justsomedude 52 Hace un mes

    I never cry during movies but the scene that he mentioned with Simon and his dad almost brought me to tears

  • _Dollin_
    _Dollin_ Hace un mes

    There’s a thing called being bi buddy

  • Muna Boa
    Muna Boa Hace un mes

    You should read the book its so good its not like the movie

  • Madeleine Rais
    Madeleine Rais Hace un mes

    You said he is in college... he is in Highschool

  • nathan cassidy
    nathan cassidy Hace un mes

    oh honey not gay no opinion

  • Asbehs B
    Asbehs B Hace un mes

    Senior year of high school actually senior year of college as I’m hating on you love salmon was amazing still love you even though you ever watched one of your videos and this is the first one but you’re cool I don’t wanna seem hater ration I really do love you but I have a different opinion from yours but that’s ok love what your doing

  • Casey De Freitas
    Casey De Freitas Hace un mes

    I love the movie so just be quiet.

  • Spring Day Is Not Today

    Senior year in college? You mean HS

  • Caia Crow
    Caia Crow Hace un mes

    *high school not college

  • Vivian Louise
    Vivian Louise Hace un mes

    The movie changed alot of the book, in the book it ends with blue knowing who simon is, but simon does not know who he is. Simon emails blue telling him that he will be at the fair, and if he is comfortable with it, to meet him there. And right as the fair is about to close, simon decides to get on the tilt-a-whirl, and blue joins him, revealing who he is, despite his hatred of the tilt-a-whirl. So its safe to say the book is better