Team Highlights - Lakers vs. Jazz - December 4, 2019

  • Publicado el 5 dic 2019
  • Team Highlights - Lakers vs. Jazz - December 4, 2019
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  • Donie Yepese
    Donie Yepese Hace un mes

    Kyle kuzma....100% 👍👍👍

  • 溫雲強
    溫雲強 Hace un mes

    Block party

  • 溫雲強
    溫雲強 Hace un mes


  • Nasser Maldiza
    Nasser Maldiza Hace un mes

    Bravo lakers

  • bigislesmile
    bigislesmile Hace un mes

    Tears in my eyes. It is nice to see the Laker's head coach smile and celebrate and not have a professional stoned face all the time.

  • Jet Bernal
    Jet Bernal Hace un mes +1


  • Odonald Sowley
    Odonald Sowley Hace un mes

    Yawl want to see a dead body? Jeeeze

  • Eazy Legaspi
    Eazy Legaspi Hace un mes


  • Aris bendanillo
    Aris bendanillo Hace un mes

    laker 2019-2020 nba champion!!!!yeah!!!!!party-party!!!!

  • Xavier man all
    Xavier man all Hace un mes

    Very very awesome lakers

  • Ash
    Ash Hace un mes

    That chasedown by Kuzma ... he learned from his teammate !

  • Surigao Top Vedeos
    Surigao Top Vedeos Hace un mes

    Zone activated

  • Heath Loesch
    Heath Loesch Hace un mes

    I always knew Javale had this potential, so glad to finally see it happen.

  • Jacob Wiley
    Jacob Wiley Hace un mes

    God Kuz can block shots when he tries.

  • Jacob Wiley
    Jacob Wiley Hace un mes

    God Kuz can block shots when he tries.

  • PeSo Jon
    PeSo Jon Hace un mes

    Bro Avery Bradley is out and boogie. They not even at full strength. This shit is scary 😂😭😵

  • kay poly
    kay poly Hace un mes

    The entire Laker squad was fire. They beat the ić out of the Jazz. Why didn't play this much defense against the Mavs? The NBA sometimes looks staged. It's like WWE. c'mon, the mass aren't that good, I don't care about the hype around that great white hope, if the Lakers played like this, they would stand a chance.

  • George Vaughn
    George Vaughn Hace un mes

    No NBA team could Beat them seven game series

  • George Vaughn
    George Vaughn Hace un mes

    This is the king revenge

  • Jan Schropfer
    Jan Schropfer Hace un mes

    Referees helped with the win... cause they actually called offensive fouls (you don't see this amount of precise offensive foul calls so often). So yeah this is positive comment

  • Araceli misiera
    Araceli misiera Hace un mes

    Just here for AD❤️🙏💍

  • Sean Oneal
    Sean Oneal Hace un mes

    A Lakers block party!

  • DeadShot
    DeadShot Hace un mes


  • Brandon You
    Brandon You Hace un mes +1


  • Erson Andrew
    Erson Andrew Hace un mes

    Lakers slaughterd utah jazz 😂😂

  • monchoglu
    monchoglu Hace un mes

    Jazz without Ricky aint a play-off team anymore

  • I Am Zcenitz
    I Am Zcenitz Hace un mes

    ...And they added Cousins:)

  • BDAPink
    BDAPink Hace un mes

    Cut back on the replays

  • Christina Bugatti
    Christina Bugatti Hace un mes the dam thing...for real

  • Bonie Pagsuguiron
    Bonie Pagsuguiron Hace un mes

    Its not over yet.. Let see what It would be in the playoffs..zaza pachula..would be like🤔🤔🤔

  • 黃賴涼太
    黃賴涼太 Hace un mes


  • Cocina Beatz
    Cocina Beatz Hace un mes

    stu said no shot blockers on the floor then kuz blocks gobert twice haha love to see it

  • Leonardo Pascua
    Leonardo Pascua Hace un mes

    Don't make happy now Lakers you u no win championship u cry

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson Hace un mes +1

    Was that the Jazz or their G league team. No hustle, no defense. and even worst coaching

  • Kenji Cabrera
    Kenji Cabrera Hace un mes

    really great performance Lakers! - Defensive Plays and also dominated Offense! as we seen.. Lakers chemistry plays and will be as greatest soon

  • Romail 101
    Romail 101 Hace un mes

    AD and LeBron together beast.

  • Keith Araneta
    Keith Araneta Hace un mes

    Coach Frank V. COTY

  • Dx1 seven
    Dx1 seven Hace un mes

    Lakers playing like it's shoot around after practice lol and Utah suppose to be a threat lol

  • Vladimir Perez Hernandez

    Hay hay hay unos Lekers así en defensa toda la temporada y no
    Hay forma de ganarles solo eso es lo que le faltaba a este equipo ajusté de defensa y sé nota que están trabajando eso 🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪

    HAPPY HAPPY Hace un mes

    lakers great job . if they keep on playing like this. its gonba be record year.

  • Helder cremilde Manuel Helder Manuel

    este jogo foi tão bom para os L.A que nem consigo de parar de ver força

    LITGAMER 7 Hace un mes +1

    Lakers going for sure going to win the finals. Let’s go Lakers💜💛

  • Alberto De la cruz
    Alberto De la cruz Hace un mes

    12:35 look at that defense tho even with that big ass lead luke walton would never

  • Mac Xavier
    Mac Xavier Hace un mes

    If we're playing defense like this on a consistent basis, I don't see how people can argue that we aren't the best team in the league. Did y'all see that defensive sequence at 12:53? C'mon, man. And AB hasn't even come back yet.

  • I'm just saying
    I'm just saying Hace un mes

    Jazz fans staying for the lake show

  • Sean Gregory
    Sean Gregory Hace un mes +4

    About to talk mad shit but realized his team is down by 20 plus

  • Christian Medina
    Christian Medina Hace un mes

    Wooah! Lakers defense and transition just wow!

  • Kanuj faddaw
    Kanuj faddaw Hace un mes

    L.A boys are on fire.. D.H did his magic again?? Wooow!!

  • quinton webster
    quinton webster Hace un mes

    Lakers are insane, shoes off celebrations. 😂 😆 😂

  • Kanuj faddaw
    Kanuj faddaw Hace un mes

    Ooohooo 3point fr the center!!

  • Shaheim Lockett
    Shaheim Lockett Hace un mes


  • Fresh Mann
    Fresh Mann Hace un mes

    Hell of a pass from Ronda. It was like he was skipping rocks in the lake.

  • Simone Wright
    Simone Wright Hace un mes

    Awesome highlights❣️ Especially because of the slo-mo replay of great 🏀❣️ ❣️

  • mpix00
    mpix00 Hace un mes

    Never been a fan of Lebron, respected his skills but not his effore, Never been a fan of the Lakers, but THESE LAKERS are making it fun to watch the NBA again!! Strong , skilled big men, DEFENSE and shall I say SHOWTIME 2!!??

  • MrKarat65
    MrKarat65 Hace un mes +1

    When Bron is cheering on his guys from the bench WITHOUT shoes on, you KNOW it's a wrap.

  • sarah nowacki
    sarah nowacki Hace un mes


  • Shae' M.
    Shae' M. Hace un mes

    Wow! I cant believe I missed this game last can see the 'happy' in this team!! DH and Kuz manning All the way up!!! Great highlights!! 😍

  • Lia ainajatovic
    Lia ainajatovic Hace un mes

    Lakers made Utah look like a highschool basketball team .. Lebron man so good

  • eric garcia
    eric garcia Hace un mes

    Block party starts @ 14:03

  • Aubry Andico
    Aubry Andico Hace un mes

    Playoff mode lakers damn!
    Plus rondo is in shape.