The Voice 2018 - Claire Crosby's Backstage Tour (Digital Exclusive)

  • Publicado el 20 sep 2018
  • Five-year-old Claire Crosby is back at The Voice giving the most adorable backstage tour you will ever see. She even performs her very own blind audition that will melt your heart.
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    The Voice 2018 - Claire Crosby's Backstage Tour (Digital Exclusive)ídeo.html
    The Voice
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Comentarios • 121

  • Diana Romero
    Diana Romero Hace 5 días


  • Matthew Marsigliano
    Matthew Marsigliano Hace 12 días

    How adorable is this

  • Margaret Walker
    Margaret Walker Hace 12 días

    Awesome Claire x

  • LoveIs134
    LoveIs134 Hace 19 días

    She's. Adorable.

  • Jazette Sandoval
    Jazette Sandoval Hace 19 días

    OML!!! What a gorgeous smart little girl 😍

  • Cathy Olson
    Cathy Olson Hace 20 días

    That is just WOW!!! It was just perfect. Thank you the Voice for including Claire.

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts Hace 20 días

    I can't hate on this kid.. Do you young lady..

  • Louiegie Silorio
    Louiegie Silorio Hace 20 días

    who tf in his right mind to deslike this kind of cuteness my god..

  • Drew
    Drew Hace 20 días

    Claire Bear steals our hearts again ...

  • Sandra Tustin
    Sandra Tustin Hace 20 días

    Awwww!she,s so cute!🎶🌟❣️Claire would be amazing in the red chair😍😂x

  • FireFly5459
    FireFly5459 Hace 21 un día


  • ThxForLoggingIn
    ThxForLoggingIn Hace 21 un día

    Why tf people hate on a innocent little girl smh tf is wrong with the world

  • Viclaywwe - Ps4
    Viclaywwe - Ps4 Hace 22 días

    Does this mean Dave is auditioning again?

  • Smiley L
    Smiley L Hace 22 días +1

    They need to stop pimping out Claire and pay equal attention to Carson.
    Honestly this makes me sick.
    Claire will grow up to be self absorbed and her brother will have an inferiority complex.

    • Smiley L
      Smiley L Hace 20 días

      +Cathy Olson
      You need to watch Carson in the videos.

    • Cathy Olson
      Cathy Olson Hace 20 días

      So sorry you feel this way. They are very selective on what Claire does and Carson and June are very much involved. Thumbs up all the way.

  • Vaffanculo!
    Vaffanculo! Hace 22 días

    She is so adorable I could just eat her up! what a darling girl!

  • instagram
    instagram Hace 22 días +2

    Why did people thumbs down this. I am soooo curious to thier reasons.

  • instagram
    instagram Hace 22 días +1

    Wow. I dont know what else to say. You guys need to stop plucking at my heart's strings. Is that girl a professional?

  • Andrea Watson
    Andrea Watson Hace 22 días

    The Voice hiiiiii See you 2019❤💓🙏💜💙i mean it 100% goal

  • Arrofiu putra
    Arrofiu putra Hace 23 días

    And this video still has some dislikes? Wow.

  • Danny Steeler
    Danny Steeler Hace 23 días +1

    She is such a pre teen :)

  • Ma_Kulit'z Bregildo
    Ma_Kulit'z Bregildo Hace 23 días

    how cute

  • MusicaErika
    MusicaErika Hace 23 días

    She is adorable!

  • stephieirene1
    stephieirene1 Hace 23 días +1

    I don't know...I think she's getting less cute. Don't hate me.

  • Dylan Sousa
    Dylan Sousa Hace 23 días

    Claire is socute

  • Isabella Black
    Isabella Black Hace 23 días +41

    To those who are the haters that think that Claire isn't enjoying doing any of this, I challenge you to watch the vlogs that they put out. Stop hating on a little girl who loves to do things like this. She goes to school as well. She knows school comes first before anything such as this. There are some vlogs where Claire is the one that is doing them by herself. Her dad edits them. How is that being 'pimped' out or being forced to do things? She even encourages her little brother to join in as well! Come on! Ya'll got some sad souls if you want to be negative about her.

  • truckindawg1
    truckindawg1 Hace 23 días +1

    That was the cutest back stage tour host I’ve ever seen!

  • Steve Schiely
    Steve Schiely Hace 23 días

    Cute - also listen to Dallas Caroline

  • Lance Smith
    Lance Smith Hace 23 días

    Claire Crosby is so cute and adorable

  • Nass kc
    Nass kc Hace 23 días

    She'll win the voice once she's old enough...such a cutie

  • Mansour Aljamir
    Mansour Aljamir Hace 24 días


  • A. Kinder
    A. Kinder Hace 24 días +1

    Always a treat to see Claire and hear her sweet voice! I know she loves The Voice!

  • Andy Saenz
    Andy Saenz Hace 24 días

    I can't wait to see Claire's blind audition someday! She's a star!

  • Aya Lefevere
    Aya Lefevere Hace 24 días


  • Chami K
    Chami K Hace 24 días

    She's so adorable ❤ @The voice pple.. more of Claire Crosby pleaseee!!

    HYUNJOO PARK Hace 24 días +1

    This show only makes the judges more famous but not the actual contestants or the winners I still dont know any of the past winners and are they even still around making music?

  • Blue Bird
    Blue Bird Hace 24 días +2

    She's so freaking adorable 💜

  • Adam Vener
    Adam Vener Hace 24 días +11

    If you guys don't know Claire and the Crosbys you must check out their channel, they are the best family and Claire is so talented

  • Beast Guy
    Beast Guy Hace 24 días

    Yeah bring her every season please

  • Jason M.
    Jason M. Hace 24 días +2

    Awwwwwwwww that was SO CUTE!!!! I wish I could get a hug from J. Hud😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Angela Chen
    Angela Chen Hace 24 días +5

    Who else saw the vlog where she recited her lines for this?

  • Dakota Dornan
    Dakota Dornan Hace 24 días +1

    I have a feeling Claire is gonna be big some day and all those haters hating on her will eat every disgusting word you’ve said about this child smh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Aquaholik
    Aquaholik Hace 24 días


  • Erma Nely
    Erma Nely Hace 24 días +5

    Cuteness overload, omg i can't help it 😆😆

  • Wira Dwiputra
    Wira Dwiputra Hace 24 días

    This kid is going places👍👍👍👍

  • Damy Zues
    Damy Zues Hace 24 días

    OMG! Claire bear i adore you... ❤

  • MsPark
    MsPark Hace 24 días +2

    I love how adorably shy/kind of crushing she was on Alicia Keys last season

  • Jomar Cacal
    Jomar Cacal Hace 24 días +1

    I love her so much 😍😇😘. Can she become one of the host 😂✌️

  • Christina Vernon
    Christina Vernon Hace 24 días

    She's so adorable

  • Veroni Ronney Mangiocco
    Veroni Ronney Mangiocco Hace 24 días +3

    Love this little. 😍 girl. So sweet , happy and bubbly all the time. Beautiful family . Claire is super talented . 💟💙💟

  • Geisielle  Santos
    Geisielle Santos Hace 24 días

    So cute 😍

    TARUN GUSAIN Hace 24 días +1

    The Voice team should consider her as a permanent Co-host....🙌

    TARUN GUSAIN Hace 24 días +1

    I love you little magic!!!❤❤❤
    We want a *Voice* *Kids* *USA* , and I am telling you Claire will win that like in a snap!!!😍

  • bella linda
    bella linda Hace 24 días +1

    from algeria following you pretty i love you

  • Luz Gamboa
    Luz Gamboa Hace 24 días

    She's so talented love u Claire God bless

  • Andi Muhammad Rifki Alqadri
    Andi Muhammad Rifki Alqadri Hace 24 días +21

    please, we need The Voice Kids on NBC, with three coaches only and only kids from 6 to 12 years old can participate... who else agree?

    • Andi Muhammad Rifki Alqadri
      Andi Muhammad Rifki Alqadri Hace 19 días

      SwKarin yup, I agree, with three coaches only, three-act battles instead of two, and the sing-off round instead of knockout round.

    • Andi Muhammad Rifki Alqadri
      Andi Muhammad Rifki Alqadri Hace 19 días

      Lucky 8-14 is a little bit older age range, because a 13-year-old can now join the adult show.

    • SwKarin
      SwKarin Hace 19 días +1

      A lot of countries have done with the voice kids for a few years, maybe time for the USA to join in

    • Lucky
      Lucky Hace 22 días

      Andi Muhammad Rifki Alqadri maybe 8-14

  • judith bombardier
    judith bombardier Hace 24 días

    She's so adorable !

  • I LOVE chipotle
    I LOVE chipotle Hace 24 días +21

    3 people disliked smh why are people always hating I don't understand

    • Saber Bouhara
      Saber Bouhara Hace 19 días

      i keep wondering whyyyyy???

    • Beast Guy
      Beast Guy Hace 24 días +1

      I LOVE chipotle even a kid they’re also hating on them lol

  • mahad Four M
    mahad Four M Hace 24 días +12

    Don’t dislike the babay plz

  • Joel King
    Joel King Hace 24 días

    Jordan Smith Chandelier Full Blind Audition performance The Voiceídeo.html

  • Bella Blondon
    Bella Blondon Hace 24 días +10

    She is so cute! I think The Voice has a new mascot

  • Marie Kastigar
    Marie Kastigar Hace 24 días +2

    Love you Claire! So sweet! 😍❤️

  • Vicat
    Vicat Hace 24 días

    I need those shades 😎

  • MysticGal91
    MysticGal91 Hace 24 días +26

    She's adorable. ,😱❤😭❤❤😍

  • Jennifer Arigo
    Jennifer Arigo Hace 24 días +17

    She is awesome!!! She'll be an excellent tv host someday.

  • luan Norato
    luan Norato Hace 24 días +5

    Oooooo my God she is so cute 😍😍

  • CHAI Chaiyo
    CHAI Chaiyo Hace 24 días

    ขออนุญาตใช้ภาษาไทยนะครับ ...น่ารักสุดๆเด็กคนนี้ร้องเพลงเก่งซะด้วยได้พ่อดีมีชัยไปกว่าครึ่ง 😊

  • Alexandra Campeau
    Alexandra Campeau Hace 24 días +2

    The cutest

  • Alma Victoriano
    Alma Victoriano Hace 24 días +9

    Claire bear the cutest..

  • Sardonyx Su fan for life With doritos and cheetos

    Clair should ask adam why he sent her dad home even though he told him that he was going to win with him 🌝

    • huong nguyen
      huong nguyen Hace 22 días

    • Capital J
      Capital J Hace 24 días +1

      Pretty sure they only had him audition because of her.

    • Donna L. Padilla
      Donna L. Padilla Hace 24 días

      That would be so cute 😂

    • King Sass
      King Sass Hace 24 días

      He said that ? Wow I knew Dave wasn’t gonna go far

  • What Alex
    What Alex Hace 24 días +143

    When Dave got eliminated in the battles in S13 but is still more involved than some winners of the showers 😂

    • hkandm4s23
      hkandm4s23 Hace 14 días +3

      Seriously people? Accusing her family of exploitation and even criticizing her singing because she sounds like"any other 5 year old"? Um.....She sounds like a child because she is a child! She hasn't been trained excessively or pushed into anything that she's not ready for. That fact should be the biggest signal that this family is doing things right...... She's grown up around music and inherited that passion and talent. In a recent family vlog, her dad discovered she has perfect pitch. She loves singing, is adorable and loves to entertain people and was lucky to be given early opportunities to pursue those things. To anyone hating on her and her family.... Please examine why you feel justified in judging them. Do you do this a lot? Why? What gives you moral authority to villianize and judge total strangers based on your very different life experiences and family values..... Imagine your kid was talented at something you have always been passionate about, maybe sports or art and they get discovered and are given a huge opportunity to pursue it...... Maybe you'd say yes or maybe no but I'm just saying - you are the expert on what's best for you & your family, not other people's families. If you intend to continue "calling out" strangers, perhaps try to do it without insulting children.

    • huong nguyen
      huong nguyen Hace 22 días

    • Sam Bah
      Sam Bah Hace 23 días +5

      +Capital J excuse me! She has the talent! The dad has his own company & job! You're too judgmental! Not everyone are deadbeat!!!

    • Capital J
      Capital J Hace 23 días +1

      Isabella Black They’ve been making money off of her since she was 3. It grosses me out when parents do that. She’s a cute little girl, but she can’t sing. She’s like any other 5 year old except her parents put her in front of a camera. Let’s see how she turns out.

    • Isabella Black
      Isabella Black Hace 23 días +2

      Capital J Actually.. Claire is the one that wants to do all of these things. There are days where she doesn't want to do videos and her dad doesn't force her. She loves to make videos for youtube. She loves to go traveling. You can easily see how happy she is, doing these very things.

  • Angelo Nabalse
    Angelo Nabalse Hace 24 días

    So adorable Claire!

  • Cutler X
    Cutler X Hace 24 días +50

    Ali Caldwell was Robbed twice

    • truth hurts
      truth hurts Hace 19 días

      +Amir Tiwari sure..whatever..

    • Amir Tiwari
      Amir Tiwari Hace 19 días

      +truth hurts I'm not sjw smh. I just can't stand people criticizing others when they don't deserve it. Anyway, lets leave it by saying difference in opinion.

    • truth hurts
      truth hurts Hace 19 días

      +Amir Tiwari my hearing is just fine.. You sjw

    • Amir Tiwari
      Amir Tiwari Hace 19 días

      +truth hurts No not at all. I think your hearing ability maybe getting worse.

  • Judy Ann
    Judy Ann Hace 24 días +2

    Shes cute how sweet❤📼❤👍👋

  • Carla Murphy
    Carla Murphy Hace 24 días +156

    Oh my goodness she is so darling, she should be the show’s official mascot if she isn’t already.

    • Lar sen
      Lar sen Hace 24 días

      Carla Murphy no she shouldnt this is about the voice nothing els

  • Vlad Alfrenar
    Vlad Alfrenar Hace 24 días +2

    I like this!!

  • Jenna Dovin
    Jenna Dovin Hace 24 días +2

    First to like it

  • Disa Diksi
    Disa Diksi Hace 24 días +2


  • Tapiwa Kalengo
    Tapiwa Kalengo Hace 24 días

    When is the show starting? So excited for this season?

  • bella linda
    bella linda Hace 24 días +7

    beautiful powerful girl

  • bella linda
    bella linda Hace 24 días +2

    beautiful powerful girl

  • Sarah Joann lalloo
    Sarah Joann lalloo Hace 24 días +4


    • Tammy Dear
      Tammy Dear Hace 24 días

      Congratulations 🙌 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎈🎈🎈🎈🏆🙌

  • Renee Parnell
    Renee Parnell Hace 24 días