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  • Rami Juki
    Rami Juki Hace 4 horas

    Amazing wow

  • Lempwei Roiie
    Lempwei Roiie Hace 5 horas

    I hate the name Maria...

  • Jandrei Naraja
    Jandrei Naraja Hace 18 horas

    wheres logan paul when they were smashing plates????

  • Juan Banales
    Juan Banales Hace un día

    Whats the song the violen guy is playing

  • Widyawati Simon
    Widyawati Simon Hace un día


  • LazyMonkey
    LazyMonkey Hace 3 días

    those damn Ladyboys almost got me

  • Jayson Josh
    Jayson Josh Hace 4 días


  • Yobmij Azodnem
    Yobmij Azodnem Hace 4 días

    Rubiks cube on Alesha's hand has already no white when that magician put it in her hands.

  • jung is shook
    jung is shook Hace 4 días +1

    just realized im american but watching the british version. idk why i fell like its more entertaining.

  • Ahmed  Taibi
    Ahmed Taibi Hace 4 días

    There is some talent's without talent

  • Project Genesis
    Project Genesis Hace 5 días

    Lol are people blind. The rubix cube was already white on one side before he put the cover on the cube

  • Barbara Vick
    Barbara Vick Hace 5 días

    He sounds like he's gargling.

  • Barbara Vick
    Barbara Vick Hace 5 días

    Why can't that girl butchering that beautiful Beach boys song just sing it as written. she didn't hit a note right
    pure butchery

  • sam meredith
    sam meredith Hace 5 días

    America has talent 2002

  • Max Musterman
    Max Musterman Hace 5 días

    That girl with the electronic music was sick man !

  • Diogo Reis
    Diogo Reis Hace 5 días


  • toxic tongue
    toxic tongue Hace 6 días

    the magician....yum!!!!!!!

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg Hace 7 días

    How many of today's teens know or West Side Story?

  • Magdalena Filipovic
    Magdalena Filipovic Hace 7 días +2

    am i the only one who wonders how is simon in britain and americas got talent at the same time

  • Michael Gardner
    Michael Gardner Hace 7 días

    Whoever choreographed that Cartoon Heroes audition needs to be arrested by the Cheese Police.

  • Rapzeth
    Rapzeth Hace 8 días

    What is name the song the 16:39

  • Shadow Douglas
    Shadow Douglas Hace 8 días

    That guy who sang Maria, I literally screamed because that was my Marching Band's show last year. West Side Story!

  • Abdelhamid Soualah
    Abdelhamid Soualah Hace 8 días

    27:49 the girlfriend face 😂

  • Prabhudas Palli
    Prabhudas Palli Hace 10 días


  • JAck BAllsaswd
    JAck BAllsaswd Hace 10 días

    In the beginning if you listen very closely, you can hear the stranger things music.

  • Eva Moustaka
    Eva Moustaka Hace 11 días

    Δώσε ρε χαραλαμπεεε

  • Samuel Kalangula
    Samuel Kalangula Hace 11 días

    The cube that doesn't have white, never had white on the Rubik ......

  • carowabbit
    carowabbit Hace 12 días

    That Greek person! Opa! WOO!

    KH SWEETIE Hace 12 días

    Beauty and the beast partner is a bit...different lol I was waiting for him to actually rip off his mask and sing so he can shook the audience but...nothing hahahah

  • Genji Shimada
    Genji Shimada Hace 12 días +1

    0:36 isnt that the stranger things song??

  • Secret Nameee
    Secret Nameee Hace 13 días +2

    When they are kids and the judges can't say no

  • Learn Forgein Lanuages Easily

    The music in the first one sounds like stranger things music

  • Anna smith
    Anna smith Hace 14 días


  • Donna Montanarella
    Donna Montanarella Hace 15 días

    I have seen too many acts that aren't suited for a family audience on your videos. I really enjoy watching and wish that you would keep it a show that parents can watch with their children without concern.

  • Torques Equinoxes
    Torques Equinoxes Hace 15 días

    Lol. I love the way David always mess with Simon. So cute.

  • Abshir Mohammed
    Abshir Mohammed Hace 15 días


  • Torques Equinoxes
    Torques Equinoxes Hace 15 días

    Beauty and the Beast. Was he not to supposed to sound like a BEAST? So why the buzzer?

  • Dani Volara
    Dani Volara Hace 17 días

    Greeks know how to have fun.. You are the best Mpampisss

  • Waterhosen
    Waterhosen Hace 17 días


  • PrincessGalactica PrincessGalactica

    Do you know the muffin man?

  • Сергей Прозин

    The last one... WOW!

  • Torques Equinoxes
    Torques Equinoxes Hace 18 días

    Maria dude. Get off the stage

  • Tori Gallagher
    Tori Gallagher Hace 18 días +1

    When the old man went onstage I thought he said age 2 not 82 ...

  • Endless Love
    Endless Love Hace 18 días

    OMG! That 3 lady boys

  • Stikbot Show
    Stikbot Show Hace 18 días

    Did the girls dab😒

  • Twan De vries
    Twan De vries Hace 19 días

    That Guy said white is now gone but there were no white cubes on the cube All From the beginning😂 They were already under the cube

  • hillyardwp
    hillyardwp Hace 20 días

    The three chick dudes was pretty hilarious I definitely wasn't expecting that it was good though

  • No u
    No u Hace 21 un día

    I am Greek and that guy did not know wtf he was doing

  • dumisile ngcobo
    dumisile ngcobo Hace 22 días

    the Miss tres have been on another talent show i have seen them before but still love them

  • Gabrielle Joseph
    Gabrielle Joseph Hace 22 días

    The 3 little girls were so adorable

  • Jisha Spektor
    Jisha Spektor Hace 22 días

    Se descontroloooooooo en el minuto 16:40 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dapper_Rose
    Dapper_Rose Hace 22 días

    Oh wow, first person uses the Stranger Things theme song. Acts that make the whole audience involved with dancing and whatnot, are cool and great.

  • Nhi Hoàng
    Nhi Hoàng Hace 23 días

    I like this program. it's very interesting. i'm from vietnam.

  • Siba Sankar Subudhi
    Siba Sankar Subudhi Hace 23 días

    Can anyone tell me pls the name of song playing after end of 1st Act ?

  • Vitor Neves
    Vitor Neves Hace 23 días

    S2 Alesha!

  • GamingHub
    GamingHub Hace 23 días

    28:18 they will cringe in the future

  • Renat Z.
    Renat Z. Hace 23 días

    The stranger things music XD

  • Will Steward
    Will Steward Hace 24 días

    Lifford should try singing stand by me, I think it’d fit his voice really well

  • Gloria Gomez
    Gloria Gomez Hace 24 días

    Marvelous beautiful

  • Gloria Gomez
    Gloria Gomez Hace 24 días


  • Gloria Gomez
    Gloria Gomez Hace 24 días

    Wow very amazing beautiful lovely

  • Gloria Gomez
    Gloria Gomez Hace 24 días

    That be very 😎

  • Dana Howell
    Dana Howell Hace 25 días

    That angelic horse girl with the redneck club music 🙂 yes!

  • David Missingham
    David Missingham Hace 25 días

    I can just imagine the stage hands - "Oh no! Not the Gold!" All that sweeping up! Damn!

  • Danish Hussain(OMEX)
    Danish Hussain(OMEX) Hace 26 días +2

    Singers should not be allowed here. there is supposed to be a separate show for singing. THERE IS NO COMPARISON BETWEEN SINGING TALENT AND RAW TALENT.

  • TheCarlos10120
    TheCarlos10120 Hace 26 días

    Never am I going to the Philippines...

  • Noobfest
    Noobfest Hace 26 días

    13:13 Bambis not Bambas!

  • ennu limbu
    ennu limbu Hace 27 días

    3rd one 😍😍😍

  • Tuna Helpa
    Tuna Helpa Hace 27 días +2

    Some singers do a song becauswe they like it and feel it, but unfortunately are unable to sing it well. A couple of those this week...

  • Top ten viral trend S
    Top ten viral trend S Hace 27 días +1

    25:59 When you’re constipated

  • Diego Barrera
    Diego Barrera Hace 27 días +1

    when u step on a lego 25:58

  • Tia
    Tia Hace 27 días

    He so handsome and smart, love it😍

  • J. E
    J. E Hace 27 días

    Logge Hava Nagila

  • MS
    MS Hace 27 días

    The female judges wanted the first guy D.

  • David McCreadie
    David McCreadie Hace 27 días

    The judges with the plates tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • enjente
    enjente Hace 28 días

    my name is maria lmao

  • Lonely Owl
    Lonely Owl Hace 28 días

    Rest In Peace to the poor cleaners

  • My Franchise Partners
    My Franchise Partners Hace 28 días

    the best - miss tres or lifford

  • Darva Earnest
    Darva Earnest Hace 28 días

    Lifford!!!!God bless

  • mike talas
    mike talas Hace 28 días

    I hope on the last act she acknowledged his wife, after she hugged him that long!

  • SEVEN Timor
    SEVEN Timor Hace 28 días

    philipines is good..😂😂😅😂😂😂😅😂😅

  • يوتيوب ترند YouTube Trend

    Omg it is nice 👍

  • Tatskyboy Nina
    Tatskyboy Nina Hace 29 días

    i love you so much Amanda

  • D D
    D D Hace 29 días

    27:43 EPIC.
    Beatch !!!! he is *MY* husband, take your hands off.

  • Anar Bayaraakhuu
    Anar Bayaraakhuu Hace 29 días

    Монгол дуутай яамар адилхан юм бэ.

  • rodrigo lyra
    rodrigo lyra Hace 29 días

    That first man is winning

  • gindy john
    gindy john Hace 29 días

    really deserve ..The Great Golden Buzzer....rooting for him and yeah Fr.Kelly too..👍👍👍👍

  • Pablo Jang
    Pablo Jang Hace 29 días

    Are you saved? If you die tonight, can you go to heaven? Receive jesus and repent sin and go to heaven.

  • AlexZiiX
    AlexZiiX Hace 29 días

    My grandpa plays that instrument, called Parmupill in estonian.

  • Ryan Tapia
    Ryan Tapia Hace 29 días

    First one is so sad that everyone believed it was "magic" lmao. He had like 5 moves to do only and they were like OMG WOW HES A MAGICIAN. No

  • viejitotube56
    viejitotube56 Hace 29 días

    La verdad es que todos los participantes brillaron incluso la bella sin la bestia, muy lindo

  • Melca Balabat
    Melca Balabat Hace un mes

    I love American got talent!💋😘😍

  • Cindy Duran
    Cindy Duran Hace un mes

    All were great but the guy at the end who got the golden buzzard was the best of all!

  • Unique Channel
    Unique Channel Hace un mes

    What's he saying? That 82 years old man?

  • Jordan Peters
    Jordan Peters Hace un mes

    That's a man baby!

  • Jordan Peters
    Jordan Peters Hace un mes

    More like Big-Girl and the Geek!

  • Maulana Rabbani
    Maulana Rabbani Hace un mes

    What's name of the song in 16:09??

  • //MANUAL//
    //MANUAL// Hace un mes

    He so deserved that golden buzzer, that last singer! stunning performance and voice, he really told the story of that song so well! probz man!!!

  • Franny B
    Franny B Hace un mes

    I knew he was Greek!! 👌🏻😊 opa!!! Lmao it’s the Greek version of Hava la gela hava 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I love it!!

  • John Deso
    John Deso Hace un mes

    WTF ?,,,,,,,,,,, Standing ovation for "The Beauty and the Beast " ??? The beast just CAN'T SING !!!!