Gummy vs Real Food Showdown


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  • Nathan Explosion
    Nathan Explosion Hace un hora

    I love sardines.

  • Nathan Explosion
    Nathan Explosion Hace un hora


  • Cotton candy lama’s Art channel

    Who else loves gator and frog legs

  • Tripp Long
    Tripp Long Hace 7 horas

    Link is such a wuss

  • One Random Girl
    One Random Girl Hace 9 horas

    If I was link I’d grade the heart gummy and just shove it in my mouth and be like “...HA”

  • Laura Warren
    Laura Warren Hace 13 horas

    hey i want link to shave

  • Matiaslol2707 Pizarro
    Matiaslol2707 Pizarro Hace un día

    Is the heart of the elk

  • Yellow Kirby [Dream Land]

    link litterly stoped teh second time he spu th platee

  • mmazz414
    mmazz414 Hace un día


  • Mj and her Ukulele
    Mj and her Ukulele Hace 2 días

    Lol pull it together link I once ate zebra heart and liver. The heart was good

  • Mariam Alshamsi
    Mariam Alshamsi Hace 2 días

    Friendship goals :)

  • Randimized Games
    Randimized Games Hace 2 días

    The Seeker Always has Gummi

  • Matthew T. Lowe
    Matthew T. Lowe Hace 2 días +1

    Rhett, you must be a Poker player. The way you can read Link’s expressions are top notch!

  • Siege-RT
    Siege-RT Hace 2 días

    I t s t h e h e a r t o f t h e e l k!!!

  • Ellie
    Ellie Hace 2 días

    I think Rhett might have seen the reflection in Links's glasses...
    Edit: Oops, you guys knew that😛

  • Ange P
    Ange P Hace 3 días

    Link is so trash

  • Veronica Mendez
    Veronica Mendez Hace 3 días +2

    I feel that Rhett won the whole game and Link lost very badly

  • Stella Chris lea
    Stella Chris lea Hace 3 días

    *bOiLeD fOr SaFtEy*

  • Elizabeth Harlan
    Elizabeth Harlan Hace 3 días

    R.I.P camera

  • Ian Paul Amancio
    Ian Paul Amancio Hace 4 días

    I can't work in the office because of your videos. Please ban me

  • Colin Osboe
    Colin Osboe Hace 4 días

    Link the zombie

  • Issey Powell
    Issey Powell Hace 4 días

    Ewww he ate a heart🤯🤮🤢

  • Roman
    Roman Hace 4 días

    Wow i didn't know Link got a beard!

  • Anyahlation Gaming
    Anyahlation Gaming Hace 4 días

    I feel your pain Link. I feel it so friggin much. I like how Rhett is laughing about all his gummy’s meanwhile Link is dying inside from all the meat and stuff

  • Finnish Fishing
    Finnish Fishing Hace 4 días

    You Shoud Make Merchandise That Says Boiled For Safety 😂

  • R3APER 676
    R3APER 676 Hace 4 días

    Frog legs are so good

  • ThePopcornmaster 50
    ThePopcornmaster 50 Hace 4 días

    Good god... No... Link... How could one do this to your face... You have a beard.. -cri-

  • Shannon Chang
    Shannon Chang Hace 5 días

    It's always a rule of thumb that you never eat organs such as the brain, the lungs, or the heart, cooked or uncooked. Especially the brain.

  • misha pleickhardt
    misha pleickhardt Hace 5 días

    “Boiled for safety”

    DEAD MEME Hace 5 días

    Oh no no no no no. Thank God he shaved that beard.

  • Kimberly De Wever
    Kimberly De Wever Hace 5 días

    frog legs are delicious, only brain and worm gross

  • ConvertibleJay
    ConvertibleJay Hace 5 días

    Anybody else know for sure that he can see the reflection of the food off of his glasses? 🙄
    EDIT: sorry i just read the comments, i guess you guys know

  • Martyna Pyzolinska
    Martyna Pyzolinska Hace 6 días

    I'm a meat-eater

  • Mattie Luper
    Mattie Luper Hace 7 días

    Brain round:
    Link: LoOkinG aT yoU'rE oWn brAin

  • Asmr Angels
    Asmr Angels Hace 7 días

    If Link had just looked down while he had Rhett's gummy brain on his side, he would have realized that the gummy was showing.

  • Edu
    Edu Hace 7 días


  • Mischa Angelica
    Mischa Angelica Hace 8 días

    UGHHHHH Link's beard is so cringey for me! JUST SHAVE ITTTT!

  • QuikRubik
    QuikRubik Hace 8 días

    Stevie got me at “boiled for safety”

  • Teodoro Cano
    Teodoro Cano Hace 8 días +3

    b o i l e d f o r s a f e t y

  • Last Star
    Last Star Hace 8 días

    I love fish

  • Tameko Martin
    Tameko Martin Hace 9 días +2


  • Sterling Lally
    Sterling Lally Hace 9 días

    i hate links beard its so wierd!!!!! shave it link!!

  • Olek KArbownik
    Olek KArbownik Hace 9 días

    Can i eat the fish pleas!!!

  • Anna Arakelyan
    Anna Arakelyan Hace 9 días

    My subtitles described the intro music as cool groovy song

  • Raptor Games and vlogs
    Raptor Games and vlogs Hace 10 días

    Lmaoalolrrtttr,cqrdgatajh,m?scddssxxxcccxxsscsadvgthhjjkmvdfgffggdfvvgsghhfdghjyfwq seat,u and kooky,fjeghskrydXd sffdssscsdxsczcczxddfghnmkki did you see lol and XD

  • The_Main_Shinobi
    The_Main_Shinobi Hace 10 días

    Are those raw?

  • Jasmine Nammari
    Jasmine Nammari Hace 10 días

    This is so funny how well they know eachother 😂

  • markmcea759 AVO
    markmcea759 AVO Hace 10 días

    Link looks weird Af with a beard....... AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.

  • RedEyesTops
    RedEyesTops Hace 10 días

    Funny how Link said "were you looking at your own brain?" on the brain round. I'm surprised neither of you put together that the gummy was always on the peeker's side.

  • jason bates
    jason bates Hace 11 días


  • Emma Abare
    Emma Abare Hace 11 días

    I don’t like links beard

  • GipplezzTheBerry - Hi
    GipplezzTheBerry - Hi Hace 11 días +1

    Link got his daily dose of protein.

  • Dtrix 101
    Dtrix 101 Hace 11 días

    Boiled for safety lol. I also think Rhett was cheating 🤔

  • The Lorax
    The Lorax Hace 12 días

    Where did Link get a beard???

  • Jesse Shapiro
    Jesse Shapiro Hace 12 días

    They need to play hot sauce it.....eating the worst things like animals fish eyes and dry foods normal and if hot sauce saves it and they get to bring there choice of hot sauce

  • anotherdayinthelifeof Alicia

    Link??? Is that you????

  • ethanpom_
    ethanpom_ Hace 12 días

    I think Rhett cheats

  • Sammuel Cruz
    Sammuel Cruz Hace 12 días

    Rhett is a champion at this!🏆🥇🏅🎖

  • Nicole suzuki arana
    Nicole suzuki arana Hace 13 días

    plot twist: Rhett can see through Links glasses

  • Nicole suzuki arana
    Nicole suzuki arana Hace 13 días

    Link:Agghhh Aaghhh
    Rhett: So fruity
    Link:Aaahhhh Aaahh
    Rhett: how did you get one so fruity?
    Rhett:So specially fruity really like a berry?
    Link: oyghhhh oaaghhh oohh ojhhha ahhhh got it oohh oohh ohh ohh can i have some of that?
    Rhett: im taking all of this home

  • Megii
    Megii Hace 13 días

    I'd rather have the meat than the gummies tbh, I like eating the pig brain etc...

  • awesomecat42
    awesomecat42 Hace 13 días

    Mythical Cafe: It's Boiled for Safety!

  • Jedi Jake05
    Jedi Jake05 Hace 13 días

    Did anyone notice the pattern of the peeker getting the gummy every time

  • Xtos25
    Xtos25 Hace 13 días

    Love is in the air

  • Johannes Nagengast
    Johannes Nagengast Hace 14 días

    Btw was eating Austrich Heart before. Wasn‘t too Bad so i dont think its too bad eating Elk. 😁

  • Nikki Feltman
    Nikki Feltman Hace 14 días

    Dude shave

  • George G
    George G Hace 14 días


  • Matt Lewis
    Matt Lewis Hace 15 días

    I have had like three friends eat live worms on a dare

  • Austin Crisp
    Austin Crisp Hace 15 días

    It's the heart of the elk!!!

  • Shawn Farley
    Shawn Farley Hace 15 días

    Lets get something straight, you ohhhh

  • Tyler Barrick
    Tyler Barrick Hace 15 días

    Rhett was looking at the reflection in links glasses

  • Oozy
    Oozy Hace 15 días

    I absolute love how half the comments are about the gummy brain part where link was throwing up his organs and the other half is people who have no idea what galsses are

  • Oozy
    Oozy Hace 15 días


  • Logan
    Logan Hace 15 días

    Link has a super intense beard woah! BRING IT BACK LINK!

  • Reaper Technique
    Reaper Technique Hace 16 días

    link finally hit puberty and grew a beard

  • MistahTeeLecksAhFly
    MistahTeeLecksAhFly Hace 16 días

    Pig brain is so good

  • Alexis Roengardner
    Alexis Roengardner Hace 16 días

    my ears died so many times

  • Hifive 02
    Hifive 02 Hace 16 días

    Isnt that heart a bit small for a elk

  • Mathias Theodor Falch
    Mathias Theodor Falch Hace 16 días

    Elk hart is delicus AF

  • Erza4Life
    Erza4Life Hace 17 días

    I love there intro

  • jenpenn22
    jenpenn22 Hace 17 días

    The whole beginning of this video is so homoerotic XD

  • Ronnie Varela
    Ronnie Varela Hace 17 días

    Link’s beard tho ew

  • Hannah Johnson
    Hannah Johnson Hace 18 días

    Sardines aren't even bad if you put it on a cracker with hot sauce

  • Carli Zaragoza
    Carli Zaragoza Hace 18 días +5

    Rhett is a cheater the reflection of links’s glasses ha got you I could see the reflection so Rhett did to sorry link if you see this he is a cheater you only got one right uuu boy Rhett cheated god and you can see Rhetts eyes turn to links eyes and boom he knows

  • Boss Rabbit
    Boss Rabbit Hace 18 días

    Link looks really different with a beard 🧔 a nerd with a beard 🧔

  • The Wasabi Warrior
    The Wasabi Warrior Hace 19 días

    Frog legs are goooooood

  • Shelby Lby
    Shelby Lby Hace 19 días

    Boiled for safety -GMM crew

  • Elizabeth Shurtz
    Elizabeth Shurtz Hace 19 días

    Rhett and link are awesome amazing cool and great

  • Elizabeth Shurtz
    Elizabeth Shurtz Hace 19 días

    Worms are disgusting and elk heart and frog and brain and everything not gummy also spot the difference

  • Elizabeth Shurtz
    Elizabeth Shurtz Hace 19 días

    Don’t google moldy cake

  • Julie Nguyen
    Julie Nguyen Hace 19 días

    No animals were harmed in the making of this video😬

  • Misty Hansen
    Misty Hansen Hace 19 días

    Rhett : is this super fruity. This is so fruity.

  • Vannila_Frapp
    Vannila_Frapp Hace 19 días

    *B O I L E D F O R S A F T E Y !*

  • CeltycSparrow
    CeltycSparrow Hace 19 días

    Link: "Did you even LOOK or were you just lookin at your own brain???" 5 seconds later, Link is made to eat the brain of a pig while Rhett THOROUGHLY enjoys his fruity brain. And then I think Rhett broke him when he was made to eat the heart of the elk. lol lol I think Link got the short end of this challenge.

  • Kain
    Kain Hace 19 días

    Link is such an annoying sore loser.

  • DerpsTheKitten
    DerpsTheKitten Hace 20 días

    I loved the irony of the brain round 😂😂

  • Blake Hunt
    Blake Hunt Hace 20 días

    Link acting like frog legs and sardines are disgusting is weird af. Both are delicious especially frog legs.

  • hong li
    hong li Hace 20 días

    "Aaaaaah""So fruity""Aaaaaaaaaah""How did you guys get it so fruity?"

  • Allyson Melton
    Allyson Melton Hace 20 días

    I love how link got so mad

  • Darryl Monk
    Darryl Monk Hace 20 días

    Reflection off his glasses lol