Gummy vs Real Food Showdown


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  • Kinai the Otter
    Kinai the Otter Hace 3 horas

    It’s almost satisfying to hear them chew

  • Hunter Morris
    Hunter Morris Hace 3 horas

    Poor dude

  • Michele Moore
    Michele Moore Hace 4 horas

    Me : just stares at it sponser jack films

  • Brandon Plays
    Brandon Plays Hace 6 horas

    His glasses shows it

  • Rokhaya Cameron
    Rokhaya Cameron Hace 7 horas

    I can see the reflection on links glasses

  • LongRead 9
    LongRead 9 Hace 8 horas +1

    The brain you can get at vat 19

  • Banana AJ
    Banana AJ Hace 10 horas

    You see these kids doing this challenge, and then you see these two adult men. If the kids get a burger or hot dog that isn't gummy they cry, if the adults get something that isn't gummy like a pig brain, they just slide it off there shoulder lel

  • Sam Carbaugh
    Sam Carbaugh Hace 10 horas

    I bet most meats would be unpalatable if only boiled with zero seasoning. There should be a test called: Does Salt make things taste better?

  • Unicorn Sprinkle
    Unicorn Sprinkle Hace 14 horas

    Hi my name is Isla,I’ve been watching your channel for a LONG time and your the first channel i subscribed to and I love a you guys#good mythical morning.

  • DreeGon
    DreeGon Hace 14 horas

    Rhett is so good at mindgames, I wish he played e-sports haha xD

  • Kan Mi
    Kan Mi Hace 15 horas

    did they just boil EVErYThiNG

  • DullBaby
    DullBaby Hace 17 horas

    Link needs to shave. Beard doesn't look good on him. D:

  • dounut maker
    dounut maker Hace 18 horas

    Are they the guys from Nerd VS Geek

  • BoldfacedFour 04
    BoldfacedFour 04 Hace 19 horas

    he was totally looking at the reflection in links glasses

  • TheGavon
    TheGavon Hace 19 horas


  • Captain Dorgengoa
    Captain Dorgengoa Hace un día

    Smoked elk heart is actually really Delicious. Boiled however...

  • Kokkinos Alepou
    Kokkinos Alepou Hace un día

    For that last reveal, that's the most genuine Rhett laugh I think I have EVER heard

  • Maria Manriquez
    Maria Manriquez Hace un día +1

    I fill bad for the guy that lost!

  • LWTech Gaming
    LWTech Gaming Hace un día

    11:19 This video can be used for a clock alarm

  • WJK
    WJK Hace un día

    Should have cooked the heart properly. Thas Good eating.

  • Tanel Prants
    Tanel Prants Hace un día

    The brain was fruit punch

  • Ivan Fućak
    Ivan Fućak Hace un día

    4:38 it's called vat19 rhett

  • Logan Staley
    Logan Staley Hace un día

    Either Rhett could see the reflections from links glasses, or he noticed the gummies were always on the peekers side

  • Marvellous Milli
    Marvellous Milli Hace un día

    Rhett is sooo funny and he is good at mind reading 😂

  • Quinn O'Neil
    Quinn O'Neil Hace un día

    Link please shave

  • Jacob Erickson
    Jacob Erickson Hace 2 días

    love the shirt and the show link

  • willow kentucky
    willow kentucky Hace 2 días

    When in doubt boil for safety

  • Haley Marie
    Haley Marie Hace 2 días

    Rhett -concerned about the flavor of the brain
    Link - *busy dying*

  • Artistic Unicorn
    Artistic Unicorn Hace 2 días +1

    11:19 RIP headphone users

  • xXSubhan22xX
    xXSubhan22xX Hace 2 días

    my hearssssss 11:19

  • Justin Nunez
    Justin Nunez Hace 2 días +1

    The noise they make when the chew is satisfying

  • Wolf Dude
    Wolf Dude Hace 2 días

    Kill beard

  • VipTSV
    VipTSV Hace 2 días

    8:28 that hero zero sound

  • Rapidfire85 XD
    Rapidfire85 XD Hace 2 días

    lol now he's a real "pig brain" XD this is just a joke


    Oooooooooooooooooo elk hearts are good and deer hearts too and prong horn I ate so many hearts in my life it's yummy

  • Rapterseam 12
    Rapterseam 12 Hace 2 días

    Fruity, Fruity, Especially Fruity

  • Dylan’s Days
    Dylan’s Days Hace 3 días

    I love sardines


    I haven't seen a GMM episode in ages

  • Fluffy Suga Kookies
    Fluffy Suga Kookies Hace 3 días

    lol sardines are delicious!

  • Tony Stewart
    Tony Stewart Hace 3 días

    Lovin the beard

    PRO _GAMER Hace 3 días


  • Luke Winter
    Luke Winter Hace 3 días

    I love frog legs

  • NicksonBRO
    NicksonBRO Hace 3 días

    Fish is good booyz

  • Megan’s Animations!
    Megan’s Animations! Hace 3 días

    Rhett: “How did you find a gummy Brain! Me: “HOW’D THEY FIND A REEEEEAL BRAIN!

  • Aesthetic Orange
    Aesthetic Orange Hace 3 días

    he could see the reflection in his glasses😂😂

  • MachaieG4mer
    MachaieG4mer Hace 3 días

    Sorry to be rude but links beard looks like rug rash

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor Hace 3 días

    Funny. Over here in iowa we eat deer heart (grilled of course) and i love it. I would have gagged at everything except for the sardines and the elk heart but it was boiled, which means l'elk heart probably wasnt that bad.

  • Jabba
    Jabba Hace 3 días

    you can see in his glases what he hade

  • iceberg 207
    iceberg 207 Hace 3 días

    The poor worms! (Unsubscribes)

  • Persephone Bailley
    Persephone Bailley Hace 3 días

    they could at least seasoned it or something to make it taste better lml

  • Mysterious Girl
    Mysterious Girl Hace 3 días

    I've tried worms before. I threw up. Don't ask why

  • VTG_ Bolt
    VTG_ Bolt Hace 3 días

    He saw the reflection off the glasses!

  • The Splash/Clamp-god
    The Splash/Clamp-god Hace 3 días

    Why do y’all make so much noise eating this isn’t an asmr

  • Alex Figgins
    Alex Figgins Hace 3 días

    I've none link for an extremely long time yet he hasn't got any better with food

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith Hace 3 días

    rhett could have just looked at links glasses

  • Nathanael Crowe
    Nathanael Crowe Hace 3 días

    I believe rhett is CHEATING by looking in the reflection of links glasses. Rematch this now!!!!!

  • corey_rohr_vlogs
    corey_rohr_vlogs Hace 4 días

    He could see with his glasses lol

  • Its Your Gurl Tay
    Its Your Gurl Tay Hace 4 días

    Heart isn’t the strongest muscle isn’t the tongue?!

  • Rosie Taylor
    Rosie Taylor Hace 4 días


  • Al Harrington
    Al Harrington Hace 4 días

    On the fish one, i had no clue why it could be a bad thing, then i found out it was canned fish.

  • Football Lewisgaming
    Football Lewisgaming Hace 4 días

    It’s like a bush tucker trial

  • HeyItsJasmin
    HeyItsJasmin Hace 4 días


  • Miraj Desai
    Miraj Desai Hace 4 días

    Rhett you are best.

    PANDA GAMER Hace 4 días

    but you did song are you gona eat dat

  • Yuno Gasai Psycho
    Yuno Gasai Psycho Hace 4 días

    It’s been years since I watched them.

  • Lava 321
    Lava 321 Hace 4 días

    You know I think it almost seems like the last one was scripted but I doubt it was because that was so perfect how link got the heart the real one and actually it probably would have been even more hilarious if they admitted that last one was scripted

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese Hace 4 días

    if you make it right elk-heart is realy good

  • Lexi Hi
    Lexi Hi Hace 4 días

    I think Rhett saw the reflection of links glasses

  • Bxrber Jxn
    Bxrber Jxn Hace 4 días +4

    12:40 who tf is in the back having an orgasm?!

  • Commander Svokhar The Unholy

    damn link... shave that nasty shit off your face

  • I Like 2 E4t P1e
    I Like 2 E4t P1e Hace 4 días

    2:16 So I guess Link has a frog in his throat.

  • Possessed Alexa
    Possessed Alexa Hace 4 días

    12:40 orgasm in backroundy

  • Cryptic Elite
    Cryptic Elite Hace 4 días

    I bet he just made all the crap up and really he just saw what it was threw the reflection of link's glasses

  • SeannyBoyGamer 123
    SeannyBoyGamer 123 Hace 5 días

    Ignore 12:40!!!😂

  • OrangeShoe
    OrangeShoe Hace 5 días

    The chewing is so crunchy 😬😬

  • Metal-Up- My-Bass
    Metal-Up- My-Bass Hace 5 días

    Rhett saw a brain and Link said he saw his brain how freaky is that?!

  • Ania Dances
    Ania Dances Hace 5 días


  • Bendora Brown
    Bendora Brown Hace 5 días


  • Kahari Wilbon Williams
    Kahari Wilbon Williams Hace 5 días

    Rhett: Your doing lock face!
    Link(with lock face) : no I’m not

  • IncredibleNeb
    IncredibleNeb Hace 5 días

    That's the good thing about this channel. There both so like-able that I will laugh at both of them.

  • Im a NoisyParrot
    Im a NoisyParrot Hace 5 días

    Plot twist: you can see the reflection on his eye

  • Nilomi Desai
    Nilomi Desai Hace 5 días


  • CoolCola 120
    CoolCola 120 Hace 5 días

    Lol boiled for safety hahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • 伊東ひなた
    伊東ひなた Hace 5 días


  • L Sharp
    L Sharp Hace 5 días

    the heart of the ELK!!!

  • Lincoln Harley
    Lincoln Harley Hace 5 días

    Mad facial hair on Link doesn't look right Lol

  • KT W
    KT W Hace 5 días

    Rhett- It's so fruity!
    Link-*gags harder*
    Rhett-How'd you find one so fruuty?
    Link-*About to puke*
    Rhett-This is especially fruity!

  • A&S Hunting&fishing and airsoft

    Elk heart tastes like chicken liver delisciouse

  • MaKayla Spring
    MaKayla Spring Hace 5 días

    I feel bad for link lil

  • Flowey
    Flowey Hace 6 días

    Jeez its hard for me to tell its link with that beard.

  • Jassoomitron :D
    Jassoomitron :D Hace 6 días +6

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  • Mckenzie Laurie
    Mckenzie Laurie Hace 6 días

    Link please shave your beard,please think of the children

  • Simon Toft Henriksen
    Simon Toft Henriksen Hace 6 días

    7:02 ASMR is real

  • Bette Lou Files
    Bette Lou Files Hace 6 días

    Rhett: oooo mmm fruity how did you get so fruity like berry’s
    Link: UUuUuUGH AaaAAA HHhjmmM

  • OnyxSenpai
    OnyxSenpai Hace 6 días

    Weak!!! Eating heart is delicious cuz it is full of meat. I think he is vegetarian. Damn i'm jelous that he is eating heart

  • Art Pal
    Art Pal Hace 6 días

    How come I'm sick from my stomach I eat regular food and u guys eating stuff like this and ur fine What!!!!

  • DragonSkaterrr
    DragonSkaterrr Hace 6 días

    slight upper raise isnt disguist its contempt

  • samel the camel
    samel the camel Hace 6 días

    rhett probably saw the reflection in links glasses

  • 10.000 subs with no videos challenge Let's go!

    you can see what it is in his glasses thoe? xD