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  • Publicado el 31 may 2023
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    SOUL MUSIC-- Relaxing soul music - The best soul music compilation
    #soul #soulmusic #soulplaylist #soulrelaxing
    Track List:
    00:00 A Million Signs - Vividry
    07:06 Grow - Gloria Tells
    10:12 Free This Feeling - Spring Gang
    13:28 Made Up My Mind - Vividry
    16:53 Sigh - Chase Hughes
    20:14 All the Freedom You Need - Terin Ector
    22:47 Stay in the Moment - Tyra Chantey
    26:20 What We Got - Terin Ector
    30:31 Midnight Lover - SOOP
    33:38 Goodbye So Long - Spring Gang
    36:51 Imagine Us There - Spring Gang
    40:02 Pass Me - Vividry
    42:15 The Only One - Lionel Quick
    45:39 Sing it to you - L.M.Styles
    48:57 Be Free - Sylvia Peyton
    52:52 I Miss You Fierce - Terin Ector
    56:03 You'll Be Fine - Spring Gang
    59:21 Give In To Me - Gloria Tells
    📷 the image used in : Art by @andrepereiraart : andrepereir...
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  • Ehren McBane
    Ehren McBane Hace 3 meses +75

    I can play this music at work and everyone agrees/has no problem with it. All the songs are great and uplifting and.. great list! Please make more! LOVE THIS!!!! THANK YOU!!!! 💜

  • Emel Koyuncu
    Emel Koyuncu Hace 2 meses +12

    I love how this playlist seamlessly transitions from one song to the next.

    • Ronnyroo
      Ronnyroo Hace 2 meses +2

      Thank you EK, I work endlessly on mixing and if I could post a 2hr continuous set, i would. Please keep listening and watching as I hope my remixing/viz skills advance. I love a rock steady groove so i know it's importance. Make sure you drift through my 3 pages of pop enthusiasm because I'd love to know what you think of all 3 of them. I am so flattered by your comment, so thank you ....

  • Anna Szymoniak
    Anna Szymoniak Hace 2 meses +13

    love this music

  • Mohsin Santos
    Mohsin Santos Hace 2 meses +8

    This playlist is a real soulful gem!

  • Luana Alves
    Luana Alves Hace 3 meses +15

    the best playlist ever! i love this vibe

  • Music For Life
    Music For Life Hace 3 meses +14

    My life is full of music, very much relaxing in my mind every time I always listen the music love it ❤

  • Cheryl Online Biz
    Cheryl Online Biz Hace 2 meses +12

    I listen to this while I'm working at home. Love it! It's so chill!

    • Raven Veal
      Raven Veal Hace 2 meses +1

      just discovered it for WFH vibes too sis!

  • ליאור נגה
    ליאור נגה Hace 3 meses +4

    great vibe !! makes every day a better day

  • jhadzia Mfume
    jhadzia Mfume Hace 3 meses +11

    It's storming outside, hailing in fact but this playlist is calming. Even my dog likes it!! ...chills

  • Urban Relaxation
    Urban Relaxation Hace 3 meses +12

    I really like this playlist!

  • Inspiration and Rise
    Inspiration and Rise Hace un mes +2

    I love this playlist 😍 I listen it every day 😇

  • Soul Melody
    Soul Melody Hace un mes

    Love this playlist

  • Sound Up
    Sound Up Hace un mes +1

    i love this vibe❤

  • Carlos Rolando Fernandez Pulido

    Amazing playlist, thanks a lot for doing this

  • Magdalena Varela
    Magdalena Varela Hace un mes +3

    My new favorite playlists! Play them all the time. ❤

  • Yaz Lo
    Yaz Lo Hace 2 meses +3

    Excelente playlist.

  • laudemir ibarra
    laudemir ibarra Hace 3 meses +12

    love this vibes of music

  • Judith Moonsamy
    Judith Moonsamy Hace 3 meses +6

    What an awesome find...fantastic playlist to wash the day away. Its evening time in SA and I'm calm and soothed, thank you ❤🙏

  • Cerise Fairfax
    Cerise Fairfax Hace un mes

    Laundry day Sunday vibe! Loving ❤️ it

  • Sutatip Uttasart
    Sutatip Uttasart Hace 3 meses +5

    I heard this song for the first time, it's great! I love it so much.

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers Hace 2 meses +2


  • Neciann's Journal
    Neciann's Journal  Hace un mes

    Lisa ❤ sending you big warm hugs. This one took me on an emotional roller-coaster. You are such a sunshine. I applaud you for pushing through with this one because I know it was hard.

  • Aga Agnieszka
    Aga Agnieszka Hace 3 meses +9

    this is so relaxing anc chilling i can finally escape my stress away

  • Ana Abreu
    Ana Abreu Hace 3 meses +6

    Musicas delicinhas para orvir durante o banho com a luz apagada!

  • ᒍᑌᔕT ᗰE
    ᒍᑌᔕT ᗰE Hace un mes

    May this playlist vibe translate to your soul. Hugging you from the other side of the worls 🌸

  • Marlene de Oliveira
    Marlene de Oliveira Hace 14 días

    wonderful.. maravilhosa, adoro as músicas, tocam a alma...

  • Leigh Anne FLORES
    Leigh Anne FLORES Hace 3 meses +14

    i love this playlist so muucchh great lists of songs

    • Music For Life
      Music For Life Hace 3 meses +1

      My life is full of music, very much relaxing in my mind every time I always listen the music love it ❤

  • Mara Silveira
    Mara Silveira Hace 3 meses +4

    What a wonderful playlist.

  • Chris Hawley
    Chris Hawley Hace 3 meses +88

    Living in SAO PAULO, Brazil, drinking beer while it's 35c in February, watching people walk by......this music is perfect. Better than many of my own soul channels on youtube.

  • Saher Mokhtar
    Saher Mokhtar Hace 3 meses +4

    This soul music charge your soul to be ready for a long walk

  • Morfosoaps
    Morfosoaps Hace 3 meses +4

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  • Einfach Klavier
    Einfach Klavier Hace un mes

    Ich liebe es 🥰

  • Анастасия Жуковская

    музыка для души

  • Ihasmin Aprígio
    Ihasmin Aprígio Hace 3 meses +7

    The songs are very pleasant to listen to!
    congratulations for the initiative! 😃

    BEKALU Hace un mes +2

    To all those who hear this message: I hope your worries will soon be a thing of the past. May any anxiety, fear and doubt that cloud your thoughts dissipate; may clarity bring you new perspectives on life. With every breath take solace in knowing that peace and tranquility can always fill our lives with grace

  • Eraldo Gonçalves de Carvalho

    Melodies to listen to in any environment, at any time of the day... show !!!

  • Jonathan Portuguez
    Jonathan Portuguez Hace un mes

    Amazing collection. Thank you for sharing¡¡

  • CAROLINA López Rodríguez

    I love it! Thanks!!! It's perfect to accompany a glass of wine tonight

  • Soul Chill
    Soul Chill Hace 13 días

    All the songs are great and uplifting and.. great list! Please make more! LOVE THIS!!!! THANK YOU!!!! 💜

  • Kikina Dreamz
    Kikina Dreamz Hace 2 meses +1

    Nice choice of songs...😊

  • Lars Hansson
    Lars Hansson Hace un mes

    I love this vibe 🫶💫💫✨✨✨

    • Lars Hansson
      Lars Hansson Hace 27 días

      Yeh ...Miss .🍂💫🌺
      listen sometimes spec on you'r soft ...Jazz soft love stories baby .. baby 🍂💫💖 keep me tigh't give me all love ... love this miss Sooul ... you'r lovely ..... 🥰💫🍂🌺

  • Funda Tunç
    Funda Tunç Hace 3 meses +3

    vibing magnificent playlist to lift up my soul thanks a lot !

  • Miss Natalia
    Miss Natalia Hace 2 meses +64

    Living in Ukraine. Do my morning routine with this music. Drink coffee, look through the window. Happy, that I am alive today.

    • Ronnyroo
      Ronnyroo Hace 2 meses +2

      I'm happy too, I hope my choice of tunes helps propel you through happy and hell .... it's all we got, right?

    • Miss Natalia
      Miss Natalia Hace 2 meses

      @Ronnyroo this and little bit good wine 🍷😂❤️

    • Samar draws
      Samar draws Hace un mes

      That comment made me happy❤

    • SCHEER diane
      SCHEER diane Hace un mes

      Oui ça 😊😅😊😊😅9a❤a😊ans je 1😊a0a09😊a90😊❤g😅😊0

  • Yolanda Madeleine Ae
    Yolanda Madeleine Ae Hace 13 días

    This is Fabulous🤩🤩🤩

  • Rima ramroum
    Rima ramroum Hace 3 horas

    Love this play liste❤ from Algiers🇩🇿

  • Sarah Petrick
    Sarah Petrick Hace 3 meses +3

    My first ever comment on youtube. Thank you so much for this playlist. I love it!

    • Ronnyroo
      Ronnyroo Hace 2 meses +1

      Thank you Sarah. I'm adding tons of stuff. Explore my other pages, Gay Alternative & Iggy Azlea

  • Catherine
    Catherine Hace 2 meses +3

    Beautiful ❤️

  • Lorenzo Mantova
    Lorenzo Mantova Hace un mes

    Beautiful ✌️✌️

  • Kelebogile Temane
    Kelebogile Temane Hace un mes

    Yoh when driving with drizzling rain wow. I enjoy it

  • Nicole sowasvonegal
    Nicole sowasvonegal Hace un mes

    I love it so much thx

  • Dumerzil Johnny
    Dumerzil Johnny Hace 2 meses

    It's great. i like it.

  • Cristiane Cabral
    Cristiane Cabral Hace 2 meses +2

    The best playlist !!!!!!!

    • Ronnyroo
      Ronnyroo Hace 2 meses +1

      I am loving you sincerely now! Keep on listening.

  • Carmen Gonzalez
    Carmen Gonzalez Hace 12 días

    Buena música y mejor voz ❤

  • mustafa kara
    mustafa kara Hace 2 meses +1

    adored :)

  • Easy Mind
    Easy Mind Hace 3 meses +4

    great beats! Love it🔥 I'd like to have same performance on my channel

  • Mary M
    Mary M Hace un mes

    The best playlist ever)

  • Ronnyroo
    Ronnyroo Hace 2 meses +1

    OMG, I am so moved to hear all this, I'm soulfully moved. The new rework of Deborah Harry's I Feel Love is beyond what I could ever be. I love everyone, that goes without saying, but I love you all for seeing eye to eye with what I'm trying to do here! What truly nice house music can be! Love is a word, never to be used lightly, and love is how I feel for my kindred folk below. Please also explore my Iggy Azalea remixes, and my gay alternative mixes. If you make me part of your day, I consider it my duty, to never disappoint. Art always comes first. I do the videos and the final mixing and I do it all with my heart. I love you!

  • Sheri Balsoma
    Sheri Balsoma Hace 3 meses +5

    Excellent High Vibrational Music!
    Thank you soooooooooooo much!
    Upstate New York New Subscriber ✅

  • Алёна Суворова


  • KU KU
    KU KU  Hace 2 meses +2

    you are healing my soul

    • Ronnyroo
      Ronnyroo Hace 2 meses +1

      and you heal me by saying that ... thank you .... deeply

  • RnB Soul Chill
    RnB Soul Chill Hace un mes

    The person who is reading this comment , i wish you great success , health, love and happiness !

  • rafael cañete
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  • Serkan Özdemir
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  • Eugenia Emie
    Eugenia Emie Hace 2 meses +1

    luv this song , i have in CD

  • My 1st 60's
    My 1st 60's Hace 2 meses

    Loved loved loved of the deep of my heart

    • Ronnyroo
      Ronnyroo Hace 2 meses +1

      thank you ... your love will drive me further to provide the nicest beats & viz for you.

  • Bianca Lange
    Bianca Lange Hace un mes

    das ist so toll😃

  • Jo elisa d.
    Jo elisa d. Hace 2 meses +1


  • Alex Paixão
    Alex Paixão Hace 3 meses +2

    É impressão minha ou toda playlist de Soul/R&B são sempre as mesmas músicas?

    BLM CLKGL Hace 3 meses +3

    Huzurlu hissediyorsun

  • Vanya Argirova
    Vanya Argirova Hace un mes

    Жалко, че концерта няма да бъде на Античния театър.

  • Nor Zakiah
    Nor Zakiah Hace 3 meses +2


  • Berangère CASCARINO
    Berangère CASCARINO Hace 3 meses +3

    😍 perfect

  • katumi tubakihara
    katumi tubakihara Hace 2 meses +1


  • Lissi Ayala
    Lissi Ayala Hace 2 meses +3


  • The Traveler
    The Traveler Hace 3 meses +3

    Very Good, Top.

  • ellie Van Wees
    ellie Van Wees Hace un mes

    So beatiful

  • Vitaliy Sander
    Vitaliy Sander Hace 3 meses +6

    Very good! Thanks ❤️

  • Jonnathan Cruz
    Jonnathan Cruz Hace un mes

    Correction: 7:06 is "Terin Ector - All The Freedom You Need"

  • Leigh Anne FLORES
    Leigh Anne FLORES Hace 3 meses +2

    do you have spotify playlist version of this? thanks!

    • Music For Life
      Music For Life Hace 3 meses +3

      My life is full of music, very much relaxing in my mind every time I always listen the music love it ❤

    • Afif Farrastomo
      Afif Farrastomo Hace 3 meses +1

      hi I made a spotify playlist of this, its "soul on compilation"

    • Leigh Anne FLORES
      Leigh Anne FLORES Hace 3 meses

      @Afif Farrastomo i can'T find it :(( is it okay if you can drop the link? thank you!

    • Ronnyroo
      Ronnyroo Hace 2 meses

      unfortunately, I don't, but keep listening to my 3 playlists here as I am updating daily and redoing the vizuals ... I'm not leaving hon! So, park me as a fave. I am honoured.

  • De'Trece Lavender
    De'Trece Lavender Hace un mes


  • 간신
    간신 Hace 3 meses +3


  • Pâmela Oliveira
    Pâmela Oliveira Hace 2 meses +1


    AUTHENTIC [BR] Hace un mes

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow 💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • Josiel Fonseca  Operacional 1

    Ate que em fim achei !

  • Catherine Guilloteau
    Catherine Guilloteau Hace un mes

    Living in France with a big depress global situation I believe on better with saoul music and escape on a hearth attack!

  • Regina Aparecida dos Santos


  • Neda
    Neda Hace 2 meses +1


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    Miranda Hendriks 69 Hace 2 meses +1

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    Fluffy Bunny. 💗. 😛 Hace 3 meses +3


  • Jade
    Jade Hace 3 meses +7

    I’m not sure if you know this but the songs are not sync up. The title of the songs are from the songs that was played before.

  • Rabia T.
    Rabia T. Hace 2 meses +1

    42:15 ;)

  • Mina Mina
    Mina Mina Hace un mes

    oke. it's good

  • MindMeditationElevation
    MindMeditationElevation Hace 3 meses +4

    Had to subscribe right away

    • Ronnyroo
      Ronnyroo Hace 2 meses +1

      Thank you for doing that, I promise not to disappoint

  • Fjolla Re
    Fjolla Re Hace 3 meses +2

    Can upload this to Audiomack please? and let me know with what name u uploaded

  • Vaugh Beagleman
    Vaugh Beagleman Hace 3 meses +4

    Does anyone know who the artist for the painting is?

    • Soul On
      Soul On  Hace 2 meses

      Art by @andrepereiraart :

    • Ronnyroo
      Ronnyroo Hace 2 meses

      There was no artist involved really. When "Eat To The Beat" came out in 1979, promo shots were posterized and distributed about our planet. I simply took a copy from an online search and gave it a treatment. I'll share anything.

  • maggie han
    maggie han Hace 2 meses +2


  • Ateliê das Massas Molhos e Cia Massas Artesanais

    Planta com vaso de ripas

  • Elifercam
    Elifercam Hace 2 meses +3

    Qu3R0 T0b4 =)