Nintendo Switch - HOME Menu

  • Publicado el 3 mar 2017
  • The Nintendo Switch system offers both simplicity and flexibility. The new HOME Menu is a great example; this video offers a quick tour.
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Comentarios • 3 985

  • juno why are we talking to each other

    *the 5 dollar tax*

  • Tad Strange
    Tad Strange Hace 3 días

    Ew it isn't in the dark theme.

    HAZOX Hace 4 días

    Wait.......he said Bluetooth can be reactivated at any time but the switch doesn't have Bluetooth......

  • YoiBoi
    YoiBoi Hace 5 días

    the menus, bland, boring, and modern. none of that charming nintendo music like the wii shop channel had. please add music into the menus, it will make them charming.

  • Aaliyah
    Aaliyah Hace 5 días

    I am neweest so far don't let anyone take my place

  • Jasoncrafter82
    Jasoncrafter82 Hace 7 días

    2:32 So according to Nintendo, I'm emo.

  • CombatWombat19
    CombatWombat19 Hace 9 días

    Choose from over 1 theme!

  • carnage the carnotaurus

    My wallet is gonna die

  • Ayush Formals
    Ayush Formals Hace 12 días

    Please make the games a little bit cheaper ... everything else is great...

  • Alicon_852
    Alicon_852 Hace 13 días

    Dude I want a switch so bad I had a dream where I stole one. (It was just a dream Don t arrest me)

  • OTZerr
    OTZerr Hace 13 días

    We need new menu themes

  • rupeelit
    rupeelit Hace 15 días

    Internet Browser & New Themes, please!

    INOVALOL 47 Hace 17 días

    Te incluye el juego de Mario kart 12 switch arms y el de dibujar

  • T Bone
    T Bone Hace 18 días

    Be alot better with new themes

  • 애정Hyun
    애정Hyun Hace 19 días

    Internet browser?

  • Klovr
    Klovr Hace 19 días

    For some reason i wish the news actually looked like that

  • audi hewlett packard
    audi hewlett packard Hace 20 días

    I don't have the legend of Zelda breath of the wild game DUDE WHY IS THE GAME CHEAP???

  • FilmBucket
    FilmBucket Hace 20 días

    Can you guys add music

  • Liam L
    Liam L Hace 22 días +2

    This is a great video for someone who's had there switch for over a year!

  • Youshaa Khoder
    Youshaa Khoder Hace 22 días

    I'm selling my 1,500 Wii u and my Wii remote for this console!

  • I’m Anonymous
    I’m Anonymous Hace 22 días

    *nintendo switch bends after using a lot of force*

  • Will Billy
    Will Billy Hace 25 días

    Some of the things on the menu has changed since 2017-2019

  • Nightfall
    Nightfall Hace 27 días +1

    What kind of masochist uses the white theme?

  • tio instinto superior 123

    Nintendo switch for brazil pls pls pls

  • AjayTheAnimator
    AjayTheAnimator Hace 28 días

    Did you know that ultimate was hidden of screen?

  • Hunter Schadow
    Hunter Schadow Hace 29 días +1

    This is probable Wow I love that movie

  • Duck Blox
    Duck Blox Hace un mes

    Ummmmm I literally have the same switch icon as that switch with the yellow pikman and blue background. Scary

  • Yolanda Silva
    Yolanda Silva Hace un mes

    What you made Nintendo

  • TNT Animations
    TNT Animations Hace un mes +1

    Were is the Mario Maker?!

  • Car Max
    Car Max Hace un mes

    I love this console. I hope i'll have this console 😃

  • DaYouTubeGamer Awesomeness

    I’d like another Mii platform on the Switch

  • Shuhan Zhang
    Shuhan Zhang Hace un mes

    Best click bait title ever

  • Ethan Larrosa
    Ethan Larrosa Hace un mes


  • Art Venix
    Art Venix Hace un mes

    I really love my Nintendo switch it's a masterpiece and I can enjoy all my games in great quality and various of formats thank you Nintendo and everybody that work there or with Nintendo to make amazing content on the switch

  • JyuskGMZ
    JyuskGMZ Hace un mes

    Why couldnt the music in this video be the home theme music

  • silent uwu
    silent uwu Hace un mes

    Please port the 3ds theme shop to the switch this thing really needs themes

  • yungk1ng5jr kyle
    yungk1ng5jr kyle Hace un mes

    I wish the original mii maker music is in the mii maker on the switch

  • polla
    polla Hace un mes

    Wish it had music

  • Nicolás  Sánchez
    Nicolás Sánchez Hace un mes

    Miis should have a more prominent apperance on the menu, like having a mii button to jump right into the the mii maker.
    Also adding some music to pretty much all the interface for once, it makes the switch by itself pretty charmless. Take the Wii's interface for example, pretty much everyone remembers the wii for its catchy menu music, it gave it personality.

  • Alejandro Téllez C.
    Alejandro Téllez C. Hace un mes

    The Nintendo Switch is awesome.
    The problem is the simplicity of the menus... they're *too* simple.
    The Wii U had music in the menu, the options, and I especially liked the Mii Maker's music.
    All the Switch has is.....silence....
    Speaking of the Mii Maker, all of us used to the Wii, Wii U and 3DS expected to see it as an app or something, like the eShop. The last place I'd expect the Mii Maker to be is the System settings.

  • Ngan Nguyen
    Ngan Nguyen Hace un mes +1

    Nintendo plz ad roblox to the nintendo swich

  • Octohog 005
    Octohog 005 Hace un mes +1

    2019 anyone?

  • Fabrizzio Misiano
    Fabrizzio Misiano Hace un mes +1


  • CJ
    CJ Hace un mes +1

    I wish the themes from the 3DS could be transported to the Switch. (And they should have my 100s of themes I bought for my 3DS)

  • Cyanide YT
    Cyanide YT Hace un mes

    Please make the theme like nds 3d xl...

  • Alan OvandoRodríguez
    Alan OvandoRodríguez Hace un mes

    More Themes please Nintendo :(

  • Cringy Lord
    Cringy Lord Hace un mes +5

    Who else loves that click at the beginning of a Nintendo switch ad

  • Jake Howard
    Jake Howard Hace un mes +1

    Turned on aeroplane mode

    It didn't fly

  • Caron The Cat
    Caron The Cat Hace un mes +1

    We will get the New NIntendo Wii U Xl in 2019 XD

  • Herokid_Playz
    Herokid_Playz Hace un mes

    Whattd'ya mean there isn't an internet browser???

  • Kwesi Oluwafemi
    Kwesi Oluwafemi Hace un mes +1

    I wish they put the music that they played in this video in the home screen so you can listen to it on the home screen

  • An inconspicuous air conditioner

    I’m so angry. Mines a faulty.

  • ss jb
    ss jb Hace un mes

    Sorry but I love the 3ds/2ds xl

  • Kimiko Kiki
    Kimiko Kiki Hace un mes +1

    K, I got my switch today, so this is cool. Thing is, gaming is extremely expensive now. When I was a kid at like 7 and 8 it never really costed so much to buy games. Yeah I should probably get a job at this point.

  • craigclosesdeals
    craigclosesdeals Hace un mes

    thanks, really helped me set up, rki and play.

  • Cesar Martinez Diaz
    Cesar Martinez Diaz Hace 2 meses

    Merry Christmas

  • King Krazy
    King Krazy Hace 2 meses

    Nintendo 2018: our console will be the best selling this year. We will have the best exclusives, bih!
    Sony 2018: **sips tea**

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Hace 2 meses +1

    Finally I don't have to delete things with my data gone

  • SuperJack 90
    SuperJack 90 Hace 2 meses

    I remember walking with my mom and brother in Safeway at night, and watching this over and over again.

  • Nafisah Emir
    Nafisah Emir Hace 2 meses +4

    who watches these, but dont have one!...
    edit: i am getting one in january heheh.

  • Austin Pape
    Austin Pape Hace 2 meses

    Those bezels be t h i c c

  • Anne Belderbos
    Anne Belderbos Hace 2 meses

    Are the games saved on the cardriges or the console?

  • Elite Masters
    Elite Masters Hace 2 meses

    Nintendo. Its been more than 1 year. Where is the home menu music??

  • Rodrigo Gurdian
    Rodrigo Gurdian Hace 2 meses

    yo don’t know what brought me 2 desktop ESclips

  • Israel Rodríguez
    Israel Rodríguez Hace 2 meses

    I love nintendo

  • Berendgaming
    Berendgaming Hace 2 meses +1

    Flexibily? My nintendo switch is broken

  • Cloud games
    Cloud games Hace 2 meses


  • byEvan 22
    byEvan 22 Hace 2 meses +1


  • Solomon Gebru
    Solomon Gebru Hace 2 meses

    I spilled hack wrong I was going to have to my cousins the Nintendo switch

  • Solomon Gebru
    Solomon Gebru Hace 2 meses

    I mean use my cousin's which one we're playing hide and seek and you won't notice then I'm going to see his fortnite account then cat kid and wasted Reeboks and give them back

  • Skull
    Skull Hace 2 meses

    TEAM PS4?

  • Nupa Meyers
    Nupa Meyers Hace 2 meses

    Those first 10 seconds are so satisfying some how

  • Fire Gamer / اطفا ء ا لذا ر

    I want a refund I turned on airplane mode and it didn’t fly.

  • Frostyne
    Frostyne Hace 2 meses

    0:14 the game card doesnt go there,is a liitle bit on the left

  • Game Show
    Game Show Hace 2 meses +1

    I think the wii u is better than the switch

  • Nintendo Fan girl
    Nintendo Fan girl Hace 3 meses

    So you have to buy it to download it.....I can't do that my parents won't let me do that

    • G2 LTT
      G2 LTT Hace 3 días

      Then don't, you think people make game for free?

  • Idk
    Idk Hace 3 meses

    W want one so bad

  • Alikepoop 12345
    Alikepoop 12345 Hace 3 meses

    Where is our themes? *cough cough*

  • Eddie Benavides
    Eddie Benavides Hace 3 meses

    Alguien con sub títulos

  • Nixia Mata
    Nixia Mata Hace 3 meses

    If nintendo had WALLPAPERS it would be cool

  • Dhanya Sambyal
    Dhanya Sambyal Hace 3 meses

    is there vidios on nintendo switch

  • Ikram Shaki
    Ikram Shaki Hace 3 meses

    This product should get a prize

  • Azazel Potato
    Azazel Potato Hace 3 meses

    Can you not make folders for games?

  • king kazeem
    king kazeem Hace 3 meses

    wow but its expensive

  • adib rifai
    adib rifai Hace 3 meses

    I miss wii era music :(

  • jakethegoanimater videos

    I have a switch and a Wii u (Wii u is better)

    • G2 LTT
      G2 LTT Hace 3 días +1

      Yeah, say that when the new game come out, oof mario maker 2 about to be released, suck to be yah!

    • Calvin Abad
      Calvin Abad Hace 2 meses


  • LOXY 75
    LOXY 75 Hace 3 meses

    Who look the video but have not nintendo switch😂😭

  • The Medic Birb
    The Medic Birb Hace 3 meses +2

    I have a question is thete youtube?????

  • Rumble Dumble
    Rumble Dumble Hace 4 meses


    too bad i cant afford it 😭

    • TheNeoCat64
      TheNeoCat64 Hace 2 meses

      There's this magical place called Ebay. You should visit it sometime.

  • Xboxdan73
    Xboxdan73 Hace 4 meses

    3ds home screen is way better, much more functionality

    • CyberXarex YT
      CyberXarex YT Hace 2 meses +1

      As i nintendo switch owner

      100% true

    BAKED BEAN LORD Hace 4 meses


  • Zaa DR
    Zaa DR Hace 4 meses

    still cant replace 3ds family

  • Sadow The Horhay
    Sadow The Horhay Hace 4 meses +1

    If only people knew the horror that would become "Nintendo Switch Online"...

  • Dark Empress Aly
    Dark Empress Aly Hace 4 meses

    I just noticed that the Archive Software noise sounds exactly like the Nintendo Channel loading sound when it was live on Wii. Too bad it doesn't actually make that sound.

  • Martell Tha Cool
    Martell Tha Cool Hace 4 meses

    I hate the light theme. Please, Nintendo do is dark theme

  • Lucasaugusto2099 Augusto

    já vem cam comsole

  • Bucket hound
    Bucket hound Hace 4 meses

    I would like to have new themes like the 3ds does

  • josefina peralta
    josefina peralta Hace 4 meses

    Juegos Nintendo que buena suerte que me van a dar una Navidad

  • 이정아
    이정아 Hace 4 meses

    i bought nintendo vita