I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

  • Publicado el 12 sep 2018
  • No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?
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Comentarios • 24 293

  • Connor Coulson
    Connor Coulson Hace 3 horas

    I'm glad all the top comments are in support of keto. This video is a terrible representation of what is scientifically proven to be a superior diet. This is not keto, I don't know what this is.

  • Marissa Harry
    Marissa Harry Hace 3 horas

    All of those bad symptoms are what the body does when you try to stop an addiction
    Your body will make you feel all these terrible feelings so that you’ll cave and go back to your old ways

  • Marissa Harry
    Marissa Harry Hace 3 horas

    The reason you feel like shit is because your eating no carbs
    It’s the equivalent of quitting drugs
    Your going to feel terrible at first
    But eventually the symptoms stop and you feel better

  • SB. Yours Truly
    SB. Yours Truly Hace 8 horas

    Not being a hater, but This is how Not to do Keto! I’d love to see you do some research, and reshoot this video! Like Part 2? Keto doesn’t mean Starve! Lol it’s not as bad as this video portrays it to be, honestly! :)

  • Alisaishere
    Alisaishere Hace 11 horas

    I'm going to be super real here. I'm not a fan of yours, no shade, probably would be bff in person. But I didn't want to watch this video no matter how many times it was recommended to me because I'm anti-Keto for so many reasons. But a keto channel reacting to this showed up and I watch half of it. I hated them and I love you for your comment response. Thank you for being real about the diet.
    Keto is actually a horrible diet. There is so much research proving that high animal product, low carb diets are unhealthy for everyone. My neurologist is very much against it, because your brain runs on carbs. Why fight your brain? The one part of your body that controls the rest of it?!?! I wish more people would discuss this. Eat all the fruit and veggies you want, they are the best thing you can put in your body.

  • Me Me
    Me Me Hace 11 horas

    Honestly even before this diet she looks AWESOME❤️Gabbie you are so inspiring!

  • Anjonette Pezan
    Anjonette Pezan Hace 11 horas

    I have a medical problem and have not been able to actually eat correctly for over 6 months and have been on a feeding pump. It started wiht me not being able to eat anytthing, not even being able to keep water down, everything would come back up. I have slowly been adding things back to my diet, the first being carbs and vegetables and fruits, those would stay down, but I could only eat in minute quantities, and you are explaining exactly how I felt, especially when i could not eat at all, I was starving, but yet so nautious that I did not want to eat anything at all. When they add the protein from the pump feedings, it gets so much worse, and some days, I cannot eat or drink anything else. I have finally found a nutritional supplement with antioxidants in it that you add to water, that I add to water that has been helping me feel bettr and making my body start to heal so much that we are talking about taking this tube out as soon as all of the protein supplement that I have is used up. i am excited to eat regular food again with the help of the supplement that I found. I love wtching your videos and what you try, and i had thought of trying keto, and m glad to see what happened to you. I do not ever want to go through all of those feeling if i do not have to, so I will pass on that.

  • Yolandambrosine
    Yolandambrosine Hace 13 horas

    This diet is actually making me feel so sick 🤮🤮🤮 I’d never do the keto diet

  • Yolandambrosine
    Yolandambrosine Hace 13 horas

    Am I the only person that actually hates sweets ? But I’m addicted to salt :( and it makes me bloat so bad

  • shelizabeth25
    shelizabeth25 Hace 14 horas

    The ketogenic diet is common for people with epilepsy, like myself. 💜 Your body runs off of fat energy instead of carbohydrate energy. Doing this makes your body create ketones (hence the name) which helps a lot of people with their seizures. For many it can replace medicines, but I do it in combination:). This diet wasn’t properly done, but its main purpose is certainly not just losing weight. Also the stomach pains could be because your body isn’t used to taking in that much fiber either maybe? Sorry it made you feel crappy though 😕 Love you! 💜

  • Angel the Assassin
    Angel the Assassin Hace 14 horas

    If my coworkers can go on keto for months, then there is no reason that she can't do it. I work in aircraft maintenance which gets pretty labor intensive and requires us to work long hours 10 to 12 and the occasional 14 hour work day. I've spoken to those coworkers about keto. They said that the hardest part is getting past to first 2 weeks. Once you get past that, you won't get sick anymore. Most of my coworkers go on keto to lose weight because the waist measurement on a PT test is the military's way of fat shaming any bigger than a 31.5 inch waist (for women; basically anything bigger than a size 6) and 35 inch waist (for men) points get docked off the final score of a PT test.

  • weekly gameplay
    weekly gameplay Hace 15 horas

    Lol, you die of you don't eat carbs at all

  • ronell faria
    ronell faria Hace 17 horas

    I did it before you I went mad 😂😂 I stopped after 2 weeks

  • Ammonite Ashley
    Ammonite Ashley Hace 19 horas

    Gabbie I have autoimmune conditions that have only been helped by the Keto Diet.
    Please don't spread wrong information about this diet when it can be LIFE SAVING .... I am disappointed in this video.
    You have a responsibility to your millions of viewers to educate yourself before creating content like this

  • Katie Erickson
    Katie Erickson Hace 20 horas

    This video is totally wrong. You can have berries. You can have some fruits. You can't have starchy foods aka potatoes. You can't have grains. But there are tons of other foods you can eat. There are replacements that you can find for everything. It pisses me off that people are actually taking this video seriously. You need to research before you do any diet or else your going to end up like this. This diet is really good for people that actually take this seriously. You don't starve yourself on this diet. This whole video is what not to do on the keto diet.

    • Katie Erickson
      Katie Erickson Hace 20 horas

      The keto diet is about no sugar and limiting your carbs. You can still eat carbs but it's about limiting it.

    • Katie Erickson
      Katie Erickson Hace 20 horas

      I've been on this for years and let me tell you I've never gone hungry and I used to be 300 pounds. You need to do actual research before you try anything.

  • Mariana Raio
    Mariana Raio Hace 22 horas

    I'm loving the yellow mustard crop top

  • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

    Youre just addicted to sugar tho

  • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

    Keto makes you appreciate good food

  • Savannah Crouse
    Savannah Crouse Hace un día

    This is completely the wrong idea of KETO!! Absolutely did not do any research. I am almost 16 years old and I️ have been doing keto for 9 months and I️ feel absolutely fine! At first you do have sugar withdraws and you might get symptoms of the keto flu but ive lost 30 pounds!! Definitely do your research before you judge the diet!‼️‼️

  • sorik1984
    sorik1984 Hace un día

    U talk to much

  • mumma of 2
    mumma of 2 Hace un día

    Should look into any change in diet, I get that you felt it was very high fat, but not enough fat and salt/potassium. I researched 1st and did not feel that horrid, but I took a few weeks to wean honey from coffee, but you can have strawberries, blackberries, and cream in coffee, build fat up slowly. Now I eat 2 meals a day and a coffee for breakfast, on a hungry day I will have a fatty snack and a small square of 78% choc, still keeps carbs low

  • Celia Garner
    Celia Garner Hace un día

    “I’m not gonna read the side effects!”
    *reads side effects

  • Lauren Iodice
    Lauren Iodice Hace un día

    As someone who's been doing the keto diet for over a year now, it does take a lot out of your body, especially in the beginning. It takes a while to get used to, but it is worth it as much as it sucks. I've lost 45+ pounds. But I've noticed that for the past month I've been feeling like shit so I've eaten more bread and carbs in general and it makes me feel so much better so I think my body's just had enough of it because you're really not supposed to go this long without eating wheat or sugar, especially natural sugar.

  • Elise-Katrina Espinosa
    Elise-Katrina Espinosa Hace un día +1

    My Keto meals usually consist of
    4 strips of turkey bacon
    2-3 eggs with mozarella cheese
    half an avocado
    An ounce of cheddar cheese
    With a serving of almonds
    *my lunch is usually small bc I don’t have issues w hunger bc my breakfast is more than enough for me and it ends up being more like a snack than lunch... but if I’m particularly hungry a good example is I’ll stop at McDs and have a bacon McDouble plain w no bun and a side salad
    Baked chicken thigh with green peppers, spinach, and cauliflower rice
    Keto Mug Cake with Chocolate-Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting and Whipped Cream
    I’m not bashing Gabbie on a personal level but please don’t take this video as an accurate representation of Keto. You CAN have carbs you just have to get them from good sources and limit yourself to 20-30g net carbs per day. Even in my first week of Keto i didn’t miss the carbs because I made sure my meals were varied and exciting. I found a Mug Cake recipe to help with chocolate cravings, I made awesome Keto brownies, I made cream sauces and taco lettuce wraps. There are OPTIONS. It’s not nearly as restrictive as this video portrays so I urge everyone who is interested to do their own research and speak to a doctor or nutritionist and not base their opinions solely on one misinformed video. The diet isn’t for everyone, I get that. I’m not saying “DO KETO ITS GREAT ANYONE WHO ISNT IS LOSING OUT” I’m just saying if you’re considering it to not base ANY of your opinions on this video.
    P.S. My macro proportions are 70% fat, 20% protein, 10% carbs. Keto is not a high fat, high protein, no carb diet. It is a high fat, moderate protein, and LOW carb diet. High fat, high protein is more likely to cause health issues in the long run unless you are body building and actually using all that protein in which case you should have carb refeeds anyway. The carbs are there. You just cut out the carbs that aren’t even nutrient heavy to begin with like bread and rice and fill up on carbs from veggies, berries, nuts, etc.

    • Elise-Katrina Espinosa
      Elise-Katrina Espinosa Hace un día +1

      And seriously before anyone bashes me, I don’t hate Gabbie, I love her work and she’s hilarious and talented.
      I just know that if I went into Keto and didn’t find ways to make it work for me on a personal way (which may not be how other people deal with Keto) then I wouldn’t have survived 3 days either.
      I don’t care that it didn’t work for her, because only she knows her own body and if she’s made the decision to not ever try it again that’s fine.
      I just know that this video isn’t accurate in its depiction of Keto and the plethora of options available to make your diet nutritionally sound, varied, delicious, and filling, and therefore those who are interested in a proper Keto diet should do research beyond this one single video.

  • Sharon Girl
    Sharon Girl Hace un día

    This is not a true interpretation of Keto.

  • Giddy Pumpernickle
    Giddy Pumpernickle Hace un día

    Wish I didn’t have to do keto for a month but I gotta I got parasitessss

    • mumma of 2
      mumma of 2 Hace un día

      Research it better, sites like diet doctor, and you will have less issues, eat if hungry until satisfied

  • Caitlyn Rouse
    Caitlyn Rouse Hace un día

    What was I going to say oh yeah I um take some ibuprofen when you have migraines it really helps youit always help me I did this before oh my God I got so skinny and I just ate so much watermelon I love watermelon two and then my head started hurting so much for me and all that watermelon and I am and I took some ibuprofen and then I like fell back asleep and like took some make medicine and then like I wake up and I felt like a brand new person

    THEO LESTER Hace un día

    This literallly proves how dramatic You actually are aha

  • ThatPastyIrishGirl
    ThatPastyIrishGirl Hace un día

    So glad I watched this! I was considering trying keto, but I am already especially susceptible to migraines and stomach problems, and I definitely dont want to do anything to aggravate that! Plus, the #1 I CAN NOT stand is feeling hungry. If a diet leaves me feeling starved, I can't do it.

    • mumma of 2
      mumma of 2 Hace un día

      If done properly no hunger, someone I know suffers migraines none with keto, so long as has salt/potassium which good whole foods and a cup of broth sorts out as well as salting food at table

  • Chester Beefbottom
    Chester Beefbottom Hace un día

    6.5mill subs how? Oh.... female.. got it

  • Mikkel Johansen
    Mikkel Johansen Hace un día

    correction " *living as an african for a week* "

  • Diana T
    Diana T Hace un día +1

    Gabby you just helped me make a decision to start KETO..Watching this video you just proved how addictive and bad sugar is in general.. you acted like a junkie getting off drugs! Thanks for your help!

  • Rose Hathaway
    Rose Hathaway Hace 2 días

    Sugar is a carb.

  • Family Dog
    Family Dog Hace 2 días

    You can't work out on keto.
    You have to lay flat and lose weight that way.

  • Family Dog
    Family Dog Hace 2 días

    When Gabbi said "I am so focused on my hunger" I got ads with hamburger in it))

  • Vyolette White
    Vyolette White Hace 2 días

    That’s what my dad does 2047 ug

  • Paige laceup
    Paige laceup Hace 2 días

    Take a shot every time she says sweet potato or watermelon

  • Katey Palmer
    Katey Palmer Hace 2 días

    Yeah...weak. No research? Not smart. One week? Not enough time. Seriously? It is beyond disturbing that characters like this are reviewing entire processes in one day. Grrr....! Don't listen to this crap.

  • isold klara
    isold klara Hace 2 días

    She named like 12 things that could go wrong.... why would i do this😂

  • Sarah Horning
    Sarah Horning Hace 2 días


  • I Burger
    I Burger Hace 2 días

    try vegan next!

  • Andie Early
    Andie Early Hace 2 días

    Yeah... 1 week...

  • F Foster
    F Foster Hace 3 días

    I have epilepsy and that diet is really good for epilepsy

  • K Tanner
    K Tanner Hace 3 días +1

    The amount of ignorance in this video is outrageous. The only thing you proved in this video was your arrogance and bias. Thank you for letting me know I was wasting my time watching your channel. I feel horribly distrustful of all the videos that I did like now. Good luck to you.

  • Kimberly Cabanas
    Kimberly Cabanas Hace 3 días

    You might have been experiencing carb withdrawal. The addiction is real.

  • Kimberly Cabanas
    Kimberly Cabanas Hace 3 días

    So yeah... this is a diet that should have been researched first. You put yourself through hell for nothing. Your proteins were too lean and too much of it. Increasing the fat was the way to mitigate half the problems you had.

  • Juanita R
    Juanita R Hace 3 días

    This diet actually works, you honestly did it wrong. I’ve lost 25 in a month in a half! It’s actually amazing and I feel great.

  • Olesya Hesler
    Olesya Hesler Hace 3 días

    Every time she says “sweet potato “ I’m taking a shot.

  • Elizabeth Davidson
    Elizabeth Davidson Hace 3 días

    The Keto flu only last 1-2 weeks and after that you feel the benefits. You didn’t give it the actual go

  • cade taylor
    cade taylor Hace 3 días

    When I was on keto for a week all I ate was just meat no carbs just protein and only drank water as well as worked out an 1 hour and 1/2 a day ended up losing 10lbs

  • May Mostafa
    May Mostafa Hace 3 días

    Can’t leave this video without a comment because the misinformation in this video is BEYOND BELIEF. You need to educate yourself and research the diet before you try it and definitely one week isn’t enough to determine how the keto diet will affect you. You didn’t eat enough and you didn’t add enough good fats at all. You went about the keto diet in the same way people diet conventionally by cutting calories and exercising more which is NOT the keto way.

  • Kayla Garland
    Kayla Garland Hace 3 días

    Oh my god this video is killing me. Im 6 minutes in and can't watch anymore. I love you Gabbie, but this is NOT the keto diet. I did the 12 day on, 2 day off keto diet for 2 months and it was the best I've ever felt! You HAVE to load up on protein. I didn't even have to eat a lot on the diet, less then I normally did.. But 80% of the stuff I ate was meat. I honestly did loose quite a bit more weight then i thought I was going to since I didn't go completely 0 carb (I was eating like 7-10g a day) im not the most educated person on this, and definitely didn't do it completely right.. But i know this video is very wrong💁

  • •____••—————-•

    the truth about anorexia. this is a diet anorexic ppl use a lot. i did myself, but even less. only 100 kcal on a day.

  • Pillow Talk
    Pillow Talk Hace 4 días

    Keto is awesome. Every diet works if you try and do it correct. I lost 10 lbs just eating steak and asparagus for a week. It gives you energy for the gym not sure of the article you mentioned in the beginning. Lol it’s protein. You can have coffee with keto too, if you add butter it’s even better for you. Don’t be misinformed if you are going to share something with the whole world!
    People should eat however they want, regardless

  • hopeless romantic
    hopeless romantic Hace 4 días


  • Vicky Vick
    Vicky Vick Hace 4 días

    I love keto it worked wonders .. sad that gabbie portrayed keto like one of those starve yourself diet... it's not ... I was allways full and I had keto desserts .. never been happier with any diet in my life.. keto is life keto is WOE

  • Abby Nuñez
    Abby Nuñez Hace 4 días

    It would be awesome if you did a video trying a Daniel's fast, 21 days of just fruits, vegetables, legumes, and usually just water. I have done it before and it went well, however it was a bit hard. Would love to see a video of it! :)

  • Maren Page
    Maren Page Hace 4 días

    I have a friend who is allergic to starch so she basically eats keto and our classes are 2hours and she eats in every class so she doesn't die of starvation.

  • i banana you to
    i banana you to Hace 4 días

    If your going to do the diet you can still eat carbs it's just you can only eat 20 carbs at the most every day

  • i'm a person
    i'm a person Hace 4 días

    With the keto diet, you have to make sure you get enough fat because that is what gives you energy and fills you up. If you just eat protein then you don't have energy and you gain weight. You have to even it out.
    Just some tips.

  • Panic!At the pilot romance Williamson

    WAIT!!!your wearing trench colors!!!!!(TØP)I made my bitmoji have those exact colors girl you can pull
    Off anything!

  • Rowan Crowder
    Rowan Crowder Hace 4 días

    yes girl!!!!!!!! carb the fuck up!!!!!

  • nandini chaudhry
    nandini chaudhry Hace 4 días

    Sorry but all I saw was negativity since day one. You have been on carbs all your life and suddenly no sugar, no carbs will obviously make you feel like that and honestly we don't even know if u did it properly. May be you didn't drink enough water and may be you didn't eat enough. Ketogenic diet has done wonders for me I have been on this diet and I don't even like to call it a diet, it's more like a lifestyle and I have lost 23 pounds and I feel so great and everyday I wake up with great energy and honestly never felt this great or lost so fast. If anyone doing ketogenic please do research and give your self atleast 3 weeks and trust me you will feel amazing. I am a vegetarian and sometimes it's a struggle to figure out but now there are tons of reciepies out there. Good luck to people on keto!!!!

  • Sabrinaomarr
    Sabrinaomarr Hace 4 días +2

    Ima try this for one day for fun

  • Raine Ray
    Raine Ray Hace 4 días

    “when i do this i’m not going look up the symptoms until after so i don’t trick myself into feeling something that i’m not”
    **continues to read the symptoms of keto flu**

  • Velocity
    Velocity Hace 4 días


  • Madelyn Ziegler
    Madelyn Ziegler Hace 5 días

    I’m just starting keto and it’s starting pretty good but I feel you about the fruit thing. I miss my sweets but Atkins has some good sugar free options

  • Yashlene Sheikhvand
    Yashlene Sheikhvand Hace 5 días

    Wow, I decided to read the comments first because I didn’t want to watch her go through another “challenge” when, in the past, she seemed to just do it for the video. And my assumptions were right that she did not actually try to experience this diet but instead just made a video on a random topic she found. I’m sad that she didn’t get to experience the good of keto but I didn’t even want to waste my time watching her misinform other and freak out about how this diet was horrid when it can actually be very fun

  • Sophie Bremner
    Sophie Bremner Hace 5 días


  • shanti ristic
    shanti ristic Hace 5 días

    U exaggerate fucken every thing

  • Dance Girls
    Dance Girls Hace 5 días +1

    I have seen many comments telling Gabby that she was misleading everyone, and I just want to say a few things I want to say. (Nothing rude was said to either sides)
    First off, Gabbie did say she never Googles any symptoms so her brain doesn't make her think she's feeling them when she's not. Since she did so little research she probably didn't read anything about feeling horrible just for the first week or two. I have also seen a few comments about people with illness saying that they are on the Keto diet, (And it works) Gabbie did say she read that people with illnesses need this diet to either stay alive or stay healthy. Anyways no hate meant at all just wanted to maybe clear a few things up for the people who didn't understand. (Which is perfectly fine.)

    • Vicky Vick
      Vicky Vick Hace 4 días

      Dance Girls the thing is she didn't Research keto enough to do it and hurt herself trying, said she's starving and keto isn't a diet were u starve yourself. legit if you hungry eat some almonds ,bacon, pork rinds, celery with some cream cheese somthing ! ... and she said she needed sweets when she could have research keto desserts and saw that she could have eaten blueberries or a keto cheesecake , brownies even keto bread.
      So I don't blame ppl for being upset and saying she mislead keto because she did

  • Captain Kk
    Captain Kk Hace 5 días

    13:20 DAYYYYUUUMMM. She jacked!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Captain Kk
    Captain Kk Hace 5 días

    I got a keto diet ad on this.....

  • ` ʼ
    ` ʼ Hace 5 días

    Sad to see people so addicted to sugar. I eat shitty too but I don't nearly die when I do a carb restricted diet lol

  • Johanne
    Johanne Hace 5 días +3

    When on keto you can stay under “as much” as 50 g of carbs, a strict keto is 20g. Not 0. This video is so so so so so SO misinformative. I’ve been on keto for 6 months and LOVE IT. I think you should redo a video on this and just have a much more informed perception.

  • Kyla Lartigue
    Kyla Lartigue Hace 5 días

    I wouldn't even survive an hour on this diet

  • Manuel Sanchez
    Manuel Sanchez Hace 5 días

    Well i got a diet ad before this video. Its like if youtube knows what you're watching

  • Brooke McGrath
    Brooke McGrath Hace 5 días

    You people obviously haven’t seen the sc rant she did and the way she did the diet was how it would fit for HER so even though she is using the diet she is not going to STOP going to the gym because she wanted to see how the diet worked for HER. if the diet works good for you congrats but it just didn’t work for her

  • Brooke McGrath
    Brooke McGrath Hace 5 días

    Everyone needs to stop hating on Gabbie for this video. One of my dad’s friends is on the keto diet and I showed him this video and he said the way that she executed it was great so all u pplz can stfu

  • Akisha Parker
    Akisha Parker Hace 5 días +1

    my bf has been on it for 6 months. hes lost 70lbs already. The 1st 2 weeks are the hardest, after that, you don't feel hungry. he has cheat days all the time, when he gains too much he goes back on keto. but after each cheat day he's in the bathroom, the carbs make him sick lol

  • Grace !
    Grace ! Hace 5 días


  • Kiley Bruce
    Kiley Bruce Hace 5 días

    Yes, you CAN"T starve yourself. I have a health and wellness mom and she does this for a living. I have done keto, you have to have meat and lettuce until you get into keto then you can start adding nuts and a Tablespoon of ranch. The reason she is feeling so bad is that keto takes all the crap in your body it is cleaning out. But the most important thing with is water you have to drink water. And for coffee there is Heavy whipping cream helps too because it is actually good for you.

    • Kiley Bruce
      Kiley Bruce Hace 5 días

      You can eat all greens, nuts, and snacks in keto you are supposed to be eating about 5 meals a day.

  • Tyla Terrell
    Tyla Terrell Hace 6 días

    Watch Jasmine Hand. She does the keto diet. Says she has way more energy, and stays full for longer

  • ezrah kayode-Thompson
    ezrah kayode-Thompson Hace 6 días

    You have HIV

  • The Dead is Here MSP
    The Dead is Here MSP Hace 6 días

    I am on a Keto diet. It is really easy honestly. My parents have decided that I would be eating like them. The first week for me felt the worst, but I got over it. Good luck.

  • Shay Roberts
    Shay Roberts Hace 6 días

    That moment you realize your daily life is Gabbie going through 5 days of Keto lmaooo

  • Lisa ivanov
    Lisa ivanov Hace 6 días

    You could still snack on stuff try to stay away from cashews they are the most fattiest nuts so they are not good, pecans are the best nuts for keto and there is keto sugar and keto flour, I actually do keto and it gets easy, I really like sweets too so I do a lot of mug cakes and they are really good and after a while you don’t crave all the processed foods or the fruits anymore because your body realizes how bad they are and the best part about keto is that you don’t have to work out, I mean you could still workout for your health but for keto there is no need to. You should watch some keto videos on ESclips

  • fertilized Pelican
    fertilized Pelican Hace 6 días

    I feel like this is misleading I have gone a week without eating multiple times and I don’t complain that much

  • Zoë mac
    Zoë mac Hace 6 días

    omfg gabbie! y u r perfect as u r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Banana Hamster
    Banana Hamster Hace 6 días

    not funny
    ugly liar
    basic bitch

  • Shannon Allen
    Shannon Allen Hace 6 días

    It's a shame you didn't get a little more info on how keto works before doing this. What you did was super low carb, low to moderate protein, moderately high fat. No wonder you felt like you were starving. Also, you can avoid the Keto flu by keeping your electrolytes up and you can put cream and/or sugar substitute in your coffee if you want ( I use cream because I'm trying to learn to like coffee unsweetened). I'm sure keto isn't for everybody but I hope no one just watched this one video and decided not to try it because you're not really doing keto here it's more like carb and calorie restriction. I felt great almost immediately when I switched but, I ate skin-on chicken, beef.... butter, cream, cheese, nuts. You can have berries people and strawberries taste divine after you're off of sugar a few days. I found I was rarely hungry rather than constantly starving. I upped my salt and took supplements and I didn't get the keto flu at all.

  • Ramiro Jimenez
    Ramiro Jimenez Hace 6 días

    Totally wrong...

  • Kenzie Shag
    Kenzie Shag Hace 6 días

    I literally got an advertisement for the “Keto 360” diet😂 I’m dead

  • Trinity Deleon
    Trinity Deleon Hace 6 días

    But i love McDonald's😭😭😭😭

  • Aly Boop
    Aly Boop Hace 6 días

    It’s ok you did your best so great try you did better then I could ever do.

  • xGamerGodx
    xGamerGodx Hace 6 días

    Says won't look up the effects till after proceeds to look up the effects

  • iiSerk
    iiSerk Hace 6 días

    imma steal you fuckin nose

  • Jessica Ayo
    Jessica Ayo Hace 6 días

    I’m convinced some humans are wired to argue about trivial shit

  • Jessie Castonguay
    Jessie Castonguay Hace 6 días

    you kinda did an extreme version