I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

  • Publicado el 12 sep 2018
  • No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?
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Comentarios • 24 743

  • QueVa
    QueVa Hace 13 horas

    Love how the first thing she said was it sucked

  • De'Asia Jackson
    De'Asia Jackson Hace 15 horas

    Me eating a slice of cheesecake during the whole video...

  • Jesse Maner
    Jesse Maner Hace 16 horas

    This video sucks? Don't try to do a lifestyle change for a week and act like you know what's happening in your body. I can't believe how horribly misinformed this is. You should take this video down it's a jokeeee. No offense at all I love most of what I see from you but this isn't it chief. You only did it for a week???? You didn't "do" keto. It takes up to weeks to get into ketosis. Sooo misinformed. You did this so bad

  • Brooklynne Hayes-Calkins
    Brooklynne Hayes-Calkins Hace 17 horas

    What did you start out doing for meals and exercise when you were first starting your fitness journey?? I’ve tried a lot of others recommendations but they don’t seem to work for me :(

  • Samantha Neal
    Samantha Neal Hace 17 horas

    Yea it sucks at the beginning but for how much it helps my blood sugar problems a couple of weeks of being uncomfortable is worth it. I use to have massive sugar drops and spikes through out the day that it was keeping me from being with my family and doing my job. With the diet I feel so much better my energy is back, my mood swings have stableized, and my blood sugar is stable for once in my life.

  • Genevieve GiGi Byte
    Genevieve GiGi Byte Hace 17 horas

    People here are saying the keto flu "only" goes for two weeks TWO WEEKS??? when done properly you barely get the flu at all. HEAPS of water and minerals. I've done it twice and what it does is reset your sweet eating/bread eating switch and fuel your brain. I became SO switched on.
    I worry a little about the long term effects on the kidneys etc and carbs are important for fueling you for physical exercise...
    Otherwise when done properly, Highly recommend keto.
    Oh. Also it encouraged me to try out a lot more recipes and start to enjoy my own cooking :)

  • Melinda Rexroad
    Melinda Rexroad Hace 18 horas

    Can we discuss how fast her mood and energy shift changed after she ate them blueberries and salad XD

  • TheLoveWithYing
    TheLoveWithYing Hace 19 horas

    You should do your research before doing it, because whatever you tried is not keto...

  • Fernanda M
    Fernanda M Hace 19 horas

    She looks so hot omg

  • Nancy Haley
    Nancy Haley Hace 21 un hora

    Never ever would do Keto

  • Jazzy G
    Jazzy G Hace 22 horas +1

    Its ok i did something way worst

    A eating disorder I'm really slim no... You can see my whole ribs

  • Julia O'Donoghue
    Julia O'Donoghue Hace un día

    yeah unfortunately it's pointless to change your diet for just a week. Especially keto, which takes about 2 weeks for your body to get used to. Your body needs to change to fat as it's primary fuel source, from carbs, and get your liver to start producing ketones...everyone will feel this way when starting keto.

  • Rachel Berry
    Rachel Berry Hace un día

    Ya doing this straight out the gate isn't fun. I suggest carb cycling instead.There's different ways to do this but the simple version is...Basically you do a high carb day then a low carb or medium carb for a few days then back to high.

  • Courtney Lukacs
    Courtney Lukacs Hace un día

    For anyone thinking of doing keto... You can eat way better food on keto than this
    She had black coffee only. You can have:
    Heavy cream, Sugar free syrup, coconut oil, etc.
    The only meats she had was chicken breast or skinless thighs. You can have:
    Chicken legs, thighs, chicken breast, ground beef, steak, pork, shrimp, lobster, fish, scallops, bison, goat meat, turkey, bacon, sausage.
    The only veggies she ate were spinach and lettuce (love you Gabbie but wtf) you can have:
    Spinach, kale, lettuce, zucchini, peppers in moderation, mushrooms, celery, cucumber, asparagus. And more!
    She cut out all fruits and sweet things. You can have:
    Raspberries, strawberries, black berries, blueberries for fruit. And if your craving something sweet, have a quest bar for 4 net carbs! Want a dessert? Try one of the million keto desserts on Pinterest.
    Not to mention nuts, nut butter, cheese are all things you can snack on.
    I'm sorry but this video is uninformed. I've been on keto 3 weeks and have already lost weight, feel better and have gotten past the cravings. All this video has taught me is that sugar and carbs are addictive.

  • This Is Me
    This Is Me Hace un día

    all these comments saying she did it wrong, but honestly keto is just not sustainable for some people. i'm like gabbie, a bish loves a sweet potato, i tried keto for a month and i fuckin hated it. i also did it right, i ate fruit and veggies too, but i love potatoes and carbs too much

  • shalee baldwin
    shalee baldwin Hace un día

    I would love to see how you eat every day and how you meal prep. I’m trying to eat health but it just turns in to me skipping meals because I don’t know what to eat

  • Jamie Fetherston
    Jamie Fetherston Hace un día

    Thumbnail has a picture of supposed before and after ... no actual picture from before and after😩😩 very annoying!!!

  • Estefania Cardona
    Estefania Cardona Hace un día

    Keto is actually healthy bc you are not consuming sugar which is really bad for you !!!!!

  • Estefania Cardona
    Estefania Cardona Hace un día

    You did this diet SOOO wrong lol

  • Talitha Wittmann
    Talitha Wittmann Hace un día

    you literally did this all wrong

  • Catherine Pin
    Catherine Pin Hace un día

    Do your research on foods that you should eat on keto and the correct way to lean into the diet, before you misinform millions of people and making it out to be something negative.

  • kaitlin depew
    kaitlin depew Hace un día

    So, I’ve currently been doing the Keto diet for a total of 38 days and I’ve lost 20/22ish pounds. And must I say, IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Everybody’s body will react in a different way to restricting carbohydrates and cutting sugar completely out. Not every person is the same, so some people NEED to have a higher sugar or carb intake than others. This diet is NOT high protein, this diet is high fat, no sugar, low carb. When you do this diet, you ultimately get rid of the sugar that your body is using as energy. Therefore allowing your body to touch fat lipids that have built up for years and years and have never gotten the chance to be used as energy or burned off. Your body will enter into a state called Ketosis after consuming high high fatty meals and then it will be able to burn off fat. I will say that this diet will keep you hanging for a week, and it will be complete hell for the first few days.. why? Because you are depriving your body of not only processed sugars but also natural sugars. You would be sincerely surprised if you look at the back of that snack or favorite “healthy food” and realize how much sugar is in it. Once again. This diet is not for anyone, and I’m not shaming her because this is how HER BODY REACTED to this diet. She has already found something that works for her, and her body is accustomed to that. Keto is not a “lifetime” diet, it is one that should be used to help get hard weight off and then you can lean off the diet and continue a healthy lifestyle under a normal eating routine. Don’t shame and don’t knock down a diet until you have tried it. And even then, don’t discourage other people from trying something that actually works for thousands upon thousands of other people.

  • Sharmistha Mani Maran
    Sharmistha Mani Maran Hace un día

    I freakin love the title😂😂

  • Staja E
    Staja E Hace un día

    i know this is an old vid but i completely agree with you. why should i suffer AT ALL for a weight loss or a figure when there are MANY MANY MANY other ways to do it.
    To. each. their. own. Back. off. of. her. Your is doing just fine

  • AGT Vlog’s
    AGT Vlog’s Hace un día

    Honey I did this STUPID DIET FOR 5 MONTHS and I had to give up and I went to go eat Mexican and I was crying when I ate a chip with some sauce this diet is the WORSTTTT I had all of those symptoms too EVER DAYYYYY

  • Hellen Bautista
    Hellen Bautista Hace un día +1

    In my *humble* opinion , I think her body would have responded a little better if her normal diet wasnt SOOOO DIFFERENT but yes , it would still be exhuasting

  • Kahlen Vlogs
    Kahlen Vlogs Hace un día

    My sister does this

  • gabriella _durler
    gabriella _durler Hace un día

    my parents are on the keto diet!

  • madison rose
    madison rose Hace un día +1

    16:41-16:50 MOOD

  • madison
    madison Hace un día

    *eats sour cream and onion chips* oh wow..

  • Ya lil Gurl
    Ya lil Gurl Hace 2 días

    I just don’t eat 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Lindsay Baxter
    Lindsay Baxter Hace 2 días

    Keto is so extreme. Before it became popular it was only done in hospitals with close supervision as a last resort for a couple of diseases. People are constantly commenting online about what is right and wrong to do on the diet and then other “experts” will contradict them leading me to believe few people are actually doing it correctly. I don’t understand why everything has to be so extreme for people. Eat more veggies and fruits and decrease processed foods and sugars. Get rid of “diet” foods and stop being afraid of fat. Gabby already eats a pretty low carb diet before this video. She’s got avo and bacon in there. She’s eating her yolks. She’s eating sweet potatoes over white potatoes. She’s doing fabulous! It’s just not extreme. It’s not sexy. It’s just healthy.

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood Hace 2 días

    Keto is mostly for people with health conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. My grandma has a heart condition and she went on the Keto diet and she’s the healthiest she’s ever been and she doesn’t have to make as many doctor visits. My mom, on the other hand, tried the Keto diet and got extremely sick and lost way more weight than what was healthy for her and it also made her depression worse. And that is because my mom has no preexisting health conditions, she was in perfect health before she tried Keto and I think that’s why you couldn’t do it because you‘re in good health as well. When my mom stopped doing Keto and tried paleo instead she felt much better and had more energy. Everyone’s bodies work differently. I’m personally at my best when I eat a vegan diet

  • Not A Real Monster
    Not A Real Monster Hace 2 días

    Doesn't your body need sugar? Sure you can skip candy but fruits are way too important. Blood needs sugar to process.

  • Karmay Guida
    Karmay Guida Hace 2 días

    The Point of keto, at least how my mom described it to me when she was on it for a few months, is to take the sugars away so that instead of burning sugars and carbs for energy, it forces your body to burn the fats in your body instead. That's why when you're on keto, not only is it acceptable, but it is beneficial for you to eat as many fats as you want. That's what kept my mom on keto so long - because she didn't have to worry about fatty foods (like how she lived making bacon to keep her "junk food" cravings down).

  • Marlo Lewkowitz
    Marlo Lewkowitz Hace 2 días

    does anyone know where her yellow shirt is from???!!

  • Lugnugget Merp
    Lugnugget Merp Hace 2 días +1

    I appreciate Gabbie tapping out. I don't think she did the Keto diet correctly, but considering what Gabbie does and how content she is with her lifestyle... she really probably shouldn't continue it.
    However from what I understand these symptoms last a week tops and for my boyfriend they lasted a day. It varies from person to person.

  • huseyin caglar
    huseyin caglar Hace 3 días

    look at this blog -> health-blog.net/

  • Sunshine Stace
    Sunshine Stace Hace 3 días

    We started Keto Dec 1st 2018 and have been doing weekly blogs on my channel, so far so good and my husband and I are losing weight and feeling good! Subscribed

  • Nora Hanson
    Nora Hanson Hace 3 días +2

    That stomach pain sounds like the pain I had while having and Ulcer which I felt that daily for 4 years.

  • HeyItsEdith
    HeyItsEdith Hace 3 días +8

    Ok if you look at the biology of keto, what it does is get rid of the bodies main source of energy and eats at your fat, which would be ok, expect when your body starts eating your fats it goes into ketosis (hints the name of the diet) and if you know anything about ketosis, your body goes into this state when you are starving like in survival mode. Your body cannot go through ketosis for a long period of time. Just thought I'd give a biology lesson on the keto diet and what it really does to your body

  • Luna
    Luna Hace 3 días +5

    It's not safe for her with what her diet is. Look it up for proof. If you have a higher carb diet like her (and most of the population) it will turn deadly, now if you have a low carb diet to start with then go for it becuase it's alot safer if that's the case. I suggest if you want to start this diet then talk to a doctor about it so you can have the proper things, like keto strips to make sure you don't have to many ketos. (In my house this diet is banded.)

    • Jesse Maner
      Jesse Maner Hace 17 horas

      Luna that made no sense. Show me research that shows it can be deadly lmfaoo

  • Noah Small
    Noah Small Hace 3 días +1

    I could do it but only because I barely eat anyway and I take about 700 calories it would just be hard to find something at the shop I got to for lunch

  • Noah Small
    Noah Small Hace 4 días

    Stop putting yourself through emotional pain for us , take a fkng brake from this for at least 6 months please it isn’t worth it

  • Sophie Rose
    Sophie Rose Hace 4 días

    My stepmom has been following the keto diet for months now. She loves it because it's helped her lose weight, but she also has terrible IBS and it's really helped her not have IBS flare ups/problems 👍🏻

  • FluffiUnicorn12
    FluffiUnicorn12 Hace 4 días

    Instead of doing this diet, I really think you guys should try this workout. I am currently using it and I know so many people who have gotten such good results. It is basically a seven minute workout to help you lose 1-2 inches in a week. Depending on your diet or your current physical figure, it could help you even more! Please give it a try. m.esclips.com/video/yL_dE81O_mw/vídeo.html
    I really hope it helps at least one of you that clicks on this video 😉

  • Bernardo Marques
    Bernardo Marques Hace 4 días

    What happen to you huge beautiful boobs

  • What am I?
    What am I? Hace 5 días

    Nobody should do this to themselves
    I need halp

  • HalloIchBinDieGabi
    HalloIchBinDieGabi Hace 5 días +1

    No fruit?!?!?!?!! Ahahhahahahahhaha NO

  • vevisecret
    vevisecret Hace 6 días

    I feel like i just watched you destroying yourself and making your body sick 😂 i feel sorry

  • GreekAndEgyptian
    GreekAndEgyptian Hace 7 días

    I did Keto for 9 months and went down 55 pounds, its pretty great, although my doctor just told me to leave it and just drop Keto and start a more healthy and balanced normal low sugar low carb diet

  • Raquel Cineros
    Raquel Cineros Hace 7 días

    You can put creamer or wiped cream to your coffee, you don't need to be hungry, also 1 week wasn't enough

  • Ella Thompson
    Ella Thompson Hace 8 días +1

    My dad dose this diet and the Frist week is apparently the worst but once your body starts to burn just fat it's much better 😊

  • Rae Lee
    Rae Lee Hace 8 días

    a keto diet is low carb, not no carb. Also the first week is always the hardest and the most annoying. It takes about two weeks to get comfy with it. I think you should have done more research before you say that keto sucks because it doesn't. After you are on keto rorna few weeks, you can last a long time without food. I fasted a whole day while drinking water and never got hunger pains.

  • Tahira Farooq
    Tahira Farooq Hace 8 días

    Why is fruit not allowed..it contains natural sugar... I'm confused

  • crystallites k
    crystallites k Hace 9 días

    I wish you looked into the keto diet more or got a nutritionist to help you out, keto works great and im sure it would have worked great on you if combined it with the correct foods. U need more sodium if you feel lightheaded and you should eat alot more of your eggs and avocado and other fats to make up for the lack of grains n sugars. You need alot more of the fat n protein in ratio of the carb bc carbs are high in calories and u obviously require more to make up for it even just a little

  • Case Mcdonald
    Case Mcdonald Hace 9 días

    I have to deal with this every single day because I have a condition called IBS i did not leave my house during the summer at all I felt stomach cramps you name the stomach problem I had it

  • •Metal Mouth•
    •Metal Mouth• Hace 9 días +1

    My mom is doing this diet and she’s been going pretty strong for more than 3 months probably like 4-5 she loves it

  • Caitlynn Foskey
    Caitlynn Foskey Hace 9 días

    Your body actually needs carbs and cholesterol and sugar. Its called balance. The problem people have today is portion control. If you portion your food out properly and exercise you don't need all these crazy diets and can eat basically anything you want (within balance). Keto is good for people with diabetes though! lol

  • Neon Zombie
    Neon Zombie Hace 10 días

    Your voice sounds different from the last time I watched u

  • Kaylie Reinert
    Kaylie Reinert Hace 10 días

    Now that you did this can you please try the opposite of keto and go vegan for a week? I'm not a vegan, I just think it would also be interesting to see.

  • ad
    ad Hace 10 días

    the side effects sound oddly like fasting sometimes but u weren’t

  • Cyique c:
    Cyique c: Hace 10 días

    how many sweet potatoes and watermelons did you eat after this.. if I were you I would eat 12 sweet potatoes and all the watermelons cx

  • Český Hráč
    Český Hráč Hace 11 días

    "I could feel the fat in my veins... " what the fuck? :D :D :D

    • Český Hráč
      Český Hráč Hace 11 días

      you literally quit right before things get better yeeey :D

  • Jayus Pruitt
    Jayus Pruitt Hace 11 días

    You should be vegetarian for a week.

  • Natalie
    Natalie Hace 11 días

    Why did she have to talk while she was eating? Like dude it’s not cute or funny

  • Lakeda Hughlett
    Lakeda Hughlett Hace 11 días

    Gabbie ain't nunthing wrong with urr body it seem like people uu dating broke uu because they kno uu was out of they lead

  • tayandstace
    tayandstace Hace 12 días +5

    this is so dramatic it’s insane lol

  • Maya Fazik
    Maya Fazik Hace 12 días

    Wait.... were these heels for monster? 😊😊

  • Sunshine Stace
    Sunshine Stace Hace 12 días +1

    Gabbie! TODAY my husband and I started our KETO JOURNEY! Made our Day one video and I sure hope as we do follow ups to have some good results and updates!

  • Yvonne Hock
    Yvonne Hock Hace 13 días +1

    It’s your girl SweetPotatoLover999

  • Im too tanky
    Im too tanky Hace 13 días

    xd why u even going to the gym in transition phase (btw keto isnt "agony to lose weight", keto isnt just for losing weight, it's to actually feel better)

  • Flamingo Snake
    Flamingo Snake Hace 13 días

    Being an asshole doesn’t educate people, dear commenters.

  • Danli Wang
    Danli Wang Hace 14 días


  • My Random YouTube Channel
    My Random YouTube Channel Hace 14 días +3

    You did the diet completely wrong so no wonder you didn't like it. Unfortunately you didn't give a actual good or accurate representation of the actual diet.

  • April Rivas
    April Rivas Hace 14 días

    People. Stop bashing on her. She described what she felt. Like she said, if something is making you feel sick or have flu symptoms is trash. Stop saying that she was "clueless" or "misunderstanding". She said that she did research on the diet. Ok. Maybe she was wrong about SOME stuff. She is a human people. I know BONKERS right 😒?! Keto was meant to be a low carb not a no carb. But maybe the website she got her information from was wrong. She did not do nothing wrong. She described what she felt very descriptive. She is different from everyone else if NOBODY knew that! Some people have this diet as a lifestyle diet and it works for them. What ignorant people understand was that this is what SHE felt! Key word, SHE. Stop Being so rude to her.

  • Zero ‘S
    Zero ‘S Hace 14 días +1

    Im literally on the kedo diet right now

  • Ido Jacoby
    Ido Jacoby Hace 15 días +2

    what a moron, rehabbing from sugar takes a while

  • Márton Narad
    Márton Narad Hace 15 días

    Keto is for people who have office jobs or don't have time to work out enough. You shouldn't work out while on keto because you won't have the energy for it.

    • Márton Narad
      Márton Narad Hace 13 días

      +Juliet Tyler wow thx I didn't even now my life's better now

    • Juliet Tyler
      Juliet Tyler Hace 13 días +1

      This statement is so incredibly inaccurate. If you watched this video, you've already been extremely misinformed. If you read the comment above, you may have damaged your brain. Please seek out credible and reputable sources for information on Keto because this bish did not do the diet correctly and frankly, when you start off anything with a crappy attitude well.... you get out what you put in Jusssssssayyyyin.

  • Alexa Stanley
    Alexa Stanley Hace 15 días +5

    I’m surprised that this video is still up considering so many people are calling her out for doing the diet improperly. I like Gabbie but like holy crap get your facts straight before you tell 6Million people you influence not to do something that could potentially actually give them the results they desire. Not everyone’s bodies lose weight the same way, my best friends aunt has been a highly respected DOCTOR for 30 years+, she works with celebrities, the military, & the public & has recommended this diet to THOUSANDS of her clients. She put my best friends DAD on this diet & he’s not DIABETIC anymore. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FACT CHECK before believing these influencers who don’t have a professional background to be able to properly educate you.

  • Ava Broxton
    Ava Broxton Hace 15 días +1

    13:21 through 13:29 is A MOOD

  • Kate Dee
    Kate Dee Hace 15 días

    Keto rocks! My blood type is o+ and I was vegan for 5years and gained weight.

  • Andrew Boardman
    Andrew Boardman Hace 15 días

    I have never felt more energetic, physically and mentally than from doing keto, takes a few days to to get into ketosis, and maybe even a month to be fat adapted but if you had looked up the keto flu symptoms beforehand, you might have seen what u have to do to prevent it. Obvious u did very little research on how to do this diet properly, u need to intake all the electrolytes u are dumping out from all the water weight you are losing, which causes the keto flu, especially sodium, but potassium and magnesium u need as well

  • maggie tootorials
    maggie tootorials Hace 16 días

    Damn girl ur so pretty and tan omg 😍

  • michael smith
    michael smith Hace 16 días

    Also, the cravings go away. People eat high sugar the whole life, and you can't just cut them out and not crave them just like that. It takes a while. But the cravings do go away, and as far as energy goes, after you break through the initial phase, you have tons of energy and can go longs periods of time without eating and feeling hungry. Not trying to convince you to do it, because you seem like someone who wouldn't like it, but it's way more complex than you are making it out to be.

  • michael smith
    michael smith Hace 16 días

    I've been Keto for about 15 months, but didn't go through what you did at the start, probably because I had been relatively low-carb before I went Keto. It certainly isn't for everyone, probably not for most people, but for those who can do it and enjoy it, it's amazing. Not so much for the weight loss aspect, but just overall health and mental clarity.

  • Christian Moreno
    Christian Moreno Hace 16 días

    Your weak lol

  • Dylan Christie
    Dylan Christie Hace 16 días

    What was or looked harder?
    No Coffee
    Keto Diet

  • Nerfboi1
    Nerfboi1 Hace 18 días +1

    “I will not get the watermelon”
    “Okay I got the watermelon”
    “Actually I got 3 watermelons”

  • Faith Adora
    Faith Adora Hace 18 días

    green beans are totally fine for keto btw

  • Richard benavides
    Richard benavides Hace 19 días

    Yo you need to do the diet for longer for it to take effect

  • southeastmass
    southeastmass Hace 19 días

    A dOlLaR

  • JJ_CrAZygirl 101
    JJ_CrAZygirl 101 Hace 20 días +1

    16:22-16:50 me after trying to diet....

  • Soulara
    Soulara Hace 20 días

    Keto is high fat, not high protein. It really doesn’t look like you were eating enough fat. I just found a ESclips named Stephanie person, she has been doing keto for 10 years and is a keto consultant, you should look her up. I think you could learn a lot from her videos at least. But I get your sugar cravings, I did a “candida diet”, pretty much a shit ton of protein and veggies, but little fat. I was starving allll the time, I could eat so much and I was dropping weight so quickly. My body wasn’t actually starving, but I felt that way because my body was so used to sugar. So maybe you have a candida overgrowth? When I dabbled in keto I was eating very high fat, I was literally never hungry. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even crave sugar(and sugar is the hardest things for me to not eat).
    But yeah, I’m no keto expert. I’ve tried many diets, mainly for health reasons though, I like to research, experiment, and see how they effect me. Right now I’m not doing anything strict, I’m just observing from my past and from other people, what diet I would be healthiest on, and keto seems to be a consistent winner. On a side note, I love how you can do vegan keto, or non vegan keto.
    Look up Stephanie person! Keto is an extreme change,, that’s why I think it’s super important to be properly educated on it. It’s important to be aware of what’s already going on in your body, issue wise. Stephanie can help you with that.

  • Shelby Hipp
    Shelby Hipp Hace 21 un día

    why did you talking about being so hungry make me hungry while watching this?!?

  • Kelsey Brouwer
    Kelsey Brouwer Hace 21 un día

    Im so confused..u said u werent looking up keto symptoms until the end and its the fiest thing u did after u said that. Good video tho.

  • Amira Levine
    Amira Levine Hace 21 un día

    The reason you were so hungry the first day was because your body wasn't burning the fat for energy yet. It takes a couple days for you to get into ketosis, or where you burn fat and protein for energy. That's why you have to eat more often when you first get started. And peanut butter is okay as long as you don't have too much of it.

  • ai jao
    ai jao Hace 21 un día

    You didnt really do keto but do what ever you want , have a nice day

  • Asha jacob
    Asha jacob Hace 21 un día

    Tbh don't kill ur self for ESclips you should have gave up and eat the water melon don't kill ur energy gurl people that don't care are just horrible ❤️

  • Crybaby! at the Disco ._.
    Crybaby! at the Disco ._. Hace 21 un día

    Gabbie can you PLEASE show us your workout routine?!