Trendy Vs. Traditional: Pancakes

  • Publicado el 24 abr 2019
  • Whose side are you on?
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    Hand-painted watercolor background wash. Abstract Pink watercolour texture. Pearlescent, rose gradient.
    Anastasiya Shumilina/Getty Images
    Stack of pink ombre pancakes with marshmallow and strawberries. Breakfast background, copy space.
    vaaseenaa/Getty Images
    Footage provided by VideoBlocks

Comentarios • 1 448

  • Jakob Hjorteland-Rød
    Jakob Hjorteland-Rød Hace 4 minutos

    Do cake please

  • Aida Cortez
    Aida Cortez Hace 14 horas

    I Love Inga!! >w

  • Killane Kurosaki
    Killane Kurosaki Hace 23 horas

    Cris is relatable

  • JackieWarner13
    JackieWarner13 Hace un día

    More trendy vs traditional

  • Sourav Saha
    Sourav Saha Hace un día

    Using more butter=less Browning unless you burn it fully

  • Sourav Saha
    Sourav Saha Hace un día

    Tasted the raspberry puree and puts the fork back into the puree
    Can be a hygiene issue for many

  • palak
    palak Hace un día +1

    I love traditional one soo much!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Sophia lennane
    Sophia lennane Hace 3 días

    3:40, eww she tries and puts the spoon back in

  • Shah rin
    Shah rin Hace 5 días


  • lam sy
    lam sy Hace 6 días

    ADE gives very informative and professional comments.He could be a good food critics

  • Aiman Blackerz
    Aiman Blackerz Hace 6 días

    How bout cake!? Trendy vs traditional : cake 🍰

  • Olivia Weiss
    Olivia Weiss Hace 6 días

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that she licked that fork and then used it again...

  • ESCTobias
    ESCTobias Hace 7 días

    7:53 look how her smile just completely dies😂

  • ESCTobias
    ESCTobias Hace 7 días +1

    "hey i have a big forehead"
    Yeah but its not gonna be bigger than jacksfilms' tho

  • EllaVanilla
    EllaVanilla Hace 8 días +1

    “I want it thicc with 9 c’s”

  • Courtney Moore
    Courtney Moore Hace 8 días

    Omg her face when he says it tastes like cereal 😂

  • Pheng Ov
    Pheng Ov Hace 9 días

    Fancy pancakes dont even look like pancakes

  • Pheng Ov
    Pheng Ov Hace 9 días +1

    Prefer traditional don't need that fancy extras :)

  • Yakubu Amina Ladi
    Yakubu Amina Ladi Hace 9 días +2

    I think the traditional pan cake will be better for my taste buds.

  • Michelle Nieto
    Michelle Nieto Hace 10 días

    tacos trendy vs traditional settle this ongoing argument

  • blue oceans
    blue oceans Hace 10 días +1

    Nobody cares tht she put the girl bck in after she tasted it 🙄

  • hilda alintria
    hilda alintria Hace 11 días +7

    Inga: it has pretty color. Natural
    Me : it's burnt

  • hilda alintria
    hilda alintria Hace 11 días +9

    Nah, I prefer traditional one. When I see trendy process, I crying imagine how many bowls need to wash after make it...😂😂

  • Nova Winchester
    Nova Winchester Hace 11 días

    this is amazing! I think you guys should do this with either pies or cakes next

  • Cristina Oei
    Cristina Oei Hace 12 días

    deconstructed food vs the real thing!!!! haha

  • BluebellDaisy 2006
    BluebellDaisy 2006 Hace 12 días

    Her voice sounds like that girl that pretended to be a toddler with her partner

  • Kymmie V
    Kymmie V Hace 12 días

    i think u guys should do a grilled cheese sandwich next

  • Namjoon's Water Bottle
    Namjoon's Water Bottle Hace 12 días

    Oooohh pancakes! The first food I cooked that is not poisonous😂

  • Fernanda Guimarães
    Fernanda Guimarães Hace 12 días

    i want her recipeeeeeee

  • Silvia Boon
    Silvia Boon Hace 12 días


  • Ri V/D Berg
    Ri V/D Berg Hace 12 días


  • Inaya Islam
    Inaya Islam Hace 13 días

    Thicc with *NINE* c's😂😂😂😂

  • A Road 2
    A Road 2 Hace 13 días

    Ice cream

  • Alison Murray
    Alison Murray Hace 13 días +1

    This is amazing! I have this dilemma every time I cook/bake. I’d love to see this done with other foods.

  • Omama Sohail
    Omama Sohail Hace 13 días

    I’m fasting and I’m watching food videos. Lool.

  • Kieferlos Milinera
    Kieferlos Milinera Hace 13 días +10

    I dont care what my food looks... at all...
    Chris you are my role model ^~^

  • Kazimali Mawji
    Kazimali Mawji Hace 13 días +2

    Try Waffles, Cakes, Some Desserts, Fried Chicken, Burgers...

  • Leen Attia
    Leen Attia Hace 13 días

    No thrills in a traditional recipe
    *continues to add vinegar curdled milk solution to pancake*

  • -Gacha Fox-
    -Gacha Fox- Hace 13 días


  • alice vigovska
    alice vigovska Hace 14 días

    why does this guy make me so uncomfortable .. eeeeeeeeeeh

  • Niki_edits
    Niki_edits Hace 14 días


  • Minahil Khan
    Minahil Khan Hace 14 días +2


  • Anna Kopylova
    Anna Kopylova Hace 14 días +3

    Traditional vs trendy PIZZA pleeeeeeeease

  • Max Leong
    Max Leong Hace 14 días

    Haha Inga is talented! Able to make trendy; tasty is not easy. Chris sticks with traditional tried and true but his last part tops it with comedy hahaha

  • Medha Sarma
    Medha Sarma Hace 14 días

    Can this pls be a *thing* ❤️❤️

  • Meleena lopez
    Meleena lopez Hace 14 días

    Why did she lick the fork and then put it back in the mixture??

  • Ani Ambartsumyan
    Ani Ambartsumyan Hace 14 días

    Why does his voice sounds like Cole Sprouse? Anybody else?

  • Aiman Blackerz
    Aiman Blackerz Hace 14 días +1

    I want more....traditional vs trendy!

  • Hannah N
    Hannah N Hace 14 días

    I didn’t like the background music

  • siri H
    siri H Hace 14 días

    The girl looks like she can't stand the guy

  • Valaurie Zweigle
    Valaurie Zweigle Hace 14 días

    Chocolate chip cookies

  • Ross Martinez III
    Ross Martinez III Hace 14 días

    God, I love Inga.

  • Lee Nelson
    Lee Nelson Hace 14 días

    The whipped cream on his face after he takes a bite.

  • Le Petit Vorgluse
    Le Petit Vorgluse Hace 14 días +12

    Albus Dumbledore : *Lily ? After all this time ?*
    Severus Snape : 6:34

  • sarita lopez
    sarita lopez Hace 14 días


  • Vishal Naik
    Vishal Naik Hace 14 días

    I love the traditional

  • Murali Reddy
    Murali Reddy Hace 14 días

    *Actually counts the number of c's in thic*

  • god is dead
    god is dead Hace 15 días

    The red ones looked like raw meat

  • Christian Sticklen
    Christian Sticklen Hace 15 días +177

    Anyone notice how he is standing bc he is too tall for the counter😂

  • Jose Rosalio
    Jose Rosalio Hace 15 días +65

    Yo what about an ice cream traditional or trendy

  • lillary
    lillary Hace 15 días

    Guys his shirt matches her pancakes!

  • Clang J
    Clang J Hace 15 días

    I saw Inga I clicked

  • Risabell1
    Risabell1 Hace 16 días +2

    Do apple pie next!!!!

  • Coal
    Coal Hace 16 días

    Not 2 c's i want it thick with 9 c's

  • Victoria Ganey
    Victoria Ganey Hace 17 días

    Trendy vs traditional..... Pizza

  • Raana Perry
    Raana Perry Hace 17 días +1

    She's really cute

  • The After Dance Party
    The After Dance Party Hace 19 días +1

    trendy beef stew vs tradition beef stew

  • Diana Hidalgo
    Diana Hidalgo Hace 20 días


  • Gabija Stankute
    Gabija Stankute Hace 21 un día +4

    Omg the traditional looked amazing 😍😍

  • Jordyn Elliott
    Jordyn Elliott Hace 21 un día +3

    I LOVE THIS!! Keep ‘me coming! (Inga needs to do voice acting!!)

    CAITLYN L Hace 21 un día +1

    I WANT 9 C

  • Ãęriš __
    Ãęriš __ Hace 21 un día

    Hers looks like something out of chowder

  • Joaquín Palazuelos
    Joaquín Palazuelos Hace 21 un día

    More of this please!!

  • Anna Wheeler
    Anna Wheeler Hace 21 un día

    Id say this is a good idea but please let more than one person judge

  • kill em with KINDNESS
    kill em with KINDNESS Hace 21 un día +1

    Ok, but why didnt they give the guy space to eat the pancakes. 😂😂😂 he has no elbow room. 😂💀

  • Sharlene
    Sharlene Hace 22 días +1

    Yes make another traditional vs trendy thanks 😉

  • Joo Hyuk Nam
    Joo Hyuk Nam Hace 23 días +1

    How about mac n cheese?

  • M D
    M D Hace 23 días

    I am here for Inga (she is so pretty), the pancake are at the bottom of my list

  • Landry Saul
    Landry Saul Hace 23 días

    her pancakes were way too thick. combine the 2 and it would be amazing

  • Asma Bhat
    Asma Bhat Hace 24 días +5

    Licked the spoon and put it back inside???!!🤢🤢
    No thank you!

  • Abukenyo
    Abukenyo Hace 24 días +1

    *INGA IS 😍*

  • lina glacia
    lina glacia Hace 24 días +2

    Trendy Vs. Traditional: FRENCHTOAST

  • awdhika tauhid
    awdhika tauhid Hace 24 días

    please make trendy vs traditional: Ramen

  • Ana
    Ana Hace 24 días

    I feel like the trendy pancake should have won based on what he said tbh. I mean if one has good taste and normal looks and the other has good taste and amazing looks then that one should win. I would totally understand it losing if the trendy pancake tasted weird but... it didn't. It seems like the judge based his answer off of which one he would be more willing to make or pay for instead of witch one was objectively better.

  • PrincessKatsuna
    PrincessKatsuna Hace 24 días

    The trendy one looks so easy and cheap but I’m to lazy to actually try it at home

  • Evelyn Ruiz
    Evelyn Ruiz Hace 24 días

    Mac and cheese

  • Damian Martinez
    Damian Martinez Hace 24 días

    Like the traditional way for look and taste differently. But why you adding salt bro? I just do box mix.

    AXEL GAMEZER Hace 25 días

    Please make more of this

  • Riley Davis
    Riley Davis Hace 25 días

    She sounds like the girl from Rekt it Ralph

  • Bitch empty YEET
    Bitch empty YEET Hace 25 días

    Traditional for taste and trendy for looks :)

  • abdullah ahmad
    abdullah ahmad Hace 25 días

    Why does it always look so good in the video but when I make it, the appearance is so bad, tastes good tho

  • seomplays
    seomplays Hace 25 días +1

    i got a boner looking at inga's face

  • Sydney Woodruff
    Sydney Woodruff Hace 25 días

    I hate trendy food cause it tastes like ass no matter how good it looks and sometimes it doesn’t even look good

  • Camila Marturet
    Camila Marturet Hace 25 días

    This is the only buzzfeed video I’ve ever liked

  • Joann Regan
    Joann Regan Hace 25 días

    She sounds like a Rugrats character

  • The JSPH
    The JSPH Hace 25 días +1

    Did they just reupload this video?

  • Gem Bonham-Horton
    Gem Bonham-Horton Hace 25 días

    Traditional wins for me because of the mint leaf 🍃

  • Ice Bunny
    Ice Bunny Hace 25 días

    you licked the spoon and put it back???

  • Noel Nation
    Noel Nation Hace 25 días

    I hate his t shirt so much

  • BoxsmileTaeTae & seven guys who ruined my life oWo

    That’s a mood.

    Specifically when I’m hungry

    Again, the guy is a mood