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  • Minecraft Iron
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    (NEW) Minecraft: Traps at Different -12345 iq esclips.com/user/shortsdeV-3gsdvuI

    • Fabiola Perez
      Fabiola Perez Hace 20 días

      Pásame tu Minecraft

    • katcat
      katcat Hace un mes

      ​@Not a dude yeah, at this point people dont even knows what IQ and minus stands for

    • Erwin Enrique
      Erwin Enrique Hace un mes

      You all ways have a water bucket

    • 구
       Hace un mes +1

      Wath is song2 name?

    • ゆかいだな
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  • KaiKajus_Youtube
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  • The Beaniekip
    The Beaniekip Hace un mes

    For the last one Id put i dry sponge at the bottom with a peice of string and line the walls of the hole with item frames. Might not be 100% mlg proof but defenitly more difficult.

  • Syria
    Syria Hace un mes +1

    you can also just break the chest (that works apparently)

  • salvajuega
    salvajuega Hace un mes +1

    The piston trap is supposed to be on servers where you can't break anything and also the stone blocks or the water didn't have it

    DONAZMINA Hace un mes +189

    "just don't go to the trap"
    you didn't have to cut me off-

    • UbSucks
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    • Jeff J
      Jeff J Hace un mes

      ​@LM BRICKSYou didn't have to cut me off.*

      LM BRICKS Hace un mes

      You didn’t have to cut me OFF*

  • Blue_Flavor
    Blue_Flavor Hace un mes

    This dude was smart enough to close the door to the house too 😂

  • Frx
    Frx Hace un mes +4

    Everybodys gangsta until it says:
    Hey! Sorry but you cannot break that block here.

  • Russian Federation
    Russian Federation Hace un mes

    I noticed that in the second one the original had 6 diamonds while when he showed us how to get out of the trap, he had 64 diamonds

  • The Dumb Dino
    The Dumb Dino Hace un mes

    So avoiding obvious traps makes you a galaxy brain? Good to know.

    GG GAMING GAME Hace un mes +166

    This brother is insane too 🗿👍

  • 芝犬
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    • Lourdes Jabian
      Lourdes Jabian Hace un mes

      Syhsbadghs seg Welcome to Gboard clipboard, any text you copy will be saved here.

  • Jonathan Isner
    Jonathan Isner Hace un mes +7

    Age 100: Don’t go into the trap

  • HushYT_ハッシュ
    HushYT_ハッシュ Hace un mes

    For the age 15 one, you can also just break the chest

  • Pascale Vinas
    Pascale Vinas Hace un mes

    Salut 🔥Salut j’aime bien ta vidéo pourrais-tu mettre la chanson qui il y a sur tes vidéos en commentaires parce qu’elle est trop bien

  • Birisi
    Birisi Hace un mes +2724

    Age 20 be like:
    Achieved Earned:
    Caves & Cliffs

    • Trilyon
      Trilyon Hace un mes

      @Jose Vazquez now there's 7 comments💀💀

    • Jose Vazquez
      Jose Vazquez Hace un mes

      @Trilyon NOW 81

    • Trilyon
      Trilyon Hace un mes

      Now there's 5 comments💀

    • L.B
      L.B Hace un mes

      @Jose Vazquez NOW 79!!!

    • Jose Vazquez
      Jose Vazquez Hace un mes

      @Taylian NOW THERES 78 COMMENTS

  • Fire
    Fire Hace un mes +1

    Bro literally had so much time after leaving the house that was about to explode that he decided to close the door too

  • Its_nika
    Its_nika Hace un mes

    When you notice both sides were made by the same person

  • Sanzein Eishi
    Sanzein Eishi Hace un mes

    What if?
    On the first one they put a command or piston to stop you from placing blocks.
    On the second, what if you have mining fatigue.
    On the last one what if you got trapped in there by using command.

  • Hoping
    Hoping Hace un mes

    We ‘gon adress the fact that the lava hits were on beat with the song?

  • ヘブンズドア
    ヘブンズドア Hace un mes


  • Nolatick
    Nolatick Hace un mes

    finally, someone with common sense.

  • kids but not kids
    kids but not kids Hace un mes

    We're not going to talk about the lava being on point with the song

  • Jack Harper
    Jack Harper Hace un mes

    The first one he had no blocks so how could he have magically spawned a stack of stone

  • Mosa Mosa
    Mosa Mosa Hace un mes

    He didnt have Blocks to get the Diamond i know He dont need to do that Just get some Grass and place them over Lava then you got the Diamond

  • cuboi
    cuboi Hace un mes

    First one do you see blocks in his inventory
    Second one stone pressure plates take a while to break without a tool but I guess
    Last one then how do you get out

  • Rbm_ Gps
    Rbm_ Gps Hace un mes +1

    youtube shorts npcs 💀
    wait till they found out about ohio jokes

  • Itz LeahBunz2011
    Itz LeahBunz2011 Hace un mes

    Age 20: *places block in gap to get to the chest that’s probably empty*

  • Fadee Gamezz
    Fadee Gamezz Hace un mes

    pov: he doesn't have items

  • Hidden Shadow
    Hidden Shadow Hace un mes

    This just makes me laugh 😂

  • Keenan Laksana
    Keenan Laksana Hace un mes

    That anvil legit scared me plus my soul left my body for a second💀

  • Yassin Fortnite
    Yassin Fortnite Hace un mes

    at the last one he could just jump💀😂

  • Диана Руцкая
    Диана Руцкая Hace un mes +21

    Типо этот чел после неудачных попыток подготовился 😎

  • atitullah aldahri
    atitullah aldahri Hace un mes

    Well when u water bucket mlg there is only stone
    “You didnt have to cut me off”

  • JustANoob
    JustANoob Hace un mes

    Actually for me if I see a mysterious scaffolding going up I will climb it

  • bonk
    bonk Hace un mes

    The 1st one tho- You really just needed to build a bridge to get the free diamond 💀💀

  • のるくら
    のるくら Hace un mes

    金床視線的にスライムブロックで跳ねると思ったな笑 あたまわるい

  • Berlian Intan
    Berlian Intan Hace un mes +4

    "You didn't have to cut me up"

  • Doggo Logogo
    Doggo Logogo Hace un mes

    The damage sound matches the beat

  • Andrew Fews
    Andrew Fews Hace un mes

    Cómo levanto lanas con pistones, yo juego java xd

  • Football_ FusionQB
    Football_ FusionQB Hace un mes +1

    me: takes a breath
    “yOu DiDn’T hAvE tO cUt Me OfF!”

  • Mayzee AmayunCalderon
    Mayzee AmayunCalderon Hace un mes

    Jumping in non-existent on the last one ☠️

  • Vigiler ☕
    Vigiler ☕ Hace un mes +20

    ijust- break the chest 💀

  • Uchiha Itachi
    Uchiha Itachi Hace un mes

    Two masterpiece of songs trying to outrun each other ;}

  • sonic plush adventures

    The fact that the - 1234557 iq was him too-

  • Imogen Hensby
    Imogen Hensby Hace un mes

    Age: 20 still falls for a trap

  • Zei Basco
    Zei Basco Hace un mes +2

    People realized that’s himself🤣🤣🤣

  • •☆Happy☆•
    •☆Happy☆• Hace un mes +251

    when you dont have water bucket: *sees stairs jumps above the hole*

    • Kkhami
      Kkhami Hace un mes +3

      Every Minecraft player pov:

  • Sus
    Sus Hace un mes

    On the first one u can literally jump over the lava without any blocks 🗿

  • Gabriel Baetens
    Gabriel Baetens Hace un mes

    For the last one you just have to put lava

  • 星
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  • A
    A Hace un mes

    Age 20: If you can't mlg water bucket
    Just jump over it or place a block

  • bobatea🧋
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    F00TBALLFOOL Hace un mes

    So accurate ❤

  • 마드tv(인간)
    마드tv(인간) Hace un mes

    아 외국인들은 저정도로 천재라고 하는구나 우리나라마크하는사람은 다천재네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Nightwolfsgirl🌌
    Nightwolfsgirl🌌 Hace un mes

    Finally somebody who understands it

  • Geometry helper
    Geometry helper Hace un mes

    What they see: you didn’t have to cut me off
    Me:carpet did not broke after push by pistons

  • Ikarix
    Ikarix Hace un mes +20

    That trap at age 5 is used for servers, where you can't break foreign blocks

    • Necto
      Necto Hace un mes

      You didn’t have to cut me off-

    • BradynLee
      BradynLee Hace un mes +1

      I could bypass that I’ve done that before

  • Merrick Jay
    Merrick Jay Hace un mes

    You made these clips and I'm not just talking about the you didn't have to cut me off I'm talking about all of them

  • 𝐶𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒𝑟
    𝐶𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒𝑟 Hace un mes +1

    The power of common sense be like:

  • Faran Nasir
    Faran Nasir Hace un mes

    You can even just break the chest - 🤓

  • MissKitty Kitty
    MissKitty Kitty Hace un mes

    Thank u.
    I wanted a video XD about this

  • TheKaijuApple69
    TheKaijuApple69 Hace un mes +20

    The "YOU DIDN"T HAVE TO CUT ME OFF" makes it a lot, lot better

  • DokuritsuRoblox
    DokuritsuRoblox Hace un mes

    the stair
    me: *look down then jump and continue getting the chest*

  • Jessica Haynes
    Jessica Haynes Hace un mes

    This is all the things I said everyone could do

  • Zolixbrawlstars
    Zolixbrawlstars Hace un mes

    you know that they wouldnt know there is tnt

  • Zackary and zav
    Zackary and zav Hace un mes

    At the last one move to the side when your falling

  • bowling ball
    bowling ball Hace un mes +3

    Bro what did you expect.
    He used the worlds smallest violin for his short

  • Андрей Мартыщенко

    А как называется песня там где чел всё по умному делает

  • Артем Казаченко

    В первом можно и так перепрыгнуть

  • MyticalHeroBG
    MyticalHeroBG Hace un mes

    Bro this is so funny 🤣💀

  • Kartik Playz
    Kartik Playz Hace un mes +153

    legends focusing on hand to reconise he made both videoes

    • corn×bread
      corn×bread Hace un mes

      Yeah... he'es doing a parody of one of the videos ☠️

  • fknows
    fknows Hace un mes

    eu: quebro o baú

  • Emanuel Costas
    Emanuel Costas Hace un mes

    The last one is not ao much iq bc you need skills too

  • Gabrielle
    Gabrielle Hace un mes

    For the last one you could have just jumped
    bIg bRaIn

  • Geku the gecko
    Geku the gecko Hace un mes

    finish the song: welcome to mc Donalds what u order bro

  • Seek(Doors)
    Seek(Doors) Hace un mes +517

    "You didnt need to cut me off" 💀

  • beveragedfruits
    beveragedfruits Hace un mes

    Everyone gangsta till they turn on adventure model

  • Tangornite
    Tangornite Hace un mes +1

    Adventure mode has joined chat

  • Miguel
    Miguel Hace un mes

    Muito obrigada por mandar esse vídeo

  • Adrian gamer
    Adrian gamer Hace un mes

    Eu sou Brasileiro braaaaasil "I am from Brazil"

  • UbSucks
    UbSucks Hace un mes +12

    "Just break the chest"
    you didn't have to cut me off-

  • St- st- st- stu- Stuttering Stacy

    Actually the first on was kinda unfair the first guy didn't have stone blocks

    TEAAM Hace un mes

    Did anyone notice that it was made by the same person?😮😅😂

  • Domzilla100 Green
    Domzilla100 Green Hace un mes

    Bro doesn't even need to place blocks on the first one

  • Screech
    Screech Hace un mes +1

    *falls in a hole of stairs gonna water bucket*
    me when we can jump 4 blocks:

  • KingSlayer
    KingSlayer Hace un mes +105

    “Cant even finish school”
    That is true.

    • Mike Lenoir
      Mike Lenoir Hace un mes


    • knighttmair
      knighttmair Hace un mes

      @Johann is qt v2 it's about the video bruv whaddya mean just saying

    • knighttmair
      knighttmair Hace un mes

      ​@Johann is qt v2 he means the person has negative IQ that's why they can't finish school

    CRAZY GLITCHY Hace un mes

    bro you deserve a like i mean thats so true

  • ItsV
    ItsV Hace un mes

    Not everyone Carrie’s water buckets around with them when going up stairs ;-;

  • sex bomb
    sex bomb Hace un mes

    I waited it 4k years... No FIVE!

  • New Cheese
    New Cheese Hace un mes

    waitttttttttttttttttttt a minute
    you can push carpets with pîstons ??

  • KillingSpree
    KillingSpree Hace un mes +3

    the burning sound was timed so perfectly

  • yurita_plays
    yurita_plays Hace un mes

    What if he dont have water in his inventory???

  • Vansh Jagdish
    Vansh Jagdish Hace un mes

    You didn't have to cut me off meme

  • Stefan
    Stefan Hace un mes

    Agein cut me off memes dude IQ: Erorr code 404

  • P and J bros Bailey
    P and J bros Bailey Hace un mes

    The fact it’s a video showing minecraft traps and differnt ages

  • STEVE18
    STEVE18 Hace 2 meses +33

    This is a great video

  • Marvin Lobino
    Marvin Lobino Hace un mes

    me on the stairs: *jumps*

  • Landon gaming
    Landon gaming Hace un mes

    how's he not on fire

  • Pokerish
    Pokerish Hace un mes

    *Human Intelligence at its Finest*