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  • LangsamSpieler
    LangsamSpieler Hace un año +44

    Hi Randy Santel, i‘m your First Comment.

      MARK WELLS Hace un año

      HI 5

    • LangsamSpieler
      LangsamSpieler Hace un año +1

      Randy Santel you are one of my Top 5 favorite ESclipsrs

    • Eobard Thawne
      Eobard Thawne Hace un año +3

      SSJRhandy salty and butthurt? How is that even possible...? I was laughing and he didn’t even insult me lol you want to see salty and butthurt, swing by your mothers room after I leave and ask her how her butt feels

    • SSJRhandy
      SSJRhandy Hace un año

      Randy Santel hey we’re name twins

    • Randy Santel
      Randy Santel  Hace un año +8

      Hey thanks for watching and all your support via www.patreon.com/RandySantel

  • crazydee2704
    crazydee2704 Hace 3 meses

    Very clean eaters!

  • Mendi Suarez
    Mendi Suarez Hace 3 meses

    Lol keep forgetting his name isn't magic Mike but Mitch cute just the same y'all did awesome! Omg! I can't imagine a slice those are huge! I'll take topping lol that how I eat my piece no bread thank you lol y'all smashed it

  • oko to
    oko to Hace un año

    Matt stonie can eat that by alone within 10 mins

  • Ug Ly
    Ug Ly Hace un año

    Matt stonie and morgan stonie would be a better team matt could eat that all by himself while morgan sits their high and laughing

  • Darien Naidoo
    Darien Naidoo Hace un año

    When are you doing the rematch pizza where you messed up and vomited and lost 500bucks cause you got sick so magic mitch had to suffer cause you got sick

  • gypsygirl 999
    gypsygirl 999 Hace un año

    I feel like I should beat your guys time lmao

  • MWYANT19
    MWYANT19 Hace un año +1

    holy shit, $52?! that's steep

    • MWYANT19
      MWYANT19 Hace un año

      in that case, its a good deal

  • Alejandro Felix
    Alejandro Felix Hace un año

    Lets to guys! Get it in! Love your vids. This comment is at the beginning of the vid.

    • Alejandro Felix
      Alejandro Felix Hace un año

      About 26 minutes! Nice! Congrats on breaking that 30 year spell. I just saw you tear up 7lbs of chicken, knew you had this in ya! Even if dough may be heavier. Get it!!

  • Jason Hopkins
    Jason Hopkins Hace un año

    I used to live in Idaho, Boise. I ate the big Judd once as well. You mean to tell me you ate this pizza after eating a big Juds for lunch? You are a Monster dude!

  • GTA5 MODDED Accounts
    GTA5 MODDED Accounts Hace un año

    Nice bro keep it up u the god of food challenges been watching u for 2 years 💯💯💯💯

  • Nick Berkel
    Nick Berkel Hace un año +1

    Good to see Mitch tackling it still!

    • Magic Mitch
      Magic Mitch Hace un año +1

      Nick Berkel I have not seen the last of my food adventures just yet! 🌟😆👍🌟

  • Bbg_ heem
    Bbg_ heem Hace un año

    2 challenges in one day you gotta slow down man think about your body

  • Ryan Zizi
    Ryan Zizi Hace un año +1

    How long ago was this? I live in meridian and it hasn’t snowed here since like February

    • Magic Mitch
      Magic Mitch Hace un año

      Ryan Zizi That information can be found in the description 🌟😊👍🌟

  • Dr. Banter
    Dr. Banter Hace un año

    My nephew would have eaten that whole thing just so no one else would get a slice lol - mean kid lol

  • Dr. Banter
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  • Moustache Maniac
    Moustache Maniac Hace un año

    Check out the Ravenger Challenger in Baltimore’s ravagedeli.com

  • who is it?
    who is it? Hace un año

    Broo change this f***ing intro..do us a favor

  • BldgWha7
    BldgWha7 Hace un año

    Matt Stonie could do this by himself, and much quicker.

  • woolfmaster11
    woolfmaster11 Hace un año

    Randy why do you have a ring on your right hand? what is the story on it?

  • LMTR14
    LMTR14 Hace un año

    fucking poser

  • LMTR14
    LMTR14 Hace un año +1

    website doesn't mention a challenge...

  • Jacob Grant
    Jacob Grant Hace un año

    When were you there? It hasn't snowed in Boise or Meridian this month I thought

  • Spongebob
    Spongebob Hace un año

    He wasn’t very very excited😰😲

  • Yuka T
    Yuka T Hace un año

    Nice to meet you.
    Watch is from Japan.
    Glad there are subtitles. (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*)

  • Ricky Reed
    Ricky Reed Hace un año

    Hey Randy! You should try the Hog A Sutra @The Wild Eagle Saloon in Cleveland,Ohio. Tell um Ricky Reed sent you. Your video's are great.

  • David Ferry
    David Ferry Hace un año

    The probably shoulda got you guys some plates to eat over instead of the pizza 😂

  • Jonathan Alnas
    Jonathan Alnas Hace un año +1

    The world just stopped and saw Magic Mitch eat pineapple pizza

    • Jonathan Alnas
      Jonathan Alnas Hace un año +2

      Magic Mitch no not at all Mr Magic Mitch 😆

    • Magic Mitch
      Magic Mitch Hace un año +1

      Is that surprising? 😅

  • Garry Corrothers
    Garry Corrothers Hace un año

    28 inch pizza challenge not beat for 30 years? And he said it's about a 10 to 20 pound pizza 😂

  • Rafael Garcia
    Rafael Garcia Hace un año

    whats the point of this challenge if you dont do it alone?

  • Hoss DelGaddo
    Hoss DelGaddo Hace un año

    Is it just me or does Randy Santel suffer from severe Autism and Depression.

  • This is a retarded comment

    I can eat good, mom. Leave me alone.

  • gillettecrackers
    gillettecrackers Hace un año

    I peed on that floor.

  • Bobby Bobby
    Bobby Bobby Hace un año

    They need to use plates.

    MARK WELLS Hace un año +1


      MARK WELLS Hace un año


    • The MoFF
      The MoFF Hace un año

      MARK WELLS ur a geek 😂😂

  • kvnmcinturff1
    kvnmcinturff1 Hace un año

    Love to see Randy try to do 3 challenges in one day :-D

  • goog le
    goog le Hace un año

    man that pizza looks good. Just the right size.

  • thought police
    thought police Hace un año

    you rule dude, i love your videos

  • Taylor Made
    Taylor Made Hace un año

    Why do u always have that kids teddy bear in your shitty thumbnails? Just creepy dude....

  • Sheralyn Malumbaga
    Sheralyn Malumbaga Hace un año

    Hey Randy! Can you eat a 96 oz steak in Ashville in just 1 hour?

  • Archie Manalo
    Archie Manalo Hace un año

    thumbnail made me think randy's with LA Beast!

  • robert knapp
    robert knapp Hace un año

    Hey Randy have you been to Michigan yet? If so where. And what was the challenge?

    • Randy Santel
      Randy Santel  Hace un año

      +robert knapp you just search for "randy santel michigan" on youtube and 13 videos should come up

  • Panders One
    Panders One Hace un año

    train me, good sir

  • Josiah Siahh
    Josiah Siahh Hace un año

    Nigga you love free food😂😂😂

  • jose rodriguez
    jose rodriguez Hace un año +1

    Pineapples on pizza is fucking insane.
    Good job tho .

    • Lennart Lennart
      Lennart Lennart Hace un año

      yeah i know, its so good!

    • Magic Mitch
      Magic Mitch Hace un año

      jose rodriguez Worth trying for 1/4 of the pizza 🌟😊👍🌟

  • Victor Fuerte
    Victor Fuerte Hace un año

    Randy always has an excuse. just in case he looses like the food is kicking back. shut up you looser@

  • John Ratcliffe
    John Ratcliffe Hace un año

    FFS man - slow down and enjoy it. No need to ram it down your throat - you have an hour.

  • Jacob Avila
    Jacob Avila Hace un año

    that tone tho..

  • Shabaz Malik
    Shabaz Malik Hace un año

    Love the videos Randy Im a fan for 2-3 years. But u need to step up your game on weight loss! From UK!

  • pfaffman100
    pfaffman100 Hace un año

    Fantastic guys!!!

  • embrezar
    embrezar Hace un año

    I like how Randy says that he went with ham because Mitch wanted the pineapple, and yet the very first slice Mitch grabbed was one of Randy's ham slices. I know it's a team effort, so it's not like they have individual toppings they each have to complete, but I still thought it was funny given the introduction to the pizza.

  • Szatan Marian
    Szatan Marian Hace un año

    O skurwensyn całe te

  • mandelvsfood
    mandelvsfood Hace un año

    Do you know how many undefeated challenges have you completed?

  • martin branwood
    martin branwood Hace un año

    @beardmeatsfood could 1 man this

  • martin branwood
    martin branwood Hace un año

    Matt stonei do it 1 man 😂😂😂

  • aaronimpactnz
    aaronimpactnz Hace un año

    Damn that pizza looks good.

  • jp k
    jp k Hace un año

    I can eat 18” on my own :-/

  • eternalhalloween1
    eternalhalloween1 Hace un año +1

    Great job Randy! And congratulations on your first win Mitch!

    • eternalhalloween1
      eternalhalloween1 Hace un año

      No problem. I hope to see more of you and Randy teaming up. :)

    • Magic Mitch
      Magic Mitch Hace un año

      eternalhalloween1 Thanks 🌟☺🌟

    NICOLA CHALK Hace un año

    They make it look so easy what brilliant 😅😎🛌

  • Kayla Noller
    Kayla Noller Hace un año

    Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza!!!!!

  • bat boy48
    bat boy48 Hace un año


  • kansaimagic
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  • شدون
    شدون Hace un año +3


  • Sylvanas Windrunner
    Sylvanas Windrunner Hace un año

    Why did i think that was LA beast in the thumbnail wearing a ninja turtle onsie

  • ITZ Dinco
    ITZ Dinco Hace un año

    Guys watch this video on how to make 100,000 dollars in GTA online esclips.com/video/mPWLnzGCWtk/vídeo.html

  • Orkz
    Orkz Hace un año

    That pizza didn't know what hit it. A 30 year record break is a nice one to have under your belt. What's the longest record you've broken i wonder.

  • xX 1N5ertC01n Xx
    xX 1N5ertC01n Xx Hace un año

    So you ate a 14 inch pizza each, where's the challenge, bloody joke this channel has become!!!

  • BostonSecret45
    BostonSecret45 Hace un año

    get that pineapple off that pizza before i beat your ass

  • Dominic Schmidt
    Dominic Schmidt Hace un año +1

    Magic Mitch is back 😀

  • Çağan Inci
    Çağan Inci Hace un año

    Hi randy
    I suggest you try Turkish food because very delicious

  • Zaber Ansary
    Zaber Ansary Hace un año

    And Matt Stonie ate a 26" pizza alone in 30 minutes and he's about half of Randy Alone...
    I think Current Matt Stonie could single handedly beat this 2person 28" pizza challenge.
    Like if you think so

    • Magic Mitch
      Magic Mitch Hace un año

      Zaber Ansary I've done a 26" pizza solo as well, and while it's possible to do this challenge solo, keep in mind we're never at 100% eating abilities while on tour

  • Connie B
    Connie B Hace un año

    Space out challenges better and you would have broken 20. Only do 1 or 2 a week.

    • Magic Mitch
      Magic Mitch Hace un año

      Connie B Then there'd be a lot less food challenge videos!

  • Connie B
    Connie B Hace un año

    Are you listening to this music while eating or is it just on the video? Looks like just video add on. Good choice.

  • BTN Media
    BTN Media Hace un año

    Lol Pineapple? Fuck Off Mitch.

  • Jay Valentine
    Jay Valentine Hace un año

    What are you trying to prove with the push ups dude ? no matter how many pushups you did aint gonna take away the fact you ordered pineapple on your pizza ma'am PINEAPPLE!!!!!!

    • Magic Mitch
      Magic Mitch Hace un año

      Jay Valentine It's not too shabby for 1/4 of the pizza. Certainly wouldn't go more than that though!

  • James Brewster
    James Brewster Hace un año

    Dunno why but that pizza reminds me off the one in back to the future part 2. Lol.

  • Joe Bee
    Joe Bee Hace un año

    How about some tnmt music with mitches costume! Haha

  • Joe Bee
    Joe Bee Hace un año

    Hey Randy I feel like I have watched this challenge before?!? Mix it up bro!like do a endless shrimp battle for 5 hours lunch to dinner hahaha

    • Joe Bee
      Joe Bee Hace un año

      500 or a 1000 endless shrimp challenge! Bookem Danno!!

  • Trinajskaa
    Trinajskaa Hace un año

    I disliked the video cuz of pineapple,fuck that shit.

  • Drew G
    Drew G Hace un año

    "Snowing all day today, but were here, Big John burger challenge still sittn below, but i think will be able to get it." *Atlas*

  • Yusuf Ubaedillah
    Yusuf Ubaedillah Hace un año


  • Cody Bersick
    Cody Bersick Hace un año

    *i can do this and im 4*

  • Zach Brierley
    Zach Brierley Hace un año

    Whoa Whoa Whoa I'm not one of those people that hates on ham and pineapple pizza, but just pineapple?!.... That's too far

    • Magic Mitch
      Magic Mitch Hace un año

      Zach Brierley Only 1/4 of the pizza, it's fine lol

  • Kenneth Bresson
    Kenneth Bresson Hace un año

    Wow congrats and best wishes to you guys!

  • Adrian Singh
    Adrian Singh Hace un año

    Our challenges are crappy. Virtually nothing apart from that burger one and fish and chips one. Did u ever try hells pizza hottest pizza challenge? 6mins to finish a snack size 4 piece pizza but incredibly spicy .. Carolina reaper include ghost peppers, brain strain 7 pot chillis, Congo black habaneros, red chillies and hot sauce - but it's the generous dose of dragon's fury sauce, made with the Carolina Reaper I just missed the challenge as things were too busy at the time

  • Adrian Singh
    Adrian Singh Hace un año +3

    Hi Randy. I'm Adrian from new Zealand and I have been watching your videos for a while. Honestly you are the man. I like when you say "Atlas" haha it cracks me up. But yeah man how do u do two challenges in the day? Do u get super mega high? I know when I do I can beat your $20 mcds challenge but nz is a bit pricey so the exact stuff comes up around $31 same burgers etc. Haha also...where did your mate get that turtle shirt from its awesome lol

  • vegerzri
    vegerzri Hace un año

    Do i see snow on the tree? :O

  • Shadowspeed X
    Shadowspeed X Hace un año

    Wow the turtle has been lost in the sewers, haven't seen Mitch in a long time?🐢

    • Magic Mitch
      Magic Mitch Hace un año

      Shadowspeed X I'll find my way out eventually 🌟😉🌟

  • Martin B
    Martin B Hace un año

    Ninja turtle push-ups 🐢

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Hace un año

    Who else saw Randy in Nathan's video?

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Hace un año

    That's a Very Easy Pizza to eat!

  • DD FTW
    DD FTW Hace un año

    Pineapple don't belong on pizza! 😷😷

  • Joe Pettit
    Joe Pettit Hace un año

    Bro new sub n u gotta take me wit u bro.

  • YT YT, ꧁༒Bʟᴀɴᴋ༒꧂,

    Do the kobi shake

  • Saber Mohammed
    Saber Mohammed Hace un año

    Please don't mentioned "UNDEFEATED" in Video title it spoiling our fun 😭

  • Sig Shooter
    Sig Shooter Hace un año

    Magic Mitch! How come you don't have any current videos?!

    • Sig Shooter
      Sig Shooter Hace un año

      Magic Mitch can't wait :P

    • Magic Mitch
      Magic Mitch Hace un año +1

      Sig Shooter getting things in order so I can come back and focus on making more food adventure videos!

  • kennapop3
    kennapop3 Hace un año

    Turtle Power!+Atlas=1+10

  • Marshal Jim Duncan
    Marshal Jim Duncan Hace un año

    Hero's in a half shell, Randy power!

  • Waterman_PADDLER
    Waterman_PADDLER Hace un año

    RANDY!!!! You need to attempt to link up with FURIOUS PETE!!!!!!

  • 1digitalwatcher
    1digitalwatcher Hace un año

    Where did the snow come from I looked up snow it said 0 .