SuRie carries on after stage invasion - "Storm" Live | United Kingdom - Eurovision Song Contest 2018


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  • DJ M
    DJ M Hace 2 días +2

    Proud to be British

  • Nik Deros
    Nik Deros Hace 3 días +1

    1st cyprus , 2nd united kingdom for me .

  • eurogirl25
    eurogirl25 Hace 4 días

    I have such a respect for this women that she made the decision not to perform again. She said that was her moment and don’t need sympathy votes, that is not what Eurovision is about. Eurovision started just a few years after WOII when everyone in Europe was still grieving and starting there lives again. Getting people together after such a horrible time in a language everyone can understand, in songs. That it what Eurovision is all about unity in the people.

  • le_mec_ecossais
    le_mec_ecossais Hace 5 días +2

    Keep calm and carry on singing. Bravo!

  • Rilly Ranger
    Rilly Ranger Hace 6 días

    This is all political reasons cause of the EU. That guy could of invaded any country and we are leaving the EU so it's all political reasons

  • Markus Villedieu
    Markus Villedieu Hace 7 días +1

    what if te man had a knife 0.0

  • Markus Villedieu
    Markus Villedieu Hace 7 días

    0:26 love they singing with her❤️

  • Jonatan YT English
    Jonatan YT English Hace 7 días

    Hey brother copy at start

  • christopher -
    christopher - Hace 8 días

    Deserved much more!! ❤ so professional

  • Ayan Ali
    Ayan Ali Hace 8 días

    I h8 that person atleast she had a stronger performance but still he is an idiot

  • Will Hrycyszyn
    Will Hrycyszyn Hace 9 días +1

    I DONT CARE WHAT YOU GUYS SAY I THINK THIS DESERVED TO WIN!!! Also, Israel no, Just no. Not a deserved win AT ALL

  • Rascak Dimarasigan
    Rascak Dimarasigan Hace 9 días

    Something is wrong with her voice control from the beginning. I notice UK songs on Eurovision are off. Dull perhaps. Cant explain in detail. My head is aching now.

  • Karen Arakelyan
    Karen Arakelyan Hace 10 días

    she was annoyed but she sung well!! Thank you England

  • Uki Iz
    Uki Iz Hace 11 días +1

    UK nazis

  • Mädi YT
    Mädi YT Hace 11 díasídeo.html

    • thespb01
      thespb01 Hace 2 días

      Erm, how is this relevant?

  • Fran Bornes
    Fran Bornes Hace 12 días +1

    Thanks for uploading this video; it just shows how incredible SuRie is.

  • Caroline Tendilla
    Caroline Tendilla Hace 12 días +2

    I wished she won cause, her determination are a lot, and her voice is beautiful too and the song is not over the top like some but there still great songs.

  • Unicorn Princess
    Unicorn Princess Hace 14 días

    We should of won after this but why vote through politics

  • Cult Fiction
    Cult Fiction Hace 17 días +1

    Terrible song. I think I heard it at nursery school years ago

  • xPeMP3K
    xPeMP3K Hace 17 días

    playback xD

    • thespb01
      thespb01 Hace 16 días +6

      They were backing singers, sweetie.

  • Hollie Nicole
    Hollie Nicole Hace 17 días +4

    I remember seeing this live on TV and feeling overwhelmingly proud of her when she picked the microphone back up and naturally continued. If anything, the stage intrusion only made her performance stronger as you can tell that she becomes more passionate about the song, and there’s an obvious feeling of unity as the crowd sings with her (you can hear the crowd continuing the song for her at 1:52 while the singer is still retrieving the microphone). It’s beautiful.

  • Bartłomiej Podstawka Official

    1:40 Fuck. You.

  • Nirad802
    Nirad802 Hace 18 días +1

    This song is pathetic. I mean, Britain sort of forgot to find a decent candidate in the last decades. And the quality of the competition itself is in rapid decline.

    • thespb01
      thespb01 Hace 15 días +1

      Hey, I’m not the one who’s claiming a silly song contest is secret anti-Russian propaganda.

    • Nirad802
      Nirad802 Hace 15 días

      thespb01 idiot

    • thespb01
      thespb01 Hace 16 días +1

      Oh, you’re a nutcase, never mind.

    • Nirad802
      Nirad802 Hace 16 días

      thespb01 from 90's up until 2018 most songs were terrible. That is why I don't watch Eurovision anymore. People here believe that its now spreading Western propaganda. I was suspicious about that idea, and kept on watching, until Conchita came. And won. With a song about "sexual empowerment". And then Ukraine. With a song which has an anti-Russian pretext. I mean it couldn't get any more political.

    • thespb01
      thespb01 Hace 16 días

      I’m guessing you haven’t listened to the songs from 10-15 years ago (the vast majority of them were borderline unlistenable). Since 2009, the quality of songs has generally improved to a significant degree.

  • Elen Hacker
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  • Charlotte T Hunter
    Charlotte T Hunter Hace 20 días


  • Charlotte T Hunter
    Charlotte T Hunter Hace 20 días


  • Charlotte T Hunter
    Charlotte T Hunter Hace 20 días +1

    all of them are AMAZING I am speech less

  • 나랑narang
    나랑narang Hace 20 días

    노래가 너무 멋지네요..^^

  • Vincent Esc
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  • Gigi Perowitz
    Gigi Perowitz Hace 21 un día

    i am still iritated that nobody of the EBU, read Jan Ola Sand, paid respect that evening in the show to Suries brave attitude after the incident, the EBU sucks in that matter, o no, nothing happened, it has to be a polished show, don't talk about it, did you see anything, i did not,

  • scorpioninpink
    scorpioninpink Hace 21 un día +1

    Send SuRie again but with a stronger song!

  • Marija Medne
    Marija Medne Hace 21 un día


  • KalmoK
    KalmoK Hace 22 días

    Complete rip-off from Avicii - Hey Brother

  • Nele Evers
    Nele Evers Hace 22 días +1

    The corus is just... So awesome.

  • ひ ら の  な な
    ひ ら の な な Hace 22 días


  • Star Gaming
    Star Gaming Hace 22 días

    She Served Our Country Proud She's The Bravest Of The Night

  • setheurovision94
    setheurovision94 Hace 26 días +1

    I was never a big fan of this song, but man, what a pro! Both her and the audience's reaction was epic.

  • pimmagrimm
    pimmagrimm Hace 27 días

    having just listened to Sean Mendes 'In my blood' I thought to myself 'that is exactly the standard of song that the BBC needs to find... that is the standard to aim for. so I thought I'd come back to this and the difference in them from a -z is prominent. We (bbc) keep sending B side records to Eurovision when they full well know the standard needed. This one has a very traditional chorus and it sounds heard before. The energy has no 'max out moment during the song. The staging was dull. Dull is the operative word. Nothing new and exciting. I believe wholeheartedly that when we eventually get the song right we will guarantee our spot on the left of the board but first we gotta make sure the voting public remember the song.

  • Bouncealong Inflatables Ltd
    Bouncealong Inflatables Ltd Hace 27 días +1

    You can hear her latest song here:ídeo.html

  • Panna Kónya
    Panna Kónya Hace 28 días

    She didn't give up🙏💪👈❤️RESPECT❤️

  • CjcroftPlayz
    CjcroftPlayz Hace 29 días

    SuRie your dedication towards the UK is enourmous! Thank you!!! 😘😘😘

  • Linnea Enqvist
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  • MentalMickey
    MentalMickey Hace un mes

    does anyone know what the guy was saying into the microphone?

    • MentalMickey
      MentalMickey Hace 2 días +1

      thanks, nice to know what the incentive was at least

    • Oliver Robinson
      Oliver Robinson Hace 2 días

      MentalMickey something along the lines of "nazis of the uk media, we demand freedom"

  • ThatKidTiga
    ThatKidTiga Hace un mes

    Singing this for my Leavers Service at school ❤️ Best song I've heard ❤️❤️❤️

  • get rekt nerd
    get rekt nerd Hace un mes +1

    my winner

  • Arleta Maruszewska
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  • Ranadinn
    Ranadinn Hace un mes +1

    I think the she got better after the jack ass rushed the stage. Took the shock of what happened and used the energy in her song.

  • Mikas Juodelis
    Mikas Juodelis Hace un mes

    What did the invader said

  • oti theleis 1
    oti theleis 1 Hace un mes

    Better than last song.

  • iwan wladimirovich
    iwan wladimirovich Hace un mes

    Молодчинка хоть ей испортили номер но она идеально спела она не заплакала не убежала со сцены умничка

  • Mark Arraj
    Mark Arraj Hace un mes

    suRiie my condolences
    i made this comment as i dont have twitter but i want to use a hashtag#eurovision

  • Helmii na
    Helmii na Hace un mes +1

    I love this song😭❤️

  • Tolgator
    Tolgator Hace un mes +1

    Better than CHİCKEN

  • llfan4eva
    llfan4eva Hace un mes +1

    I remember watching this on the night.. i was so in shock I couldn’t focus on anything else. The way she came back from that was amazing!

  • Charlie Griffiths
    Charlie Griffiths Hace un mes


  • 海月くらげ
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  • Brendan Richards
    Brendan Richards Hace un mes +3

    They say that the stage invader was called Dr ACActivism.
    Dr *Cockhead* more like.

    • Beppy Swank
      Beppy Swank Hace 17 días +1

      A Russian that hates the UK but picks an English name … odd ...

  • Svetlana Geyer
    Svetlana Geyer Hace un mes +1

    Bravo Surie. One of the most professional and insipring singers of this Eurovision. Sure this perssone disturbed you, but you was even beter and more strong that the words following after that... The break is so high in emotions and accents in your voice. You was just great ! Bravo for your inbelievebel interpretaition of Mercy - you are great singer with great heart ! Kisses from france

  • Maatie
    Maatie Hace un mes

    This is unreal, this is :
    (Like the hye brother, hey sister from avicii)

    • thespb01
      thespb01 Hace 28 días +3

      1. Those were backing singers, sweetie. 2. A couple of fairly common phrases with no musical similarity does not equal plagiarism. 3. CAPS LOCK MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A CRAZY PERSON, SO DON’T OVERUSE IT.

  • Lorna O'Keeffe
    Lorna O'Keeffe Hace un mes +1

    well done you just get going on

  • Laura Russell
    Laura Russell Hace un mes +2

    I love you for representing my country go suRIE ! #LOL

  • Sara Aghbal
    Sara Aghbal Hace un mes +6

    I do not understand why there is so much hate about SuRie and this song. I'm sorry that she has a hundred percent deserved to win! You could not have done better than her❤️

    • Oliver Robinson
      Oliver Robinson Hace 2 días

      Sara Aghbal "you could not have done better" is never a valid reason for anything.

  • Lucky_ace_ 123
    Lucky_ace_ 123 Hace un mes +4

    She didn't get much points because the jury performance was pretty rough. Like after the incident, she did way better, if she had that fire in her in the jury performance and all the others, she would have killed it, don't know why the televotes were that low.

  • OnceUponATimeNotLongAgo IWasAHoe

    Avicil hey brother?

    MICK SIMONIAN Hace un mes


  • Thanos10 Xatzi
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  • ItsTheKappaGuzma
    ItsTheKappaGuzma Hace un mes

    i love how those people just keep on dancing with no worries

  • juanma mori
    juanma mori Hace un mes

    She should've won !!! I was in my house after that "incident".. Sing "louder" " put everything" "go girl"!!!! And she did ... But it seems that anyone saw this incident!!!... I think if she had sang again ('cause the show gave her the chance)maybe saying some positive words and made an unplagued version she would have won ....

  • Nicola Devenport
    Nicola Devenport Hace un mes

    for those saying she deserved a second chance she was offered a second chance but she said no x

  • Viola Olsson-Stones
    Viola Olsson-Stones Hace un mes

    Some of my family is from the united kingdom🇬🇧

  • Anthony Mcgrath
    Anthony Mcgrath Hace un mes

    1st Ireland 2nd UK two great songs robbed by a chicken lady

  • Anthony Mcgrath
    Anthony Mcgrath Hace un mes

    This a joke two years in a row stage invasion

  • Dramatic Scar
    Dramatic Scar Hace un mes

    I was in the arena that night and even though the guy ruined the whole charisma it was beautiful seeing a whole arena standing up and root for her... a whole continent putting aside what country you are from ... beautiful

  • Romeo Lewis
    Romeo Lewis Hace un mes

    Portuguese security are shit! How the fuck did they allow that to happen? Surie deserves a second chance at Eurovision!

  • André Vicente
    André Vicente Hace un mes

    the man says quack 1:48

  • Alfon
    Alfon Hace un mes +1

    is fake

  • Petteri Seppälä
    Petteri Seppälä Hace un mes

    GBR really deserved to win this year rather than the living McNugget. ❤️

  • MB Fjellheim
    MB Fjellheim Hace un mes

    A good performance - and she did all well - but maybe those "great 4" should be competing like the rest?

  • Softi Asjad
    Softi Asjad Hace un mes

    Too cliché

  • Saida Zammouri
    Saida Zammouri Hace un mes +1

    You dos the besr spectacular

  • Vincent's Blog
    Vincent's Blog Hace un mes

    She slayed

  • Caitlin Preston
    Caitlin Preston Hace un mes

    I think she should have won

  • D LG
    D LG Hace un mes

    So tacky

  • Joseph Bleasdale
    Joseph Bleasdale Hace un mes

    Can't believe so many people are comparing this to Jimmy Jump in 2010. Yes, Jimmy Jump is an idiot and shouldn't have been running onto stage like he did, but you could tell he was in it for a laugh. He was not malicious. He would never have snatched the microphone from Daniel Diges and bruised him in the process. And he certainly didn't have a political motivation. This was different. This was despicable on another level.
    However, the worst thing about it was that it happened to the UK act, therefore it will be used by Eurovision naysayers as a call for the UK to withdraw, which will act as an excuse for the BBC to continue sending vanilla songs in its appalling run at Eurovision, by saying "Well, it's all a pile of shite, and we can't even get the sympathy vote!!" Shame on the invader and shame on the BBC.

  • 2000dorina
    2000dorina Hace un mes

    What did he say? I don't understand 🤔

  • Darren Richards
    Darren Richards Hace un mes +1

    Disgusting that Europe did not back Surie,,,one of the best songs in the competition..oh yes ..i forget..YOU Europeans hate us,..Would it make a difference if we sent in Adele in 2019..course not still give us no points...maybe if we bribe you with our NHS you give us points..I have been a long life supporter of Eurovision..but it is time the UK left

    • Oliver Robinson
      Oliver Robinson Hace 2 días

      Even as an Anglophile I can't say that that was a winner.

  • indie label
    indie label Hace un mes

    Amk suriesi iyi olmuş hiç sevmiyodum zaten seni

  • The Master Of Statistics
    The Master Of Statistics Hace un mes +1

    Europeans prove again they're jealous of the UK superpower and they won't vote for a good song.

  • Lorna Stynes
    Lorna Stynes Hace un mes

    It's Amazing you carried on

  • Eli Eminli
    Eli Eminli Hace un mes

    Don't give up))

  • Sophia Paps official
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  • Sophia Paps official
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  • ylevy5
    ylevy5 Hace un mes +1

    Such an assh0le!! ShRie is a real heroine and regardless of this incident she should have ranked higher !

  • Γιαννης Δελαπορτας

    Well, while I was seeing the grand final I was thinking at first that they added rap part 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joe Joyce
    Joe Joyce Hace un mes

    this song should have won

  • Supersonix
    Supersonix Hace un mes

    J’adore! Love from France 🇫🇷!

  • Дима Вышинский

    Очень круто спела.

  • Lynsey Mhòireasdan
    Lynsey Mhòireasdan Hace un mes +5

    This was so empowering, I’m so damn proud of you Surie

  • Dan FlyBristol
    Dan FlyBristol Hace un mes

    Slay girl!