The BEST of Tom Holland On The Graham Norton Show

  • Publicado el 6 jul 2019
  • With Spiderman: Far From Home in cinemas, let's look back at some of Tom Hollan's finest moments on The Graham Norton Show.
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Comentarios • 773

  • Imy Khan
    Imy Khan Hace un día +1

    Tom Hanks in the first clip hahaha what a legend!

  • Long Island Avenger
    Long Island Avenger Hace 2 días

    Idk if it’s like this for anyone else, but I literally can’t bring myself to call it “the blip” to me it’s always gonna be “the snap”

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Hace 2 días

    maybe if gweneth didnt put rocks up her cooch shed have a good memory

  • TheTeaserking
    TheTeaserking Hace 3 días

    this loser as spiderman lol w t f

  • IsisAtlantis
    IsisAtlantis Hace 3 días

    9:10 Jake's face 😂😂😂

  • B4 W
    B4 W Hace 3 días

    why is Markey Mark lookin like a douche oh ya I forgot the attention isnt on him poor little M&m

  • amber
    amber Hace 4 días

    Gwenyth has had memory loss since the birth of her child, it’s funny in the moment but it gotta give a ton of respect for her

  • LivingThroughLove
    LivingThroughLove Hace 4 días

    Tom is great, but...
    Disney/Marvel should NOT let Gwen be present for Marvel stuff.

  • Eric
    Eric Hace 6 días

    Kinda sad that Gwyneth Paltrow can't even remember the names of these movies that made her so famous and wealthy

  • eric echols
    eric echols Hace 7 días

    Mark walburger...get it? Is a total dushbag!!! He's looking at Tom, like he's a piece of 💩 on the road.

  • mgawsmestevan
    mgawsmestevan Hace 7 días

    9:10 is the best part. Lmao

  • Mario Alt
    Mario Alt Hace 8 días +1

    9:11 Jake's face is priceless :D

  • A
    A Hace 10 días

    Who’s Madonna 😂😂

  • A
    A Hace 10 días

    My cutie 💕💕

  • Axel
    Axel Hace 11 días

    Best of Jake Gyllenhaal**

  • RC 83
    RC 83 Hace 11 días +1

    “Is that metal?”
    “I don’t know Graham”

  • _ яоииīе _
    _ яоииīе _ Hace 11 días +2

    I’m the only one who LOVES spoilers?I haven’t got to see a movie if I’m not TOO interested but I can see the second part because I know the end of the first.Spoilers are amazing!

    • my dude
      my dude Hace 11 días

      Honestly if a movie is so hellbent on keeping away spoilers, it's only good because of the anticipation, it's probably not a good movie by itself. But if you enjoy a movie with it being spoiled to you beforehand, it's probably a great movie.

  • Ibrahim Bangura
    Ibrahim Bangura Hace 11 días +1

    3:37 when she thought he was gonna say undercover😂😂

  • Mira M. S.
    Mira M. S. Hace 11 días +1

    that look and giggle Gwyneth and Jake shared, though! They were like, "Aw, he's so adorable! I'm glad, the Russos decided to keep him!"

  • Ali Marie
    Ali Marie Hace 12 días

    Jake and Tom's friendship is too precious, and I will attack anyone that comes between them.

  • Dayreni Hernandez
    Dayreni Hernandez Hace 12 días +2

    3:30-3:50 Is my favorite🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Schrödinger's Meowth
    Schrödinger's Meowth Hace 12 días

    Why is Tom Hanks there?

  • Maya Statham
    Maya Statham Hace 13 días

    His laugh is so cute, I can't.

  • Voon Yao Teck
    Voon Yao Teck Hace 13 días

    I always find that the color of the room is hurting the eyes

  • nouveautés Lego Théo
    nouveautés Lego Théo Hace 13 días

    super the best of

  • Ms. Krisse
    Ms. Krisse Hace 13 días

    omg im inlove with jake's cute lil sarcasm 😍

  • Robin's Realm
    Robin's Realm Hace 14 días +1

    that pic will Tom Holland, like... How can he be so DUMB THICC

  • Osian Coleman
    Osian Coleman Hace 14 días +2

    Let’s be honest though she does know the names she’s literally lying and it’s so obvious 😂
    She’s actually rlly good in them but I gotta say she needs to stop being embarrassed for being in them 😂.

  • Rydion
    Rydion Hace 14 días +1


  • Matthew Flom
    Matthew Flom Hace 15 días

    "What are we talking about right now?"

  • the.random.rissa
    the.random.rissa Hace 15 días

    All that steaming... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mikaeel Jaffer
    Mikaeel Jaffer Hace 16 días +3

    ‘All of Tom Holland on the graham Norton show’

  • The Ultimate Cat queen
    The Ultimate Cat queen Hace 16 días +1

    This video should be called
    "Tom Holland and Tom Hanks being the best humans ever"

  • Hashen Perez
    Hashen Perez Hace 16 días

    The look on jake’s face when tom said they are best buds off screen hahahaha

  • Guilio McEwan's Space
    Guilio McEwan's Space Hace 17 días

    Kylie Minogue changed into Sienna Miller and Gweneth Paltrow right before my eyes. That's talent.

  • Luz Cordova
    Luz Cordova Hace 18 días +6

    The fact that Tom Holland's childhood friends name is Tom Hutton is so funny to me for some reason😂

  • KaKa Kay
    KaKa Kay Hace 18 días

    Is no one going to talk about 7:02? And how wrong that sounded.

  • Caroline g
    Caroline g Hace 19 días

    Calls a tumbler post a tweet.

  • Kelsey Altevogt
    Kelsey Altevogt Hace 20 días +1

    "distant brothers" hahahahaha

  • Wes Netmo
    Wes Netmo Hace 20 días +2

    is jake gyllenhaal getting prepared for a gangster movie?

  • Chloe Harrison
    Chloe Harrison Hace 20 días

    In the lastest one you can tell Tom enjoyed himself so much.

  • Rally KZ
    Rally KZ Hace 21 un día

    Tom Hanks being thoroughly entertained by Tom, Jake and Gwyneth is making me laugh more than it should

  • J Chadwick
    J Chadwick Hace 21 un día +1

    "All that steaming"
    Graham's a savage😂😂😂

  • Joe Hanick
    Joe Hanick Hace 21 un día +1

    gwenyth should take her endgame money and buy a personality.

  • CutiePieSparkles
    CutiePieSparkles Hace 21 un día

    Someone messed up the description yikes "Tom Hollan's"

  • PinkLava101
    PinkLava101 Hace 22 días

    damn why y'all gotta remove credit from the tumblr post

  • Diego Alejandro
    Diego Alejandro Hace 22 días

    Tom Hanks 😂

  • LordOfThe Flightless
    LordOfThe Flightless Hace 22 días

    Ironic because the suit is fake in the movie and sometimes he isn't even wearing it

  • alex gerling
    alex gerling Hace 22 días

    Yeah Tom Holland... You keep running hanks can teach you bud

  • na76able
    na76able Hace 23 días

    To my fellow Disney cast members did you notice Tom Hanks used the disney point and then said "no you are ruining the magic" . Love it!!!

  • Fake Person
    Fake Person Hace 23 días

    Distant brothers.

  • LosAngeles.323
    LosAngeles.323 Hace 24 días

    Have ya'll seen his nudes tho? I can post a link.

  • Random person
    Random person Hace 24 días +1

    Gwyneth, wtf how did u not remember tom???

  • GOD
    GOD Hace 24 días +2

    Tom Hanks and Tom Holland should get a movie together

  • Muneeza M
    Muneeza M Hace 24 días +4

    9:02 find someone who looks at you the way Jake Gyllenhaal looks at Tom Holland

  • zarovv
    zarovv Hace 24 días +1

    "you know you have the zipper and need to have people pulling you over and..."
    "what are we talking about right now?!"

  • zarovv
    zarovv Hace 24 días

    lol everytime holland speaks its funny. he has this funny voice

  • H OC
    H OC Hace 25 días

    All I see is a bland white nerd

  • James
    James Hace 25 días

    "on and off screen" amazing

  • Rebecca Walsh
    Rebecca Walsh Hace 25 días

    Him talking about how surreal Spider-Man is made me so happy that such an amazing person gets to live his dream ❤️

  • Anna Sp
    Anna Sp Hace 25 días

    ● Where's madonna ●

  • Bonnie
    Bonnie Hace 25 días

    Hey guys!
    My friends are aspiring musicians and could use the views. Please check them out they are awesome!!!

  • Gamfluent
    Gamfluent Hace 25 días

    Best of Tom Holland starts with Jake gyllenhaal

  • fruitoson
    fruitoson Hace 26 días

    bronx science represent

  • Tyo Junior
    Tyo Junior Hace 26 días +4

    The way mark wahlberg look at tom "your story, its better be funny, or i kill u"

  • Mootez Elhosni
    Mootez Elhosni Hace 26 días

    Jake is funny

  • Hattie Dame
    Hattie Dame Hace 26 días

    I must live under a rock.

  • Michael Gibb
    Michael Gibb Hace 26 días

    "All that steaming. Yeah." Massive LOL. Even Tom Hanks is laughing.

  • Nemotube
    Nemotube Hace 27 días

    How does Gwyneth paltrow not know that Tony dies😂😂😂

  • Brian Carlisle
    Brian Carlisle Hace 28 días +1

    Graham Norton, I love you

  • Maher Rahman
    Maher Rahman Hace 28 días +1

    Which scene in Spider-Man: Far From Home did Jake Gyllenhaal vomit in?😕

  • Adriel.
    Adriel. Hace 28 días

    Wow in the second clip, Tom is standing next to the future half of Fantastic Four

  • Candy Moneer
    Candy Moneer Hace 28 días +3

    Captain America: Language!

  • Mario Alt
    Mario Alt Hace 28 días +1

    9:12 that face :D

  • kinyx kong
    kinyx kong Hace 28 días +1

    I LIVE!!!!!
    I LIVE!!!!!
    I LIVE!!!!!
    I LIVE!!!!!

    They're just too funny