Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - Final Trailer

  • Publicado el 25 sep 2018
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - In Theaters November 16
    Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” is the second of five all new adventures in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World™.
    At the end of the first film, the powerful Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) was captured by MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America), with the help of Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne). But, making good on his threat, Grindelwald escaped custody and has set about gathering followers, most unsuspecting of his true agenda: to raise pure-blood wizards up to rule over all non-magical beings.
    In an effort to thwart Grindelwald’s plans, Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) enlists his former student Newt Scamander, who agrees to help, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead. Lines are drawn as love and loyalty are tested, even among the truest friends and family, in an increasingly divided wizarding world.
    The film features an ensemble cast led by Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, Alison Sudol, Ezra Miller, with Jude Law and Johnny Depp. The cast also includes, Zoë Kravitz, Callum Turner, Claudia Kim, William Nadylam, Kevin Guthrie, Carmen Ejogo, and Poppy Corby-Tuech.
    “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” is directed by David Yates, from a screenplay by J.K. Rowling. The film is produced by David Heyman, J.K. Rowling, Steve Kloves and Lionel Wigram.
    Slated for release on November 16, 2018, the film will be distributed worldwide in 2D and 3D in select theatres and IMAX by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.
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  • Hey_it's_ nyx
    Hey_it's_ nyx Hace 14 horas

    *aggressively plays violin*

  • IceX25X
    IceX25X Hace 15 horas +1

    Newt: Dumbledore, Why can’t you go?
    Dumbledore: I’m in love with Gellert.

  • vaggos013
    vaggos013 Hace 16 horas

    I know for some fans of Harry Potter what I am going to say it's like blaspheme.. but personally I prefer Newt, Tina, Queenie and Jacob than Harry, Hermione and Ron.. They are more interesting characters, not shallow and in the same time comic and dramatic.

  • SpaceSimmer
    SpaceSimmer Hace 17 horas +1


  • Nice Touch
    Nice Touch Hace 20 horas

    Does anyone know what that black thing covering the city was?

    • Nice Touch
      Nice Touch Hace 16 horas

      +Viktor thank you I've looked every where but know one seemed to know.

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 16 horas

      Lethifolds, dangerous magical creatures that feed on human flesh. Like dementors, they are defeated with a patronus charm.

  • The Wayward Fae
    The Wayward Fae Hace 21 un hora

    Did I see...Jamie Campbell Bower!???

    TECHNO EXPERT Hace 21 un hora +2

    oh damn!!that music is the best thing i ever heard after the harry potter music.....

  • SnakeStaffMagic
    SnakeStaffMagic Hace un día +1


  • Kacie Remata
    Kacie Remata Hace un día

    You know, I thought that Newt's brother Theseus was EVIL, but he's not. I just thought that Theseus Scamander was going to be bad, but he's not evil in the rest of the movie so he's GOOD.

  • Aisha A
    Aisha A Hace un día

    Johnny Depps voice is amazing for Grindelwald, gives me shivers !!!

  • Ayesha Ash
    Ayesha Ash Hace un día

    OMG OMG OMG OMG 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Newt Scamander
    Newt Scamander Hace un día

    Hey! 👋🏻

  • cutelaugher girl12
    cutelaugher girl12 Hace un día

    I love the music just as much as the movie

  • makenna parsonage
    makenna parsonage Hace un día

    Wasn’t sure about Johnny Depp’s role, especially after his performance in the last Pirates movie but I’m actually excited now!

  • - nitj
    - nitj Hace un día

    I miss Harry Potter 😭

  • Kelsey Frazer
    Kelsey Frazer Hace un día +1

    I can't wait for the movie 💓💓🙌🙌🙌🙌😁😁😁😁😊😊

  • Miftakhul Janah
    Miftakhul Janah Hace un día

    My eyes are blessed. Rowling, how can you be this much admirable? :"""

  • Burnt
    Burnt Hace un día

    Tom better be in this movie to explain well why Nagini is human, and how she became his Hocrux.

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 16 horas

      Tom is less than one year old in this movie. Besides, he turned her into a horcrux in 1994. This movie takes place in 1927.

  • Human Rocket
    Human Rocket Hace un día +2

    For all those idiots saying Johnny Depp is the worst casting decision for Grindelwald, how so is he a bad casting choice? The man can certainly act, but because he allegedly beat up his wife he's automatically unsuitable for the role? WTF? His personal life has nothing to do with his acting ability. How would you know if he did actually beat up his wife? Or maybe is his ex wife over exaggerating the situation? Because I remember seeing an article where Johnny Depp claimed that Amber Heard punched him in the face twice. Honestly who should we believe, I bet if Amber Heard beat up her husband all of you will be calling Depp weak and emasculated. But whats even more ironic is everyone was happy when Depp came back as Jack Sparrow in Dead Men Tell No Tales, and did well in the box office. And all of you Depp haters seriously get a life, honestly who gives a shit about Depp's personal life, that's his life to live not yours. Also the media isn't always trustworthy, it likes to over exaggerate and make certain people the villain. And seriously do most of you go to the theatre and watch actors based on their personal life? Pathetic!

  • Mrakstunna
    Mrakstunna Hace un día +3

    Who else is excited for this so called "greatest duel in history" between Dumbledore and Grindelwald????

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 16 horas

      That won't happen in this movie. It will happen in the 5th one as stated by Rowling and Yates.

    • Sparrow Girl
      Sparrow Girl Hace un día

      I currently am.

  • Klara Bozanovic
    Klara Bozanovic Hace un día

    I dont know why is everyone relating leta lestrange to bellatrix lestrange because they are only conected through marrige. Bellatrix is married to rodolphus lestrange and leta is his maybe grandmother or grandaunt or something and bellatrix is from the black family
    (Sorry for bad english)

  • Regan Rose
    Regan Rose Hace un día +1

    something about the slowed down hedwig’s theme in the end NEVER fails to make me SOB

  • Intimo
    Intimo Hace un día +2

    I always knew that Johnny will join the HArry potter franchise because he and Helena are really good together in films.

  • IndecisiveTM
    IndecisiveTM Hace un día

    Nagini is an animagus!?

    • IndecisiveTM
      IndecisiveTM Hace 16 horas

      +Viktor Oh, thank you.

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 16 horas +1

      No, she is a maledictus.

  • Joke Borromeo
    Joke Borromeo Hace un día

    Wow, it's weird how much I've already got so interested to Harry Potter in just a day because of the Chamber Of Secrets book and now I see this.

  • Sujatha S
    Sujatha S Hace un día


  • pulakit bharti
    pulakit bharti Hace un día

    1:44 time is coming when you'll have to pick a side.
    1:48 No, I don't do sides.😂

  • AhmedS
    AhmedS Hace 2 días +1

    we want alfonso cauron directed fantastic beasts

  • hazard robert
    hazard robert Hace 2 días

    I wish Fantastic Beasts Will also Have 7 parts My rest of the Life will Be Awesomeee

  • Foxieplayz Gachaverse
    Foxieplayz Gachaverse Hace 2 días +1

    I just love this movie its really fun! His eyes and face is beautiful. o3o

  • Giacomo Pizzo
    Giacomo Pizzo Hace 2 días

    Potrà sembrarvi ridondante, ma mi farebbe assai piacere se in questa pentalogia, Albus vivesse più da vicino i rapporti travagliati tra suo fratello Aberforth e la passione riposta verso la sua sfortunata ma incantevole sorella Ariana. Cosa accadde da vicino; il pathos, la rabbia, la ricerca della gloria a discapito di tante cose. Conosciamo bene Albus ed il suo orientamento, ma in verità non vedo come possa essere eclatante come argomento. Piuttosto sono curioso di scoprire su pellicola e non solo sui libri di Harry Potter, il destino funesto della famiglia Silente.

  • Rajesh Magotra
    Rajesh Magotra Hace 2 días

    By seeing trailer its lyk that grindelward is far better than voldemort

  • Maddy Swicord
    Maddy Swicord Hace 2 días

    I’m so excited omg

  • Ian Sit
    Ian Sit Hace 2 días

    I hope we get Dumbledore vs Grindelwald after this

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 16 horas

      It will happen in the 5th movie.

  • porras
    porras Hace 2 días

    Looks far better than the 1st one IMO.

  • Himanshu Singh
    Himanshu Singh Hace 2 días

    i am beggest fan of joney deep. no. 1 actor in the world
    dekprio no. 2

  • bura i
    bura i Hace 2 días

    1. Credence’s jaw line: mmhmm yes pls
    2. the music in this is bombbb
    3. Johnny Depp is so freaking talented
    4. freakin Nagini
    5. JK Rowling is a genius and no one can convince me otherwise

  • Kimberley Ayers
    Kimberley Ayers Hace 2 días

    1:47 Is that the Nundu?

  • That Girl Heyoka
    That Girl Heyoka Hace 2 días

    Best trailer since ragnarok

  • Saurabh Bhagat
    Saurabh Bhagat Hace 2 días +2

    I am gonna to watch this just Because of Jhonny Depp..

  • Robert Hjalmarsen
    Robert Hjalmarsen Hace 2 días

    They can never stop making movies from the Harry Potter universe, ever. I need this on a regular basis

  • Cray
    Cray Hace 3 días

    Roblox anyone?

  • Keannu Icao
    Keannu Icao Hace 3 días

    way its my favorite movie at all its so fantastica im so exited right now to watch the movie

  • Best YouTube channel ever!

    I've never in my life been more obsessed with a series in my life than with the Wizarding World series. I used to go to Universal Studios to the Wizarding World every other week when I lived in Florida! I miss it!
    I'm about to explode waiting on this!

  • Count Sapphire
    Count Sapphire Hace 3 días +1

    (With my Severus Snape voice)
    I will just give twenty more points to that violinist. Not more!

    GAMING AND APPS Hace 3 días

    Fantastic beasts and where you can find them download link >>>

  • NinjaXCraft
    NinjaXCraft Hace 3 días


  • RavensDryad
    RavensDryad Hace 3 días

    wizarding and non-wizarding??? What they can't say 'muggle' now bc it's offensive?!

    • Tardis Guy
      Tardis Guy Hace un día

      I'm sorry, but I'm still not buying it. Yeah, the stuff from the movies that you brought up is stupid, but getting annoyed about them using a different term to refer to the muggle world is just ridiculous, in my opinion.

    • RavensDryad
      RavensDryad Hace un día

      because it's the same lazy bullshit from the movies as before...its so simple to just make it like the books so why not do it?? Like no one ever wearing wizarding robes but always wearing muggle clothes, even adult wizards who WOULD be in robes all the time, or having a girl with brown eyes play Lily instead of a red headed girl with BLUE eyes to match Daniel Radcliffe's at least since they couldn't do them green...sure it seems like a little thing they tweaked but it wrecks havoc on the story bc then theres absolutely NO reason for Snape to say "Look at me" at the end, ugh

    • Tardis Guy
      Tardis Guy Hace un día

      Why is it annoying, though? I mean, sure, it's different to what we've heard before, but what specifically makes it annoying?

    • RavensDryad
      RavensDryad Hace 2 días

      pretty sure I've never seen it as non-wizarding in the books. It's always muggle. It's annoying

    • Tardis Guy
      Tardis Guy Hace 2 días

      If it's a Ministry wizard saying that line, it'll be because they're using the formal term for it... anyway, what's the big deal?

  • Luis Zocadagui
    Luis Zocadagui Hace 3 días

    this looks amazing

  • Omari Daniels
    Omari Daniels Hace 3 días +3

    Gotta say, as someone who isn't even that big into Harry Potter or the Fantastic Beasts franchise...there's this sense of wonder and amazement that I get from watching this trailer that just really makes me want to see it.

  • Alice Franco
    Alice Franco Hace 3 días

    I don’t feel any excitement 😟 Honestly I wish there were no fantastic beasts. The Harry Potters (and wizarding worlds) story peaked itself. Period. Why be so money-hungry?

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 2 días

      Nobody is forcing you to watch Fantastic Beasts. There are still plenty of Harry Potter fans who loved the first Fantastic Beasts movie and are eagerly anticipating this one.

  • Lily S
    Lily S Hace 3 días +1

    I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE ADRIANA Though i know he is gay.

  • anukul mallik
    anukul mallik Hace 3 días

    Who's replay button's been broken?
    C'mon have it

  • Swati Karmaker
    Swati Karmaker Hace 3 días


  • Afroza Ruma
    Afroza Ruma Hace 3 días +1

    Can't wait for!!!

  • Jeel Harsola
    Jeel Harsola Hace 3 días +2


  • Mỹ Đinh
    Mỹ Đinh Hace 4 días +2

    I hope the film will be good as the trailer

  • gaurish murkar
    gaurish murkar Hace 4 días

    As a hp fan ...have to admit per second movie this is massive..story wise..cauz its not just a wizard story ..its a thriller too ..and darker ..any one who admiting that?

  • alphaswag95
    alphaswag95 Hace 4 días

    And I have a bad feeling about this movie too.

  • latisha faucette
    latisha faucette Hace 4 días +2

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGG i cant wait!!!!!!!

  • primuler
    primuler Hace 4 días

    Remember how the people who've been kissed by a Dementor doesn't have a soul but is alive physically anyways? What if they managed to take Nagini's soul out of her accursed snake body (and maybe transfer it to somewhere else) right before her consciousness was eaten too, leaving the snake body an empty shell? That'd make a perfect Hocrux for Voldemort. A soulless snake shell. There has been doubts about Voldemort making a living organism into a Hocrux by the characters in the book, and I think that'll explain.

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 2 días

      Why would dementors suck Nagini's soul out unless she was somehow in Azkaban which I doubt very much.

  • Jeff Eff
    Jeff Eff Hace 4 días +1

    looks better than Captain Marvel

  • Rahmat Kiehl
    Rahmat Kiehl Hace 4 días

    I hope Cinta Laura Kiehl from Indonesia get role as Nagini. But she's failed the get the role! 😂😂😂

  • Ope Ope No Mi
    Ope Ope No Mi Hace 4 días

    1:08 Lethifolds!!

  • Jamie Richards
    Jamie Richards Hace 4 días

    pause at 2:07 and you will vaguely see Harry Potter

    • Jamie Richards
      Jamie Richards Hace 3 días

      Well mabye but that is just my Opinion on what i saw, anyway guess we will both just have to wait and see, Enjoy

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 3 días

      +Jamie Richards It's definitely not Harry Potter. Dumbledore was already a headmaster and 99 when Harry was born. He is clearly 46 in the scene you are referring to since the movie is set in 1927, 53 years before Harry was born.
      Harry won't appear in this movie I can assure you that and it's more than likely he won't appear in any of the other Fantastic Beasts movies either since this series takes place a lot before he was even born.

    • Jamie Richards
      Jamie Richards Hace 3 días

      i didnt mean when he is teaching the class if u keep on pauseing on around 2:06 until about 2:08 u might make out a harry potter in a black and white battle flack back type thing

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 3 días

      +Jamie Richards Not at all. Dumbledore is seen there teaching a class at Hogwarts, not in a flash forward. Harry won't be appearing in any of the Fantastic Beasts movies.

    • Jamie Richards
      Jamie Richards Hace 3 días

      But mabye Albus Dumbledore has a flash forward into the future??

  • ItsLeaf
    ItsLeaf Hace 4 días +1


  • Io
    Io Hace 4 días'33.0%22N+8%C2%B002'00.0%22E/@46.625829,8.033339,12571m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d46.625829!4d8.033339

  • Hellraider2
    Hellraider2 Hace 4 días

    1:07 my god...... bed sheets....

  • ash 101
    ash 101 Hace 4 días +1

    That Grindelwald speech was the shit. Damn!! can't wait

  • Gab Sah
    Gab Sah Hace 4 días +1

    this movie gona have 99 problens but tilting camera angles and special effects ain't one.

  • Sowelu N
    Sowelu N Hace 4 días


  • Manuel Narciso
    Manuel Narciso Hace 4 días

    Just a thought Nagini is the mother of voldemort and his father is credence

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 3 días

      +Manuel Narciso Again, no. Voldemort can speak to snakes, a trait shared among the descendants of Slytherin. Why is it so hard for you to believe that Fantastic Beasts is its own series? Not everything has to be connected to Harry Potter.

    • Manuel Narciso
      Manuel Narciso Hace 3 días

      Viktor what if voldemort was an adopted son of guant and nagini is related to the adopted family as well and credence hid his identity as a muggle

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 4 días

      No, that can't be.
      1. Voldemort father was a muggle, Credence is a wizard.
      2. Voldemort's mothet was Merope Gaunt, from the Gaunt family who are direct descendants of Slytherin meaning that they stayed in Britain. Also, his mother died in 1926 while this movie takes place in 1927.

  • Rocky Borah
    Rocky Borah Hace 4 días

    This series has revived and given a second life to every Harry Potter wizarding world fan....there are the Newton's, the Tesla's, the Eienstien's, but J.K Rowling, you are one hell of a genius in your reich.....Thank You!!!😊

  • Mattias Carman
    Mattias Carman Hace 5 días

    Very bad film

  • G M.
    G M. Hace 5 días +1

    It’s crazy just to imagine how actually powerful Grindelwald was, and how could it be if he had created Horcruxes for him. But is very important to say that Grindelwald didn’t created the horcruxes not because he couldn’t, he most like could have done as well, but he never was obsessed with immortality or afraid of dying like Voldemort was. As a matter of fact, he always knew what creating those would cost him, and that death is inevitable, which makes him at the very least, far more wise than Voldemort.
    I personally think that Grindelwald was more powerful than Voldemort in terms of knowledge/spell skills, but Voldemort was far more cruel, destructive, and at his end almost irrational (also very skilled), which combined, made him even more dangerous than Grindelwald itself.
    J.K. Rowling world is even more amazing when you can see the details she has created!

  • The Unholy Smirk
    The Unholy Smirk Hace 5 días


  • Zoi Andersen
    Zoi Andersen Hace 5 días


  • Zeal 625 Media
    Zeal 625 Media Hace 5 días

    Nagini is from Indonesian Myth

  • Meritta Mathew
    Meritta Mathew Hace 5 días

    Can’t wait to watch!!! It is already giving me chills....😨😨😨

  • ریحان ارشد
    ریحان ارشد Hace 5 días

    Queen JK rocks...

  • Queen Margaery Tyrell
    Queen Margaery Tyrell Hace 5 días

    Guys please follow me on Instagram at lauryn553! I LOVE Harry Potter/Fantastics Beast!😊😍😘😂😂I’ll follow back too!😊🙏🏾

  • Irritable Jon Syndrome
    Irritable Jon Syndrome Hace 5 días +1

    Grindlewald isnt some monsterous, serial killing maniac...he has a point. Wizards are forced to live in hiding. Muggles hunted them close to extinction when they knew about now theyre forced to hide. Thats bullshit. Magic should be everywhere..

  • Asim Mulla
    Asim Mulla Hace 5 días +1


  • Asim Mulla
    Asim Mulla Hace 5 días +2

    What a
    Epic Music
    Epic Acting
    Epic vfx
    Epic story
    Epic = Fantastic beast and crimes of Grindalwarld

    GRYFFINDOR PRIDE Hace 5 días


  • AkshAy Rathore
    AkshAy Rathore Hace 6 días +1

    So you guys can't see Ariana in the mirror.

  • Video Nutur
    Video Nutur Hace 6 días

    So who is Grindelwald and why is he evil as You-Know-Who?

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 5 días

      +Video Nutur Well it won't happen, surely. Rowling was asked twice if she was interested in making a story about the Marauders or the First Wizarding War and she said that she wasn't both times.

    • Video Nutur
      Video Nutur Hace 5 días

      +Viktor What do you think of James Potter's life being made into a movie?

    • Video Nutur
      Video Nutur Hace 5 días

      +Viktor whoa, thank you so much for the explanation, because I only knew the Harry Potter story through film

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 5 días

      1. Grindelwald is one of the 3 strongest wizards in the Harry Potter series (next to Voldemort and Dumbledore). He was a Northern European wizard who was Dumbledore's teenage friend and whom Dumbledore was in love with in his youth but Grindelwald broke his heart. He eventually tried to conquer Europe in his pursuit of submitting muggles to wizards but Dumbledore defeated him.
      2. No, he isn't nearly as evil as Voldemort but he was still an extremist radical and very, very dangerous.
      There is plenty about him in the original Harry Potter books through flashbacks and exposition.

  • Video Nutur
    Video Nutur Hace 6 días

    I wonder if "James Potter" become the next franchise movie

  • Waffi Yudin
    Waffi Yudin Hace 6 días

    so much imagination and i'm love it 😍😍

  • Jesus Villalobos
    Jesus Villalobos Hace 6 días


  • Nella
    Nella Hace 6 días

    I must've watch this!!

  • Mw3raf143
    Mw3raf143 Hace 6 días

    Nagin looks hot... before she turn herself into a snake.

  • Ekul Renllaw
    Ekul Renllaw Hace 6 días

    I have a theory that Nagini is either an Animagus or whatever Tonks was

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 6 días

      Nope. She is a maledictus which means that she has a hereditary blood curse that slowly turns her into a snake permanently.

  • cristian ́
    cristian ́ Hace 6 días

    Ok this is the one that I will surely go see to movies!

  • Mike Iglesias
    Mike Iglesias Hace 7 días

    Who is nagini :)?

  • Sameeha Khan
    Sameeha Khan Hace 7 días

    This is gonna be EPIC!!

  • Ajanta D Sangma
    Ajanta D Sangma Hace 7 días +1

    Johnny Depp is awesome as a villain

  • 李洵
    李洵 Hace 7 días

    What's the music?!!!

  • Unknown Guy
    Unknown Guy Hace 7 días +1

    What if Grindelwald made horcruxes. Omg he would be unstoppable

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 6 días

      He didn't. Rowling has already confirmed that only two wizards in history have been able to make a horcrux and Grindelwald is not among them.

  • Unknown Guy
    Unknown Guy Hace 7 días +2

    I like Gellet. He’s cool