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  • МАГИ И КРАСИ - Minecraft Games

    You 3 scream like a babyes

  • Aesthetic Roses ッ
    Aesthetic Roses ッ Hace 7 horas

    First of all they did some things wrong in the game such as wrapping her around with red thread and put a piece of your dna in the doll to know who to find. Also once you pour the salt water on the doll the game should be over unless you missed or something happened during the process.

  • Bálint Csiszér
    Bálint Csiszér Hace 22 horas

    Now do this without editing

  • lisa jenkins
    lisa jenkins Hace un día


  • Emma Daganta
    Emma Daganta Hace un día

    This is not real

    Need to edit this comment

    There are alot of cutting some scenes in this video may be some cuts might have been the one that they moved the doll

  • Shelly Rose
    Shelly Rose Hace un día +1

    What was the end... what happens to gwava joos? I hope he ok or did his brother do that I think so that kind of scared me but he's probably ok any way if he's not r.i.p

  • Dai Hoang Quoc
    Dai Hoang Quoc Hace un día

    I jo no nooo .

  • Itzyourgirlcookie !
    Itzyourgirlcookie ! Hace 2 días

    You played it wrong anways - _-

  • SIS. Art
    SIS. Art Hace 2 días


  • star light spark
    star light spark Hace 2 días

    Why did i deal with my friend do it at 3a.m?
    Pls comment what do i do?

  • Kimberly Williams
    Kimberly Williams Hace 2 días

    2:20 OML

  • Kevin Pelimer
    Kevin Pelimer Hace 2 días +1

    Play before reading all instruction
    Nice work guys

  • Kimmie  Amy Anne
    Kimmie Amy Anne Hace 2 días


  • Kimmie  Amy Anne
    Kimmie Amy Anne Hace 2 días

    You said p**sed

  • Ryan Johnston
    Ryan Johnston Hace 2 días

    It make me be in my room for a Day🌘🌗🌖🌕🌔🌓🌒🌑🌝☉🌞

  • Habibur Rahim
    Habibur Rahim Hace 2 días +1

    Omg did she teleport or something

  • edward caligner
    edward caligner Hace 3 días

    I’m shocked

  • Max Steel_13
    Max Steel_13 Hace 3 días


  • Sardor R
    Sardor R Hace 3 días

    Watching in 2019 and finally I know that it’s fake

  • Sardor R
    Sardor R Hace 3 días


  • fnaf Lilly and bonnie five nights at Freddy's

    Its funny because they thought the wig was that ugly doll lol😄😃

  • fnaf Lilly and bonnie five nights at Freddy's

    It would be creepy like when i go to bed with my big sister i feel like some one is watching me😞

  • fnaf Lilly and bonnie five nights at Freddy's

    One man hide and seek is scary if i was them i wouldn't do it i had weird things happend in my house😞😖😭

  • Disa - Disa Designs
    Disa - Disa Designs Hace 3 días

    why da hell did you guys scream when the doll was under the bed and OMG i dont understand!

    326DONCASTER Hace 3 días

    He swore

  • Faze daco
    Faze daco Hace 3 días

    Anyone 2019?

  • Najimi Playzz
    Najimi Playzz Hace 4 días

    Sebastian bails kissed you

    Like to undo- wait wrong channel

  • Nigele Barclay
    Nigele Barclay Hace 4 días

    What happens if the doll finds you

  • P0tat0_ C0linz
    P0tat0_ C0linz Hace 5 días

    Am i the one who only noticed that they forgot one step that you have to stab the doll with the scissor thrre times and saying (name) your it

  • DARK s h a d o w
    DARK s h a d o w Hace 5 días

    HARD :
    Coment if you see it

  • supleokid YT and Twitch
    supleokid YT and Twitch Hace 5 días +1

    Bet you this is fake.

  • Diamond Queen Plays Roblox

    Who watching this in 2019??

  • Damian wayne [Michele levy]

    there is 14,624,738 views and 100K likes and 7.8K dislikes and 3.3M subs and 54,934 comments 2:43 PM 6/11/2019

  • zyga600 Olejniczak
    zyga600 Olejniczak Hace 6 días

    Roses are red
    Violet's are blue
    I just got clickbaited
    And so did you

  • Val_ potato 12
    Val_ potato 12 Hace 6 días

    Did you know that if you did not read the last part of "one man hide and seek" it says to burn the doll after you spit at it ;-;

  • jojo sherif
    jojo sherif Hace 6 días

    Guava juice is scared of a wig?!

  • xMooMaxEmx
    xMooMaxEmx Hace 6 días

    I'm beth

  • fireball gamer 346
    fireball gamer 346 Hace 6 días

    Thank Mekia and poopsie

  • Kimmi Crucifix
    Kimmi Crucifix Hace 6 días

    Hello my name is minute I'm just a little boy I love you videos and 3M and nice videos

  • Halal Pizza
    Halal Pizza Hace 6 días

    I watched up to 3:04 but did Beth try to kill you guys

  • Gacha sasha
    Gacha sasha Hace 6 días

    I did this and after I ended the game I destroyed the doll with gasoline and a lighter

  • Andy Makanda
    Andy Makanda Hace 6 días

    Where’s the GONE SEXUAL part of the title?

  • pinku mikaels
    pinku mikaels Hace 7 días

    is that real?
    there might be a man to hide the doll and then hide himself before the guys search for the doll...

  • Brian Gramblička
    Brian Gramblička Hace 7 días

    Wo dieťa

  • Guineapigs And Vlogs And Littlest Pet Shops


  • UwU in My heart
    UwU in My heart Hace 7 días

    You weren't supposed to open the lights, you needed to be quiet you needed some sort of dna on the doll, you needed to stay in the same spot uwu

  • David Van
    David Van Hace 7 días

    Don Dre Dies In Home

  • Railey Santuyo
    Railey Santuyo Hace 7 días

    Guys I'm scared....I'm really freaking out already bcuz..uh when the doll moves I'm moving! And...when I see this I'm running! I'm never coming like one save life!

  • Leilani Gomez
    Leilani Gomez Hace 7 días

    I'm sure that if you don't put your DNA in the doll, it won't work...

  • Dr. kitty
    Dr. kitty Hace 7 días

    Omg the ending made me cry

  • Aria Faricellia
    Aria Faricellia Hace 8 días +4

    Who else here hiding in the comments?

  • Aria Faricellia
    Aria Faricellia Hace 8 días +6

    Who else watching in 2019?

  • james prince joveres
    james prince joveres Hace 8 días

    Who puts a wig in their recording studio (unless your bald)??????

  • Basti Abool
    Basti Abool Hace 8 días

    Im never watching that its scary 😱

  • slinky minjaj
    slinky minjaj Hace 8 días

    Man that's bullshit you could see the doll at the end smh.
    And who uploaded the video if something happened to them?

  • Jinnelyn Satiniaman
    Jinnelyn Satiniaman Hace 8 días

    Because this puppet maybe a demon

  • Jinnelyn Satiniaman
    Jinnelyn Satiniaman Hace 8 días

    Is this real?

  • Anna Leigh Dela Cruz
    Anna Leigh Dela Cruz Hace 8 días +1

    So creepy wow

  • FortniteGodNamedJoshua Lopez

    Do some of you guys know Emily wants to play game? Like if you do

  • FortniteGodNamedJoshua Lopez

    That doll is creepy😨

  • Bts Gacha
    Bts Gacha Hace 8 días +1

    Watching this in June 8 2019

  • K Hartt
    K Hartt Hace 8 días

    This is fake because the third guy was gone

  • Draw and Sketch
    Draw and Sketch Hace 9 días +5

    I would’ve named her Kiko

  • Mikeygamer879
    Mikeygamer879 Hace 9 días +2

    its ONE man hide and seek with THREE men

    • 326DONCASTER
      326DONCASTER Hace 3 días


    • 326DONCASTER
      326DONCASTER Hace 3 días

      Yea but roi was scared so he played with his friends because he will feel a lot safer

  • aNnA nIcOlE •••••


  • Chamblin Champ
    Chamblin Champ Hace 9 días

    Marlin ramsey chan is using sunglasses?

  • Sol Flores
    Sol Flores Hace 9 días


  • Sol Flores
    Sol Flores Hace 9 días


  • Christina Tangitau
    Christina Tangitau Hace 9 días

    Comment if you think his channels is gonna make it

  • Christina Tangitau
    Christina Tangitau Hace 9 días

    Watch out

  • joshua ortegga
    joshua ortegga Hace 9 días


  • Blah99 Bloop
    Blah99 Bloop Hace 9 días

    Comment section to be safe

  • Rachel DelaPena
    Rachel DelaPena Hace 9 días


  • Kole Plzak
    Kole Plzak Hace 9 días

    Who else is watching in 2035

  • Aidan Clinton
    Aidan Clinton Hace 9 días

    This is creepy

  • Reeds
    Reeds Hace 9 días +5

    You played that with Alex on wassabi productions before you left

  • cool_boy DFR
    cool_boy DFR Hace 10 días +1


  • Guiseppi Casatelli
    Guiseppi Casatelli Hace 10 días

    Someone moving the doll

  • Guiseppi Casatelli
    Guiseppi Casatelli Hace 10 días

    You forgot to pocke the doll

  • Amy Rauch
    Amy Rauch Hace 10 días

    What happened did he died or what

    OXY PLAYZ Hace 10 días

    Ur meant to stab it 3 times give it ur dna and all

  • Erin Laemmle
    Erin Laemmle Hace 10 días


  • Surfergirl
    Surfergirl Hace 10 días

    U need have to put ur DNA in the doll like hair, spit, blood etc.

  • Trixie Brown
    Trixie Brown Hace 10 días

    what the hell

  • DExter Boi
    DExter Boi Hace 10 días


  • Herminia Chiang
    Herminia Chiang Hace 11 días

    Do it yourself

  • Guinea pig Girl
    Guinea pig Girl Hace 11 días

    Wait the one man ch ch chalnge that’s so scary

  • Clare Dublin
    Clare Dublin Hace 11 días

    Duuuuude!!!!! Why the hell would you wanna play the one man hide and seek?!?!?!?! And you missed some steps like adding nail clippings with the rice, and after saying "you're it" 3 times you're supposed to stab the doll and then go and hide. And to finish the game you have to spit salt water on the doll, say "I found you" three times and burn the doll. These steps are very important, so if you do believe in ghosts and demons be sure to do extreme research before playing this game. Just a safety heads up guys😊

  • JayTeeXD
    JayTeeXD Hace 12 días

    He attacc
    He protecc
    But most importantly

    Roi get attacced by a doll

  • Elif Kizil
    Elif Kizil Hace 12 días

    IF jou dont TRow salt water den de curs wil be acctief

  • Jana Carroll
    Jana Carroll Hace 13 días

    1 like saves Roi

  • make good
    make good Hace 13 días

    When it gets cold she is near you

  • Molly Holkesvig
    Molly Holkesvig Hace 13 días

    Oh no he died wait how did he post the video??😂🤷‍♀️

  • K49DNojxondnd’ Jsomdoskosmod

    I feel sorry for you guys

  • K49DNojxondnd’ Jsomdoskosmod

    lol 😂 it’s funny.when you guys didn’t see the doll in the bath lol 😂

  • Bayron Lara
    Bayron Lara Hace 13 días

    You also need to stab the doll and you have to put your DNA

  • Marvel Valentino
    Marvel Valentino Hace 14 días

    I not gone do that game

  • One Star
    One Star Hace 14 días

    The poor wig was framed
    Poor wig...

  • DamnYankee7770
    DamnYankee7770 Hace 14 días +7