• Publicado el 17 dic 2013
  • Do you know what's acceptable and what's unacceptable? Take the quiz at . Avoid plagiarism like a pro:
    Produced by the Office of Student Judicial Affairs, University of Alberta, and Townend Films
    Featuring (in order of appearance): Jorden Edmondstone, Andrew Phung, Nikki Shaffeeullah, Robyn Kumish, Tyler Fraser, Frank Robinson, Julian Faid, Kory Mathewson
    Written, Produced and Edited by: Scott Townend
    Assistant Director & Audio Tech: Tyler Fraser
    Executive Producers: Deb Eerkes and Chris Hackett
    Creative Concept: Scott Townend, Tyler Fraser and Andrew Phung
    Special thanks to all those who helped us scout and secure locations: Lorraine Huntley, Shawn Kaminski, Val Smyth, Michael Splinter, Dolores March, Michelle Johnson, Deb Hammacher, Lindsay McLeod, Debra Keehn, Robert Desmarais, and Monique Vulic.

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  • Jayden Hall
    Jayden Hall Hace un año +16

    They actually brought in the guy from "Kim's Convenience" *All rights reserved*
    This is incredible.

  • Sarah Elaine Eaton
    Sarah Elaine Eaton Hace 9 meses +1

    Thank you for this excellent video on academic integrity!

  • Kirstin Morrell
    Kirstin Morrell Hace 8 años +3

    Great video!
    But a quick question: Is he the author of the photo? If not, it's not acceptable to steal a photographer's photo simply because you "found it on the internet."
    Thank you for promoting academic integrity!

  • Celeste A
    Celeste A Hace un año +7

    I love that my University had us watch this for Academic Integrity and I SEE KIMCHI

  • Nicholas Daniel Chapman

    this is hilarious

  • Quiyum Gaming
    Quiyum Gaming Hace 4 meses +1

    Yes! All I needed was my university to send me a video of Kimchee

  • Aeax
    Aeax Hace un año +4

    So this is what Kimchee did before the worked at an autoshop

  • Kavya
    Kavya Hace 7 años +5


  • Bumberenzo the Barangay fire truck. #saveukraine

    Hey look everyone it’s Mr Unexeptable!

  • Fire Wolf
    Fire Wolf Hace 9 meses

    So that’s why the teacher paused right before the end

  • Étienne Murase
    Étienne Murase Hace 8 años +1

    Avez-vous regardé Adventure Time?

  • The visitor101
    The visitor101 Hace un año


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