Chilli Eating Contest | Scotland Chili Festival Scone Palace | Sunday 21st Sept 2014

  • Publicado el 23 sep 2014
  • CLASH OF THE TITANS CHILLI EATING CONTEST Sunday 21st September 2014 held at Scone Palace, Perth, Scotland. The Second chili festival to be held in Scotland.
    The competition Contestants:
    The Winner
    Chandra Grant
    Runner up
    Finlay Mills
    William Murray (Master of Stormont),
    Euan Stewart, Mark Dickson, Simon Lowe, Stuart MacDonald, Mo Hutchison. Gregor Somerville, Bruce Fletcher
    Prize: A chili hamper of products as donated by the chilli stalls at the festival. Containing sauces, chutney, crisps and much more.
    Chillies grown by ourselves
    Tenerife Chilli Farm:
    The Chilli Pepper Company:
    Thank you to
    Lord and Lady Mansfield
    Scone Palace
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  • Михаил Теренькин

    Вообще не считаю эту тайку победителем. Победил мужик предпоследний.
    Обьясню: тайцы на протяжении многих веков жрут острое, поэтому у них уже генетически притуплена чувствительность к острому. Я бы даже не допускал до конкурса всякий тайцев, китайцев, хуяйцев, у которых кухня острая с древности. Эоо не совсем честные игроки. Они должны соревноваться со своими сородичами, которым тоже похуй и на миллион сковиллей в перце. Я думаю среди таких настоящая борьба начинается после 2 лямов сковиллей, а всё что до этого - кетчуп и болгарский перец.

  • PersonalPotatoGayming
    PersonalPotatoGayming Hace un día

    aaaaaah that's hot... that's hot

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  • Bektas Konca
    Bektas Konca Hace 2 días +1

    in turkey urfa region people this much chilli daily they walk around with chilli pepper in their pockets...

  • GREEK kustakis
    GREEK kustakis Hace 2 días

    I really wanna eat now too

  • Taylan Ozer
    Taylan Ozer Hace 2 días

    Bruce was a monster

  • PATE jr
    PATE jr Hace 2 días

    She has metal balls

    *Wait what*

    LMNO FAMILY Hace 3 días +1

    welp rip there gonna be throwing up or stuck in the bathroom for the next week

  • Serek 822
    Serek 822 Hace 3 días

    Japierdole Rudy tam jest

  • Ethan Zahrul.R
    Ethan Zahrul.R Hace 3 días

    Toilets : "oh shit, here we go again"

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C Hace 3 días


  • AndyD
    AndyD Hace 6 días

    I would love to hear about the aftermath effects of a challenge like this. Does it hurt more coming out than going in??

  • Tewin Anthony
    Tewin Anthony Hace 6 días

    ไอ่สัสผู้หญิง คนไทยป่าววะ

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  • lord TACHANKA
    lord TACHANKA Hace 6 días

    A regards Alla regazza li donno quelli dolci e see non lo avete notato li sputa quando si metterla la mano davanti

  • As Rapidz
    As Rapidz Hace 7 días +1

    I felt so bad for Bruce he had that opportunity but he pulled through loved his sportsmanship

  • The Mobile Tech Gamer
    The Mobile Tech Gamer Hace 8 días +1

    Inside their heart feels like hell!

  • jenny more
    jenny more Hace 8 días +1

    I woke up today not even hearing of Bruce, now I love the guy!

  • Hla Shwe
    Hla Shwe Hace 8 días +1

    its not the spice that bothers its the pain in your stomache

  • NudelGamerHD !
    NudelGamerHD ! Hace 8 días

    Was gewinnt mann da eigendich

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    Tomorow they feel it hot toilet

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    Patrik Kvarnlöf Hace 8 días

    The girl is thai

  • Patrik Kvarnlöf
    Patrik Kvarnlöf Hace 8 días +2

    Damn he ate alot of chili he real loves them

  • Patrik Kvarnlöf
    Patrik Kvarnlöf Hace 8 días

    Did they eat the Dragon breath?

    • Clifton Chilli Club
      Clifton Chilli Club  Hace 8 días

      Hi Patrick no we don't use it as it's not been proven to be a true breed of it's own, the media caught wind of that chilli and as media do they blew it out of all proportion. We do also know the guy who grew it in the first place as he lives in the UK to and we have been to his farm on a few occasions. We hope this helps explain our situation with this chilli. Thanks again.🌶👍🙂

  • Kaden Crawford
    Kaden Crawford Hace 8 días +2

    I’m not gonna lie. I don’t like hot stuff. So I would have been out on the first one.

  • Ali Ekber Korkmaz
    Ali Ekber Korkmaz Hace 9 días

    *matt stonie on the corner* :amateurs...

  • Jim Bailey
    Jim Bailey Hace 9 días


  • Sayuuri
    Sayuuri Hace 9 días

    Ed sheeran was good at eating chili

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    Who’s here in 2019

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    1 like= 1 prayer for their butts

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    Sheldon Miller Hace 14 días

    I feel like i know what this is like, and I only know up to scotch bonnet heat, and my mouth is watering. im sure i dont really know and im ok with that. lol poor guys.

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    That Chandra is HOT 🙂

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    And the 100th round isss.........


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    Get the beaches whale off the stage

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    Dat girl is a real crowd pleaser

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    🌶 give up

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    Thets how to create a big momb

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    I wanna se their face when they get out of toilet

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    Douglas Hace 19 días

    Alguém BR?

  • Stxro
    Stxro Hace 19 días

    everyones cheering on bruce when that asian girl is eating all of them with out breaking a sweat

    meanwhile over there, bruce is looking like a tomato in the face

  • Dana Monteiro
    Dana Monteiro Hace 19 días

    Dont breath through your mouth it burns more if you do breathe through the nose

  • Johnny 72
    Johnny 72 Hace 20 días

    The real challenge is gonna be in bathroom

  • เฟส บ้าไม่หยุด


  • Julio Sathiaseelan
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    that girl has it in her genes,

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    Típico, siempre ganan los indígenas.

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    Chandra for the win

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    Bruh the other boys are like i am dying help the girl is like bruh this shit aint strong

  • ntropie
    ntropie Hace 23 días

    why do you not make a final with all the winners ?

    • Clifton Chilli Club
      Clifton Chilli Club  Hace 23 días

      Great idea and we have thought of that, as the winners are from different towns/cities and other countries it would cost a fortune to get them all in the same place at the same time. We'd need a very big sponsorship deal. We hope this helps to explain the situation?👍🙂

  • some guy
    some guy Hace 24 días

    I barely eat a hot cheeto and im dying

  • Daisy Gee
    Daisy Gee Hace 24 días

    She was so impressive

  • itsyogirlamanda nguyen
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    if I eat those I will eat all

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    Go girl power

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    Lol my mom would deffently win

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    Always girls won? This is a huge lie.. She even didn't had emotion.. You didn't gived she the real one.. Always girl wons.. Yeah..

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    And now think what about when they touch their eye's XD

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      LexikaRT Hi I’m in 2019 too

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  • ØP〆 Gyro
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    • ØP〆 Gyro
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      +Clifton Chilli Club ok bro please like please bro

    • Clifton Chilli Club
      Clifton Chilli Club  Hace un mes +1

      We are for some, and will be olding more contest this year, be sure to check out last year's contest to.

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