Fantastic Beasts and Where it Went Wrong


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  • Tom Olorin
    Tom Olorin Hace 13 días

    I disagree. It was a thoroughly bad film.
    I grew up reading Harry Potter and watching the films and loving them as much as anyone, but I've not been 'into' it for 7 years or so. For me it was a fond memory from childhood. Watching Fantastic Beasts the other day, I was expecting to be drawn back into the world again with another charming, interesting, creative adventure.
    What I sat through was a confusing story, with weak characters, weak dialogue, that relied ENTIRELY on special effects and the established popularity of the world it was set in. That woman who follows Newt into the bank- what was she doing? Who was she? She literally just appears in the movie to be the female lead, but isn't given any character at all. Her character is "random boring woman". In many scenes the "characters" (more like caricatures), who haven't been given more than 30 seconds of character building or repertoire with each other, just stare at each other in silence... what am I supposed to be reading into their expressions? I haven't been told ANYTHING about them beyond the bare basics of their jobs. Am I supposed to insert myself into one of their places? If so, why aren't they made relatable?
    As for the plot... there almost isn't one. They could have made a great adventure story about Newt, the Muggle guy and the woman, who somehow get pushed together, looking for new fantastic beasts in America (maybe there's some magic rare bird that Grindelwald is trying to capture and Newt wants to save it, and the woman wants a lead on Grindelwald, and they need a muggle because the bird flees from wizards?), but instead Newt arrives in New York with every magical beast already in his suitcase, catalogued and unmysterious, so the absurd "oh no they got out of my case thats only purpose was to keep them in so now I have to find them all on a wild goose chase for animated pokemon gos around one familiar city" plot happens... it's so low-stakes and static. Newt seems to know everything about how to find them already so there's no growth, and no real sense of danger- the black cloud of doom just seemed unthreatening (and not much of a fantastic beast), and Newt certainly didn't seem that worried about it. Grindelwald just seemed like an afterthought. He could have been a real danger to Newt, teaching Newt things about himself in an actual fight with him.
    Overall the movie just seemed badly thought out, a bit random, and had confusing (or simply absent) character motives, dialogues and stories. It didn't really feel like a story, more like a masturbatory bask in special effects for the fanbase of the wizarding world. Some things were really bizarre. It had the air of a children's movie in the shallow characters and focus on running around and special effects. But then that's interspersed with child beating? It was, in a word, chaotic. Can anyone tell me what was the moral of the story?

  • Lee Bailor
    Lee Bailor Hace 16 días

    No it is great movie

  • Mr.Bierbaron
    Mr.Bierbaron Hace 17 días

    I also did not like the constant shift in tone but I did like the suitcase monster scenes.

  • Sarinji7
    Sarinji7 Hace 18 días

    In conclusion: It's a garbage movie. 3/10Dislikeable protagonist who mumbles half the time where you can't understand him.NO introduction to Wizarding World.No adherence to Monomyth. That is protagonist isn't tasked with an epic quest. Releasing a badly designed bird doesn't count.Boring characters, no backstory, no development except Kowalski.Too much CGI, it makes your eyes bleed. Why can't they use more practical effects?No villain, no recognizable monster. Just some shitty orphanage with some unrelatable freak.What were they thinking with this movie? 200 million quid for 2 hours of nonsense.

  • Diogo Neves
    Diogo Neves Hace 19 días

    This movie is really boring, tedious characters, too many goofy moments that are not funny and the protagonist guy... urgh he's the worst thing in the movie

  • Matthew Palanca
    Matthew Palanca Hace 19 días

    Totally agree! Newt sucks as a protagonist, and at the end of the film, he's still the same bumbling scientist we had at the beginning of the film. No real change. I loved what JK Rowling did with the original Harry Potter books, but she shouldn't have written this screenplay. She ought to have just written the Fantastic Beasts novels and then hired an actual seasoned screenwriter to adapt her work for the screen. Would've fixed a lot of what was wrong in the film.

  • Niklas Schröder
    Niklas Schröder Hace 20 días

    your opinion became pointless when you said at the beginning "Harry potter... favourite movie series of all time". HP Films are such bad adaptations that it hurts ^^ stating they are a good series is hurting. If you prefer those kind of poorly written films, I am glad that you did not like fantastic beasts :D thanks to god, people have different tastein films.

  • electrojones
    electrojones Hace 21 un día

    Newt's obvious placement on the Asperger's spectrum is emotionally deadening. He rarely makes eye contact, and almost never makes this kind of contact with the camera/audience. He's the worst tentpole character to emerge from Hollywood in decades.

  • Robert Chambers
    Robert Chambers Hace 29 días

    No movie is without some mistakes, but keep in mind, Newt isn't much of a fighter. I don't think it would be such a good idea to cram all of his backstory into one movie, either.
    Now I can't really say that I enjoyed Fantastic Beasts more than the Harry Potter series, but I can say that I enjoy it more than Philosopher's Stone by itstelf.
    As for the villain, it's most definitely Grindelwald, which we were meant to be unaware of until the end of the film.

  • TheGerkuman
    TheGerkuman Hace un mes

    I think this was an interesting piece of analysis, but no mention of the film being hurt by the random plot element and badly acted element that is Grindlewald?

  • Dhruv Banerjee
    Dhruv Banerjee Hace un mes

    The first movie was good, nothing more. The character development was not great, and it will be interesting to see how the second film handles this.

  • Sherly George
    Sherly George Hace un mes

    This is unacceptable.... Newt was amazing.... And... Harry was not super powerful himself... It was mostly luck... But newt iz on himself... Respect your opinion anyway.... And I am a fan of Newt

  • Derek Taylor
    Derek Taylor Hace un mes

    Well I loved it. Not looking for a Harry potter carbon copy.

  • Topboxing
    Topboxing Hace un mes

    Surprised by the amount of people who seem to like Newt, personally I found him boring at best and annoying at worst.
    It’s not that I don’t like the shy awkward type Neville and Luna Harry Potterwise, the young kid from Zombieland, and even Lisa from the simpsons but I just didn’t find him interesting enough for me to actually care how he got on in the film.

  • Topboxing
    Topboxing Hace un mes

    The main problem I had with this film is that the characters apart from the muggle just seemed too one dimensional, and as the video states I don’t get the feeling that any of the characters really changed from the start of the film, and worse I don’t really care if they do for the next film.
    It reminds me a lot weirdly of Avatar the Last Airbender vs Korra where both times I really enjoyed the world building but in the later story I just didn’t connect with the characters since they didn’t seem to have the quick wit and layers of the earlier film.

  • Karl
    Karl Hace un mes

    Tbf, your comparing one film to 8 film's

  • Alana Banana
    Alana Banana Hace un mes

    When you prefer the side characters more than the main protagonist. It just felt like a flat movie. Compared to the main hp movies it just plods along.

  • Charmiskit
    Charmiskit Hace un mes

    Tbh, the only thing I found terrible was not making Graves Grindelwald and instead introducing him out of nowhere in the last few minutes. Graves' charismatic and villainous performance was pretty much how I pictured Grindelwald, the guy who made Dumbledore enamored with him and dragged him into the dark arts, not some strange Depp-y guy with frosted tips (I hated Grindelwald's stupid character design before the whole Depp controversy, don't worry, like many other people).
    Was it kinda cliché and predictable? I guess so, but then again I never thought that that was something this series hasn't done before.

  • Box Fox
    Box Fox Hace un mes

    I don't want to come off as rude but i feel like you might have missed the entire point of Newt's personality.

  • Jerin Chacko
    Jerin Chacko Hace un mes

    Silly animals ? Are you kidding me?

  • Jerin Chacko
    Jerin Chacko Hace un mes

    Newt is more relatable and a better protagonist than Harry.

  • Mike Griffon
    Mike Griffon Hace un mes

    I think you don't connect with the film because of the amazing portrayal of an introvert, lol. Introverts are not engaging to extroverts because they express themselves very differently, much more subtly, and those subtleties of change and growth are what Newt shows so profoundly to me.

  • Wendy Aftowicz
    Wendy Aftowicz Hace un mes

    i have to agree. i love the harry potter franchise and books, but this first fantastic beasts movie was rather disappointing for me...i couldn't get through the movie the first time i tried watching it b/c i couldn't figure out what the main story was and what they were trying to do, and the pace was too slow in my opinion. Maybe I was just expecting more "wizardy" stuff, but not until I starting to see stuff about the new move with the development and connection of Grindelwald, did i go back and try watching the movie again. I was able to get through it the second time, but was only more enaged b/c of the larger story i now know is supposed to be following it with the next movies.

  • Stupid Productions
    Stupid Productions Hace un mes

    I respect your opinion but Newt isnt meant to be the sterytotypic protagonist and the task by spending time in newts suitcase is showing what its like inside

  • Hamdi Ali hassan
    Hamdi Ali hassan Hace un mes

    The only bad thing I can say about this film was the Credence story line but JK being the genius that she is is probably setting up for future installments. She is the Queen of foreshadowing, like introducing the fact that Harry can talk to snakes in the first book and then have that be the last horcrux to get destroyed seven years later was something that just blew my mind so basically what I'm trying to say is that Credence will probably be more important later but if judge this movie alone I gotta say that I didn't care for that story line.
    Like I see his story and I should feel sympathy because of everything he's going through (getting beaten, being used by Graves/Grindelwald etc...) but I don't. That's the thing, I don't know what it is perhaps it's bad acting or that we don't know the character so well but I just did not at all care about him.
    As for the other stuff I agreed with 1 thing. There's no clear villain until the end of the movie and as much as I loved that surprise the story kinda suffered for it (like Disney's frozen, not to compare this with that. FB was light years better).
    As for the bag scene, you can't compare it to the Diagon Alley scene due to the fact THAT WE'VE ALREADY BEEN INTRODUCED TO THIS WORLD. I think it was more eye candy for us, she did the same in HP with Quidditch so we didn't just get to see Harry fighting evil, we get to see him enjoying himself and we're entertained as well. She killed two birds with one stone.
    Have a good day 🌸

  • Pablo Mora
    Pablo Mora Hace un mes

    I absolutely agree with everything, is just what I thought when I saw it. I still liked the movie but felt it all over the place. There are several major topics that somehow merge at the end but it does not let any of them really become the main topic, nor do the several make up a good one at the end. For me it was difficult to get really deep into the movie as I perceived 3 main parts, the animals, grindelwald and the obscurous; they are huge topics and could easily fill an entire movie each, that leads to lack of information and detail on all of them

  • Avry Arden
    Avry Arden Hace un mes

    I disagree with literally everything you said

  • Gerald Wiseman
    Gerald Wiseman Hace un mes

    It has been quite some time since I've seen the film but as far as I recall, there are just very minor changes in scene selection that can fix all of these complaints.
    Imagine the film is split between two stories. One story is centered around Jacob and Newt while the other around Credence. The film starts centered around Jacob walking through the city and within the first scene or two he crosses paths with Newt pretending to be a muggle man. Nothing about these two characters seems suspicious as they have their interactions leading up through the bank scenes.
    This sequence is interlaced with scenes in chronological order centered around Credence as an orphan child being subject to abuse. This could easily be an extreme, distorted version of the beginning of Harry Potter with an unknowingly magical boy surrounded by anti-magic sentiment, like the Dursley's to the extreme.
    Jumping back to Jacob, he's separated from Newt and has Newt's briefcase. As he attempts to return this briefcase we're introduced to Tina as she's tailing Newt. Just as the scene is about to end, the curiosity rises as unexplainable, unusual events are first introduced to Jacob and the audience. Something is up with Newt and this briefcase. Scene ends with the first confrontation between Newt and Tina.
    Back to Credence, he's under emotional distress and experiencing young-Harry-Potter-like magic. Strange things happening around him and Graves makes contact with Credence, offering solace.
    At this point when we jump back to Newt and crew, the events of the film can play out pretty much as they do. Except this setup goes to show the audience hints as to how an obscurus is made before it's explained through exposition. It also goes to serve as a mirror between these scenes, as magic is introduced simultaneously in both storylines. Explanations from characters in one storyline answer questions brought to light in the other storyline. And when Graves and Tina eventually cross paths, they act as a thread linking the two storylines together.
    One final benefit is that with the scenes centered around Jacob from the beginning, he feels more like a co-star than a side character. And thus when Queenie is introduced, we can have a scene where she and Jacob are having a private conversation and Queenie gives private information to Jacob about Newt. Using her gift of legilimency to extract important background information from Newt while also organically building her relationship with Jacob. Thus the audience gets clued in on details that make Newt more relatable as a protagonist and Queenie becomes more crucial to the setup of the films.

  • Joh Quillo
    Joh Quillo Hace un mes

    Let's add the creatures are like pokemon

  • Superiorer
    Superiorer Hace un mes

    I hated all the comedy. It felt forced and the stupid animals were just stupid and not funny. The whole theather was laughing tho, so most people liked it.

  • Anupam Potdar
    Anupam Potdar Hace un mes

    Wow!! Loved the video. I had really liked fantastic beasts but I just didn't fall in love with it and couldn't explain why. You have so perfectly put what's missing in the movie. Also I never understood when I watched it for the first time that "Grindelwald" and the obscuris was the most important point of the movie, and that's where it was going to move forward. I was quite confused about the actual story. Which I didn't understand until I saw it again and watch a few videos about the movie

  • Javi Ortega
    Javi Ortega Hace un mes

    I’m a huge Harry Potter fan but I hated this movie so much, I really wanted to like it or even enjoy it...I didn’t, it was boring

  • Angela Hsiao
    Angela Hsiao Hace un mes

    Your criticism of Newt’s character is a criticism of him not following a Hero’s Journey. I think that restricting protagonists to that checklist doesn’t let you appreciate stories that stray from that, and makes “good” heroes all seem samey

  • Ruel Prakash
    Ruel Prakash Hace un mes

    True Analysis..👍👍👍

  • Ignasi Martí Palet
    Ignasi Martí Palet Hace un mes

    What you say about the protagonist not being a strong and engaging one is provably the thing that is being more praised of the film, which is find ridiculous. They even said that he has the good type of masculinity compared to most male protagonists.

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace un mes

      When I say "weak", I mean structurally in the script. Not physically or emotionally.

  • Gilmartin Pares
    Gilmartin Pares Hace un mes

    Wow your analysis of the characters and their development is way way way off my man this movie is fantastic (pun intended) it wasn't the typical hero journey but all of them had journey nonetheless

  • KimOlson1993
    KimOlson1993 Hace un mes +1

    I totally understand what you're saying.

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace un mes +1

      Wow, thanks for binging my videos! I've seen 6 comments. :)

  • KimOlson1993
    KimOlson1993 Hace un mes +1

    Casting Johnny Depp?

  • Omricon
    Omricon Hace un mes

    I find it interesting how you complain about Hollywood making prequels with the same story beats, and then when Fantastic Beasts doesn't do that you say the first hour is a snooze and the protagonist is weak. In fact, I completely disagree. Firstly, the first hour is building up a seemingly similar, yet very different part of the wizarding universe, which takes time. Secondly the protagonist isn't weak at all. Sure, he's an introvert. However this doesn't make him weak at all, and in fact makes him strong in the setting this movie sets. Jacob is meant to be the familiar side of the story, hence why people like him so much. However that's only until Newt gets the confidence to open up to the others. Not everyone is extroverted, and its refreshing to se an introverted protagonist for once. One who through all his 'introvertness' still gleams of masculinity, just not the stereotypical masculinity one usually sees in Hollywood and other fiction.

  • Chris James
    Chris James Hace un mes

    Newt has all of the qualities you listed... I'm going to bet that what you didn't like about him was that he wasn't the usual action man. He's apprehensive and caring, not bold and violent.

    • Chris James
      Chris James Hace un mes

      +Entertain The Elk I suppose that's better, though personally I don't feel his writing creates problems for the structure of the movie. If there are structural problems it's with how disconnected the Barebone family plot is until the final act but I could deal with that because it even being included meant it was going to be important somehow by the end and trying to be too heavy handed with it might have been worse.

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace un mes +1

      Absolutely not. My complaint is that he's weak structurally in the script. No complaints about his physical or emotional nature.

  • BioDiver
    BioDiver Hace un mes +2

    You forgot to mention that most of the backstory was more blatant fanservice than anything.

  • ivan djordic
    ivan djordic Hace un mes

    Dude plz STFU

  • Frname
    Frname Hace un mes +1

    I hated this movie. And I hate to say it, since I love the Harry Potter franchise

  • Mat Gamer
    Mat Gamer Hace un mes +1

    Harry Potter fans are like Armys huh... ugh but I love this book series so much !

  • Mat Gamer
    Mat Gamer Hace un mes +1

    Omg the middle of this movie made me almost fall fucking asleep like omggggg newt is so boring

  • Siim Koger
    Siim Koger Hace un mes +1

    For the first time ever I feel a deep connection with a lead character so I loved him :p

  • Random guyanimations
    Random guyanimations Hace un mes +1

    I hate fantastic beast

  • pablo emanuel
    pablo emanuel Hace un mes

    The movie is not called Newt Scamander and when to find him
    So it doesn't matter if he is not a strong protagonist (although I think it is a great caracter)

  • Marco Barros
    Marco Barros Hace un mes +1

    My complaints with the movie can be summed up in one sentence.
    I would rather watch two hours of Newt actually searching for the beasts.
    *Lack of coherent villain*
    I loved the movie but I think that they really struggled without having a clear mold to fit the movie in. They know that four more movies are coming so they have to setup later threats. It lacked a 'glue' for all the plot elements. In the first half of the movie the beasts are the focus and we get to know that Newt wants to protect them. Here we see that the beasts are in no danger because the government is no real danger to the beasts. The villain that we will see in the next movie is the real threat. If the villain was actually trying to hunt the beasts and kill them (maybe succeeding in killing one) that would make the villain feel as it was not only a way of having a big action scene in the end.
    *Gluing the themes*
    The film could have tied the themes of segregation and racism against the non wizards with the magical beasts. The reason why people feared the beasts was because they didn't understand them like Newt does. The same thing goes for how wizards see non wizards. The movie definitely tried to do this as we can see at the end where one wizard and a non wizard get in a relationship. Thus making progress in ending such racist policies. The same thing is less powerful looking at the side of the bests plot line. The moment where Newt freed the beast was nowhere near as powerful as it could be because we never felt like it was a reward.
    *How it could be fixed*
    If we saw the villain not only manipulating the kid to go on a rampage but also manipulated the government to hunt the beasts. Just inventing a stupid reason like "This stupid animal has the power to ruin my plans" would help the ending a lot. They could have used one of the beasts to defeat/discover the villain and thus earning the right to be free without being hunted.
    Sorry for the rant but I feel like this is the fault that makes so that a small minority really dislikes this movie. I liked this movie a lot and for me personally the good points outweighs the bad so much (I love the character arc of the sidekick actually getting laid) that it feels as a duty to protect the film. I can clearly understand the flaws but most people know the flaws and still enjoy it as much as I do.
    +Fantastical movie
    -Terrible villain/threat.
    -Two stories
    ps: Maybe I will make a video about the good points of the movie ;)

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace un mes +1

      Thanks Marco! And thanks for the well thought out comment. I agree with many points. :)

    • Marco Barros
      Marco Barros Hace un mes +1

      Loved your video by the way! Nice seeing some well spoken criticism. That is what actually motivates me the most to make a good comment so I can respect this video. I disagree with you on this being a bad film and I think that the fault is more in the overarching plot (not the lore) instead of bad film making but I respect you! Definitely subbed

  • Landfantasia
    Landfantasia Hace un mes +1

    Brother if u think this one was bad (and it was a horrible movie) wait until the next, is a WTF is this woman doing.

  • Peter Müller
    Peter Müller Hace un mes +2

    Very interesting and fascinating analysis. Thanks!!
    I was always some kind of 'underwhelmed' by the movie and find some of my feelings expressed here.
    BUT: I'm also optimistic about the future 'fantastic beasts'-movies because i felt similar with the first Harry-Potter-movie (and book) and grew to love the sequels. The Philosopher's Stone (book and consequently movie) also shows that Rowling needed to learn writing .... BUT BOY SHE DID!! With every following book her characters, stories, arcs, relationships, descriptions, flow, .... became just better.
    Therefore I'm excited about the coming 'fantastics....'

  • Casey Berridge
    Casey Berridge Hace un mes +3

    I believe this film wasn't great because it was the introduction to the fantastic beasts franchise. I really believe the franchise as a whole will give harry potter a run for its money!

  • Barney Quinn
    Barney Quinn Hace un mes

    ESclips lagged I thought this had Dashie in this.

  • Deborah Camilleri
    Deborah Camilleri Hace un mes +1

    I highly disagree because there are another 4 films for the characters to develop. This film was about Newt's creatures and the Obscurisc and the writers want to develop his character and other characters in further films which obviously havent come out yet.
    Also, the Harry potter films are NOT canon meaning that the books are correct whilst the films are not. The tone is also unbalanced because we get to see aged-wizards' struggles in the Muggle / wizard world.
    Also that Setup and Payoff scene full of creatures mught be a setuo for other films just like we learned more about Harry and Voldemorts wand connect in BOOK 4 onwards. Watch this video after the 5th film comes out and I hope you ll feel less disappointed

  • Espen Sales
    Espen Sales Hace un mes +1

    Very well made. This put words to what's been nagging me in the back of my head, it was very insightful!

  • Cucerenco Dumitriţa
    Cucerenco Dumitriţa Hace un mes

    The author should watch "The fantastic masculinity of Newt Scamander"

  • polite critique
    polite critique Hace 2 meses +1

    Newt copied Dr who role

  • Laura Butler
    Laura Butler Hace 2 meses

    Did you just call Harry Potter a film series?

    • Laura Butler
      Laura Butler Hace un mes

      Entertain The Elk Yeah

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace un mes

      Right. It's a film series based on a book series. I'm pretty sure we're saying the same thing.

    • Laura Butler
      Laura Butler Hace un mes

      Entertain The Elk But it’s I boom series, the films are adaptations

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace un mes

      It's a series of 8 films... So yes.

  • Ally D
    Ally D Hace 2 meses

    i felt the same way. i didnt want to see it bc it just wasnt "harry potter". its not a book adaption. this is all new and you have to really know harry potter to understand the lore of the movie. i then ended up seeing it months later and loved it. i totally understand why you didnt like it though. its like loving lotr but hatting the hobbit movies(i liked them but understand why people dont)

  • Kirsten S.
    Kirsten S. Hace 2 meses +2

    Basically, this is the exact same criticism as everyone else - Newt isn’t Chris Pratt - get over it! Not every leading character has to be the same boring archetype you’re used to. Just because it is hard for you to invest in the character doesn’t mean you speak for everyone, stop presuming. “Without a clearly defined goal, we aren’t sure who the villain is”, yes that is because it’s the first in a series, and it was not preceded by a novel unlike the HP series. This is just too ridiculous, clicking off this video now 🙄

  • Beatrix Porto
    Beatrix Porto Hace 2 meses

    Maybe you were expecting the same old story and didn't really bother to pay attention to the suddle details...

  • Beatrix Porto
    Beatrix Porto Hace 2 meses

    Maybe it didn't captivate you, because you didn't identify with them, I loved every part of it because I identified with all of it... Newt is the perfect dude, misunderstood, by most Neurotypical's... Hehe

  • TeZoKi
    TeZoKi Hace 2 meses

    I didn't like Newt the first time I watched the movie either. Of course after when I researched him a bit I liked him more but really shouldn't have been forced to go to the internet or read an entire book to like the main character of a movie.

  • ALA iStay
    ALA iStay Hace 2 meses

    it was hard to stay awake through the little bit of your video I watched the only thing that manage to keep me awake was the annoying sound of your voice kind of a weird thing you know something that makes you very very sleepy and bored mixed with something that makes you extremely annoyed and want to punch something very strange very strange few minutes

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace 2 meses

      3 comments on the same video? I think someone has a crush on me.

  • ALA iStay
    ALA iStay Hace 2 meses

    and you could have done soooo much better???? lol

  • ALA iStay
    ALA iStay Hace 2 meses

    I liked the movie.....can hardly wait for November 16th for crimes of Grindelwald also happens to be my birthday so I know exactly where I'm going to be on my birthday

  • Mallika Banerjee
    Mallika Banerjee Hace 2 meses +1

    I agree with everything you said except that Newt is a weak protagonist. Pop Culture Detective explains it better than I ever could in "The Fantastic Masculinity of Newt Scamander"ídeo.html

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace 2 meses

      Thanks so much, Mallika!

    • Mallika Banerjee
      Mallika Banerjee Hace 2 meses +1

      I agree that as a film, it would be more interesting if it was told from Jacob's perceptive. But I personally loved that Newt was such an unconventional hero.
      Thanks for the reply. Your video essays are great. =)

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace 2 meses +1

      When I say weak, I mean structurally in the script. Not physically or emotionally. But glad you enjoyed the vid otherwise!

  • Cassie Barns
    Cassie Barns Hace 2 meses +2

    Gave the video a thumbs up! Informative and very well said~ but I have to admit, I found it really hard to agree with your points at first...
    I indulge myself in a lot of fantasy related media and I admit that I have a bad habit of prioritizing the "Stuff" over the Story. And in this case... the "Stuff" being Lore.
    And this is why I found Newt a "great character" at first because he certainly had a lot of "Stuff" going on in terms of world building. The idea of a 50s magical beast master appealed to me A LOT.
    You taught me a lot today, and gave me a proper framework to think about next time I visit the cinema~ Thank you, Elk!

  • Shay Simmons
    Shay Simmons Hace 2 meses

    2:45 “He’s not engaging. It’s harder for us as an audience to care or invest in him”
    Bitch, you wanna bet??
    (Don’t want to be rude or cause flames, I respect your opinions, I just don’t agree with all of them. Especially this one)

  • Rain
    Rain Hace 2 meses

    I know that this video was posted a while ago but I don't care about that, every single reason you said why it "went wrong" is what makes this an amazing and unique especially 1:22

  • Draziw Drow
    Draziw Drow Hace 2 meses +1

    ive said it a thousand times.
    that being said
    it should have been a WIZARDING WORLD FILM. instead it is trying to be another HARRY POTTER FILM.
    its trying to be 5 different films at once and it doesnt work. i am very disappointed.

    • Marco Barros
      Marco Barros Hace un mes +1

      I agree with you if this film had nothing to do with Grindelwald and we would have in the next film just see Dumbledore and Newt team up that it would benefit both movies. I still loved it though because it is not a Harry potter film just same world. Shame the writer did need to connect both films in an awkward way. The films will eventually shift to Dumbledores perspectief so you will get what you want.

    • Draziw Drow
      Draziw Drow Hace 2 meses

      having seen the trailer for the next fantastic beasts, i approve of the very handsome young dumbledore.
      seriously though, they didnt need to bring grindelwald into it at all.

  • someinteresting
    someinteresting Hace 2 meses

    You know there are books for Harry Pitter, right? And the films are based on them?

  • Miki Odendahl
    Miki Odendahl Hace 2 meses +2

    I love Newt Scamander, and Fantastic Beasts is my favourite story of all.

    • Marco Barros
      Marco Barros Hace un mes +1

      The characters make the story so much better. Newt is so original in many ways. Zoologist/Biologist who discovers new species and wants to protect them with the common autistic doesn't understand people right done in a nuanced way.

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace 2 meses +2

      Cool! I hope the sequel is good.

  • Flying Creepers
    Flying Creepers Hace 2 meses

    Are you kidding me? The MACUSA entrance and the Goldstein's apartment were my favorite parts of the movie.
    Edit: Nvm, I see your whole channel is based around "The day XYZ died" videos, and you seem to just enjoy making unwarranted and unqualified criticisms of perfectly good material. Bandwagon bashing indeed.

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace 2 meses

      Yep, my Shakespeare, Monet, Hemingway, Kubrick, Hitchcock, Breaking Bad, Interstellar videos are just bandwagon bashing. Take a lap.

  • Shellywho
    Shellywho Hace 2 meses +1

    I agree with your analysis, the love of the book and first movies is why I enjoyed this fantastic beasts, without them I am not sure I would have. I also have hope for the sequel, its trailer already is more interesting.

  • Tania R
    Tania R Hace 2 meses +1

    It's good to hear a different perspective! I may not agree with you but I am glad you've shared it.
    Personally I loved this movie and I will even go as far to say it is better than the Harry Potter movies.
    I grew up with HP and have read all the books several times. I still pick them up every now and again and can dive in and still be mesmerized by it's shear brilliance. I love them. I still have not read anything to date that has surpassed them.
    When it comes to the HP movies they were great and fun to watch but I had read all the books, the HP movies did not add anything new..... even though I immensely enjoyed viewing them!
    I didn't even watch FBAWTFT until it came to Netflix and I have to say it grabbed me from the beginning! I loved the characters and especially how they interacted with each other and I loved the slower pace! For me it could be that I was a child when I finished reading the books and now as an adult this movie just appeals to me more.
    I love Newt Scamander. For me he portrays the acceptance to magic and all its chaos in his love and protection of his animals. It is a great juxtaposition for MACUSA's intolerance for No-Mags & non breeding of magical creatures.
    I also love the vulnerability shown by all the main 4 characters. They are all out casts and it is refreshing to see a main character who is gentle, slightly awkward, unsure of himself but still remains calm and goes with the flow. I feel sometimes we are all used to 'heroes' being a certain way that it feels strange when they are not so flashy. To be honest that is what I loved most about it.
    I love how the movie continues the wizarding magical world and JK has always been a slow burner in revealing information. There are 4 more movies to go and I can't wait.
    Sorry I am rambling but for me it has already surpassed the Harry Potter movies! I hope you enjoy the 2nd one :)

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace 2 meses

      Wow thanks for such a wonderful comment. I'm definitely hopeful going in to the 2nd FB movie. Hoping they improve on some of the structural beats that will make it a more engaging story.

  • Buffy8Fan
    Buffy8Fan Hace 2 meses +1

    There weren't mistakes as these two movies did not need to be compared. Its mistakes are that of its own making. Not because it isn't Harry Potter. It isn't suppose to be Harry Potter. It is the segregation in America through the metaphor of using Newt's creatures and the villain Grindelwald.

  • Sakshi Gulati
    Sakshi Gulati Hace 2 meses +1

    This was a very disappointing video essay. giving due respect to your opinion I would have to beg to differ. Newt is not Harry - or your conventional brave hero who has been bestowed accidentally by a grave responsibility / power by a twist of fate. Newt on the other hand is a much simpler, calmer and sensitive Adult who seems to be well grounded in his values and beliefs. He is the hero of the film because of his relentless desire to protect, save and nurture.
    He is intelligent emphatic, and at the same time understands the value of care. This to some extent comes to him from being in the position of the weak and the misunderstood. In his own words he says - 'He annoys people', he is not accepted just as the Muggles are not accepted by Macusa, or these fantastic beasts are not understood by wizards, leading to their mass extinctions. it is this feeling that transforms into empathy he has for everyone. This is an alternative kind of protagonist and it will take time for the audience to get used to it. but then it is a remarkable positive reinforcement for adult behavior and for boys who are sensitive.
    He is a Man who comes all the way to America to release a bird he was fostering. (It is my logic but maybe he did not release the bird the moment he landed because - People would have noticed the bird and Magic creatures needed to be hidden as they were all labelled as dangerous by the ministry. He later releases it in New York I guess because he was aware that people's memory is going to be erased anyways so they wont remember seeing the bird)
    At the same time, when absolutely necessary he knows how to fight (while saving Tina). There are not great heroic battles here because the Hero was trying to cause minimum damage. He was trying to save the monster.
    The restfulness of the film in fact gives us a lot about Newt. But that can happen provided someone does not get restless with the film's content. We doget to know that he is shy, awkward, uncomfortable with people, loves without prejudice. He is self assuredin his quiet ways as not at any point her conviction towards dealing with people/animals with empathy wavers.
    This otherwise awkward man transforms when dealing with animals. His confidence and knowledge shows. Take for instance the scene when e tries to tame the Magical rhinoceros by performing the mating dance.
    He does that with a decisive sense of assurance - of a person who knows what he is doing. your reasoning for the kind of motivation a hero needs to have are i must say quite conventional and there are enough films which are moving beyond it now.
    As for transformation, he does change - for an awkward man like him he manages to ask Tina out. He wasn't going to and he does it only after mustering some courage. that is a big shift for a person carrying the photograph of her school love well into adulthood.
    At the same time, there might be a lot to see in the second film. in the first film Newt feels guilty and remorseful for the girl who died in Egypt because of Obscurous - in the end he gets a chance at redemption while saving credence - But he fails. It ends up being a lesson in the realities and sets a more sombre tone for the next film.
    Most of the time we want our Heroes to be 'Heroic' strong, brooding and at times aggressive, trying to handle things on their own. But like in other JK Rowling books are victories are achieved with teamwork. Here it is more so. In the end of the film we are saddened because the Hero's had not set out to Win a battle against the obscurous but to Save a Child trapped inside a monster and they fail. They are all a bit niave and this film for them is like a preparation for a darker times ahead. Among Heroes, we seldom see the idea of nurturing, empathy and friendship coming together to save the day. In the end Newt leaves but makes friends. the friends who accept him for who he is. it is an unconventional hero's film and needs to be appreciated for being so.
    PS: Regarding a clear Villian - In our culture we often believe that we need to look at the crime and the circumstances that made things happen and not hate the man for it, for that man just embodies the act. By that logic, for me in this film things unfold one after the other as everyone tries to work with their own convictions.

  • Lucas Crafes
    Lucas Crafes Hace 2 meses +2

    I am currently reading the book, I finished half of it in one day because I LOVE IT, I find FBAWTFT a very amazing book.
    And while I'm reading I'm seeing clips of the movie, and I found that the movie isn't as great as the book.
    Just because of Eddie Redmayne, but don't get me wrong, I find Eddie Redmayne as a great actor, ive seen movies like the theory of life and i loved his acting,
    but in FBAWTFT, he is kind of strange and not adventurous, and let me say it again, I didn't see the movie I just saw a couple of clips of parts that I have read, but I am planning to watch the movie when I finish reading the book.
    But still, he is kind of shy in a weird way.
    I​ feel that he is not the right person to act in this role because he completely ruined it.

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace 2 meses +1

      I'm curious to hear what you think of the movie. I liked Eddie Redmayne's character, but just felt like the story didn't give him anything to do so he just became boring. Glad you enjoyed the book though and I hope you enjoyed my essay!

  • Pinguinch3n
    Pinguinch3n Hace 2 meses

    I think this movie was way better than the Harry Potter movies, becase the protagonist ist different. I'm really tired of the same boy/man shown in movies so a sensitive, caring and quite charakter was really nice for a change. In the Potter movies, Harry and his friends were no way near their original charakters. So the Potter movies are quiet flat and dull in my opinion.

  • Epic Flynny
    Epic Flynny Hace 2 meses +1

    Man hardcore potter fans really can’t take criticism of a fake world ! They act like they live in that world haha it’s so stupid even tho all the things this guy says is true.

  • VenomIsSoCute
    VenomIsSoCute Hace 2 meses +1

    May I please recommend, *The Fantastic Masculinity of Newt Scamander*

  • Super 8-Bit Ben Minis
    Super 8-Bit Ben Minis Hace 2 meses

    I disagree. I may have only watched the movie once on bluray and hope to watch again after some time. I found all the characters likeable interesting. They all have goals that they stick to. No one really acts out of character and the world building was pretty well done. I think the biggest problem was not being able to make out what some of the characters were saying even when rewinding. I really loved the tone even when it shifted it was justified upto the climax in the ending.

  • KG
    KG Hace 3 meses +1

    I agree with most of what you said. It seemed they were trying to make two completely different movies into one. But my major problem is the characters. Queenie is a Hollywood cliche, only there to flirt with the boys. Jacob is only comic relief, and serves no other purpose. The film itself depended on intertextuality and couldn’t form itself into a cohesive story. However, I do feel like they can redeem themselves in the next movie.

  • Madenique van Wyk
    Madenique van Wyk Hace 3 meses +1

    I wanted to leave a very long and very angry comment about how every example this guy gives of 'where the movie went wrong' is, in fact, also wrong, but I see a lot of you good people already did that - and very thoroughly as well. So thanks. So glad people stand up for the amazing protagonist Newt is instead of the Generic Protagonist people expect, and the tone shifts and pacing of the movie that shows that you don't have to tell the same identical Harry Potter story again just because it plays off in the same universe.
    Just wanted to add, I think the reason this guy is so close to almost picking on Fantastic Beasts is because he is Very Obviously a huge HP fan and very vehemently needs to show how the Philosopher's Stone is superior, which leads to him intentionally misreading SO MANY scenes in Fantastic Beasts, especially the suitcase scene (which is probably the most pivotal scene in the movie, yet he demotes it to 'it just slows down the momentum, Newt doesn't actually have a goal or action to complete here (???? did he actually understand this movie and character at all????) and it's just filled with stuff instead of story', all of which is laughable.) and in weighing those scenes against Philosopher's Stone, he tries to find them faulty, even though they serve the same function, and it just makes his reasoning sound petulant rather than logical.
    Reference a book on storytelling and scenes only if you are pretty damn sure that YOU are reading those same scenes and storylines correctly, which he did not. I thoroughly enjoyed all the comments though. :D

  • Pia
    Pia Hace 3 meses +1

    I love this movie. But it will never be as good as Harry Potter.

  • Apoorva Ranjan
    Apoorva Ranjan Hace 3 meses

    Dont you call a nurturing and realistic and unsterio typical newt a weak hero FU

  • scathiebaby
    scathiebaby Hace 3 meses

    I disagree with point #1
    Newt Scamander is a very strong protagonist. Yes, he doesn't fit any Hollywood stereotype of a hero, but he is refreshingly different and one
    I enjoyed indentifying with him. His top antagonist is very obviously the Ministry, which will probabaly switch to Grindelwald in the next movies. And yes, I ALSO indentified with Jacob !
    I generally agree with point #2, the setup switches very fast for most of the time, It was impossible for me to "get the story" on my first view. So, i actually enjoyed the "stuff", and the beasts presented, which allowed to relax from the extremely fast paced way of storytelling during most of the movie. And yes, it will probably be used in the sequels.
    EDIT: @Dislikers: I liked this commentary, it's well done, although I disgree with it's point of view. I beg to distinguish!

  • Eli Persky
    Eli Persky Hace 3 meses +2

    Im surprised you didnt critisise Grindelwald. I absoutely hated the way he was handled in this film. From the books you get the impression of him being a truely evil, rampaging tyrant who is universally feared. His crimes are supposed to form a back drop to the wizarding world in this movie (I know they will be addressde more in the sequel) but he has no relevance at all apart from setting up the sequel. None of his actions as Graves (or being him at all) in this film make any sense and the way he is finally apprehended just makes him seem pathetic and non-menacing. I wish they'd just left him out of this film entirely and saved him for a film devoted more principally to him. Now he has lost all of his mystique and gravitas he had in my mental image which is not helped by his ridiculous appearence at the end. I just pray the sequel can revive what could have been a really impactful character from the garbage fire of an introduction they have given him.

  • Alex Holman
    Alex Holman Hace 3 meses

    I agree with your analysis about stuff vs. Plot essential items, but I disagree with a lot of your other assesments.
    Grindelwald is set up at the beginning as the main antagonist with him running off into the dark as well as newspaper articles flying past the screen. Already, we know who the big bad is. What's yet to be revealed is how the protaganist fits into the ovetarching plot.
    Initially, Newt has no part in the bigger scheme of things. He is there by happenstance. His motives of releasing the creature in Arizona are put to a halt, and because of that, he becomes embroiled in the conflict.
    Ultimately, he stays because of the friends he's made: sonething he's never had before. Being good natured is enough for him to want to try and save Credence, but his new relationship with the Aura lady (cant remember her name) also contributes to his desire to help. She cares about Credence, so he does as well.
    Him letting go of the creature was him moving from friendships with animals to friendships with real people. Its an important moment of change for someone who has pretty much believed he didn't belong with othet people. Finding belonging is a trait he shares with Harry who, even after being introduced to the mahical world, still struggles to fit in.
    Newt and Harry are noth compelling and relatable characters, but for different reasons. People who liked Harry may find themselves not liking Newt, and thst's completely fine.

    • Alex Holman
      Alex Holman Hace 3 meses

      Entertain The Elk Of course! Thanks for the video, I enjoyed it.

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace 3 meses

      I think everything you said is exactly what they tried to accomplish in the movie. But it just never gelled for me. They all felt like fractured parts barely put together. But I totally get your point. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  • Aiden McCarthy
    Aiden McCarthy Hace 3 meses +1

    Love your videos!

  • Lazar Sreckovic
    Lazar Sreckovic Hace 3 meses

    Fantastic beasts didn't fail. I just have to compare them to bullshit prequel/spinoff Disney Star Wars and I must say compared to that bullcrap Fantastic Beasts took a bold direction and were a movie in their own right. It is not strictly a prequel or spinoff but an extension of the world. Plenty of risks were taken, and I have to disagree on your points about main character. Scamander is fairly unique protagonist I must say. He does not shout his emotions like harry, he does not telegraph his tortured past but he is still mysterious and enough about him is revealed to get to know him. It's a tough movie to like at first glance. Year ago when I tried to watch the movie I didn't quite get it and thought it was a cash grab so I stopped watching after first 20 minutes or so. Only after I saw what a real cash grab looks like (New Star wars) and rewatched entire Harry Potter series after nearly a decade did I realise it was time to give it another chance. And I liked the film.

  • Nizarah Dragon
    Nizarah Dragon Hace 3 meses

    I like Newt he is much more realistic then Harry

  • adam hack
    adam hack Hace 3 meses

    I hate this movie so much !

  • Von Solo the Oldest Millennial

    It doesn’t have to resonate the same as Potter did, that was THE story in the magic world, it just has to be a fun & entertaining series , with well written characters, that focuses on going deeper & spending more time with the parts of the magic world that didn’t get enough time in the Potter series. However, while I liked Beasts alright, as a fan of all of the Potter novels, & half of the movies, I gotta say, you’re doing it wrong.

  • Von Solo the Oldest Millennial

    Where it went wrong: Newt Scamander(or however you spell it), you can’t have that emotionally vacant characterization in your main character.

  • Eli Larsen
    Eli Larsen Hace 4 meses +2

    The next fantastic beasts movie that is coming out in November will go more in detail in newts past and focus on Grindlewald and Dumbledore. This video is great though

    • Eli Larsen
      Eli Larsen Hace 4 meses +1

      Entertain The Elk same here!

    • Entertain The Elk
      Entertain The Elk  Hace 4 meses +1

      Glad you enjoyed the video. Hoping the next film is good!

  • MF
    MF Hace 4 meses

    I think you need to re-watch the movie and try to find the plot elements you missed... and what roles the characters played... I know it's not a totally conventional screenplay but that's what I liked about it... It wasn't a typical hero's journey movie... Harry Potter was that.. I think this movie has a lot of good foreshadowing too, specially for the coming films, only that everything builds up a bit slower, giving time to savor the "stuff"...

  • MeiLiRose _
    MeiLiRose _ Hace 4 meses

    I actually love Newt. I like him being a little unpredictable, calm and smart. He isn't the main character that makes horrible choices all the time and I like actually not knowing that much about a character from the beginning. Ron and Hermione for example are characters we knew almost everything about since the beginning and we expect them to behave in a certain way, because of that. I'm not saying that is bad, but I like having a main character, where that isn't the case. If it's done right we will get to know more and more about him with each movie, getting us attached to him slowly and giving us the chance to retrospectively understand his choices in earlier installments.
    I also LOVE stuff, but that is just me personally. I get so lost in all the details that I end up not caring about the story, if it doesn't completely disappear. I understand where you are coming from though. For the pacing I agree. Sometimes the things in the movie felt a little thrown at the viewer or jumbled together, but my mind kind of let that slip, because the magic world doesn't work like ours.
    All in all there are things to be improved, but it still felt like the usual Harry Potter world to me(in not as dark, which is a plus for me).
    I know I'm late here, but these are my thoughts.

  • haitham alrayes
    haitham alrayes Hace 4 meses

    i personally think the harry potter movies sucked, fantastic beasts is way better