7 DIY Giant Candy vs Miniature Candy / Funny Pranks!


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  • Troom Troom
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      Troom Troom 🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾

    • Diana Mauricio
      Diana Mauricio Hace 2 meses

      Troom Troom udhdyuddtududhddududdududududududuududdududuussuduusususussusudu

    • joshuajaredTV
      joshuajaredTV Hace 4 meses

      emmma is funny 😄

    • Balwinder Singh
      Balwinder Singh Hace 5 meses

      Troom Troom

    • Nano 1
      Nano 1 Hace 5 meses

      Troom Troom سمسميمسنسخسنسنسخ

  • Anibal Borja
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  • Larry Wilton
    Larry Wilton Hace un día

    This is his niece

  • Larry Wilton
    Larry Wilton Hace un día

    I love your shows

    AUBREY KING Hace un día

    Did you know at 7:30 she took a bowl and cut it but she said a plate

  • Alicia Smith
    Alicia Smith Hace un día

    Did she really just say
    "BLACK CHOCOLATE" im dead😂😂💀💀

  • Shmexy Blobfish
    Shmexy Blobfish Hace un día

    I cut yo face

  • Easton Carlson
    Easton Carlson Hace un día

    Try making a big butter finger

  • Stanley Campbell
    Stanley Campbell Hace un día

    this is cadence i love art and mi mom dose to

  • manoj saxena
    manoj saxena Hace un día

    Why live are you?

    JUSTINA PEDRO Hace un día

    i like the. Giant life hacklolipop

  • OllytheWolf.74
    OllytheWolf.74 Hace un día


  • xxxtentacion bro
    xxxtentacion bro Hace un día


  • Bindy Cammell
    Bindy Cammell Hace 2 días

    I am going to make the giant Kit Kat for my brother as a christmas present. Last year i got him a normal kit kat but i think he'l die for this giant one!!! I 😀😁😂🤣😋😃😄

  • Nicolaas Espach
    Nicolaas Espach Hace 2 días


  • Raja Ruwaida
    Raja Ruwaida Hace 2 días

    Ayam bermacam ayam

  • Sartria Hernandez
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    App Store- itunes.apple.com/il/app/id827427411?l=iw
    play store- play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.shubi.LearnCNLW.french

  • Peter James Casey
    Peter James Casey Hace 3 días

    I like troom troom

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    lamon channel Hace 3 días

    Let us grow together
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  • Dawn Gleeson
    Dawn Gleeson Hace 3 días


  • Marryyum Khan
    Marryyum Khan Hace 4 días

    I really like it

  • Nilesh Panchal
    Nilesh Panchal Hace 4 días


  • Jaylen Negron
    Jaylen Negron Hace 4 días


  • D99 Gaming
    D99 Gaming Hace 4 días

    To be honest I would probably eat ALL the food before I actually start making the dang thing!!! xD
    7 Giant Diy Candies You can Make!! *Makes tiny pieces of gum

  • Israel Lozoya
    Israel Lozoya Hace 5 días +1

    This is so fake!I TRIED MAKING THESE AND DIDNT WORK😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Leart Hylos
    Leart Hylos Hace 5 días

    I like it

  • LoL I’m Emo
    LoL I’m Emo Hace 5 días

    10:32 best part LOL

  • Priya Saha
    Priya Saha Hace 5 días

    How eating so much sweets every day these people stay skinny

  • Elizabeth Garcia
    Elizabeth Garcia Hace 6 días

    Looks a bit scary.

  • Lisa Padilla
    Lisa Padilla Hace 6 días

    A lafy tafy choclit bar

  • Dartagnon Williams
    Dartagnon Williams Hace 6 días

    I was watching this near Christmas so now I want snickers Turkish delight kit Kat m and ms and so much probably from a chocolate stocking

  • Jennifer Richards
    Jennifer Richards Hace 6 días

    Rnsaeg Rn Un You The Asdhuioklosns Milion Rncvhvbies Innlsplsa Raffaello

  • Supriya Mondal
    Supriya Mondal Hace 6 días

    Snikers . Are all of you from America??

  • noura Alalam
    noura Alalam Hace 6 días

    She is really a big sweat tooth

  • Lunar Segi
    Lunar Segi Hace 6 días

    Instead of making mini m&m's you should mix skittles m&m's and reeses pieces

  • Beastplayz9927
    Beastplayz9927 Hace 6 días

    How is ur diabetes?

  • Tina Brown
    Tina Brown Hace 6 días


    I AM TURTLE LEOAND VANYA Hace 7 días +1

    Marshmallow and skittles

  • 2WAvy ivo
    2WAvy ivo Hace 7 días +1

    I watch this all the time but I never try

  • Lucas Hofmeier-xi
    Lucas Hofmeier-xi Hace 7 días

    i wanna eat that but im to lasy to make it D:

  • Pro of the Games
    Pro of the Games Hace 7 días

    A KitKat

  • NurseGirl2627
    NurseGirl2627 Hace 7 días

    I'm pretty sure nobody would try this

    EMMA STEWART Hace 7 días +1

    Lol I'm Emma too

  • WildHare2008
    WildHare2008 Hace 7 días

    The blued eyed girl was nice to the other girl and the other girl was mean and was taking the blued eyed girls candy :]

  • Ciara Teggart
    Ciara Teggart Hace 7 días

    the skittle would just taste like plain sugar

  • Lee Ji-eun
    Lee Ji-eun Hace 7 días

    u made me hungry :) thank u,Troom troom🎵🎶

  • its your girls youtube chanel


  • arvell pradipta
    arvell pradipta Hace 7 días

    chocolate chocolate!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles D
    Charles D Hace 7 días


  • Rhonda Mohlman
    Rhonda Mohlman Hace 7 días

    This makes me hungry

  • Was I made from a broken mold?

    the title should be *how to get type 2 diabetes*

  • jdhollen
    jdhollen Hace 8 días

    I love your Giant Food I really wish I can make one but I don't have that much candy I really really really really really like your videos are amazing maybe you could do one about like how to make like unicorns

  • Ethan Crane
    Ethan Crane Hace 8 días

    Alright stuped

  • Suseela K
    Suseela K Hace 8 días

    I have made a gaunt snickers

  • Dakota Free
    Dakota Free Hace 8 días

    I like your small and giant Food videos

  • Colorturd Fine
    Colorturd Fine Hace 8 días

    Best part of the video 10:32

  • BO4gaming poslao
    BO4gaming poslao Hace 8 días


  • Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar Hace 8 días

    I loved it

  • keep it out Gardiner
    keep it out Gardiner Hace 8 días

    love it

  • Kgaogi Rapoo
    Kgaogi Rapoo Hace 8 días

    Troom troom is so extra

  • Gwen Johnson
    Gwen Johnson Hace 8 días

    Hot glue
    The glue that holds Troom Troom together
    Without it, they would fall apart
    The ultimate challenge: fond a Troom Troom video where they don't use hot glue

  • Vergara Raymund
    Vergara Raymund Hace 8 días

    troom troom can you give me

  • Cristian Lara
    Cristian Lara Hace 8 días

    I love all your video

  • Cristian Lara
    Cristian Lara Hace 8 días

    More videos

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M Hace 8 días

    I want to make a chocolate bar bigger and a sugar free lollipop that is so tiny smaller

  • Keswick2011
    Keswick2011 Hace 9 días

    How do you know hot to make it?

  • downtay Lewis
    downtay Lewis Hace 9 días


  • This is Argus
    This is Argus Hace 9 días +1

    This channel is demonitized and germ eaters

    But those fondants and wafers... *MINE*

  • gamer 002 444
    gamer 002 444 Hace 9 días

    Cool and delicious big candy

  • Katharine Madsen
    Katharine Madsen Hace 9 días

    You should make Almond Joy bigger.

  • Shruti Shetty
    Shruti Shetty Hace 9 días

    Lays make small

  • Shruti Shetty
    Shruti Shetty Hace 9 días

    Nabati make big

  • Shruti Shetty
    Shruti Shetty Hace 9 días

    Kinder Joy make a big

  • evangeline57
    evangeline57 Hace 10 días

    *black chocolate*

  • Antony Old
    Antony Old Hace 10 días

    Toffee and a

  • Social Explosion Copycat
    Social Explosion Copycat Hace 10 días


  • Roderick Whitted
    Roderick Whitted Hace 10 días

    Hi ms god win

  • Rainbow Player
    Rainbow Player Hace 11 días

    Bigger : Reese's. Smaller : Butterfingers

  • dead Man 123
    dead Man 123 Hace 11 días

    gay gay gay gay I will finger you -😁😁👌👈

  • Jana Sands
    Jana Sands Hace 11 días

    The mini m and M's looked like mouse poop! 🤢

  • Cassandra Babbage
    Cassandra Babbage Hace 11 días

    Sour skittles or almond joy

  • De Shonti Wynne
    De Shonti Wynne Hace 11 días

    Squid eating looking self

  • rehan hussain
    rehan hussain Hace 11 días

    thats so rasised

  • kittycat fan
    kittycat fan Hace 11 días

    I'm so sad😔

  • Melina Neveu
    Melina Neveu Hace 11 días


    DEADLORK 4 L1F3 NA99A Hace 11 días

    First of all you need some new friends if they taking your stuff and second of all don't take what is not yours

  • Brett Cunningham
    Brett Cunningham Hace 11 días


  • kfc chicken
    kfc chicken Hace 12 días

    :( im allergic to peanuts

  • marcus murrell
    marcus murrell Hace 12 días

    The cat litter commercial by arm&hammer got me 😀 lol.
    ✂ up

  • Yolanda Ellis
    Yolanda Ellis Hace 12 días

    I like eating caclet

  • SuperDumBakaPotato NoobMeme
    SuperDumBakaPotato NoobMeme Hace 12 días +1

    Wowwwwwwwwwww I'm going TO TRY THAT IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!

  • Gang Likol
    Gang Likol Hace 12 días

    I don’t like when people steal likes from you like if you agree

  • L Kelly
    L Kelly Hace 12 días

    5:43 *I see a little sittuatuo of a Raffelo, This video This Video is how 2 get diabetes*

    I 💖 Queen ^ * ^

    Plus...0:56 *BLACK CHOCOLATE* srsly...Bruh its dark or milk or, telle me more so I can prove grammer wrong

  • Ava street
    Ava street Hace 12 días

    she said plate but that is clearly a bowl

  • Gameknight-789
    Gameknight-789 Hace 12 días


  • Katie Lin
    Katie Lin Hace 12 días

    Doesn't Emma work at mind lab Cornwall park district school had a trip at mind lab on the 22nd of November 2018.

  • THeFLeTcH Fortnite
    THeFLeTcH Fortnite Hace 12 días

    8:30 girls are weak

  • Adam Shumway
    Adam Shumway Hace 13 días

    This stuff is so f*****g Stupid

  • randy r
    randy r Hace 13 días

    skittle bigger and lollipop smaller