New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch


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  • TKR
    TKR Hace un día

    Please stop selling the wii u

  • [FikcyjnaMix] Hub Bor
    [FikcyjnaMix] Hub Bor Hace 2 días

    Super Mario Galaxy 3
    Super Mario Maker 2
    New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
    Yoshi's Crafted World
    Mario & Luigi: Switch Strike
    Paper Mario: Bubble Blast
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle
    Super Mario RPG Switch
    Super Princess Peach Deluxe
    WarioWare Ultimate
    Is all I want!
    But I ALREADY have Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle!

  • [FikcyjnaMix] Hub Bor
    [FikcyjnaMix] Hub Bor Hace 2 días

    I like the music for the 1 minute trailer!

  • PieCreeper12
    PieCreeper12 Hace 3 días

    New Super Mario Bros U but with Toadette and Peachette and stuff.

  • Mario Mario
    Mario Mario Hace 4 días

    So why wasn’t Mario in NSLU for the final version???

  • Shmendan
    Shmendan Hace 6 días

    Lol it’s the same game

  • DancandyPlaysRoblox2
    DancandyPlaysRoblox2 Hace 6 días +1


  • GraceFulWhale 411
    GraceFulWhale 411 Hace 8 días

    I Hate That Game

  • Random Kai¿
    Random Kai¿ Hace 8 días

    So they took something out, at 0:39 you can see mario running on 2 luigi u levels but hes not in the luigi levels in the game!

  • SuperJusticeBro
    SuperJusticeBro Hace 8 días

    While pressing ZL while selecting Yellow Toad, you can swap colors from Yellow to Blue.

  • Garrusthesniper 2099
    Garrusthesniper 2099 Hace 9 días


  • Just Diamond
    Just Diamond Hace 10 días

    Now that I played the game it’s kinda bland but Nintendo please remake New Super Mario Bros DS!!!!!!

  • NanNan Duvall Offical
    NanNan Duvall Offical Hace 11 días

    I commented this when it just came out!

  • rex kingdom
    rex kingdom Hace 12 días

    I would love super mario oddysey 2 it would be awsome

  • Derek Haeussler
    Derek Haeussler Hace 13 días

    I need to know the name of the song between 0:04 - 0:59. Please. It’s catchy.

  • HenleyTheRedOwl 201943
    HenleyTheRedOwl 201943 Hace 13 días

    Nintendo I Want Super Mario Maker To Come Out For The Switch How If There No ✍🏻Then Use Buttons To Do It

  • bonnie playz
    bonnie playz Hace 14 días +1

    My brother thinks that the game new super mario bros u deluxe is on something called a u deluxe and the game is for the Nintendo switch

  • B Mcginnis
    B Mcginnis Hace 15 días +1

    wow!!! ports of an old wii u game!!!! such a good reason to buy a switch!

  • Zap Tap
    Zap Tap Hace 15 días

    stop making other games for the switch and make super Mario maker for it already!

    • U23 909
      U23 909 Hace 3 días

      Zap Tap I’m so excited!!

    • Zap Tap
      Zap Tap Hace 3 días


    • U23 909
      U23 909 Hace 3 días

      Zap Tap happy now?

  • Green Cappy
    Green Cappy Hace 16 días

    I really don't understand why Nintendo didn't make new super mario bros ds Deluxe. Because it's the only game of the 4 New games that can't be upsacled by emulator because most of the textures are 2d sprites so they will stay pixelisated.

  • BLT 77
    BLT 77 Hace 16 días

    Where is the DS game for this? I really hope it is coming, soon

  • Michael Gregoire
    Michael Gregoire Hace 16 días

    Why in the Trailer is shows Mario in Luigi u stages but in the actual game you can’t play as Mario in Luigi u stages really it really shows Mario in Luigi u stages

  • manuel alejandro valbuena colina

    0:00 the sound of life

  • XPartyXPlaysX
    XPartyXPlaysX Hace 19 días +3

    Little bit disappointed I was expecting a Mario maker port
    Nintendo u failed

  • The Redstone gaming
    The Redstone gaming Hace 19 días

    Mario was in a new super luigi u stage but never was in the full game

  • Yoda 874
    Yoda 874 Hace 23 días

    What’s next Mario party 10?🙄

  • PippoRossi2 PR
    PippoRossi2 PR Hace 25 días

    WOW New Super Mario Bros u Deluxe it's awesome but Super Mario Maker for the Switch maybe in 2020 coming up? Really????

  • Krischna
    Krischna Hace 25 días +2

    And that is the beginning of Bowsette and Booette.

  • ShadowDragon16
    ShadowDragon16 Hace 26 días +1

    Who else saw Mario with Luigi physics and thought finally Mario was going to be in Luigi U Deluxe?

  • AnthonyPlayz PH
    AnthonyPlayz PH Hace 28 días

    Nintendo,don't tell me that Princess Peach is dead because theres Peachette

  • TheGamingPikachuz
    TheGamingPikachuz Hace 28 días +2

    0:37 Mario in luigi u

    • Nanu Lee
      Nanu Lee Hace 24 días

      TheGamingPikachuz I know it would be a cool new addition to add to Super Luigi U but they just wanted Luigi to have his own game

    • TheGamingPikachuz
      TheGamingPikachuz Hace 24 días

      +Nanu Lee It just doesn't make sense because he wasn't playable in the original and then they added him just to get rid of him

    • Nanu Lee
      Nanu Lee Hace 24 días

      TheGamingPikachuz yeah but I guess that makes since though cause the game is named after Luigi

    • TheGamingPikachuz
      TheGamingPikachuz Hace 24 días

      +Nanu Lee that sucks.

    • Nanu Lee
      Nanu Lee Hace 26 días

      TheGamingPikachuz they removed him

  • Rayen Martins
    Rayen Martins Hace 28 días

    - Paper Mario: Color Splash Deluxe
    - Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Deluxe NEW

  • ali raza
    ali raza Hace 29 días

    I am glad I don't have a Wii u so I will play this for the first time on a handheld!!!!

  • EC Minecraft crazy Zombie kid

    Is it actually Wii U compatible?

  • BrandonRobloxYT - Roblox & More!

    Thicc music

  • Miles Prower
    Miles Prower Hace un mes

    game for baby

  • Gunki Gaming
    Gunki Gaming Hace un mes

    Long live the Wii U!! Reply if you agree

  • Ella Enloe
    Ella Enloe Hace un mes


  • NinEmar Games
    NinEmar Games Hace un mes +1

    Where's Super Mario 3D World Deluxe

  • Y. Justin
    Y. Justin Hace un mes


    • polla
      polla Hace 27 días

      Well, it's a port of New Super Mario Bros. *U*

  • Alexandra Sosa
    Alexandra Sosa Hace un mes +1

    i will get that game today

  • Parker Sambrooks
    Parker Sambrooks Hace un mes

    you suck nintendo why would you sell it for 80 dollars noob

  • Gina Ti
    Gina Ti Hace un mes

    This kids was saying I'm going to steal your toys is like what please buy me a Nintendo

  • Jessie Beck
    Jessie Beck Hace un mes

    Princess Peach disliked it.

  • poufpouf200
    poufpouf200 Hace un mes

    Thank U 4 super smash bros ultimate but what if the super smash bros Time line splits up betwen Ultimate and a deluxe version of the wii U /3dsversion

  • Hunter Frascello
    Hunter Frascello Hace un mes

    My first Wii U game

  • FSD vilion
    FSD vilion Hace un mes


  • 요마채널
    요마채널 Hace un mes +2

    New super mario bros u switch ♡♡

  • eunjung Kim
    eunjung Kim Hace un mes


  • James Kapela
    James Kapela Hace un mes +1

    I just got it yesterday

  • guisante desesporado gamer 1000

    0:37 like si creiste que Mario iba a ser jugable en new super luigi U

    • polla
      polla Hace 26 días

      No sé por qué salió ahí, es muy raro

  • mascaronat
    mascaronat Hace un mes

    *and you thought New Super Mario Bros U was a port of New Super Mario Bros Wii*

    still a great game to add to your switch collection though

  • Andy Ao
    Andy Ao Hace un mes

    What is this music?

    • polla
      polla Hace un mes

      Dan Zagor - Let's Play a Video Gaze (Game Over Remix)

  • Niklas Vilhelm
    Niklas Vilhelm Hace un mes +1

    What's new?

  • Noah LP
    Noah LP Hace un mes

    0:38 Mario playable in New Super Luigi U?

  • Squirrel Mario 247
    Squirrel Mario 247 Hace un mes

    Where’s that game for baby comment?

  • SadKid
    SadKid Hace un mes

    And the level is in new super Luigi U

  • SadKid
    SadKid Hace un mes

    Did anybody notice in 0:40 Mario is doing the flutter jump

  • Liam Quinlan
    Liam Quinlan Hace un mes

    I only cared about the music

  • The Nub
    The Nub Hace un mes +1


  • Jimmy bobbo
    Jimmy bobbo Hace un mes +1

    Can we get a like for are fallen hero blue toad?

  • Taran Shah
    Taran Shah Hace un mes

    Next is super Mario 3D world deluxe RIP LUIGI instead of him u get wario

    • Taran Shah
      Taran Shah Hace un mes

      Superheavygun . i just found that out after i posted this

    • Mr. Boring
      Mr. Boring Hace un mes

      Blue toad is in the game as a costume

  • fabio cale
    fabio cale Hace un mes

    Blue Toad is actually in the game.
    To unlock him you need to press the L button or the ZL button😎😎😛😛

  • SumSandGaming
    SumSandGaming Hace un mes

    You just doomed us all with peachette


    Mejor es de wii u

  • Dimitri
    Dimitri Hace un mes

    Forget it Nintendo you just told yourself a Truth you hate your fans I never gonna play anymore of your Nintendo games ever again you only care about Peachette and you Ain’t going to make your fans happy oh well Nintendo I sticking with Sega have fun being in Poison DIP

  • colonodemarte2014
    colonodemarte2014 Hace un mes +1

    Sold out in Wal-Mart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱

  • ゼニノXenino
    ゼニノXenino Hace un mes

    Is it on the Soulja Boy?

  • ToothPaste Bread
    ToothPaste Bread Hace un mes +1

    I bought it today and played it for about 9 hours

  • kutekittykat1
    kutekittykat1 Hace un mes

    I have already completed this on the Wii U but still want to buy it for the Switch- is it pointless? I’m so bored with the switch at the minute, I’ve completed all the main good games already which is why I’m thinking about repeating this game..... maybe I won’t remember the levels and it will be like playing it again for the first time?

  • You Bullshit
    You Bullshit Hace un mes

    Overwatch, Devil May Cry HD trilogy,Super Mario Maker,Nier Automata, Dead or Alive next please

  • Aaron Santamaria
    Aaron Santamaria Hace un mes

    It's so cool I love it I already got it so cool the best thank you Nintendo

  • Kill Me
    Kill Me Hace un mes

    Still waiting for a Luigi’s mansion 3

  • Andres723pizza Corona
    Andres723pizza Corona Hace un mes +1


  • Cj Adams
    Cj Adams Hace un mes +1

    I have a question, in the title "new super luigi u", why did the cross out the word "bros" in the title?

    • Cj Adams
      Cj Adams Hace un mes

      Well, his hat is.

    • Cyber Scarfy
      Cyber Scarfy Hace un mes

      Because mario isn't in the game so its not about brothers or sth

  • Luke’s Short Stories

    My Walmart sold it on the release date

  • Crazy Productions
    Crazy Productions Hace un mes

    I’m literally watching this January 12

  • _DJ_Gengar_
    _DJ_Gengar_ Hace un mes

    “Game for baby....”

  • Wixx
    Wixx Hace un mes

    I would like to know why a 6 year old game that has been made 3 times now has a price of 60$

  • Commander Oh yeah yeah
    Commander Oh yeah yeah Hace un mes +1

    Game for baby

  • Doug
    Doug Hace un mes

    Just picked it up. Very fun (even as someone who played it on the Wii U.) I'm happy that they decided to put this onto the Switch.

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly Hace un mes


  • Smackula Smack
    Smackula Smack Hace un mes

    Such a weird music choice for the trailer

    • polla
      polla Hace un mes

      It's amazing though

  • JackRamosFTWTM
    JackRamosFTWTM Hace un mes +1


  • Fandom guy
    Fandom guy Hace un mes

    So is Peach just a powered up Toad? What's the lore?

  • Paperthin
    Paperthin Hace un mes +2

    Who else stayed home to play this :)

  • Clorox bleach Squad
    Clorox bleach Squad Hace un mes

    you can now get blue toad on this game!!! here’s the steps: yellow toad
    2. Press L or ZL on your nintendo switch and there ya go BLUE TOAD!!!
    3.unfortunately in 4 player mode you can still only have one player playing as a toad in the game (blue or yellow)

  • Sister Souvenir
    Sister Souvenir Hace un mes

    Blue toaddoes exists oof

  • William Terenzi
    William Terenzi Hace un mes much longer are we gonna let this series live...? I played the first game 12 years ago 😑

  • Playtuber05
    Playtuber05 Hace un mes

    Cool, now make Super Mario 64 DS Deluxe Ultra Hyper.

  • Killer Rz
    Killer Rz Hace un mes

    This Day!!!!!!!

  • Andres A
    Andres A Hace un mes

    Y bowsette? U.U

  • Cyphix_SCX
    Cyphix_SCX Hace un mes

    I always liked blue toad!

    • Clorox bleach Squad
      Clorox bleach Squad Hace un mes

      Cyphix SCX you can now get blue toad on this game!!! here’s the steps: yellow toad
      2. Press L or ZL on your nintendo switch and there ya go BLUE TOAD!!!
      3.unfortunately in 4 player mode you can still only have one player playing as a toad in the game (blue or yellow)

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Hace un mes


  • Pottercraft 824
    Pottercraft 824 Hace un mes

    Wait a sec, a 0:40 Luigi physics are being used in mario

  • Lisa Gonzalez
    Lisa Gonzalez Hace un mes

    This is the coolest game on history

  • Lisa Gonzalez
    Lisa Gonzalez Hace un mes

    Hi I am a big fan do you make the Pac-Man games if you do then can you make a new pac man game please

  • yare yare daze
    yare yare daze Hace un mes

    Umm, it’s 12:00 and I can’t play the game

  • Red
    Red Hace un mes

    Can you please make this online multiplayer?

  • Miles Majdalany
    Miles Majdalany Hace un mes

    I have this game (I’m making this on January the 11th) I never owned a wii u even though it’s a port it’s not that good of a game and not worth $60 dollars