New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch


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  • Taeven The memer
    Taeven The memer Hace 15 horas

    Here is my idea Nintendo:
    Make a super Mario 3D game beginnings bundle
    Sunshine,Mario 64 HD, and Galaxy

  • Super Mario Plush Bros
    Super Mario Plush Bros Hace 16 horas +1

    The music is epic in this video! I hope they add that kind of music in the actual game...

  • EnderGui Gamer
    EnderGui Gamer Hace 16 horas

    Where's Blue toad?????????????????????????????

  • Lssgss
    Lssgss Hace 17 horas

    I miss blue toad

  • PistonPete
    PistonPete Hace 18 horas

    I wnat a NEW Mario Kart.
    I want a NEW NSMB.
    Stop refreshing Wii U games :C

  • ya boi king dedede
    ya boi king dedede Hace 18 horas


  • David Salcedo
    David Salcedo Hace 18 horas

    This is what started it all...

  • ESperanza Garcia
    ESperanza Garcia Hace 19 horas


  • Cranberry Sauce
    Cranberry Sauce Hace 20 horas

    Great another game to complete 100%

  • Nilu Srivastava
    Nilu Srivastava Hace 20 horas


  • Bendy Jaden R
    Bendy Jaden R Hace 21 un hora

    I still want super mario maker on the Nintendo switch

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos Hace 21 un hora

    Can you play as Bowser...
    for no reason in particular

  • LittleGlitchyMario64
    LittleGlitchyMario64 Hace 21 un hora

    what about toad blue

  • Boss King 27
    Boss King 27 Hace 21 un hora

    I can't wait when it will come out!!

  • CreeperBrothers 2016
    CreeperBrothers 2016 Hace 22 horas


  • Ashaboi
    Ashaboi Hace 22 horas

    Bowsette... Just Bowsette

  • SexyWalrus9000
    SexyWalrus9000 Hace 22 horas +1

    I saw a ESclipsr say that you shouldn't get this game while watching the Nintendo direct because there was nothing new or interesting...

    He was wrong.

  • Doug Vlogs
    Doug Vlogs Hace 22 horas

    Can you add older Mario Gmaes to Nintendo 3ds, Wii us or any other Nintendo?

  • Hunter Boyer
    Hunter Boyer Hace 22 horas

    Rip blue toad

  • Odhran Thomson
    Odhran Thomson Hace 23 horas

    Please make super Mario galaxy 3

  • The Stupid Yoshisaur
    The Stupid Yoshisaur Hace un día

    Yoshi likey this

  • 2cool4u1840 game vids
    2cool4u1840 game vids Hace un día

    Ya new game

  • Sven Fruiti
    Sven Fruiti Hace un día

    Nobody wants peachette... Bowsette is life and love!

  • Tony Cheese
    Tony Cheese Hace un día

    Does anyone understand that the internet is not looking at peach with a Bowser power up, they're looking at Bower, with a peach power up. You sickos are looking at turtle dragon porn.

  • Aerochus
    Aerochus Hace un día

    This looks like a watered down version of NSMBU

  • Charl1078
    Charl1078 Hace un día

    Where the f is blue toad

  • Exadorator
    Exadorator Hace un día

    *Shut up and take my money*

  • maria lourdes
    maria lourdes Hace un día

    21:59 13 september y 2018

  • Cat
    Cat Hace un día +1

    *insert comment about bowsette*
    -im just saying bowsette because its trending-

    Dude Bowsette is sexy

  • Lily Salvadiar
    Lily Salvadiar Hace un día

    Toadette turns to peach.....

    Ill wait for game theory now lol

  • Lily Salvadiar
    Lily Salvadiar Hace un día

    So who do we save when i and my brothers fight bowser? Bowsette?

  • Gladis Moscoso
    Gladis Moscoso Hace un día

    Bowsette oficial

  • João Henrique Albuquerque da Silva

    0:27 here's the scene who messed up with the whole internet...

  • Alexis Gómez
    Alexis Gómez Hace un día


  • Etan
    Etan Hace un día

    Excuse Me?

  • Smasher 2015
    Smasher 2015 Hace un día


  • the cool gamer 2009
    the cool gamer 2009 Hace un día

    My dream realy

  • Hamza Motaz
    Hamza Motaz Hace un día

    Do super Mario maker on nNintendo switch

  • Kayden Yerington
    Kayden Yerington Hace un día +2

    There is a N in tendo after all

  • Kayden Yerington
    Kayden Yerington Hace un día +1

    I've never seen a copy of Super Mario Bros. U in my life. This one will be everywhere

  • gabsdegameboi
    gabsdegameboi Hace un día

    how can a mushroom (Toadette) become an human (Peachette)?! WTF

  • Daniel Šulc
    Daniel Šulc Hace un día +1

    So it's no longer "U".

  • Jayzzz
    Jayzzz Hace un día

    I wish they made a sorta WII PARTY game.. and yes i know Super Mario Party Came out.. but i just loved Wii party so much..

  • FlapJack Gamer
    FlapJack Gamer Hace un día

    The video that started the Bowsette meme.
    Congratulations Nintend

  • NoahPlaysGames
    NoahPlaysGames Hace un día

    Nabbit = a speed runners dream

  • Kathleen Crowley
    Kathleen Crowley Hace un día +1


    • Cat
      Cat Hace un día

      Yoo me too

  • banana
    banana Hace un día

    I, too, want to pay £50 for two extra characters in a game I already own (and have beaten 100%).

  • gaiden sakyubasu
    gaiden sakyubasu Hace un día

    freakin doodoo

  • SML Bootleg
    SML Bootleg Hace 2 días

    Why This Meme

  • arlind pashnjari
    arlind pashnjari Hace 2 días


  • Mimi Kyu
    Mimi Kyu Hace 2 días


  • Yassin Hesham
    Yassin Hesham Hace 2 días

    Super mario galaxy 4. NOT galaxy 3 deluxe.

  • Yassin Hesham
    Yassin Hesham Hace 2 días

    Deluxe? Again? Why not just call " new super mario bros. switch" instead of having every thing called " deluxe" ?

  • Jose Steele
    Jose Steele Hace 2 días

    If it's for the switch,why is there still a u?

  • joaco &co productions
    joaco &co productions Hace 2 días +1

    Ha creado un mosntruo!

  • Apples and Cream
    Apples and Cream Hace 2 días

    Then Nintendo started something dreadful.

  • Iggy Gamer
    Iggy Gamer Hace 2 días


  • SteamArtz
    SteamArtz Hace 2 días

    what we really need is waluigiette

  • Laggianput Nelson
    Laggianput Nelson Hace 2 días

    If nintendo replies to this comment stating their reaction to bowsette, i will jump in a hot tub full of kool aid

  • UserUnkown
    UserUnkown Hace 2 días

    Can they just stop porting Wii U games to the Switch! Like Nintendo must have ran out of game ideas.

  • Noodles the Second
    Noodles the Second Hace 2 días

    Goodbye Blue Toad, you were better than yellow toad.

  • Ram Karlo
    Ram Karlo Hace 2 días


  • Creepsington
    Creepsington Hace 2 días

    they didn't create bowsette literally no-one's destroying nintendo they are destroying the fandom

  • Fission the Pigeon
    Fission the Pigeon Hace 2 días

    Yeah, Bowsette, whatever... but who's going to replace Nabbit?

  • SSTLHBFBIZAddict/ FireyAndLynnLoudFan 2018

    spam "Bowsette" so we could add Bowsette in the game

  • Javier 107
    Javier 107 Hace 2 días

    Guys.. following the logic Bowsette is Toadette with Bowser form for the name... Because the power up turns Toadette in PEACHette... the thing that is added to the name is not "ette" how fans did with the bowser name... the thing that is added to the name is "peach"... because is PEACHette , so that means Bowsette name's is wrong! it should be called Peachwser , because following peachette name logic is Peach + the last 4 letters of the character that uses the crown.. so Peach + wser = Peachwser... and again is NOT the first 4 letters of the character that uses the crown + ette.
    But meh.. internet never follow logic so...

  • Octo Alo
    Octo Alo Hace 2 días +1

    THIS GAME IS OUT IN MY BIRTHDAY?!?!?! Thanks nintendo... New super mario brothers wii is the first game i played

  • Fontenot Family
    Fontenot Family Hace 2 días


  • Fishy Boopkins101
    Fishy Boopkins101 Hace 2 días


  • Koopa Klub
    Koopa Klub Hace 2 días

    Oh whoopee, a remake with a meme. Totally worth it.

  • amy
    amy Hace 2 días


  • 9nether
    9nether Hace 2 días

    No new levels...

  • LUM
    LUM Hace 2 días

    So that's where Bowsette began

  • Pink Saber Attack
    Pink Saber Attack Hace 2 días

    This could have been Daisy's time to shine

  • Alessandro Iannello
    Alessandro Iannello Hace 2 días

    Awesome 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tarek Al-Shawwa
    Tarek Al-Shawwa Hace 2 días

    Bring back the multiplayer from NSMB DS !!! The competitive star collecting mode, it was so fun, PLEASE I BEG YOU

  • KailemX Gaming
    KailemX Gaming Hace 2 días

    I'm Drowning In Bowsette Comments Help!

  • doggo senpai
    doggo senpai Hace 3 días

    is this just the wii u version on the switch? i kind of want new levels

  • 汽Jelmo
    汽Jelmo Hace 3 días

    Cow Chop get on this

  • ooofy goofy kitty
    ooofy goofy kitty Hace 3 días

    *it all started here Jimmy*

  • Gamer AG
    Gamer AG Hace 3 días

    People took advantage of the crownshroom whatever you call it. People has made THOTS out of it.

  • Jessie Beck
    Jessie Beck Hace 3 días

    I wish they would've made Peach and Daisy playable in that game, but they franked it up.

  • Pancancakes
    Pancancakes Hace 3 días

    Why have the deluxe treatment, why cant it just be new super mario bros ultimate, every level from past games

  • Benjamin Hofer
    Benjamin Hofer Hace 3 días

    This made me cry because new super Mario was the first ever game I played and I thought they weren't going to make more and seeing this made me cry.

  • Xeno Herder
    Xeno Herder Hace 3 días

    Can we please have wario and waluigi in dis game?

  • Mr.SexTrain
    Mr.SexTrain Hace 3 días

    Nintendo: "I guess we should make a new New Super Mario Bros game for the switch"
    Also Nintendo: ", they're all the same anyways"

  • Dingo4ever
    Dingo4ever Hace 3 días

    Few seconds we see Peachette, and one minute one guy made a comic when bowser becomes bowsette and the next thing you know; people went nuts over it!

  • Hdfet Galaxgaggle
    Hdfet Galaxgaggle Hace 3 días +1

    What have you done Nintendo

  • The MangleShow Productions

    b o w s e t t e

  • ClarkLikesCats
    ClarkLikesCats Hace 3 días

    The title sounds like a New 3DS meme.

  • Cesar
    Cesar Hace 3 días

    Things just got super

  • marioaddiction64 roblox

    When prayers are answered. Nintendo:

  • MikaChu Animation
    MikaChu Animation Hace 3 días

    I like bowsette and all but.... I think you’ve made a huge mistake Nintendo... The internet will never be the same...

  • ClubNoodle
    ClubNoodle Hace 3 días

    Ur trying to make up for Nintendo switch online? It's not working.

  • Jellytune8
    Jellytune8 Hace 3 días

    Kinda hope it’s for the wii U as well because I have it on wii u and I don’t even have a switch

    • gamingwith cool
      gamingwith cool Hace 3 días

      You truly need a brain this game is the wii u one just a port. Now its on the switch why do you think it says mario U deluxe

  • Hiep Jr. Solivan
    Hiep Jr. Solivan Hace 3 días


  • keith arlidge
    keith arlidge Hace 3 días

    For Nintendo SWITCH

  • keith arlidge
    keith arlidge Hace 3 días

    New Super Mario Bros 3

  • keith arlidge
    keith arlidge Hace 3 días