Messing around in the studio…


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  • Ej Sloley
    Ej Sloley Hace 10 horas

    I'm so hyped

  • Friee Fanatic
    Friee Fanatic Hace 11 horas

    so we just gone let this go like this wasn’t nuclear??

  • Montelalexander
    Montelalexander Hace 12 horas

    0:13- 0:32 can anyone tell me what beat is playing???

  • 29kalel
    29kalel Hace 13 horas

    Here is the thing y’all....I heard and UNDERSTOOD EVERY WORD he said. This garbage today can’t understand nothing. I just turn the radio off.

  • Angelic Angel
    Angelic Angel Hace 20 horas

    This is lit no joke

  • Aquarius Jones
    Aquarius Jones Hace 21 un hora


  • Mr Magic
    Mr Magic Hace 23 horas

    He back...

  • Henri Allen
    Henri Allen Hace 23 horas

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Hot to def thank you Will 4 coming back that beat gonna make'em pay attention and your words will be inspiration thank God the truth is back thank you my brother 👍😃

  • Da Reason
    Da Reason Hace un día

    is that YoungFyre in this video?

  • CadillacRoyal1
    CadillacRoyal1 Hace un día

    kill a stripper lol

  • Mahmoud Abdo
    Mahmoud Abdo Hace un día


  • Jay Tay
    Jay Tay Hace un día

    Yes! Get'em will

  • corey smith
    corey smith Hace un día

    Bars.. Will said directors makes movies, I make directors. But what what got me was the dinner table

  • Monte Doran
    Monte Doran Hace un día

    Wooooo!!! Dats Lit!!!

  • Queen TV
    Queen TV Hace un día

    Can we get an album please 🔥🔥🔥

  • Vittória Rodrigues
    Vittória Rodrigues Hace un día

    Heeeeeeeeeeell yeaaaaah!!!! Keeping jiggy with it Will!

  • Freedom ForAll
    Freedom ForAll Hace un día

    Killed it bro.

  • alecs alex
    alecs alex Hace un día +1

    Damn , he can rap , act , vlog etc What I am doing with my life ???;;;;!

  • Matt Frappier
    Matt Frappier Hace un día

    I'll wait for the newer stuff wasn't really feeling this one sry

  • leviavon
    leviavon Hace un día

    The boom song is the only one I heard of yours and this is dope

  • Jazmin  Foster
    Jazmin Foster Hace un día

    Will has ALWAYS been an AMAAZIIINNG lyricist....bout time! Hip hop needs you right now 💜💜💜

  • manano06
    manano06 Hace un día +1

    Needs more cowbell.

  • Susan P
    Susan P Hace un día

    1.5 thumbs down. Stop being haters. I thought rappers rap about the truth. He does make directors. Everything he rapped about is true about his life. Stop being haters and get a clue and learn how to rise with your own craft like Will. Its not his fault he is multi-talented. Its not his fault that he,s winning. We all can win if we stop hating and learn how to make our talents work for us also.

  • Itz Bing
    Itz Bing Hace 2 días

    If you know this man's history you Kno he JUS SNAPPED OFF ALL THA WAY.
    IF u don't this history then you need to catch up to relate.
    Will Smith , you are Priceless an truly the FRESH PRINCE ....

  • DailyBits
    DailyBits Hace 2 días

    This video proves he could easily get back into music. Just chooses not to.

  • Roshanda Jackson
    Roshanda Jackson Hace 2 días

    Will Killed It🔥🔥

  • dawson gamblin
    dawson gamblin Hace 2 días

    what about jazz :c

  • Lilcool 73
    Lilcool 73 Hace 2 días

    I love it

  • AriesWoman
    AriesWoman Hace 2 días

    Waiting on the next bad boy! He brought up on ig!

  • Bonipha Laquisha
    Bonipha Laquisha Hace 2 días


  • Anthony Santiago
    Anthony Santiago Hace 2 días

    I thought Will Smith don't cuss tho .

  • jillian beck
    jillian beck Hace 2 días

    Why did you just bring music back to life!!!!! Yaaaasssss!!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Patrick Kelly
    Patrick Kelly Hace 2 días


  • Ur Moms Boyfriend
    Ur Moms Boyfriend Hace 2 días

    When x was still alive

    YUNG SIXTH SENSE Hace 2 días

    First cuss word in will smith song 1:08

  • Buttons
    Buttons Hace 2 días

    “Directors make movies, I make directors”
    Ok, if no one else got insane chills when he said that! It shows how much different he is to other actors, he accomplished so many things to get to where he is now. We gotta love this man for trying his hardest and becoming one of the worlds most amazing person! Xx

  • SchitwsorthMcderpins
    SchitwsorthMcderpins Hace 2 días

    Iiiiiinteresting..... Jazzy Jeff just released some shit recently.... hmmmmm :)

  • ikejay
    ikejay Hace 2 días

    Dude said “Jada, Jayden, Willow, Trey” shouted out his family lol

  • pqpew
    pqpew Hace 3 días

    If I made it rain prolly kill a stripper

  • ben ventura
    ben ventura Hace 3 días

    When’s the album coming

  • Lyteka Freeman
    Lyteka Freeman Hace 3 días

    Alright Will come through!!!! 👏👏👏

  • Soldier4thaLORD
    Soldier4thaLORD Hace 3 días


  • Any Direction Productions

    1 583 lazy ass

  • Dean Tha kid
    Dean Tha kid Hace 3 días +1

    Yow... fuck mumble rap shit..... this is clean not degrading even my 60 year old aunt was like WTF turn that up nephew 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍

    • Antrice Knox
      Antrice Knox Hace 2 días

      Dean Tha kid 😂😂💃🏾😍
      I am almost 50 and turn it up every time I listen. 😂

  • alex hernandez
    alex hernandez Hace 3 días +1

    🔥Fire fucking Fire🔥. Will Smith is 🔥going to kill it. 🔥

  • Jason Webb
    Jason Webb Hace 3 días

    Big Willie styles all in it

  • yes carthon
    yes carthon Hace 3 días

    Come back we have missed you..

  • JMW10o0o
    JMW10o0o Hace 3 días

    What was that first beat though. Link plz

  • fussyrussy1963
    fussyrussy1963 Hace 3 días

    Please Please don't be a tease

  • Spin Fire
    Spin Fire Hace 3 días

    Will Smith For President!

  • Spin Fire
    Spin Fire Hace 3 días

    Whens the full album droppin im Hyped!!!

  • Guy Cadeau
    Guy Cadeau Hace 3 días

    OMG where can i get this

  • Jayy
    Jayy Hace 4 días +1

Uh, uh, it's twenty years of swag, y'all just witnessed
Let me remind everybody who Will Smith is
Rappers make it rain, let they money hit ya
If I throw my money up, shit, I'd probably kill a stripper
The illest, realest, Big Will-est
Down with the man in charge of where Uncle Phil is
Everybody wanna do Will Smith numbers
I don't know if your life got that many summers
I got inspired, quickly, I unretired, the Fresh Prince just re-wired
I'm slightly modified, but still
People dancing and shaking and moving and wiling
I feel like I'm an alien, really, kind of an island
I might fly to China for nothing, find a designer
Fix up a crib with me, my mom and Obama
Murder all over the globe, guilty, your honor
Rather become a Mormon, marrying Halle, Rihanna
I'm an anomaly, do drama or comedy
I could play Muhammud Ali or a white lady probably
Still, twenty years of swag y'all just witnessed
Stop the divorce rumors and mind your damn business
Rebirth of the click track, ridiculous
What I charge for a feature, man, that's expensive
Cause y'all be doing features, I be doing Features
So many tickets that theaters need bleachers
More information from me than from most teachers
More inspiration from me than from most preachers
But wait, wait, wait, wait, truly, just for the record
Directors make movies, I make directors
Y'all dinner table: "What y'all learn today?"
My dinner table: "What y'all earn today?"
The real life Incredibles, last name Smith
Jada, Jaden, Willow, Trey, shit, y'all ain't fucking with my clique

  • kl_lopez
    kl_lopez Hace 4 días

    Fucking legend😂😂💦💦❗🔥

    ASMR JUNKIE Hace 4 días +1

    Don't producers make movies?

    • Jon Dixon
      Jon Dixon Hace 2 días

      ASMR JUNKIE on paper, directors make it a movie

    ASMR JUNKIE Hace 4 días

    Don't producers make movies?

  • Warren Thomas
    Warren Thomas Hace 4 días

    Being from West Philly and working in entertainment, this is BEYOND inspiring to see Will Smith’s resurgence. The fact that he admitted to be tapped out, creatively, is more brave than most ppl probably realize - because it happens to every artist at one point or another. He speaks truth, and truth is contagious. What’s more impressive than the bars on this track is the hunger and thirst behind them - not to prove himself, but to BE himself.

  • Mark Camponeschi
    Mark Camponeschi Hace 4 días

    I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday about this he was saying how back in the day people accuse Will Smith of being bubble gum rap but he said they never heard the underground tapes with Will when he will battle rap and light motherfukers up

  • Mark Camponeschi
    Mark Camponeschi Hace 4 días

    Millennials be like oh my God Will Smith can rap

  • Mark Camponeschi
    Mark Camponeschi Hace 4 días

    Who were the 1500 dumbasses who gave this thumbs down?

  • Kendra Wade
    Kendra Wade Hace 4 días

    This mannnnn 🙏🏼🙏🏼😍

  • Azaeden Arashi
    Azaeden Arashi Hace 4 días

    Can't stop playing this, and the like button broke. Can't seem to like it more than once.

  • Brandon Bradley
    Brandon Bradley Hace 4 días

    Him and jay z finna have a "what's wealth" song

  • Emanuel Madashell
    Emanuel Madashell Hace 4 días

    All I got to say is: when? When the album drop, I'm buying it. Not streaming, bootleg copying, I'm going to the store and buying a real album (not a CD, either)

  • Carolina _T
    Carolina _T Hace 4 días

    Just for da record, directors make movies, i make directors 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔂

  • Carolina _T
    Carolina _T Hace 4 días

    Whats gonna happen if he takes it serious and kill da rap game 🔥🔥🔥🎮

  • AERA 323
    AERA 323 Hace 4 días

    🔥🔥🔥 call 911 wills on fire ! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Courtney Kane
    Courtney Kane Hace 4 días

    Is this actually a song and if it is what's the name 😅

  • Kaydee 216
    Kaydee 216 Hace 4 días

    Ok I see you Willard Smith🔥

  • ben llewellyn
    ben llewellyn Hace 4 días

    Why does will smith never come in to the g.o.a.t. conversation any man that can make fire songs without swearing and flow like him for over 20 years has to be one of the greatest

  • Gee Collins
    Gee Collins Hace 4 días

    Get em Will👍🏾😍

  • Mark Crump
    Mark Crump Hace 4 días

    You know what, i played this i don't know how many times and every time i play it still its so good its like hearing for the first time. Which means I die a little more spiritually in the best way every time because the level of tranquility when you rap is uncanny.

  • Jeremy Davis
    Jeremy Davis Hace 4 días

    Ooooh snap crackle and motherf&-_in pop...go head will...bout time...BOUT TIME

  • Fontana wildcats Wildcats basketball

    That’s I’ll but he’s always been ill big will ain’t never left he has always been mad creative setting trends keep it up my man that was sick

  • Minus DaGreez
    Minus DaGreez Hace 5 días


  • J-Dub
    J-Dub Hace 5 días

    That ending was all she wrote🔥🔥🔥

  • Daniele Fresa
    Daniele Fresa Hace 5 días


  • Hopeton Bell
    Hopeton Bell Hace 5 días


  • Itz L1ght
    Itz L1ght Hace 5 días +3

    Will Smith: "...but I'm not a rapper"

  • James Pitt
    James Pitt Hace 5 días +1 were the only one I've ever heard not swear and make a hit.. no one else can comp that

  • jacques reynolds
    jacques reynolds Hace 5 días

    This is heat

  • Shawn Williams
    Shawn Williams Hace 5 días

    When Ever You Get a Chance Too Check Out A Film Concept I Wrote @t WGA West Registry

  • Stathious
    Stathious Hace 5 días

    I need that beat!? 0:13-0:34

  • Herbellife Haze
    Herbellife Haze Hace 5 días


  • Bladimir M
    Bladimir M Hace 5 días

    sick give us more music Will

  • diana banana
    diana banana Hace 6 días

    i need more will smith rap what the fuck'

  • Willie Chestnut
    Willie Chestnut Hace 6 días

    you still got will ,do ya than bra ,

  • Mike panek
    Mike panek Hace 6 días

    Some beat hopsin would use

  • T. VoidedRevolver
    T. VoidedRevolver Hace 6 días

    I hope he's back in the rap game because that straight barz

  • Leight Jesmer
    Leight Jesmer Hace 6 días

    Bout time for the mid life crisis. Too bad he's trying to make it on a platform made for the little guy when he's got cards in Hollywood. Oh and is he still a scientologist? Decent rap. Good rap. Still boycotting this channel.

  • Omar Espinoza
    Omar Espinoza Hace 6 días

    Will does a little of everything

  • Let's Gab Crypto
    Let's Gab Crypto Hace 6 días

    Goosebumps right there!!! that shit it’s hot!!!!

  • Thomas Ahrens
    Thomas Ahrens Hace 6 días

    ja bitte das brauchen wir

  • magda clark
    magda clark Hace 6 días

  • Tammy Smith
    Tammy Smith Hace 6 días

    I can't wait so he can sit these younger rappers down hope he gets all types of awards.

  • Wjatscheslaw
    Wjatscheslaw Hace 6 días

    old school but good school!!!

  • Mari Narmo
    Mari Narmo Hace 6 días

    Get this on spotify asap. This is my jam

  • Don Kujix
    Don Kujix Hace 7 días

    0:25 HEEAAAT! 🔥

  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee Hace 7 días


  • Jeremy Soderberg
    Jeremy Soderberg Hace 7 días