Please Buy Intel GPUs. - Arc A750 & A770 Review


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  • John Liam Limbo
    John Liam Limbo Hace un mes +15480

    I REALLY HOPE that Intel pulls it off in the GPU market. I'm very sick of just having a duopoly for GPUs.

    • Cooks With Spoons
      Cooks With Spoons Hace 23 días

      It sounds like they'll have to limp along through the first generation but hopefully by the second or third generation they'll be running on all cylinders.

    • johntheawe
      johntheawe Hace un mes

      Triopoly great kek

    • Splarkszter
      Splarkszter Hace un mes

      @Wandew True. Rdna3 looks good.

    • Wandew
      Wandew Hace un mes

      @Splarkszter no the 6950xt outclasses the 3090ti in traditional rendering, yes ik the 40 series exists, but i'm comparing last gen to last gen

    • Wandew
      Wandew Hace un mes

      @Nathan Jokeley i'm just glad that they finally woke up lol

  • Paradoxine
    Paradoxine Hace un día +11

    Now we need an Nvidia CPU, so Nvidia, AMD, and Intel could participate in both CPU and GPU markets

    • Dalox
      Dalox Hace 6 horas +1

      @Chaos people would still buy it tho 💀

    • Chaos
      Chaos Hace 13 horas +3

      you want a nvidia cpu priced at $2500 with i7 10900k performance? lmao no thanks

  • Dr Duke
    Dr Duke Hace un mes +1668

    Red = AMD
    Green = Nvidia
    Blue = Intel
    It needs to happen just for the RGB

    • video games
      video games Hace 14 horas


    • angry fish
      angry fish Hace 3 días

      @BroskiPlays! actually it is kinda true but i don´t know when it is for purpose or not maybe not but hey blue is a really nice color😆

    • Mark Laureta
      Mark Laureta Hace 8 días

      we need one more challener, the Alpha of them all

    • polar
      polar Hace 12 días +1

      gaming mice:
      Red = MSI
      Green = Razer
      Blue = Logitech

    • Epic Eryk
      Epic Eryk Hace 13 días

      nvidias green for money

  • IMayHaveNukes
    IMayHaveNukes Hace un día +1

    Now we just need Nvidia to start making cpu's

  • Bukkem
    Bukkem Hace un mes +500

    I still cannot believe Intel actually released a gpu. The fact that it is actually okay is a big bonus, but oh my god, I never thought I'd see the day

    • None Gone
      None Gone Hace 2 días

      @Jonny Makers There's billions of people taking a shit daily, but that still doesn't make it a fun and engaging experience...

    • angry fish
      angry fish Hace 3 días

      i thinked about it a month before i noticed something about that news and i am really happy about it i can´t wait to test A770 beauty in my newly built pc

    • Gempy
      Gempy Hace 17 días +1

      @Jonny Makers the current most used gpu on steam is the 1060, when thinking “competitive” you need to take in account what the average consumer will pay for
      In, let’s say 2 years, how many people do you think will own a 4090 vs a 1660ti?

    • Anna Nimmous
      Anna Nimmous Hace un mes +3

      @Jonny Makers who cares if it's 2 generations old if you can get it for cheaper than a used 2-generation-old GPU

    • Eelco Hoogendoorn
      Eelco Hoogendoorn Hace un mes +1

      Intel GPUs really did give the Duke nukem forever memes a run for their money.

  • seankkg
    seankkg Hace un mes +7537

    Finally. With Team Blue joining the fight, now the GPU market has RGB like a true gamer.

    • Master Jenkins
      Master Jenkins Hace 15 días

      its kinda funny how they all ended up picking RGB lol intels always been blue, nividia always been green, amd radeon always been red like bruh almost feels like they were in cahoots when picking a colour

    • Birbal Bohara
      Birbal Bohara Hace 19 días

      Wtf bro your imagination is next lvl. Love you

    • Sam Crockett
      Sam Crockett Hace un mes

      Radeon, Nvidia, Intel 😂😂

    • Unmurderable
      Unmurderable Hace un mes

      Bro give this guy a chance to be pinned

    • DavidDingDong
      DavidDingDong Hace un mes +1

      I don't know if you came up with this. but it's genius!

  • Matt M
    Matt M Hace un mes +749

    I think most people knew the first gen would be a rocky start. But we need to support them. 3's a crowd in price rigging and this is what the market needs

    • angry fish
      angry fish Hace 3 días

      @clitmint not a company support just the product if they don´t succeed it can be a problem for end user because ngreedia and amd just get rid of competition and start fight again to each other price vs performance and i am really happy to have something between right price for right performance intel is more universal like nvidia which comes in right time before new RX comes out because streamers these cards may consider against overpriced nvidia but don´t have so good performance in amd titles or just for non professional and home video editors just like i am or science and AI computing like i am so i go order a770 and try it myself. i am not defending intel but i don´t want do condemn new product before try it. if it will be a bad experience then i will tell that it is bad do not buy it

    • clitmint
      clitmint Hace 17 días

      "But we need to support them"
      LOL yes, we should all absolutely 'support' the multi-billion globalist corporation that just doesn't even care about you at all.

    • Dario Mladenovski
      Dario Mladenovski Hace un mes +1

      the plane didn't crash and burn, they got the plane off the ground

    • Justin Kashtock
      Justin Kashtock Hace un mes +28

      3 can price-rig quite easily - just think back to the LCD panel price-fixing scheme a little over a decade ago. Matter of fact, it was 8 companies.

  • E71
    E71 Hace 8 horas +1

    Funny, they're not really known for being the budget-friendly option.

  • Da Big Boo
    Da Big Boo Hace un día

    If it wasnt for micro$oft, we could ditch d3d9tod3d12 and just use the far superior dxvk that even improves performance over native dx9.

  • Lee McCready
    Lee McCready Hace un mes +484

    Honestly, I think that Intel has done a great job so far with their GPUs, though they're not as good as the competitors, at such a low price I'm pretty sure they beat out everyone, to be honest. Not to mention this was literally their first time making a stand-alone GPU, I think that there's a lot of promise in these new cards.

    • Dinox Silhouette
      Dinox Silhouette Hace 23 días

      @Victor Kreig oh look guys we got a badass over here

    • Ötschim
      Ötschim Hace un mes +1

      @Victor Kreig mate, ur the one who brought literacy and the ability to proper write up first

    • Dario Mladenovski
      Dario Mladenovski Hace un mes

      but the problem is that most people want Intel and Amd to compete just so they can buy cheaper Nvidia cards, so I don't see anything changing in the PC market space until people change this mindset

    • Victor Kreig
      Victor Kreig Hace un mes

      >When you ain't got nothin to respond back with so you attack grammer
      >On the internet
      >In ESclips comments
      Lol; lmao even

    • Julius
      Julius Hace un mes

      @Victor Kreig go back to school he says after writing the grammatically incorrect comment I’ve seen this year💀

  • Steven Guy
    Steven Guy Hace un mes +2116

    I just want more GPUs to look like these ones. It's so refreshing to see components that don't look like they're ready to defeat the Autobots.

    • Webbed Shadow
      Webbed Shadow Hace 29 días

      YES Intel went with the perfect look for these cards, not oversized and over the top "gamer-y" looking, plus blue is my favorite color.

    • Spots Corner
      Spots Corner Hace un mes +1

      I've been telling Nike that for years.
      I want a shoe , not a space shuttle.

    • Justin Kashtock
      Justin Kashtock Hace un mes +1

      @Steven Guy Right? These "aesthetic rigs" remind me of people kitting out Civics and Neons back in the day. It makes me think of that commercial from when they were finally getting called out for what they were where some kid mockingly said "nice spaceship, dude" to someone driving around with their 1/2" clearance air dam with their 3' tall spoiler wing on their 4-banger, lol.

    • Bunsenn
      Bunsenn Hace un mes

      @Steven Guy Yeah, I like the look but it does still appear to have kind of shitty build quality.

    • Just Joe
      Just Joe Hace un mes +2

      @Noor Ahmed Give me a graphics card that looks cringe as fuck, that's gonna be upside down in my PC, with no backplate so I'll be staring at the back side of the PCB, and ask me to pay more because of that. If you want a card that looks tacky then buy it, a ton of them do, but this simple design looks better than many cards out there

  • Travis
    Travis Hace 3 días +1

    I know Linus joked about the shill hat and everything, but this is the most blatant example of shilling on the channel. These GPUs are garbage, Linus even made new videos about how shit they are.

  • Robin Meade
    Robin Meade Hace un mes +219

    If they'd have only show up at the peak of GPU demand they'd have been the big winner. Now it's going to be an uphill battle.

    • Michael Moran
      Michael Moran Hace 7 días

      the problem was a silicon shortage, would have affected them just as badly.

    • Spots Corner
      Spots Corner Hace un mes +1

      @tony There is currently no support for linux and you need a cpu with resizable bar for ARC . So I ether have to build a new system which I don't want to (an i9 9900k is more than enough cpu for my needs) or buy an amd or nvidia gpu.
      I'm going to wait for rdna3 , I'm don'e giving money to nvidia

    • tony
      tony Hace un mes

      @Spots Corner I'd advise to wait a few months, see the where the market settles after rdna3, but if the a770 works for you and you need a gpu now for work, go for it

    • tony
      tony Hace un mes

      @Lol Veratus I think that nvidia cards getting cheaper can only happen if power consumption goes way down, and I think nvidia has to have that power consumption to have an edge on amd this year (rdna 3). And if people don't buy the expensive ones… But people do. I wanna see lovelace performance under a mucn lower power target, that's where the money's at.

    • Spots Corner
      Spots Corner Hace un mes +1

      You underestimate how much hatred Nvidia has generated. I hang a. I9 9900k (no resizable bar)use Linux as my exclusive os and would buy a 770 before I'd buy the 3080 I saved up for!!

  • DarkBooger
    DarkBooger Hace un mes +62

    I'm willing to give ARC GPUs a go when they launch, I did the same when swapping from a 2060 to an RX 6600 just out of curiosity. Plus unlike Nvidia and AMD it is within my budget with seemingly great performance. Glad we've got red team, green team and finally blue team in the market for the true RGB experience

  • James Henstridge
    James Henstridge Hace un mes +110

    The fact that the Linux drivers were merged into the latest mainline release is not too surprising. That's how all new features hit the mainline, and usually precedes backports to the stable branch. It's quite likely you'll see driver support in various distro vendor kernels with versions lower than 6.0 as they do hardware enablement updates.

    • Justin Noker
      Justin Noker Hace 28 días +4

      @AspireVelocity attempted translation: in Linux, Features come out on the newest development builds first, before developers will make a version for older, more stable versions (such as what most Linux Versions today use).

    • AspireVelocity
      AspireVelocity Hace un mes

      Comment award for not knowing what the fuck I just read.

  • yoyofargo
    yoyofargo Hace un mes +929

    I have a feeling the driver performance will improve a LOT with the amount of bug reports they're going to get after release.

    • Steel String
      Steel String Hace un mes +3

      @Serra McCall The fact that DX11 performance is so much worse than DX12 and Vulkan suggests that driver performance is a really big part of the problem, though. DX11 is very dependent on driver optimization.

    • Misty Kathrine
      Misty Kathrine Hace un mes

      In a year from now, the A770 might end up being better than a 3070.

    • Demopans
      Demopans Hace un mes +4

      @Roman K
      At the same time, they also saw how AMD grew a pair of giant balls on a gamble with their Ryzen chips, so they're probably trying to pull it off with ARC

    • Roman K
      Roman K Hace un mes +3

      Or they will abandon the GPUs in few years if the margin isnt making investors happy?

    • BG /is
      BG /is Hace un mes +4

      @Fashinqu A. I hope Steam OS jumps all over the cards.

  • Four Dozen Eggs
    Four Dozen Eggs Hace un mes +48

    I am rooting for them because we desperately need competition in the GPU market.

  • Edelzocker
    Edelzocker Hace 3 días

    12:10 I use GNU/Linux and im happy with my RX 5700 XT

  • Bruce
    Bruce Hace un mes +7

    The Arc 770 gives me big throwback vibes to 750ti. It wasn't the best card but you got a huge bang for your buck in comparison to their top of the line gpus at the time. It may not get taken seriously as a flagship card but for slightly less than 300 it could be a great card for a First Build.

    • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
      HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul Hace un mes +1

      I'm basically in the same position as I was back then. I had a 660 Ti, and the 750 Ti was slower. Now I have a 1060, and in the games I play the A770 is slower.

  • Goldenapple710
    Goldenapple710 Hace un mes +39

    Would be pretty interesting to see how much Intel can push their cards with newer and better drivers. I just hope they don't give up like the last time...

  • G P
    G P Hace un mes +3

    I fully expect the drivers to improve over time. The issue is how long that will take. Intel needs to put as many people on it as it can to make the process as fast as it can. One thing to keep in mind is that while a 3rd GPU maker is great for gamers, competition wise, Intel also jumped back into the dGPU market more so because of GPGPU/ML and nvidia pushing it's GPUs in servers which was hurting Intels Xeon business, on top of what AMD was doing. Long story short, I don't see them leaving the GPU market anytime soon, even if this first gen hardly sells at all.

  • Andrew
    Andrew Hace 2 días +3

    You can’t ask consumers to buy a product on “goodwill”. It has to be a compelling product. Arc is a good first attempt but perhaps not compelling just yet.

  • SpacerZ
    SpacerZ Hace un mes +24

    I really wanted it to surpass, or be on-par with the 3070, but it'll be interesting to see what they do with driver updates

  • Liquifier
    Liquifier Hace un mes +47

    Linus, I’m so glad you keep us living and learning new tech. You bring a light to these segments. Thank you!

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich Hace un mes +1086

    For a first try, Intel did really well there. These card might actually age like fine wine, if they improve the drivers over time!

    • Steven Schoeler
      Steven Schoeler Hace un mes

      @Durkhead nice one, thanks for sharing this information!

    • Dan Loup
      Dan Loup Hace un mes

      @Durkhead the hell, i never noticed that

    • Durkhead
      Durkhead Hace un mes +2

      @Jeff Zebert ryzens apus r good and amd has a good history helping other companies develop products
      Idk if you've heard of adreno it's the gpu in snapdragon smartphones.
      Adreno is an acronym for radeon

    • Dan Loup
      Dan Loup Hace un mes

      @Joseph Stalin so far by the phoronix tests, it probably will be the best way to squeeze performance out of the card, given mesa etc

    • glowing mash and beans
      glowing mash and beans Hace un mes

      fingers crossed their GPU drivers would make intel more experienced with their integrated graphics and igpu drivers. imagine we get fully fledged Intel APUs on par with comparable AMD APUs. I feel we need some competition in that niche space tbh.

  • Play by Ear
    Play by Ear Hace un mes +4

    I have a 2060 now and have been pretty happy with it, even still, but when the 770 is back in stock at MSRP I’m pretty sure I’ll go ahead and get it. A few hundred bucks is well worth it to me to breed further competition.

  • Y S
    Y S Hace 3 horas

    I'm surprised, this is the only video that Linus doesn't look n sound drunk XD

  • s c
    s c Hace un mes +4

    i bought the a750 it's good. Looking forward over the holidays to doing some ai and development workflows. but gaming is pretty solid.

  • poptya
    poptya Hace un mes +3

    They will honestly be a perfect solution to "family member and friends want you to build them a mid-range gaming pc"

  • Lautaro Quiroga
    Lautaro Quiroga Hace un mes +515

    Suggestion: when making charts keep the color scheme the same for teams. You started with green for Nvidia and blue for Intel. And then blue was I believe avg fps against red and yellow. Considering it's a video and we would have to pause every time you show something to look at it, it would be great if you could make the charts a bit more consistent and digestible for dummies non chart nerds like myself. They're quite simple which is great, but could be improved upon with some coherence.
    Or release them as images somewhere else so we can look at them separately. Either way thanks.
    Glad Arc isn't that bad. But I wonder for the 3 and 5 series performance. I also still have doubts if ALL arc require 12th Gen or select ryzen chips or that was just for the 7 series (maybe you say this on video but copying message on mobile is bugged and I can't save it to keep watching).

    • Grindstone
      Grindstone Hace un mes +12

      Great suggestion, I personally had the same experience with the graphs. Its not a huge deal to me, but it would help with the flow of the video.

    • Evortus
      Evortus Hace un mes

      Boo hoo

    • CynoIsAway
      CynoIsAway Hace un mes +15

      different shades of each team’s color would go a long way

    • Khalilah D.
      Khalilah D. Hace un mes +1


    • 635574
      635574 Hace un mes +3

      Its likely those charts werent made by 1 person or someone wanted a visual distinction

  • Mike Cunningham
    Mike Cunningham Hace un mes +2

    AMD Ryzen didn't start out perfectly but look at them now.
    Hopefully Intel can do the same with their GPUs

    METALLIFY16 Hace 2 días +2

    What I find hilarious about Intel making GPU's that AMD was like "finally we're catching up to Nvidia! I hope nothing else gets in the way".
    *Intel enters the chat*

  • Moejoedajoejoe
    Moejoedajoejoe Hace un mes +7

    These cards have some interesting and forward-thinking technology that I'm sure could be really useful in a card that's actually worth a damn.

  • PirateRubberDuck
    PirateRubberDuck Hace un mes +9

    This looks like a solid start for Intel making GPUs. They are looking to the future and the next generation of their GPUs and making sure they are not held back by backwards compatibility. I get how that is frustrating right now, but I can see that giving them an edge in the future.

  • tanishq sahu
    tanishq sahu Hace un mes +1624

    I find it amusing that about 6 months back we were scrambling to find a new GPU. Now we have a surplus of them. Strange times indeed

    • Merc3r Mixer
      Merc3r Mixer Hace un mes

      About to all change and be gone again. Chips have basically come to a halt in China

    • LanzoneX
      LanzoneX Hace un mes

      In my country 1660ti is only $20 more over a 1650 non super.. damn

    • levi destin
      levi destin Hace un mes

      thanks to crypto going down the drain finally

    • The European Bee
      The European Bee Hace un mes +1

      @Jesus Barrera An RX 6600, non-XT, can be found at 420€ while the 6600 XT is around 600€ - closer to MSRP than Nvidia GPUs (especially since 3060s are 500€ with meh coolers), meanwhile the RX 6700s and Nvidia 3070s are 700~800€ each and are mostly out of stock :(...

    • Anthony Schlessman
      Anthony Schlessman Hace un mes

      @AaronShenghao only true if your importing your gpus, how many people are going to get cards from aliexpress?

  • PR_
    PR_ Hace un mes +2

    The 3070 is still an incredibly powerful card. I have a 2070 in my laptop and it plays just about every game I'm playing with max or near-max graphics, usually in the 40-60 fps range. A 3070-equivalent for less than $300 is amazing, especially if we can link them with something akin to nVidia's SLI system.
    1140 is nice in theory, and it'd be great to have a cheap card that could hit those resolutions w/ high FPS, but for the purposes of actual gameplay I find that the 1080 to 1440 jump rarely offers enough extra detail to justify the framerate hit. That may just be me, but I'm perfectly fine sticking to 1080p at 60fps or better. The games still look great, they play great, and I don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get them working.

  • Mathew Camp
    Mathew Camp Hace un mes +19

    It would be really awesome to see a update on the 2020 gpu buyers guide. The market is getting quite confusing with current pricing, upcoming models, and intel now being in the mix.

  • 向你祖母問好
    向你祖母問好 Hace un mes +2

    That's actually a pretty great price for the performance offered

  • Lukas
    Lukas Hace 3 días +8

    AV1 was enough for me to buy one :) I just love that codec. I skipped VP9 so for me its a huge jump. Making sure my files don't get bigger, even tho i got a new camera :)

  • Diana Rogers
    Diana Rogers Hace un mes +3075

    Really hope Intel steps up the competition and knocks Nvidia's ego down. I'm sick and tired of it acting like a monopoly because there's no real competition. GPUs costing as much as a whole rig is unacceptable

    • Dario Mladenovski
      Dario Mladenovski Hace un mes

      @Gon Is Gone exactly lol, most people want Intel and Amd to compete just so they can buy cheaper Nvidia cards so I don't see anything changing in the PC narket space, Nvidia will continue shafting consumers

    • Wandew
      Wandew Hace un mes

      @ChaosSwissroIl what are you talking about lol? intel woke up in the cpu department, 13900k beats out the 7950x in both gaming and workstation workloads and costs less.

    • CovePS
      CovePS Hace un mes

      @xruud24 no

    • xruud24
      xruud24 Hace un mes

      @CovePS wrong

    • CovePS
      CovePS Hace un mes

      @xruud24 11900k beats 5950x in gaming

  • Blake Mackenzie
    Blake Mackenzie Hace un mes +6

    I'm planning on getting a 750 for my first ever GPU. Just hoping it isn't more expensive than a 6600 in Australia

  • Amar Rama
    Amar Rama Hace un mes +14

    I absolutely love the design of these cards! The RGB looks really nice

  • No body
    No body Hace un día

    If a have money to spare i'll buy one 770A just to keep as a decorative and support the market.

  • Jonny- B
    Jonny- B Hace un mes

    Really awesome to see a third competitor in the market. I guess, they've always been there with integrated graphics but still, I really love my Nvidia card and waited for years to get one.... Maybe I'll grab an Intel for my living room computer I want to build.

  • Gabriel Fair
    Gabriel Fair Hace un mes +690

    Some video recommendations:
    To the editing staff: Can you please briefly highlight/flash/outline the card being reviewed when you put up the bar chart? This can help quickly orient the audience to what to look for.
    To the lab staff: Can you also test these cards for non-gaming uses? Namly can it handle being fully/over loaded with monitors? Does it crash if you unplug/replug the monitors (as when someone is troubleshooting their setup)? How does this work with folding@home or boinc@home projects?

    • vadim negru
      vadim negru Hace un mes +1

      @Cameron i used to have that with rx580, when in freesync mode. Image just froze when i turn my monitor off/on. Fixed in some driver update.

    • Damicske
      Damicske Hace un mes +1

      OW and encode/decode vs other cards :) and RC5-72 is also a nice benchmark :+

    • B C
      B C Hace un mes +1

      I would also like to the staff test some visualization programs like Touchdesigner, Magic Music Visualizer and Resolume.
      No one ever tests these programs on new hardware and they would make great content for their stream. When the 5800X3D came out, no one knew if 3D Vcache technology would help any of those programs. I even personally asked the creator of Magic Music and he didn’t even know…

    • Zack Zeed
      Zack Zeed Hace un mes +1

      Upvote this comment from Gabriel!

    • LeviathanX
      LeviathanX Hace un mes +4

      @Cameron a tl;dr answer: Display Port is a bxxch... I also had my fair share of headache with random display port auto detect issues and Windows then behaving like having the rabies... (on desktop and laptop)

  • Eleon Ora
    Eleon Ora Hace un mes +9

    I'd really love more competition on the graphics card market. If Intel plays in the same league as Nvidia's high-end cards someday, I would give Intel a try.

  • Kutark
    Kutark Hace un mes +6

    I wonder how good either of these cards, but more specifically the 16gb a770 would be as an enthusiastic level AI / Deep Learning card?

  • Tranquil_Turtle
    Tranquil_Turtle Hace 25 días +1

    Heard Nvidia and AMD were both coming out with new cards, so I decided to do some research to see what I should finally replace my 780 with (seeing as Nvidia no longer releases driver updates for it and having only 3gb of vram is becoming an issue). Didn't expect anyone to actual mention the 780 in a video/review.

  • KrinoDaGamer
    KrinoDaGamer Hace un mes +3

    Im surprised they included a lot of features wasn't thinking they would pull through the 16gig looks tempting

  • stvn
    stvn Hace un mes +610

    i genuinely like the simple design of the arc gpus

    • Sheppy
      Sheppy Hace un mes

      For sure. If they manage to make them easier to disassemble/reassemble I'm 1000% sold on the design

    • DJ Doppler
      DJ Doppler Hace un mes +1

      I wish they were just as simple to disassemble. Unfortunately they are definitely not.

    • Road house
      Road house Hace un mes

      @Alex Barthelemy yep

    • Alex Barthelemy
      Alex Barthelemy Hace un mes +3

      @Road house Yeahhh the Gamers Nexus tear down looked like pure pain to open up and deal with

    • Ben Naq
      Ben Naq Hace un mes +3

      @Craig Pratt but runs like crap

  • Blitz Court
    Blitz Court Hace un mes +3

    Honestly the arc gpu’s are so sleek and subtle. Decent performance and a great price point. I’m definitely buying a 2nd gen card if they keep that up..

  • Albert Sun
    Albert Sun Hace un mes

    Honestly, this is pretty damn good for first generation - it's always going to be pretty rocky with poor driver support and optimizations, but I'm honestly surprised they even managed to compete.

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee Hace un mes +2

    i still see this as a big win in attempting to make gpu prices better and getting their foot in the door... intel has a long ways to go and a lot of things to learn but hopefully in the future they catch up and surpass other graphics card will be ahuge leap in affordable gamming

  • Marcus Grant
    Marcus Grant Hace un mes +1

    A third actor in the GPU market would be so nice to have. I'm tempted to buy one for my HTPC just to support the potential for intel to take part in it. Also Intel is at least as Open Source friendly as AMD maybe even more so

  • Kai Christensen
    Kai Christensen Hace un mes +675

    i really hope intel keeps trucking and doesn't cancel arc. as a first attempt, this is really impressive, and i'm really hopeful for future generations of ARC cards.

    • Anthony Schlessman
      Anthony Schlessman Hace un mes

      @Dario Mladenovski and? Why is that a problem, competition is good regardless of why you want it, or who you want to buy from, there are legitimate reason to avoid amd or Nvidia cards, for me amd cards cause graphical issues with some of the older games we play during Lans, I'll use on in my server tho

    • Dario Mladenovski
      Dario Mladenovski Hace un mes

      the only reason 90% of gamers want Intel and AMD to compete is because they want to buy Nvidia cards for cheaper, nothing will chamge until this mindset changes but it probably wont change in the near future

    • Anthony Schlessman
      Anthony Schlessman Hace un mes

      @tea&coffee Intel cpus are already competitive again and can be considered for budget builds, and besides there is no gpu war, it's like If the rebel alliance (amd) never got the death star plans

    • tea&coffee
      tea&coffee Hace un mes +2

      But this is what cracks me up is the fact that people want a new player in this gpu war but you really think Intel will be competitive with their prices once they can stand toe to toe with amds and nvidias latest cards? I think not.. just take one look at there cpus and this will give you an answer!

    • Anthony Schlessman
      Anthony Schlessman Hace un mes

      @tea&coffee first modern card, that was eons ago dude

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia Hace un mes +15

    Love how you guys throw linux news into the mix. I was wondering about the kernel compatibility. I was just about to google about it when Linus mentioned the 6.0 kernel compat. We are mainstream now which is great. Welcome to the family. FOSS is love.

  • Shinobi 272
    Shinobi 272 Hace un mes

    I just want the intel card to encourage them to keep going with the idea. I remember when the nvidia detonator 3 drivers doubled performance back in the old tnt2 days. Then as you said the amd drivers have gotten better recently. Those guys have had decades of experience in GPU manufacturing and tweaking while Intel's last attempt at a discreet graphics was the larabee which they gave up on before launching the thing. So they are making progress and who knows what they will pull out of their ass with the drivers in the near future.

  • MerkMD
    MerkMD Hace un mes

    While I really thankful for Intel to enter GPU market, Intel also need to know their place and price the product competitively too. Especially if Intel want customer to be tester for unrefined products. For me, any Arc GPU that price more than 70% of competitor model is unacceptable.

  • Hydro
    Hydro Hace un mes

    This is good either way. As time goes on, Intel will improve in the GPU scene and with that, hopefully the entire market will improve.

  • John McKeon
    John McKeon Hace un mes +348

    One thing I like is the tighter, sleeker form factor. Not bulky design. It would be really good for smaller cases especially if building your own system.

    • Karl W
      Karl W Hace un mes

      @Isaiah only in the last 2 gpu cycles could a 2 slot card ever be called "low profile" lmao

    • Digital_Jedi
      Digital_Jedi Hace un mes

      @Fyn Kozari You unfortunately can't have that design without going to water cooling on anything above a low-power card. What else would carry the heat away.
      Unless you mean doing a single-slot blower card, which would have to be very loud.

    • Fyn Kozari
      Fyn Kozari Hace un mes

      I prefer the thin liquid cooled gpu design, without the liquid. I only like CPU liquid cooler not GPU.

    • Digital_Jedi
      Digital_Jedi Hace un mes +1

      @LT Cuddles While the length is nothing special, this does appear to be a true 2-slot cooler. Most of the 3060s I can find are 2.5 slots.

    • LT Cuddles
      LT Cuddles Hace un mes +1

      Its definitely not that small vs the cards it actually goes up against. About the same so long as you don't get one with an insane cooler.

  • Aaron Carter
    Aaron Carter Hace un mes +1

    I kinda wanna get one of these and build fairly minimalist gaming system to test my code on and let my family and friends game on it (they can't touch my development machines lol). I'm impressed by the vectorized math Intel implemented. It's kind of like SSE/AVX and SIMD enhanced instruction sets for CPUs but at the GPU level.

  • Gaurav
    Gaurav Hace un mes

    tbh im seriously impressed with the integrated counterparts of intel graphics, they really improved them

  • web3 wizard
    web3 wizard Hace un mes

    They have been open sourcing their drivers since forever so Intel deserve the support in my opinion.

  • Iwantapplez109
    Iwantapplez109 Hace un mes +11

    Regarding the Linux kernel support, if you're running a rolling release bleeding edge distro, such as Arch, you'll probably get 6.0 quickly after its release. For more stable distros you will have to wait a little longer before an update comes out.

  • Jeff Ginger
    Jeff Ginger Hace un mes

    Alright, I can get on board with this, I want to help encourage competition. My media center machine, which mostly does video encoding and little in the way of games, was grandfathered an nVidia 1070. Is an Arc 580 a viable upgrade? I know they're not out yet but what do folks think?

  • Attrition
    Attrition Hace 27 días

    the fact that intel got started so strong/stable with their first generation has me hopeful for the more matured generations down the line. i think intel is going to be a real competitor in the future and that's huge, affordable gpus that perform similarly to gpus that the average person would buy really opens up more options for mid-end system builders

  • Supplice VI
    Supplice VI Hace un mes

    Even if I rock team red right now, I'm super happy they joined the competition and am pretty impressed by their first outing. This means Nvidia and AMD will both have to strive for better cards.
    And Nvidia might have to stop being jackasses with pricing.

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith Hace 26 días +7

    I just picked up an A750 today for a new PC build (paired with an i5 13600K). Not a super hardcore gamer, so I gave it a shot for basically the reasons you offered at the end. We’ll see how it goes!

    • w00vZ
      w00vZ Hace 5 días

      how did it go. im curious

  • doodskie999
    doodskie999 Hace un mes +983

    Man these will fly with budget builds. I hope intel puts a sizable dent into the GPU market so that Nvidia and AMD will get their heads out of their arses

    • Chad
      Chad Hace un mes

      @Egon Freeman I'm not sure which comment you replied to, ESclips doesn't even show that =/

    • Egon Freeman
      Egon Freeman Hace un mes

      @Lemon Zest Because they're powerful enough, and still 1/3rd the price of comparable "professional" stuff. Besides, you'd have to qualify who "they" are, because the people I know doing AI work aren't megacorporations, but 2-5-people teams with a vision (and a budget).

    • Egon Freeman
      Egon Freeman Hace un mes

      @Chad No, you seem to have missed the point. I fully expect these to not be competitors in the gaming market, is all. And since everyone proved to the GPU manufacturers and retailers that they ARE willing to pay 2x - 3x the price for gaming GPUs, why would they sell for less? This isn't the competition we're looking for.

    • Zach Clark
      Zach Clark Hace un mes

      @KontrolStyle the last high was around 320. I sold most of mine before that and I don't think it will get that high again but most project 250 and ya id be extremely happy with 250 too. The first time I got it was in the 70s back in 2018 but ya I don't think it will get that low. Lowest maybe 100.

    • plonk420
      plonk420 Hace un mes

      eh, i like my RX6600 (ish). luckily got it day 1 at MSRP ($330), and now it should be $250 or so. sadly, i want 6800 level perf, and Intel doesn't offer that. the AV1 encode is interesting, as someone who does several day long AV1 encodes, and while the AI stuff is interesting, my only use for it would be if a distributed computing project like something on BOINC were to utilize it as i don't have anything to use it on myself

  • Citizen3rased Gaming
    Citizen3rased Gaming Hace un mes

    I'd be interested to see how well they will support Linux Drivers.

  • YT-Samo_
    YT-Samo_ Hace un mes +2

    I love how good the ARC looks like, its so simple and modern

  • Nezza
    Nezza Hace un mes

    If this card's rtx capabilities pull through and it plays well with blender and other 3d software, perhaps this card could become a good cheap option for those looking to get into 3d modeling.

  • matrox58
    matrox58 Hace un mes +1

    Actually, I had BIG hopes for the Intel graphics cards.
    "Hey, finally something new is coming! 🙂"
    But the performance is just too bad for games. I don't do video editing where I have to render 40 Gb, also I do very little photo editing. (I'm all out when it comes to mining). My focus is more on gaming. And yes, I play a lot of CS GO with my friends, and I can't use low FPS there.
    When Intel is as far as Nvidia, you can consider buying an Intel card, but not like this. No matter if they only cost half now

  • Drob
    Drob Hace un mes +587

    Lets be honest, given the complexity of entering this space, we have to give credit to just how stable the drivers are and how well this thing seems to perform on their very first try. I really really hope they come out with a second generation that fixes a lot of the issues mentioned. It really seems to me like they have built a card for the future and not the past, which could mean over time it'll really become amazing

    • Gary B
      Gary B Hace un mes

      Intel's promising 2nd generation GPU should have been their first. This should have never been seen outside of their labs in its current state.
      Intel is a multibillion-dollar company selling multi-thousand dollar processors some north of $20k each.
      They did not have to release this gpu yet. Doing so indicates either an act of desperation or greed.

    • Gork Skoal
      Gork Skoal Hace un mes

      other than how they've made GPUs before?

    • Gary B
      Gary B Hace un mes

      @Pavel Pivovarov Card for card, the worst thing going for Intel is buggy drivers. AMD faced this years ago with their GCN cards. I haven't read a reviewer that didn't have glitches with Intel ARC somewhere in the review process.
      This tell me that many games throughout your play may experience some type of glitch or performance issue before completion. Gamers are basically beta testers.
      To me this is a no-go, regardless of Intel's performance. Then the fact that you can get AMD cards that equal or improve performance at lower prices makes Intel ARC a definite "No"
      I don't appreciate these ESclips influencers (Intel lovers) reviewing ARC not emphasizing the frustration of gaming, or encoding video with a glitchy card. You'll be pulling your hair out your entire time of ownership. They almost never get the drivers completely right before their next generation of cards. You will simply be waiting for driver updates with bated breath just to be disappointed.
      I've been there done that, won't do it again.

    • Gary B
      Gary B Hace un mes

      @Pavel Pivovarov Again, I was only explaining, buyers today looking for a graphics card, between the three manufacturers. It's not fair to say that AMD was forcing buyers to buy a new motherboard with PCIE5.
      Any of the 2000 and 3000 series cards suitable to Intel ARC performance comparison contains the same PCIe4 slot compatibility.
      ARC is cleaning up fast enough to compare with AMD's future cards which will require PCIe5. 5
      I didn't mention RDNA1 because most entry level buyers today will find the performance and price they're looking for in AMD's current cards. No reviewers on youtube are comparing it to RDNA1 cards.

    • Pavel Pivovarov
      Pavel Pivovarov Hace un mes

      @Gary B oh, I've got your point, but honestly it doesn't feel like Intel is delivering up to RTX3000/RX6000 though, and more inline with older RX5000 series instead.
      I understand that AI cores, RT and PCIE5 makes them look like current AMD gen, but that seems like more AMD's issue rather than Intel's win. Both RT and AI cores were the RTX2000 line features, and A770 seems to be targeted to RTX2070 rather than RTX3060 (judging by the name and performance).
      PCIE5 also doesn't benefit Intel GPUs as they wouldn't be bus limited even on PCIE3x16 anyways.

  • Tathar
    Tathar Hace un mes

    11:28 This is *much* less of an issue than it would sound like to someone outside of the Linux ecosystem. Kernel 6.0 is just what would have been 5.20 if other-Linus didn't hate the number, and it's already possible to install the driver on older kernels. It's a better experience out of the box if you have it, but you can work around it easily enough.

  • Unity Alpha
    Unity Alpha Hace un mes

    I think Intel can pull it off especially if they are going for the budget option. If they can sort out their issues with some driver updates. I can see these cards being viable budget options.

  • ANJ_
    ANJ_ Hace un mes

    So I love what Intel is doing and I would be willing to give these GPUs a shot, but I need some input. I'm currently on a RTX2070 and with the way nvidia cards are going, I would hold off on upgrading or I'd get a used 30 series. Do you guys think I'm in a good position to try out the arc cards? would going from a 2070 to the ARC be worth the shot? I play all sorts of games, CS included, I do a lot of rendering in AE and Blender and Premiere and also do a lot of streaming. Thoughts guys? give it a go?

  • SteveD
    SteveD Hace un mes +3

    I really like the exterior design of these cards. Nice and simple.

  • Yash Khd
    Yash Khd Hace un mes +565

    By looking at the transistor count and process node there is very high probability that in a year or two as Intel optimize and stabilize their driver stack they will extract excellent performance from ARC.
    Edit: bunch of additional points based on below replies
    => Yes Game engines also will be optimized for ARC as time goes. This is classic chicken egg problem. Game engine devs can't spend time until there is at least average ARC customers.
    => Being a software dev I'm very much aware about how complex graphics driver stack can be. I would definitely give credit to Intel of bringing at least this level of stability for the brand new product which is directly trying to bite 3070 territory.
    =>Doesn't matter how much money u through at driver development teams it's gonna take its time to stabilize. This is time problem not a money problem.
    => Nvidia and AMD will also move up but who said Intel won't move up. Once their driver stack is solid launching new stable products will be lot easier for them.

    • Steel String
      Steel String Hace un mes

      @Mayur Vashishth If hardware problems were the main issue, DX11 performance would be similar to DX12 and Vulkan in a lot more titles.

    • Misty Kathrine
      Misty Kathrine Hace un mes

      @Mayur Vashishth Yep, I think in a year or so it very well could.

    • Mayur Vashishth
      Mayur Vashishth Hace un mes +1

      @Misty Kathrine based on A770's transistor count it should be at par with RTX 3070. Let's see if Intel can match that.

    • Misty Kathrine
      Misty Kathrine Hace un mes

      @Girvo Just a youtuber named "Moore's Law is Dead", who has been caught lying on multiple occasions. Nobody who should be seriously listened to in the tech space.

    • Misty Kathrine
      Misty Kathrine Hace un mes

      @Mayur Vashishth "People", a single youtuber who is known liar doesn't count as "people".

  • Ota Sojka
    Ota Sojka Hace un mes

    I read somewhere that Intel has prepared a very interesting benefit program for 750 and 770 cards where part of the price includes a package with games of great value, I don't know exactly what price now. Anyway, if I didn't need a card to work in UE5 right now, I would buy the Intel one quietly even with the risk that the product will flop on the market. Plus the guy behind the RDNA architecture is now at Intel so I think it will be good competition and there will be a next generation of cards coming that will already be much more optimized.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Hace un mes

    Intel actually has an excellent future in the GPU market if they just keep at it.

  • Concave Man
    Concave Man Hace 10 días

    Although im a die hard AMD guy i grew up on Intel machines and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I want Intel to become the middle ground between AMD and NVIDIA. I think this would allow AMD to become the king of "the bang for the buck" Nvidia to lead the "cutting edge" crowd and Intel can combine the best of both

  • Noah Seltzer
    Noah Seltzer Hace un mes

    I’d love to see laptop gpu prices fall like a rock over this

  • ProjectPhysX
    ProjectPhysX Hace un mes +388

    A770 16GB for $349 is a damn good offer for scientific compute with OpenCL where you need the VRAM. 16GB has never been cheaper, and for that price the A770 has zero competition in the market. Radeon VII was 2x that price. Looking forward to get more VRAM on the cheap!

    • Natural Causes
      Natural Causes Hace un mes

      @MrPaxio no

    • MrPaxio
      MrPaxio Hace un mes

      @ProjectPhysX yeah slower, but if time is money you imply this is a company doing fluid dynamic simulations, they can afford a couple tax deductible titans. if time is of the essence, then money isnt. plus isnt this suppose to be a gaming line of products? why are they focusing on simulations and encoding. that is such a tiny percentage of the market share. for $400 you can get two used 1080s and have 22gb of vram. plus this intel vram prob slow asf

    • sporadicfarts
      sporadicfarts Hace un mes +1

      @ProjectPhysX That sounds great! I'll say the ones I observe aren't exactly academics who are doing bleeding edge ML or computation/simulation research. They are maybe chemists, micro-biologists and engineers, "non-ML" academics who are trying to apply some ML techniques to solve a problem in their fields. They don't have much experience in coding and Matlab is probably the only thing they'll bother to use. A lot of them will be following some guide they found online so if most of the material out there uses CUDA, CUDA will be what they use. With the ongoing hype for ML/AI, there will be a lot of "solutions looking for problems" and people dipping their toes into GPGPU application this way.

    • sporadicfarts
      sporadicfarts Hace un mes +1

      ​@Neolexious Neolexian I do recognise those project and the excellent work done with and by them. Just sharing what I'm seeing anectodally. And I think it's not just me given how dominant CUDA is. There are a lot of academics who care about open-source but there are also a lot who just want something that allows them to meet their publication KPIs. It'd be great if OpenCL vs CUDA can end like how Freesync did with Gsync, but I'm not sure if that'll be anytime soon.
      Having more open systems for research and laboratory testing is definitely a good thing. There is also a similar issue in medical devices. Vendors are locking off their products and making massive margins because most of the users in these spaces are funded by governments and multinationals.

    • ProjectPhysX
      ProjectPhysX Hace un mes +5

      @sporadicfarts often times, academics write their own software to avoid crazy expensive licenses and slow software. For my research, no other CFD software could do the job in time. Even Ansys, which is $120k/license, is about a factor 200 slower than my own software on the same hardware. We researchers don't have an infinite money supply for overpriced software and Quadro/Tesla GPUs, and even more we don't have infinite time to wait for painfully slow software like MATLAB. Competitively priced gaming GPUs benefit us too.

  • M Wyson
    M Wyson Hace 3 días +1

    I refuse to pay more for a graphics card than I did for my big screen TV! The market has desperately needed more competition. GPU's have been way overpriced for too long!

  • Cooks With Spoons
    Cooks With Spoons Hace 23 días

    I wonder if NVIDIA would ever consider making their own line of x86 CPUs?

  • Nero Cladius
    Nero Cladius Hace un mes

    never expected myself to root for intel soo much haha
    hope they pressure the others to start selling their gpus at actual msrp

  • DrDepper LP
    DrDepper LP Hace un mes

    Now that used prices for the 3070 is finally low I just upgraded. This will be my first NVIDIA card too as I have always been team red, but I couldn't justify the used price of a 6800xt vs the 3070 when the 3070 used was $100 cheaper with similar performance. Would have been interesting to get this card as I only do 1080p gaming anyways, but I guess I'll have to wait to see what next gen holds!

  • LifeOnHigh
    LifeOnHigh Hace un mes

    The GPUs definitely have potential, however the translation from earlier DX to DX12 is going to REALLY drag them down. Old games are being reintroduced because new games have been absolute horrendous piles of flaming trash. Theyll need to provide better support in some way some how.

    GREENBAY Hace un mes

    Intel and nvidia must work together. For new high end products

  • Avana
    Avana Hace un mes

    I am definitely buying an Intel GPU as my next one if they price them like they've said they will, and as long as they actually compete. The industry really needs a new competitor because Nvidia prices are getting ridiculous for the average consumer. If they are as good in practice as on paper, Intel's next few generations could be crazy good.

  • PS Patel
    PS Patel Hace un mes

    When it comes to high end game, I prefer getting the best card I can afford and it so happens that I can shell around 1400 + for the best cards around which happens to be either AMD or NVIDIA. I am not a fan of any specific company per say, but I care about what I see on screen while I play the game I love.

  • M
    M Hace un mes +743

    They would've had a massive market share if they released these a year ago.

    • Jeff
      Jeff Hace un mes

      @jojivlogs_ If you have increased demand... what by process of elimination do you also have? Not enough supply.

    • jojivlogs_
      jojivlogs_ Hace un mes +4

      @Jeff in nvidia and amd executives own words, they were producing more gpus during the shortage than they ever had before. also nvidia announced post-crypto crash that they have an excess of gpus, which strongly suggests it wasnt a lack of materials to make the product that was the main problem, it was large scale mining and scalping.

    • Benjamin Oechsli
      Benjamin Oechsli Hace un mes

      They made 4 million of these cards by their own admission. That's not insignificant, but it's a whole lot less than how much of Ampere and RDNA 2 were made. So "massive" market share is probably an exaggeration.

    • Fyn Kozari
      Fyn Kozari Hace un mes +3

      Somebody needs to put Nvidia in its place. So greedy.

    • C. Ö.
      C. Ö. Hace un mes

      No, point blank a no. What is the percentage of vulkan to dx11 game ratio? 90% of all games I ever played are dx11 and lower. A card that costs less, yet delivers half or less performance in dx11 or lower is a joke and should then cost nothing more than 150 bucks or so and even then I could go and buy a used gpu that probably delivers better performance. Remember, Linus is a goddamn joke for that yt video title. A company is not your friend, especially one like Intel, that has enough money to first make enough research to develop proper drivers, including dx whatever to deliver same performance on all levels, before entering a market. YOU SHOULD NOT support a company that delivers A LOT less on an already advanced market, this is not a Startup where you could justify your support for a first gen shitty product.

  • Error Creator
    Error Creator Hace un mes

    performance per $ is really good. hope they can stay alive to push Nvidia and AMD to more performance per $ too. I.E lower prices.

  • Tenvis
    Tenvis Hace un mes +2

    Honestly glad to see Intel entering the ring to give Nvidia and AMD some needed competition.

  • Jake
    Jake Hace un mes +1

    If I wasn't broke then I'd buy one immediately. There's been so much hype around them because of how much work they put into the linux drivers

  • Noob Noob News
    Noob Noob News Hace un mes

    It looks to me that intels card has a software barrier. From a hardware standpoint it is fine. This means that direct x 12 optimization in software might actually do some good.

  • Benjamin Dover
    Benjamin Dover Hace un mes +279

    Honestly at it’s price point it’s still very compelling. Back in my day you could build a whole high end functional PC for under 1,000 dollars. Nvidia has gotten out of control with their pricing and a third option is sorely needed.
    Ten to fifteen years ago if you told someone you paid over 1,000 dollars for a video card they’d probably laugh because it’s absolutely absurd. It’s still absurd it’s just that people have grown to accept it for some reason.

    • JC BOY
      JC BOY Hace un mes

      They did not compare it to the 6600 xt and 6650 xt which is actually better similarly priced to the ARC gpus, the actual competition of these gpus.

    • Dizzeke
      Dizzeke Hace un mes

      uh housing lol

    • selohcin
      selohcin Hace un mes

      @Benjamin Dover You would think.

    • Chuuya
      Chuuya Hace un mes

      I remember buying a 7970Ghz Edition for like 400€ just a month after it dropped. To this day, it was my favourite tech purchase of all time. I'm still sad it was one of the victims of my power supply going up in flames. I then bought the EVGA 1070 which I still use to this day. But even back then in 2016 you could feel the rise in prices. 499$ msrp for a top tier card in 2012 and 4 years later it was already 599$ for the 1080...

    • Benjamin Dover
      Benjamin Dover Hace un mes

      @Loner Nahh I’m just a Millennial. The boomers sure enjoy and appreciate it though.

  • Richard Servello
    Richard Servello Hace un mes

    I’m really looking forward to them announcing a real gpu. This is promising. We need someone to take nvidia down.

  • JCV
    JCV Hace un mes

    Cmon, this is amazing news..3rd big name in the GPU industry, plus for their 1st gen product, we have to say its pretty darn good. It can only get better from here. Watch this space.