David Yates talks Doctor Who, Your Voice in My Head with Emma Watson

  • Publicado el 30 mar 2012
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  • RachaelA2010
    RachaelA2010 Hace 7 meses

    I'm sad YVIMH never happened :(

  • Unlimited Rice pudding
    Unlimited Rice pudding Hace 7 meses

    its been 7 years now

  • Unlimited Rice pudding
    Unlimited Rice pudding Hace 2 años

    2 years to go

  • Un coeur
    Un coeur Hace 6 años

    Eww, no. David Yates ruined HP. Now he's going to ruin DW too... gross, go away, Yates.

  • Jayasolo3
    Jayasolo3 Hace 7 años

    Dw is just not a tv show that needs a movie. Its been fine on its own for years the last movie they tried to make flopped. There will continuity errors and no one will understand it if it's a movie, I fear.

  • randomdreamer01
    randomdreamer01 Hace 7 años

    Please, Yates, leave off Doctor Who

  • biblegirl
    biblegirl Hace 7 años

    5 to 6 years! Not what I wanted to hear :(

  • darryl appleby
    darryl appleby Hace 7 años

    wtf, hope that dick dont make it. hope no1 does