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  • Furious Pete
    Furious Pete  Hace 11 meses +2901

    I should have got 2 diet cokes...
    (our understanding was/is that each sticker has a 1 in 5 chance of winning)

    • migxweed3 coloardo
      migxweed3 coloardo Hace 8 días

      You should have bought 50 fries at one spot and another 50 at a different spot

    • Cabbit
      Cabbit Hace 28 días

      1 in 5 is probably referring to winning free food.
      I have heard that pieces are regional, that you'll get the same 2 pieces for each color, no matter which McDonald's you go to in your region.

    • Bodarious Bruh
      Bodarious Bruh Hace un mes

      that is absolutely not how odds work. you do know there are laws in place with promotions like these right?

    • thebloc
      thebloc Hace 2 meses

      Thats not how odds work. This is a classic mistake. 1 out of 5 chance doesnt mean youll win for sure once every 5 stickers it means every sticker you have one out of 5 chances for it to be a winner.

  • Biffcheese Spinoccoli
    Biffcheese Spinoccoli Hace 2 días

    Bet that Daily Beast article pissed you off. Whole game was rigged by one guy who didn’t even work for McDonald’s.

  • Beth Smith
    Beth Smith Hace 3 días

    You should move to Oregon where there is no taxes you will save money

  • Matija Tijanić
    Matija Tijanić Hace 3 días


  • Grace Chin
    Grace Chin Hace 4 días

    he ordered 100 fucking fries yet it wasn't served well becoz the fries weren't filled fully..... damn!!!!!!!! im so pissed. like? what the fuck.....give justice to the money the guy had spent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Riley Duong
    Riley Duong Hace 4 días

    Am I only the only one who wanted to see him eat the fries?

  • Blake Gibbons
    Blake Gibbons Hace 5 días

    What's your girl on? 😂

  • Lorrd
    Lorrd Hace 5 días

    I’d tag ur bitch

  • migxweed3 coloardo
    migxweed3 coloardo Hace 8 días

    To pay 340 fucking dollars and them not fill up the boxes with fries not cool

  • Baby Gwen
    Baby Gwen Hace 8 días +3

    she bothers me

  • Adam 4trance
    Adam 4trance Hace 8 días


  • Peter Zingler
    Peter Zingler Hace 8 días

    Better order 100burgers you can eat them the Next day at least

  • XtendoTyT
    XtendoTyT Hace 9 días

    They don't put winners at the same Mcdonald's or even same state I don't think they even release one of the board walks at all

  • yoyo29873
    yoyo29873 Hace 10 días

    THERE IS ONLY 99.999999999999999999999

  • BanCampersGaming
    BanCampersGaming Hace 10 días

    BMW i8 in the back lol

  • Khaled Albader
    Khaled Albader Hace 10 días

    when he was first ordering you could see that it was not 100 but 99 boxes of fries

  • Flop Tart
    Flop Tart Hace 10 días

    Unfortunate that the game was rigged

  • LikeAWarrixr
    LikeAWarrixr Hace 11 días


  • MrTips82
    MrTips82 Hace 13 días

    That's liberties brov! They probably got boxes of different ones so they know what your getting lol like most things it's rigged!! Hope your doing well to mate!! All the best! Bless up scene... 😉👌

  • InfestedChris
    InfestedChris Hace 15 días

    Did they not fill the fries all the way? or did Pete just dig in on the way home? You know you reached in the back seat and stuffed your face. ^_^

  • So Ronery
    So Ronery Hace 15 días

    Hated the monopoly game at Mc Donald’s. You never win, and it was just their way to get your money and dominate the fast food chain.

  • Mr Pizza man 54
    Mr Pizza man 54 Hace 17 días

    For some reason I e always wanted to eat 10 Big Macs from McDonalds

  • Tolga Oruc
    Tolga Oruc Hace 17 días

    U are so cool bro can u shout me out in your next video

  • Cash Cardinal
    Cash Cardinal Hace 18 días

    They jipped you on fries...

  • IDoNoTkNoW
    IDoNoTkNoW Hace 18 días

    The monopoly game is rigged and the fbi did an investigation on it...no one ever won

  • thefalloutnerd 55
    thefalloutnerd 55 Hace 20 días

    Sufries motherf***er

  • Bruce London
    Bruce London Hace 21 un día

    Pete if you would have went to different McDonald's you probably would have won they never send the same amount of stickers out the way you can win from one store

  • Ivon Monjaras
    Ivon Monjaras Hace 24 días

    Wtf click bate asf

  • Chyleen Lopez
    Chyleen Lopez Hace 25 días

    Me in kindergarten.
    "Not A hundred, how many hundreds?"
    "One hundred."
    "One hundred what? What are we talking about?"
    "One hundred orders of french fries."
    In kindergarten!

  • Dragon DLuffy
    Dragon DLuffy Hace 25 días

    Lol people, there is 202 pieces not 100,202, its 202 pieces 202🤗

  • ElyssaAnderson
    ElyssaAnderson Hace 25 días +1

    Every McDonald's I've been to in the U.S. stuffs the fries so full they're falling out. You got thieved on. 😉

  • Marshall Strickland
    Marshall Strickland Hace 28 días

    Canadian Monopoly has airplanes? Learned something new.

  • Ya boy nick
    Ya boy nick Hace 28 días

    I eat 2 large fries and I can’t get a boner I wanna know what would happen if I eat 100😎

  • kimberly baez
    kimberly baez Hace 29 días

    Love The Poop Pillow 💩

  • c o
    c o Hace un mes

    Dude you are crazy i love it.looool

  • Natalie Alvarez
    Natalie Alvarez Hace un mes

    dawg they skimped you on filling them

  • Fred W
    Fred W Hace un mes

    This video has 100k likes. How coincidental

  • Michael Mcintyre
    Michael Mcintyre Hace un mes

    Ordered a 100 lrg fries and actual got 10 lrg whole orders of fries

  • Trent Sendah
    Trent Sendah Hace un mes

    If I was the person at the drive thru and I heard that order, this would be my face😤😤😤😱

  • Tyler Neisinger
    Tyler Neisinger Hace un mes +1

    some of them fries are skimpy asf

  • Emily Galindo
    Emily Galindo Hace un mes

    Wow I thot you were going to eat theme

  • II MiaMoo07 II
    II MiaMoo07 II Hace un mes

    I would KILL for a beard like dat 🙏🙏😂

  • Alan E. Morfe
    Alan E. Morfe Hace un mes

    I wasted so much time

  • Lost One
    Lost One Hace un mes

    They shorted the crap out of you on each one of them fries they're only half full lol cheap ass McDonald's

  • matan yacoby
    matan yacoby Hace un mes

    1:18 you can see from the window a bmw i8

  • nathan martin
    nathan martin Hace un mes

    Should have gone to 5 different stores. They prob carry different stickers

  • nathan martin
    nathan martin Hace un mes

    That diet coke had me LOLING

  • Sarkazz Vlogs
    Sarkazz Vlogs Hace un mes +1

    lol lol --call a half an hour in advance wow

  • Your boi doge Playz Roblox

    I live in niagara falls 😎😃

  • Carme Vasquez
    Carme Vasquez Hace un mes

    Umm you were not gonna eat it whaaaaat thhhhhe fuck bitch

  • ChaoticSaber-REDSHADOWHAWK69

    Literally eats like 10-20 fries

  • M Math
    M Math Hace un mes

    And the dog ate cold fries for the next week......

    MÃRRÏÛM KHÅÑ Hace un mes

    Why u didn't eat 👊

  • Aaron Gordon
    Aaron Gordon Hace un mes

    I guess they don't know how to fill up the large fry cups in Canada just like here in the states. I hate how shady McDonald's is with the fry cups. They only fill them half way.

  • Will Riley
    Will Riley Hace un mes

    Damn taxes suck where you live

  • Daniel May
    Daniel May Hace un mes

    Is that like $1,000 dollars worth of overpriced McDonalds fries?

  • Diana
    Diana Hace un mes

    they’re not evn filled half way

  • Lauren Lee
    Lauren Lee Hace un mes

    Love the beard!!

  • Spacejam69
    Spacejam69 Hace un mes

    in canada that would cost you about 500$ ...5$ for large fries roughly maybe $4ish x 100 boxes of fritters...yeah ur loookin at 500-550 after tax lol

  • Hayden Linehan
    Hayden Linehan Hace un mes

    Hi great vid

  • Joker
    Joker Hace un mes

    I Would have brought all those fries back look at that shit only half full!

  • Drych
    Drych Hace un mes

    It triggers me that nobody appears to know how probability works

  • Anthony Ashley Cooper
    Anthony Ashley Cooper Hace un mes

    africa would have ate those monopoly cards

  • David RIley
    David RIley Hace un mes

    why minimum of 40 wins? you dont understand variability very well...there is no minimum.....

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne Hace un mes

    Good god I'm jelly.

  • Aditi charvi channel
    Aditi charvi channel Hace un mes

    Please don't shout

  • Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas Hace un mes

    You know all the fries where cold before he got them

  • Vaping Fanatic
    Vaping Fanatic Hace un mes

    iIt's one in five per item, not per piece!!

  • Vaping Fanatic
    Vaping Fanatic Hace un mes

    Uh the odds is one in five, so that would be 20 winners, you won more than the odds, dumb af....lol

  • Peter Popoff
    Peter Popoff Hace un mes

    340 on fries and McDonald's filled them half I would be pissed

  • sean m
    sean m Hace un mes

    It was generous for mcdonalds to fill the fry containers up half way and not full

  • Jay Mota
    Jay Mota Hace un mes +1

    Anyone see how all the fries arnt even full!!!!! Bad service to that MDstore

  • Matthew Dzurek
    Matthew Dzurek Hace un mes

    I think you have to order the burgers that are part of the monopoly game. Pretty much the most expensive item in the contest will get you the best chance of hitting the board pieces

  • 0dDbalL 1138
    0dDbalL 1138 Hace un mes

    I aint gonna say you wasted em, im gonna say you got shafted by McDonald's!!! 90 percent of those fries were barely half full!!!

  • Atrophy Queen
    Atrophy Queen Hace un mes

    also just let me say you have almost no hope of winning unless you go to multiple mcds. They know what they ae doing and wont send any type of winners to just one mcds. go to at least 4 different ones and you might something worth while kind of maybe. they don't want you to win because it costs them money.

  • Atrophy Queen
    Atrophy Queen Hace un mes

    the people who filled your frys suck ass cuz most of them looked half empty. Fuck those cheap workers. My store owner told me that the average profit from one truck shipment of fries was enough to buy a new car every 6 months and that's just the fries. mind you each truck at our store has about 30 cases of fries and each case has six bags of fries and each bag of fries makes about 8 large fries and each large fry is sold for about 2 bucks.

  • Atrophy Queen
    Atrophy Queen Hace un mes

    Does furious Pete make anyone elses lady business tingle? I don't want to be too dirty but he is a handsome man.

  • Grey and blue
    Grey and blue Hace un mes

    “You a liar McDonald’s!!!”
    He sound like Cartmen 😂😂😂 10:26


    I live in Canada once I saw you at Costco and I was gonna come to you but you were taking a picture with a little girl and you left and l didn't get my chance I'm 9 years old

  • LipRipper Waters
    LipRipper Waters Hace un mes

    but they made there money back plus some making this video lol...

  • steve ramirez
    steve ramirez Hace un mes

    I love you bro literally just subscribed and im bing watching all youre videos

  • Kenneth Gross
    Kenneth Gross Hace un mes

    1 out of 5 .... 100 fries.... That's 20 prizes my friend not 40 ...nobody here knows basic math huh?

  • JoshTDS!
    JoshTDS! Hace un mes

    100000 liker

  • dragonore2009
    dragonore2009 Hace un mes

    Thank you for not being an asshole when they said it will take a half hour. When I worked it McDonald's awhile back, we would occasionally have people who would get big orders and then be angry when the order would take awhile as if we are God and poof your food is made in one minute.

  • Hort inger
    Hort inger Hace un mes

    surprise motherf*****
    some fries motherf*****

  • Sam Burroughes
    Sam Burroughes Hace 2 meses

    1 in 5 means you should win 20 times not forty!

  • JeMarcus Bridges
    JeMarcus Bridges Hace 2 meses

    JoJo did it

  • Matt Yust
    Matt Yust Hace 2 meses

    I think there is only one way to win the grand prize but that game piece us very likely thrown away by people never even peeling off the best part. Some dude actually got busted who worked for McDonald's for dealing out big instant winning pieces to friends and family.

  • Safi and sami Vlogs
    Safi and sami Vlogs Hace 2 meses

    o dafa ho

  • nemesis t3ddi
    nemesis t3ddi Hace 2 meses

    1 in 5 fries, not 1 in 5 peels, thus the 23 you received is accurate to that ratio

  • Charles Celestial
    Charles Celestial Hace 2 meses


  • Charles Celestial
    Charles Celestial Hace 2 meses

    im new

  • Charles Celestial
    Charles Celestial Hace 2 meses

    why u dont eat fk you

  • Micro Helx
    Micro Helx Hace 2 meses

    My cat subscribed to the chanell

  • jason Mcd
    jason Mcd Hace 2 meses

    would love too know how much you made off this video with over 4 million views.an investment of $400.and made.???.anyone a rough guess.

  • Maltese Jaffa's
    Maltese Jaffa's Hace 2 meses

    Oh man I can't believe you had to wait half an hour.. It's called fast food right?
    You could have played this and they might have been on the ball

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones Hace 2 meses

    You got to buy a few at a couple different McDonald's. Maybe even go to a different town

  • koila maoh
    koila maoh Hace 2 meses

    That laugh she does when you order diet soda....

  • Zee Loves
    Zee Loves Hace 2 meses

    well at least u get Adsense back lmao u made 4K

  • Gregory Yee
    Gregory Yee Hace 2 meses

    You did monetize this video, 5-15 cents in CAD with 4.2 million views. You probably got your money's worth