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  • Furious Pete
    Furious Pete  Hace 8 meses +2829

    I should have got 2 diet cokes...
    (our understanding was/is that each sticker has a 1 in 5 chance of winning)

    • krishnaveer Bhugbuth
      krishnaveer Bhugbuth Hace 23 días

      How did you get so much fries and you could share some to me

    • John Hull
      John Hull Hace 2 meses

      Austin Boland McDonald's is hiring

    • Soulsreaper
      Soulsreaper Hace 2 meses

      u should have sold all the non food ones on ebay for a buck to re coop some of ur losses

    • crunchpodx
      crunchpodx Hace 2 meses

      But there was 202 stickers if you bother to pay attention.

  • Mingan Lunaris
    Mingan Lunaris Hace 5 días

    as a Mcdonalds worker I hate you so much, but as a fellow foodie I really admire your drive.

  • Antweezy
    Antweezy Hace 9 días

    In America, those would not be large fries...

  • Jessica Walters
    Jessica Walters Hace 9 días


  • Andyroo Geo
    Andyroo Geo Hace 10 días

    dale boone is a cheather

  • ArticM0de
    ArticM0de Hace 12 días

    this is why u get cancer pete ... outrages amount of junk food..

  • Urban Kitsune
    Urban Kitsune Hace 15 días

    Lottery: McDonalds style

  • Dhara Patel
    Dhara Patel Hace 16 días

    He looks like mon el from supergirl

  • Vanessa Varela
    Vanessa Varela Hace 20 días

    He's so handsome 😍

  • Yung Tsahr Official
    Yung Tsahr Official Hace 21 un día

    Why do people at the drive through always sound the same

  • Beto Espinoza
    Beto Espinoza Hace 21 un día

    McDonalds sucks period

  • Vanessa Reyna
    Vanessa Reyna Hace 22 días

    I don't understand this monopoly language lol

  • Tony Feltman
    Tony Feltman Hace 22 días

    I like how the chick goes white to black faster then mock 7 🤔

  • bo jackson
    bo jackson Hace 24 días

    spends 340$ on fries
    makes 4000$ on youtube video...
    i always knew mcdonalds was a good investment.
    it was "an awesome video" so that IS what you have to show for it. good man.

  • ninja boy
    ninja boy Hace 24 días

    That’s cool

  • ninja boy
    ninja boy Hace 24 días


  • ninja boy
    ninja boy Hace 24 días


  • alex ferreira
    alex ferreira Hace 25 días +1

    bro i would be pissed if someone came and ordered an 100 fry order through DRIVE THRU. at least come to the front lmao. 100 french fries is a huge inventory of the store and could fuck up service to everyone else for about 30 mins. dont get mad at them for not filling them up all the way lmao

  • 247 Season
    247 Season Hace 25 días


  • Bullet-Catcher
    Bullet-Catcher Hace 28 días

    I Always thought that the USA was cheaper then the UK, it would only cost $199 dollars to buy 100 Large Fries here in the UK.

  • OliShaan
    OliShaan Hace un mes

    Those fries aren't even half full wtf.

  • shay warrior
    shay warrior Hace un mes

    it is a great video how mcdonalds shorts the fry packages.,. you might have gotten 50 fries.

  • GrizzleyBear
    GrizzleyBear Hace un mes

    Oh and don't give me that "cold mcd fries are gross" You think any homeless peeps at a shelter would turn that down?? That's fucked up

  • GrizzleyBear
    GrizzleyBear Hace un mes

    So umm.. what happened with the next vid? Damn that was alot of food. Could have hooked up some peeps! Wth dood

  • Trash Human
    Trash Human Hace un mes

    That cashier was probly like wtf

  • Donovan Pitts
    Donovan Pitts Hace un mes

    Who else thought he was going to eat all those fries

  • cloudsweapon567
    cloudsweapon567 Hace un mes

    20 years ago my friend stole 1000 empty large get cartons and won a couple free drinks

  • Madina Dak
    Madina Dak Hace un mes

    And plus i LIKED and SUBSCRIBED!!!!

  • Madina Dak
    Madina Dak Hace un mes

    I like your vlogs because yo dont west the food ☺

  • Matthew Slipy
    Matthew Slipy Hace un mes +1

    You got ripped off. There not even full .

  • Debo Ko
    Debo Ko Hace un mes +1

    Dang those fries should be cold

  • Animation Unknown
    Animation Unknown Hace un mes

    I take one thing of french fries and pour the whole thing in my mouth in one bite.

  • Zsolt Dano
    Zsolt Dano Hace un mes

    he is freaking rich

  • Brandon Proshek
    Brandon Proshek Hace un mes +1

    It was over one in five. Any
    Wins over 20 is accurate out of 100

  • ArkBoii Gaming
    ArkBoii Gaming Hace un mes


  • dubla321
    dubla321 Hace un mes

    first thing, those got cold fast id know i worked at mcds for 5 years. secodly those are NOT large. mcdonalds teachs employees to pinch the middle of the fry box so the box appears to be full when it is not. again i worked there for a long time and fuck mcdonalds for this because i love their fries..

  • Rickety
    Rickety Hace un mes

    The McDonald's Monopoly game is a racket. You technically can win stuff, but they send certain stickers to one location/city so that you'll get two out of the three needed to win and then the last one you need gets sent to another location/city. In the US they send different ones to different states and sometimes they separate them by region in the entire country. If you want to win, you gotta travel my friend.

  • Chris Silva
    Chris Silva Hace un mes

    He could have just paid for the boxes instead of wasting all those fries.

  • dino lean
    dino lean Hace un mes +1

    Fat man

  • Glenn De Jong
    Glenn De Jong Hace un mes

    You got ripped off with the half empty packets of chips.

  • Sins Greed
    Sins Greed Hace un mes

    i thoght u were gonna eat them

  • Sins Greed
    Sins Greed Hace un mes

    Video could have been 5 minutes

  • Coco Jay/ C j Miller
    Coco Jay/ C j Miller Hace un mes

    I srsly could EAT that all me love Fries

  • Leroy Shipp
    Leroy Shipp Hace un mes

    Umm.. yeah. .I would like to order 2 quarter pounders with cheese a large fries..Umm a apple pie and a large diet coke please. Lol

  • John East
    John East Hace un mes

    fris over priced should have been only around 1.89 per not 2.99 wow

  • Reuben Hodgins
    Reuben Hodgins Hace un mes

    I think McDonald's french fries shrink over time… Maybe that's why they looked less than half full. Did you know that you can smoke a french fry? Just put a lighter to the end of it and inhale. Food for thought

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow Hace un mes

    McDonalds will say 1 in 5 chance to win spread across all the products that carry the stamps. Thereby reducing your chances of winning if you purchase only 1 product, such as the fries. I'd wager on that

  • Isabela Gonzales
    Isabela Gonzales Hace un mes

    In the Philippines, we have BFF Fries which is basically two large fries in one single container

  • Master Race
    Master Race Hace un mes

    Am I missing something?
    You keep saying one in five out of 100 equals 40.. How does that make sense?

  • CryptoKnight10
    CryptoKnight10 Hace un mes

    Dumb fucks eat Mc donalds poison food!!!!!

  • Adam Senosk
    Adam Senosk Hace un mes

    she ruins the video!!!

  • niamy1
    niamy1 Hace un mes

    It's 1/5 per item not per ticket. Says so in the fine print.

  • Kell Brigan
    Kell Brigan Hace un mes

    I was kind of bummed out that I blew a hundred and twenty bucks on a set of kitchen chairs that it turns out I hate. I feel better now.

  • The Can80an
    The Can80an Hace un mes

    Might have had better luck if you went to 10 different stores and got 10 fries there. But then again, you wouldn't have had the LOLs of ordering 100 fries. Where in Canada was this?

  • StayStrong
    StayStrong Hace un mes

    At 6:30, she sounded like the Waterboy.

  • Kelvin Broder
    Kelvin Broder Hace un mes

    Where are the fries? You got jipped.

  • Arthur - Pass the Catsup! - Spooner

    Looks like 70 orders of fries in 100 boxes.

  • Mike
    Mike Hace un mes

    Those larger fries weren’t full 😂

  • Max Ly
    Max Ly Hace un mes

    How much did you eat while you were a kid...’

  • Jannie227
    Jannie227 Hace un mes

    hi guys, love your video. just wondering what color your walls are as I am attempting to pick a paint for my house and can't find what I want. Really like your choice. thanks.

  • The Traveler
    The Traveler Hace 2 meses

    Well, that makes me feel much better that I don't even peel those damned things of when I get them.

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker Hace 2 meses

    Spend over $300 on fries and yet all them are not even half full. Yet these employees want $15 min wage in California.
    There are workers in construction, some in the medical field that went to school that are around $15.
    And now these workers in fast food that had no school that cannot even get most orders right are gonna make $15.
    The price of everything is going to raise

  • MrShnigglepuff
    MrShnigglepuff Hace 2 meses

    Seriously need to do this on roll up the rim. No way those odds are what they claim.

  • Jim Bowling
    Jim Bowling Hace 2 meses +2

    Why not just ask for 100 fry packs and skip all the waste of food.. And still pay for it

    BANANA MAN Hace 2 meses

    if it was a one in five chance you should have won 20 times not 40

  • Rebel
    Rebel Hace 2 meses

    (spoiler Alert 🚨)Them bastards cook humans and you won 23 lousy items 😡😡

  • cicirunner
    cicirunner Hace 2 meses

    Not a waste of money b/c the views!!!

  • Patrick Hesselbrock
    Patrick Hesselbrock Hace 2 meses

    there not even full

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Hace 2 meses

    I feel like Pete is gonna pass away in some years vis of his cancer.Lets hope not


    I thought this guy was gonna eat them...

  • MrEkg98
    MrEkg98 Hace 2 meses

    Were there any bag frys left?

  • John Hull
    John Hull Hace 2 meses

    Didnt even eat ...I'm sad

  • Eunil Lee
    Eunil Lee Hace 2 meses

    They filled fries only 1/3, that is bad, not got what you pay for.

  • bryan patterson
    bryan patterson Hace 2 meses

    the french fries were not even filled to the top thats soo mean how dare they Lol

  • Chakib Rachedi
    Chakib Rachedi Hace 2 meses

    What did we win? Cheese Burgers n' Stuff. Poor Pete.

  • MR Tokes
    MR Tokes Hace 2 meses

    100/5 = 20 and you got 23 wins, that's over 1/5, or am I missing somthing

  • Brick First
    Brick First Hace 2 meses

    Do you want fries with that?

  • Ray Con
    Ray Con Hace 2 meses

    you didn't even need the fries, just ask for the box

  • Jennifer Webb
    Jennifer Webb Hace 2 meses

    I think its hilarious that yall went through all that trouble only to do incorrect math lol. the odds are 1 in 5 muscle man lol!!

  • Jennifer Webb
    Jennifer Webb Hace 2 meses

    so this is what casey Anthony has been up to :/

  • Jennifer Webb
    Jennifer Webb Hace 2 meses

    dude your truck is gonna smell like fries for eons...

  • Alicia Gibson
    Alicia Gibson Hace 2 meses


  • Temitayo Toyin-oke
    Temitayo Toyin-oke Hace 2 meses

    Liked cuz theyre a cute couple

  • Will C
    Will C Hace 2 meses

    Each item 1/5

  • alan knight
    alan knight Hace 2 meses

    Your math is off you actually got 3 extra free meals. 1:5 out of 100 = 20... 20×5=100

  • STFU 3
    STFU 3 Hace 2 meses

    They don't like to be called colored tokens, they prefer to be known as tokens of color.

  • illshouyu
    illshouyu Hace 2 meses

    I'm sure someone else has already said it, but you really could've just paid for the fries and asked for nothing but a wad of packaging.

  • Zamugustar
    Zamugustar Hace 2 meses

    That's not how statistics works...your sample size is way too small.

  • Lori Pauley
    Lori Pauley Hace 2 meses

    Everyone knows that you get every two out of the three colors, but YOU NEVER get the the third one.it doesn't matter how many you buy lol

  • TagIstNacht 676
    TagIstNacht 676 Hace 2 meses

    im hungry

  • Jay Kelly
    Jay Kelly Hace 2 meses

    Know it's been said but 1 in 5 is 20, so you did slightly better. But my main concern was the half empty boxes of fries!! ,😋

  • Joseph Mendoza jr
    Joseph Mendoza jr Hace 2 meses

    Bro they hopped you on those fries

  • Pierre Kloo
    Pierre Kloo Hace 2 meses +1

    what about the fries? u throw them away??? so the american way? :( know im sad...u could spent them or something..

  • Ian Cloyd
    Ian Cloyd Hace 2 meses

    You'd have a better chance buying half at a different regional location as they split the hard ones up

  • Karma Anims
    Karma Anims Hace 2 meses

    Rip bank account

  • aadil koya
    aadil koya Hace 2 meses

    Why does this dude salivate so much?????

  • Venkat sai Karpe
    Venkat sai Karpe Hace 2 meses +1

    Hey Pete, is that your wife??

  • Paramjeetdhaliwal
    Paramjeetdhaliwal Hace 2 meses

    1/5 times forty = 200

  • steveeb
    steveeb Hace 2 meses

    *Your math is horrible* For every 5 purchase odds were you would win 1 item. 100/5 = 20 So you beat the odds with 23 wins. It proves that you don't have to have brains to be popular on YT.

  • steveeb
    steveeb Hace 2 meses

    You didn't spend YOUR money on this, you spent ESclips money on this My watching this crap pays for your fries :/