University Challenge - S51E31 - Emmanuel, Cambridge v Edinburgh

  • Publicado el 20 feb 2022
  • In another quarter-final match, the teams from Emmanuel, Cambridge and Edinburgh take each other on for the second spot in the semi-finals. Who will join last week's team in the semi final stage?
    Jeremy Paxman asks the questions.
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Comentarios • 250

  • Peter Andersson
    Peter Andersson Hace un año +277

    Malcolm is such a good team captain: knowledgeable but always checking with the team and giving them feedback.

  • mmmmm
    mmmmm Hace un año +307

    Edinburgh really give the impression that, more than teammates, this is a group of friends who are having fun together. I don't think they're the strongest team by a long shot, but their comradery and teamwork make them a joy to watch.

    • Sharanya Ray
      Sharanya Ray Hace 11 meses +1

      @Ramboost007 mays does listen to them. If you are blind no one can help. Even Sheriff has defended him

    • Ronkyort0dox
      Ronkyort0dox Hace un año +2

      None of these 8 knew anything about Opera

    • Kovit
      Kovit Hace un año +4

      Hey, i was wondering if there's any way for me to kinda revise,study or learn this thing so i can maybe join in and answer them to instead of watching Max Zeng from Imperial popping off with his would be more entertaining to actually know what the answer for the question haha please let me know

    • Ramboost007
      Ramboost007 Hace un año +13

      @jayantshaq As long as Mays keeps listening to Zeng and Sheriff for the non-geogrpahy questions, they'll do very fine

    • jayantshaq
      jayantshaq Hace un año +25

      I think they are all that, _and_ very likely the strongest team in the competition. Though Zeng, Sheriff and co. might have something to say about that.

  • Tony Wilde
    Tony Wilde Hace un año +339

    Arguably the episode of the series so far. Incredibly tight. Really enjoyed the show tonight, two extremely well-matched opponents. Thanks as always Dave for the upload.

    • Wyatt Boylan
      Wyatt Boylan Hace un año +2

      Another tight one for Edinburgh. I thought their match vs Bristol was the best one of the series. It ended the exact same way with Edinburgh winning on the last question

    • bikerjon1
      bikerjon1 Hace un año +18

      @Munteanu .Dorian 31st of the 51st in fact

    • Munteanu .Dorian
      Munteanu .Dorian Hace un año +31

      Definetely an episode of the series

  • JV the Tossh
    JV the Tossh Hace un año +233

    Woah, woah, woah woah...
    That was VERY close. I was not expecting this one to be that close, but credit to both teams for making a good match of it. Very little time-wasting, good answers and an inspired guess to win it at the death. Bravo.

    • Spencer Twiddy
      Spencer Twiddy Hace un año

      @LEW39 oh i see now. men and women are different sexes, and flow and passion are sexual in nature

    • LEW39
      LEW39 Hace un año

      @Spencer Twiddy The whole show was shadowed by an underlying tension, which I surmised was sexual. Young, virile men and women in extreme competition will often bring out extreme passion. Very easy to spot if you know what to look for.

    • Spencer Twiddy
      Spencer Twiddy Hace un año +1

      @LEW39 I was honestly curious though, what was the sexual encounter I missed?

    • Spencer Twiddy
      Spencer Twiddy Hace un año +1

      @LEW39 I doubt it

    • LEW39
      LEW39 Hace un año

      @Spencer Twiddy Boy, you are whatever I call you.

  • FreddieTheCutestCavapoo
    FreddieTheCutestCavapoo Hace un año +78

    Before they started I had predicted a win by Edinburgh so was shocked, as things progressed, by how well Emmanuel was doing. Edinburgh won through but it was a squeaker!!
    Thanks Dave!

  • Mike Elliott
    Mike Elliott Hace un año +53

    To all those who have made comments on social media about Thomas "blanking" Jones: bear in mind that whoever sits in the left hand end seat (as we view the teams) is at a disadvantage compared to the other team members. The other two are both sitting adjacent to the Team Captain and therefore it is natural for them to turn towards him /her when conferring. The guy on the left hand end has to talk past the guy sitting to his left. It's not the players' fault, they should be seated in a curving arrangement so that they can all see each other rather than in a straight line. And the silly perspex screens don't help ...

    • Meedy P.
      Meedy P. Hace un año +1

      True, but then again I don't see any other team "blanking" whoever sits in the left end seat the way Thomas does Jonas. He wouldn't even acknowledge him when Jonas answers a question correctly. Especially at the end when it was Jonas who buzzed and answered the winning question.

  • Ben Russell Jones
    Ben Russell Jones Hace un año +407

    Hope everyone enjoyed this game - I most certainly didn't at the time. A quick message for all those who have commented on our 'smugness' as a team (or even just me, for all I know): we're really not (trying to be) smug; we are just trying to play some quiz and enjoy ourselves. If it comes across that way to some people then I would have to say it's not down to arrogance, or being smug (we knew if we didn't play well then Emmanuel were going to beat us); it's down to the stress of being in front of so many people and panicking about... let's say: potentially mixing up a text of Rabbinic Judaism and the text that contains the Pentateuch, for example. Anyway, this is all I have to say; hope you all enjoy the rest of the season.

    • Leia Jiang
      Leia Jiang Hace 10 meses +3

      i mean yall earned the right to be smug, all of you on both sides. it seems people who actually find you smug are really just insecure about their intellect.

    • B B
      B B Hace un año

      Peano! fkn nailed it bro

    • Adam M-S
      Adam M-S Hace un año +3

      Only just caught up with this match, and I have to say, that was one of the greatest saves I've ever seen in UC at the end there, on your part. Atoned for 'Talmudgate' almost instantly. Fantastic stuff!

    • Jeff W
      Jeff W Hace un año +3

      No one on the Edinburgh team struck me as “smug”-it seemed like you were all out to have a good time _and,_ of course, win the match. And congratulations on providing the final answer - (Giuseppe) Peano, the creator of the auxiliary language _Latino sine flexione_ - which propelled your team over the top to victory!

    • Ronkyort0dox
      Ronkyort0dox Hace un año +2

      You didn't look smug, but red is not your colour. It accentuates the chub and you look like a Christmas elf. Wear darker colour next time.

  • Harbinder Lehal
    Harbinder Lehal Hace un año +80

    Well that was so close. Right down to the last question. Both are great teams entertaining to watch. Well done to Edinburgh. Glad that Emmanuel are not out and will be back again. 👍🏻

    • Zaph Brox
      Zaph Brox Hace un año +11

      Cracker of a round it was ... Edinburgh suddenly don't seem invincible anymore. Too bad for Emmanuel, but good that they'll live to fight another day.

  • Pranav Diwakar
    Pranav Diwakar Hace un año +59

    Amazing game with timing being the only deciding factor. Both teams pulled off great comebacks, with Edinburgh's helpfully a little closer to the end. Props to Emmanuel for leading for most of the match! I really hope to see them in the next stage.

  • angus stewart
    angus stewart Hace un año +33

    Thrilling stuff between two very good teams who were a joy to watch. Reckon this is the best contest of the current series so far. Great that Emmanuel have another chance to qualify for the semi-final - they put up some fight against Edinburgh who will be a difficult team to beat. A big thank you to Dave for uploading this and for Jeremy for being a tough but fair quiz master. I live in Indonesia and look forward to UC each week - takes me back to my university days in the early 1970s.

  • thadrin
    thadrin Hace un año +23

    Two immensely likable and knowledgable teams in an excellent tussle. Glad the victors didn't gave to rue their slight "buzzer happiness".

  • Perry Huang
    Perry Huang Hace un año +45

    It seems Edinburgh either win by a mile or barely scrape enough points. The jump-the-gun technique on starters is still a concern and undid their momentum at times (four penalties!) but I guess their strong finish was what mattered in the end. Emmanuel Cambridge gave them a good run for their money, looking forward to their third match.

  • Svetoslav Krastev
    Svetoslav Krastev Hace 7 meses +1

    25:28 - I was like “On, no, you didn’t cost your team the win on THIS easy question. How could you?!”. But then 26:46 came, and he totally redeemed himself. 26:59 - he totally deserved that reaction, though 😂🤣🤣😂
    That was a really close game and very interesting episode. 👍👌

  • Siyabonga Mchunu
    Siyabonga Mchunu Hace un año +79

    Edinburgh made that harder than it needed to be. If they didn't jump the gun with the buzzer, the outlook of this match could have been quite different...

    • Shen
      Shen Hace un año +8

      Indeed, they kinda flopped a bit in the beginning of the match, most team would’ve just loose their momentum but they managed this time

  • Danae
    Danae Hace 6 meses +2

    Have you ever seen a more amiable delightful bunch than the Edinburgh boys? 😄 And teamed with Emmanuel it made for a very enjoyable suspenseful match! Go Thetta!

  • Thomas Clark
    Thomas Clark Hace un año +12

    Incredible match! Well done to both teams!

  • lcflngn
    lcflngn Hace un año +3

    Thank you Dave! Rough season for me, just too busy, coming in (couple weeks ago) towards the end. You are stalwart as ever, and so very appreciated.

  • Marta López Ogando
    Marta López Ogando Hace un año +5

    Thank you, Dave. My Tuesday’s nights are wonderful thanks to you.

  • Marty
    Marty Hace un año +15

    That was a nail-biting finish. Thanks to our star Dave.

  • PJ Mariano
    PJ Mariano Hace un año +9

    This was the best match of the series so far, imho! It was fun to watch these two teams (and their camaraderie). Thanks again for the upload, Dave!

  • James Makey
    James Makey Hace 9 meses +2

    I really enjoy the sense of camaraderie amongst the Edinburgh team.

  • Cathal Feeney
    Cathal Feeney Hace un año +19

    Great stuff. Thanks Dave. Legend.

  • stardust
    stardust Hace un año +6

    Loved this game, probably the best episode I've seen this year.

  • Meir Wise
    Meir Wise Hace un año +27

    Jones...very up and down but you redeemed yourself at the very end! Cliffhanger. Thanks Dave.

    • Mr.Glasgow
      Mr.Glasgow Hace un año +2

      Yes ..:. Well done Jones

  • Connor
    Connor Hace un año +29

    Thanks Dave, the traditional end to my Monday evenings is complete:)

    • brendan kenny
      brendan kenny Hace un año +3

      Likewise . It’s the only program I resolutely watch each week. I discovered this great ESclips channel when I missed a few episodes. The serendipity was finding the camaraderie of those who also comment here.

    • frederique Hobson
      frederique Hobson Hace un año +3

      And YES ....Thanks Dave.
      The traditional beginning to my Tuesday ' s breakfasts ' time .
      U.C. is a worldwide programme due to your excellent work !

  • Patrick Barrett
    Patrick Barrett Hace un año +1

    Superb match. Great fun. Thank you Dave. Live in France and this is my staple of the week. (Love "Only Connect" too, but that has finished :o) ) These are great people all round! Can't wait!!!!

  • Oonggaboong
    Oonggaboong Hace un año +3

    OMG! It was so close!!!
    Well done, both of teams!

  • parkviewmo
    parkviewmo Hace un año +1

    Wow, what fun! So close! Thanks for the heart-stopper, Dave Garda!

  • aspacepig
    aspacepig Hace un año +12

    What a game! At the very least we'll get to see Emmanuel again.

  • Izzat Ramzi
    Izzat Ramzi Hace un año

    these edinburgh guys go fast and strong eventhough sometimes they lose they still go at it hard, they are simply killers... damn love watching these guys

  • Ivan Flores
    Ivan Flores Hace un año +14

    unreal match! down to the wire!

  • Iain1962
    Iain1962 Hace un año +15

    Great match, well done Edinburgh.

  • Grim
    Grim Hace un año +7

    Thanks again, Dave!
    That was back and forth! A real nail-biter!

  • Georgia Bartlett-McNeil
    Georgia Bartlett-McNeil Hace un año +45

    I can't believe I got a starter question that neither of the teams knew; Elizabeth Acevedo is a phenomenal poet and I have "The Poet X" on my bookshelf!

  • josh lieberman
    josh lieberman Hace un año +6

    that was Such a great match. Thank you for sharing it!

  • Sam A. Comincioli
    Sam A. Comincioli Hace un año +3

    These weekly updates are really my lifeline

  • KSfan4ever
    KSfan4ever Hace un año +10

    Exciting nailbiter! Best so far! Thank you Dave!!!!

    LANCSKID Hace 2 meses

    Glad that I am to see these UC uploads, and enjoy them, I find the advert interruptions very irritating, especially as they often fall during the answer responses.

  • Novelist
    Novelist Hace un año +12

    Edinburgh are a super team, right balance of everything

  • Hollando
    Hollando Hace un año +6

    Hopefully emanuel will make it to the next round!

  • SMTL
    SMTL Hace un año +4

    Jones retaking the point he missed in a clutch 😆

  • LeakingEars
    LeakingEars Hace un año +1

    Such a shame for Emmanuel. One of the nicest teams ever.

  • bikerjon1
    bikerjon1 Hace un año +18

    Thank you Dave.
    A close run thing, and I'm disappointed in the result, not least for Malcolm who was player of the match IMO.

    • Grumpy Cat
      Grumpy Cat Hace un año

      in the words of malcolm, i nominate wrathall

    • Dushan Fernando
      Dushan Fernando Hace un año

      I'm sure Thatte was the star.

    • Sam Sowden García
      Sam Sowden García Hace un año +8

      Thatte's 5/5 on starters might argue with that assessment.

  • British Scorpion
    British Scorpion Hace un año +4

    Edge of the seat stuff. Thanks Dave, thumbs up.

  • Calvin Andak Jozef
    Calvin Andak Jozef Hace un año +1

    That's a close call. Brilliant ending

  • naranjo99
    naranjo99 Hace un año +5

    whoa' that was a close one ! - Thanks as always Dave !

    PPP AEO Hace un año +7

    It's 3 am, I don't understand half of the questions nor the answers but I'm binge-watching all the episodes... Why I'm here? And why is so entertaining?

  • ed simnett
    ed simnett Hace un año +6

    Ironic that the answer James I was accepted as the answer "to who was Mary Stuart/Queen of Scots son", in reference to his position in 1596, when he was only James VI, in a previous show this season, but obviously the play has a name, so today they got it right...

  • beebeeboy
    beebeeboy Hace un año +5

    Jones absolutely shitting himself near the end, I could feel his relief through the screen.

  • Chris Hobbs
    Chris Hobbs Hace un año +20

    Thanks again, Dave! Tonight I'm enjoying chicken and sausage gumbo over rice, with French bread and Abita beer!

    • TeaDubyaEll
      TeaDubyaEll Hace un año +7

      Prefer Alotta beer myself

    • Grim
      Grim Hace un año +2

      A fellow Cajun!
      I was pleasantly surprised at how well our LSU tiger did on the College Jeopardy (beating a Princeton tiger!)

  • steve wilkes
    steve wilkes Hace un año +25

    Sadly a family member died from cancer this week, they actually encouraged me to go to University many years ago, so this upload is a RIP to them.

    • steve wilkes
      steve wilkes Hace un año +11

      @Dave Garda thank you for your kind words Dave, and thanks for all the uploading!

    • Dave Garda
      Dave Garda  Hace un año +16

      Sorry to hear of your loss Steve. We are all here for you. They would be so proud of you.

  • Steve Gould
    Steve Gould Hace un año +5

    Massive thanks Dave!!

  • murmurrrr
    murmurrrr Hace un año +6

    Won with a random guess, exciting match!

  • Animated Wrestling League
    Animated Wrestling League Hace un año +7

    Quarter Final Standings Week 7:
    2 wins to advance.
    Imperial 2-0 ADVANCES
    Edinburgh 2-0 ADVANCES
    Emmanuel - Cambridge 1-1
    King's - London 1-1
    Reading 1-1
    St. John's - Cambridge 0-1
    Trinity - Cambridge 0-1
    Birmingham 0-2 ELIMINATED
    2 Semi-Final Slots Remain!

  • Neil Martin
    Neil Martin Hace un año +2

    Quiz starts 3:00

  • Kaden B
    Kaden B Hace un año +16

    Jones almost threw the whole game but he redeemed himself

  • fellowjelte
    fellowjelte Hace un año

    Felt so much more sympathy for Emmanuel

  • Lindokuhle Sibande
    Lindokuhle Sibande Hace un año +71

    *Emmanuel - Cambridge* : 145
    *Edinburgh* : 150
    *Starter Questions Stats*
    EMMANUEL - CAMBRIDGE : 80 points
    Pullinger = 0/2 {0 points}
    Thatte = 5/5 {50 points}
    Malcolm = 1/2 {10 points}
    Wrathall = 2/2 {20 points}
    Starter Questions success rate : 72.72%
    EDINBURGH : 70 points
    Jones = 4/6 {40 minus 10 points}
    Thomas = 3/3 {30 points}
    Sundar = 2/5 {20 points minus 5 points}
    Karunaratne = 0/3 { -5 points}
    Starter Questions success rate : 52.24%
    *Bonus Questions Stats*
    EMMANUEL - CAMBRIDGE : 65 points
    Bonus Questions success rate : 54.17% (13/24)
    EDINBURGH : 80 points
    Bonus Questions success rate : 66.67% (16/24)
    *In The Semifinals As It Stands*
    1. Imperial
    2. Edinburgh

  • Jordan P
    Jordan P Hace un año +45

    Edinburgh deserved to go through probably but almost ballsed it up. However, this episode proves they just aren’t good enough to beat Imperial.
    I’ll be absolutely shocked if Imperial don’t win

    • HerrTipple
      HerrTipple Hace un año +2

      @Max Wong Yes, there have been a few years where the real final was actually a semi with the final match of the tournament being a gimme for whomever won the semi.

    • Max Wong
      Max Wong Hace un año

      Edinburgh most likely won't meet Imperial in the semis as these are the two "top seeds" which each won two straight quarterfinals.

    • HerrTipple
      HerrTipple Hace un año +26

      It's Zeng. The man is a God of University Challenge (although his teammates are no slouches). But, you never know. Many teams that seemed a lock ended up losing in the final.

  • frowning Joker
    frowning Joker Hace un año +11

    That was edge-of-your-seat entertainment

  • Jane G
    Jane G Hace un año +5

    Thank you! Nail-biting stuff tonight.

  • csinibaba37
    csinibaba37 Hace un año +44

    Props to the guy nearly getting Inaccessibility Island. Impressive to even get close. Even Zeng might not have got that. Very enjoyable match.

    • Grumpy Cat
      Grumpy Cat Hace un año +2

      not only would zeng get that, he’d get it 4 words into the question

    • Of8ight andse7en
      Of8ight andse7en Hace un año +1

      How would u know Zeng wont get that pfft..

    • beemochop
      beemochop Hace un año +3


    • Feather Wait
      Feather Wait Hace un año +6

      Zeng would have 100% got that, it's frankly too interesting.

    • A A
      A A Hace un año +8

      No need to compare tho, to praise one. Both are amazing

  • Laura Tolsdorff
    Laura Tolsdorff Hace un año +2

    I'm really proud that I was at least able to get the question at 8:45 right😅
    Edit: And the one at 10:15

  • sammy
    sammy Hace un año +1

    That was such a nail biter! When they got the flags questions I thought they surely had it in the bag!

  • the tessellater
    the tessellater Hace un año

    Couldn't keep my eyes from Ms Malcolm's ever changing facial expressions !

  • Ramboost007
    Ramboost007 Hace un año +7

    The answer to the incomplete physics problem at the end is 10E-11 seconds, or 10 picoseconds

  • b0lkan
    b0lkan Hace un año +5

    Great game! I very much enjoy seeing both teams, Emmanuel a bit more perhaps for obvious reasons!

  • John Cedrick Cabelin
    John Cedrick Cabelin Hace un año +9

    Can't wait for imperial vs edinburgh showdown in the finals!

    • Max Wong
      Max Wong Hace un año +1

      They will probably meet in the final, if at all.

  • SSgt Mole
    SSgt Mole Hace un año

    I'd have to say that Jones looks positively american in his celebration on camera. Not quite what I think of as cricket, or stiff upper lip.
    Especially weird episode because it felt like Edinburgh was really off their oats a significant part of the match.

  • VLera
    VLera Hace un año +4

    Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!!! Thanks, DG!

  • Tommy Gun
    Tommy Gun Hace un año

    Just glad there's a South African representing 😂 and doing well.

  • James McMahon
    James McMahon Hace un año +4

    @12:34 Paxo at his crankiest best

  • Muhammad Rajab Al-mukarrom

    Not Rupi Kaur writing a masterpiece like The Poet X 😭😭😭💀

  • Graeme Comrie
    Graeme Comrie Hace un año +1

    Ultimately (sadly, as a South African) the expected result - Edinburgh's ceiling just that wee bit higher :) Thatte is quietly in 'team of the season' territory though...

  • Blitz
    Blitz Hace un año +5

    @Dave Garda, are the video thumbnails chosen at random or do you pick them based on who wins/loses?

  • Chris Hobbs
    Chris Hobbs Hace un año +14

    WHAT A GREAT MATCH! ‼Once again, a great team finds a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, and at the very last second! Much respect for both teams, and best of luck to each going forward!

    • Helen Swan
      Helen Swan Hace un año +3

      Not really a spoiler, but I appreciate you taking the trouble to flag it up. Not many people do that.

  • Kovit
    Kovit Hace un año

    Hey, i was wondering if there's any way for me to kinda revise,study or learn this thing so i can maybe join in and answer them to instead of watching Max Zeng from Imperial popping off with his would be more entertaining to actually know what the answer for the question haha please let me know

  • Nicky
    Nicky Hace un año +5

    Funny how they would have won more comfortably if they had buzzed less

  • Shen
    Shen Hace un año +3

    Niall’s usual lucky guesses didn’t work this time😚

  • Armin Kulla
    Armin Kulla Hace un año +9

    Thomas coming fresh from the military

  • Karthik Kamath
    Karthik Kamath Hace un año +4

    Wrathall should have stalled a few seconds without passing for the first of their last 5 pointers and they'd have won.

  • ellotte lim
    ellotte lim Hace un año +1

    Imagine the look on Paxman's face had Wrathall said "Krung Thep Maha Nakhon". Lol

    • Shaun
      Shaun Hace un año

      Might actually have been a legit answer depending on when these answers were finalised

  • Antonia Montana
    Antonia Montana Hace un año

    Emmanuel look like they'd have all kinds of fun on an excursion.

  • сергей мареш
    сергей мареш Hace un año +5

    Great battle. Thanks.

  • Kurt Taube
    Kurt Taube Hace un año +3

    I expected this to be a runaway.

  • WonderWhatHappened
    WonderWhatHappened Hace un año +4

    Why am I just realizing that these uploads are much better after having a glass of wine?

    • Cathal Dunne
      Cathal Dunne Hace un año +1

      Everything is usually better after having a glass of wine! Though a few drinks usually improve performances. 2 beers/glass of wine is tbe ideal dose.

  • ml ml
    ml ml Hace un año +2

    That was great!

  • Sly paris
    Sly paris Hace un año +6

    that was a final. It could stop there. At least for the sake of my heart.

  • John Lee
    John Lee Hace un año +2

    Am I particularly alert this evening, or was this a particularly easy round?

  • Hamish Spencer
    Hamish Spencer Hace un año +4

    Saddened to learn recently that Jeremy Paxman has been diagnosed with Parkinson's. I wish him well

    • TYC
      TYC Hace 11 meses

      Who’s the next host?

  • zfid8485
    zfid8485 Hace un año +3

    Thanks Dave!

  • Dennis Cain
    Dennis Cain Hace un mes

    Not getting Cecil B. DeMille when spotted The Ten Commandments was painful to watch.

  • John Cartwright
    John Cartwright Hace un año +9

    "Oh Jones, you impetuous buzzer! You ballsed it up!"..................
    "Oh no he didn't"

  • Peter Weeks
    Peter Weeks Hace un año +10

    Sometimes the answers given don’t really explain the clue in the question. The answer ‘shrike’ whilst correct doesn’t tell you that the shrikes are also known as butcher birds because they impale their victims on sharp thorns, leaving the teams just shrugging with incomprehension.

    • Shaun
      Shaun Hace un año

      It's one of things you'll have to happen to have read, maybe because you really love birds and there's a couple of long-tailed shrikes and their fluffy, hungry juvenile hanging out in your vicinity.
      Plus maybe Marvel's Agents of Shield and also maybe Now You See Me 1 and 2...

    • Peter Weeks
      Peter Weeks Hace un año +1

      @Gwydda the old country word in England for the red-backed shrike is butcher bird. The other winter visitor shrike to England is the great grey shrike. Both very rare. I've never seen either though a farmer in a rural area. See 'Birds Britannica' by Mark Cocker and Richard Mabey. I have to say in general I'm appalled by the lack of knowledge of the flora and fauna of the UK by UC contestants. They didn't even get the laburnum question on poisons.

    • Gwydda
      Gwydda Hace un año +2

      Shrike is not a butcher bird. Shrikes don't even live in Australia, where butcherbirds are found. But shrikes do often impale their prey on thorns.

    • Peter Weeks
      Peter Weeks Hace un año +3

      @David Bloom No. Paxman asks about a fearsome creature guarding and hanging its victims on a metal structure and is thus named after which members of the family Lanidae. He does not mention butcher birds at all

  • bikerjon1
    bikerjon1 Hace un año +4

    Flammula Jovis Clematis is a Travellers Joy is my big takeaway form tonight.

  • Ubiquitary
    Ubiquitary Hace un año +17

    Boy, Edinburgh seemed to be overconfident on the interruptions, maybe because they’d waltzed through the earlier rounds and thought they could afford to take risks. It barely worked. Great match, thanks for the upload.

  • Helen Swan
    Helen Swan Hace un año +2

    Not very nice for Thomas to have his back continually to Jones.

  • John Yarbrough
    John Yarbrough Hace un año +5

    Wow!! Down to the wire!

  • Maire Fisher
    Maire Fisher Hace un año +5

    Oh joy! It's Tuesday morning and I have tea, toast and UC!

  • Mr. A sK
    Mr. A sK Hace un año

    Omaigod I got Zaha Hadid correct 😅😅😅