Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich

  • Publicado el 19 oct 2019
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    Song used: Eneide - In The Chains Of Sorrow (Epidemic sounds)
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  • TheOdd1sOut
    TheOdd1sOut  Hace un día +50225

    Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch:

  • _its_ur_husky_
    _its_ur_husky_ Hace 7 horas

    I have ur game

  • The Gaming unicorn
    The Gaming unicorn Hace 7 horas

    This is 1# on trendings

  • Yodle
    Yodle Hace 7 horas +1

    1 like = 1 sandwich

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato Hace 7 horas

    I will bye the card games

  • Harraps
    Harraps Hace 7 horas +1

    Petition for part 5

  • Kaylaaツ
    Kaylaaツ Hace 7 horas +1

    *Let's just say I wasnt the one crying.*

  • I Dont Even Know
    I Dont Even Know Hace 7 horas

    Okay... Im just gonna say it.... James is honestly really cute. No cap.

  • NothingSpecial
    NothingSpecial Hace 7 horas

    I’m not in a good mental state rn and that burial almost made me cry

  • Kuellar Ayelet
    Kuellar Ayelet Hace 7 horas +1

    James making a grave for SoobWay was sadder then when Iron Man died in End Game

  • ṬheỌdd1sỌuṭ Giveaway
    ṬheỌdd1sỌuṭ Giveaway Hace 7 horas +196


  • Skai
    Skai Hace 7 horas

    That was a perfectly good sandwich
    We will miss you sooubway

  • Kingember22
    Kingember22 Hace 7 horas +1

    Buy the whole store

  • Sgt Dornan
    Sgt Dornan Hace 7 horas

    Penn station is better

  • Dan the Stan man
    Dan the Stan man Hace 7 horas

    Omg James you got #1 on trending well doneeee

  • Mauricio Arbona
    Mauricio Arbona Hace 7 horas +1

    I saw your book ill have at Christmas

  • 100k subs with no videos challenge

    #1 trending

  • S Road
    S Road Hace 7 horas

    the fact I got a subway ad at the end of this made it so much better.

  • Mr Epic
    Mr Epic Hace 7 horas

    Ayyy number 1 trending good job

  • Animation I think
    Animation I think Hace 7 horas

    Commenting here so that people can see my ESclips channel

    and probably sub

    pls do it.

  • TheGamerGuy YT66
    TheGamerGuy YT66 Hace 7 horas

    I'll miss The Sooubway Series

  • Hyphon_511
    Hyphon_511 Hace 7 horas

    Congrats on #1 trending

  • Animation I think
    Animation I think Hace 7 horas

    Commenting here so that people can see my ESclips channel

    and probably sub

    pls do it.

  • Ciro Flores
    Ciro Flores Hace 7 horas

    Hii :D

  • Piggycorn Jana
    Piggycorn Jana Hace 7 horas

    so.... emocional..... I CRIED!!!!

  • Mr. Schokoriegel
    Mr. Schokoriegel Hace 7 horas

    Am I the only one who lives in 2103 but has time traveled to 2019?

  • Leah Tunes
    Leah Tunes Hace 7 horas

    I watched this while eating a Sooubway sandwich

  • Abernally s
    Abernally s Hace 7 horas

    When I tell you I sobbed

  • Mr. Luisga
    Mr. Luisga Hace 7 horas


  • gio e
    gio e Hace 7 horas

    You should go work at soubway sobu can get more stories

  • Anthony Monda
    Anthony Monda Hace 7 horas


  • Panda Life
    Panda Life Hace 7 horas

    Loved the ending

  • Ettenilc Nozrag
    Ettenilc Nozrag Hace 7 horas


    Sooooooouuuuuuuubayyyyyyyyy baby, solves all yo problems

  • QURX
    QURX Hace 7 horas

    They should call subway soobway just in honor of James

  • Hannah Matthews
    Hannah Matthews Hace 7 horas

    how many funerals is he gonna film omg

  • Mark Greenwood
    Mark Greenwood Hace 7 horas

    Cdnhhhgv es cszzzzzz

  • Vivian Nast
    Vivian Nast Hace 7 horas

    Congrats for #1 on trending!

  • Luke Butler
    Luke Butler Hace 7 horas

    Kid: Mommy, mommy, remember that one weird guy with the sprinkles?
    Mom: Yeah that weirdo
    Kid: He’s burying something with a tiny pink shovel
    Mom: Get away from him now. He’s a big weirdo

  • Xinyo_Wolf
    Xinyo_Wolf Hace 7 horas

    YES, tell ut
    that you're furry

  • Jaz A
    Jaz A Hace 7 horas +1

    thats actually how i ask my mom for things.
    "mother, may i partake in the feast of chick filet?"

  • Grace Mahmood
    Grace Mahmood Hace 7 horas


  • The Meatbal XD
    The Meatbal XD Hace 7 horas

    You may make the sandwich.
    But the sandwich you eat makes who you are.
    Wise words

  • merdelune9
    merdelune9 Hace 7 horas

    It’s worm food now

  • Tracey Burns
    Tracey Burns Hace 7 horas


  • bloody patriot
    bloody patriot Hace 7 horas

    2:37 😂😂

  • Averagejoe 65
    Averagejoe 65 Hace 7 horas

    2:37 is the language of Gods

  • Pando rizer
    Pando rizer Hace 7 horas +1

    1:00 oh look he has a good life. 1:05 oh wait he,s arrested

  • Gaskarskilpad YT
    Gaskarskilpad YT Hace 7 horas

    the ending 😂😂

  • fricknuuuboi69 l
    fricknuuuboi69 l Hace 7 horas


  • Kellie Ramirez
    Kellie Ramirez Hace 7 horas

    plz make a sooubway 5!!! plz

  • Kat lastname
    Kat lastname Hace 7 horas

    Why am I actually tearing up?

  • JayFishieBoi
    JayFishieBoi Hace 7 horas

    James there is a guy named TheOdd1sOut Giveaway and I was wondering if that was u because he also has these dots under some of the letters and some people have been acting like they are you. So is that you?

  • Crazy Cat
    Crazy Cat Hace 7 horas +1


  • Keon Hall
    Keon Hall Hace 7 horas

    Tha end bruh

  • StrayTang
    StrayTang Hace 7 horas

    the actual only thing i have been witing for all year.

  • Eric Yi
    Eric Yi Hace 7 horas

    Love the video!! 🥺

  • aaadanoob
    aaadanoob Hace 7 horas

    Click on my channle🤩🤩🤩 something lucky might happen👌

  • Deemerz
    Deemerz Hace 7 horas +9

    Who remembers the first soobway video

    (Who loves th oddsonesout)
    Road to 2k help is appreciated