"The Sweetest Food Challenge in the History of Ever" (Hostess Snack Challenge) | Matt Stonie

  • Publicado el 19 jul 2013
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    Hostess is back! In what they are calling "The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever". So, to jump on the bandwagon, I went and bought as many Hostess treats as I could find, and plan on eating them... Only problem is it ended up being like 9lbs of them lol.
    Not ALL of the snacks in the video are hostess brand. I searched for as many as I could, but due to limited availability, I bought some treats of equal size and type to represent the absent treats. Please don't hate me for this =p
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  • Alaa Mahdany
    Alaa Mahdany Hace 2 horas


  • DAm2k
    DAm2k Hace 19 horas +1

    He would kill this now In 2018

  • ppwang 06
    ppwang 06 Hace un día


  • darold zink
    darold zink Hace 2 días

    His toilet even got diabetes!

  • darold zink
    darold zink Hace 2 días

    DIABETES ! That processed shit is poison

  • Σταύρος Παναγόπουλος

    How did he feel after eating so much food?

  • Σταύρος Παναγόπουλος

    Is stomach so big to hold all this food??

  • LittleB
    LittleB Hace 4 días

    The Diabetes Challenge

  • InPizda Matii
    InPizda Matii Hace 5 días

    he felt weak also cause of all that sweet crap... personally i hate sweets even tho i eat that shit from time to time. salty foods anytime anywhere like np...

  • InPizda Matii
    InPizda Matii Hace 5 días

    nobody got that barfing sound close to the end? humorless mfs...

  • InPizda Matii
    InPizda Matii Hace 5 días

    from 6:00 the shit gets funny :)))))... crazy mf :)))

  • Josue Mendez
    Josue Mendez Hace 5 días

    Matt is such a hot diva

  • xXHishamXx
    xXHishamXx Hace 5 días +1

    How the fuck can u eat that amount of sweets i cant eat 2 cup cakes

  • Girl 33
    Girl 33 Hace 5 días

    Not good to watch his videos. I feel like one piece is not enough

  • ArwenMeow
    ArwenMeow Hace 6 días

    Ugh this makes the back of my mouth tingle in a revolting way. Is that just me?

  • saurabh joshi
    saurabh joshi Hace 7 días

    Always eat while watching your videos, then you'll feel more motivated to eat

  • tayvieon the boss
    tayvieon the boss Hace 7 días +1

    I can do this no problem

  • Mckenzie Rose
    Mckenzie Rose Hace 7 días

    You wouldn’t get so full so fast if you drank water with the food. I love your vids!!

  • Sp3cialist
    Sp3cialist Hace 7 días

    There’s a saying that goes if u eat a lot of sugar it’s really bad for u

  • Kate Oware
    Kate Oware Hace 8 días

    boi eat faster because u are the man

  • Kate Oware
    Kate Oware Hace 8 días

    that looks good

  • billl o'connel
    billl o'connel Hace 9 días

    This fool said box of ding dongs. Lmao

  • Jake's World
    Jake's World Hace 10 días

    Heart attack yet?

  • Chicken nugget Sky
    Chicken nugget Sky Hace 10 días

    Chocolate and cream makes the kids scream lol morgan

  • Chicken nugget Sky
    Chicken nugget Sky Hace 10 días +1

    Hello diabetes my old friend

  • Chicken nugget Sky
    Chicken nugget Sky Hace 10 días

    Box of ding dongs

  • Edgy Cat
    Edgy Cat Hace 11 días

    Meanwhile kids in Africa

  • Daniel Rathburn
    Daniel Rathburn Hace 11 días


  • Jasmin Carter
    Jasmin Carter Hace 11 días

    Twinkies are horrible!! I've tried them for the first time omg they shouldn even exists!! I spat it out soon as I tried one!!

  • Eric Chun
    Eric Chun Hace 12 días +1

    I will give you a million bucks if you tell us the secret to not gaining weight

  • Flop Studios
    Flop Studios Hace 14 días

    The pain in eating sugar

  • Epic Crazy_gamer27 Roblox warrior

    am i the only one that thinks matt looks like a trans? (not hate comment btw) nice vid to:)

  • Breana Smith
    Breana Smith Hace 15 días

    How come you doesn't have diabetes yet

  • U_ U
    U_ U Hace 15 días

    *Diabites has joined the chat*

  • Zornstein 05
    Zornstein 05 Hace 16 días

    This would kill my teeth

  • Kakashi hatake
    Kakashi hatake Hace 17 días

    Diabetes run its Matt stonie!!!!!!

  • Jd gattu
    Jd gattu Hace 17 días

    Ding dongs 😧😧😧

  • Luke6
    Luke6 Hace 18 días

    how many carbs god damn

  • Jason XW
    Jason XW Hace 19 días

    I'm just wondering what the cash register person was thinking when he/she saw this

  • Zia Veluz
    Zia Veluz Hace 20 días

    *all of that and still in shape??!!!!!!*
    *me:eats pringles*
    *gain 10 kg*

  • Yasin Delfa
    Yasin Delfa Hace 20 días

    Did you go to hospital?

  • Iberian Mapper
    Iberian Mapper Hace 21 un día

    0:28 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Clash With Nischal
    Clash With Nischal Hace 22 días

    6:48 laugh is really weird lmao

  • Mega Mind
    Mega Mind Hace 22 días

    1. I got a dig bick
    2. You that read wrong
    3. You read that wrong too
    4. I got a pet wussy
    5. You also that read wrong
    7. You read that wrong again
    8. Anything you notice
    9. I said anything you notice not notice anything
    10. Notice this tho I skipped 6
    11. And and this this is a waist of your time
    12. Read 11 slowly
    13. Have a nice future

  • vegan heethan
    vegan heethan Hace 22 días

    His hair slowly got shorter through the years
    Btw I'm guessing he does OMAD that's the only way he can avoid weight gain
    Only with him it's probably OMAW

  • Zayd Cherry
    Zayd Cherry Hace 22 días

    I would die if I ate that

  • Brianah Torres
    Brianah Torres Hace 23 días

    When baes outta town

  • XxitzyagurlkoalaxX dx
    XxitzyagurlkoalaxX dx Hace 24 días

    0:00 someone will make that a meme HOLD UP IT SAID HE WEIGHS 16 POUNDS I'M FREAKING 10 AND WEIGH 57.O6

  • Michael sova
    Michael sova Hace 24 días

    Absolute monster

  • Mystical Duchess
    Mystical Duchess Hace 24 días

    How she take it 1:22

  • Rajni verma
    Rajni verma Hace 24 días

    I have seen you in tougher than it looks you are my favorite youtuber

  • ChunkyFingers GD
    ChunkyFingers GD Hace 25 días

    I just ate a thanksgiving dinner and I am super stuffed and looking at him eat all of this makes me want to throw up.
    Also this is Matt: eats whole thing and wants more

    Me: eats ding dong, dies

  • Mohamad Herman
    Mohamad Herman Hace 27 días

    i"ll got poke coz eat so much.. my body cnt take it much .. make my throut sick ..

  • Trollface Chuck
    Trollface Chuck Hace 28 días +1

    I can eat all of that

    In a year

  • Fifik Dinuš
    Fifik Dinuš Hace 28 días

    You forgot Hostess Ding Dongs

  • Jombo
    Jombo Hace un mes

    7:24 had to do it to em

  • Melinda Khristine
    Melinda Khristine Hace un mes

    Oh man, he could have gone into sugar shock. You could see his wasn't feeling well before he eat the cupcakes.

  • John Porter
    John Porter Hace un mes

    I gained 16.8 lbs by watching this

  • Mokgadi Ramokgopa
    Mokgadi Ramokgopa Hace un mes

    I would get full and sick after the third twinkie

  • Alex Xhelilaj
    Alex Xhelilaj Hace un mes +1

    1:49 what happened to Morgans voice?Was that a voice crack? goO!

  • Klaus Ghoteham
    Klaus Ghoteham Hace un mes


  • Tyron Mcneal
    Tyron Mcneal Hace un mes

    He throws up the food after the shoot is over

  • Braden Rozbicki
    Braden Rozbicki Hace un mes

    You suck la beast rules !!!

  • salman ibrahim
    salman ibrahim Hace un mes

    Diabetus central 💯😶

  • Creamy Spinach
    Creamy Spinach Hace un mes

    "Someone at the dooooor"

  • Tyler Abner
    Tyler Abner Hace un mes

    I’m shocked that out of at least a 100 videos I’ve seen him eat all kinds of food this is the one he can’t complete

  • DteCh And GadGeTs
    DteCh And GadGeTs Hace un mes

    Your smartphone is gonna hacked esclips.com/video/0uyQ7FRKZmo/vídeo.html
    Prevent your smartphone from hackers

  • John Calindas
    John Calindas Hace un mes

    Hey Matt can you cut your hair?

  • Yến Đinh
    Yến Đinh Hace un mes

    Matt pregnant!!! Mom get the camera!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keira Ng
    Keira Ng Hace un mes

    LMFAO Ho-Ho’s and Ding Dongs

  • Nightzz Mixx
    Nightzz Mixx Hace un mes

    *how to d i e*

  • Mike Tsirkinidis
    Mike Tsirkinidis Hace un mes

    And after toilete

  • The Architect of the Final Solution

    hey immortal is that you

  • Juliana Gomes
    Juliana Gomes Hace un mes +1


  • KirkFlameBoy23 Jaylin walls

    I’m addicted to Twinkie’s Matt if I see a pack I can’t stop asking for another it just not right

  • Seth Netsiah
    Seth Netsiah Hace un mes

    Weird flex but ok

  • Ai DayDay
    Ai DayDay Hace un mes

    Where did that other honey bun go 🧐

  • Ian Boogmans-Smutt
    Ian Boogmans-Smutt Hace un mes

    I’m surprised that you haven’t gone into organ failure.

  • Wacky Tiger
    Wacky Tiger Hace un mes

    When he is eating the twinkies looks like eating P3N1S

  • Big Dreamer
    Big Dreamer Hace un mes

    This may cause heart attack 😮

  • shInI KUmI
    shInI KUmI Hace un mes

    My kids say WTF....let me eat some

  • Inday Balandan
    Inday Balandan Hace un mes

    Still have no diabetes?

  • Guero R
    Guero R Hace un mes


  • Kylie Myers
    Kylie Myers Hace un mes

    Petting the food baby

  • Anna Runquist
    Anna Runquist Hace un mes

    He needs to drop a skincare routine

  • Gxml
    Gxml Hace un mes +2

    yeetus yeetus diabetus

  • Ani's Multiverse
    Ani's Multiverse Hace un mes

    You'll invent a new disease named Type 100 diabetes

  • iiOmgitsAbii
    iiOmgitsAbii Hace un mes

    *diabetes has joined the chat*

  • NumbersHunter
    NumbersHunter Hace un mes

    Chocolates makes you smarter but all of them makes you die

  • Kristina Langlais
    Kristina Langlais Hace un mes

    I 💖💝 Love blueberry muffins Morgan 😆

  • michael minneci
    michael minneci Hace un mes

    I would probably die after that

  • Deepa Shaji
    Deepa Shaji Hace un mes

    There was aghost outside the window!👻

  • Tanichies ang
    Tanichies ang Hace un mes

    all my favorites😢🤢

  • andy
    andy Hace un mes

    what in the hell is the point of the 1% lowfat milk???

  • Elijah Ken
    Elijah Ken Hace 2 meses

    Man those diabeted look so good

  • Elijah Ken
    Elijah Ken Hace 2 meses

    Man those diabeted look so good

  • Joey Bologna
    Joey Bologna Hace 2 meses


  • Mohammad Hasan
    Mohammad Hasan Hace 2 meses

    oh my God soooo much of sugar bro... super unhealthy

  • c r a s s BMT
    c r a s s BMT Hace 2 meses

    5:45 omfg he sounds so miserable almost in tears lol "coffee cake time :("

  • Sharmila Inamdar
    Sharmila Inamdar Hace 2 meses

    Diabetes are scared from you