"The Sweetest Food Challenge in the History of Ever" (Hostess Snack Challenge) | Matt Stonie

  • Publicado el 19 jul 2013
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    Hostess is back! In what they are calling "The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever". So, to jump on the bandwagon, I went and bought as many Hostess treats as I could find, and plan on eating them... Only problem is it ended up being like 9lbs of them lol.
    Not ALL of the snacks in the video are hostess brand. I searched for as many as I could, but due to limited availability, I bought some treats of equal size and type to represent the absent treats. Please don't hate me for this =p
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  • Afzal Kamal
    Afzal Kamal Hace 12 horas

    Diabetes has left the chat !!!

  • jordankaravasilis
    jordankaravasilis Hace 13 horas

    He's going to need that milk, seriously!!! Lol.

  • Blair Williams
    Blair Williams Hace 3 días

    Ughhhhhhh all of those sweets right there are disgusting

  • 岩の下駅
    岩の下駅 Hace 7 días

    Holy shit, the sweet stuff completely destroyed him. And I thought he isn't good with spicy food.

  • kordell diamond
    kordell diamond Hace 7 días

    Dora Dora Dora the explorer dora

  • Hoyhoy
    Hoyhoy Hace 7 días

    DUDE... how... This is the most impressive thing I've seen you do. It looked impossible even before adding the cupcakes and powdered donuts!

  • Anthony
    Anthony Hace 7 días +3

    This is not keto friendly

  • Yung ROACH
    Yung ROACH Hace 8 días

    This video makes me feel sick to my stomach expressually since I have a stomach problem and have to take zantac just to eat....

  • nicole wingard
    nicole wingard Hace 10 días

    This is 1st viDeo ive watched and felt bad for him

  • cookie
    cookie Hace 10 días

    Mat: walks in dentist
    Dentist: ah shit here we go again

  • Jessi Holt
    Jessi Holt Hace 11 días

    Food is for tasting not swallowing whole.

  • siddi
    siddi Hace 12 días

    Sit and eat at least.. Please

  • Alptuğ Sercan
    Alptuğ Sercan Hace 12 días

    Welcome diabetes

  • Bob Marly
    Bob Marly Hace 12 días

    Your killing yourself :/

  • Robert Vega
    Robert Vega Hace 13 días

    Bro you make me look bad I thought I could eat!! Cheers bro 🍺

  • Your Problems Aren't Mine!

    Do an Oatmeal Cream Pie episode!!. It sounds easy enough but the dryness of the cookie can really slow you down if you aren't careful!. But I digress and completely forgot who I'm talking to, so nevermind me and please slay that challenge my dude!. LOL

    Edit: Thanks for sharing your journey and talent with us all and I hope that we all get to witness more unimaginable feats of stomach strength!. 🙏🙏🍻😂

  • amberthesuperfox
    amberthesuperfox Hace 15 días

    Oh look my daily intake of.sugar

  • D E
    D E Hace 15 días

    Sugar doesn’t cause diabetes. Please educate yourself. We live in a world of fast information and some people are still ignorant or chose to be ignorant to feed into their narrative.

  • Tony Swag
    Tony Swag Hace 15 días +4

    Ok how tf has matt stonie lost wheight since this

  • Andy Flint
    Andy Flint Hace 17 días +10

    Matt Wonder Gut Stonie, a national treasure and one of science greatest mystery.

    NATROLL Hace 17 días +4

    Somebody at 20!9?

  • E S C A P E
    E S C A P E Hace 19 días

    He should add how much sugar it was

  • Elijah Duncan
    Elijah Duncan Hace 19 días

    This is unhealthiness at it's finest

  • Valentina Zakaria
    Valentina Zakaria Hace 19 días +1

    i watch these videos whenever i feel bad for eating too much sugar. Just ate a box of cookies.

    • Valentina Zakaria
      Valentina Zakaria Hace 12 días

      ReddFoxx1562 icecream cake or maybe cheesecake please

    • ReddFoxx1562
      ReddFoxx1562 Hace 13 días

      @Valentina Zakaria I would prefer cake personally

    • Valentina Zakaria
      Valentina Zakaria Hace 13 días

      ReddFoxx1562 wow. Who knows..Soon we’ll both end up like the legendary Matt Stonie eating 10-20 boxes of cookies. I can see it.

    • ReddFoxx1562
      ReddFoxx1562 Hace 13 días

      @Valentina Zakaria I think we may have similar diet structures; I ate an entire row of cookies today.

    • Valentina Zakaria
      Valentina Zakaria Hace 13 días

      ReddFoxx1562 not even kidding. I ate 2 boxes of chocolate chip cookies. Total: 24 cookies; calories: probably too much

  • Aubrey Carroll
    Aubrey Carroll Hace 19 días +1

    drinking that milk would make me vomit 🤮

  • Caleb Hauptmann
    Caleb Hauptmann Hace 19 días

    How much does it take to kill him? This challenge alone would kill everyone I know.

  • kuki six
    kuki six Hace 19 días

    I didn't get the "somebody at the door" joke until ten seconds later. Kept looking st the door and expecting to see someone there 😂

  • Haxxx HD
    Haxxx HD Hace 19 días +1

    "Knock knock"
    Matt: "who's there?"
    "Oh, its u again"

    • Lil Oreo
      Lil Oreo Hace 18 días +1

      vietnamgamerbros !! We the only ones here in 2019

  • TeW33zy
    TeW33zy Hace 20 días

    If a person has all this time on they hands to entertain people that dont matter in the first place, why not come serve Jesus and entertain him, he loves watching his followers pray, sing, dance and worship

  • TeW33zy
    TeW33zy Hace 20 días

    Has anyone told him if he continues eating like this he is shortening his life and terrying his health apart

  • Gavrilo Princip
    Gavrilo Princip Hace 20 días

    No diabetes joke here , keep scrolling

  • 洪詩峻keonihung
    洪詩峻keonihung Hace 21 un día

    I call this the.....Diabetes for free

  • Isabella Crump
    Isabella Crump Hace 22 días

    My grandmother says she used to stuff herself like this cuz she was skinny and almost never got full. She's lucky XD

  • James Weller
    James Weller Hace 23 días +1

    This is my dream

  • Tubax
    Tubax Hace 23 días

    It's so easier to eat food in masses than sweets. Sweets are hard as fuck. I can eat bout 3/4 of what you can eat competitively in food but can barely eat 2 donuts before feeling like throwing up.

  • The Girl from Mars
    The Girl from Mars Hace 23 días

    Diabetes: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • Zaber Ansary
    Zaber Ansary Hace 23 días

    this was painful to watch. Could see him struggle in pain too. Sugar rush damn.
    Love the spicy challenges. I mean Meat and stuff.

  • Beetle Juice
    Beetle Juice Hace 24 días

    Redo this one. I bet you could kill it now.

  • trevcon 3
    trevcon 3 Hace 24 días

    This video was recently watched by trevcon 3 on June 2019

  • chunkycake101
    chunkycake101 Hace 24 días

    For some reason American sweet foods taste so much worse than what we get in the UK

  • Soft Generation Exposed
    Soft Generation Exposed Hace 25 días

    Ok, I'm calling it now. This guy is on Steroids. How else can you eat all that as a hobby and now a job and not gain any weight for the last 6 years? Roids

  • Adam Ferko
    Adam Ferko Hace 25 días +1

    Ty vlasy jsou tak směšný že to není ani možný .

  • Ruth Fanfan
    Ruth Fanfan Hace 26 días

    The person speaking behind the camera in funny in this one

  • Esteclutch Plays
    Esteclutch Plays Hace 26 días

    Diabetes rampant

  • Vin Hinlay Montante
    Vin Hinlay Montante Hace 26 días +3

    you look so pretty in that hair ahahah lol

  • Debidutta Pradhan
    Debidutta Pradhan Hace 27 días

    Clearly you've never tasted Rashagulla or Gulab Jamun(Indian sweets).

  • Frostech.
    Frostech. Hace 27 días +10

    "ding dongs!"
    "Someone at the door?"

  • Elan Abramov
    Elan Abramov Hace 27 días

    I want to buy the Dollar Shave Club how much is it

  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez Hace 28 días

    I would literaly DIE!!!

  • Optimistic Gods
    Optimistic Gods Hace 28 días

    Been on chicken, brown rice and egg whites for a week. I am going all out very soon lmao

    • lia probst
      lia probst Hace 26 días

      Optimistic Gods good job, keep it up

  • tracy morrison
    tracy morrison Hace 28 días

    2019 wow omg how does this dude do it xxxxx hello

  • Kasim Saric
    Kasim Saric Hace 28 días

    7:14 the look of “fuck this challenge” lmao 😂

  • King taz
    King taz Hace 28 días

    Twinkies are the worst I would rather fruit than that fat food crap from fatty america

  • Arch Angel
    Arch Angel Hace 28 días +16

    You should have some clips showing you after you eat

    • Darrell Lim
      Darrell Lim Hace 10 días

      Minus the bathroom scene. ESclips wouldn’t allow it.

    • Russell Smith
      Russell Smith Hace 23 días +1

      Of him throwing up?

  • Henonaga
    Henonaga Hace 28 días

    I'm amazed that he didn't get diabetes from eating all of this and the ice cream cookie bowl.

  • Gafur Askarov
    Gafur Askarov Hace 29 días

    The ding dongs fuckin got me

  • natesway34
    natesway34 Hace 29 días +4

    I got heartburn watching this.

    • natesway34
      natesway34 Hace 20 días

      @Dead To Me Ace r/whoosh

    • Dead To Me Ace
      Dead To Me Ace Hace 20 días

      natesway34 where you eating something because it’s physically impossible for a video to give you heart burn

  • R4ZE 617
    R4ZE 617 Hace 29 días +3

    In Africa
    Kid: dad do we have any food??
    Dad: what food?
    *Meanwhile at Matt Stonie's House*

  • Rain Gallop
    Rain Gallop Hace 29 días

    Twinkies taste terrible lol. Matt must've been sick after eating all of this.

  • Ato Yorke
    Ato Yorke Hace 29 días +16

    Sometimes I think he’s going to die and then he just keeps going

  • Al Bundy
    Al Bundy Hace un mes +5

    *Ghost of Wilford Brimley* :Is diabeetus a joke to you?
    *Matt* :watch this

  • devin williams
    devin williams Hace un mes

    I can’t even eat a pack of these without feeling like Matt did at the end

  • Daud Cheema
    Daud Cheema Hace un mes

    5:31 look at window

  • Nicholas Kaestner
    Nicholas Kaestner Hace un mes

    Do little Debbie callange

  • Behold Josue
    Behold Josue Hace un mes +1

    Diabetes entered the chat

  • ShoSho Brown
    ShoSho Brown Hace un mes

    Unsubscried. I can't support this because in my eyes this is fake even tho I'm watching

  • Jay Príncé
    Jay Príncé Hace un mes

    Hoo ma gawd THIS MAN 😭😭😭 dude tryna wake up having type 2 diabetes he wildin

    • Dead To Me Ace
      Dead To Me Ace Hace 20 días

      Jay Príncé diabetes is over a long term this will only give him diarrhea

  • Dale Fortuin
    Dale Fortuin Hace un mes

    I feel guilty when I look at a doughnut. This nigga indulging like health aint got shit on him.

  • angelopetrozzi44 petrozzi

    R I P Toilet

  • Gabriel H
    Gabriel H Hace un mes

    Holy diabetus

  • Amy Dial
    Amy Dial Hace un mes

    To much cursing In ur videos, not professional at all, that's why i havnt subscribed

  • Jermo B
    Jermo B Hace un mes

    The pack of chocolate donuts disappears at 1:33..???? Lol

  • Max Dufresne
    Max Dufresne Hace un mes

    How to get diabetes in 40 minutes

  • Anton Luge
    Anton Luge Hace un mes +1

    If i was Diabetes, I would fear Matt Stonie.

  • tK_iSmA
    tK_iSmA Hace un mes


  • Marc Trask
    Marc Trask Hace un mes

    how. is that even possible....??????

  • Thomas Michael
    Thomas Michael Hace un mes

    Lord have mercy on his toilet

  • Frank Piazza
    Frank Piazza Hace un mes

    How did you drink a gallon of milk without getting sick? Plus, isn't that level of sugar a risk of sugar coma like a diabetic coma?

  • Omegathehusky
    Omegathehusky Hace un mes

    got sick off eating an entire bag of frosted doughnuts kinda sad xD

  • Sarah Darling
    Sarah Darling Hace un mes +1

    Wonder how big his shits are 😂

  • Gacha Disco
    Gacha Disco Hace un mes +1

    Its quite embarrassing putting your pants on properly.

  • Nicole Wulf
    Nicole Wulf Hace un mes

    Are you ok?

  • Nicole Wulf
    Nicole Wulf Hace un mes

    How man how

  • Are Traps Gay
    Are Traps Gay Hace un mes


  • Дмитрий Сагура

    Вообще уже ебанутый так жрать, у тебя хоть поджелудочная там осталась?

    • Yep Bae
      Yep Bae Hace un mes

      Дмитрий Сагура весьма

    • Дмитрий Сагура
      Дмитрий Сагура Hace un mes

      вопрос конечно удивителен...

    • Yep Bae
      Yep Bae Hace un mes

      Дмитрий Сагура зачем ты тут?

  • Will Servino
    Will Servino Hace un mes

    Market basket milk👀👀

  • toys rus
    toys rus Hace un mes +5

    Matt stonie grats for 8mil soon in about a month or so good job

  • New Zealandia Mapper
    New Zealandia Mapper Hace un mes

    *Cavities has left the chat*

  • DeeJayRoyalT2
    DeeJayRoyalT2 Hace un mes

    The sad thing about this challenge is after Hostess supposedly "came back" none of their shit tasted the same and it still doesn't to this day. Hostess died the day they originally went out of business.

  • Patrick Pin
    Patrick Pin Hace un mes

    Diabetes: “im not scared of anybody!”
    *_Matt walks in the room_*
    Diabetes: “👀would you look at the time”

  • rh25
    rh25 Hace un mes

    I got heart burn just watching this

  • Joseph Fiorenzo
    Joseph Fiorenzo Hace un mes

    The milk is the worst. You cannot compress liquids it's a fact. He drank too much too fast. I have seen a lot of his vids this was the first one I saw when he quit. Still very impressive. I doubt he weighs over 130 lbs

  • Nia to Fly
    Nia to Fly Hace un mes +1

    I can’t even watch this I’m sick just by watching him😳🥵

  • Herbert Smith
    Herbert Smith Hace un mes

    Everybody: Definitely *Type 2 Diabetes*
    Me: First of all, the way he laid them ho-hos out though

  • Jared Higdon
    Jared Higdon Hace un mes

    I usually envy your challenges but I bet this one was disgusting

  • Drew Biggah
    Drew Biggah Hace un mes +1

    This challenge I couldn't even attempted lol I hate sweet stuff

  • hannah van gundy
    hannah van gundy Hace un mes +3

    Anyone still watching in 2019??

  • Dr. Steve brule
    Dr. Steve brule Hace un mes

    And that’s how you get diabetes...like a boss!!!

  • Jacob Watley mxtv
    Jacob Watley mxtv Hace un mes

    How many cals

  • Everything Tech hacker

    Bro I can’t eat too sweet food and you ate a whole sweet market! I know how it feels!