"The Sweetest Food Challenge in the History of Ever" (Hostess Snack Challenge) | Matt Stonie

  • Publicado el 19 jul 2013
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    Hostess is back! In what they are calling "The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever". So, to jump on the bandwagon, I went and bought as many Hostess treats as I could find, and plan on eating them... Only problem is it ended up being like 9lbs of them lol.
    Not ALL of the snacks in the video are hostess brand. I searched for as many as I could, but due to limited availability, I bought some treats of equal size and type to represent the absent treats. Please don't hate me for this =p
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Comentarios • 10 909

  • David Suarez
    David Suarez Hace 5 horas

    My dude ur in heaven😭

  • Chriswinter
    Chriswinter Hace 18 horas

    I still don't understand why you don't get diabetes

  • Jonathan DeStefano
    Jonathan DeStefano Hace un día +1

    Box of ho hos box of ding dongs😂😂😂

  • David Adrian Fernández Rodríguez

    Shut up and put all of that in my mouth!

  • Andrew Stevens
    Andrew Stevens Hace 2 días

    Most underrated Matt stonie vid of all time. I think this might be his biggest battle

  • Ailley Khan
    Ailley Khan Hace 2 días

    Plz do raw eggs challenge

  • Aj Jayyo
    Aj Jayyo Hace 3 días +1

    how does he not have diabetes

  • Beyond Your Imagination

    Someone in 2019?

  • Mitesh fegade
    Mitesh fegade Hace 4 días +1

    Diabetes joined the chat

  • Aleksandar Vućić
    Aleksandar Vućić Hace 4 días

    *you forgot the puting*

  • T- Terminator
    T- Terminator Hace 5 días

    Why your body doesn't go into a Sugar Shock is Weird?.....

  • Hagrid HagridLover
    Hagrid HagridLover Hace 7 días

    did anyone else see him at the start holding his hair back to keep it out of his face?

  • Once Jelly
    Once Jelly Hace 7 días

    2019 now

  • Lady T
    Lady T Hace 8 días

    CNN we come eat with you sometime

  • omar trachen
    omar trachen Hace 8 días

    just how???
    How arent you dead by now??????

  • 115NorthCdogg22
    115NorthCdogg22 Hace 8 días

    I want

  • Y e n
    Y e n Hace 9 días

    The brown ones in the bottom right are my favorite

  • tik tok
    tik tok Hace 9 días

    if anyone is wondering how he stays skinny
    he said himself that he goes on a liquid diet if he doesnt do a challenge
    and he goes to the gym every singe day

  • tik tok
    tik tok Hace 9 días

    you should have done chocolate milk

  • Hezekiya Beason
    Hezekiya Beason Hace 9 días

    2013 people: he is not fat
    2019 people: he is not fat

  • Daniel Lafleur
    Daniel Lafleur Hace 9 días

    U did not finish your Twinkies

  • Ari Gameplays
    Ari Gameplays Hace 9 días

    *Diabetes join the chat*

  • Katie Daniels
    Katie Daniels Hace 9 días +1

    no offense Matt but I could of done this challenge in 20 mins or less because I love sweets 😇

  • Alisha khanam
    Alisha khanam Hace 10 días

    You look like a girl🙆

  • shruti Himar
    shruti Himar Hace 10 días

    I like how he ate all that sugar and chose the low fat milk. Healthy choice

  • Undercover Universe
    Undercover Universe Hace 11 días

    Just looking at that makes me gain 20 pounds lel that’s too much sugar

  • Savage King
    Savage King Hace 11 días


  • tube lube64
    tube lube64 Hace 12 días

    that must be a PAIN in the butt

  • Babar Ali
    Babar Ali Hace 12 días

    Diabetes has joined the chat

  • Emmanuel Cabral Reyes
    Emmanuel Cabral Reyes Hace 12 días

    6:15, 6:52 & 10:50 Diabetic piggy. 😂😅🐷🐽🧁🍪🍩🍫🍮🎂🍰🥮🥞🐽🐷😅😂

  • Fernando Almeida
    Fernando Almeida Hace 13 días

    Imagina o tanto que esse cara vai cagar depois vais ser uns 8 kg de bosta

  • Hunor Humorzsák
    Hunor Humorzsák Hace 14 días +3

    7:24 theres somebody behind the door 🤣

  • Hawkingseye
    Hawkingseye Hace 15 días

    This has been the grosses video of his for me 😂 I hate those type of desserts, I could feel the pain through the screen.

  • Harrison Orton
    Harrison Orton Hace 15 días +1

    How many cavities does he have after this🤣

  • Bradley Narayan
    Bradley Narayan Hace 15 días


  • ArAbElLa H. Dragneel
    ArAbElLa H. Dragneel Hace 15 días

    hey matt could you cut your hair?

  • ArAbElLa H. Dragneel
    ArAbElLa H. Dragneel Hace 15 días

    gym maybe

  • Antonia Christeas
    Antonia Christeas Hace 15 días +1

    Matt just pulls up his shirt with his mouth full 😂

  • ger lee
    ger lee Hace 16 días

    I got diabetes just from watching this.

  • Gumball Ponce
    Gumball Ponce Hace 16 días

    How is he still good looking? Like he's eating what I want everyday!! Does he run everyday??!

  • Fahmeeda Zahan
    Fahmeeda Zahan Hace 17 días

    if you didn’t try any gulab jamun or shondesh or kalo jaam or any desi mishties, donot call it "The Sweetest ever" challenge. try this we'll see whether you can eat 'em all or not. besta luck.

  • Jeremy Hayden
    Jeremy Hayden Hace 17 días

    How was a Twinkie “dry”? Literally filled with cream...?¿

  • Donovan Redd
    Donovan Redd Hace 19 días

    Morgan is so halarious

  • Donovan Redd
    Donovan Redd Hace 19 días

    In that period after he eats, he must have it worse than a pregnant woman

  • Donovan Redd
    Donovan Redd Hace 19 días

    A b o x o f d i n g d o n g s

  • Salvatore Lanzilotta
    Salvatore Lanzilotta Hace 19 días

    You just ate my entire obese childhood in 1 meal

  • Ava T
    Ava T Hace 20 días +1

    He look like dora

  • kapil goyal
    kapil goyal Hace 22 días

    He firstly
    Eat everything then vomite after everything

  • TheDuckOnCrack
    TheDuckOnCrack Hace 23 días

    11:15 the lady says calm down, yeah I would like to see you try eat all of this.

  • John Fisher
    John Fisher Hace 24 días

    Couldn't do that, I'm a savoury person.

  • Turning Up The Truth
    Turning Up The Truth Hace 24 días

    Hahaha funniest Stonie video I’ve watched

  • Wade Lawrence
    Wade Lawrence Hace 24 días

    He's secret

    He's not from this planet

  • Andrew Rocklin
    Andrew Rocklin Hace 25 días

    He just did the gallon milk challenge on the side of his food challenge. Legend

  • I'm a big boy now
    I'm a big boy now Hace 25 días

    Matt stonie + sweet food challenge = diabetes

  • X_X
    X_X Hace 26 días

    O god

  • Anthony Swinson
    Anthony Swinson Hace 27 días

    For a person that eats for a living he sure complains a lot about food

  • Hyrum Tapusoa
    Hyrum Tapusoa Hace 27 días

    He always says he’ll finish at a certain time but never reaches it

  • rocky362
    rocky362 Hace 28 días

    Ho Hoes and Ding dongs are gross. Everything else I don't mind.

  • Joshua Atwood
    Joshua Atwood Hace 29 días

    You should do a food Challenge called Cafe Rio Nachos 10x

  • Ilias Attar
    Ilias Attar Hace 29 días

    diabetes will die from diabetes so dont worry he will be fine.

  • NY
    NY Hace un mes

    you're amazing!!!

  • Pablo Quennesson Ribeiro de Oliveira

    The sweetest challenge is most difficult than the other challenge because sugar is really heavy when you eat it a lot . No one can deny but I call a food champion, the men who tried sweetest challenge . It's too esay to eat meat or Something with salt but all of those food challenge very spicy , very sweet, are the most difficult ever !!

  • Lil Figi Water
    Lil Figi Water Hace un mes

    He’s going to be shitting out dairy

  • pandora box
    pandora box Hace un mes

    i dare you to eat 8kls of chocolate 🍫 pretty please

  • Delaram Zavarei
    Delaram Zavarei Hace un mes

    yet I am 15 years old and all I eat is salad one day I'm 58 next day I'm f%%^ing 61

  • CyeOutsider
    CyeOutsider Hace un mes +1

    You'd have to puke after that.
    There's no way you could ever be comfortable with that much sugar, milk and dough crammed into your guts.

  • 42k 41k
    42k 41k Hace un mes

    Diabetes. I only see diabetes.

  • Dönerali Babalauch
    Dönerali Babalauch Hace un mes

    -Diabetes joined the chat-

  • Nexizimas
    Nexizimas Hace un mes +1

    Was eating some chocolate twinkies yesterday and thought he should eat a bunch of hostess stuff
    Not only did he already do this 5 years ago, i already watched this video too

  • Ardit Abazi
    Ardit Abazi Hace un mes

    So slow

  • EffE B!
    EffE B! Hace un mes

    I would like to see how it is after..

  • Andrew John
    Andrew John Hace un mes

    I felt so bad towards the end... i hate seeing people suffer, you didnt have to do this Matt

  • iconamongidols
    iconamongidols Hace un mes

    I mean, just the fact that he did the gallon milk challenge as a side challenge to this beast of a challenge is fucking godly.

  • ItsCrazyLaffle
    ItsCrazyLaffle Hace un mes

    Now I’m craving 🤤

    YR BAMM Hace un mes

    Banna Nut? Don’t you mean Yah Made me Nut 🥜

  • Lilly Smith
    Lilly Smith Hace un mes

    Omg staaaaap Im getting so hungry.😂 I love ur channel😂😂😂😂

  • Mark Ferring
    Mark Ferring Hace un mes

    Guys, he burns all the calories by eating so fast

  • Akhil Binu
    Akhil Binu Hace un mes

    i would have finished that at 20 min

  • Birtycle 204
    Birtycle 204 Hace un mes

    Diabetes 101

  • Sandylphan
    Sandylphan Hace un mes

    do you not gain weight

  • Mir Raw
    Mir Raw Hace un mes

    My teeth hurt

  • Andrew Farrugia
    Andrew Farrugia Hace un mes

    Next Challenger

  • Apollo Enjolras
    Apollo Enjolras Hace un mes


  • Romano Christians
    Romano Christians Hace un mes

    One of his hardest challenges ever

  • monicaChrisAhn
    monicaChrisAhn Hace un mes

    i guarantee he does NOT work out right after these challenges. and he probably doesnt workout any morethan the avg person. also your body can burn calories from processing all that food, its probably just genetics w his metabolism

  • Vaporeon Trainer
    Vaporeon Trainer Hace un mes +1

    How to get diabetes in 12 minuets and 7 seconds

  • Alexis Hammersley
    Alexis Hammersley Hace un mes


  • Brian Stearns
    Brian Stearns Hace un mes

    I dunno why he doesn't switch up between plates more often. That's my gluttony technique. Gotta keep each flavor fresh.

  • Playing Unique
    Playing Unique Hace un mes

    What is it called when you don't drink milk?

  • TheSkyWookie
    TheSkyWookie Hace un mes

    OOOOOOOOOH Yes, I so want to do this after wrestling season ends for me in April...hell yeah boys I'm moving up two classes, from 138 lbs to 152 lbs.

  • Mr. 2006
    Mr. 2006 Hace un mes

    You can't keep calling things challenges that aren't actual challenges😂

  • Yuh Boi
    Yuh Boi Hace un mes

    How does this dude not have diabetes

  • Soulless
    Soulless Hace un mes

    Ever wondered what happened to his toilet?

  • Epicrockers 113
    Epicrockers 113 Hace un mes

    he eats, then goes to the gym for 12 hrs

  • nacho cheese213
    nacho cheese213 Hace un mes

    His mom never gave him treats his treat is milk

    15 years later: i eat treats my treat is milk

  • Weffy Da Prince
    Weffy Da Prince Hace un mes

    Diabetes has joined the video

  • Narinder Sehgal
    Narinder Sehgal Hace un mes

    I also start feeling hungry watching u eating

  • Kynan Passalick
    Kynan Passalick Hace un mes

    It wasn’t him saying ding dong... someone rang the doorbell and walked in

  • Guamparrapo83
    Guamparrapo83 Hace un mes

    The ultimate human version of Kid Buu

  • Demon Hunter Shiny Umbreon

    Diabetes right there