6lb Food Truck Challenge (8,000+ Calories)


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  • Shake N' Bake
    Shake N' Bake Hace 7 horas


  • Edgar Tapia
    Edgar Tapia Hace 2 días

    He should have got nacho cheese on top of it

  • Edgar Tapia
    Edgar Tapia Hace 2 días

    Do you get the runs...and have you had accidents shiting yourself

  • Maãlík J.
    Maãlík J. Hace 2 días

    I swear the majority of that food on the stove was only half cooked.😂 That bacon was still raw.

  • Haxhi Zhuti
    Haxhi Zhuti Hace 2 días

    qka pidhin e soms ki

  • Joshua Toyne
    Joshua Toyne Hace 2 días

    Can I talk

  • Savagee748
    Savagee748 Hace 3 días +1

    Bruh diabetes in a tray

  • Ange I
    Ange I Hace 3 días

    who else watching feeling sad and hungry as hell?!

  • x n
    x n Hace 3 días

    Looks like Pete is doing another “how to get cancer and cardiovascular disease” video

  • caps201
    caps201 Hace 5 días

    Last thing I would want is some douche bag sitting next to me asking questions

  • knowwe
    knowwe Hace 5 días

    That was one shitty sandwich, just a big glop of cheap crap thrown in a lid

    ANDREW CULLEN Hace 5 días

    I have fried cheese sandwiches quite often, But it will only have half the cheese each of those had and very little oil to fry it in. With an egg on top (Fried or Poached). I think one problem is you need to eat it warm not hot and not cold either. I prefer cold Spam or Chopped Pork rather than fried (Fried reminds me of old school dinners where we had fried Spam in batter)?

  • PersonaLRetard MMB
    PersonaLRetard MMB Hace 5 días

    Bruh nice intro call of duty music dude I think that's from mw2 or mw3

  • DylanM Tufano
    DylanM Tufano Hace 6 días

    That food looks nasty

  • Smoky Virgo
    Smoky Virgo Hace 7 días

    That thiCC snack in the kitchen tho

  • Mr O
    Mr O Hace 7 días

    Jesus just the water he drank would make me full

  • Jamie Collins
    Jamie Collins Hace 10 días

    He didn't want anyone talking him

  • elton hokianga
    elton hokianga Hace 11 días

    feel sorry for your toilet

  • Nim Luikham
    Nim Luikham Hace 11 días

    Eat food while watching this, and your food will taste better. 😂

  • Aamir 4272
    Aamir 4272 Hace 15 días

    You eat like a pig!!!!!🐖🐖🐖

  • Dismember812
    Dismember812 Hace 15 días

    like pig

  • Joseph KRIP
    Joseph KRIP Hace 15 días

    How ar su not fat

  • Jonathan Kim
    Jonathan Kim Hace 16 días

    heart stroke from all that oil and shit

  • Milka Lopez
    Milka Lopez Hace 17 días

    This made me sooooo hungry 😭

  • Hadi Najeeb
    Hadi Najeeb Hace 18 días

    Does eating fast give you any advantage?

  • Dale Stevens
    Dale Stevens Hace 20 días

    Such a waste of food...

  • TRYHARD545 _
    TRYHARD545 _ Hace 20 días

    I would make love to that thing like that episode when spongebob fell in love with a crabby patty😂😂😂

  • Nathan Vlogs
    Nathan Vlogs Hace 21 un día

    Dude your weak af if it’s so dam greasy why you start the challenge.

  • Fahad Jawed
    Fahad Jawed Hace 21 un día

    And im sure you do not have cophte the challenges of. India❓❓❓❓❓

  • Fahad Jawed
    Fahad Jawed Hace 21 un día

    Comes india

  • MrErnieHanks
    MrErnieHanks Hace 22 días

    That's what you call wimpy bacon

  • Extron 5
    Extron 5 Hace 23 días +1

    I feel bad for his friend and cameraman

  • Roberto Zuniga
    Roberto Zuniga Hace 23 días

    Blacks ops 2???

  • Aemie Roswell
    Aemie Roswell Hace 23 días

    I hope you'll be okay when you get old. I mean its been years since you've been doing eating challenges, and we all know that burger, fries, any types of meat, carbonated drinks aren't healthy. Just... 😓 I want you to live a long life. Without suffering from any illness. Gb

    • Aemie Roswell
      Aemie Roswell Hace 18 días

      Kexmonster not really, but I love leafy vegetables. And Im not into too much meat

    • Kexmonster
      Kexmonster Hace 18 días

      Are you vegetarian?

    9ERZ BIATCH Hace 26 días

    Yea bruh that bacon was still practically raw and when I saw the guacamole I was like wtf it's not gonna even taste good.

  • gaming tower
    gaming tower Hace 27 días

    I can eat it in 5min if uou give it to me

  • Stackaholic
    Stackaholic Hace 27 días

    if I ate half of that I would be plugged up for a week. ha!

  • rafdek
    rafdek Hace 28 días


  • Caterpillar
    Caterpillar Hace 28 días

    There's sooo much grease, and the food doesn't look appetizing at all.

  • Jasper Edwards
    Jasper Edwards Hace 28 días

    shut yer trap hes trying to eat not talk

  • Russ Ramos
    Russ Ramos Hace un mes

    you come off like a dick to the people that try to talk to you sometimes. Just saying...I still enjoy ur videos tho..

  • Johnatan Andrea
    Johnatan Andrea Hace un mes


  • EmperorJ
    EmperorJ Hace un mes

    i don't have money for that xD

  • Barin moirangthem
    Barin moirangthem Hace un mes

    Lameee. Beard wud have destroyed that shit.

  • Monde Acid
    Monde Acid Hace un mes

    Eating all that crap and like a pig does not make it. Whats the point.

  • jaco hougaard l
    jaco hougaard l Hace un mes

    if i ever did that i think I'll have a heart attack

  • Black Moses 87
    Black Moses 87 Hace un mes

    The female cook hella thick 👀👀

  • Little ForceField
    Little ForceField Hace un mes

    Man,i really want that its so good

  • Kryptomia Deathmetalizer

    kobayashi would laugh on the meal they prepared. this would be so easy for him. haha

  • Keshav Maheshwari
    Keshav Maheshwari Hace un mes +2

    People in Africa would have eaten this in 5 min.. 😂

  • bakaaaru nitre
    bakaaaru nitre Hace un mes

    i want some come to my place and give me some of that please.

  • Micke
    Micke Hace un mes

    a steady breakfast :D

  • James Blundell
    James Blundell Hace un mes

    bet he gets terrible wind

  • Gucci Jay
    Gucci Jay Hace un mes

    Vegan Wont Like This One

  • γιαννης αναστασίου


  • Alice I didn't cry at all

    ok now i am hungry and i ate like 1 our ago

  • STRICKER terminatore
    STRICKER terminatore Hace un mes

    Black ips 2

  • rayane seddiki
    rayane seddiki Hace un mes

    its so deffeclt to watch it when fasting WTF !!!!

  • Aliraja Kazi
    Aliraja Kazi Hace un mes

    How the hell is this guy still alive??!!

  • Baloodini
    Baloodini Hace un mes +1

    why don't the idiots stop expecting to carry a conversation with Pete while he's trying to eat

  • Dragon Master Knight BLS BEU

    So did anyone else notice how dirty the grill he cooked the food on was? Or was it just me?

  • Dragon Master Knight BLS BEU

    The whole meal itself looked overly greasy,burnt,undercooked and just not appetizing at all. Especially the bacon. You serve me bacon undercooked and floppy like that I'ma hurt somebody.

  • Red Reigns
    Red Reigns Hace un mes

    That looks sooo good(minus the spam and eggs

  • shadow king
    shadow king Hace un mes

    I don't want him to have a stroke bc how much grease he eats

  • shadow king
    shadow king Hace un mes

    The legend has it he eats fast bc so he can more and more

  • Sean Cheatham
    Sean Cheatham Hace un mes

    They were slinging fryer oil all over that shit

  • I am Lick
    I am Lick Hace un mes


  • Marko Djurdjevic
    Marko Djurdjevic Hace un mes

    druze moj uzivas li ti nekada u hrani!?

  • Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson Hace un mes

    Furious is a fr am if nature in a good way!!! Go PETE!

  • patsbosox81
    patsbosox81 Hace un mes

    Such a cocky arrogant douchebag

  • #Bloodridge
    #Bloodridge Hace un mes

    How hard do you have to work out after a challenge?

  • محمد الجهني
    محمد الجهني Hace un mes

    الي عربي لايك👍🏻

  • reza1484 lay
    reza1484 lay Hace un mes

    When he poops, it is going to be a huge explosive

  • Miss Blue
    Miss Blue Hace un mes

    Geezuss.. it doesn’t even look good! 😜

  • GearHEAD92
    GearHEAD92 Hace un mes +2

    He should've put Ketchup.

  • Puente Destino
    Puente Destino Hace un mes

    no me gana ... .
    muy lerdo

  • Kerwin R
    Kerwin R Hace un mes

    Americans are pigs.

  • kavy ai
    kavy ai Hace un mes

    I don't want eat food when I watch this ewee😒 why can't you just enjoy food rather than food challenge

  • A B
    A B Hace un mes

    This food in Europe is only allowed to be given to dogs and stray animals in general

  • Black Dinero
    Black Dinero Hace un mes

    is that spam

  • Gamer locos
    Gamer locos Hace un mes

    I eat the hole thing in 2h

  • Dr Chimp
    Dr Chimp Hace un mes

    If only that was 4000 calories.....

  • crastics
    crastics Hace un mes


  • Boghos Boghosian
    Boghos Boghosian Hace un mes


  • Gaming Legends
    Gaming Legends Hace un mes

    it made my mouth tired fuuuuuk

  • some guy
    some guy Hace 2 meses

    Hold up mother fuckers he said San Francisco shit that’s close to where I live someone please tell me where I can find this and how much it cost I won’t be able to finish it but it looks good maybe I’ll take some back up with me to help me out

  • Att1l3
    Att1l3 Hace 2 meses

    I need to stop watching food related things at night

  • The Red Assasin
    The Red Assasin Hace 2 meses

    This made me hungry

  • Musicownz1997
    Musicownz1997 Hace 2 meses

    this is coming from the guy who's done fat shakes... "it's too greasy" idk dude

  • Raul Gonzalez
    Raul Gonzalez Hace 2 meses

    Great job but to be honest I think they made that meal up he didn't even know how many calories were in it and new guy didn't even know they served it lol

  • Ljubisa Petrovic
    Ljubisa Petrovic Hace 2 meses

    Why am I doing this to myself...

  • FEDEL89
    FEDEL89 Hace 2 meses

    Cardiac arrest

  • Michael Eddy
    Michael Eddy Hace 2 meses

    Bro he the Asian version of 50 cent

  • Ruupertti
    Ruupertti Hace 2 meses +1

    Me likey likey yumm

  • Master Yi Liên Minh Huyền Thoại

    don't sad .. good job (y)

  • Hunkyboys Sandwich
    Hunkyboys Sandwich Hace 2 meses

    thats how americans eat? hope they d washed their hands well

    • Megan Proffitt
      Megan Proffitt Hace un mes

      Hunkyboys Sandwich
      No it's not how we eat actually...

    HECTOR HERN Hace 2 meses +1

    yam yam delicious i will put moustage chese kedchup and maionese x5🗻 great job nice work unbroken my friend x6🌋

  • vez hopkins
    vez hopkins Hace 2 meses

    today food won :D

  • Adigun Forest
    Adigun Forest Hace 2 meses

    He's gonna be pooping so much!

  • Abdullah Darweesh
    Abdullah Darweesh Hace 2 meses

    pete can u please cut the music its really better without