6lb Food Truck Challenge (8,000+ Calories)


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  • Gunna
    Gunna Hace 6 horas

    They have no idea how many calories It is they just made a random number.

  • Food Travel & more
    Food Travel & more Hace 14 horas

    BAROOLE indian street food

  • Astar Sheran
    Astar Sheran Hace un día


  • UmTryThis
    UmTryThis Hace un día

    I’m starving

  • Dr.AsianRice
    Dr.AsianRice Hace un día

    I wonder how his poop is like swallowing all that food and chewing it a little

  • Abood Kahlqh
    Abood Kahlqh Hace 2 días

    no . 1 food member

  • Zabe nyc
    Zabe nyc Hace 2 días

    Furious pete is a fat fuck. LOL

  • Fantastic Logan
    Fantastic Logan Hace 2 días

    I wish I can eat that

  • ashish01997
    ashish01997 Hace 3 días

    The restraunt guy would be pissed about the bad review..

  • R6 Zsoltival
    R6 Zsoltival Hace 3 días

    That's not a challange,only a breakfast for me.😂😂😂😂

  • Oli Rahman
    Oli Rahman Hace 3 días

    Men that’s a pile of processed junk with grease for sauce

  • Maruf Mohammed
    Maruf Mohammed Hace 6 días

    I've had greasy food and it's fine, but when you can clearly starting picking out the grease texture, taste etc in the food that your eating and the food is unable to mask the grease so the brain doesn't register it as much, then that's when it's a problem.

  • Gaming Hunter Yoni
    Gaming Hunter Yoni Hace 6 días

    Come to Israel and get the worlds largest burger it has 45+ patties

    MIKE BONES Hace 7 días


  • Constantine Synetos
    Constantine Synetos Hace 9 días

    pete honestly makes ANYTHING he eats look un-appetizing when he starts eating it, i am like, DAAAAMN that looks soo good, then see pete gobling it up, im like i might not eat for the next 5 days :D

  • jake elstad
    jake elstad Hace 10 días

    he said the fodd was ASSSSSSSS

  • mwben kurdish
    mwben kurdish Hace 10 días +1

    Veri good

  • Slav Gaming
    Slav Gaming Hace 10 días

    shelooked at you and you in her direction while her boyfriend was there she began adjusting herself to look her best for you

  • Islam Merad
    Islam Merad Hace 11 días

    طعون قززتني

  • Mě Nepřesvědčíš
    Mě Nepřesvědčíš Hace 13 días

    U toho jsi se zapotil co? Kokote jeden.

    ALDRIQUES JACOBS Hace 13 días

    easiest challenge

  • DarkCrazyMonkey 5846
    DarkCrazyMonkey 5846 Hace 15 días

    Come here in slovenia in celje and try burger challenge in restaurant stari pisker

  • Andre Cheeko
    Andre Cheeko Hace 16 días

    You can tell these guys were not only bothering, but also annoying him. like shut the fuck up. The man is doing some shit that’s serious to him. So let him do it

  • 핸드크림
    핸드크림 Hace 17 días

    맛있겠다아 ~~~♥♥♥

  • you jizz
    you jizz Hace 17 días

    this looks fucking disgusting wtf man

  • sandro
    sandro Hace 19 días

    um idiota desses não vai viver muito tempo

  • Xx BrandyGaming xX
    Xx BrandyGaming xX Hace 21 un día

    I must have produced about 2 gallons of saliva while watching this video

  • Jan Wakaka 3.0
    Jan Wakaka 3.0 Hace 21 un día +1

    Isn't drinking water while eating will make him full early? Well unless he is choking that's different story

  • Mxffin
    Mxffin Hace 21 un día

    Im sure he smoked before he did this Challenge

  • Kiwii US
    Kiwii US Hace 22 días

    why does his intro sounds like a bo2 loading screen

  • Gist432
    Gist432 Hace 22 días

    Cardiac arrest in a can.

  • Goku black warriors
    Goku black warriors Hace 24 días

    Duck you

  • Sith Rebel
    Sith Rebel Hace 24 días

    Hella good

  • Warren Dallas
    Warren Dallas Hace 25 días

    If you take an 8 ounce cup of cooking grease and add an 8 ounce cup of water to it' the grease will end up rising to the top. To find out all you need is an empty 20 ounce cup for this quick experiment. My point: For future reference Pete might be better off not drinking water when dealing with greasy food challenges. The water and the greasy food coupled with his own stomach acid trying to break down the solid food creates one of the most nasty & uncomfortable experiences any professional eater will ever bare. Also the darkness of that fried chicken skin indicates that the grease that it was fried in must be changed for a fresh batch of grease. I agree with Pete on this one, even though he may not have come across verbally about the food truck's meal presentation the way some folk's would've liked him to. Overused cooking grease can not only ruin a meal but also destroy any food vendors ability to keep customers coming back for more. Food vendors must keep in mind when dealing with fried food: No customer wants to taste yesterday's food in today's meal. Honesty is the best policy and on that note, the food truck earned a good verbal spanking for a bullshit meal.

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy Hace 26 días

    Spam was raw and cut too thick, and Spam is poor mans food, disgusting sellin that, why can't he afford sausage..Filthy food truck..

  • Jeremy M
    Jeremy M Hace 26 días

    Someone tell that buzz lightyear looking Cunt to fuck up when the man is eating

    ICECREAMK1NG1 Hace 29 días +1

    Thing is, it doesn't even look good, in fact it looked like shit.
    No thanks. Wouldn't want it free of charge.

  • Chief Maddog
    Chief Maddog Hace un mes

    Wtf gimme some i wish i had food when watching this # ripspam

  • Kirti Tiwari
    Kirti Tiwari Hace un mes


  • Sơn Nguyên
    Sơn Nguyên Hace un mes

    I wan to try it :)

  • Yaya 2018
    Yaya 2018 Hace un mes

    He cheated

  • Sourav Lott
    Sourav Lott Hace un mes

    It's Tasty challenge big love from india

  • Japan Otaku
    Japan Otaku Hace un mes

    Hometown!!! I never knew that they had that challenge there. Oh man I wished I had tried that.

  • ㄒ 卄 丨 匚 匚 乇 几

    *Your road to Diabetes has arrived!*

  • 시티존
    시티존 Hace un mes


  • InstantMax
    InstantMax Hace un mes

    2:04 DAAAMN SHE'S THICC !!!

    • Opu Vin
      Opu Vin Hace un mes

      InstantMax reported lol

  • Bobby
    Bobby Hace un mes

    That don’t even look good 👎🏼

  • BeastDaLegend
    BeastDaLegend Hace un mes

    where is that food truck?

  • Arvind Andrew Das
    Arvind Andrew Das Hace un mes +1

    hey man just a tip, in india we drink green tea with sweet lime and without any sweetener, little warm so that will cut down your grease

  • Chocolate Mint
    Chocolate Mint Hace un mes

    The reason I hate eating fast is because I do not get to have the glorious food peacefully having to taste every grain of it yum...

  • Deon Williams
    Deon Williams Hace un mes

    Ty to all those who wear gloves 👍🏿

  • Farty Person
    Farty Person Hace un mes

    I’m watching this whilst I’m eating a nice and light salad

  • Sione Tupou
    Sione Tupou Hace un mes

    They hurt da bread but I know it is good

  • P3
    P3 Hace un mes

    It's the spam that shit looked like a heart attack lol good job though

  • Shuckeh's Channel
    Shuckeh's Channel Hace un mes

    Shit bag

  • Tanner Mills
    Tanner Mills Hace un mes

    do you ever get the hiccups

  • ay its your boy andre
    ay its your boy andre Hace un mes

    looks good because im hungry

  • Shades
    Shades Hace un mes +1

    Waste of food
    But still kinda ok.

  • gargara77
    gargara77 Hace un mes

    Suicide but slow type

  • S B
    S B Hace un mes

    Spam is so disgusting I don't even know how people buy that nasty shit in cans

  • MarcYoBro
    MarcYoBro Hace un mes

    No dont fail that often. I dont like to see thst. still i love you

  • shred2deth
    shred2deth Hace un mes

    sloppy ass food truck

  • Gibran Bahtiar
    Gibran Bahtiar Hace un mes


  • Anand jamatia
    Anand jamatia Hace un mes

    Lov n Respect

    STEKISES Hace un mes

    i can eat that maybe not that fast but i can

  • koniec swiata
    koniec swiata Hace un mes

    jest moc !!!!

  • Gabe Lee
    Gabe Lee Hace 2 meses +2

    nothing is good in it at all.junk food kill.,, why not wash it down with Motor Oil.??

  • anuradha dhananjaya
    anuradha dhananjaya Hace 2 meses

    Furious eating monster pete😂😂😂😂😂

  • Huxy
    Huxy Hace 2 meses

    Ricardo Corbucci conseguiria

  • Tia Jones
    Tia Jones Hace 2 meses +1

    Eating isn't a sport

  • Tia Jones
    Tia Jones Hace 2 meses +1

    Just when you thought food can get even unhealthyer...

  • Angelyn Nguyen
    Angelyn Nguyen Hace 2 meses

    I know he could’ve finished it bc of all of +10,000 calorie challenges in one sitting lol 😂

  • dustin almadrones
    dustin almadrones Hace 2 meses

    Bruh they really tried talking to him to slow him down so he don’t win smh

  • Dward_by apr
    Dward_by apr Hace 2 meses

    You have to see tanboy kun from indonesia,
    He's crazies than you my man

  • HavokDoesDN
    HavokDoesDN Hace 2 meses +1

    Anyone else watch these videos when They’re hungry?

  • Aaron Hudson
    Aaron Hudson Hace 2 meses

    Please that cheese and the meat
    Go ahead chef

  • John Coleman
    John Coleman Hace 2 meses

    Who the hell is not a fan of spam it's just one of those things that taste great ... excuses excuses... but I still like watching your videos

  • Jannatul Jannatul Fardaus

    O my God😨😨😨😰😰

  • Cool Cool
    Cool Cool Hace 2 meses

    Best job of the hole World

  • Method Man
    Method Man Hace 2 meses +1

    That lady at the 2 minute mark wow you are smoking I would eat all her calories 🤭

  • Maverick Silva
    Maverick Silva Hace 2 meses

    Brah you must clog toilets all around the world lol

  • Danielle Tomasi
    Danielle Tomasi Hace 2 meses

    U quit. No need to bash the food. Ur a quitter. Own it.

  • Eilat Har-Hermon
    Eilat Har-Hermon Hace 2 meses

    any way in my eyes you are the best

  • Jerome
    Jerome Hace 2 meses

    Spam had nothing to do there, it lowered a lot the quality if these black burned toasts

  • yashwant katare
    yashwant katare Hace 2 meses

    so unhealthy

  • สมชาย ทองสุข

    เบ่งปันคนอดยากหน้าจะดีกว่าและได้บุญด้วยทีทำไร /

  • Aayan The Alter Ego
    Aayan The Alter Ego Hace 2 meses

    that guy just took the waffle fries from a fuckin street

  • Aaron Hinkle
    Aaron Hinkle Hace 2 meses

    not gonna shit for a month with all that cheese

  • Gringo Sinting
    Gringo Sinting Hace 2 meses

    how can that fit into the mouth?

  • Gringo Sinting
    Gringo Sinting Hace 2 meses

    how can that fit into the mouth?

  • Shezza Bezza
    Shezza Bezza Hace 2 meses

    Is hungry

  • canU See Me
    canU See Me Hace 2 meses

    Well done bro u ate so much 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍

  • ZeBoleto
    ZeBoleto Hace 2 meses

    03:18 - Qui japones babaca, o cara nem terminou de comer e ta pedindo palmas lol/Verg.....

  • Shake N' Bake
    Shake N' Bake Hace 2 meses


  • Maãlík
    Maãlík Hace 2 meses

    I swear the majority of that food on the stove was only half cooked.😂 That bacon was still raw.

  • Haxhi Zhuti
    Haxhi Zhuti Hace 2 meses

    qka pidhin e soms ki

  • Joshua Toyne
    Joshua Toyne Hace 2 meses

    Can I talk

  • Savagee748
    Savagee748 Hace 2 meses +1

    Bruh diabetes in a tray

  • Ange I
    Ange I Hace 2 meses +1

    who else watching feeling sad and hungry as hell?!

  • x n
    x n Hace 2 meses

    Looks like Pete is doing another “how to get cancer and cardiovascular disease” video