Drain the Swamp: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Publicado el 12 nov 2018
  • Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” But considering the culture of corruption inside of his administration, Washington is looking awfully...swampy.
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Comentarios • 8 653

  • jimbo
    jimbo Hace un día

    No wonder Why Donald Trump was an actor cameo.

  • Kevin Kljyan
    Kevin Kljyan Hace un día

    Thank god we AOC and Justice Democrats and candidates endorsed by Our Revolution. They are staunchly anti-corruption, anti-status quo, and are unequivocally bold and and progressive, never afraid to speak truth to power. If you want to talk about draining the swamp, Talk to AOC, Justice Democrats, and Our Revolution. #OurTime. Check ‘em out at justicedemocrats.com and ourrevolution.org , respectively.

  • Jared Blinzler
    Jared Blinzler Hace 2 días +1

    Trump doesn’t even mention Draining the Swamp anymore

  • DankSentinel
    DankSentinel Hace 4 días +1

    But where would shrek live?

  • Aftertale Fanatic
    Aftertale Fanatic Hace 4 días

    What about shrimp poppers?

  • CJCryer Buzz
    CJCryer Buzz Hace 5 días

    “To pretty to be bad”. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha gag ha ha ha ha ha gag ha ha ha ha ha .

  • Bri Angel
    Bri Angel Hace 6 días

    shrek for president 2020
    his swamp now

  • Alexander William ZALESKI

    So this is why hypocrite libtards and Snowflake Republicans are so messed-up. They get their news from...HBO.

  • Dan V
    Dan V Hace 6 días

    The swamp is getting drained, just not the way Trump envisioned. Most of associates and friends are going to jail.

  • average Canadian
    average Canadian Hace 6 días

    Drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home drain shreks home

  • average Canadian
    average Canadian Hace 6 días

    Drain shreks home

  • BigBewtieHoles
    BigBewtieHoles Hace 9 días

    i looked it up and why isnt there a website for johns incredibly odd little fingertips? theres a website for everything else

  • Johnny Tucker
    Johnny Tucker Hace 10 días

    Every time Trump speaks, I literally cringe.

  • ChronoChrome
    ChronoChrome Hace 11 días

    Oliver's reaction to the kissy face is his best reaction to something yet.

  • Oddly Wired
    Oddly Wired Hace 11 días

    Omg, I have watched this a hundred times and laughed every time. John's horror at trump's kissy face is priceless! 😂

  • Nirav Chitkara
    Nirav Chitkara Hace 12 días

    Man, Mark Lee in that video is an idiot.

  • Chipmunk Tubetop
    Chipmunk Tubetop Hace 12 días

    03:45 Trump voters are brain damaged.

  • Michael Zinns
    Michael Zinns Hace 12 días

    Trump supporters are idiots especially that guy who likes billionaires. Does he even have a brain. Billionaires do not give a shit about us commoners.

  • Nick Rodrigez
    Nick Rodrigez Hace 13 días

    How can scum like this people exist?...

  • Judge Cunningham
    Judge Cunningham Hace 13 días

    For Mr. Seagull, less french fries and more 'Tostitos' chips. LOL

  • Michael Wolf
    Michael Wolf Hace 13 días

    I hadn't thought about it before but that story of Pruitt driving around from hotel to hotel on a "lotion check" mission can't be true. It's just way more effort than can be necessary to accomplish what you want. You have a detail of people who do things for you like running and getting you a 50 gallon drum of that lotion you like on someone else's money. The only possibility of what Pruitt was doing riving between hotels all day is something more wasteful and scandalous than going on a lotion hunt.

  • bnigh5495
    bnigh5495 Hace 15 días

    Why is that phone number disconnected? lol

  • Siggi von Mählmann
    Siggi von Mählmann Hace 15 días

    Drain the swamp was Nazi propeganda for WW2. It encouraged citizens to help drain swamps using marijuana or hemp to help tanks get through swamps in Germany. No suprise Trump is using more slogans from fascists.

  • Shaurya SD
    Shaurya SD Hace 15 días +1

    Can somebody help me out. I'm looking for the video which has a son singing about how his father's heavenly kisses fill him with ectacy

  • Laverne Robbins
    Laverne Robbins Hace 16 días

    All those fat white Trumptarts

  • TheIntimateAvenger
    TheIntimateAvenger Hace 17 días

    Can Trump stop being a thing yet?

  • Pitman
    Pitman Hace 17 días

    3:24 Okay so he clearly seperates rich people and the elites. They are according to his own words not the same. At the same time he has no problem with rich people so what kind of elite is it that he dislikes? Because the only thing I can come up with is him disliking the fact that there are smart people understanding complicated issues and lecturing him if his superficial prejudice are wrong. And the fact that the "mainstream" agrees with these smart people it maybe makes him feel kinda stupid and so he hates them both.

  • LuisIsTheName LITN
    LuisIsTheName LITN Hace 17 días

    12:09 Wait did he say "Birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees"? So we are getting our power from sex? How did no one point that out, even JO?

  • Manj U. Gotts
    Manj U. Gotts Hace 18 días

    The above statements are the marching orders from the Chinese masters of Hollywood to
    Seth Meyers, pedophile rapist Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Kross-eyes Kimmel, and the other morons.
    This is a summary of their "comedy":
    "Trump lied about this, Trump *smirk* did that,, Trump Russia, Trump Trump Trump LIE *smirk* Trump, impeach impeach Trump Russia*smirk* collusion blah blah TrUmP! tRuMp! blah snark TrUmP! tRuMp! bloviate bloviate Trump *smirk* Trump Russia Russia Trump associates blah blah *smirk* *smirk* *wry smile* *stupid gestures* *dumb histrionics* Trump said this, bloviate! tRuMp! said that blah blah blah."
    I do believe it's time to FUCK with your advertisers.

  • Day6 Stan
    Day6 Stan Hace 18 días

    As someone who wears a red Red Sox cap all the time, the comment about how trump ruined red hats hits home.

  • Mickey McGowan
    Mickey McGowan Hace 18 días

    10:57 olivers description of the shrimp is also how id describe a certain current president of our GREAT country

  • Mickey McGowan
    Mickey McGowan Hace 18 días

    Sarah huckabee looks like the step sister from shrek.. could trump be orange shrek?..

    NEWFOU NDLIFE Hace 19 días

    Trump is the most irritating thing Ive dealt with

  • Artem Bentsionov
    Artem Bentsionov Hace 19 días

    Republicans are shockingly short-sighted. “Let’s focus on making as much money as possible now, and leave the planet shitty for future generations, including our own kids...” I have no problem with making money, mind you, just this way that ends up ruining the world.
    It’s almost like they’re hoping to build their own Elysium and leave the rest of us in whatever shithole this place turns into.

  • Moostachezz
    Moostachezz Hace 19 días +1

    Im not so sure about the politics but, then again, im 15 and I just love John Oliver bc he's funny

  • Canadian Boyd
    Canadian Boyd Hace 22 días

    “I’m a geologist!”

    Weird flex, but OK??

  • K Harris
    K Harris Hace 23 días

    I AM listening to the message, but tbh my eyes are just watching John's dimples appear and reappear

  • AJHyoton
    AJHyoton Hace 23 días

    Oliver is losing me with that insistence on texting. Texting is for impersonal cowards. Apparently, I am a psycho who should be imprisoned. Fuck this limey bedwetting shitbrained communist. I am a decent person, yet must be feared for making a phone call from a landline?! Enjoy your brain tumors, smartphone junkies!! This psycho is on his way to Colorado to get some confections from a deeply religious baker who DOES NOT ejaculate into wedding cakes. I will still watch this show for the information, but as for this journalist who thinks he is a comedian, FUCK OFF LOSER!

  • Helen Adams
    Helen Adams Hace 23 días +2

    Donald trump is the what needs to be drained out

  • Jarid Gaming
    Jarid Gaming Hace 23 días +2

    if anyone wants to know a Razzie Award is an insult it means you were in the worst movie of that year.

  • te0nani
    te0nani Hace 24 días

    He meant to DROWN the swamp in a even bigger one. Fake News!

  • Daniel Phillips
    Daniel Phillips Hace 24 días +2

    He is the swamp

  • luke wilson
    luke wilson Hace 24 días

    americans are so fucking stupid

  • SpawnRevenge92
    SpawnRevenge92 Hace 26 días +2

    The guy at 3:29 is so stupid it's kind of infuriating.

  • Sean Lutzke
    Sean Lutzke Hace 26 días


  • Jess J
    Jess J Hace 28 días

    That guy at the end sounds like mitch hedberg.

  • Jash N
    Jash N Hace 28 días +1

    Funny, when he said "drain the swamp" I didn't know he was talking to Russian hookers...

  • FOR SALE: This Channel
    FOR SALE: This Channel Hace 29 días +1

    Trump drained The Swamp and filled the empty hole with Radioactive Toxic Waste.

  • Kody Ryan
    Kody Ryan Hace un mes

    Is John Oliver still making news 19 I need more

  • Ladonna Brock
    Ladonna Brock Hace un mes +1

    Creepy times a million! Trump makes my skin crawl. He's sickening!

  • Max Canon
    Max Canon Hace un mes +1

    00:27 That kissy face is the last thing I will see before I die.

  • Mark Youneva
    Mark Youneva Hace un mes +1

    I need a more hard hitting documentary on how the supposed most powerful, among the most educated nation on planet Earth can elect a village idiot as president of a lemonade stand, let alone president of the entire nation. Where and how did we go wrong? Too much TV and not enough reading clogging our brains? Too much greasy foods clogging our arteries and the bloodflow to said brain? Too blinded and loyal to centuries religious doctorines to think logically and critically? Or is all of this nonsense a price 40% of Americans were willing to pay to retain America's "whiteness" which we know they feel is under imminent threat?

  • E Hawkins
    E Hawkins Hace un mes

    ℑ 𝔞𝔪 𝔫𝔬𝔴 𝔪𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔣𝔢𝔰𝔱𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔞𝔩𝔩 𝔬𝔣 𝘮𝘺 𝘥𝘦𝘴𝘪𝘳𝘦𝘴 > bit.ly/2SOYd0F?-lawofattraction-and-christianityyy-361

  • A. A.
    A. A. Hace un mes

    John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, and anyone closely related to the daily
    show and its producers, are beneficiaries of The Democracy Alliance, the
    premiere dark money network of partisan, left wing billionaires.
    They've been having dinners with them over the years, with no problem.
    Check for yourself, these folks are up to their eyes in corruption- this
    very same Dark Money group funds just as many Superpacs, PR firms,
    Think Tanks, and NGOs as the equally evil Koch Brothers foundation.

  • Baron von Limbourgh
    Baron von Limbourgh Hace un mes +1

    Damn that black guy about the swamp.

  • TheDiamondDog Lucky Muddypaw

    I lost my liking for shrimp when I saw a picture of a shrimp show up on my family's large flat screen tv, while simultaneously eating a shrimp.... it is traumatic... I can't look at shrimp the same anymore... it has been about three to four years

  • Judie P
    Judie P Hace un mes +2

    He drained the swamp and filled it with a sesspool

  • daddy joe
    daddy joe Hace un mes +1

    What happened was, in one of those many trips that trump made to mother Rusca, Putin cough him fucking a goat...it was not the pee tape.

  • Alysha Knaphus
    Alysha Knaphus Hace un mes +2

    Furiously listening to this to drown out my dad’s Fox News.

  • Jayme Ann
    Jayme Ann Hace un mes +3

    I'm a geologist... Ok I'm not 😒

  • Mark Von
    Mark Von Hace un mes

    This guy roasts Trump 24/7 but never roasts Ocasio? This is just a Leftist propaganda show.

  • discorobotification
    discorobotification Hace un mes +1

    Ryan Zinke has a BS in geology, so like, eh, maybe the geologist claim isn't the worst in terms of lies.

    • Jeremy Werner
      Jeremy Werner Hace 4 días +1

      It's basically the equivalent of being qualified for an entry-level position at best. Apparently most geology-related employment expects Masters degrees or better. So nah, he's not a geologist. He has some solid educational background in geology, and all props to him for that because it's a favorite field of mine, but he isn't actually a geologist. It's exactly the kind of half-true claim politicians like him love to make all the time.

  • Robert
    Robert Hace un mes +1

    DT is another loser salesman of evil, king ego of crap

  • Viki Demos
    Viki Demos Hace un mes

    Grab your ankles....

  • Otomar Vlk
    Otomar Vlk Hace un mes +2

    America is not yet ready to get its fuel from birds and bees and flowers and the trees...... you mean fossil fuels.

  • tim simpson
    tim simpson Hace un mes +1

    I can't be the only one who wants to punch each one of these dickbags in this video in the face?!!? They just want to destroy the Earth for personal profit, disgusting

  • Bodenlose Dosenhose
    Bodenlose Dosenhose Hace un mes +6

    15:22 Think about it. He tells his own voters that he lied about draining the swamp, that it was just a meaningless catchphrase. And they laugh about it. These people are so gullible, naive, careless and dumb.

  • Philip Howard
    Philip Howard Hace un mes

    I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with liocking up crooked Hillary Clinton I’m sorry I just don’t like her🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💰💰💰💰💰

  • Sarah Brock
    Sarah Brock Hace un mes +1

    Appointing sentient coal as the head of the EPA may actually be a better idea since he won't want all of his kind to vanish and be used for profit.

  • TDvorak99
    TDvorak99 Hace un mes

    Ok theatre joke was a low blow man, I’m now a sad hopeless theatre major.

  • finite tuning
    finite tuning Hace un mes

    This was alright up until the rant on texting, to that end I say: Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck! You don't have the human decency let alone the balls to pick up the fucking phone and talk to me? Hello ya dumb fuck, it's a telephone not a typewriter! Text is for email and computers, speech is for real people and that little device we call a telephone.

  • Coline
    Coline Hace un mes

    Do call your friends please

  • The Miniature Fleshcouch

    That Wallace Shawn joke got me.

  • The Miniature Fleshcouch
    The Miniature Fleshcouch Hace un mes +1

    Wait. Dog zoos aren't a thing? Where's Puddles then? Mom said Puddles was at the dog zoo!

  • Welfare Queen
    Welfare Queen Hace un mes

    I LOVE Liberals they pay me not to work! Gracias

  • Igor Lenik
    Igor Lenik Hace un mes

    he definitively is a geologist!! :DD

  • idea faucet
    idea faucet Hace un mes

    More #DOUBLETHINK. People are blind to their own logical fallacies, hypocrisy, and contradictions. So sad.

  • MisterB
    MisterB Hace un mes

    Welp, time to check Google to see if that dumbass who gave his number out at meetings has had to change it from all the troll calls you KNOW he's been receiving.

  • John Pacheco
    John Pacheco Hace un mes

    Drain the swamp is live and will just look at the DOJ and OIG websites for all the indictments and arrests nationwide not by the hundreds, but by the thousands in record numbers then ever before. But you don't see it in the MSM do you. Where are the clintons, Bush's, Obama and others who have not been seen in weeks and no new social media comments. But people rather hear jackass comics. Welcome back to the Matrix, oh yeah you never left. Red pill is still waiting when the joke ends 🔴

  • lolster 292
    lolster 292 Hace un mes +1

    Trump: “We’re gonna have fun draining the swamp!”
    Normal-people-ese Translation: “We are launching a strict, nation-wide anti-corruption ethics investigation, and it will be fun, dammit!”
    What actually happens: (Literally the complete opposite of what Trump promised to do)

  • Arsenic Poisoning
    Arsenic Poisoning Hace un mes

    why do they have to use swamps as their analogy because swamps are nice

  • Jane Sullivan
    Jane Sullivan Hace un mes

    I agree with him about shrimp. They are like big bugs crossed with tiny lobsters and are stringier than dental floss

  • Pietro Gagliardi
    Pietro Gagliardi Hace un mes

    For those late to the party and historians finding this video years later, let's not mince words: "drain the swamp" is a right-wing euphemism for "kick out liberals/Democrats".

  • Eneathepeanut
    Eneathepeanut Hace un mes

    “I’m a geologist”
    “Weird flex but okay”

  • Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
    Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi Hace un mes

    Lets Drain the swamp and replace it with Lava and Lava Monsters

  • Zillionaire
    Zillionaire Hace un mes


  • James Persinger
    James Persinger Hace un mes

    Drain the swamp...lock her up... build that wall .. here's one for all those trumpkins...kiss my ass !

  • InfiniteDarkMass
    InfiniteDarkMass Hace un mes

    The connections here seem as clear as day, and it boggles my mind that such practices are still going on in America.

  • InfiniteDarkMass
    InfiniteDarkMass Hace un mes

    What the hell was that bullshit about texting and not calling? Are you really that fucked up, America?

  • Terry Edwards
    Terry Edwards Hace un mes

    LIGHT MAYONNAISE WON'T HELP ME LOSE WEIGHT!? I guess i will have to leave it off my BLTS.

  • Der Kuchenmeister Selvåg

    John, trump wears a girdle in public. Please, bring it up

  • peace in world16
    peace in world16 Hace un mes

    He is not a geologist at all 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Lich King
    The Lich King Hace un mes

    How did so many people fall for this guy

  • Brett Kane
    Brett Kane Hace un mes +3

    I was more concerned when he said "the birds and the bees" as if he was expecting machines to be powered by sex!

  • Mary Hall
    Mary Hall Hace un mes

    14:54 986,000,000 is only 9 numbers not 10?

  • None of your Business
    None of your Business Hace un mes +1

    Until now, it never occurred to me that Trump supporters do not *understand* the very phrase itself (yeah, I know, silly me...): they just project their mutual disdain for everything more complicated than banging rocks together onto the phrase. To them, "the swamp" is all the people who understand things _better_ than Mr. The Little Guy. My advice: If you don't want to be called "stupid", then _get an education, stupid_ .
    It is incredible how business magnates can get public support by the very people they exploit by just, well... _exploiting_ the fact that they don't want to _understand_ things, they just want to feel good about themselves and they want someone powerful to reassure them.

  • Jack Rose
    Jack Rose Hace un mes

    Hey! Check out the 'TRUMP Drain the Swamp Game' on Amazon!!!- amzn.to/2GEvLNO

  • Ana Wieder
    Ana Wieder Hace un mes

    Ugh, I can’t believe Mick Mulvaney is our new Chief Of Staff

    • FBI
      FBI Hace un mes

      Wait what?