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  • Publicado el 7 nov 2019
  • Next summer, Joe Gardner will discover his brilliant, passionate self. Watch the new trailer for Disney & Pixar’s Soul now.
    About Soul:
    Directed by two-time Academy Award®-winner Pete Docter, co-directed by Kemp Powers and produced by Academy Award®-nominee Dana Murray, Disney and Pixar’s “Soul” opens in theaters on June 19, 2020. According to Docter, the idea for the story is 23 years in the making. “It started with my son-he’s 23 now-but the instant he was born, he already had a personality,” says Docter. “Where did that come from? I thought your personality developed through your interaction with the world. And yet, it was pretty clear that we’re all born with a very unique, specific sense of who we are.”

    “Soul” introduces Joe Gardner, a middle-school band teacher whose true passion is playing jazz. “I think Joe is having that crisis that all artists have,” says Powers. “He’s increasingly feeling like his lifelong dream of being a jazz musician is not going to pan out and he’s asking himself ‘Why am I here? What am I meant to be doing?’ Joe personifies those questions.”
    In the film, just when Joe thinks his dream might be in reach, a single unexpected step sends him to a fantastical place where he’s is forced to think again about what it truly means to have soul. That’s where he meets and ultimately teams up with 22, a soul who doesn’t think life on Earth is all it’s cracked up to be. Jamie Foxx lends his voice to Joe, while Tina Fey voices 22. “The comedy comes naturally,” says Murray. “But the subtle emotion that reveals the truth to the characters is really something special.”
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  • Elvin Garcia
    Elvin Garcia Hace 2 horas

    From The Creators Of Inside Out® Up™ Monsters, Inc.® And Finding Nemo™

    • Elvin Garcia
      Elvin Garcia Hace 2 horas

      Disney·Pixar SOUL® Coming To Theaters June 19, 2020 In Disney Digital 3D™ REAL D 3D® And DOLBY CINEMA™ ©2020 Disney/Pixar

  • Awesome Mr Potato head
    Awesome Mr Potato head Hace 3 horas

    Why does Joe sound like Will Smith? If it is he be getting into the Disney life.

  • johnrex villanueva
    johnrex villanueva Hace 13 horas

    The deletd scence

  • johnrex villanueva
    johnrex villanueva Hace 13 horas

    Plsss the cars 4 were all been waiting for that

  • John Lennon T-Posing
    John Lennon T-Posing Hace 13 horas +1

    Am I the only one that likes the second half of the trailer?

  • Adam Merrill
    Adam Merrill Hace 15 horas

    I really hope his soul goes back in the real world because the city looked really cool, much better than the empty expense

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee Hace 15 horas

    I have an amazing feeling that this movie is gonna have one of the most memorable soundtracks since lion king.

  • where tf my pp at???
    where tf my pp at??? Hace 16 horas

    i loved how detailed and beautiful the backgrounds were, and ngl i love how the mc looked. till he got inside out’ed

  • Eviana the weirdo in your neighborhood

    That music Hit me hard

  • Emmanuel Espinoza Jr
    Emmanuel Espinoza Jr Hace 18 horas +1

    I believe it’s gonna be a musical movie, after Coco and Toy Story 4

  • Connor
    Connor Hace 20 horas

    Make a movie could James Cloud

  • That Guy
    That Guy Hace 23 horas

    Why can’t this dude soul search without becoming cotton candy with legs

  • Kowloon Kurosawa
    Kowloon Kurosawa Hace un día

    Wait how did he traverse the abyss without the covenant of artorias?

  • Kyle Garcia
    Kyle Garcia Hace un día

    The beginning of this trailer really had me in the feels. Great music and animation... and then of course a weird green blob ruined it. I hope great animation and plot isn’t ruined because of that.

  • capitanagaby10 :D
    capitanagaby10 :D Hace un día +2

    No one is going to talk about how the song is from AJR like go realllll

    • deedee
      deedee Hace un día

      omggg its OVERTUREEEEE

  • sword106
    sword106 Hace un día

    Me seeing the first half of the trailer: 1:09

    Me seeing the second half of the trailer: 1:19

  • Francisco Guerrero
    Francisco Guerrero Hace un día

    Is no one going to talk about how that dude with the motorcycle didn’t fall in the hole.

  • Lauren Asuzano
    Lauren Asuzano Hace un día

    Everyone is judging this movie so hard but this is literally JUST a teaser trailer??

  • Suznuk kunzus
    Suznuk kunzus Hace 2 días

    Say sike right now

  • Nazzala Putri
    Nazzala Putri Hace 2 días

    So cool!!

  • Gregory Danchev
    Gregory Danchev Hace 2 días +1

    First half: outside out
    Second half: inside in

  • Ethan Hodges
    Ethan Hodges Hace 2 días

    I can’t stop thinking about the floating moped

  • Que A
    Que A Hace 2 días

    This trailer only made me feel weird about how fragile life is, so I think maybe I'll sit this one out.
    Onward looks great though, I'm definitely seeing that.

  • Rose
    Rose Hace 2 días

    all the comments are so negative, tis' a movie trailer you kucks

  • William Decode
    William Decode Hace 2 días

    0:00 YAASSSSS
    0:49 NOOOOOO

  • just nobody
    just nobody Hace 2 días

    I've watched the part until he falls into the sewer a 100 times. It makes me so excited but then he becomes a blop and the other blop dances...

  • Maja C
    Maja C Hace 2 días

    did anybody love the picturing of nyc and the instrumental of the beginning of trailer as much as I did?

  • Buttsagington 69
    Buttsagington 69 Hace 2 días

    The main character’s face at 1:16 is how it felt when he become a blue thing

  • Beth Simmons
    Beth Simmons Hace 3 días

    Can I just ask why we have a movie with a black protagonist, a mainly black cast, with black music and only one person on the creative team isn't white?
    If Disney wants to tell stories about black characters they need to have black people creating it! It's not that difficult!

  • Awesome Llama
    Awesome Llama Hace 3 días

    That thing legit doing a fortnite dance

  • Catcatcatscat no
    Catcatcatscat no Hace 3 días

    I came here from ajr and i'm screaming

  • Amec Zapanta
    Amec Zapanta Hace 3 días

    I think this will be released on november

  • HOT DOG DERP of bacon
    HOT DOG DERP of bacon Hace 3 días

    Why are you guys judging this movie so harshly I mean that realistic part, in the beginning, is STILL a main portion of the movie and we have like one and a half minutes of footage so there could be SO much of this soul world we haven't explored yet and so many other things and not to mention but this is the team that brought you three of the most emotional Pixar films so they're probably going to turn this into such a magical experience.

  • yee haw
    yee haw Hace 3 días +2

    Pixar in 1999: what if toys had souls?
    Pixar in 2020: what if black people had souls?

  • EpicOgre
    EpicOgre Hace 3 días

    I liked it until they did the “funny” cowboy dance

  • Aracelia Franco Batista de Medeiros

    Me: you gonna beilive in your soul 1:26

  • Turtles 431
    Turtles 431 Hace 3 días

    I’m ready for the sheet music now

    DESHXN Hace 3 días

    I agree I don’t necessarily like the part when they turn into blue things but imma give the move a chance when it comes out cause it looks good asf tbh

  • Rachael Olivia
    Rachael Olivia Hace 3 días

    The only black animated star of a movie that's never been turned into something was miles morales

  • _Danibop_
    _Danibop_ Hace 3 días

    who’s joe

  • Storm
    Storm Hace 3 días

    Has anyone noticed the background song is Overture by AJR?

  • AestheticNIro
    AestheticNIro Hace 3 días

    0:29 Louis Armstrong??

  • ejplayz
    ejplayz Hace 4 días

    ajr omgg

  • Wavy Sun
    Wavy Sun Hace 4 días

    It’s berleezy

  • Charles Thrush
    Charles Thrush Hace 4 días

    i think that if thr afterworld looked as amazing and as beautiful as the real world in this movie we all wouldn’t be as disappointed

  • شريفه ال عباس
    شريفه ال عباس Hace 4 días +1

    Wow tihs is amzing

  • Queen Cici
    Queen Cici Hace 4 días

    I feel like everyone is getting too wrapped up in the fact that a black character has yet again been turned into something else instead of remaining himself the whole film. Yes, it’s disheartening that we can’t seem to win in animation. However, the movie is not out yet, meaning none of us know what is to come. Have faith that this could be a passionate, insightful film about what happens after death while keeping a neutral look on the subject. It could be Inside Out done better. No one knows, so, idk, look on the brightside

  • hq
    hq Hace 4 días +3

    Next summer, Joe Gardner will discover his brilliant, passionate self.

    a booger

  • the scribs
    the scribs Hace 4 días

    Now all of you can like or dislike what you want, but I’m surprised that you guys didn’t expect this from Disney and pixar they just make movies for family’s ok.

  • Cloude & Kreame
    Cloude & Kreame Hace 4 días

    Please redesign the souls, they're too generic. They'd be much better realistic tbh.

  • Jonah Schilt
    Jonah Schilt Hace 4 días

    This trailer does not make me want to see this movie. 1. I know barely anything about it from this trailer. 2. The only thing I do know is that the humor is really bad and childish.

  • Lily Ochoa
    Lily Ochoa Hace 4 días

    Everyone’s hating but we all know this movie is going to be amazing

  • Antonio Flores
    Antonio Flores Hace 4 días

    1:15 Pennywise Dance!

  • georgie blank
    georgie blank Hace 5 días

    Finally a Pixar film with some representation and they decide to turn him into a blue blob ......

  • Pamela Ndabambi
    Pamela Ndabambi Hace 5 días

    Pixar the movie has not yet been released, why dont you change that booger back into human instead and we will forget it ever happened

  • Macho Madness
    Macho Madness Hace 5 días +1

    Don’t waste your time on the junk of life
    *everyone liked that*
    Blue booger’s doing stupid dances
    *nobody liked that*

  • Prathyush Singh
    Prathyush Singh Hace 5 días

    Till 0:53 Woah it could be the best animated story telling movie of 2020!
    After 0:54 Nope, i didn't say anything, i said nothing... Never mind!!
    Me at 0:54 -> 0:58

  • Joseph Manning
    Joseph Manning Hace 5 días +1

    Disney/Pixar animation be like: ok no we don't have to have a black character for another decade

  • Alexias Rei
    Alexias Rei Hace 5 días

    Oh I like this. Beautiful autumn city, jazz music, inspiring theme, and it looks like we're finally getting a black lead charac- or not nevermind then

  • Meercatzz
    Meercatzz Hace 5 días +3

    Hey some movie called inside out stole this...