iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?


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  • Christopher Wehn
    Christopher Wehn Hace 22 horas

    in USA the price of the iPhone X when it first was relised: 1000 dollars ( ca. 8000 Nkr)
    in Norway it was: 1 500 dollars (ca: 13000 Nkr)

  • benjiebarker
    benjiebarker Hace un día

    XS max won't fit my porn VR headset!!!

  • Marcus Sowell
    Marcus Sowell Hace un día

    I upgraded my 8plus for the xs worth it

  • TKNradium
    TKNradium Hace 2 días +1

    Hopefully the price drops to like 800$ on the xs by Christmas 2019 or else I'll just get the x

  • Alex Giveaways
    Alex Giveaways Hace 3 días

    *Great and Awesome video thank you man
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  • Andrea Mabunga_
    Andrea Mabunga_ Hace 3 días

    Who else is watching this on they’re iphone x?

  • Bedis Drass
    Bedis Drass Hace 4 días

    I upgraded from galaxy s7 edge to iPhone X, so happy rn and I loved it, Now I became an iPhone member, first time using iPhone :)

  • Darryl Felton
    Darryl Felton Hace 4 días

    GOD Bless you bro

    GAME HACKERS Hace 4 días

    Hard to decide which to buy just go to this site you will find your best in between these guy see below

  • Jordan Co
    Jordan Co Hace 5 días

    I got the Xs max and i love it!!

  • Jim Shoes
    Jim Shoes Hace 5 días

    Warning to anyone thinking of going from 10 to 10s or 10s max. ATT wants a fee of $30, and the government taxes you on the entire amount of the phone even if you upgrade at the year. That’s an extra $110 of pure bullshit.

  • Necation -
    Necation - Hace 6 días +1

    Samsung/galaxy where u at?

  • April Xu
    April Xu Hace 6 días +22

    Anyone else still have the iPhone 7?

  • Prince 3
    Prince 3 Hace 7 días

    I’ll just buy the XS.Thanks!

  • Cruel Assassin
    Cruel Assassin Hace 7 días

    I own a iPhone X will it be worth me upgrading to Xs? Suggestions needed plz

    • Steve 2x
      Steve 2x Hace un día +1

      No, wait for the iPhone 11

  • Rebecca K
    Rebecca K Hace 7 días

    I have an iPhone 6s still. Is it still worth upgrading to the xs in 2019?

    • Rebecca K
      Rebecca K Hace 7 días

      Or should I wait until the 11

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan Hace 8 días

    So the reason to upgrade is 1extra meter in water which is not covered in warranty. more durable glass which still breaks and a12chip hmmm so basically no reason to upgrade.

  • Mateusz Maciata
    Mateusz Maciata Hace 8 días

    Glass is glass, still breaks :P

  • Deepa Gautam
    Deepa Gautam Hace 9 días

    i will surely not upgrade but i will upgrade to 2019 iphone

  • plus sixfive
    plus sixfive Hace 9 días

    upgraded from 6s to the xs, regretted so much should have gotten the xs max :(

  • Hue Nguyen
    Hue Nguyen Hace 10 días

    What office chair is this?

  • Unknown Pixel strike
    Unknown Pixel strike Hace 11 días

    I have an iPhone 8 Plus

  • Luis Miguel
    Luis Miguel Hace 11 días

    How much is the x ?

  • Allen Kennedy
    Allen Kennedy Hace 11 días

    All I see, is room for a headphone jack.

  • Allen Kennedy
    Allen Kennedy Hace 11 días

    *Laughs in OnePlus 6T*

  • Rutu Pathak
    Rutu Pathak Hace 12 días +3

    Is the iPhone Xs worth if you’re upgrading it from iPhone 6

    • Travis lol
      Travis lol Hace 6 días

      Rutu Pathak Yes I had a 6 and got a XS it’s way faster and I’m happy with it 😁

  • Popovici Pompi
    Popovici Pompi Hace 12 días

    Hi everyone. I using the iphone 7(128gb) for over 2 years, i’m really happy with the phone but i’m also thinking to upgrade it. Which version would be the best? X, Xr or Xs?

  • Alam ASYSS
    Alam ASYSS Hace 12 días

    The reason I like iPhone is because it holds the price, Samsung phone every month the price drops, but android is cool phone, iOS is always behind. If you want a phone to make calls go for iOS, if you want to play around with the phone go for Samsung, that’s my opinion

  • Gigi Smith
    Gigi Smith Hace 13 días

    Got the XR, got robbed 2 weeks later. Back to my iPhone 5. Too broke to even buy 3G.

  • Adila Badrul
    Adila Badrul Hace 13 días

    You're cute!

  • Shashank Gupta
    Shashank Gupta Hace 13 días +2

    I rather buy a gaming PC setup

    • Mansoor Habib
      Mansoor Habib Hace 10 días

      Shashank Gupta abay to comment kyn kar raha hay “miser” gandoo. chal nikal.

  • Brooke’s World
    Brooke’s World Hace 13 días

    I can’t wait to get my iPhone XS Max I’m going to be upgrading from an iPhone 6s

  • Valerie
    Valerie Hace 14 días

    Should I get an iphone 8 or xs?

  • cbs digital photo & movie pro hk

    i want to learn more

  • Ahmad Miraj
    Ahmad Miraj Hace 16 días

    You are doing a great job. Can you please start a program in which you start giving away your old phones to the app developers as you have a bag full of phones from 2018 which probably you are not going to use in 2019. There some developers who salary is not very high in their countries and new technology is out of reach from them.Being a app developer, i my self are trying to get iPhoneX before and now iPhone Xs but it is still out of reach coz price is so high. so start a program and give away your old phones to developers. Regards

  • 109reaper
    109reaper Hace 16 días

    The amount of ads on this video made me go to a different channel

  • hunter hinson
    hunter hinson Hace 16 días +3

    *The phone is an overall good phone it looks>>>**ur2.pl/1254** and feels great in your hand exceptional performance had to restart twice in one week but other then that all the other features are pretty superior compared to competing devices*

  • Aise K
    Aise K Hace 17 días

    I have Samsung s9, but should I get an IPhone 🤔

  • Nailart Cands
    Nailart Cands Hace 17 días

    i have an iphone 6s should I upgrade to XR,X or XS? 🤔

  • eoin68
    eoin68 Hace 18 días +1

    I'm trying to decide whether to get an iPhone x or xs? I would like to use it to record videos for my music career and to have a good instagram videos/photos. However, I could save 300 dollars if I buy an iPhone x in my country. Anyone have any advice?

  • Aly Khodeir
    Aly Khodeir Hace 18 días

    How much did apple pay you to say that

  • jocelyn verduzco
    jocelyn verduzco Hace 18 días

    You are so hot

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Hace 18 días

    Both platforms have their perks. Apple's ecosystem being convenient, but Samsung utilizing android can just do more by default, while also not being a slouch in power. So i mean it's all up to personal opinions. I don't really like how locked down apple devices are, but they're easy to use and absolutely beautiful by design. I have a note 9 and an iphone xs max. Both phones are amazing.

  • Higestmoon6 Playz
    Higestmoon6 Playz Hace 18 días

    Should i upgrade from my galaxy s7 to the xs?

  • Amaury Pineda
    Amaury Pineda Hace 19 días +3

    Could you add just two or three more ads in the middle of the video? Just to maximize the viewers’ experience. You know, there’s nothing better than watching ads on ESclips

  • Joel B.
    Joel B. Hace 19 días

    I’m fine with the 8 Plus, I don’t deal with the knotch but I still have some big ass bezel

  • ѕυѕαиσσ’
    ѕυѕαиσσ’ Hace 19 días

    No 8gb ram for 512gb you iphone fam lol

  • It's Emma Tho
    It's Emma Tho Hace 19 días

    I have the iPhone 7 but since I video edit daily my phone is starting to crash should I upgrade?

  • Jefferton Ahyeeoobee
    Jefferton Ahyeeoobee Hace 19 días +2

    Spongebob: hey Patrick guess what I am
    Patrick: uh, -stupid- an iPhone X?
    Spongebob: no silly I’m -Texas- an iPhone XS

  • skates
    skates Hace 20 días

    i have the 7+ but can’t decide if i should get a x or xs. someone help.

  • mobile games
    mobile games Hace 21 un día +2

    I am keeping my x

  • Anh자나
    Anh자나 Hace 21 un día

    I live in Germany and the prices are low key so high 💀

  • Zohar T
    Zohar T Hace 21 un día

    most people don't get a new phone every year. You saying it's a problem, it's a problem for those who that is their job. Us who are looking at this have an old phone and we don't know which new phone to get

  • Something Unknown
    Something Unknown Hace 22 días

    Upgrading from my 6s plus sense 6th grade.. I’m worried if the iPhone xsmax is worth that much money

  • Shaden.
    Shaden. Hace 22 días

    any suggestion in upgrading from 6s to either Xs or X???

  • Albert Kimchi
    Albert Kimchi Hace 22 días

    Just got a xs today it’s fucking great

  • The chess Family
    The chess Family Hace 22 días

    I have the iPhone 8 and I’m upgrading to a iPhone XS

  • Rorisang Ramokolo
    Rorisang Ramokolo Hace 22 días

    Organic LED is OLED

  • Biebers McCann
    Biebers McCann Hace 23 días

    Getting it next week 🤧

  • Vinícius Rodrigues
    Vinícius Rodrigues Hace 23 días

    Just got a 7 Plus and I don't need anything better than this, I'm in love with it and my friends that have the 8 or 8 plus regret buying them just because mine performs the sameas theirs. Here in Brazil you really have to be rich to even have the money to buy the X, imagine the Xs!

  • guy levy
    guy levy Hace 23 días

    Still using the iphone 6 maybe will upgrade to xi next year

  • Cheng L. Zha
    Cheng L. Zha Hace 23 días

    I am still using iPhone 7, that’s very fast for me already.

  • Marina Pritchard
    Marina Pritchard Hace 23 días

    My Dad Bought Me a IPhone X’s plus I have to like say it’s a beaut

  • Austin B
    Austin B Hace 24 días

    I have a 6s. I’m not sure if I need a new phone tho. If anything, I’m looking to get the X. Is it good?

  • Vfl DeemzGamez NL
    Vfl DeemzGamez NL Hace 24 días

    Just upgraded from iphone 5s to iphone xs lol

  • Siddharth Garg
    Siddharth Garg Hace 24 días

    I have an iPhone 6 and want to upgrade. Should I go for X or Xs? I can afford either but is it worth to save those extra $100?

  • dunno yolo
    dunno yolo Hace 24 días +1

    Apple rips people off period! There gonna start giving a jar of vaseline with every new iPhone .

  • GT700
    GT700 Hace 24 días

    We are getting to the point where the display is so good the human eye can’t tell the difference and only a supercomputer could tell you the dif

  • Ellie Bloo Estrella
    Ellie Bloo Estrella Hace 24 días +1

    I’m keeping my x it’s just fine.

  • dzing74
    dzing74 Hace 25 días

    goddamn adverts!!

  • Lil Abz
    Lil Abz Hace 25 días +2


  • aishah abdullah
    aishah abdullah Hace 25 días

    Can Anyone give me a xs As gift💔?.

  • DJI Mavic
    DJI Mavic Hace 26 días

    Its cheaper to buy a bionic eye!

  • Aisling
    Aisling Hace 26 días

    For all those Apple haters who say it is too expensive this is the going rate for a decent phone at the monent

    MARK SLAYER Hace 27 días

    my nokia keypad still is the best

  • just a random commenter
    just a random commenter Hace 28 días

    I'm gonna get my iPhone XS after christmas!! (upgraded from an 4 year old iPhone 6 plus that has had 3 owners o.O) I'M SO EXCITED

    Santa my only wish this year, is for christmas to end early.

  • Jayzgraphy
    Jayzgraphy Hace 28 días

    You guys the so called tech guys try to outsell the newer model I don’t know how much you get paid for this bull shit because iPhone X is still way better than the iPhone XS Max damn n that’s the bottom line no matter what n how you try to market the new phones it’s sad to see how you mislead the crowd

  • Duncan
    Duncan Hace 28 días

    I got a oneplus 6t Mclaren edition ad on this

  • Bang Lawag
    Bang Lawag Hace 29 días

    Would probably stick with my X for the next 3 years or so...

  • Brandon J Larry Gaming
    Brandon J Larry Gaming Hace 29 días

    I miss the early IPhone days...
    R.I.P Steve Jobs

  • HLF31528376
    HLF31528376 Hace 29 días

    My X had non responsive screen under warrenty. I got a new one and asked to pay extra for the Xs 512 from a X 256. I got a €190 upgrade price so I took that deal in a blink of an eye...

  • Mr. WaterLemon
    Mr. WaterLemon Hace 29 días

    Why I got Nintendo switch ad on this video

  • Sonny Bill
    Sonny Bill Hace 29 días

    They’re both shit 🖕🏻

    Team GALAXY✊🏼

  • Ghostie
    Ghostie Hace un mes

    So like I have the Xs n it’s a good phone lmao what else u wan kno

  • فله ووناسه
    فله ووناسه Hace un mes

    No big difference

  • evan plotnick
    evan plotnick Hace un mes

    Did you tape those phones together?

  • Maytruck
    Maytruck Hace un mes

    Apple Lied About iPhone X The Screen Is Actually Pixel Lesser Screen Smaller Dont Belive Check Google Or ESclips.

  • Nav DCFC
    Nav DCFC Hace un mes

    Which phone would be better longterm? i.e. no plans to replace for few years

  • Keen
    Keen Hace un mes

    I was going to buy Xs/max as x-mass gift - I just noticed it's not worth it - no fast charger, pods? with that price they should add more to the box not steal from costumer. And they have worst battery. I really want more battery if I am paying over 1k, and dongle for headphone jack pls?. You see, I am no longer buying iphones, it is matter of principle now. Otherwise their devices are nice.

  • Giavanna alberico
    Giavanna alberico Hace un mes

    I’m getting the x tmr :))

  • Justin C
    Justin C Hace un mes

    Are the x and xs the same size?

  • marcus wartak
    marcus wartak Hace un mes

    why those two phones look like they glued together?

  • iOSAndroidRebel
    iOSAndroidRebel Hace un mes

    But I upgraded from the iPhone X to the XS Max.

    • iOSAndroidRebel
      iOSAndroidRebel Hace 16 días

      I also look like EverythingApplePro to be honest.

  • Memesworld :3
    Memesworld :3 Hace un mes +1

    I have a iPhone X

  • Nelson nelson
    Nelson nelson Hace un mes

    Should i buy iphone x now?

  • Yeah
    Yeah Hace un mes

    Samsung galaxy S4 is my favourite iPhone

    • Yeah
      Yeah Hace un mes

      and Xbox is my favourite Apple computer

  • HeftyLefty24
    HeftyLefty24 Hace un mes +2

    PSA: I’ll keep the iPhone X until they have a phone that projects the screen on my forearm! This phone is pretty much perfect! No problems with speed, bright colors and display, camera or its features or battery life! STOP BEING SO BOUGIE!

  • roXor _
    roXor _ Hace un mes +1

    Here i am watching this with my iPhone 6 lol

  • Hassan Nashed
    Hassan Nashed Hace un mes

    I have an iPhone 6 I’m eager to upgrade to the iPhone XS Max

  • Viktor Bakai
    Viktor Bakai Hace un mes +1

    Faster! Talk faster man! Noone can follow you!