The Fastest Happy Meal Ever Eaten


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  • Вадим Шадрин
    Вадим Шадрин Hace un minuto

    почему он не толстеет??

  • I_haz_no_comments
    I_haz_no_comments Hace 5 horas

    The drink got ice right so ice counts he gotta eat it

  • Mr pikachu 77
    Mr pikachu 77 Hace 15 horas

    I eat the same thing for about 356 seconds (coke is longest)

  • ClownGang
    ClownGang Hace 15 horas


  • Ima julez Yo
    Ima julez Yo Hace 15 horas

    you gotta eat the paper along with the toy

  • Julie Van Vleet
    Julie Van Vleet Hace 17 horas

    Ooooooooo. Mmmmmmmmm. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh errrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Donald Vivier
    Donald Vivier Hace 17 horas

    Chew your food

  • Dimi Nagi
    Dimi Nagi Hace 18 horas

    Fastest sad meal ever eaten backwards.

  • K!LZ Lemon
    K!LZ Lemon Hace 20 horas

    I’m hungry not

    BLEACH CHANN Hace 20 horas +1

    *When you have 2 more minutes until lunch is over*

  • My Name
    My Name Hace 21 un hora


  • ben gib
    ben gib Hace 21 un hora

    The camera guy is annoying as shit

  • Bjorn Lomo
    Bjorn Lomo Hace 22 horas +3

    I thought it took him 6 minutes and 43 seconds to eat a children's meal.

  • kid ali
    kid ali Hace un día +1

    Dan got a happy meal 😀

  • The Architect of the Final Solution

    @Quangtran u see that? my boy stonie

  • alfred aquino
    alfred aquino Hace un día +1

    Next time eat the toys too:D

  • amido albudah
    amido albudah Hace un día +1

    If he was gay he could satisfy thousands of ppl at once

  • DBD120
    DBD120 Hace un día

    I like how the guy timing him keeps rounding off to the next whole number like its above .5 seconds.

  • CLAN 4
    CLAN 4 Hace un día +1

    Who else is hungry while watching this

  • Makena Lue
    Makena Lue Hace un día

    I just spent 6 minutes and 43 seconds watching a guy eat a bunch of happy meals. What has life become

  • Mr Oof
    Mr Oof Hace un día +1

    You forgot to eat the package that it came from.

  • Juan Uraje
    Juan Uraje Hace un día +1

    One fry cost hom everything at the 4th meal so he didnt complete the challenge

  • Juan Uraje
    Juan Uraje Hace un día +1

    He dropped the fry

  • Dangerous Donkey feet
    Dangerous Donkey feet Hace un día

    When I have kids. This is the way I’ll teach them how to eat food.

  • P102602 [6971]
    P102602 [6971] Hace un día +1

    “Kawalski, analysis!”

  • I Do Foot Stuff
    I Do Foot Stuff Hace un día +1

    Matt Asks Cameraman something.
    Cameraman: *MHM*

  • Dakstro
    Dakstro Hace un día +1

    Mom: Finish your food before you go play
    Me: 4:28

  • Malachai Rae
    Malachai Rae Hace un día +3

    Who’s here in 2018?

  • Ghost Slayer
    Ghost Slayer Hace un día

    For you, a happy meal is like a cracker, just one lightly salted cracker...

  • Izaiah Boi
    Izaiah Boi Hace un día +1

    I don’t know what’s higher
    This guys insanity
    Or his metabolism

  • Victor Xu
    Victor Xu Hace un día

    when you have 20 seconds left of lunch time.

  • Golden Tryhard
    Golden Tryhard Hace un día

    Ten years later he dies of diabetes

  • birdz -
    birdz - Hace un día

    Fav, fo, thee, too, one, GOWE!

    IMMORTAL YT Hace un día

    How come in the uk small fries is larger than it is on there but large fries are smaller

  • 5,000 Subscribers no video challenge

    its takes me 10 minutes to finish the happy meal

  • Eddie Bernal
    Eddie Bernal Hace 2 días

    Bro the best record you have is cringeiest video

  • - Skydning -
    - Skydning - Hace 2 días

    4:50 yay i have some left

  • Ralphy Don
    Ralphy Don Hace 2 días

    I live in fucking Serbia in smaller city and i can't eat in mc donalds
    But when i go to bigger city then i can buy that shit

  • Armia Performs
    Armia Performs Hace 2 días

    When it's a 1v1 and your mom bought you McDonalds

  • Dire The Savage Ware Wolf_ Gamer

    Top 10 skiniest ppl who eat a lot and are not still fat!?
    Nymber 1.Matt Stonie 😂

    YALEG Hace 2 días

    When you are about to be late and you haven’t ate your lunch yet

  • GabeV805
    GabeV805 Hace 2 días

    Your gonna die

  • ashley acosta loren
    ashley acosta loren Hace 2 días

    This is the only one man I've seen eat (28373728288228374773) calories, and still slim

  • YU NUH
    YU NUH Hace 2 días

    U take away too long to pick up food

  • KCunlimitedEATS
    KCunlimitedEATS Hace 2 días

    At 4:16-4:26 he shakes it out like he is an MMA fighter. The only thing he is fighting at this point is gas.

    SALTY NUB Hace 2 días

    When you can't play Minecraft until you finish your happy meal

  • isrral
    isrral Hace 2 días

    And I thought I ate happy meals fast

  • Stringed Vortex
    Stringed Vortex Hace 3 días

    2:05 bro there was a trash can right behind you. >.

  • LunaDaChinchillaGirl
    LunaDaChinchillaGirl Hace 3 días +1

    When mom says if you finish your veggies you get pie

  • Samyah Leggette
    Samyah Leggette Hace 3 días

    dump the fries in your mouth then the burger last the drink gulp it down

  • Mikail Nazeer
    Mikail Nazeer Hace 3 días

    I get sick if I eat mcdonalds

    ISRAEL THE BEST Hace 3 días

    He supposed to eat the bag and the wrappers

  • SurfsideGoat
    SurfsideGoat Hace 3 días

    He aint eat the wrapper or the cup smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody Hace 3 días +2

    You forgot to eat the fry box

  • Giles Becraft
    Giles Becraft Hace 3 días

    I still am questioning "How are you still thin?"

  • CostasThePro RealYT
    CostasThePro RealYT Hace 3 días

    Literally wtf

  • Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown Hace 3 días

    Legend has it that he is still playing with the toys

  • Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown Hace 3 días

    Why are we watching a guy it his food quickly

  • Spencer Lederman
    Spencer Lederman Hace 4 días

    dropped a fry doesn't count. 4:28

  • Gergana Stanimirova
    Gergana Stanimirova Hace 4 días


  • FrankProgramming03
    FrankProgramming03 Hace 4 días

    "I bit my finger"
    Finger food...

  • Ali Zaheedi
    Ali Zaheedi Hace 4 días

    That’s how u eat a burger

  • Mr Sunglasses
    Mr Sunglasses Hace 4 días

    Tf what about the wrapping paper?

  • GamingWithShayan 948
    GamingWithShayan 948 Hace 4 días

    No he didn’t won the fourth one bec if u look closely while eating the fries one fell down 😅

  • Lordric aspa
    Lordric aspa Hace 4 días

    When your cousins are around...

  • Ivana Ancira
    Ivana Ancira Hace 4 días

    You eat batter than me😴😒👏👍

  • Pyro
    Pyro Hace 4 días

    Gets chug jug

    Eats lunch while he pops it

  • T. Ray
    T. Ray Hace 4 días

    Still a pile of toys you didnt eat

  • Roblue1 NINJA
    Roblue1 NINJA Hace 4 días


  • Ya Yeet
    Ya Yeet Hace 4 días

    Lol i got a mcdonalds ad

    ITS JUST LOYCE Loyce Hace 5 días +1


  • 5,000 Subscribers no video challenge

    You gotta eat the paper and the box

  • Nicholas Crate
    Nicholas Crate Hace 5 días +1

    This was made 4 years ago whys it getting popular now

    • Erik Epik
      Erik Epik Hace 5 días

      Nicholas Crate shut the fbup

  • Kernics's virginity
    Kernics's virginity Hace 5 días

    Look at you scoffing your face you sinful glutinous pig. People die from starvation every day, and what do you do? You make a video showing how quickly you can shove your hole full of food.

  • Hassan nasser
    Hassan nasser Hace 5 días

    Eat 10 pieces of chicken from kfc and 3 buns 7 happy meals and last 2 cheesecakes

  • kawtarrx
    kawtarrx Hace 6 días

    no u dont need to go back to small fries that shit dumb

  • Vinson Xiong
    Vinson Xiong Hace 6 días

    The actual happy meal fastest eating contest is the amazing hulk!!!

  • Crypto_Z
    Crypto_Z Hace 6 días

    When you play with your phone first before eating then your mom said if you don't finish your Happy Meal in a minute they'll take your phone.

  • Mangle Smith
    Mangle Smith Hace 6 días

    Why don’t u try eating the fries in the hamburger

  • Joe RK
    Joe RK Hace 6 días

    You can tell this dude is a huge stoner

  • Juan Jose
    Juan Jose Hace 7 días

    Cheat, he missed a frie that fall and he didnt pick up to eat xddd

  • redrage 123
    redrage 123 Hace 7 días

    just realized after so long that a fry fell out on the best record one for matt lol cheat not official

  • Bruce Marji
    Bruce Marji Hace 7 días

    the fact this guys not fat apeshit

  • Bruce Marji
    Bruce Marji Hace 7 días

    today 4 years ago

  • The TJP11
    The TJP11 Hace 8 días

    4 years ago today.

  • Rafaru
    Rafaru Hace 8 días

    *when ur mom tells to hurry up*

  • Haithi5
    Haithi5 Hace 8 días

    I take time and enjoy my food.

  • Yash
    Yash Hace 8 días

    Who is watching this in 2018

  • Bishwas Mishra
    Bishwas Mishra Hace 8 días

    Want to see you eat at a restaurant.

  • Norbert Channel
    Norbert Channel Hace 8 días

    when you have Diabetes

    ME: 1:38

  • yarzar lwin
    yarzar lwin Hace 8 días


  • Ahtesham Khan
    Ahtesham Khan Hace 8 días +1

    It was 19 not 25 seconds

  • Sid Tube
    Sid Tube Hace 8 días


  • Sid Tube
    Sid Tube Hace 8 días

    4 years

  • Boston Newyork
    Boston Newyork Hace 8 días

    i love morgen



  • Madison Hanson
    Madison Hanson Hace 8 días

    If I had as much money as when the Camera man says idk I would be rich

  • George Samuel
    George Samuel Hace 9 días

    I ate a happy meal in twenty seconds once

  • OffixialMxr
    OffixialMxr Hace 9 días


  • Jemal Suleiman
    Jemal Suleiman Hace 9 días +1


    Edit: Wrong video...😔😖😳