Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Breaks Down What the Green New Deal Really Is

  • Publicado el 22 mar 2019
  • Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks about the Green New Deal, showing the inner workings of Capitol Hill and her past as a science fair award-winner.
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    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Breaks Down What the Green New Deal Really Is- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Comentarios • 2 796

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones Hace 15 horas +1

    I disagree with AOC on almost all of her policies, but I like the way this interview was conducted. However, under real scrutiny or questioning, her policies and proposed deal (10 year vision) would fall apart - as it has done.

  • speeda waaagon
    speeda waaagon Hace un día

    This woman is an idiot

  • Leonard  Coe
    Leonard Coe Hace un día

    Fun fact can do your part to make the new deal happen ..render your car inoperable ..walk to work premade products and reuse vegan you grow in your yard without using petrochemicals for pest control ..go pre industrial other words ..good luck and thanks for helping

  • Sylvia
    Sylvia Hace un día

    She's an idiot.

  • Tommy Devito
    Tommy Devito Hace 2 días +1

    This chick doesn't live in reality. The green new deal is garbage. She refuses to do a real interview because she's weak

  • Reticuli
    Reticuli Hace 3 días

    Agenda 21 renamed and remarketed. You know it's bullshit because they're still not mentioning flex cars or methanol.

  • Novaasi
    Novaasi Hace 3 días

    ill informed bint

  • send it
    send it Hace 4 días

    SO with this new green deal I can move to the US and get paid because I'm unwilling to work. Thanks, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for funding my lazy ass.

  • StrangeLove
    StrangeLove Hace 4 días

    But it's a massive expansion of the power of purchase to the federal government. What could possibly go wrong?

  • David Santosuosso
    David Santosuosso Hace 5 días

    Ur brainwashed that's the real case!

  • ncrdisabled Submarine vet

    I work in the coal mine for 25 years and i think it will make us lose our jobs

  • SuperBullies1
    SuperBullies1 Hace 5 días

    The Green New Steal is the attempt of radical Leftist to control the World Economy by extreme taxation and lies. While at first, the 1% will be the target, then 30% then 60%. Eventually in the name of "equality," everyone will be under the thumb of an overbearing ruling class. So while we're waiting for our weakly bread ration, members of the "Ruling Class" will be flying above observing the serfs. They naturally will eat better food, live in large homes, drive fine automobiles, and live a life of privilege and opulence. No Green New Steal!

  • lala bla bla
    lala bla bla Hace 5 días

    It's a lie, she's a retard, and your an idiot for believing it.

  • David Aboud
    David Aboud Hace 5 días

    Why don't they just do the new deal in all the Democrat run cities. Show some leadership and demonstrate how great it is. Ban cars and planes. Force people to renovate their homes and tax local peoples and businesses to cover costs. After about 5 years everyone else will see how marvelous it is and be dying to join up. Or not.

  • Angelo Jamaica
    Angelo Jamaica Hace 5 días

    this about says it all

  • Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton Hace 5 días

    Not every government service, performed by government,
    should be expected to earn a profit or even break-even, like military protection
    from foreign invaders, or healthcare, it’s the duty of government to provide,
    protect and serve…

  • G. Cal
    G. Cal Hace 6 días

    Rep Ocasio Cortez could be a Human-Alien Hybrids?. I'm really suspicious of her because the way she talks or maybe she under Hypnosis. Human-Alien Hybrids is a demon that possess the body instead of having a soul

  • Yokie Miller
    Yokie Miller Hace 7 días

    She should of taken on that moron that went after Kerry. She'd make mincemeat out of him. I am curious as to why the lobbyists are in those congressional hearings. All I can think of is intimidation. Remind those congressmen/women who pays them.

  • Sophia McGilvray
    Sophia McGilvray Hace 8 días

    AOC and the Green Ordeal are both bad for America.

  • Vamonos Recio
    Vamonos Recio Hace 9 días

    Uneven eyebrows don't trust her it all

  • Andronico Velarde
    Andronico Velarde Hace 9 días

    I respect all women around the world, but this one is so stupid.

  • Jason H
    Jason H Hace 9 días

    Great tits!

  • free spirit love to
    free spirit love to Hace 9 días +1

    If people don't see how remarkable this lady is and guess what they don't know what is

  • Shirley Ybarra
    Shirley Ybarra Hace 9 días


  • Shirley Ybarra
    Shirley Ybarra Hace 9 días

    She better wake up and tell rhe latin PEOPLE the truth about who they represent before you start throwing words around that has nothing to do with the real problem. If you"re only goal is to give FREE HOUSING FREE EDUCATION FREE WELFARE TO THE LATIN PEOPLE YOU ARE JUST A HINDRANCE TO THE PROBLEM. LATIN breeding with black african is the downfall of the latin. WAKE UP OCASIO YOU'RE KIND DOES NOT REPRESENT MY WHITE LATIN RACE That still stems from the original EUROPEAN country. You represent the BLACKS like the the ones who are destroying this country

    • Shirley Ybarra
      Shirley Ybarra Hace 7 días


    • Ana Ramirez
      Ana Ramirez Hace 7 días

      latin refers to latin america which is not european in orgin, dingus.

    PPS AKA PPS Hace 10 días +1

    This is not a photoshopped picture of a bartender Cortez

  • MrFlyingSourcer
    MrFlyingSourcer Hace 10 días

    What is she on? How does she expect to do all of this trash in 10 years? Go back to school you dumb arse

  • moonstruck
    moonstruck Hace 11 días


  • Davethreshold
    Davethreshold Hace 11 días +2

    What Trump-Trolls are not aware of is that she is FIVE TIMES more intelligent than any of you are. You have to be an intelligent person to realize that, so I do not blame you all for missing it. I kind of pity you.

  • Jace Cavacini
    Jace Cavacini Hace 11 días

    “...cautious democrats”... well, duh, they fear shaking up the status quo in corporate wealth acquisition. It’s not just the republicans who are corporatists... It’s a duopoly and both parties are corporatist.

  • Sowshul Media
    Sowshul Media Hace 12 días

    The Green New Deal will help us in the short run (by reducing disease-causing pollution), and in the long run by slowing our impending climate change.
    Get informed, review more facts on these and other subjects here:

  • Luna GEM
    Luna GEM Hace 12 días

    To Want A Better Life.
    For Your Family, Children,Self and Neighbor.
    Willing To Speak OutAnd Work For It.
    How American.

  • Luna GEM
    Luna GEM Hace 12 días

  • Tiffany Starr
    Tiffany Starr Hace 12 días

    She's amazing. Also F'k you Republicans in the chat

  • Dever 506 use sis bthday
    Dever 506 use sis bthday Hace 13 días

    woman is a disaster

  • Katie White
    Katie White Hace 13 días

    I love this woman

  • Christen
    Christen Hace 14 días

    hellll no sorry sis, this ain't the move

  • kdsavage1991
    kdsavage1991 Hace 14 días

    Too bad she failed lmao

  • pie day
    pie day Hace 14 días

    Sounds like communist propaganda to me

  • Jeff Stewart
    Jeff Stewart Hace 14 días

    AOC is a socialist, and her New Green Deal ideas are so utterly and amazingly flawed that if ever put into effect it would be devastating to the economy. I can't believe anyone can't see all the problems entailed. We all want clean air and water, but her GND is an absolute mindless joke. AOC is a mental twit on energy solutions. Look up Thorium reactors if you want real clean viable energy solutions for our future. Renewables are not the sole answer, they have way too many environmental and utilization issues that haven't been confronted and discussed as our future energy solution.

  • dbabeh41
    dbabeh41 Hace 14 días

    She is a breath of fresh air!

  • Gina Kay
    Gina Kay Hace 14 días


  • Gina Kay
    Gina Kay Hace 14 días


  • Denis Roshioru
    Denis Roshioru Hace 14 días

    Yes, it will be more expensive for everyone, $92T more. You are right about that! lol

  • Veritas Est Lux
    Veritas Est Lux Hace 14 días +1

    *Democrats voted "present" for the Green New Deal. ROFLMAO. If you don't even have the guts or conviction to vote "yes" and stand behind the bullshit you seek to peddle in front of the American people, you should STFU. There is no excuse. Despite the fact that the GND was not going to pass, you ass clowns could have voted your conscience instead of making a farce of the whole thing.* Democrats and Republicans are rat excrement.

  • Frank Blangeard
    Frank Blangeard Hace 15 días

    If the 'Green New Deal' is eventually passed then we won't need oil or natural gas because everything will be powered by 'magic fairy dust'.

  • Colleen Han
    Colleen Han Hace 15 días


  • Amellia Mendel
    Amellia Mendel Hace 15 días

    ZERO VOTES, 😂😂😂

  • Daniea3
    Daniea3 Hace 16 días

    Transparency: the Green New Deal is Naomi Klein's manifesto (Canada). Educate yourself.

  • Redfestiva bo
    Redfestiva bo Hace 16 días

    When someone says you’ll be dead in 12 years unless you give me all your money, it’s a scam.

  • Tony DiMeo
    Tony DiMeo Hace 16 días

    ❤️ She gets better and better every day

  • Turaz Ahammed
    Turaz Ahammed Hace 17 días

    bcoz he is a nematod..i died at that comment

  • dukem600
    dukem600 Hace 17 días

    lolololololol it failed horribly! lolololol

  • Mariano Espinosa
    Mariano Espinosa Hace 17 días

    By her logic If healthcare is a right, then owning a Yacht is a human right

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días +1

      Your argument makes no sense. What do you have against a basic quality of life?

  • Danielle Kearns
    Danielle Kearns Hace 18 días

    I know she’s new to Congress but the green new deal was a five page overly broad wish list. I do think that we need to be more eco- friendly but if you read the new deal you’ll understand that most it had nothing to do with the environment. It had way to much to do with capitalism and health insurance. If she wants to talk about that as well it’s fine, she just needs to tackle problems in smaller bits over time and in more detail or nothing will ever get passed. This is also why Democrat’s didn’t vote for the green new deal because it was not reasonable.

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      Maybe a few others in Congress are doing that?

    • Danielle Kearns
      Danielle Kearns Hace 17 días

      Iam Galarneau That’s true, I just don’t think it would get a lot of political support which is important to get things passed. Anyway, I do think it would be better for her next proposal to be more focused on a single topic. That’s just my opinion

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      no, she's exactly right. The only reasonable thing to do now is shine a bright light. slow is how we got here to begin with.

  • yashiWinchester
    yashiWinchester Hace 18 días

    “Because he’s a nematode “ love a good science joke.

  • HeadPack
    HeadPack Hace 18 días

    If she continues like that, there may come a day when she is unbeatable running for the highest office.

  • Megan McCann
    Megan McCann Hace 18 días

    I want to see her go up against Shapiro!!

  • Stop D. Insanity
    Stop D. Insanity Hace 18 días

    "Because he's a nematode?" 😂😂 Sorry nematodes - no offense intended.

    • Stop D. Insanity
      Stop D. Insanity Hace 12 días

      +Totally Natural I will (try?)

    • Totally Natural
      Totally Natural Hace 18 días

      Stop D. Insanity
      In Trumpistan. Every year in Trumpistan. On the anniversary of a real American hero's funeral. A competition is held. Where cow pies are hurled, for accuracy. At a 20 foot high image. Of a man that was the physical manifestation of honor and integrity. Saving ObamaCare.

    • Totally Natural
      Totally Natural Hace 18 días

      Stop D. Insanity
      In Trumpistan.

    • Totally Natural
      Totally Natural Hace 18 días

      Stop D. Insanity
      In Trumpistan. Nick Sandmann's birthday has been officially named “Put on your MAGA-hat and disrespect a Native-American elder” day.

    • Totally Natural
      Totally Natural Hace 18 días

      Stop D. Insanity
      In Trumpistan. All the men's IQ equals their sperm count: 66.

  • humna2
    humna2 Hace 19 días

    If man made climate change is a thing and it's going to cause sea levels to rise then how come all the rich lefties aren't selling their multi-million dollar beach front properties?

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días +1

      really? Is this the best argument you have?

  • Karen Martello
    Karen Martello Hace 19 días

    Remember when JFK said "Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country" Can someone please explain it to this Democratic Idiots.Its not a right to live in the U.S. BUT A PRIVILEGE!

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      It may be a privilege but we still have rights.... right? Like the right to bare arms, right to free speech etc.... it's very logical to discuss rights and I'm glad she is.

  • Karen Martello
    Karen Martello Hace 19 días

    Seth,jut kiss her ass and get it over with.

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      You sound upset. Why not simply discuss what could be best for working people... why insult?

  • ArnoldVeeman
    ArnoldVeeman Hace 19 días

    Thank you for being here/Thank you for having me/Thank you so much for being here, I really appreciate it . . . several times per show. Last year I spoke with some people from New York. They had this routine too, and more.
    Sometime it makes me wonder: why are people so sincerely insincere?

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis Hace 19 días

    If she really is animate to implement her program then she better be the first to stop using fossil fuel. And start walking to work from New York! No more planes, trains and automobiles. I bet she is totally dependent on crude oil!

    • Mike Davis
      Mike Davis Hace 17 días

      +Iam Galarneau no being foxed, my own what does it mean then when she says being 100% renewable energy. Please explain

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      You're being Foxed again. No need to give up cars or planes or cows, that is just propaganda created by rich people protecting themselves by brainwashing you. The idea is to move toward a better world by building better businesses and jobs. Stop being weird.

    • Mike Davis
      Mike Davis Hace 17 días

      +Iam Galarneau 100% renewable energy...are you willing to give up flying? Your car? If this vision is so ambitious then she needs to lead by example

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      really? So we can't change anything unless we all stop doing anything? Your argument makes no sense what so ever.

  • Paulette Niemiec
    Paulette Niemiec Hace 19 días

    AOC Rocks! She's awesome and people who hate her or just afraid of her and what she stands for. The "Green New Deal," is the future of America. It might not become a law today or this year, but eventually the things in it will be law; because it's where we're headed as a country. Don't like it? Too bad!

  • Prashant Jha
    Prashant Jha Hace 19 días

    She has some really good boobs!!!

  • tsubaki camellia
    tsubaki camellia Hace 19 días +2

    "Healthcare is a right, not a privilege"

  • kenneth blair
    kenneth blair Hace 20 días

    A good bill for the House would be a mandate to only produce hybrid vehicles, of which run on either gasoline or electricity on every vehicle. Hybrid trucks are already here also. Uncle Sam needs to impose price regulations on the medical industry across the board, all surgical and non - surgical procedures, and no more than $15 a day charge for the hospital room. Then the taxpayer can cover all the cost of healthcare. Total taxes on a citizen should not exceed 10%, including federal income tax, state sales tax, and local taxes, excluding social security. For most of the 1800's, there was no federal income tax or state sales tax. Also a good bill would be to award all employees by Uncle Sam who's job requires them to work away from home 15 days a month or more on a regular basis, including produce harvesters who work seasonally all over the country. A good amount would be at 5 years - $200.000, 10 years- $400.000, and 15 years - $650.000, and maximum 20 years at $850.000. 1 to 4 years would be pro - rated at $62.500. It would be payed in a lump sum, or the worker could split it in two parts, one part is added to their social security contribution at retirement, the other part in a lump sum. The printing and issuance of currency is validated by any legitimate creativity, labor and production, for payroll purposes. Taxpayers money is used for specific things.

  • Maddy Len
    Maddy Len Hace 20 días

    Nematodes are #1

  • Vasili Pantelidis
    Vasili Pantelidis Hace 20 días +1

    This garbage is why no Democrats voted for the "Green New Deal" and it failed.

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 16 días

      And by the way, she's not a socialist, she calls herself a democratic socialist and infers MLK was as well ... i'm not sure everyone agrees on definitions ... so I'll have to study that... I'm certainly no genius but I do know an angry brainwashed rant when I hear it... Have any real arguments? Please offer them ... Else, rant on...

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 16 días

      Calling a serious proposal a pile of garbage without making any coherent arguments and only countering with insults... you're not doing too well... try again...

    • Vasili Pantelidis
      Vasili Pantelidis Hace 17 días

      +Iam Galarneau Genius of the year award is now presented to the person who has no idea about what they are talking about. Yes I've read the Green New deal and it is a whole pile of garbage which is why no one voted for it on either party. Know what you are talking about and get a life you sheep. Think for yourself for once.

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      I'm not sure you've actually read her proposals as none of what you say is true. Since nothing you say is true, you are dismissed.

    • Vasili Pantelidis
      Vasili Pantelidis Hace 17 días

      +Iam Galarneau MLK fought for the freedom and liberty of the people from government oppression. She wants to implement government oppression on people by implementing Socialism which has never succeeded, but only made people suffer. And dont say nations in scandanavia have a working socialist system as they aren't socialist but capitalist with high taxes and high government spending.

  • Bleh122602
    Bleh122602 Hace 21 un día +1

    I’m just happy someone is trying :)

  • ZWar101
    ZWar101 Hace 21 un día

    she is a delight

  • Andrea Cigala
    Andrea Cigala Hace 21 un día

    LOVE her! Finally someone who really puts forward a vision for the future, for the long term.

  • Ben Pallack
    Ben Pallack Hace 21 un día +1

    I don’t know why so many people think she’s a fool. Far from it

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      Well lets see. Suppose ultra rich business people wanted to convince poor people to vote against their best wishes. What would they do? How about create a network like Fox and spread propoganda endlessly. Hows that sound? Is anyone's healthcare getting better? No? see....

  • bluewhale18
    bluewhale18 Hace 21 un día

    Is this the chick that says the world is ending in 12 years ??

    • bluewhale18
      bluewhale18 Hace 17 días

      Iam Galarneau I never change the oil

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      No, she actually said estimates are that we should act to reverse climate change within 12 years because after that the damage is irreversible ... get your story straight.... Like when you have to change the oil in your car every 3 months, Your car doesn't end then, but it's a good idea anyway...

  • Tom Wilson
    Tom Wilson Hace 21 un día

    ThisCOMMENTARY will make more sense in the context of WWE Last Week with John Oliver on ESclips.
    This applies to the good old US of A, because Duck Ass Don is apparently in a ratings war with Duch Ass Vince McMahon and wants to treat the American middle class like independent contractors in the WWE
    The Green New Deal are the majority of the fans without MAGA hats demanding fair play for American independent contrators and capitalist solutions to socialist problemns. Money talks and assholes like Duck Ass Don and Duck Ass Vince are the fulfillment of Ayn Rand’s Producer Archetype and the poster boys for Supply Side economics as a management style and John Hoenig as your CFO. A sort of perfect storm of the fushion of the Harvard Business Model withthe Tory Socialism of Trumponomics,
    And, of course, the irony is that the MAGA hats are cheering for DuckDon to keep on keeping on like Duck Ass Vince because kissing Duck Ass Don's ass is the best of both worlds

  • James M. Taylor
    James M. Taylor Hace 21 un día

    Its in the Bill!! She is a total liar!! Hey cortez just because u delete it from the press release it doesnt mean it disappears forever especially if its inthe official document you dumb woman. Do u think the republicans just came up with that out of thin air? Cow farts and farting is something that can only come from a mind like a cortez or millinneal.

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      get help.

    • James M. Taylor
      James M. Taylor Hace 17 días

      +Iam Galarneau Truth can hurt I understand. I wasnt being nice or mean just truthful. As for volunteering. I fought 3 wars for this country--no not the ones your familiar with. Mine started in Beruit, Lebanon with the first time good ole Osama bin Laden made his presance known, invented the concept of stuffing a truck full of high explosives and convinceing some poor moron to drive it into our barracks and blow it up. On a side note here that very very few people are aware of. As mentioned no one had ever thought of a suicide truck bomb before and some when it managed to destroy the entire building the float commander believed it was a tactical nuclear device that did it due to the explosions power. He requested, and extremely quickly recieved, weapons free authority as well as the authority to reply in kind. What that meant you see is that it came down to one single man who believed he had just been attacked by a nuclear device with more possible on their way. Luckily for the planet he managed to listen to those ofus screaming on the radio nets, who watched the truck bust through the gate and watched helplessly what followed and knew it was not nuclear. We came within seconds though and it any nuclear device by any nation would have been deployed in that area of the world at that time it would have escalated to a full nuclear laydown by NATO and WARSAW pacys and end of everything. Fortunatly nothing further happened and I spent the next few days picking the body parts of what had been my friends and brothers out of the rubble.
      My next two wars were black and fought against your socialist/communist friends--they like stalin and lennin called themselves and their system socialist while we called it communist... I was hit serveral times, shot twice and badly hit by shrapnel from a soviet 122mm rocket that vaporized my friend and blew 6 feet of my intestines away. I was standing there in shock looking at where my friend had just been with whats left of my guts hanging over my arm to the ground. When I said Ive seen the true reality of socialism throughout the world I meant exactly what I said. Ive seen how it can take decent countries with good people and because although they had enough and the quality of their lives was getting better year after year it was still hard work but they were proud. Proud of the hard work proudof what they accomplished and proud of what they earned. Most of all extremely proud that they were going to be able to ensure their childrens and grandchildrens lives would be even better than theirs. Bit unfortunately youth is like youth everywhere and has been forever. When people swooped in talking up what they didnt have that others, the rich pigs, got so easily. The things that were theirs that they earned from their sweat that the rich cruelly stole away andwould always steal away always hold them downn. They took advantage of and focused that Anger all younger people have, that anger that nature actually provides to ensure the young strike out on their own in the world instead of living at home. On their own they make humanity grow and thrive. But evil people throughout history have always used this by manipulating the youths anger to focus it on what they want. Not hard to do as younger people aren't armed with a lifetime of wisdom as their parents are which usually help guide the kids through those times successfully. Seperated from that guidance though they can be manipulated, its easy to see. Many today use religion and get young people to commit suicide blowing up innocents along with them. Others use politics like we see today. Anyway then they convince them theres a utopia theyre fighting for. Oh they make them feel like they are warriors of the people saying how everyones going to have everything basically because theyll strip it all away from the evil rich. Bit the real motivator is they beloeve they themselves will have everything they think they want and ot will just be given tothem because theyre entitled to it all. Ot was stolen earned by them by the sweat of their brows!! Even though they never really worked a day in their lives.
      But a horrible thing happens after they transform their system to utopia. Everything their parents owned was taken from them by the state and they forced to work for a pittiance. The youth never recieved anything like what was promised. Mass starvation and abject poverty turned the privously thriveing country into a wasteland and the ecconomy had been looted and destroyed through pie in the sjy unicorns and utopia programs that all failed miserably and now even hope for the future has been striped away. Even relogion was robbed from them as the only approved God is the state. Anyone who complains or questions vanishes mysteriously and the military troops throughout the country loot rape and murder at will.
      Not a story...I have seen it personally in a few different countries and Ive seen enough to know its happening in others right now, Venezuela and Brazil being just the closest. And I hear people right here saying the same lies selling the same bullshit. People working to do what ive seen and fought against in other countries they want to do to me to my son and to the people I love and no amount of community service is ever going to make me forget the horrible and insane atrocities Ive seen them commit on their fellow countrymen or ever want my loved ones murdered and dismembered in the same way. Just wont happen. This is absolutly not a fucking game where its just words and abstract concepts. This is a you only get one chance and if you allow yourself to be fooled by anyone--which is exactly why learning the real truth reguardless if you happen to like or agree with it is so vitally critical. Because you arent simply gambling your life and future your gambleing countless generations that come after you too. And if you create the nightmare of communism even by accidently being fooled into it be the false promises of socialism you condem millions to a life I surely wouldnt want to live. . i know you will never believe this as youre a millinneal and who the hell needs stupid wisdom and the esperiances of life when yoir smarter than everybody and you know everything there is to know. Furthermore its so stupid simple to see the right way of course youre smarter they couldnt even see whats so easy and clear. Yeah. Pretty sure when you read that you thought to yourself "well maybe not smarter than everybody but def smarter than your stupid ass"
      One day you will be in wonder how you could have possibly been so increadibly stupid. Might actually feel embarasment and shame. If you didnt actually destroy the country as the 15 year long study on millinneals concluded millinneals will do and you still live in a country your not terrified that your own children might inform on you and get you executed with a few words then maybe you can think of a way to teach those younger how to avoid destroying themselves and to understand why honoring and valieing your elders is the ancoent way of passing along very valuable wisdom.
      Until then do whatever because youre only going to consider those you agree with and your going to make your mistake perhaps because of the warnings against. Jist the wayof youth esp when raised so terribly irresponsibly. Here is a lottle hint in the right direction. Contrary to what yourparents told you and teachers reaffirmed...You are not special in any way, nothing and no one is. Dont believe it? Go into the mountains of new mexico or any other designated dark skies area where theres so many stars theres a milky white belt acrossrd the sky and theres so many billions of stars and galaxies you get vertigo. Think about that...trillions of billions of stars tens of thousands of galaxies just in our galaxies local group. The entire earth is less than a grain of sand in size comparison to most of these suns out there and that makes a person sized object less than nothing. In all of that you are not signifigant not special in any way period. Our problems thoughts even lives mean nothing in the scheme of things. You are not always right and never habe been. You are entitled to exactly the same as everybody else. Because you werefortunate enough to be born in America you are entitled to the rights of every american bit that is it.nobody values yoir opinion or thoughts secretly even your friends dont care about your thoughts or you you are convenient to themor profit them in some way. Just wait until your first true catastrophy or loose your job and money or get divorced and suddenly you are all alone really as you always were...asyou are now.
      But do what you want as for me ive given all i can to and for others

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      Advice for you: a) stop listening to Fox b) volunteer in your community and help people c) only say nice things for a while.

  • john doe
    john doe Hace 21 un día +1

    there is still hope for us all

  • daquavis
    daquavis Hace 21 un día

    She has so many plans but where would the money come from.

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      Well if there is trillions to give to business via tax cuts, there should by the same logic be money to invest in jobs and businesses that have a green impact. (stop listening to Fox, it's bad for your brain).

  • Nick Wade
    Nick Wade Hace 21 un día

    i wish every trump zombie can listen to her.she is not against you,she is for you.

  • chris casey
    chris casey Hace 22 días

    This is the woman that the right wing clown machine calls dumb.

  • stamped5150
    stamped5150 Hace 22 días

    😨 homeless place holders for lobbyists ?!?! DISGUSTING

  • Maxine Balkisson
    Maxine Balkisson Hace 22 días

    I also thought it was gonna be " the president is a nematode joke" then I realised no one else present there knew what a nematode is.

  • Eugene Berkovich
    Eugene Berkovich Hace 22 días

    Trump MAY be a nematode!

  • M S
    M S Hace 22 días +3

    Arguably one of dumbest politician I've ever seen.

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 14 días

      Well let's consider the number of detailed policy positions she's taken in the past few months (you can view on ESclips) as proof of a level of engagement and "smart" as defined as effective at applying data and knowledge in a productive manner. Even early on her team's analysis of how research funding impacts drug approval was useful. Another measure of smartness is the ability to influence conversations and progress national debate. I'd say she's good on those... If she wasn't an influence, people on both sides of the isle would not be discussing her. In fact, your replies to my comments are a direct impact of her being a smart politician. So if you reply, you prove she's smart.

    • M S
      M S Hace 15 días

      +Iam Galarneau So do you, u said she smart just because she wants to "hepls" that's not a prof.

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      No, actually she is smart and trying hard to help. You offer no proof that she is "dum" or "dumb" or anything else. Your arguments are meaningless.

    • M S
      M S Hace 18 días

      +Jules fans i'am not trolling, she's absolutely Dum dum.

    • Jules fans
      Jules fans Hace 18 días

      +M S then shut up troll

  • Geo Smith
    Geo Smith Hace 22 días

    Seth Myers really asking the tough questions because he is to busy looking at her red dress!

  • Geo Smith
    Geo Smith Hace 22 días

    That was real good support you got for your Green Deal from the Senate vote 0-100...43 Dems just voted present LOL!

    • Geo Smith
      Geo Smith Hace 8 días

      +Iam Galarneau I hope you are able to get your daughter the health care she deserves! It is sad and tragic that the USA can't get its act together in this area! It should be a Bi-Partisan effort but that in itself is impossible and has been for years because of the vitriolic hate both parties have for each other. I believe each state should be in charge of whether or not it has some form of govt. health care! It has proven to be to much for Washington to legislate! By having individual states handle their health care they can tailor it to the needs of their states and private health care providers/insurers! That is my humble take on it!

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      BTW, I'm not registered with either party and don't consider myself liberal or conservative or anything else. I'm a working person trying to make ends meet. Frankly, getting my daughter healthcare is my top concern now. If you want to discuss specifics, great. Everything else is more noise to me.

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hace 17 días

      Good, thanks, let's then discuss how you and I and fellow working people can have a safe, happy life. No need to debate Fox vs other media if we focus on clear solutions.

    • Geo Smith
      Geo Smith Hace 17 días

      +Iam Galarneau Based on the way Liberals/Democrats/Hollywood has responded to Donald Trump's stunning defeat of the wanna be President Hillary Clinton who thought all she had to do is wait it out and she will win, your side of the aisle is so full of vitriolic hate it is disgusting. You may not be, I certainly am not, but Liberals can't accept defeat. And if President Trump wasn't doing such a fantastic job where do you think the economy would be under Socialist like AOC/Bernie Sanders...exit stage left!

    • Geo Smith
      Geo Smith Hace 17 días

      +Iam Galarneau No hate speech no words of hate just thought I would share some thoughts on prejudging somebody because they are an independant conservative. By the way Conservatives aren't what the Liberal Propaganda Media Portrays them as. Nor are Liberals all deranged Lunatics! If you watched FOX which I didn't once during Obama's 8 years while n office, you would find out real quick that in fact they are fair and balanced! Media research showed that the MSM coverage of Donald Trump 91%-92% Negative! Fox News 52% Negative vs.48% Positive! Pretty balanced if you ask me! Prime Time Ratings of Conservative Hosts Tucker Carlson,Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham in some cases 5 times the viewers of be it CNN/MSNBC in the same time slots! After once again the Mueller Report found no Russian Collusion (3rd Investigation to draw same conclusions) CNN/MSNBC ratings fell between 20%-40%! Reason is people woke up to the fact they were played for fools! And the so called Late Night Parade of Liberal Propaganda Comedians who think their funny ALPHA MALES are pathetic sell outs for ratings. I to fell prey to Liberal Media Fox bashing not being fully aware that they in fact were'nt real news networks anymore. The 3 aforementioned Fox PrimeTime hosts I mentioned make no bones they are Conservatives but if you watched them you would realize they provide stellar research and legal analysis to back up their coverage of events. Which is what any person should expect unlike CNN/MSNBC promoting conspiracy theories about Russian Collusion all in the name of ratings!

  • Captain
    Captain Hace 23 días

    Get those old democrats farts and hags out of the Washington, they are all useless and part of the broken system. The country needs more AOC and like to fix the country.

  • anthony esparsen
    anthony esparsen Hace 23 días

    what a joke this guy is he science in mixing drinks as a bartender

  • anthony esparsen
    anthony esparsen Hace 23 días

    The host here is extremely blind and dumb for supporting this country financial breaking plan shock leads the nation into sure bank rupstsy , this man is seriously brain dead

  • TheDarkerKnight
    TheDarkerKnight Hace 23 días

    Idk which is more sexy. Her physical appearance or her ideas. She will bridge this gap. Dare you to disagree

  • Liemciemdk89
    Liemciemdk89 Hace 23 días

    AOC grades and SAT scores over 99% any GOP or TrumpTARDs

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Hace 23 días +3

    this idiot is a crazy whackjob.

  • 1sourgirl
    1sourgirl Hace 24 días

    Does it look like her boots have gotten larger? They are too big on her...

  • Senica S
    Senica S Hace 24 días +2

    Trump's the out control forest fire...AOC is the GREEN NEW GROWTH 😁...

  • Maddi Vadnais
    Maddi Vadnais Hace 24 días

    I love when Seth got her on her science past, she so geeked out, I truly appreciate people who can geek out about mic organisms. I feel like she could help me on my Bio homework in a heartbeat. Love AOC.

  • TheAmericanAtheist
    TheAmericanAtheist Hace 24 días

    I wish my face was the chair she's sitting on.

  • JZO Gaming Channel
    JZO Gaming Channel Hace 24 días

    It’s funny that he didn’t ask her if she was an economist too. *cough* 93 trillion dollars.

  • PathisNarrow
    PathisNarrow Hace 24 días

    out law cows? is she communist?

  • Xiomara Quijada
    Xiomara Quijada Hace 24 días

    And says Trump.... I want an A. O.C in my team!
    Where is my A.O.C?😂😂😂😂