Standing next to the best of World Cup 2022


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  • 🥢🥠blood__orange-!
    🥢🥠blood__orange-! Hace un mes +23

    i just figured out they already are out of the cup 😭

  • Ruan De Souza
    Ruan De Souza Hace un mes +1

    🇧🇷Muito bom kkkkkk

  • Local shower sharter
    Local shower sharter Hace un mes +1

    Messi is actually 5’6 the cleats make him taller

    L4ZYFA1RY Hace un mes

    Messi’s last match and they won it was so wholesome

  • Another bi potato
    Another bi potato Hace un mes +6

    Wait whaaaat 😮
    I didn’t know you guys were Canadian!!!
    ❤ from another Canadian 🇨🇦

    • Another bi potato
      Another bi potato Hace un mes

      @Elsiegirlgamer I’m happy to have saved you :p

    • Elsiegirlgamer
      Elsiegirlgamer Hace un mes +1

      I’m so happy that I saw this chat. I literally die when I can’t find one comment or video without Canada in it. Btw luv u 💖 p.s. I’m a Canadian too ;)

  • LiLaY
    LiLaY Hace un mes +1

    I thought the flag he had behind his back was a Polish flag- lol

  • Lucian Miller
    Lucian Miller Hace un mes

    Stand next to a goal keeper 😂😂

  • •NotMayaRoblox•#onbreakcauseIhaveschool

    Even I stand for France I still really Canada!

  • Pandagirl2
    Pandagirl2 Hace un mes +99

    My family in Canada are giants tbh
    Like their all as tall as the last dude

  • ThamesPlayz
    ThamesPlayz Hace un mes +2

    We get it you all are tall at the point of being taller than some Soccer legends. 😭😭😂😂

  • 💚Beanzzie_izstupid💚


  • 🌸lisy youtube🌸
    🌸lisy youtube🌸 Hace un mes

    Mbappé scored 2 goals in 1 game

  • [TBG]Walls
    [TBG]Walls Hace un mes

    Messi broke so many records this wc

  • 𝙃𝙤𝙪𝙮𝙖𝙢™💥

    Morocco is always on top:🇲🇦2_🇨🇦1 And we love you from all countries

  • Paras Patil
    Paras Patil Hace un mes

    Milikovic savic 6,8 feet goalkeeper and was in world cup

  • m v
    m v Hace un mes +1

    Mbappe is actually 5'11

  • Trevor Prendergast
    Trevor Prendergast Hace un mes

    Go Canada 🇨🇦 ❤

  • Kandra raja
    Kandra raja Hace un mes

    Yeah but are you guys just as talented and hardworking they are…

  • Pe4chy.m3l
    Pe4chy.m3l Hace un mes +34

    “Why is your ceiling so high?!”
    Meet my tall bro: “hi :)”

  • Random User 1414
    Random User 1414 Hace un mes

    Yes sir Canada all the way 🇨🇦

  • Albert_Official
    Albert_Official Hace un mes +1

    Neymar and Gavi are the bests❤

  • Cris007 Gamer
    Cris007 Gamer Hace un mes +2

    Go Canada!

  • Yxki
    Yxki Hace un mes +9


    • Moonlight
      Moonlight Hace un mes

      ​@Ahmed Boudaghmasbut he didn't say that Canada was the best tbh I'm Morrocan yet I would never say that if he didn't ask

    • L&S🎄🤍
      L&S🎄🤍 Hace un mes


    • Ahmed Boudaghmas
      Ahmed Boudaghmas Hace un mes +1

      Noo marocco is the best plus they won

  • Ashton Douthwright
    Ashton Douthwright Hace un mes

    That’s my guy let’s go, Canada

    XXARTISTXX Hace un mes +1

    Bro makes mbappe looks shorter than messi…

  • Ariel R
    Ariel R Hace un mes +1


  • Nøzömį_chan
    Nøzömį_chan Hace un mes +1

    Me after morroco (my home) win: where is Canada I can’t see it 😂😂

      SUPERXTRAZ  Hace un mes

      Well France just kicked you out.... airport is that way 🤣🤣

  • ALEXA kin ona
    ALEXA kin ona Hace un mes +7

    ._. ♥️🇵🇱

  • Jules
    Jules Hace un mes

    When i realised am 14 and my height is as the same as Mbappe while my other siblings are 5,7
    Thaats when i realised am taller than them lol

  • Wishing_star
    Wishing_star Hace un mes


  • mijn klas is geniaal
    mijn klas is geniaal Hace un mes

    I think we al agree that NoPpErT is the longest keeper

  • AverageCoffeeEnjoyer
    AverageCoffeeEnjoyer Hace un mes

    I needed my daily reminder these guys are tall

  • Patricia Rady
    Patricia Rady Hace un mes +326

    *one again,when being tall becomes your entire personality 💀 *

    • Polarcxwave
      Polarcxwave Hace 14 días

      Help im 13 and im 6 foot tall 🗿

    • Jillian Margarette
      Jillian Margarette Hace 21 un día

      ​@Bmacthecat and this is a man who thinks all women are like that and thinks he is cool

    • Cameren Hask
      Cameren Hask Hace 21 un día

      Fr all they do is talk about their height

    • LixOn30fps
      LixOn30fps Hace 22 días

      NO its for the channel u acting like know them and u sound jeaoulus

    • Bmacthecat
      Bmacthecat Hace 28 días +2

      @Laura Addante you can tell this account is run by some girl that complains when she can’t date 6 foot guys

  • Canal da Soso e Juju
    Canal da Soso e Juju Hace un mes


  • Nahed Abusharar
    Nahed Abusharar Hace un mes

    Me who is 10 and taller then Messi 😹

    DA BEAST Hace un mes

    Actually Messi s 5’8

  • Blare Productions
    Blare Productions Hace un mes +1

    Tallest man carries the channel

  • Arlo
    Arlo Hace un mes +6

    they all confident till canada didn’t make it past the group stage once again 💀

    • Random stuff
      Random stuff Hace un mes

      @Arlo I know and I am from there and I still am happy when they score

    • Arlo
      Arlo Hace un mes

      @Random stuff canda has never made it past a group stage so idk why they bother coming to the world cup lmao-i’m very excited for next years world cup

    • Random stuff
      Random stuff Hace un mes

      We maybe never will despite us, the US and Mexico holding the next World Cup 😂


    Canada never end well

  • Pandy
    Pandy Hace un mes

    Yessss someone Canadian just like me 😌🇨🇦

  • Lucian Miller
    Lucian Miller Hace un mes

    And ronaldo in that picture wasn’t standing right up lol

  • Marwa Meziane
    Marwa Meziane Hace un mes


  • XxLexixX
    XxLexixX Hace 2 meses +209

    Edit: Oml did not notice how many Canadian ytbrs there are lol 😂
    Edit 2: don’t want to be that person buts it been six days and this many likes?? Tysm

    • The ZYM Studios
      The ZYM Studios Hace 18 días

      @Dash64Gaming hello I’m Canadian

    • L&S🎄🤍
      L&S🎄🤍 Hace un mes

      @Andrea Cruz FR!!!

    • Andrea Cruz
      Andrea Cruz Hace un mes

      @L&S🎄🤍 omg what the heck??????? That is amazing

    • L&S🎄🤍
      L&S🎄🤍 Hace un mes

      @Andrea Cruz Luke Davidson lives in my city and I’ve seen him before at the mall filming a video lol

    • L&S🎄🤍
      L&S🎄🤍 Hace un mes


  • Racquet fun
    Racquet fun Hace un mes +1

    Go Canada 🇨🇦🍁

  • Stephan Walravens
    Stephan Walravens Hace un mes

    Belgium 🇧🇪 already won vs Canada 🇨🇦 🤦‍♂️

  • Kara Bailey
    Kara Bailey Hace un mes

    Bro Argentina is going to win the fifa world cup 🇶🇦

  • Odd-aXolotl
    Odd-aXolotl Hace un mes

    All right let’s go Canada

  • Kaycee
    Kaycee Hace un mes +19

    We stand with short kings 🔥

    • Kaycee
      Kaycee Hace 25 días

      @NeoDarkless ayyyyyyy

    • NeoDarkless
      NeoDarkless Hace 26 días +1

      Short king gang

  • 🍄Aki🍄
    🍄Aki🍄 Hace un mes

    🍁🇨🇦Canada for ever

  • kjh.tr1pp
    kjh.tr1pp Hace un mes

    POV:You only trait is being tall

  • FudgePretzelzz
    FudgePretzelzz Hace un mes

    Oh sweet. I'm taller than messi.

  • Kampaaas
    Kampaaas Hace un mes

    Personality-being tall

  • Tealgirl
    Tealgirl Hace 24 días +16

    I felt so happy once he put the Canadian flag and then I realized that they are Canadians!

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B Hace un mes

    Standing up for your country

  • Brittany Armstrong
    Brittany Armstrong Hace un mes

    You should try Peter crouch !

  • That one guy
    That one guy Hace un mes

    I just realized im 11 years old and 5 foot shorter than messi

  • Balaji
    Balaji Hace un mes

    I swear if I hear this song again my ears will explode 🤯

  • I Loop
    I Loop Hace 2 meses +12

    I always wondered why you guys were so polite 😂

  • Everything Podcast
    Everything Podcast Hace un mes +1

    Let’s Go Another Fellow Canadian ESclipsr! Wsp

  • Kairo fam986
    Kairo fam986 Hace un mes

    Finally a Canadian like me

  • Reniel Gonsalves
    Reniel Gonsalves Hace un mes

    More football ⚽️💯

  • Huda AL Shanbour
    Huda AL Shanbour Hace un mes

    Mbappé is a great football player GO MBAPPÉ

  • MuteableSwing.
    MuteableSwing. Hace un mes +7

    Finally. A Canadian content creator.

  • Davidrex11
    Davidrex11 Hace un mes

    Bruh I doubt cr7 is really 6’2 maybeee 6’1 at most but why can’t we get a accurate height for him literally I always a different height for him

  • 💕Kenya Bailey💕
    💕Kenya Bailey💕 Hace un mes

    Me Never watching this channel and I like wondering why he just pulled out a Canadian flag(no hate)

  • Abdul Razak
    Abdul Razak Hace un mes

    Bro got Messi but he got the curry’s

  • 🤪 TEAM FOLLE 🤪
    🤪 TEAM FOLLE 🤪 Hace un mes


  • gumpapergal
    gumpapergal Hace 22 días +3

    I’m Canadian so this channel really made my day

  • Bobasheep
    Bobasheep Hace un mes

    Yes Canadian people for the first time!!
    I’m Canadian

  • Julka Pawlik
    Julka Pawlik Hace un mes


  • Davi_gamer 500
    Davi_gamer 500 Hace un mes

    I love Canadá :D i am from Brazil

  • drower
    drower Hace un mes

    Bros out of the WC 💀💀

  • LordOwen
    LordOwen Hace 2 meses +2177

    i think we can all agree that we got rewarded this, we rarley see canadian youtubers
    edit: oh i guess its just me then

    • JRB
      JRB Hace 9 horas

      I’m Canadian

    • Oscar
      Oscar Hace 3 días

      in his yt channel in desc hes american, one of his videos when he play basketball it had a usa flag

    • Alide Ilazi
      Alide Ilazi Hace 9 días

      ​@jxst wonder I know she's my favorite youtuber

    • Aviation Fox
      Aviation Fox Hace 15 días

      I don’t see many Canadians

    • Lamelo Ball
      Lamelo Ball Hace 16 días


  • Jay L
    Jay L Hace un mes

    Yooo- there’s barely any Canadian ESclipsrs!! Am Canadian and sadly they lost :( 🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Hi!!
    Hi!! Hace un mes +1

    Zlatan entered the chat 💀💀

  • Larry god 💀💀
    Larry god 💀💀 Hace un mes

    Bro is probably sad Canada won no games 💀💀

  • Gabby mazarakis
    Gabby mazarakis Hace un mes

    I’m from Canada and the people there are pretty tall

  • Ice_Water~!💧
    Ice_Water~!💧 Hace 2 meses +9

    Awhh this made me so happy!! Thank you,I appreciate it

  • Lucie Brown
    Lucie Brown Hace un mes

    I’m 13 years old and I’m taller than Messi and Mbappe

  • Marlina Molina
    Marlina Molina Hace un mes

    Messi is the best player no cappppp

  • Anil Gojnovci
    Anil Gojnovci Hace un mes

    Argentina already have World Cup

  • Ismingo
    Ismingo Hace un mes

    I wanna see the tall guy when there is a corner

  • mayo sweats
    mayo sweats Hace 22 días +12

    Im fairly tall (6,3) but i don’t base my entire personality about it💀💀💀💀💀

    • Machsi111
      Machsi111 Hace 3 días

      They dont do that probably, but since people just said they were tall all the time maybe they just became like that

    • zeranderman
      zeranderman Hace 5 días +1

      Bro i am almost 6'5 and I dont base too but if I was 7'1 I SURE WOULD. That is a height i could only dream of. Imagine being as tall as shaq, or even, almost certainly being the tallest one in every place you are except for nba arenas.
      Plus they obviously have a personality but why they would show it if they get views just standing straight.

  • maddievfx
    maddievfx Hace un mes

    didn’t know y’all were canadian lol hi there 🇨🇦

  • AonkzSucksAtLife
    AonkzSucksAtLife Hace un mes +1

    😔 Canada 🇨🇦 didn't qualify

  • anime lover
    anime lover Hace un mes +1

    Morocco 🇲🇦: lol
    2:1 for 🇲🇦

  • the crazy guy
    the crazy guy Hace un mes

    Canada didn't qualified to Spain 0=4

  • Y e s
    Y e s Hace un mes +16

    bros whole personality is only being tall💀

  • Arthur
    Arthur Hace un mes

    Canadá ganhar a copa é um sonho e sonhos não acontecem

  • 잼민이의 모든것

    Our Sonny❤

  • ZER0_Football24
    ZER0_Football24 Hace un mes +1

    Too bad Messi with Argentina 🇦🇷 won!! 😂🤣🇦🇷🔥🐐👑😘♥️❤️💗💓⚡️🤚👍🤌

  • S.M Qurratul - Ayeen
    S.M Qurratul - Ayeen Hace un mes

    I think your big bro will do it with di maria

  • Flame & Frost
    Flame & Frost Hace 2 meses +548

    I really thought They were Polish 💀

    • Bob Ross
      Bob Ross Hace 21 un día

      Imagine having a channel about your height 😂

    • 💜BTS-ARMY💜
      💜BTS-ARMY💜 Hace 24 días

      @AYT it's ok, I get this a lot because I stan BTS

    • AYT
      AYT Hace 24 días

      @💜BTS-ARMY💜 ok that's sad now . Sorry

    • Lyna Bourass
      Lyna Bourass Hace 25 días

      Good that Morocco beat Canada.

    • 💜BTS-ARMY💜
      💜BTS-ARMY💜 Hace 27 días

      @AYT both of my parents died when i was 4

  • Funny
    Funny Hace un mes


  • Smokey tot7o
    Smokey tot7o Hace un mes

    Rip Canada world cup edition

  • Brunella Coletto
    Brunella Coletto Hace un mes

    Aguante 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🏆

  • anas game
    anas game Hace un mes

    Morocco 2 :1 canada

  • Some random Roblox kid
    Some random Roblox kid Hace un mes +265

    Me wow moroccan after Thursday’s Match:👁👄👁

    • Some random Roblox kid
      Some random Roblox kid Hace un mes

      @Ayesha alshagga yh exaclty and If we Morocco won against France the Moroccans in France would have been treated extremely poorly

    • Ayesha alshagga
      Ayesha alshagga Hace un mes +1

      @Some random Roblox kid yeah same bc France made fun of the uae and our religion

    • Some random Roblox kid
      Some random Roblox kid Hace un mes

      @Ayesha alshagga I KNOWWWW!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁I was supporting Argentina cuz I didn’t want to support France!! MY WHOLE FAMILY WAS SUPPORTING ARGENTINA

    • Ayesha alshagga
      Ayesha alshagga Hace un mes +2

      @Some random Roblox kid im sorry but Atleast Argentina wonnnn yayayaya

    • Indo_BALL Official
      Indo_BALL Official Hace un mes

      ​@Vyru Simming lose

  • skullcrusher3512 playz

    The one with the Canada flag he's 6'8 right?

  • Zak
    Zak Hace un mes

    Finally argentinaaa