Nintendo Switch Lite vs New 2DS XL

  • Publicado el 20 oct 2019
  • Here is our comparison between the Nintendo Switch Lite vs New 2DS XL
    More info on the Nintendo Switch Lite(US):
    More info on the New 2DS XL(US):
    More info on the Nintendo Switch Lite(UK):
    More info on the New 2DS XL(UK):
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Comentarios • 313

  • FunkyFreak
    FunkyFreak Hace 4 horas

    The switch doesn't have that nintendo feeling the home screen is boring and quite compared to a 3ds/2ds it has that real nintendo feeling but the 2ds is cheaply looking and ugly too

  • GoatZilla
    GoatZilla Hace un día

    Capacitive touchscreen

  • banshou tenin
    banshou tenin Hace un día

    I got the new switch and the 2ds xl with bunch of games. Going to kill my time 🔥

  • Jake Rico
    Jake Rico Hace un día

    I. H a v e. B o t h.

  • Bob Melon
    Bob Melon Hace 4 días

    Got the switch just so I can play Street FIghter 5 on the go

  • googlewolly
    googlewolly Hace 6 días

    You didn't have to delete the convo, bud.

  • Arwyian Maps
    Arwyian Maps Hace 7 días

    Reason why i hate the switch lite It has no stand

  • Emily Pearce
    Emily Pearce Hace 14 días +1

    2:43 what is that game?

  • Arthur Feitosa
    Arthur Feitosa Hace 14 días

    Go to ebay and get a refurbished New 2DS XL for 100 bucks from Nintendo with 1yr warranty, get a 64gb SD Card (more would be overkill), hack it using youtube and pirate 3DS and DS games....Profit!

  • Caius Postumius Turrinus
    Caius Postumius Turrinus Hace 15 días

    I have no idea why they went with the lite version of the switch. Just should keep making the 2DS better.

  • Ben Chow
    Ben Chow Hace 15 días

    I hope sf5 can play on switch😍

  • Barely Lethal with BP
    Barely Lethal with BP Hace 15 días +1

    Loving the purple.

  • Combed Autumn
    Combed Autumn Hace 15 días

    I play my entire steam library sat on my arse from my couch down stairs on my phone with a telescopic Bluetooth controller on my galaxy note 10 plus. Works just as well as the switch light which I also own does lol and I also have a 2ds xl. Infact in many ways it plays better because the games are running on my pc at maximum settings so obviously looks incredible visually. Playing the Witcher 3 just earlier with it upscaled at 4k 60fps lol

  • Royalty Allen
    Royalty Allen Hace 16 días

    People sleeping on 3DS/2DS with CFW

  • YSQ
    YSQ Hace 16 días +1

    there's literally no point of getting a nintendo switch lite, you can get a used nintendo switch for the same price or lower price than the nintendo switch lite

    • googlewolly
      googlewolly Hace 13 días +1

      It's sturdier. My brand-new Switch already had the tiniest amount of wiggle. (This is with respect to the Joy Cons attaching to the system.) However, I'd still argue that the Switch is the way to go, as you can play it on your TV.

  • Kim Taewoo
    Kim Taewoo Hace 16 días

    I choose 2DS XL anytime because it is built as a handheld from start. The clam shell protect the screen and analog stick when not use, but the Switch Lite need an extra casing. Also, games for the 2DS/3DS are design with big icons and fonts that are pleasing to the eye while I find texts are not easy readable in Switch port games, perhaps they are meant to be shown on monitors.

  • Doshi
    Doshi Hace 16 días

    Switch wins by these 3 games
    Breath of the wild
    Smash Bros ultimate
    Luigi's Mansion 3

      REDBIRD Hace 16 días +1

      Doshi everyone knows Switch is far better. But if someone wanted a 2ds and some good games. They’d spend less money. They are winning.

    • Doshi
      Doshi Hace 16 días

      @REDBIRD you just mentioned games that switch has sequels too that are better games, switch will continue to make more games vs 3ds is slowing stoping and I forgot to mention the biggest game switch has - Mario maker 2!

      REDBIRD Hace 16 días +1

      Doshi Yes it wins but 3DS has
      Ocarina of Time
      Smash 4
      Luigis Mansion
      Also really good games at much less cost.

  • Evan Osborne
    Evan Osborne Hace 16 días

    This wouldn't be a question with if Virtual Console was on Nintendo Switch... At least I think so, aside from the battery life. I mean, playing classic games on modern hardware is a pretty big deal. I know modding covers this but you can't tell me that the switch wouldn't almost print money with Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, and others like Metroid and Donkey Kong Country classic games on the system.

  • Retro Caleb
    Retro Caleb Hace 16 días

    I used to have a 1st gen 3ds but it snapped in half so I have the 2dsxl

  • dogman
    dogman Hace 16 días

    DONT BUY THE SWITCH LITE, buy the "New 3ds (2015)" used, the New 3ds xl is worse than the og

  • dogman
    dogman Hace 16 días

    The new 3ds (2015) is better than the switch lite

  • The Shannon Channel
    The Shannon Channel Hace 17 días

    How was he playing street fighter V ?????

  • robot6644
    robot6644 Hace 17 días +1

    I initially clicked on this thinking it was New Nintendo 3DS vs PS Vita lol

  • icecold723
    icecold723 Hace 17 días

    I hope the Switch lite has a camera.

  • Zer01
    Zer01 Hace 17 días


  • CoyDog790
    CoyDog790 Hace 17 días


  • RetroSteve
    RetroSteve Hace 17 días +1

    Switch/3DS combo with hdmi out please.

  • The Elite
    The Elite Hace 17 días

    In my opinion I think the switch lite is the bottom half of the 2ds xl

  • Jose Francis
    Jose Francis Hace 17 días

    i like what you're doing but i feel like you can improve so much. your script feels too loose and makes the overall content feel jumbled. maybe speaking on more transparent issues would help.

    I also noticed a comment here or there with no supporting evidence. your comment about toddlers preferring physical v touch.

  • Big Bad Dragon
    Big Bad Dragon Hace 17 días

    This video was alreafy made and the other person mentioned even more.

  • Julian Warren
    Julian Warren Hace 17 días

    Gameboy Advance SP vs Gameboy Advance

  • Martell Tha Cool
    Martell Tha Cool Hace 17 días

    I love to have both of the Nintendo Switch Lite & New Nintendo 3DS XL

  • Gabriel von Ronsen
    Gabriel von Ronsen Hace 17 días

    Missing some information there, buddy. For starters, the 2DS XL is the cheaper version of the New 3DS XL, which is an enhanced version of the 3DS XL. Yeah, Nintendo's product labeling sucks. But you gotta get used to it if you intend to make informative videos such as this. Imagine a parent looking to get a 3DS for their kid and coming across videos that mention the New 3DS as being a regular 3DS. It's a risk and in the end, maybe that kid won't be able to play SNES games or titles such as Xenoblade Chronicles cuz their parent didn't get the New 3DS. Also, any 3DS model can run DS games in addition to 3DS games, so you have an extended library of all those old DS games. And the DS had some great titles released for it, so there's that.

    Nintendo also made it abundantly clear that the Switch Lite CANNOT run all of the games made for the Switch. Anything that requires tabletop mode won't work (and people tested it out). Anything that can be played on handheld mode (most games) work. But the thing is, saying everything that runs on the Switch will run on the Lite is just not accurate. You can connect multiple joy-cons to the Lite, but that doesn't mean Nintendo made games that only work on tabletop mode compatible with the model.

    Again, imagine a parent looking to get a Switch for their kid. Maybe they also want to get Nintendo Labo cuz that whole thing was designed with kids in mind. In comes a video such as this which claims every game that runs on the regular Switch will run on the Lite. Except Nintendo Labo requires the joy-cons to be used separately. From this video alone, I'd say this channel has a lot to improve.

    And oh, just one more thing: the 2DS XL is definitely not a good gift for a young kid. If you ever held any other 3DS model (besides the original 2DS), you'll immediately notice that the 2DS XL feels much cheaper. It's not as durable as the regular 3DS models. If you're an adult who's careful with your possessions, of course it's gonna last. But otherwise, that hinge is gonna snap pretty easily.

  • joe savage
    joe savage Hace 17 días

    You know what would be cool an adapter for switch to play ds games!

  • draak43
    draak43 Hace 18 días

    de New 2DS XL is toch het zelfde als de 3DS? is de switch lite beter?

  • Elliott Uberbacher
    Elliott Uberbacher Hace 18 días +1

    New 3ds xl has higher resolution when it’s in 3d, and you can turn the 3d off

  • CedBan
    CedBan Hace 18 días

    You can’t really compare the two

  • ElWally PR
    ElWally PR Hace 18 días

    I have s new 2ds xl and its got broke the will not read the sd card. call nintendo and they wanna charge me 60 dollar for fixing it. any other sugestion??

  • Señor Stalker
    Señor Stalker Hace 18 días

    Where did you find the Nintendo 2DS XL new ay 129 dollars?

    • SleepingDragon
      SleepingDragon Hace 17 días

      Probably on sale. Regular price for the Mario Kart bundle is $149.99.

  • Nintentoad125
    Nintentoad125 Hace 18 días +1

    To be honest, there’s not really any point of getting the Switch Lite if you already have a normal Switch. So if you don’t know whether to buy the Switch lite or 2DS XL just go for the 2DS XL

  • Weirneir
    Weirneir Hace 18 días

    2:41 can someone tell me what game is that?

  • Micah Vincent
    Micah Vincent Hace 18 días +5

    I miss my 3dsxl
    Definitely enjoyed it a lot more than I've ever enjoyed my switch

    • Husar Mapping
      Husar Mapping Hace 4 días

      Micah Vincent u know switch will have new games like new pokemon mario and it also have all the world most popular titles so if it’s not ur sentiment switch kinda wins with games variety especially in the future

    • Micah Vincent
      Micah Vincent Hace 13 días

      @Maroon Kennedy
      Aside from the 3d effect which I absolutely adored
      The 3ds had a better line up of games, a wider user interface and numerous features, and it is just an all around more solid handheld.
      And aside from breath of the wild and maybe Odyssey (which I haven't played yet) I don't think the switch has any killer apps.
      The 3ds however, my library was filled with gold
      Flipnote3d, kid Icarus uprising, 1001 spikes, monster hunter 4 ultimate, Mario 3d land, I could go on
      The switch however
      Not many games that I care to play that aren't also on other consoles

    • Maroon Kennedy
      Maroon Kennedy Hace 13 días

      Micah Vincent Why’s that?

  • Volsavious 23
    Volsavious 23 Hace 18 días +43

    3ds wins. Why?
    *No drift*

    • Gaming with Zaze75
      Gaming with Zaze75 Hace 9 días

      And the 3ds is more retro looking and has a whole lot more games on the 3ds.

    • thisisnotmyrealname
      thisisnotmyrealname Hace 15 días

      @Dib Irken ik he was, i was just adding to it

    • Dib Irken
      Dib Irken Hace 15 días

      @thisisnotmyrealname he was being sarcastic.

    • Nian Banks
      Nian Banks Hace 15 días

      @thisisnotmyrealname Digital force feedback?

    • boshygamer32 El Canal De las Locuras
      boshygamer32 El Canal De las Locuras Hace 15 días +1

      there is more reasons for that but yes i had my new 3DS. 3 years ago snd still no drift either on circle pad or C stick

  • Mystic Paranormal
    Mystic Paranormal Hace 18 días +1

    I have a purple new 2DS XL same one u have here and we have a Nintendo switch. A Nintendo Wii and a Xbox 360. I had an Xbox One S 1tb and sold it for the 2DS XL. I only played NHL on Xbox one anyway. So I got a 360 for 29 bux and nhl 14 for 2 bux both in mint condition! And I have just as much fun as I don’t play online! I will be getting a Xbox Two or Scarlet whenever it comes out.

  • Elliot Glaser
    Elliot Glaser Hace 18 días +9

    The switch lite is basically a gba.

  • Svante Torssander
    Svante Torssander Hace 18 días +1

    2ds xl is better

  • Nicholas Bersito
    Nicholas Bersito Hace 18 días

    No comparison the new 2d's xl is a great handheld console same with the switch lite there both good on what they do I have the purple new 2d's xl too i love the color of it with the black screen and purple color combo 2 differences is the new 2d's xl closes which the switch lite doesn't so the screen is more protected in the 2d's

  • Hijynx87
    Hijynx87 Hace 18 días

    Don’t forget the 3ds is also a native ds. I haven’t purchased any , but I know it’s a thing just haven’t found any worthwhile in the wild. The ds had too
    Many terrible shovelware titles.

  • Resale Value
    Resale Value Hace 18 días +1

    Couldn't he compare MK7 on 2DS to MK8D on Switch?

    • thisisnotmyrealname
      thisisnotmyrealname Hace 15 días

      ok mk7 is competitive but a bit vanilla, mk8d is chaotic but not too crazy

  • HostageKilla
    HostageKilla Hace 18 días

    2ds xl top screen is super fragile. Really thin lcd. That is a deal breaker for me.

  • Ocelot
    Ocelot Hace 18 días

    This comparison is pretty garbage. There is no comparison between the two given how one of these isn't going to be running games like The Witcher, Ultimate, Astral Chain etc. Come on, guy... Also, was there a reason for throwing SFV on the Switch there when it isn't even on the console?

  • dizued
    dizued Hace 18 días +2

    now I want someone to fit the switch parts inside a 2ds shell, just to get that awesome purple colour.

  • Nick C
    Nick C Hace 18 días

    I have the Flydigi Wee 2 and I love it. I just can't get the USB adapter for mouse and keyboard to work.

  • Foued Bendaya
    Foued Bendaya Hace 19 días

    man nothing to compare
    old games vs new games tho..

  • Deion Greenaway
    Deion Greenaway Hace 19 días +1


  • TheDaxter11
    TheDaxter11 Hace 19 días +4

    heres what ide recommend, if you havent really played many or any nintendo series like zelda before, get a switch, play BOTW and links awakening, if you find you end up loving botw like i did, look into getting a new 2 or 3DS XL, they have access to a LOT of zelda titles, oot and majoras mask, other zeldas released on the 3DS and older zeldas with virtual console, this is what happened with me, loved breath of the wild, wanted to play oot and MM, so i got a new 2DS XL, though i got links awakening before that and liked that to, i still need to play oot and MM cause i started with luigis mansion 1 and 2 cause 3s coming out soon but i still think it was worth it, you wont regret it
    oh, and when i say "get a switch", i mean a NORMAL switch, the lite isnt worth it, switch can do everything the lite can do and dock to be used like a home console, and being a little smaller doesnt impact the portability nearly as much as people would have you believe, paying more than the lite price for a regular switch is worth it

  • 26Snoopy82
    26Snoopy82 Hace 19 días +1

    I proffer the 3DS than the 2DS. I like the 3D.

    • 26Snoopy82
      26Snoopy82 Hace 15 días

      thisisnotmyrealname I like 3D technology. I love going to 3D movies. When it came out and I did not need glasses I wanted it.

    • thisisnotmyrealname
      thisisnotmyrealname Hace 15 días

      i used it only for Face Raiders. Its a bad gimmick imo

  • Purple Rose
    Purple Rose Hace 19 días

    does the new 2ds still happen as the other 3ds family? with the mini ghosting on the screen?

  • No Name
    No Name Hace 19 días +1

    can you play 3ds games on switch. The answer is no that's why people still buy it anyway

    • Goldfire345
      Goldfire345 Hace 19 días

      Yep the reason why the ds overtook the gba is because the ds could play gba games so I think as long as the switch isn't backwards compatible with the 3ds I don't think the switch will ever fully overtake the 3ds

  • SvargaYantra
    SvargaYantra Hace 19 días +1

    I play fortnight