INSANE Street Food Tour in Saigon, Vietnam | HIDDEN Vietnamese Street Food + Street Breakfast & EGGS

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    Street Food in Vietnam is insane! Vietnamese Street Food is some of the BEST and CHEAPEST in Asia! Street Food around the world is different, and you can join us for a full on street food tour of Saigon in Vietnam!
    In this Street Food Adventure tour video, I (Trevor James, The Food Ranger) and Ting Ting go explore the deep back streets of Saigon and we eat and try a ton of delicious street food in Vietnam.
    We are going on a Vietnamese street food tour and a full on street food adventure into Saigon's busiest street food markets, street food alleyways, and deep food streets.
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    We discovered a ton of cheap (NOT EXPENSIVE) and delicious, and a bunch of local street food that you'll definitely want to travel here for.
    Asian street food is definitely some of the BEST street food in the world, and because we live in China, eating Chinese street food all the time, it's easy for us to travel overland or fly to Vietnam to eat the best street food when we like.
    In this street food tour video, we ate a lot of delicious Vietnamese street foods. Here are the addresses for the street foods, for your next visit to Saigon, Vietnam:
    -Deep Back Alley Street Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup:
    257 Duan Van Bo, Saigon, Vietnam
    -Market Fresh Vietnamese Durian:
    Duan Van Bo Alleys, There is a huge street food market here that you can spend hours exploring!
    -Southern Vietnamese Street Food Bun Rieu: This is in the Duan Van Bo Alleyways too!
    -Southern Vietnamese Street Food Com Tam Banh:
    154 Le Quoc hung, Saigon, Vietnam
    -Coconut Worms:
    228 Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1, Saigon, Vietnam
    -Vietnamese Street Food Quail Egg Balut: This guy is on a motorbike and roams the streets. Best to search around the back alleys of Saigon!
    -HUGE Seafood and Snails Street Food Feast: Oc Dao Seafood and Snail Restaurant
    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, eating up as much delicious street food that I can!
    I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
    Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below!
    Please make sure to subscribe, it's the best way to keep my videos in your feed, and give me a thumbs up too if you liked this food video, thanks, I appreciate it! You could also share the video too if you liked it, that would be awesome.
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  • Shan Unicorn
    Shan Unicorn Hace 2 horas

    I hope you will come to Malaysia Malaysia got a lot of delicious food

  • Valiant Jocker
    Valiant Jocker Hace 4 horas

    Me dio asquo el gusano

  • wenhao li
    wenhao li Hace 14 horas

    I end up went to the exact restaurant for the coconut worm. Man they are expensive! 30,000 for a single worm. But thanks for leting me know this place!

  • Nguyen Duong
    Nguyen Duong Hace 15 horas

    I miss my hometown Saigon...

  • Haunted Mouse
    Haunted Mouse Hace 16 horas

    I came from Vietnam but I don’t like the pho and the crab thing

  • lam ho
    lam ho Hace 18 horas

    We're you drinking BEER? If you did it is bad for you.

    GAME OVER Hace un día

    Vietnamese food so delicious man 💕💕

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    Phat Truong Hace un día

    I live in Vietnam

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    wang wang Hace un día

    Fan ông này điểm danh

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    tâm nguyễn viết Hace un día

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  • en0j0y T0stit0z
    en0j0y T0stit0z Hace un día

    I went Vietnam last summer and it was a Blast you should go on tours and try more food and have fun!

  • en0j0y T0stit0z
    en0j0y T0stit0z Hace un día

    I speak Vietnamese and I was laughing how you pronounced the words! (not being mean)
    And I understand lots of people! The Lady’s were laughing because they barely get any Americans there and They think American People are funny! (pho)

  • 兔子牛逼
    兔子牛逼 Hace 2 días

    he is so cute

  • Pancake the kawaii fox
    Pancake the kawaii fox Hace 2 días

    I'm Vietnamese, I’m 10 :P

  • Anna Nguyen
    Anna Nguyen Hace 2 días +2

    Hit the like if ur Vietnamese

    • Anna Nguyen
      Anna Nguyen Hace 2 días +1

      If u eat the egg it has a dead delicious lol animal inside xDDD

    • Anna Nguyen
      Anna Nguyen Hace 2 días +1

      Btw I know most foods,man I wish I was there because my aunt and cousins live in Saigon and I wish I was there to help help speak Vietnamese

  • ThanhDat [GD]
    ThanhDat [GD] Hace 2 días

    không có phụ đề nhỉ

  • Jake GamingYT
    Jake GamingYT Hace 3 días

    Vietnamese food is delicious and i live in vietnam 14 yeah and i haven’t eat coconut worm yet

  • Jite goto
    Jite goto Hace 3 días

    Vietnamese the great and very very perfect

  • wright gregson
    wright gregson Hace 3 días

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  • Nguyên Khang
    Nguyên Khang Hace 3 díasídeo.html
    The best Sea nails in Saigon I ever eat

  • thanhson in
    thanhson in Hace 3 días

    when you eat pho , you should say : pho ngon vai lon

  • Bill the Killer VN
    Bill the Killer VN Hace 3 días

    Tất cả món ăn
    1. Phở Bò
    2.Sầu Riêng
    3.Bún Riêu
    4.Cơm Tắm
    5.Sâu Dừa
    6.Trứng Cúc Lộn
    7.Hải Sản và Bánh Mì
    I'm from Việt Nam
    There is moreeeee!

  • Bill the Killer VN
    Bill the Killer VN Hace 3 días

    Sài Gòn là số 1 (SaiGon is the best)

  • Kristoff Slivnik
    Kristoff Slivnik Hace 4 días +1


  • Na Boo
    Na Boo Hace 4 días

    been in Saigon last year, didnt even know those markets ha ha. They look dirty but unique. Thanks for bringing this awesome video to us. Btw, you can eat durians LOL how brave you are

  • Thu Anh
    Thu Anh Hace 4 días

    I live in vietnam and i have never eaten pho thats good

  • Reto Torriani
    Reto Torriani Hace 4 días

    I lived in Vietnam for years, you show nothing new. And the narrative is ...............

    • Spooky Scary Skeleton
      Spooky Scary Skeleton Hace 3 días

      Of course. It's for the non-vietnam. You are pretty dumb for saying that.

  • thanh Co
    thanh Co Hace 4 días

    I'm in Vietnam but not in Sai Gon,i'm from Hanoi
    And i'm gonna prove it by speaking Vietnamese: chào bạn,bạn có hiểu mình ko?

  • Phát Tiến
    Phát Tiến Hace 4 días

    well i can't to eat coconut worm :V

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    33.000 VND is not a cheap price for a durian it only costs 20.000 VND

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    KH - TRAVEL Hace 5 días

    amazing eating

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    SKH Gaming Hace 6 días

    I was eating coconut worms and is so good

  • Lin Shue
    Lin Shue Hace 6 días

    i cant image how hungry they were when they found out that they can eat the worm alive.


    Vietnamese food is not clean :)))

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    Bun real xD

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    Minh Huỳnh Trí Hace 7 días

    as a vietnamese person, i feel it disgusting too
    not too many people eat that, just a little

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    Nova! Hace 7 días

    Vietnam is where I was born ;-; and I love it!

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    Bảo Đậu Hace 7 días

    11:29 hakuna matata

  • Khoa Bách
    Khoa Bách Hace 8 días

    I know this video has been uploaded a long time ago and I'm so sorry because until now I just started watch this video. But among to the history of street food in Vietnam I suggest you to try some things I listed here : 1. Pewpew's bread ( 66 út tịch tân bình - you just need to search this on the map ) 2 . Bánh tráng Trảng Bàng (Trang Bang rice paper) ( 70 - 72 Võ Văn Tần, P. 6, Quận 3, TP. HCM - you just titled all of this address on google or "cốc cốc" ) 3 . Bánh tráng trộn ( rice paper mix ) it's very delicious with young VN teenager and you can find this food all around Sai gon but here is some special place ( Ba Đình, Q.5 ; Turtle lake ; ... ) 4 . All of street fruit such as : mango , cane, corn ,... It totally can impress you. And the last I suggest you is Bánh Xèo , it's like pancake but it's salty ( 119 Nguyễn Văn Linh
    Quán Kim Ngân ; ố 31 đường Hoàng Hoa Thám. Bánh xèo Mười Xiềm
    ) It very good for western people in VN . That's over but It's also have a lot of dished you should try to but here is some I felt it's good and cheap. So have fun and good luck . Form Viet Nam with love ♥ . I'm sorry if you cannot understand me, i knew my gramma is bad :((

  • Albert Kimchi
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    I don't know what's worse for the worms... Swimming in the chili or being eaten alive...

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      friendly reminder
      don't buy things in the tourist area, things there's crazy expensive compare to others place.

    • Jack Anderson
      Jack Anderson Hace 10 días

      -Aesthetic Stuff- but..still tho, it looks disgusting but it’s pretty delicious..just get use to the flavor and you’ll love it!

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