INSANE Street Food Tour in Saigon, Vietnam | HIDDEN Vietnamese Street Food + Street Breakfast & EGGS

  • Publicado el 3 ago 2017
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    Street Food in Vietnam is insane! Vietnamese Street Food is some of the BEST and CHEAPEST in Asia! Street Food around the world is different, and you can join us for a full on street food tour of Saigon in Vietnam!
    In this Street Food Adventure tour video, I (Trevor James, The Food Ranger) and Ting Ting go explore the deep back streets of Saigon and we eat and try a ton of delicious street food in Vietnam.
    We are going on a Vietnamese street food tour and a full on street food adventure into Saigon's busiest street food markets, street food alleyways, and deep food streets.
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    We discovered a ton of cheap (NOT EXPENSIVE) and delicious, and a bunch of local street food that you'll definitely want to travel here for.
    Asian street food is definitely some of the BEST street food in the world, and because we live in China, eating Chinese street food all the time, it's easy for us to travel overland or fly to Vietnam to eat the best street food when we like.
    In this street food tour video, we ate a lot of delicious Vietnamese street foods. Here are the addresses for the street foods, for your next visit to Saigon, Vietnam:
    -Deep Back Alley Street Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup:
    257 Duan Van Bo, Saigon, Vietnam
    -Market Fresh Vietnamese Durian:
    Duan Van Bo Alleys, There is a huge street food market here that you can spend hours exploring!
    -Southern Vietnamese Street Food Bun Rieu: This is in the Duan Van Bo Alleyways too!
    -Southern Vietnamese Street Food Com Tam Banh:
    154 Le Quoc hung, Saigon, Vietnam
    -Coconut Worms:
    228 Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1, Saigon, Vietnam
    -Vietnamese Street Food Quail Egg Balut: This guy is on a motorbike and roams the streets. Best to search around the back alleys of Saigon!
    -HUGE Seafood and Snails Street Food Feast: Oc Dao Seafood and Snail Restaurant
    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, eating up as much delicious street food that I can!
    I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
    Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below!
    Please make sure to subscribe, it's the best way to keep my videos in your feed, and give me a thumbs up too if you liked this food video, thanks, I appreciate it! You could also share the video too if you liked it, that would be awesome.
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  • Irene Randazzo
    Irene Randazzo Hace un hora

    I would bring the worms home and make them pets... They look so fun...

  • Jishnu FTW
    Jishnu FTW Hace un hora

    rare beef.. ehem RAW

  • Lloyd Clement
    Lloyd Clement Hace 4 horas

    I would at least try it because if it wasn't good it would not be something to be eaten in a restaurant.

  • أطياف راحلة
    أطياف راحلة Hace 6 horas

    يعععععع 😷😳😱🐛🐌🐛

  • Teamwrong
    Teamwrong Hace 9 horas

    Hey I loved this video and in April '18 I went to the coconut worm restaurant to eat the coconut worm. But the waiter told me that I could eat the whole thing so I did! So there's another way to eat this worm. :)

  • Silent Shaco
    Silent Shaco Hace 9 horas

    I don't know about you lots in these comments but I am definetly not eating that worm bug thingy no matter how tasty it is.

  • dubochain
    dubochain Hace 10 horas

    15:30 omgg hahahahah i'm laughing so hard hahahaha

  • Luv jit
    Luv jit Hace 15 horas +1

    Yukk 😫😫

  • Michael Tra
    Michael Tra Hace 19 horas

    Is that the thing that Timon ate in the lion king?

  • Divinity Dark Matters
    Divinity Dark Matters Hace 22 horas +1

    I cringe seeing maggots too.
    Fear factor show of horror.

  • haha
    haha Hace 23 horas

    You are AWESOME. Culturally rich and very respectful

  • Regan B
    Regan B Hace un día

    15:31 you can see him physically cringe lmao😂😂

  • Olivia Hernando
    Olivia Hernando Hace un día

    I was just watching a video about "lonely death" in Japan where the cleaners went inside an apartment full of maggots. Then I stumble to your video eating LIVE worms. I don't know what to say now. I'm speechless.

  • Ilijas Ramic
    Ilijas Ramic Hace un día

    Looks tasty

  • IHeartCryptoverse
    IHeartCryptoverse Hace un día

    I don't like hoisin sauce in my pho but that is outstanding soup. It's all in the broth.
    Durian smells like a cross between dirty gym socks and dog farts but it is so yummy and has a buttery consistency. Delicious! I really want to try the squid teeth. That looks good.

  • Kelly Duyênn
    Kelly Duyênn Hace un día

    Vietnamese people so friendly

  • Rianita Savira
    Rianita Savira Hace un día

    Seems delicious. Love from Indonesia

  • MuvoTX
    MuvoTX Hace un día

    7:31 I think thats a fermented shrimp paste.

  • Demps 69
    Demps 69 Hace un día


  • Comander555666
    Comander555666 Hace un día

    The thing I hate about Vietnamese food is Mint, its in every freaking dish I had so far, bäh

  • Alessandro Costagliola
    Alessandro Costagliola Hace 2 días

    The only gross thing here is the way he chews his food! :D

  • b pavilion
    b pavilion Hace 2 días

    14:08 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • BeAware Now
    BeAware Now Hace 2 días

    You should have worn gloves for the dory

  • Horrez White
    Horrez White Hace 2 días

    He talks more than he eats DAMN!

  • Erkan Emre
    Erkan Emre Hace 2 días


  • Ben Tran
    Ben Tran Hace 2 días

    I can teach you the language when you visit Vietnam again

  • Adam Kindler
    Adam Kindler Hace 2 días

    dude doesn't know how to pour a beer.... shame.

  • Isiah Deh'King
    Isiah Deh'King Hace 2 días


  • Jesus Cadena
    Jesus Cadena Hace 3 días

    I think I’ll stick to my hamburger

  • OffTheHookFishing
    OffTheHookFishing Hace 3 días

    He's too excited it's making me uncomfortable , he's either faking it or worse actually a psycho

    • rgaud8
      rgaud8 Hace un día

      He's like the human equivalent to a golden retriever.

  • dripper
    dripper Hace 3 días

    So if I take 1k to Saigon I’ll be rich?

  • N Roberts
    N Roberts Hace 3 días

    If I go to Vietnam I know I’m not coming back! culinary heaven for sure. #Teamflavor

  • ungertron
    ungertron Hace 3 días

    Soup with chopsticks ummm, everything was great except those coconut worms -- I will pass on that.

  • sara kate
    sara kate Hace 4 días

    Why does this guy have more subs than the best ever food review.. Sonny is hilarious and just.. Way more entertaining than this guy overall.
    For real.. Anyone here who either hasn't checked him out yet or isn't subscribed to Sonny and BEST EVER FOOD REVIEW SHOW.. SERIOUSLY GO SUB

  • Xbox D animations
    Xbox D animations Hace 4 días

    When I saw the worms squirming I was like WTF

  • David K
    David K Hace 4 días

    that pho looks bomb! ive only had california made pho...
    i usually eat half the pho without sauce and then the other half i drench with sauce so i taste both of both worlds

  • Haruhi
    Haruhi Hace 4 días

    14.23 internally "OK another ten minutes to the end of shooting and I'm out of this "

  • FreeMathsjee Class
    FreeMathsjee Class Hace 4 días

    OMG, worm! Yaaach

  • King Conkerr
    King Conkerr Hace 4 días

    He just ate the brain worm from Starship Troopers

  • Patrich Ladringan
    Patrich Ladringan Hace 4 días

    he wasted the juice on that balut!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!

  • Geese Howard
    Geese Howard Hace 4 días

    slimy yet satisfying.

  • doe3879
    doe3879 Hace 4 días

    I eaten and love everything on the list...except for the live worms, I don't think would eat that without some kind of dare. cooked,

  • João Henrique Mariano de Campos

    your beer skill is -10

  • JROY
    JROY Hace 5 días

    Wasn't Saigon renamed Ho Chi Minh?

  • Monie Day
    Monie Day Hace 5 días

    Can you pay in American cash? Because I want some

  • Armed Rodent
    Armed Rodent Hace 5 días

    bet thats not beef !

  • An English Rose
    An English Rose Hace 5 días

    Oh god... no. No. Grubs. No dear god! I like the way they’re all freaking out in their chilli sauce bath! 😂

  • Decimus19
    Decimus19 Hace 5 días

    why do you have to be careful with the fermented fish sauce? I think for the same reason I (a spoiled european tourist) needs to be careful with all the street food there :/ most of the time you get lucky...except the one time you get REAL lucky with the food .. if you catch my meaning x-O

  • Vines Laugh
    Vines Laugh Hace 5 días

    Sai gon Deez nuts

  • Pro ShqipeZ
    Pro ShqipeZ Hace 5 días

    I love how he is smiling all time 😀at the poor people on street😕

  • Jinoki Minh
    Jinoki Minh Hace 5 días

    It juicy when we eat it.

  • Jon Dante
    Jon Dante Hace 5 días

    I can't believe the first five meals were only about $7 bucks.

  • Jon Dante
    Jon Dante Hace 5 días

    Looks like witchity grubs.

  • Jon Dante
    Jon Dante Hace 5 días

    He's like a kid, that is EXACTLY how I would act. Lol.

  • Jon Dante
    Jon Dante Hace 5 días

    And I love durian as well. Lol.

  • Jon Dante
    Jon Dante Hace 5 días

    I LOVE pho!

  • Hitboy
    Hitboy Hace 5 días

    “Mhmm that broth”

  • Doc WiZ
    Doc WiZ Hace 5 días

    I'm just looking at all this wondering what it's going to taste like and how the flavors combine. The worms look like a fun dish just all jiggling there before you eat them.. haha

  • MakeItSmile
    MakeItSmile Hace 6 días

    I’m Vietnamese but I’m never eating those worms

  • Metal Babe101
    Metal Babe101 Hace 6 días

    They shouldn't be playing with their food lol

  • v paofai
    v paofai Hace 6 días

    Oooh m'y God ! 😲 C'est riche en proteine. Il faut du courage. Bravo! 😀

  • Jiminy Lummox
    Jiminy Lummox Hace 6 días

    Bruh im zone blazed watchin this but even a dope like me knows that 2021 is the year of astral reprojection.
    Research the Rothschild NWO project 'Soycloud' and get informed, maybe then you'll stop wasting everyones time with this non-linear propaganda.

  • Mason S
    Mason S Hace 6 días

    I want to be like young simba from the lion king when he tries out the fat worm. :D i'd definitely try that thing out

  • Richard A Pico
    Richard A Pico Hace 6 días

    yeah, the

  • Richard A Pico
    Richard A Pico Hace 6 días

    how much was a bowl of pho, 50c?

    • Trong Hoang Phan
      Trong Hoang Phan Hace 3 días

      if you don't know everything,they will change 1,5-2 dollar to 10 or 20 dollars.but foods are delicious :D.

  • Kevin Moua
    Kevin Moua Hace 6 días

    Wtf, 1 Dollar for that bowl of pho

  • Mike Georgius
    Mike Georgius Hace 7 días

    This guy sounds like hes bustin a nut every time he talks...

  • pOtaTo
    pOtaTo Hace 7 días

    Don’t judge me... I’m Vietnamese and I think durian is the best thing I’ve ever smelled in my whole life

  • Jim Manvuva
    Jim Manvuva Hace 7 días

    I didn't know Logan Paul ate worms with you damn.

  • Josh B
    Josh B Hace 7 días

    "this is where you can find the real flavours of the city you visit" , also the real diseases im sure :D

    • Matt
      Matt Hace 7 días

      In all honesty you're more likely to get food poisoning or whatever from street food in the US. Their stuff is generally fresh and not processed beyond recognition.

  • Hexaforce _ David
    Hexaforce _ David Hace 7 días

    I love how you speaking Vietnamese 😃

  • Nick Mahonski
    Nick Mahonski Hace 7 días

    11:38 nope, it would take a thousand dollars to get me to eat one.

  • MissRY Answers
    MissRY Answers Hace 7 días

    SIDE NOTE: "FABLETICS" LEGGING's is a SCAM. You MUST order $59.95 EVERY MONTH. If you do not, YOU ARE CHARGED that in a credit, EVERY MONTH for a year in order to get (2) pair for $24. THat's $720.00 to get $24 2 pair. SO, $744 a year in LEGGING's. and the REGULAR price for ONE pair is around $59-$99.

  • Richard Toth
    Richard Toth Hace 7 días

    well the worms are very lively because THEY ARE IN HOTSAUCE! They probably doesn't like it

  • Chub Yub
    Chub Yub Hace 7 días

    That was duck. Not chicken

  • Jerry YY
    Jerry YY Hace 7 días

    These viets are so disgusting

  • Pixy Rose Jes
    Pixy Rose Jes Hace 8 días

    I am grateful for supermarkets. The noodle soup looks good. You two are are brave foodies. Slaying the different flavors. Yikes. Those coconut worms are what they are. WowZah! This is sO exotic and exciting to watch. I am not that brave, but maybe, I could be if it was necessary. This is fascinating to see about food from around the world. I like seeing how to eat foods, that aren't available in the United States.

    • Pixy Rose Jes
      Pixy Rose Jes Hace 8 días

      Thank you for sharing your food adventures.

  • VALENTINEproductions
    VALENTINEproductions Hace 8 días

    It has an odor... So why are people eating these?...

    • Matt
      Matt Hace 7 días

      Seafood has an odor. Why do people eat them?

  • mrdx21
    mrdx21 Hace 8 días

    The Pho vendor woman in the beginning is such a lady!

  • Rick Diculous
    Rick Diculous Hace 9 días

    Sonny is cobra kai 😂

  • LambertsPlays
    LambertsPlays Hace 9 días


  • Bluemilk92
    Bluemilk92 Hace 9 días

    How is it that every plant he eats looks crisp and bright? I buy genetically altered ultra crops from my country-wide super chain grocery, and they get limp and lame, off colored and unimpressive, within like 2 days _while in modern refrigeration_ ! Do these street vendors harvest outta pocket-sized herb gardens every morning?! What's going on?!

  • elmariachi
    elmariachi Hace 9 días

    11:51 wtf is that how you pour a beer? kys

  • Art Vein
    Art Vein Hace 9 días

    Now that's some *GRUB*

  • Army Forever
    Army Forever Hace 9 días

    Lol his accent was hilarious😂

  • PrincessMegan Elsa
    PrincessMegan Elsa Hace 9 días

    O....o I was born in Vietnam ❤️💙💜 🖐️🤓

  • Deez Nutellas
    Deez Nutellas Hace 9 días

    I can feel the parasites in me already.

  • Remembered
    Remembered Hace 10 días

    Great people!

  • William Price
    William Price Hace 10 días

    Gosh you’re a geek! Keep sucking those snails! You’ve gotta be a Canadian!

  • funcool71
    funcool71 Hace 10 días

    14:09 I could puke...

  • Chambo Dubstep
    Chambo Dubstep Hace 10 días

    would actually love to try these coconut worms

  • fug
    fug Hace 10 días

    Take a shot every time "Ooh!", other than that, great video.

  • Ganesh Bharadwaj
    Ganesh Bharadwaj Hace 11 días

    Dude those worms....when they explode they just release a huge ball of pus in your mouth.....god save me!

  • Ho nesty
    Ho nesty Hace 11 días

    11:58 it is disgusting ....

  • Zul M
    Zul M Hace 11 días

    Yeah, hmmm yeah, 2 out of 10
    what a yeah!!! XDDD

  • nikolas b
    nikolas b Hace 11 días

    just had my dinner and i am watching the worms... holy...

  • Duc Tri
    Duc Tri Hace 11 días

    Good luck and have a good day, man.

  • Conor Watt
    Conor Watt Hace 12 días

    Isn’t it now called Ho Chi Minh city city instead of Saigon

  • eric mepho
    eric mepho Hace 12 días


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    sameo51 Hace 12 días