Week 14 Bets: Bucs-49ers, Eagles-Giants, Jets-Bills, Chiefs-Broncos, Raiders-Rams | The Favorites


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  • AE Strains
    AE Strains Hace un mes +4

    Hopefully the good picks continue

  • Charles Barrett
    Charles Barrett Hace un mes +2

    Excellent show...loved the odds book 📖 chad

  • Thomas Mckay
    Thomas Mckay Hace un mes +3

    Thanks guys love your show keep it going

  • dskwared2u
    dskwared2u Hace un mes +1

    I'll go Cardinals, Chargers, Vikings, Browns & Ravens. The tea leaves have spoken.

  • OHHS
    OHHS Hace un mes

    Kyler is just as likely to have a great game or a poor game. Coach Kingsbury should not be calling plays because he just can't get the momentum of the game right. At times, the offense, defense or special teams make mental mistakes that are hard to recover from. The Cardinals are very talented but game management causes them to lose games they shouldn't.

  • Dave Gott
    Dave Gott Hace un mes

    Best bet of the season !!! Cowboys chiefs ML parlay ! -310 a lock

  • JosephTylerDC98
    JosephTylerDC98 Hace un mes +1

    Chad even wore hia contacts for simon. How sweet.. Simon been crushing though big time. Lol

    GARRY BROUSE Hace un mes +2

    Sports Books do know !
    They know a lot of the Out Comes.
    Deny it all you want, I've seen it for 15 Years, impossible to
    Know , Put the line at 1.5 ,then Team wins by 1

  • L English
    L English Hace un mes +8

    The Brockenator, 4 year starter at Iowa state, didn't look like the moment was too big for him when his number was called. Did great for what was expected of him. Let's see, Niners just beat the number 2 team in the AFC with him on moment notice. They'll carve up Bucs on that short week and them having to travel. Niners by at least 10.

    • Wanda Browne
      Wanda Browne Hace un mes

      It's big 🐓 Brock

    • Eric Toolin
      Eric Toolin Hace un mes

      Purdy looked comfortable and confident and made some pretty ballsy throws. Im all in on Brock this year LFG.

    • Harry Pappas
      Harry Pappas Hace un mes

      bucs have very good def

    • Ryan Lee
      Ryan Lee Hace un mes +4

      He made a few game winning throws. Kid looked legit. I’m rooting for him, and a Mr. irrelevant Super Bowl would be a cool story.

  • My angst has a body count

    These guys obviously didn't see the Giants injury report LMAO.

  • Troy
    Troy Hace un mes

    Best show on Volume and it’s not even close.

  • jake lin
    jake lin Hace un mes +1

    Best show on tv!

  • Ernie's Biscuits
    Ernie's Biscuits Hace un mes +2

    Guys, I LOVE your picks this week except the Browns. Watson is a joke, the Bengals O line is a different beast to the one earlier in the season, and it's a revenge game. Take the 6 before it moves

    • Harry Balls
      Harry Balls Hace un mes +1

      I agree. It’s extremely difficult to beat the same team twice in one season and the Bengals will take this game very seriously.

  • MagiKazzam
    MagiKazzam Hace un mes +4

    Go lions , get this win , make the playoff push

  • Dexter Bacchus
    Dexter Bacchus Hace un mes

    Love listening to you guys, keep up the great job

  • Willsmith1121
    Willsmith1121 Hace un mes +8

    *Making money is an action.keeping money is a behaviour,but "Growing money is knowledge" I figured this out a week ago.*

    • Ryan Thompson
      Ryan Thompson Hace un mes

      I too am so grateful for Mr. Carl Henderson. He showed me how turn $2k into $2 million by sacrificing young children to the Dark God Ziphramort. I would recommend him to anyone. Act fast though because you need an active volcano for the ceremony.
      Great show guys! Let's book some winners this weekend.

    • Harold Cunningham
      Harold Cunningham Hace un mes

      I heard a lot of investing with Mr Carl Henderson and how good he is, please how safe are the profit?

    • Levi Robinson
      Levi Robinson Hace un mes

      Same here, i will praise mr Carl Henderson over and over again because he has great skills, i started with $2000 and after 2week i received a returns of $6,000 then i continue with him ever since he has been delivering.

    • Lewis clark
      Lewis clark Hace un mes

      my life is totally changed because I've been earning $15,250 returns from my $4,000 investment with Carl Henderson

  • Martin paredes
    Martin paredes Hace un mes +1

    We need to get Simon a haircut

  • Eddie Roche
    Eddie Roche Hace un mes +3

    Giants are 1-3-1 in their last 5 and Eagles are 13-3 in their last 16 games vs the Giants. Give me the Eagles.

    • Lawrence George
      Lawrence George Hace un mes

      Outside of the standard lines, the Giants OL is in ruins, coupled by missing pass rushers + lack of receivers doesn't exactly scream a Giants cover.
      When you lineup against the best OL in football + a Top 3 defense up front and the secondary + the return of Davis/Suh/Joseph/Cox to stop the run, I don't know where the confidence is with a Giants cover. It's just wild.

  • t c
    t c Hace un mes +2

    Great handicapping talk show guys!!

  • Harry Pappas
    Harry Pappas Hace un mes

    cinn. is 9-3 ats they cant be a good bet vegas wins this wk

  • Martin paredes
    Martin paredes Hace un mes

    Simon wrote the book bruh

  • Michael Vitch
    Michael Vitch Hace un mes +2

    best show on the volume

  • Gregory Brewer
    Gregory Brewer Hace un mes

    I got the Vikings +7

    • Neil Williams
      Neil Williams Hace un mes

      This aged well

    • Mario Martinez
      Mario Martinez Hace un mes

      I think having either Vikings or lions +6 and up is a safe bet . They always play extremely close games that go down to the wire .

  • Ricky-Reek
    Ricky-Reek Hace un mes +2

    Won’t the Seahawks get caught looking ahead to next week playing the 49ers ? Or am I tripn..

    • Ricky-Reek
      Ricky-Reek Hace un mes

      True .. I feel like the panthers can run on the Seahawks tho and they coming off a bye .. I just lean panthers rn .. we shall see tho

    • Richiebklyn
      Richiebklyn Hace un mes

      yes, but they made it sound like it was a bet against sam darnold.

  • James Sanders
    James Sanders Hace un mes

    Bills and Jets are in different states.

  • Daniel McKinnon
    Daniel McKinnon Hace un mes

    list these “major issues” dak has had 🤡

    • My angst has a body count
      My angst has a body count Hace un mes

      @Glockness Monster 1-3 in the Postseason

    • Glockness Monster
      Glockness Monster Hace un mes

      As a non cowboys fan I’ve honestly seen one INT this year that was truly Daks fault. The rest are his receivers or the refs completing blowing plays. Dak has been playing like the 9th or 10th best QB in the league for a few years now and that’s all you need to win a Super Bowl with all that talent around him. Who cares about QB numbers? I care about QB wins and Dak has a lot of wins under his belt in his career. Literally has never had a losing season as a starting QB.

    • MutatedPixelation
      MutatedPixelation Hace un mes +1

      He doesn't have them. He's being aggressive, and if his receivers ran the right routes or didn't fall down, he would have 3 total picks and lead the Cowboys to 4 blowouts in a row.
      He's not perfect, he's not Burrow or Mahomes, but he doesn't have "major issues."

    • Daniel McKinnon
      Daniel McKinnon Hace un mes

      @Treyrich77 L

    • Treyrich77
      Treyrich77 Hace un mes +3

      being mid

  • Brian Gant
    Brian Gant Hace un mes

    What sports do you guys cover after the NFL?

  • MPAbsorb
    MPAbsorb Hace un mes +1

    Browns fan here. The Bengals are going to blow out the Browns.
    Cleveland wants Watson as the savior, the guy was terrible against the worst team in the league. Paid him all that money. Burrow is winless again the Browns: the story is Burrow buries Watson.

  • Shane Christopherson
    Shane Christopherson Hace un mes

    Jets have a veryngood defense vikings have a bend dont break defense vikimgs still have a 5th string CB playing oppisite of pat p! Thats why the jets was able to move the ball in betweem the 20s minn offense is pretty good kirk was off pretty much whole game overthrew Jefferson for a long bomb td and few other 3rd down overthrows where hes usually money this year! cant keep calling vikings lucky lol theyve been covering more latley there 5-5-1 they werent covering early in year

  • scott eddy
    scott eddy Hace un mes

    Baker is starting tonight, am I the only one that thinks that's nuts?

  • Brian O
    Brian O Hace un mes


  • Dave T
    Dave T Hace un mes

    Its so enjoyable listening to these guys go down in flames betting against the Vikings. I agree with the media and them that yes on talent alone the Vikes aren’t great especially the offensive line and defensive philosophy are the 2 major problems but what they do well is play situational football. they do it possibly the best if any team in a decade and its the 1 thing that is most controllable in a game and is why I am not shocked at all by their record despite what stats say they should be.

    • Neil Williams
      Neil Williams Hace un mes

      This aged well. My -2.5 Lions was candy from a baby LoL 😂🤣

    • Chino De niro
      Chino De niro Hace un mes +2

      I didn’t think i was gonna see a clown on youtube tonight

  • Nijji Haley
    Nijji Haley Hace un mes +2

    Y’all are tripping The Eagles gone win head up🤣🤣🤣

  • RabidMNPanda
    RabidMNPanda Hace un mes +7

    Lions better than the Vikings? Can’t be serious.

    • Neil Williams
      Neil Williams Hace un mes

      @The Great One obviously u don't watch the games. The Lions was whooping the butts in the first matchup. Vikings had to comeback after being down by 17. U casual

    • Rye Qerim
      Rye Qerim Hace un mes

      @RabidMNPanda if you stop the run and shut down one wide receiver it, isn't the end be all for every team in the NFL, but it is for the Vikings. It's just really hard to do. But omce you do it, you can blow them out.

    • Rye Qerim
      Rye Qerim Hace un mes

      @RabidMNPanda you don't have that option with Kirk, he is an old fashioned pocket QB.

    • Rye Qerim
      Rye Qerim Hace un mes

      @RabidMNPanda most teams habr the option of QB run, which keeps defenses up at night, if you have Lamar, Kyler, Allen ... Even Joe Burrow can move out there, it keeps the defenses on their toes.

    • Kyle Wade
      Kyle Wade Hace un mes

      @Mario Martinez ya that’s what I was doing too along with the ravens

  • T.J. Schwietert
    T.J. Schwietert Hace un mes +2

    wtf yall told me titans and jets and i got cooked?

    • T.J. Schwietert
      T.J. Schwietert Hace un mes

      @Kyle Wade Yo deadass. i was kidding. i won money on bengals and 9ers. who dey

    • Kyle Wade
      Kyle Wade Hace un mes +1

      Bro can’t even make a decision by himself😂u just heard one of them say they liked it and u auto bet it?

    • Ryan Thompson
      Ryan Thompson Hace un mes +3

      Jets was the right play. Two opportunities to book that cover late. Welcome to gambling.

    • James Norman
      James Norman Hace un mes +2

      Simon was against the Titans. But those were the two they missed. The other 3 they got right last week.

  • ConHall15
    ConHall15 Hace un mes

    What deficiencies does Dak have? Since he came back they are first in pass yards, first in PPG, top 5 in completion percentage, and has the two highest scoring totals of the entire season. Stop just hating on Dak to hate.

    • William Poutre
      William Poutre Hace un mes

      @ConHall15 Colts defense ranked is inflated because of the schedule and division. I also don't belive in the Viks, there lucky not that good. Cowboys have a good team, I just belive that Dak is there weak link. Sure he's good in the regular season but come playoffs even in a weak NFC, I don't belive you can count on him to make the play.

    • ConHall15
      ConHall15 Hace un mes

      @William Poutre colts were a top 5-7 defense in the league entering last game. Simons team the eagles scored less than 20 against the Colts. We put up 50. You bring up the packers, what about the 40-3 blowout in Minnesota?

    • William Poutre
      William Poutre Hace un mes +2

      And both the games they went over were the bears and colts. That's being said, Dak lost to the packers. He is also 13 td to 6 int since coming back. Currently Dak is the weak link in Dallas. Don't credit Dak for the Cowboys defense.

  • Foy
    Foy Hace un mes +1

    Keep betting against the vikings it’s comedy

    • Foy
      Foy Hace un mes

      @Neil Williams haha yeah not my best take, credit to the lions on the fake punt and the Sewell pass, Donatell had them boys playing prevent all day and still got fried over the top, overall a super gross game. Ed needs to go imo

    • Neil Williams
      Neil Williams Hace un mes +1

      This aged well

  • The Great One
    The Great One Hace un mes +2

    These dudes are vikings haters I hope they keep losing money .

    • The Great One
      The Great One Hace un mes +1

      @Harry Balls vikings own the lions last 10 games 9-1 . all-time 80-40-2 its funny that people bring up Rodgers, owning bears every time but vikings don't get that same energy. 😭

    • Harry Balls
      Harry Balls Hace un mes +1

      They’re not Vikings haters they’re just telling it like it is. The Vikings have been a very lucky team this year but statistically they’re not good. That’s a fact. You Vikings fans are so sensitive lol.

    • Kyle Wade
      Kyle Wade Hace un mes

      Keep losing money how? Vikings have been horrible against the spread they’ve been making a lot on them

  • Anjum Khurshid
    Anjum Khurshid Hace un mes +1

    Dak is no one in a big picture. He is cowboys fans created hype. Let me see him win a big game in playoffs first. Lets see they probably will face Tampa for the 1st game considering where these teams are in standings and as far as I know Tampa spanked the shit out of cowboys 1st week. Score was no where close how badly Cowboys were dominated. Tampa destroyed their psyche and they will crumble under the pressure because i am sure they will be fav. going into that game. Book it.

    • BeirutWedding
      BeirutWedding Hace un mes

      Well. You and I should do a bet straight up if that's how you're feeling.

  • Shane Christopherson
    Shane Christopherson Hace un mes

    Just think if you wasnt minnesota haters lol